Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, July 22, 1915, Image 7

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    Th« Wonder of It.
on her afternoon
REALLY NOT HIS LINE LOOKFOR THE | out R to see had her called
friend, Arabella. Ara­
»thing contribute«
1 more tj life than a
fine »et of Teeth. A gold
an<l porcelain bridge or
a cant aluminum plate "TfiRROR” 0ATISFI1D Ht WAI IÑ
will last a life time, I<et
me examine your mouth
anil tell you in advance
what it will coat.
Of Cours« He Had Killed Eleven Men
and Never Been Licked, but at
That He Had Mletaken
HI« Vocation.
___ _i
I)r. Elof T. Hedlund
US Uf Mum»* lluHdl... W..kl»»taa Naar Bru.«
war, Portland. Oraaon.
When wo opened tho old "Four X"
In Nevada, It was no time at all be­
fore a lively town waa founded and
bundrod« of people came pouring in.
In those day« every community had
It« terror.
Ho waa supposed to be
able to outdrink, outyell, outshoot and
outfight everything on leg» In bla ju­
risdiction. Boinetime» be waa a free­
lance aud again he waa employed as
Mean» that you keep
a sort of policeman. We wanted a
the middleman*«
man to protect company property and
profit in your pocket
one day a giant of a chap weighing
205 pounds and »lx feet tall applied tor
when you buy
the place.
Lumber. Hh Ingles,
“Are you a fighter?" was the first
1-ath, M ou Id lag,
question asked of him.
Door», Window» and
"I am." replied he. "1‘v® had 29
other Building .Ma­
fight» in seven weeks."
terial from
“Afraid of anything mortal Y*
"Nothing mortal or Immortal."
"Shoot both handed?"
"I do."
"Use tho bowle knife?"
"Perfectly at home with it, sir."
"How many men have you killed
thia last yearY*
Send u» a li«t of what you require
"Well, this haa been an off year
for your building» and w« will name
with me, a« I waa «lek in bed for six
you price» delivered at your station
week« and so 1 haven't got but
and Guarantee to save you Money.
•leven." -»
Write for our
"Suppose, now. that a terror from
aome other camp should come over
here to clean you out? Have you ever
met any other terror and downed him
—a genuine terror, from the beadwa­
ter« of fighting creek?"
"1 can't »ay that 1 ever have, «ir—
not a regular terror, »Ir."
“Then you can't tell how you would
“Why, I should probably fight him."
"But you can't say for sure. How­
ever, come back at four o'clock this
We »ent over to Cedar Flat», five
mile« away, for their terror. We knew
him to be the genuine stuff, and when
he arrived we posted him aa to what
IxM-fttad at
was wanted. At four o'clock when our
alleged terror returned to the «baft,
Bar View, Tillamook Co., Ore. the Cedar Flats terror suddenly
waltzed out on him with a hair-raising
Train »U h *« •’ o«r <kmr. Only 200 f«w»f fn*m
htirh ltd«*
Plank drive U» beautiful bear'll.
whoop and called out:
Safe laithiritf. •■«•m for table* brda
All th«
riam«. rrala» A • hickrn you ran rat. Kato« II
"Wbar'» the bloody, bloomin' hyena
par day a tel up
F>*r particular« write or rail
who has been passing hisself off
ua UlrtK DENT AL < <>.. K<»>m« tll«tt Fading
BUI«., 3rd at Waah . Portland. Ora. Phono A
around here as a fighter? Whoop!
or M
«»r Rar View, Tillamook Co.. Ormron.
Maugh, Ugh! Somebody p'int him out
Dnacw Kvrrv Niatil
Pool. Billiard» & Beal
la« Harf Baihlaa; Hea Hah I a«.
to nie and then tie my hands and legs
whilo I bite his ears off!”
Cur alleged terror turned pale and
looked nervous ar.d the Cedar Flats
man pranced around cracking his
heel« together ar d shouting:
"Whoop! Put him out! Let him
Htata of Wa»hinrtr»n. for Th« Dallaa dally ox.
Rurvlay II p. m. I*«'«ve Dalle« daily ax. Monday stand before me!
Tie me all up In
12 M
Rteamrra J N. Teal. Inland Empire and
Twin Citi«* for lipper Columbia ami Snake rIvor knots, head me up in that bar!, and
pot nt a. Taylor Hu Duck. Tai. Mam «13.
then I'll lick him or go over the cliff!
* i B mw <U m U Ulaaku Un« T.auq C. . PwtieU
Great snakes, but won’t somebody
show me the fellow who says—”
1 pointed to our terror and the Ce­
dar Flats man let out a scream and
rushed for him. The chap who had
«uaa*ent»l, co»»»».
I«»?. cheap, latte all
only killed 'leven «r,en just fell right
Ktiut. Macia o I
OMfal. can’t sp,ll m Up
down in a heap, ar.d tt was fivd min­
ever s will not sod or
l«|ure any thing.
utes before we cculd bring him to.»act'r*<l eWerttva.
Sold by dealer*. of
He was whiter than ffour, and limpsy
A s*t>t by espfene peo>
a« a rag. and It was all of half an hour
tai l I«*» |t-
before he could walk away.
■ABOLO BOMBAI. IM XHBalk Ava.. Broofclpa. ■- T.
"How do you account for It?” I
asked him as he was ready to go.
“I must have gone in the wrong busi­
Bagged Roger«—"De lady in de next ness," he gloomily replied.
house give me a piece of homemade
"How do you mean?"
cake. Won't you give me somethin',
"I ought to have been, a preacher."
Mrs. Spiteful—"Certainly. I'll —Chicago Daily News.
get you a n«" -'" •-•■'nt "—Exchange.
raicica nkaxonahi . k
worm glarantkkd
Sam Connell
Lumber Co.
Portland, -
Illustrated Catalog,
Dalles-Columbia Line
Drowning Season Hara.
Agreed With Him.
Don't rock the boat! It is not mere­
“Your husband la looking so much ly a foolish sort of joke to do It; It
better nowaday». Mrs. Nurich." “Ye«. is very frequently a murderous or
It'« the new treatment. He’s been try­ suicidal joke. If you cannot swim do
ing io me Immunity bath«."—Buffalo not wade out where the water 1« up
to your chin. If you do, you may sud­
denly step Into a hole that lift« the
Ylred of It.
water above your mouth and nose,
“Let’s «It down and have a quiet and when that happen« the chances
talk about the war” "Impossible." are large that it will be your funeral
“You mean you haven't time?" “No. the next day or as soon as your re­
1 haven't the patience*'
mains can be found. Don't dive from
a high place without being sure the
Must Travel to Know.
water is not so shallow as to result
The world la a country which no­ In your head striking bottom. Don't
body ever yet knew by deacrlptlon; crowd five people into a boat made for
out must travel through It one'e »elf
three, or throe people Into a boat
to be acquainted with it.—Chester- made for two.
Don't play foolish
pranks such as pushing a boy who
cannot swim Into deep water. Don’t
go out on the bay In a small motor
Fixing the Blame.
"mink« says that when hefc wn« boat. A storm may come up and your
young he waa the architect of hl» small ship be capsized.
The drowning season Is here. There
own fortune.” "Didn't they have any
has never been a summer within the
building Inspector« In those day«?"
memory of the oldest citizen of the
city that has not been marked by
Optimistic Thought.
He la not yet born who can please drowning tragedies.
Considerate Wife.
Senator John W. Weeks of Massa­
chusetts smiled when one of a party
tn a Boston club alluded to henpecked
husbands, and said that he was re­
Racreaaftil Horn«
minded of a man named Rates.
K rm rd lea
One afternoon Rates was having a
Hla nucrraaful herb­
al remedies euro all
little gabfest with an old acquaint­
kind« of a.lmenta of
ance, when the latter spoke of mar­
men and women with­
out operation,
ried life and the beauty of,havlng a
from the wonderful
happy home.
Chinee«* harta. root«.
budn an«I ve»«-tables, which are unknown to
"That’s where 1 have a whole lot to
the medical science of thia country.
be thankful for," said Bates. "I have
Writr for blank and circular«.
Send stamp.
a wife who looks after me constantly.
As a matter of fact, there are times
Ute C Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
1C2H Tint SI,. Portland. Ora.
when she even takes off my shoes
Mention Paper.
for me."
"I see," thoughtfully mused the ac­
quaintance. "I suppose that la when
Na 30. Illi
F. N. U.
you come home tired at night.”
"No, no." smilingly corrected Bates.
"It Is when she thinks that I am about
to elide out early in the evening."—
Philadelphia Telegraph.
C. Gee Wo
Rifle or Pistol
Winchester Cartridges—
Brand---- are
sure fire and accurate. In
Winchester and other
makes of guns they al-
■ ways give the best results
I-and results are what
I count. They cost a few
cents more than inferior
makes, but they are
dollars better.
S olo or D kalkrs I vistwhisi .
Reston for Her Social Prominence.
"Eh-yah!” said the landlord of tho
tavern at Polkville. Ark., In reply to
the question of the Kansas City drum­
mer. "The lady that just passed Is one
of our most prominent society leaders.
She’s already caused four men to be
shot, and as you saw, she’s still me­
dium young and considerable hand­
Will Not Eat Flesh of Cat
No carnivorous bird or quadruped
in England will eat the flesh of a cat.
The rule applies even to the carrion
crow, which will devour dead dogs
"Some people.” said Uncle Eben,
"talks about heaven like it was their
own property dat dey was preparin’
to tack a ’No admittance* sign on to."
—Washington Star
No Hurry for Details.
Passenger (to chauffeur)— “Hey!
you've run over a man. Aren't you
going to «top?” Chauffeur—"Naw! 1
can read all about it In the papers.“—
Boston Trnnscrfn».
Eat Skunks in Argentina.
The Gauchos of the Argentine are
in the habit of hunting skunks, not
merely for their fur, but also for their
Sate to Pardon.
When a man is sincerely penitent,
and gives satisfactory evidence of the
same, he can safely be pardoned.—Lin­
Real Hypocrite.
■‘A hypocrite.' said Uncle Eben, "Is
a man dat takes credit fot makin gar
den when he's only diggin’ flshin'
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Unionville, Mo.—"I suffered from a
female trouble and I got so weak that I
could hardly walk
across the floor with­
out holding on to
I had
nervous spells and
my fingers would
cramp and my face
would draw, and I
could not speak, nor
sleep to do any good,
had no appetite,and
everyone thought I
would not live.
Some one advised me to take Lydia E.
Pink ham '• Vege table Compound. 1 had
taken ao much medicine and my doctor
said he could do me no good so 1 told my
husband he might get me a bottle and I
would try it By the time I had taken
it I felt better. I continued its use,and
Dow I am well and strong.
“1 have always recommended your
medicine ever since I was so wonder­
fully benefitted by it and I hope this
letter will be the means of saving some
other poor woman from suffering.”—
Mrs. M artha S eavky , B ox 1144,
bella's mistress had just purchased a
parrot, and R om waa much interested
In the bird.
"Birds 1« shore sensible,” she ob­
served. “You kin learn them anything.
I uster work for a lady that bad a bird
In a clock, an' when it was time to tell
de time ob day It uster come out an’
say 'cuckoo' just as many times aa de
time wa«."
“Go along. Yo* doan’ «ay so," «aid
Arabella, Incredulously.
"Hhore thing," replied Rose, “and de
moi' wonderful part was dat It was
only a wooden bird, too.”—Harper's
A bill has been introduced tn the I
California legislature providing pay of
$2 for each day lost by people arrested
and tried for crime who escape con­
Many people suffer from ennui, but
think of the man who, when told he
must go to the rack, remarked: "Oh,
well, it will help me pass an hour or
King George of England Is the In­
ventor of a stove that will serve as an
open grate in one room of a house and
cook meals in the usual way In an­
Fire losses and the expense of fire
prevention cost the United States
more each year than the total value
of its production of gold, silver, cop­
per and petroleum.
Hawaii, with a population of 200,-
000, had a foreign trade last year of
To get pastry to raise and stay raised under these con­
*76.000,000. The trade total was but
*6,800,000 in 1897, the year before an­ ditions, a baking powder must be used that continues to give off
nexation to this country.
its leavening gas— that sustains the raise—until the dough is
A remarkable fog on the Peruvian
biiked through.
coast is known as the "garúa." It oc­
Dining Car Chefs have found a baking powder exactly suited
curs in a region where rain is un­
to their reeds In K C and you will find it just as well suited to
known, and supplies sufficient mois­
your requirements. K C is really a blend of two baking powders,
ture to support vegetation.
one active as soon as moistened, the other requiring both mois­
Alligator eggs are eaten by the na­
ture and heat to start the generation of leavening gas. No matter
tives on the west coast of Africa. In
how moist and rich you make your cake, K C Baking Powder will
taste they resemble the egg of tile do­
sustain the raise until a crust is formed and all danger of falling
mestic hen, but are larger and slightly
is past
stronger in their flavor.
The little girl who described a toad
K C Baking Powder is pure and healthful. It is guaranteed
as "a big green bug with warts al! over
under all pure food laws, and is guaranteed to please you. And it
it, who's always sitting down behind
is sold at a reasonable price—no baking powder should sell for more.
and standing up in front," will prob­
ably become some day a famous nov­
Tru a can at our ri»k and be co minced.
elist, or even a manicurist.
The Bosporus, which leads to the
Black sea, and the entrance to which
Constantinople and Scutari command,
is about 17 miles long, with a breadth
"Right this way, sir,” said the head
of from little more than a third of a
waiter. "I'll get you a good table,
mile to two miles.
where you can watch the dancing.”
"But I don’t want to watch the danc­
Constipation causes and aggravates
many serious diseases. It is thoroughly ing,” objected the patron. “I want to
cured by Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets. eat”
“In that case,” replied the head
The favorite family laxative.
waiter, “you'd better try the Owl
Lunch Wagon on the corner. This is
All the Difference.
Little Molly had been very trying all a restaurant”
That evening, when her grown-up
Cumulative Injury.
sister was putting her to bed, she said
"Do 17-year locusts arrive every 17
she hoped the child would be a better years ?"
A Safe Used Truck to Buy.
girl tomorrow, and not make every­
"They come offener’n that," said
body unhappy with her naughty tem­ Farmer Corntossel.
value for the money as a new truck. By
we mean that the truck ts entlrsiv
“Then how do they get (heir name?“ rebuilt
taken apart, each part examined and if
Mollie listened in silence, thought
“I s’pose mebbe it's because when necessary replaced by a new part mad»
hard for a tew momenta, and then said they come around it takes a place 17 at the Federal factory, the entire truck
and reflnlshed, and everythin®
years to get over it.”—Washington repainted
necessary done to make the truck practi­
“Yes, when It's me It's temper; Star.
cally as good as new in every detalL
when it's you it's nerves!”—Pbiladel-
When you buy a rebuilt Federal y<M
are protected by the same policy and In­
pbia Record.
An After-Thought
terest that we give to all Federal owners*
.“And how are we fixed for the clam We operate a repair department, tn whlc*
the workmen are specialists on Federal^
TOl’N’G MAN. BE A BARBER. Learn a Trada. bake?
Got all the cigars, cigarets, our
supply of Federal parts Is complatK
Be Independent. Trade tausht In elrht weeka: I
the stock room organisation hlcM
tool. free.
Commwaiona paid while learning:
class, which insures the prompt flllin» of
position. aecured
Write for free calalo».
"All ordered.”
orders. We also operate a Mrvw
MOI.EH COLLEGES. Portland. K48 N. 2nd St.:
“And say!”
ice department, which Is open day *n4
Spokane. KZri Main Ave.: Seattle. K10S Main St
niftht. ’’always at your call." The Federal
“Better get a few clams.”—Louis­ being a rood truck In the first place an»
protected by a company which 1» equip­
ville Courier-Journal.
ped and has the disposition to give yo<
Mr. Bowen was having dinner with
service—Is consequently
the Reilly« and the 7-yearold son of
the family was present
If you are In the market for a true*
“I fear that that young man to
"And what are you going to be when
$1000 to $1400. we urge you to com-
you grow up, young man?" asked Mr. whom I gave a job in the store last pare used Federals with new trucks aS
prices We think we can convtno»
Bowen of the little boy.
“You should not judge by appear­ you of their superior value.
"Well,” replied the boy, thoughtful­
ly, "after I've been a minister to ance.”
King and Washington Sts.
“I am judging by disappearance in
please mother, an' a judge to please
father, I'm goin' to be a policeman." this case.”—Houston Post
UÍÜ B aking P owder
Those who have had cakes ruined by jarring the
stove, slamming the oven door or a heavy footstep, may
have wondered how the dining car chef can tum out such
marvelous biscuits, hot breads and pastry when his oven
is being incessantly jarred and jolted and shaken by the
motion of the train.
"Are you going to the exposition?”
“Nope; can’t afford it.”
“But your wife bought an entire new
Eczema, ringworm and other Itch­ outfit to wear at the exposition.”
ing, burning skin eruptions are so
“That’s why we can’t afford it.”-
easily made worse by Improper treat­
Houston Post
ment that one has to be very careful.
There la one method, however, that
Garden Society,
you need not hesitate to use, even on
"Why is the lily so haughty Y* in-
a baby's tender skin—that is the
resinol treatment. Resinol is the pre­ quired the mushroom, "She barely
scription of a Baltimore doctor, put nods to the rest of us."
up In the form of resinol ointment! "She is very proud,” explained the
and resinol soap. This proved so re­ ivy. “She regards you as an upstart
markably successful that thousands of and me as a climber.”—Louisv lile
other physicians have been prescrib­ Courier-Journal.
ing it constantly for 20 years.
Resinol stops itching instantly and
Amply Described.
almost always heals the eruption
"What kind of a fellow is he?”
“Oh, he's the kind of a fellow who
quickly and at little cost
ointment and resinol soap can be goes out for a walk with you and then
bought at any druggist's and are not tells you how democratic he is—not
at all expensive. Great for sunburn. afraid of being seen with anybody."—
Yale Record.
Fair Weather Verses.
Clorinda smiles—and darkened skies
Take on a golden, gleaming guise;
Clorinda frowns—and e'en the sun
Its gay, resplendent course has run.
Clorinda dear, the present weather
Is sickly, nasty altogether;
Forego, then, every other wile.
But, please, oh. please, don’t doff your
Few Can Swim.
"Society is so shallow,” mused the
parlor philosopher.
"It's a good thing it Is,” retorted
the mere man, "or half the people who
are wading around in it would get
Yukon Potatoes.
Potatoes, cabbage, celery, cauliflow­
er, lettuce, carrots and turnips of fine
qua'ity are extensively grown in Yu­
kon territory, Canada. Potatoes are
the principal crop, retailing at 5 cents
a pound.
Unionville, Missouri.
The makers of Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound have thousands of
such letters as that above — they tell
the truth, else they could not have been
obtained for love or money. This med­
icine is no stranger — it haa stood the
test for years.
If there are any complications yon
do not nndersfand write to Lydia F.
l’lnkham Medicine Co. (confidential)
Lynn,Mass. Tour letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman aud
held in strict confidence.
Not a Social Call.
Mrs. Beat—Tell the gentleman I’m
not receiving today. Nora.
New Maid—But he ain’t deliverin',
mum; he’s collectin’!—I’uck.
Practice generally discovers
theory did not know.
Some men are so businesslike that
they wouldn’t even pay you a compli­
ment unless you gave them a receipt
for it
Most things can be overdone. For
instance, too many appetizers spoil th»
The wind is tempered to the shora
lamb, and those that are not yet shorn
have the wool pulled over their eye».
Many a girl who turns a fellow
down is terribly surprised when h»
doesn't bob up again.
The secret of happiness sometime»
consists of not knowing what other
people think of us.
The double life would not be so dan­
gerous if the fool love letters could
be avoided.
Man’s Perils.
When a married man gets too old t»
go to war bis wife's next dread Is that
he will get his feet wet.—Toledo
Not Prepared.
"They seem to be appalled at the
slaughter on the European battle-
Good Record.
The cocktail is seventy-aix years old.
“Yes; but they're not used to foot­
ball games over there.”—Baltimore It never used tobacco in any form.—
Toledo Blade.
. .. .
Weak Women!
Some women are weak because of ills that are common
In Girlhood—Womanhood
and Motherhood
The prescription which Dr. R. V. Pierce used most successfully—tn.
diseases of women—which has stood the test of nearly half a century—is
Dr. Pierce’’s Favorite Prescription
Take this in liquid or tablet form as a tonic and regulatorl
Mrs. Kate D. Richardson, of Beazley, Essex Co., Vs., savs, I esteem It a pleasure to
testify to the wonderful curative qualities of Dr. Pierce's Fsvorite Prescription. For
some years I suffered greatly with weakneu peculiar to my sex. I was treated by
several physicians but gradually grew worse. One of my friends told me of the apod
results of your "Favorite Prescription." I went to the drug store and got »bottle,
and after taking It. with the "lleasant Pellet*," I commenced to get better. I never
knew what happiness was, for I was always tick and complaining and macle other* M
»veil a* myself unhappy. So you sc« what a debt I owe you!"
Dr.Pierce '»PleatantPellet» regulate »tomach, liver, bowel»
CMwnxw roods falter and brighter color« than any other dye. Every package tuarant«ed to color Silk. Wool, Cotton and Mixed Good« at one boiling« W ccatt
WT l T Write fee free booklet “How to Dye and Mta Cofeea.” calendar, blotters, eto.
MONROE DRUG COMPANY, Department Z. Qutocy. IflMB