Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, April 15, 1915, Image 6

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lather and Mother—not Angy and
Sam'l tew dew busluoas They picked I
Why rather and Mother? A
out my clothes between them ylat'day 1 Abe!
arternoon deowu ter Injun village, In i year ag» uo one could have foreseen
Usually Caused by Moisture Exhaled
the Emporium. Ilaow yew like 'em? ! tho fortune, nor have prophesied th«
by Fowls and Can Be Got Rid of
eh? See my yaller silk hand possession of the room by another el
It in u nun1 enemy to health,
Only by Ventilation.
No Visible Sign of Over Supply
kerchlaf, taw ? We jest dropped In ter f deriy couple.
utrvngth and happincKS. It
in Products.
git" bur thlnga We thought mebbe >
Angy drew near to Abe. and Abe to
Often the poultry man finds hit
robs you of your apjictite,
poultry house covered with frost lo­
liHiklng at th« pillows
He saw, and
git ready fer the new—"
tide and aa the sun conies up and th«
constipation, bilious
He was allowed to aay no more The i she saw. the going back to tho old bed
Farmers' Wives Study Details of Busi­ louse warms It melts and makes th«
apella and u general rundown
■Istera, who had been kissing and hug­ room In the old home across the wood»
whole building damp, uncomfortablo
ness and Are Eager to Learn of
ging Atigy one by one, uow swooped and over tho field the going back
md unhealthful. In many case« the
You can help
Better Ways to Car« for
upon him. Ho was hugged, too. wtth And In sharp contrast they each re
iwner tries to prevent this by mak-
Fowls—Conditions Chang«.
it by the
warm, generous congratulation, hie called the first time that they had
ng the house warmer and cutting
timely aid of
lown th« ventilation. In most cases
ached, and his clothes and Angy's si­ u century ago—the first homecoiutni
The farmer's Ideas of poultry-rale- Ulla is just the opposite of what should
lently admired
But no one said a . —when her mother-heart and his
tug have changed considerably from >e done.
word, for not one of the sisters was father-heart had been filled with ths
This dampness Is usually caused by
what they were a few years ago.
able to speak. Angy, thinking that hope of children—children to bless
Everywhere on the farms a mor« In­ Jie moisture exhaled by the birds and
»he divined a touch of jealousy, has- their marriage, children to complets
telligent interest la being taken in san be got rid of only by thorough
tened to throw off her wrap and dis their home, children to love, children
rentllatlon. This means that a certain
the subject
play the familiar old worn silk gown to feed them with love In return.
The farmer at last has realized
It will help you bring buck
"Ltet's adopt some leetle folks," said
that the poultry is a good source ot »nter the house and pass out again.
Clt a
the appetite, aid digestion
Income, and Is willing to take some To permit this without causing a
new silk until you each had one made the old place'll seem lonesome with
Copyrixht by Tba Century Cut,
trouble and spend a little money to iraft, an opening in the south side of
promote health in u gen­
tew. Bloaay sent tor the samples. out—’’
make It even more so. instead of :he house should be covered with cot­
CHAPTER XX—Continued.
way. For over 60 years
"Might better adopt the sisters;” hr
This will not make the
leaving the womenfolks to struggle ton cloth
enjoyed public confi­
along with the fowls as best they
His face lightened. The weight of
think young 'uno would be the moal
may. without any help or conven­ »nd It will make the house more com­ the shock passed. He threw off the Aunt Nancy grimly.
Angy and Abe both stared at her. comfort tow yew after they growed
fortable and the hens more profitable. aw» of the glad news. He sullied the
Try it Tod<iy. Avoid Substitutes
Not much tn the way of eggs was
smile of a happy child.
"A baby Is dretful cunnln',” Angy
expected of them, and they fully real­ TREE INSECTS ARE NUMEROUS
"Naow, mother, we kin buy back did seem feeble and her cough did
ised these expectations. Usually they
our old chair, the rocker with the red sound hollow. The other elaters persisted. "Hut." she added sadly, "I
U m for Anthologies.
glanced also at Aunt Nancy, and Sarah don't suppose a teethin' ralte would
Over 30,000 Species on Record of rosea onto IL Seems ter me them
The mistake Is In thinking that all
roses must 'a' knowed all the time Jane took her hand, while she nudged fiud much In common with us.”
Which Over 400 Are Known to
"Anyway,” vowed Abo, suddenly poetry is for all readers On th« con­
that thia was a-goln' ter happen. They Mrs. Homan with her free elbow and
Affect the Apple Tree.
trary the realm of poetry Is aa wide
was jest aa pert an' sassy that last Mrs. Homan nudged Ruby Lee and beginning to unfasten the pillow
Ruby Lee glanced at Lasy Daisy shame, "these belong ter us, an’ I'm as the world, for the very mason that
(By E M PATiMl 1
each man may find there just what
There are very many different spe-
Angy laughed. She laughed softly and Lasy Daisy drawled out mean agoln' ter tak« 'em."
They went down stair« silently, the be nerds and leave the rent.
:les of insects ranging in six« from and wtth unutterable pride In her hue­ lngly:
"Miss Abigail!"
shams wrapped In a newspaper carried thing is to discover the poetry that
less than one-fiftieth of an Inch to band.
was meant for us, and porhaps the
Then Miss Abigail, twisting the under hla arm.
about eight inches In length. From
"Why, father, don't yer see yew kin
"Waal, naow,"—he tried to speak beat way to do that la to turn over the
the United States alone over 30,000 buy back the old chair, an' the old edge of her apron nervously, spoke:
“Much obliged to you 1 be In behalf cheerfully aa they rejoined the others, pages of louis well made selection,
species have been recorded of which place, too. an’ then have plenty ter
o' all the sisters. Brother Abe an' ter and he pushed hie way toward the and ere where our eyes get caught
aver 400 are known to affect In greater spare?”
and hold,—Richard la« (talllonne.
or less degree the apple tree or Its
“So we kin, mother, so we kin;" he Angy tew. We know yew'll treat us dining-room—"I'll go an' git my cup
fruit. Though there are many that nodded hie head, surprised.
He right. We know that yew,” resting an' aaoaer."
But Miso Abigail blocked the door,
are, it must not be supposed that all plunged his hands Into his pockets, as her eyes on Abe'« face, “will prove ter
Constipation cauxes many aerioiM
disease». It is thoroughly cured by
Insects are injurious, for by far the If expecting to find them filled wtth be the 'angel unawares' that we been again blushing, again confused.
larger number are either harmless or gold. "Wonder ef Sam’l wouldn't lend entertainin', but we don't want yew ter
"That 'Tew ■ our • lleioved • Brother Doctor Pierce’» Plca»ant Pellets. On*
actually beneficial. Ruthless destruc­ me a dollar or so tn small change. waste yer money on a cartload o' silk cup," «he said gently, her eyes not a laxative, three for cathartic
tion of insects by means of trap lan­ Ef I only had somethin' ter jingle, dresses. All we ask o' yew la jest meeting the wound In hie, "we ‘bout
Ths Vast World.
terns and the like Is to be deprecated mebbe 1 could git closer to this fac'." enough tew allow us ter advertise fer concluded yew'd better leave here fer
A student of Erfurt. d«» I ring to see
since these methods are as apt to He drew her to him, and gave hor another brother member ter take yer the one what answers the ad. Yow
A Pure-Bred.
Nuremberg, departed with a friend on
capture the beneficial and the harm- waist a jovial equeexe.
got so much naow, an' him—"
“Hy-guy. place."
a journey thither Before they had
did not supply what eggs were need less as the injurious, Poisons, traps,
Who could describe the expression
She did not finish. She could not
ed In the farmer's family, and the and other repressive measures must mother, we're rich! Haln't It splen­ that flashed across Abe's face?—hurt She felt rather than saw tho blazing walked half a lullo, he asked his com
panion whether they should soon get
farmer often remarked to his wife: be used with caution, and at the right
Their laughter rang out together— astonlshmenL wounded pride, jealous of Abe's old eyes. Thnn the fire be to Nuremberg, and was answe-ed
“Your chickens are a perfect nuls time and place In order to be most
neath hla brows died out and a mist
trembling, near to-tears laughter. The incomprehension.
" 'TIs scare« likely, since «« have only
ance. I can't set a thing down but effective.
“Ter take my place!” he glanced obscured his sight
just loft Erfurt." Having repeated the
they are into it." < poor things! It wat
Before it Is possible to combat an and—plenty! Plenty to mend the
question another half mil« farther on.
that or go hungry!) "and they don't
Insect pest intelligently we must lean: shingles. Aye, plenty to rebuild the to enter there and take his place?—bis yew ruther have u uew ‘beloved and getting the same answer, tie »aid
lay an egg ”
something of its habits and of its house. If they chose.
Plenty with
“ttel’a giro up th« journey and go
Conditions are changing. The most
"This la a old ladles' home," he pro­
For a apace there was no answer back, since the world's so vast!"—
which to win back the smiles of Angy's
of the responsibility for the poultry
garden. The dreadful dream of need, tested. "What right you got a-takln' Aunt Nancy's head wu» bowed In her Luther's "Table Talk."
on the farms still rests on the worn
itexy Imlay was openly sob
and lack, and want, of feeding at the in a good-fer-nuthin' old man? Mebbe hands
en, but instead of being considered a
blng. Miss Ellie was twisting her fin
hand of charity, was gone by.
Got Hie Answer.
nuisance, the fowls are treated with
Plenty! Ah, the goodness and great­ git ter rampagin', yew can't tell what gers nervously In and out—she un
He—"Why are you «onion always
respect and consideration, as an im
ness of God! Plenty! Abe wanted to
going to bargain »ales In the hop« ol
portant part of the business of the
Sarah Jane nodded her head know­ as If to hold her. At last Mies Abigail
cry It out from the housetops.
sotting something for nothing?" Hhe
farm. They have neat, comfortable
spoke with so unaccustomed a sharp —"For the sain« reason you men are
wanted all the world to hear.
He ingly. ae If to exclaim:
houses, and yards, and scratching
“I told yer so!”
ness that her voice seemed not her always going to your poker clubs."—
sheds, where they can be contented
But Miss Abigail hurriedly ex­ own:
Dallas News
and happy, and keep industriously at
“Sech a foolish question aa that no
among the multitude, To give where plained that it was a man and wife
work in cold as well as warm weath
dome Indication.
he had been given, to blossom with that they wanted. She blushed as she body In their sound senses would aek.‘
er. The farmer and his wife both
Abe sat down In hla old placo at th«
Mary—"I'm positive Fred loves mn
abundance where he had withered added that of course they would not
now feel It to be a reflection on their
take a man without his wife.
fireside and smiled a thousand smile» and Intends to make me his wife “
with penury!
management if the hens do not lay
"No. Indeed! That'd be highly Im- In one. He smiled and rubbed hi» Helm—“Why? Has he proposed yet?"
more eggs than the family uses, in
hands before the blaze The blase It Mary—“No; but ha dislikes mother
"We'll save jest enough ter ourselves proper," smirked Ruby Lee.
winter as well as summer.
Then Abe went stamping to the self seemed scarcely more blight and morn every time ho area her."—Liver­
ter keep us in comfort the rest of our
It is a common thing to see a beau
stairway, saying sullenly:
warm than the light from within which pool Mercury
lives an' bury us decent.”
tlful flock of pure-bred poultry on a
"All right. I’ll give yew all the transfigured his aged face.
farm and when farmers or farmers
All ths Difference.
sitting with bowed heads aa if in money yew want fer advertisin', an'
"Gala," he chuckled In his old fa
wives meet, it is seldom they pari
'in India a lac of rupees la a foi-
prayer; but presently Angy raised her yew kin »ay he'll bo clothed an' miliar way. ”1 dunno how Sami
without asking: “How are your hen«
dressed proper, tew, an' supplied with Darby II take It; but If mother's will tun«." "And In America a lack of dol-
face with an exclamation of dismay:
doing? Are they laying well?" and
"Don’t It beat all, that It happened terbaccer an' readin' matter besides; In', I guess I won't buy back no mor* lars Is a misfortune.” Boston Tran
unless it Is already known, they are
jest tew late ter git in this week’s but jest wait till the directors read of tho old place, 'cept'n' Jost my script.
sure to ask each other: "What breed
that advertisement!
They had me rockln'-chalr with tho red roses ontt
'Shorevllle Herald!”'
of hens do you keep?"
Dally Thought
"Tew late?" exclaimed the new- here sorter portendin' ter be unbe- It; an' all the rest o' this here plagued
They are studying the poultry busl
The gods will give a lint tn most
fledged capitalist. “Thar haln't nothin' knownst. Come on, Angy, Let's go money I'll hand over ter the directors
ness In all its details, and are eager
tew lata fer a man with money. Well upstairs an’ git our things. Let's—’’
an' «lay right here an' take my com aultablo rather than what Is moat
to learn of better ways of caring for
pleasing; man Is dearer to them than
their fowls and of conveniences tc
Winter Stages of Insects:—1, Eggs per, fust thing termorrer!"
he la to himself
chair, resting her two shaking hands
Angy bent down and whispered In
use about the work.
From Which Tent Caterpillars Hatch.
In some neighborhoods the women —2, Cocoon of Cecropia Moth—3, Win­
Another Ono.
"Brother Abe," she called quaver- ther. Anythin' else would seem Ilk*
of the farm meet on certain after ter Nest of Brown Tall Moth—4, Eggs
"What are the two sexes, Alec?"
Ingly after the couple, "I guess yew goln' a visitin'. But yew don't want
noons, to talk over their experiences of the Antique Tussock Moth on Co­
asked the teacher. "Masculine and
kin afford ter fix up any objections o' ter go an' blame me,” she added anx
“Our Beloved Brother."
with their poultry: to discuss ths coon.
The services of the "Shorevllle Her­
lously, "of yew git all riled up au* sick Home Companion.
questions of feeding and caring foi
Angy pressed her husband's arm aa abed agin.”
them, and to read together the poultry vulnerable points
When these are ald,” however, were not required to
"Pshaw, mother,” he protested ;
helps to be found in the agricultural known proper remedial measures may spread the news. The happiest and she joined him In the upper hall.
"yew fergit I was adopted then, naow
sections of the newspapers
then be taken for its extermination proudest couple on Long Island saw
their names with the story of their realize that that poor old gentleman, I b<- adoptin'. Thar's a big difference.'
This interest Is not confined to th« or repression
sudden accession to wealth In a great whoever he may be. won’t be yew.
farms, but is also felt in the smal;
Hhe lifted her face, relieved, and
New York dally the very next morn They jest know that yew was yew; an' smiled Into tho relieved and radiant
towns and villages At the meeting«
Protect Fruit Trees.
they want ter git another jest as near faces Of Abo's "children," and her
of the aid societies you will hear dis­
The following method of poisoning Ing.
cussions on how to care for tile hen« was used successfully in an orchard
A tall, old gentleman with a real like yew as they kin.”
to make them lay, and many a woman near Fort Collins, Colo., last winter, "barber's hair cut," a shining, new
Abe grunted, yet nevertheless went
living In a small town helps out hei 50 jackrabbits being killed in one high hat, a suit of "store clothes" half-way down stairs again to call
Though Sick and Suffering; At
which fitted ae If they had been made more graciously to the sister« that he
husband s Income by nearly, or quite night:
Last Found Help in Lydia
paying the grocery bills with eggt
Cut a slit In an apple and Insert for him, a pair of fur gloves, and brand- would give them a reference any time
and poultry from a small flock ol strychnine alkaloid,powdered,the right new ten-dollar boots; and a remark­ for knowing how to treat a man just
E. Pinkham's Vegeta­
pure-bred fowls kept in the yard.
Facte Complied by Statistician Will
amount being what the tip of a knife ably pretty, old lady In a violet bonnet, right.
ble Compound.
"That feller '11 be lucky, gals,” he
Como to Many as Something of
blade will hold, close the slit and a long black velvet cape, with new
a Surprise.
wipe the apple to remove the bitter shoes as well as new kid gloves, and a added In tremulous tones. "I hope
Richmond, Pa. — “ When I started
drug on the outside.
Scatter the big allver-fox muff—thia was the hell appreciate yew as I allers done."
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Then Abe went to join Angy In the
poisoned bait through the orchard at couple that found the paper spread out
It has been computed that about 3fi,-
Compound 1 was in a
on the hall table at the Old Ladles' room which the sisters had given to 000,000 babies are born Into the world
the base of the trees.
dreadfully rundown
Home, with the sisters gathered him that bitter day when the cry of each year. The rate of production
state of health,
around it, peering at it, weeping over his heart had been very like unto:
Canada Thistles.
Is therefore about 70 per minute, or
had internal trou­
A good cow is the best milk ma,
"Elol, Eloi, lama sabachthani!”
If you have any Canada thistles ot It, laughing, both sorrowing and re­
more than one for every beat of the
bles, and wax so ex­
After all, what was there of his and clock.
quack grass on your farm, start earlj
tremely nervous and
• • •
"Thia '11 be good-by ter Brother Angy's here? Their garments they did
to prevent them from growing above
With the ono-a second calculation
prostrated that if I
One ot the farm teams should be the ground. Plants cannot gather food Abe," Aunt Nancy had sniffed when not need now. They would leave them every reader la familiar, but It la not
had given in to my
brood mares.
without the tops to change the plant the news came over the telephone the behind for the other old couple that every one who stops to calculate what
feelings I would
food to plant tissue, and by keeping day before; and though Mies Abigail was to come. There was nothing else thia means when It comes to a year's
have been In bed.
It Is best for the average farmer to the tops cut off you can gradually had assured her that she knew Abe but some simple gifts. He took up a supply.
It will, therefore, probably
Aa it wna I had
handle the draft breeds
would come to see them real often, the pair Of red wristlets that Mrs. Homan startle a good many persons to find,
starve them out
hardly etrength at
• • «
matriarch still failed to be consoled.
had knit, and tucked them In his new on the authority' of a well known ata-
times to be on my
8trong, vigorous cows are more re­
“Haln't you noticed, gals," she per­ overcoat pocket. He also took Abi­ tfatlcician, that, could the Infanta of feet and whnt I did do was by a great
A Good Windbreak.
sistant to disease than their weaker
A windbreak In the form of trees, sisted, “that thar haln't been a death gail's bottle of "Jockey Club" which a year be ranged In a line In cradles, effort I could not sleep at night and
such as cypress, willow or maple, is in the house eence we took him In? he had despised so a few days ago, and the cradles would extend around the of course felt very bad In the morning,
• • •
and had a steady headache.
a very good thing to have around an An' 1 missed my reg’lar spell o’ bron­ tucked that In his watch pocket. When globe.
Protein may now be bought cheaper orchard, especially in the winter, be­ chitis last winter an' this one tew—so he bought himself a watch, he would
“After taking the second bottle 1 no­
The same writer looks at the matter
In cottonseed meal than In any other cause this will keep the cold winds fur," she added dismally, and began to buy a new clock for the dining-room In a more picturesque light. He lmag ticed that the headache was not so bad,
purchased feed.
off and very often protects the buds cough and lay her hands against her down stairs, too—a clock with no such In-» the babies being carried past a I rested better, and my nerves were
• • •
chest. "That was alius the way when asthmatic strike as the present one given point In their mother's arms, stronger. I continued Ita use until it
from freezing in spring.
Spasmodic salting, a handful In the
I was a young’un,” she continued after possessed. All his personal belongings one by one, and (he procession being mado a new woman of me, and now I
manger when you happen to think
a while; "I never had a pet dog or cat —every one of them gifts- he found kept up night and day until the laat can hardly realize that 1 am able to do
Keep Things In Order.
of it, is not the best way.
Put the borne and farm in order and or even a tame chicken that It didn't room for In his pockets. Angy bad hour In the twelfth month had passed so much ax I do. Whenever I know any
• • •
see bow it pays. There Is a vast dif­ up an' run erway sooner or later. This even >ess than he. Yet they had come by. A sufficiently liberal rate Is al- woman In need of a good m<-dicino I
Much depends upon the early train­ ference In the way farms are kept. Do here loss, gals, '11 be the death o’ me! practically with nothing -and com- lowed, but even in golng past at the highly praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg-
Ing ot the colt, Teach a rapid walk you ever notice this when you drive Naow, mark my words!" *
pared with that nothing, what they rate of 20 a minute, 1,200 an hour, etabl<* Com pound. ’’ — Mrs. F rank
the first thing when the colt is put along the road7
Then followed a consultation among carried now seemed much. Angy hesl- during the entire year, the reviewer C lark , 3146 N. Tulip SL, Richmond,Pa.
tn harness
the younger sisters, the result of which tated over the pillow-shams. Did they at his post would have seen only the
Women Have Been Telling Women
• • •
was that they met Abe in the morning belong to them or to the new couple to sixth part of the infantile host.
Value of Milk.
for forty years how Lydia E. Pinkham’s
In the cold parts of the country,
One hundred pounds of separator- with a unanimous petition. They could come? Abe gazed at the shams too.
In other words, the babe that had Vegetable Comjiound has restored th.dr
every window should have a tight skimmed milk Is worth about as much neither ask nor expect him to remain; They had been given to him and Angy to be carried when the tramp began health when suffering with female ills.
board shutter to close over the win as a haff-bushel of corn for feeding that was Impossible, but—
last Christmas by all the sisters. They would be able to walk when but a This accounts for the enorm.otgi J^igiand
dow on cold nights
"Hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!” were white muslin with white cambric mere fraction of Its comrades had for it from coast to coast. If you are
• • •
cried Abe, waving an Imaginary flag frills, and In their centers was embroi­ reached the reviewer's post, and when troubled with any ailment peculiar to
as he entered. "Sam'l dropped us at dered in turkey-red cotton, "Mother." the year's supply of babies was draw women why don’t you try Lydia E.
Prof A A McDowell of Wisconsin
Bad Practice.
says it 18 easily possible for farmers
Breeding from immature stock ha* the gate. Him an' Bloasy went on ter on one pillow, "Father," on the oth«r. Ing to a eclose there would be a Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? It
to double or even treble their crops a tendency to weaken the race, no see Holmes tew dicker erbout buyin’ Every sister In the Home had takes at rear guard, not of Infanta, but of will pay you to do so.
Lydia E. Pink­
BV better milHr***—
back the old place. Takes BI omv an’ least one stitch tn the name«.
diversifying. matter what It may be.
barn Medicine Co., Lynn, Maaa
romping ala-year-old boys and glrla
dampness in houses
Old Lady
Stomach Bitters