Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, March 18, 1915, Image 1

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Them In B-61111111
Only One-cent a Word
Subscription, $1.UO a Year.
Local City Beautiful Association
Starts New Movement.
Will go4o Best Home Improve­
ment in District
On last Friday a peculiar little woman
living near Izwxar street ami Eighth I
avenue. Ix-ntx, called up one of the city
meaaenger services from a point down
town asking for a messenger
A boy
was sent to her and she gave him an
order from the Clark Drug Store, 72nd
street and Millard avenue, on Bluineier
A Frank, for fl I worth of morphine,
ami accompanied the order with the
Blunder’» were suspicious,
notified the city detective office, ami
traced the niewenger back to Die
woman, (>lace«l lier under arreni ami
They wain
priM'eedcd to investigate
learned that the Clark Drug Co , order
was a forgery The woman proved to
Is-Mr». Edith Graham and »he was re­
leased under order to rc|x>rt next day,
which she failed to do, claiming illness.
Bin- was hunted up by phone ami warned
to Is- on hand Monday.
Tlx- mere matter ot forging the Clark
Drug Co.. name to the order was not
considered so serious, since it involved
no losses to that drm hut the question
came up as to what any one could want
with III of morphine unless they wen-
selling it
The officers were satisfied
that Mrs. Graham intended to use it
herself ami six- was released Mom lay
with a gissl lecture.
Mr». Graham lias been around Lents
for several years. It has Is-en iter cus­
tom to get a small onler of pn-scription
blanks printed iM-caasionally which site
filled in and- signed with the name of
moum - local doctor.
It hasn’t been so
very long since she got some ot these
printed at tiie Herald office claiming her
mother used tlx-m in selling a home cure
for rheumatism. She is an odd little
woman, dresw» in black, wears a plain
soft black hat and is uoticable for her
prematurely dried-up appearance.
The meeting of tlx* Ix-iits City Beauti­
ful Association gave a new impetus to
their work on Monday evening
there was «»me misunderstanding as to
the plats- of meeting ami some of the
attendance went to the sclxsil house amt
some of them went to the Library, but
llits»- that |»-r»l»ted finally congregated
at tla- Library. Tlx- sewsion was un­
usually busy. A discussion of the work
of the committee on street railway ser­
vice improvement was handled with
much interest.
This committee was
originally deh-gated to seek improve­
ment of stations ami right of way.
There are few if any creditable stations
in the entire city. Inexpensive yet ar-
tistic stations would a«Id very materially
to the ls-auty of the city ami in tiie
<iown town sections would lx» extremely
practical as well as ornamental
committee laid its plans before the cen­
tral City Beautiful organization and lias
(■sen assured of its sup|x>rt.
But tlx- committee has enlarged upon
it» duties. It proponed tlx* promotion
by tlx- association at tins time, ot a
movement to get tlx- car company to put
on a different class of car», i-are with
comfortable seats setting crosswise of the
■ ar, inclosed, with an aisle down the
center The aide seat car i» objection-
aba- because it forrew tiie patrons to face
tlx- windows and is hard on the eyes.
If tlx- blinds are drawn they an- still
objectionable. These cars are rough
riiiing. ami an- especially uncomfortable '
when stopping and starting
It was de­
cided to start a petition to the company
asking for a change of cars ami a com­
mittee consisting of E P. Tobin, (’ L.
Barter and Clyile Niger was sp)>ointi>d
to draft a nuinls-r of petitions and see
to their circulation.
The session of the County Grange
The next meeting of tlx* association
met at Gresham on Wedne-xlay
received special attention.
It wan de­
cided to hold the next meeting at tiie 1 was of exceptional interest. Tlx* after­
srhisilhoiinr Let that be nettled Then noon meeting wax taken up with instal­
a committee cotnp<Mied of Mr llershiier, lation of officers and an exemplification
Mrs. Walsh, and Mrs McNeil, wax ap­
of th»- third and fourth degrees. The in­
pointed to prepare a program of music
and other entertaining features. An stallation wax handled by the I-ents
effort will lie made to secure one or two degree team and C. D Chitwood of
s|M*akers in addition.
Clackamas t 'ounly. Tlx-drill team did
But tlx-rv will also I m - liUMiiesn to at­ its work with customery good form.
tend to nt this meeting.
Nothing less
Mr. Chitwood wax particularly effective
than a lM>autitication contest was started
when Mr. Dartiall proposed some sort of in the excellent delivery of the several
M mfut
scheme to get people to tM<autify their j lectures and charges.
homes. It was finally decided after John ton put on the degree work
much discussion to finance- prizes
Twenty-two members wen* taken
amounting to flftv dollars to encourage
through the fifth degree work, Tiie
improvement on home grounds. The
prize money will probably be divided evening st-ssion wax taken up with a
into three purses of $2ft, lift, and Fill program composed of a song by Mrs.
each. The contest will I m > started aliout Oswald, a recitation by Mrs. Zimmer­
the middle of April when all homes en­ man, a recitation by Miss Mabe) Shipley,
tering into the contest will I m * in»|M-cted and a slight of hand demonstration by
by disinterested judge» and given a Mr. Honey. Following this there wen-
standing. The same homes will again some discussions on the road question
be judged in July and given another and txinding.
The principal work ot the day was the
standing depending on the improvement
of resolutions presented by W.
made relative to their previous condi­
tion All persons desiring to enter this H. Dufur, providing for the issuance of
contest will be required to register their non-interest-bearing bonds by the state
intention to do so at the Herald office to the government, which in return
before the Iftth of April.
Registration should loan to the farmer»* the cash
is in order now and the »miner registra­ covered by the bonds, at not over 3 per­
tion is Iw-gun the greater the stimulus cent, tor periods of ft, lt), 1ft, 20, 2ft or
will lx* to encourage improvement. It 30 years, the loans to I m - based on fifty
wax decided to extend the contest to per-cent of the vaaluation of the farms.
property in the schisil district within A second resolution proposed by the
Masters' and Ijecturers’ AssiM-iation WHS
tiie city limits.
adopted for consideration.
At the next meeting a permanent con­
The question of road bonding wax
test committee will be appointed to
have charge of this work. For the pur- opened by W. A. Young, Mr. Paquet,
Mr. Welch, and Mr. Darnell, Supper
jmmm - of financing the contest acommittee
prevented further discussion at the
composed of Mrs. Katzky, Mr, McNeil
but out of this grew a motion to
and Dr. Hells wax appointed.
On looking around the Library mem­ apjKnut a standing advisory committee
bers of tlx- association discovered the, on road matters which will undertake to
to look after the interests of the farmers,
141 D-a»t, 1,1 t*M* various questions tliat
; may come up.
which they thought so much in bar-1 Greshoin was voted a hearty vote of
rnony with tlx- spirit of the meeting that thanks for their general hospitality.
The tendency of tlx- pomona sessions
they have Isen included as a part of the
devote too much time to parade and
proceedings of the meeting. These com- |
sceuic effect wax criticised from several
■nandmi-ntx an*:
1. Don’t throw anything <>n the side­ pointsand Master Johnson -tateii that
walk or on the street.
Find a rubbish ' there would lie an aim to give more
time hereafter to the discussxion of
2. Don’t tear up paper anil scatter it i problems which wen- of so much impor­
tance to the agricultural interests ot the
3. Don’t let piles of ashes or rub
bish stay in your back yani.
4. Don’t fill the ash bin or garbage
can too full.
ft. Don’t chalk the sidewalks, fences,
buildings or pavements.
6. Don’t deface park benches, school
furniture or any public property.
7. Don’t needlessly trample down de­
grass in the parkings.
K. Don’t allow anything to lx- done 1
to injure a tree.
0. Don’t do anything that will re-
ffei-i dincredit on the city when- you
10. Don't expect your city to become
clean and perfect all at once. It will
Iiecoine an ideal city only when every-
Ixxly doea something every day to make
things better.
MAN. 1915.
Vol. 13.
No. 11
With tlx- recent return of F. R. Foster
' from California came the downfall of Nine Candidates Now in Field for
another duet of thieves.
Walter Pitta
Two Positions Held by Commis­
| and Geo. Beeney of Saginaw Heights
sioners Brewster and Bigelow.
I have is-i-n living for some time without
Others to be Named Later.
any visible means of support and it has
I been a question in the minds of their
The political pot is not long cool in
neighbors how they managed to get Portland. With less than five months
I cigarette money. Time and a family | past since the general county ami state
fend disclosed the system they were election, and local conditions barely
cooled down, a city election is abmit to
When Foster came back he met a develop the usual pre-election iliaturb-
sister of young Pitts who informed Fos­ ance. Of course tliere are people who
ter that her brother hail broken into bis think they know how to ilo tilings bet­
Neighbors corroborated the ter than the men who have lieen help­
statement, having seen them in the ing to direct the civic destinies of the
building about the fifth of January.
town of Portland for the past year.
In the meantime, Beeney, who with would make no difference how well they
his wife have been living with his father- did their part, if objections were abso­
in-law, quarrel with his wife’s relatives lutely wanting, then some one would
and wax arrested for assault.
The ; enter the rare just because the money in
general bad feeling developed lead to the job looked good to him. In fact, on
I the exposure of Beeney'» habits and sus­ the surface, that looks to be about the
picions were aroused as to whether he only reason for anyone’s coming for­
was not following a burglars life. The ward at this time.
officer having his case in hand connected
It is not probable that anyone could
him up with Pitts and warrants were hold the positions with lex.-* complaint
issued for both of them. When he went than have these two officers That being
to get Beeney fx? was found at the Pitts I the case there is little reason for a
home and wlien tlx- officer called at the ’ change. Efficiency in any work ile-
front door, Beeney went by way of the pentls upon the x.kill with which it is
back door, ami thereafter followed a handled. Skill comes with acquaintance
chaxe that would probably have ended < and practice. Efficient officials mean
otherwise had not a couple of friendly I civic economy. The men who tiave
autoixtx given assistance.
Beeney ran | served as commissioners for the [
west from 89th street to 82d then back a ' year have not only learned from prac­
---------- —
| couple of blocks and then north to the . tice and experience, but a considerable
—Cesara in New York Sun.
i vicinity of Multnomah cemetery. By' portion of their time has been devoted
’ that time he was “all in” and the officer | to a study of municipal problems. A
took him in charge.
He was badly change in administration at this time
frightened. He ww* taken to town and without Ix-tter reasons than can tie given
' given a thorougn sweating. He admit­ now will mean an absolute lose in
ted breaking into seven houses and tak­ efficiency for there is not yet a candi­
ing all sorts of stuff He connected Pitts date ia the field that can offer tlx- pub­
What may develop into one of tlx- up with his work.
A Herald reporter interviewed Mr.
lic the same degree of preparedm-s.i for
Among the things removed from the . the positions that the now active eotn-
Collier of the Circuit attorney's office on most serious affairs that ever occtired in
Monday. Mr. Collier says lx* will be tlx- Mt. Scott Section took place last Foster home was a lot of dishes and | missioners offer. A change means loxx
ready to devote some attention to Mr. Sunday evening at the skating rink. they were traced to the Pitta home. | to the city, whoever may be “--leeted.
Pitts’ sister said she had seen the dishes i Of the candidates in the field, C. V.
Roetad tlx* first of next week.
Just who was to blame and what the in use at the Pitta home.
When Foster 1 Cooper, Frank 8. Grant, Geo. W.
has been on the »treet for the past ten
days, someone having gone on his bond. cause was will probably never be known and the officer went to search the house Caldwell, Wm. Adams. Ralph C. Clyde,
Interest wax reawakened in his ease except to the fellow that started the mother Pitts denied all knowledge of George L. Baker, have maiie their inten­
They searched anyway, tions known.
Some one got tripped up. tlx- property.
Monday when it wax rejxirted that Mrs. WffT-ble.
Baker has long been a
Kiwtad had brought suit last Saturday to Home say it was one of the young Syrian and at once found a dish. Foster then | leading feature in municipal affairs, a
compel Messrs. M G. Thorsen, C. F. men who were In attendance. Some say told her he knew all about it and if she shrewd political manager, and a busi­
Henderson. Henry Harkson. ami the it was an American boy that was tripped did not deliver the goods he would take ness man of large interests. Just how
Oregon Securities Co., to recover three by a Syrian and others say that the row her to jail. She then admitted knowing he could devote his time to the duties of
notes aggregating $15,77o and the title was developed by a hall drunken Amer- where tliey were, then denied it and a commissioner and manage a theatre
to pnqx-rty worth SoMO.which »bedeviled I ¡can purposely running into a Syrian finally said they were under the house. and all his other connections would be a
them with the understanding that Ros tad and then precipitating a fight by knock- To get at them the caiq-et had to be tak­ problem. R. C. Clyde was a member of
would not I m - prosecuted for his forgeries i ing him down for it. Any way the fight en up under the bed—it had been nailed the old city council, and has been con­
while he wax cashier of the Multnomah began at this juncture, was carried to down tightly—and through a small hole siderably in the political lime light, tho
State Bank.
She [»leads great nervous the street, where the crowd grew. Sy­ in the floor the den was found and most just why is not clear. Grant was city
Mrs. Pitts attorney for quite a while.
distn-sx due to the threats made by the rians came from all directions, and the of the goods recovered.
He was at­
officers of tlx- bank when they made friends of the American boys joined in knew all about it and hail been profiting torney at the time Arleta, Lenta, and
their demands for the security offered to and it was soon a regular whirlwind of by the thievery of her son. But young some other portions of the city were an­
cover the losses.
flying rock, dubs, fists and kicking feet. Pitta is safe. He went to some place in nexed and he was responsible for the
The Syrians seem to have gotten the eastern Oregon about ten days before questionable conditions umler which
: worst of it. One of them got hie front the exposure and it is not likely that he these suburbs were annexed. He wax a
teeth kicked out.
Another one was will be bothered as long as he stays up defeated candidate for Attorney General
was kicked in the head till it swelled to there. Beeney has plead not guilty and I at the last primary. Adams is the pres­
about double sire and while yet down awaits the action of the grand jury.
ent city Treasurer. Caldwell is chair­
Neighbors all around the Pitts place man of the civil service board, than
he wax kicked in the side until the doc­
The meeting of Iz-nlx Grange on last tor said his riba were broken loose from have been suffering from these depreda­ which there is no other greater obstruc­
the vertebra. It looked for a time as tions. The Smith horn«- at iftth avenue tion to good public service in the whole
Saturday was one of tiie beat in many a
tho he rnighht die. At least two of them and S2d Streep was invaded the night be­ city system.
day. The morning session was taken up were candidates for the hospital.
fore Christmas and three nice geese
Bexides these i-amliilate» there will al­
with tlx* initiation of one candidate and
Feeling ran high for a while and there were taken.
The birds hail been re­ so lie others for the office of auditor. It
the presentation of a past master’s was danger of continued trouble. Sev­ served by Mrs. Smith till the time when is contemplated that the central lAbor
jewell to past Master Kreuder. The eral of tlx: boy» were arrested Monday Smith should come home from Montana, may attempt to land a candidate.
and were cited to appear in Court Wed­ and then they inteniled to have a goose ' Besides these there will be several initi­
presentation was made by Master W. A.
nesday afternoon. The investigation re- dinner, and still have a nice dock left ative and referendum measures on the
Young and it was Young's masterpiece.' rulted in a release for the entire crowd for next season. The Pitts home and |
ballot and the public will undoubtedly
It was one of the best things ever pre­ with a warning for the future.
tlx- Beeney home served goose Chrixtmas be treated to considerable discussion of
sented at the grange.
When there are
The general feeling around Arleta is day. The Smith home served liver.
these. One of the most important ones
any presentation speeches to I m - made in that the assault was provoked by the
will be a measure to prohibit boycott
Lents Grange in the future. Young will | Americans.
It is generally asserted
banners being paraded on the streets,
be in demand.
| that the Syrians are inclined to be or-
something that ought to get every vote
The afternoon session was important lerly and attend to their own business.
in the city, but of course there will be
in that the program wax of exceptional On the other hand there is a bunch of
some small opposition to it. A new
interest. Recitations were given by American boys who assume to bully
street railway is asking to come into the
little Dorothy Hexsand Ellen Anderson, alxmt everything that comes along.
city; a new system of bonding will be
Alfred Nygaad gave a piano selection;
considered. Sunday closing of groceries,
and the installing of water meters will
sang duets; Miss Catherine Davis gave
northern Clackamas. Estacada, Spring­ be taken up.
two lieautiful violin selection»; Mrs.
water, Garfield, George, Curransville.
Ixira Little >gave a valuable talk on
Eagle Creek, Douglass Ridge and Tracy
“Home Sanitation.’' and Mrs. W. .1.
part in a spelling contest at Esta­
| Hawkins gave a talk on educational
a week ago Tuesday. At Sandy on
work and tlx* training ot children.
Ix-nts Parent-Teachers’ Club will be 1 Wednesday, Sandy, Firwood, Kelso, ‘
held Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the
■ ailed forth great appreciation.
auditorium. The program lias Cottrell, Dover, Bohemia. Hill Crest, i Fire wrecked the Mt. Tabor school
. The question of road bonding was la-en arranged to include songs by tlx- Cherryville. Bull Run, Marmot, and
building last Thursday morning. Fire
, taken up and Master Young. W. J. children of Miss Everst room, a talk on
Sandy Ridje, joined. On Thursday was discovered by the neighbors about
McNeil, J. D. I*«', T. J. Kreuder and
art study by Miss Vaughn, and an ad- schools near Boring, including Damas­ 3:30 in the morning and an alarm was
others spoke on the question.
: dress by Miss Wood of the Public Li­ cus. Hill View, Union and Rock Creek
turned in Capt. Stevens was in charge
met at Boring.
The winning contest­ of the firemen who respomied and the
The executive committee of the ants in the first group were Miss Bertha fire was subdued before the building was
assix-iation met on Friday of last week Devore, and Miss Mary Ely; of the burnetl down, altho it is in ruins. The
and sent a strong endorsement of Mr. j second, Miss Elta Beers and Mire Helen principal losses sustained were those
Aiderman to the school latard. The ' Moulton; at Boring Miss Daisy Wa-ldel whieh fell to a nnmtier of typewriters in
resolution was as follows:
and I-eslie Oehler stood beet. Other' the building, which were tming used by
Contrary to custom the park depart­
“We, the members of the executive parts of Clackamas have lieen engaged the ciminierciai department of Franklin
high school. These were taken out the
ment will sell refreshment concessions Ixvanl, unanimously indorse the admini­ in contests during the week.
following the fire and sent to the
this year for each of the parks except stration of Superintendent Aiderman
Schools in the vicinity of Clackama- day
repair shop.
Peninsula Park. The concession» will and fully apprt-ciate his work and the met at the Stone school, including Stone,
The moat notable feature of the fire
fie let on bids, a 10 percent de|s>sit will advancement which the Portland Public Clackama», Evergreen, Sunnyside and oceurreii when the up,MW floor gave
he required, and a bond for tlx- fulfill­ schools have shown during the past two Holcomb. Fuyoka Fnkai, n fourteen ’ away with five firemen and for a snort
ment of tlx- contract. Persona desiring . years, and we, ax an organization ex- year old Japanese girl from Sunnyside tins- aiqs-arances were very unfavorable
for them. They escaped with bruises
to secure concessions should communi­ ' tend him our loyal support and ask that scixiol, ranked first with 108 pages of . and cuts and bum».
cate with the Park Department.
he lie retained in hi» position ”
the speller covered before yielding.
No cause roald he given for the fire