Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, November 26, 1914, Image 5

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    Don’t Delay I reatino Your (ouqh
A «light cough often I scuiiim serious,
Lifligs get« congested, Bronchial Tubes
fill with mucous. Yonr vitality is re*
du rod. You need Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar*
lloney. It soothe« your Irritateti sir
passage», l<M>«nns mucous and make*
your System resist Colds. Hive the
Baby an<l Children Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar*
Honey. It*« guaranteed to help them.
Only 26c. at your Druggist.
■ T
ft r
I«t us I m thankful!
We are not shooting each other full of
boles but Instead we are feasting on
turkeys, but not Turks, Glory lie!
Jas. O. Botkin and bride returned
borne Hat unlay night and as they came
into town were greeted with a salute of
21 guns, more or less. They will give a
reception at their home Haturday night
of this week.
Judge McGinn assexHMl a couple of
Rmart Alecks (?) 31*200 lor contributing
to the delinquency of a minor anil then
put the money in a bank lor the child
when she liecaine of age If she kept
straight, A Daniel come to judgment!
The most sensible and just decision we
ever read of.
A ml yet we read in
"Numbers" — sacred scriptures they
tell us—that God not only sanctioned
but command d King David, or was it
Moses, to kill all the women of the
Hillites «nd turn the girl children over
to the soldiers of the Jewish army.
Judge McGinn han been there there
would have been something doing.
Billy Hundsy, the high jumper and base
“Imller” says be believe« all of the
Bible from cover to cover.
Il contains
All Kintlfl liepairing
many beautiful sentiments and bids us
Gasoline Engines A Spebialty hope for happinexs hereafter but it also
I*awn Mower« Sharpened, and contains much that is siisurd, foolish
| and indecen'.
Saw« filed and
The Republicans ot the newly-elected
Prices Reasonable
state legislature say they are going to
One Blix-k East of Main on Foster Rd.
throw Hurlburt, the wife-beater, horse
thief and forger out when they convene.
They elected him and would have
elected the Devil if he had been on their
ticket. They can't reject him on some-
Uiing he did in private capacity. They
can only act on something he does in
bis official capacity.
Benator Hsrrv Lane, while in Cort­
land the other day, said the U. 8.
Senate reminds him of the time he was
superintendent of an insane asylum.
Yes, and the Iriggi st "bug" there is
Senator Penrose of Penn., who was
elected by the Republicans by over
'200,010 majority.
The slickest ami
most slippery one with rogue and rascgl
witten all over his face and •ticking
I out of his snakv, sneaky eyes is Senator
, L. F. Hlierinaii of III.
No better opportunity ever WM of-
fered than right here for the manufac
T«Ix>r 52*17
ture of articles made of cedar as mil­
lions of feet extend in every direction,
and here is au abundance of water pow­
er going to waste on any of these
Transjxirtation will soon Ire
here, either a railroad or a hard surface
road lor auto trucks.
Shingles, sash
doors, cellar chest«, coffins, etc., can be
made here cheaper than anywhere.
Parties are complaining of the high
| cost of fuel in Portland, and yet there
are millions of cords extending in every
If we bhd a railroad here
we could give work to thousand« of
Funeral Directors
i men.
John B. Hneedeu of Canada came
Montgomery ami Fifth Ht
here to join hi« wife, who is holding
i down a tailroad claim two mile« south
‘ of town.
Lota of former Americans,
line Place of Business Only
who ienounced their allegiance to get
Washed Graded Gravel
Plastering Sand
H2nd St. and 45th Ave
Phone Tabor 2063
J. F. Heytinjr
General Machine Shop
A. D. Kenworthy
and Company
Funeral Directors
J. P. Finley & Son
Experienced Woman
in Attendance
How Hs Freed His Mind to His Daugh-
tsr’s English Governess.
Phone Main V
Phone East
Hawthore Ava. and East 11 th
Mrs. I.erch
Branch Office
Carters Building
Kern Park
Diseases of Women and Children
a Specialty
Pacific Talior 3214
Local 2011
Attorney at Law
2nd floor Addlton Bld’g., next to Mult­
nomah State Bank
Shiloh Circle No. 1», Ladies of O. A. K. meet»
lit »nd *1 Saturday evenlnas In I. O. O. F.
hall, Lanta. UllAh Mattel, Pre«., Carrie
Ingle», Sco'y.
A Consecrated Ministry Needed for
the Rural Church««.
By Peter Radfoid.
Lecturer National Fanners' I’nlon.
The farmera of thia nation bave on
their payroll 95,000 preachers and thia
uumber applying themselves diligent-
ly and exiluslvely to the religious
work at hand Is sadly Inadequate to
properly serve their respective com­
Those who put on eccle«issticsl
robes are In a measure free to unlock
every door to the human heart and
enter the secret chambers of reason
and every person should submit their
conduct to review and seek the coun­
sel of those divinely appointed mes­
sengers of life, but the moment the
minister closes the Bible and opena
the law book, he becomes a menace to
The difficulty of keeping the preach­
er in the pulpit Is as old as religion.
Christ encountered It In the temple
when he drove the priests from the
bargain counter back to the pulpit.
Our pilgrim fathers met it when,
through the influence of the clergy, a
witch court was established at Salem,
Maes , in 161*2. that precipitated a legal
holocaust threatening to reduce the
population to ashes and which was ex­
tinguished by the laymen uniting and
forcing the preachers back to the pul­
The greatest peril to the church to­
day Is politics. The temptation of the
ministry to throw down the cross of
ChrlBt and pick up the club of the
policeman; to substitute the penalties
of the law for the power of the altar
and to legislate religion Into human
hearts, never was greater.
The world never needed a religious
ministry more nor political preachers
less than It does today. We need min
Islers to leach us how to live; we
know bow to vote.
The religious preacher is the moat
capable servant and the political
piwacher the sorriest master the world
has ever known. Wherever power is
placed in the hands of the latter they
Invariably become intolerant, bigoted
and vicious and resort to the whip and
the faggot to enforce their opinion.
Civilization has many times been
compelled to drive Incorrigible preach­
ers back to the pulpit at the point of
the bayonet. Many of the pages of
history are wet with blood shed at the
hands of political preachers who wrote
laws on the statute book« that com­
mitted arson upon mankind, maimed
human beings with the hatchet and
s«nt helpless women to the torture
rack, all because they disagreed with
their views. When in control of gov­
ernment, the pulpit politicians invari­
ably undertake to perform legislative
miracles such ae casting out witches
j homesteads in Canada are now held for
with the flame of a torch, suborning
; milit ry duty in Europe.
I conscience with shackles and enforc­
ing opinions with the guillotine.
Main Office
Many Interesting facts tx-erlng u|x>n
the kiilser ax ii family iiihii and also
1 ax the proud niler of an empire lire
given in “Memories of the Kaiser's
Court." by Miss Anne Topbat». who
«ua for Home time English teacher to
the monarch's only do lighter, now the
From this
Duihcux of Brunswick,
book we learn that the kaiser was
wont to tnilke Jokes with bln family
1 nt the breakfast table and even to in-
i dulge In punning
Mias Topham and the kaiser fre
quently held conversation« on the sub
Ject of England, mid upon one occa­
sion her Imperial muster remarked:
"You English people. you drink
those nwful flery spirits— horrible «tuff
—whisky, brandy, what not! How can
you imbibe such quantities of poison
ous liquid, mining your constitutions,
simply mining them- whisky and soda
everywhere? No, It's awful! I tasted
it once—like liquid Are—ugh!
drinking habits are fearful!"
Though professing great admiration
I of English everyday life, the kaiser
had a profound contempt for English
politics and politicians.
“Not one of your ministers," he said
to me on one occasion, "can tell bow
many shl[>n of the 11ns you have in
your navy. I can tell him—he can't
tell me. And your minister for war
can’t even ride. I offered him a mount
and every opportunity to see tho ran
neuvera. Thanks very much for yonr
Sorry can't
majesty's gracious offer
accept It I'm no horseman, unfortu-
nntely.* A minister of war, and can't
ride! Unthinkable!"
During his visits to England he evi­
dently took careful note of valuable
relics and memento« of bygone ngen.
and after one of them visits lie thus
expressed ills thoughts:
"Ah. you have never had a Napo­
leon to plunder and hum your country
bouses! Your Reyuoldses and Gains­
boroughs, where would they have been
If Napoleon's marshals or his soldiers
bud seen them? Perhaps burnt or
destroyed or sent to the Louvre. Think
what It must mean to the children of
u house to live with one of those pic­
tures. to absorb It unconsciously Into
their mentalities! They must grow up
with a love of beautiful things. They
cannot help It. We have nothing of
the kind. Our houses were stripped
and burnt.”
Mixing Politics and Religion
Politics and religion will not blend.
No free government can long exist or
the church perform Its mission to
society when preachers and politicians
temporarily exchange callings, and a
civilization that will countenance
such conduct will soon decay, Such a
traffic in occupations ie as unsound in
principle as the white slave trade is
, Immoral in practice.
The hand that passes tl.j sacrament
should not collect slush funds for po­
litical purposes. The gentle voice that
comforts us in sorrow and pronounces
I the last sad rite« upon our departed
loved ones should not rave and rant on
\ the hustings. I do not believe a
preacher can manipulate political ma­
chinery and be righteous any more
than he could become a burglar and
be honest.
I think It as* immoral
for a preacher to seek to lobby while
he prays as it would be for him to
gamble while he preaches.
A preacher can no more preach a
political sermon without converting his
pulpit Into a political rostrum than
he could sell Intoxicating liquor from
the altar without converting the
church into a bar-room. He can no
more purify politics by playing the
game than he can sanctify gambling
by running a lottery.
I Join in the oft-repeated suggeetion
that a preacher has as much right in
political brawls as a saloon keeper and
we also admit that he has as much
right to get drunk as anyone else,
but we would rather he would not do
so for the "greater the saint the great­
er the sin," I think a political bishop
can turkey trot In the name of Chris­
tianity as consistently as he can enter
into a mud slinging political contest
to the disgrace of hiB church.
It is my opinion that when thia
world la saved ft will be through re­
ligious sermon« and not through poli­
tical speeches. Salvation must come
to us from the Bible and not from
the statute book; It will come through
holy councils of consecrated ministers
and not from caucuses of political
decoy the ministry Into the mesbex of i
politics and make them carry banners ! AN OLD NOR....,! CUSTOM.
In political procession«. They have
taken the ministry to the mountain Ths -Cry For Just’C«" Still Survives
In tne
Chen*i«l Islands.
top of power and offered to make them
mid unusual revival
monarch of all they surveyed, and
. i .Norman custom occurred
while must of them have said, "get I of mi ..
thee behind me Satan,” a few have ar Guti,.»r, -, not long ago when Daniel
fallen with a crash that has shaken iJefilie. jural, Juaticier elect of Aider-
■:<>, h I ion.- rietiioii tbe royal court an.
every pulpit In Christendom.
The ministry, unsophisticated and nulled I h - i -« um * be bud been sentenced
confiding. Is no match for the poli­ ' to ll term of iiuprlxonmeut some years
tician versed in artful persuasion and •go. ralxed u clameur de haro. or a
skilled in deceit, and it ia the duty of [ "cry for Justice." against a fresh elec-
the laymen to protect the ministry tion by kueeling bareheaded at the en
against the onslaught of these wolves trance of tbe courthouse and exclaim­
in sheep's clothing and drive the poll ing: "Haro! Haro! Haro, a I* aide,
ticiana from the pulpit with the lash uiou prince, on me fait tort!" (Help
of public «corn. It ia the laymen’« me. my prince! They do me wrong!)
Tbe clameur de baro. ai» ancient
problem to keep tbe ministry free
from unholy alliances, for it Is said Norman custom, still survives in the
on divine authority that we are our Channel Islands. The appellant must
on his knees and before witnesses,
brother’s keeper.
raise the cry that acta as an injunc­
Political Prayer Meetings.
tion until the alleged tort or trespass
It la a sad day for Christianity when has been passed on by tbe court if
the church bells call the communicants the trespasser continue« be is liable to
together for a political prayer meet­ arrest and punishment Although the
Such gatherings mark the high cluincur is «till legal In tbe Channel
tide of religious political fanaticism, islands, recourse to it is very rare, and
put bitterness Into the lives of men; there has been no instance of it in Al­
fan the flame of class hatred and de­ derney for two centuries It is, bow
stroy Christian Influence in the com­ ever, a very effective procedure.
munity. The spirit actuating such
The derivation usually ascribed to
meetings ia anarchic, un-Christlike the form of the plea is curious "Haro'
and dangerous to both church and Is said to be an abbreviation of "Ha.
Rollo!" a direct appeal to Rollo, tbe
it must be said to the credit of tbe first Duke of Normandy, and the cry is
Church that the political preacher I
thus traced back to the days when
fast disappearing and may his in­ there were no courts and justice was
fluence ever wane and hl« shadow ever personally meted out by princes, it is.
grow less is the prayer of tbe farmers however, more probable that "haro" ia
of this nation.
simply an exclamation to attract at­
A similar custom, applicable only In
criminal cases, wan the Saxon clamor
vlob-ntiae. which existed at the time
of the Norman in vasion — Youth's Com
Ths Puzzle That Cams With Thsm and
a Squall Later On.
Rural life offers to young men days
of toil and nights of study. It offers
frugal fare and plain clothes, It of-
fers lean bodies, hard muscles, horny
hands and furrowed brows, It of-
fers wholesale recreation to the ex­
tent necessary to maintain the high­
est efficiency. It offer« the burden of
bringing up large families and train­
ing them in the productive life. It
offers the obligations of using all
wealth as tools and not as means of
self gratification, it does not offer
the insult of a life of ease, or aes­
thetic enjoyment, or graceful con­
sumption or emotional ecstasy. It
offers, instead, the Joy of productive
achievement, of participating in the
building up of a higher rural civiliza*
To young women also it offers toll,
study, frugal fare and plain clothes
such as befit those who are honored
with a great and difficult task. It
offers also the pains, the burdens and
responsibilities of sacred motherhood.
It offers the obligation and perpetua­
tion in succeeding generations the
principles of the productive life made
manifest in themselves. It does not
offer the insult of a life of pride and
vanity. It offers the Joys of achieve­
ment, of self-expression not alone
in dead marble and canvas, but also
in the plas'ic lives of children to be
shaped and moulded into those ideal
forms of mind and heart which their
dream« have pictured.
Co-operative thinking is the biggest
problem that confronts the farmer to­
No farmer can afford to buy a thing
be car. raise, co matter how cheap it
Just a
Little Lack of Concentration
Ones Defeated Travers.
In describing a voyage from Hong­
kong to Shanghai some years ago Ad­
miral Fitzgerald relates in his book.
"Memories of the Sea.” a peculiar ex­
"One afternoon when we were lying
nt anchor out of sight of land, the
weather being very close and sultry,
we saw a great cloud approaching the
ship from tbe direction of the shore,
which was about fifty miles off. Tbe
cloud came slowly nearer and nearer.
It did not look like rain, and presently,
as it enveloped tbe ship, we found It
was composed of dragon files, and very
big ones. They evidently made for the
ship to get a resting place, but many
missed and fell exhausted In tbe calm
Old Tims Ordnance.
I d olden times pines of ordnance
were often Darned after birds and rep­
tiles Tims tbe x|>on of hawking gave
ns tbe "falcon” mid "falconette.”
which were resfiectively six (xiuud and
three pound guns, tin- figures refer­
ring to tbe weight of the shot.
Tbe "culvertn" and "demiculvertn"
cannon were so called because tbe
handle of tbe gun wax shaped like a
serpent. "culverin” being derived from
the French "couleuvre." a snake.
Musket was derived from the old
French "mousquet.” which meant a
male sparrow hawk. —Liverpool Mer­
8ock and Buskin,
Tbe expression "sock and buskin'
(comedy and tragedy) bad Its origin in
the hoccus . the Latin name of tbe low
shoe worn by i—e ancient comic actors;
and the buskin, a contraction of the
French word brossequln. remotely de­
rived from the Greek bursa, a bide, or
high soled shoe, worn by tbe ancient
tragedians to increase their height Thp
soccus reached only to tbe ankle, the
buskin to tbe knee.
Belated Discovery.
"So you Anally proposed?” said his
"Well, to tell the troth." returned the
thoughtful youth. “I really didn't know
that 1 proposed, but she accepted me.
so I guess that settles it
I tell you
this language of ours is not to be used
lightly ”
Fashionable Penmanship.
"Looks like a futile transaction all
round "
"What are you kicking about now?"
"This fad for large ba nd writing. My
daughter got a box of expensive paper
from a young man and used it all up
writing him a note of thanks.”—Judge.
Tremont, Kem Park and Arleta
The Arleta Library lias put in a new
Lee Huggins of 6439,
Ave., and
home phone.
Mi« Larson of Oregon City, were mar-
ried Saturday evening.
Clint Chisholm hu opened up a new
grocery on 67th St., Kern Park.
Mrs John Law iron the Aral prize
turkey at the Myrtle Park Masquerade
Mrs. W. A. Wiseman of Brentwood Ball Tuesday night.
will make additions to her home.
Mi« Elizabeth
French and Mr.
C. G. Smith of 66th street, 8. E.. i« Barlow of Arleta were married Wednes­
making some additions to his reeidence. day at 7:30.
Mr. Knowles and Mi« White of 65th
Mr. Roberts will rebuild on the cor­
ner occupied by Noble Bros., recently and Rayburn Ave., were married last
Saturday evening.
Herald and Daily and Sunday Journal
Some of the Arleta and Kern Park
merchants rejxjrt exceptionally gcxxl
business the past week.,
Arleta Station
Re-m<xieled and Furnished New and Clean
The Queen Esther Circle held a din-
Rooms Tinted and Painted. Oso. Davis, Mgr
Groceries, Confectionery and School Supplie*, ner Thursday at 6 o’clock at the home
Cigars and Tobacco
of Mrs. Carlson. 67th St. and 42nd Ave.
SSM Doth St . 8 E
Portland, Oregon
Writing on golf in the American Mag­
Dr. C. W. Tidball
azine. Jerome D Travers suggests that
lack of concentration, particularly with
reference to keeping one's eye on the
Office cor 82nd St. and 60th Ave.
ball, is tbe greatest cause of bad golf
Re«. 5905 82nd St. 8. E.
playing. He says that to practice con­
Res. Tabor 3746
centration is very difficult, as he knows Phone Tabor 4256
He then .,
from |ieraonal experience,
tells the following story showing bow
Try This For Your Cough
he lost a great match through this
Thousands of people keep coughing
“1 know how hard this practice Is. I
because unable to get the right remedy.
have always thought that but for
breaking this cardinal precept I might Coughs are caused by Intlamation of
hare had a very good chance to beat Throat and Bronchial Tube«.
Hilton tn 1911 at Apawnmla—when the
you need is to soothe this Intlamation.
English champion carried away our
Take Dr. King*« New Discovery, it
chief atnnteur trophy
“In the morning round over the first penetrates the delicate mucous lining,
eighteen holes I had been playing badly raises the Phlegm and quickly relievea
and finished four down. Every one. in­ the congested membranes.
Get a 50c.
cluding Hilton, considered the match bottle from your druggist. “Dr. King’s
all in and over But In the afternoon I New Discovery quicklv and completely
started with a rush and won the first
stopped my cough" writes J. R. Watts,
three hole«, leaving myself only one
Floydale, Texas. Money back if not
down and well within reach At the
next hole I had an easy two foot putt satisfied, but it nearly always helps.
to make to win my fourth straight hole
and square tbe match
"1 have always thought that if I bad
made that putt the odds would have
been tai my favor. Now. in putting I
make it a set rule to look at the ball
until m.v club has struck tho spot I am
looking at I have been able to do this
by constant practice of concentration.
But on tills occasion I had a down hill
putt, mid I was overanxious And just
before my club struck the ball I looked
up, pushed the linll to the right of the
cup and missed the shot. This upset
The Problem of the Laymen.
me for a moment and I topped my
There never was a time when drive at the next hole, losing It. The
preacher« and politicians formed an combination, coming suddenly, restor­
unholy alliance that civilization did ed Hilton's confidence, which had been
not ahriek out and Christianity cry ebbing away, and be got going agnin.
aloud. Since the beginning of gov­ with the result that I was beaten three I
ernment, politicians have sought to and twn”
i*ne msstn. the ynrdn. the rigging
and all tbe ro|iea In tin* ship were in
crusted with them
It was a vary
sultry evening, and alxiut 6 o'clock we
all bathe<l
I reiuemlier tlie strange
experience of diving Into a sea of
dragon tiles, wlilcb stuck to our nrmn
and shoulders, got Into our hair and
quite spoiled onr swim
A light air
then came off from ttie land, so we
weighed anchor and made null to the
south ward, and at midnight, just as
the wntch wm changing, we were
struck by a terrlflic sqiiall. which laid
tbe old ship nearly on her beam emla.
“We wondered whether tbe vtaita-
tion of dragon files ». ns connected tn
any way with the squall. But If they
were blown fifty miles off tbe land,
whore they certainly did not want to
go why did we not get the wind for
six hours afterward?"
Mrs. Roeeal, who has been ill for
several months, was taken to the hoe-
pital this week, She is reported some-
what improved.
Franklin High School is assured by
the vote of Tuesday's Taxpayers meet­
ing. All of Mt. Scott is interested in
the new school and the ■ entire district
will be benefitted by it.
Mi« Gladys Saltzer and
Merril were married at Arleta Baptist
Church Thursday at 3 p. m.
and relatives were present. Dinner was
served at the church.
Rev. Willing
officiated. .
Letter beads, envelopes, cards, bill
heads, auction notices and posters,
dodgers, announcements, etc, at Mt.
Scott Pub. Co., office, Lente.
Herald and Daily Oregonian $6.00,
We have them in Grades
and Prices to suit you.
—Delivered at your
Phone your Orders
Tabor 1280 6840 Foster Rd.
Kem Paik Feed
and Fuel Co.
We Give S. 4 H. Stamps