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to Levy
NEWS NOTES OF Great H'ar Britain
7ax on Beer anti lea ’SAYS WAR MAY
Resume of World’s Important
Events Told in Brief.
Ixmdon—David Lloyd George, chan­
cellor of the «xchaquer In the bouse of
commons, Wednesday estimated that
the coat of the war for one year for
thia country would be £450,000,000
(«,<60,000,000), the largest amount
England has ever spent on a war, and
more than twice what was s|>enl in the
four yeara* conflict in South Africa.
To pay this enormous bill the gov­
ernment had decided, he said, to raise
a loan of £360,000,000 (<1,750,000,-
000), which would be issued at 96,
bear interest at the rate of 3) per
cent, and tie redeemable at par March
I. It
The chancellor proposed and the
house unanimously supported him, that
the income tax should lie doubled, but
only collected on one-third of the In­
come this year; that an extra half
penny (one cent) [x-r half pint should
be levied on beer, and an extra three
l>enco (six cents) per pound on tea.
He explained that the expenditure
on the British troops would be higher
in pro|>ortion than that of any other
country in the world, aa the pay and
the coat of the army and navy were
greater; there were ae|>arate allow­
ances to the men and their families,
and pensions were on a larger scale.
Already 2,000,000 were serving and
another 1,000,000 were in the course
of enlistment.
Mr. Lloyd George said the govern-
ment also had decided for the present
not to tax the wages of classes not
paying the income tax.
He said it scarcely was realized that
2,000,000 mon now were serving the
country under arms, and he confidently
expected this number would be In­
creased in the next few months to 3,-
000,000 men. which, he added, would
entail the |>ayment of separation al­
lowances amounting to £76,000,000 a
Incidentally the chancellor of
the exchequer estimated that a full
year of the war would coat at least
£450.000,000. This is infinitely great­
er than the coat of any war In which
Great Britain ever has been engaged.
The largest amount ever before spent
on war in a single year was £71,000,-
Premier Asquith Assures Par
liament of Success.
Ecuador is admonished by the allies
AU Hut 100.000 Men ot I.IM.OOO
maintain a strict neutrality.
Authorisrd Art Under Arma
Aid of Antwerp th fended.
A wildcat which has slain 87 goats
in Linn county, Oregon, has been
Ixmdon In a iqx’cch delivered in the
Belgians abroad have subacribe«i a
house of commons Thursday after the
fund of <3,000,000 to aid their stricken
o|>ening of parliament, Premier As
quith declare«! that he doubted whether
It is rumored among shipping firms
the war would last as long as some
in Ixmdon that the German cruiser
people oiginally predicted, but that it
Karlsruhe has been cornered.
would last long was certain.
It is said 70,000 alien enemies are in
"However, the longer II lasts," con­
the British empire and are causing
tinued the premier, "the more the
much trouble to that government.
great resources and strength which the
empire possesses will 1» available to
Japan's ire is stirred by a demand of
fill the gajw, to replace the losses and
China to evacuate Tsing Tau, just
maintain our ¡xtsitlon.
taken by the Japanese from the Ger­
"The empire ia on trial and the ex­
periences of the last three months
The official newspajier of Berlin pub­
have inspired us with the confident
lishes a decree forbidding the export
ho|H> that the lunger the trial lasts the
of leather, horse skins anti calf skins,
more clearly will we emerge from It as
shoddy and tinplate.
the champions of a just cause."
Great ceremony attended the occasion of the conveying ot seven captured German »ar standards
Mr. Asquith exproaao«! warm appre­
seum of the Invalides In Paris. The photograph shows th«» flags tx-fne carried across the courtyard.
Members of the Investment Bank­
ciation of the aup|>ort which the gov­
ers' asMM-iation in session in Philadel­
ernment had receive«! from all parties.
phia declare the era of depression in
trailer of the currency for the 12
England is engage«! in an unprece­
banks. They are to be accepted by
dented contest, he said, and regarding
all member banks and for all customs.
A storm of protest by women at-
the Justice of her share in this there
taxes or other dues.
' tending a council meeting in Taroma,
la no difference of opinion in any part
Next to the elasticity
' arose when a dairyman declared that
the empire.
The counrty has gone
currency, officials value the '‘mobiliz­
’ "babies are cheafier than cows."
through much, has learn«-«! much, has
ation** but not concentration of vast
seen her troops hold a [Hie it ion of diffi­
Washington government has decide«!
sums from country banks in reserve
culty and danger, the premier con­
cities and central reserve cities as un­
tinued, and he added:
a guarantee of guarantees is now de­
der the National banking act, but their
"Today we see them in a [xisition in
manded of the tangl«*d Mexican gov­
appearance in large part on the debit
which, in conjunction with our allies.
balances of the 12 reserve banks in
Franc«« and Belgium, they have frus­
widely scattered parts of the country.
Passengers who were on the British
trate«! absolutely and defeated the first
These reserves will be as near as pos­
( steamship Vandyck when she was cap-
designs of the German emperor.”
Change la Pint in 50 Yean New sible to the door of the member banks Secretary Bryan Saya Guarantee . tured off the coast of Brazil October
Regarding the sending of British
Notea Ordered — Evolution
to which they belong in times of need
; 26 by the German cruiser Karlsruhe
marines to Antwerp just lx'fore the
and there can be no refusal from a re­
are being brought to New York.
and Prieata Have Gone.
Will Be Gradual.
fall of that city, the premier intimate«!
serve bank to return them in cases of
The German authorities again rec­
that Winston 8|>en<-er Churchill, first
ommend that all Eglish subjects—
lord of the admiralty, subsequently
A remnant of the present system
Washington, D. C.-—Monday, No­ women, children and girls under 17,
Washington, D. C.—With the open­ still remains in the provision by which
would make a more detailed state­
ment, but he sai<! at once that the
ing Monday of the 12 Federal reserve banks may keep a certain proportion vember 23, was fixed as the date for clergymen, doctors and other men over
rcaponaibility for the expedition waa
banks the nation will begin actual op­ of their reserves with other member the evacuation of Vera Cruz by the 56 years of age—leave Germany.
share«! by the government as a whole.
A dispatch received st Montevideo
eration of its new currency system, banks in cities now known as reserve American forces.
Secretary Bryan
j from Valparaiso, Chile, says that the Foot and Mouth Disease
designed to provide an elastic circu­ and central reserve cities. At the end has issued this announcement:
Japanese squadron seen recently off
lating medium based on modern ideas of three years, however, that will be
Halted at Spokane Yards Russian Army Pushing
"Both General Carranza and the Easter island in the Pacific by a mer­
of finance and economics.
changed and all reserves will be held
Toward Eastern Prussia
Washington, D. C. — The depart­
It has takgn the reserve bank organ­ either in a bank's own vaults or with convention at Aguas Calientes having chant vessel consisted of eight vessels.
Dispatches from I’etrograd
ization committee and the Federal Re­ a Federal bank.
The 12 banks will given the assurances and guarantees
The Ixmdon admiralty announces ment of Agriculture was advised by
serve board almost 12 months to work start out with a total cash resevre of we requested, it is the purpose of the that in the absence of further informa­ telegraph Wednesday that a shipment say the general headquarters has an­
nounced that the Russian forces are
out details of organization to the point about >243,000,000.
administration to withdraw the troops tion, the loss of the British cruisers of cattle from Chicago had been held approaching the region around Lake
where an opening date was chosen.
Another point not forgotten by ad­
Notwithstanding careful deliberations mirers of the law is the fact that the of the United States from Vera Cruz engagement off the coast of Chile with up at Spokane because of the discovery Mazourie in East Prussia and that bat-
tes raging in the vicinity of Golldap,
which preceded every preliminary different reserve requirements will re­ on Monday, November 23.
the Geman squadron on November 1, of foot and mouth disea-e. The repre­
step, the 12 banks will not for many lease about 1464,000,000 now tied up
"All the persons there for whose < is now "officially presume«V
sentatives of the bureau of animal in­ Mlawa and S< Idau and around Cracow
and Przemysl are progressing favora­
weeks take up and exercise all the in reserves and will afford far greater personal safety this government has |
Field Marshal Lord R»l>crtx, of Kan­ dustry at Spokane reported that thia bly for the Russians.
functions bestowed upon them by con­ opportunity for a borrower to get a
made itself responsible have left the dahar, is going to France. The official shipment had be<-n quarantined and
The only claim of success in the
gress. Such evolution as will result hearing and a loan.
from the old national banking system
The reserve banks are not to do a city. The priests and nuns who hail ’ | announcement making this fact public would be held under observation and ea tern war zone made in Berlin dis­
of necessity will in most respects be banking business except with member taken refuge there, and for whose says the famous general is going into that precautions hail been taken to patches is the rout of a Russian bat­
prevent spread of the disease.
talion in Russian Poland by a detach­
safety fears were entertained, are fiow the war zone "to see the Indian
In view of this announcement, the ment of German cavalry.
troops. ”
Lord Roberts was born in
The new system is generally conced­
department will not place a Federal
Cawnfiore, India, 82 years ago.
The Russian dispatches declare that
ed to be a compromise between a cen­
This statement was given out after |
quarantine on the State of Washington the invasion of Germany is now an act­
tral bank and the present system with Russians Fiercely Fighting
Meyer Waldeck, who commanded
unless it is discovered later that the uality, the German rejmrt of driving
its thousands of units, scattered re­
Kaiser in East Germany a long conference between Mr. Bryan 1 the German forces at Tsing Tau, ac­ disease
is spreading from Spokane.
back the invaders notwithstanding.
serves and fixed limits of currency.
and President Wilson. It apparently cording to a dispatch from Tsing Tau
London—German forces which were was received with surprise in some
To date the Federal and state gov­
Th«< Russians re|x>rt capturing, dur­
Its chief attraction and value those
who interpret it find the elasticity it forced to retreat into East Prussia official quarters. The general under­ Emperor William saying he was com­ ernments have spent approximately ing the recent campaign in Poland, the
will give to recognized paper currency. from Russian Poland have placed standing has been that the evacuation pelled to surrender on account of lack <750,000 in the campaign against the German Generals Von Makcnge, com­
Under the present law National heavy artillery in all defiles to the east might be delayed indefinitely pending J of ammunition and the heavy damage livestock foot and mouth epidemic. mander of the 17th Army Corp«, and
Of this about <400,000 has been borne Liebert, commander at Ixalz during
bank currency is almost a fixed quan­ of Mazurian lakes, where a new ter­ reports on the alignment of the var­ inflicted by the enemy on his forts.
by the Federal government, almost ex­ the German occupation of that city.
tity, based upon the National capital rific battle i.-> in progress along a front ' ious Mexican chiefs in the latest civil
Advices from Constantinople say the hausting the available funds of the de­
bank, issued upon United States bonds of 150 miles forming a wide curve war now in progress.
and unresponsive to the chili of hard from Stalluponen. in the Northwest, Bryan declined to add to the formal , Ottoman army still lacks 700 officers, partment of Agriculture. On rejsirtx Far Away Alaska Feels
times or the exultation of boom days. through Goldap and Kruglaken to S«xl-1 [ announcement, saying details would be i and that the authorities at Berlin were from field inxfiectorx that an outbreak
Effects ot European War
Its use led, the experts say, to unre­ lau in the Southwest.
j made public by the War department. i requested to supply them. Berlin re- of the disease had occurred in the state
The Russians are vigorously carry- ■ Secretary Garrison had nothing to say, ! plied that it would be inqxaisible to of Washington and in the District of
stricted loans and speculation, in the
Proof that the war ravaging Europe
days when money was easy, and to a ing out an enveloping movement. The and to just what authority the r-ort of send all Germans, but would supple­ Columbia, department officials have has an echo in remote parts of the
hoarding of resources and a tightening
Vera Cruz would be delivere«! was not ment them with Austrians, who would prepare«! to place the affected areas woH ia shown in its effect upon
travel to Constantinople individually under quarantine.
Action was with­ N .,«•«■•, Alaska.
of the purse strings of credit when pregnable and believe they will check made plain.
In this far Northern
held, however, pending receipt of more town the fur market is paralyze*! and
they were hard. It is said to have the enemy’s advance, according to a
It has been assumed, however, that aa civilians.
bred the panic of 1907, when solvent
as the United States throughout the
The "blue sky law" passes in Cali­ definite information.
many residents have left to enlist in
banks with large credits in reserve and Paris, which adds:
i Mexican difficulties has dealt with the fornia, afier an early apparent defeat.
the armies of their native countries.
“Throughout all Prussia railway authorities actually in control of ter­
central reserve cities were helpless.
University President Barn
This is the report of affairs brought
Under the new system the Federal
ritory involved, the city would be
to Portlan«! by Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
reserve notes, which in time, probably
turned over to an agent of General
Darling, of Nome.
will entirely replace the National bank troops, apparently with a view to a Carranza, probably General Candido the army or navy.
San Francisco Refusal of Benjamin
Most prominent among the reserv­
notes, now so familiar, will be issued new concentration which is said to Aguilar, commanding the constitution­
A Portland, Or., banker predicts Ide Wheeler, president of the Univer­ ists who have gone from Nome ia Ix>ni
on commercial paper arising out of
alist forces in the state of Vera Cruz. better times by spring "In spite of sity of California, to permit the uae of William Percy, son of the duke of
actual business transactions. It seems council of the Austro-German general I So far as is known, there has been handicaps caused by unwise and freak the Greek theater of that institution Northumberland. He wax in research
This council is re- ' no final decision as to when and whom legislation.”
plain that they will rise and fall in staff at Cracow.
for a concert to be held for the benefit work in the Arctic region when word
amount as the tides of businesss rise ported to have decided to change com- 1 the more than a million dollars of
of the Belgian relief fund that is being reached him of the war. He immedi
and fall and that there will be no ffletely the plan of battle."
Mexican customs moneys now held by
raised in San Francisco, Oakland and at«dy made his way to Nome and there
the United States shall be paid. Both work by the German governor under other bay cities, has caused much com­ offered the owners of small boats
plethora of money to lie idle. They
will be obligations of the United
Carranza and the Aguas Calientes con­ penalty that all charitable organiza­ ment on the part of those who were <6000 to take him to Seattle. They re-
California Gifts Go Soon.
tions feeding them, will be dissolved.
States government, which National
interested in the Belgian relief fund, fuxe«i because of the risk, and Ix>rd
San Francisco—December 1 is the vention have given guarantees that
bank notes are not, and will have back
customs duties collected at Vera Cruz
The German cruiser Emden, forced and particularly on the part of some of Percy wax forced to wait until the reg­
of them a large reserve of gold in the day on which the California hip load­ will not be reimposed. In view of the to run ashore by an Australian war­ the regents of the university.
ular boat arrived. To join the Gren­
regional banks.
Through them the ed with supplies for starving Belgians complications which might arise, how­ ship, had destroyed 23 merchantmen
Arrangements for the concert were adier Guards, of which regiment he is
The cost o', chartering a ever, in the event Carranza were driv­ and other small vessels before she was well under way before the telegraphed
reserve banks are expected to come to will sail.
an officer, this nobleman made a jour­
the aid of any needy member bank suitable vessel and of the insurance en from power by Villa's army sup­ finally captured.
refusal of the president of the univer­ ney of more than 12,000 miles.
which has plenty of go«d paper but
porting General Gutierrez, the conven­
Though the gold output was greater
Reports received in Berlin from Co­ sity to [>ermit the use of the theater
lief commission or by the Rockefeller tion's new provisional president, it has
needs cash.
about Nome this year than it has been
set forth that the Russian wax received.
To insure the flow of money reserve Foundation. Thursday’s cash contri­ been suggested that payment of the
The fact that the use of the theater for many years past, and business con­
banks themselves may be required to butions here amounted to <4375, mak­ money might be withheld pending a government is protesting to Pekin had been refused was mad«« public in a ditions are encouraging there for this
rediscount paper of other reserve
clarification of the situation.
report made by Mrs. Mark L. Requa, reason, the market for furs, ivory and
the Manchurian frontier.
far. Great quantities of beans, flour,
chairman of the executive committee whale oil has dropped out of sight.
General Villa in command of 15,000 of the Belgian relief fund. The re|>ort
More than <250,000,000 of the new provisions and other commodities also
French Pay $182,000,000.
It is believed the
men, is xaid to lie marching from the said President Wheeler's denial of the
notes have been ordered by the con- were received.
Way to Holland Blocked.
cargo will measure 5000 tons.
north on Mexico City, ostensibly to
France in October was <182,154,504, I, « oust Carranza who has an army of 40,- request wax received from the East.
Sas Van Gent, Holland German en­
Family Wrecked by War.
daily average of more than <6,000,000. 000 to resist the attack.
gineers Thursday dynamited bridges
Scott Will Head StafT.
Grass Valley, Cal.—Four sons killed i
Britain Accepta Germane.
The daily average for the first three
across the I,eo)>old canal at Dalger-
in a battle, the mother a suicide and
hoeke, Stroobridge, St. Laurent, St.
eral Hugh Scott was selected by Presi- months of the war wax <7,000,000. The archy in Turkey, has prepared an an­
the house of commons, Reginald Mc­ Jean and Watervliet, all places in the
the father insane, is the fate of the dent Wilson Saturday to be chief of government will disburse immediately
family of S. Neuberger, of this place, Htaff of the Unlted StateH army on the <13,000,000 for repairs to the railroad
Kenna, the home secretary, said he northwestern part of East Flanders,
according to a letter just received from : retirement next week of Major Gener- system. These probably have been which he declares that every Moham­ had granted certificates of naturaliza­ near the Dutch frontier. The Germans
Germany. The young men answered aj Wotnernpoon
made necessary by the wear and tear medan fighting on the aide of Great tion to Baron Bruno Schroeder and also threw a number of large trees
the first call to arms and fell about the
‘ot major general ere- due to the transportation of troops. Britain, France and Russia is not a Julius Ritterxhaussen, of the firm of J. across the roads leading to the Holland
The vacancy of
same time in one of the early battles ated by General Wotherspoon’« retire- The sum of <1,314,000 has been set warrior but a murderer, and liable to H. Schroeder & Go., bankers, after frontier.
religious punishment.
of the European war. When the news ment
will be
fiHed by
war had been declared and after satis­
be filled
by tbe
the nomination
nomination aside for the relief of the unemployed.
In this way the flight of peasants,
of their deaths reached home, the ot Brigadier General I Frederick
Frederick F.
F. Various sums will be used to relieve
An Amsterdam dispatch to the Reu­ fying himself that it wax in the public which recommenced on November 8,
mother committed suicide and the Funston, now in command at Vera localities invaded by the Germans.
interest to do so. Mr. Schroeder has a is made impossible and West Flanders
ter Telegram company in London, says
father became insane, and now wan- Cruz
son in the German army and the board is entirely cut off from the world.
that the Dutch newspapers confirm the of aidermen of the city of Ixmdon had
ders over the country, placing flowers
Seafight Site Unmarked.
statement that Germany is transfer­
on every hillock, thinking it a grave.
Lumber Orden Pour In.
German Officer Loss Big.
Washington, I) C.— Eduardo Suarez, ring cavalry and artillery from the protested against the granting of natur­
alization to the father.
Seattle, Wash.—Inquiries for 9,- Chilean ambassador here, is informed
Paria—A Havas Agency dispatch
western to the eastern frontier.
German Submarine Sunk.
000,000 railroad ties and for 10,000,- by his government that Chilean ships
from Petrograd says: "It ia estimat­
London — The Petit Calaisien says 000 feet of large timbers received dur­ sent out to search had not found the
Belgian Relief Ship In.
A heavy snow has fallen in the Vos­
ed here that during the recent fighting
that a French torpedo boat entered ing the last 10 days have greatly stim­ slightest trace of the Monmouth or the ges mountains and the Black forest.
The Hague — The steamer Tremor- in East Prussia the Germans lost 70
Dunkirk harbor Friday and reported ulated the Northwestern lumber situa­ Good Hope, the British cruisers report­ The Germans are said to have had vah, the first Belgian relief ship from per cent of their officers.
From Octo­
that it had sunk a German submarine tion, and local exporters look for ed lost in the recent sea fight with a difficulty in removing their reserve the American continent has arrived at ber 23 to November 6 the total Rus­
in the Channel. The French boat was heavy cargo orders.
German fleet off the coast of Chile. field artillery from defensive portions Rotterdam.
The Tremorvah sailed sian captures amounted to 323 officers,
attacked by the submarine off West­
The inquiries com? principally from On their return to Valparaiso the ves­ on the heights into the valleys. Their from Halifax October 28, carrying 21,750 soldiers, four mortars, 52 can­
ende. Th« French commander aighted the United Kingdom. The supply for sels reported that they had searched removal is considered in some quarters 3600 tons of flour, [«otatoex, cheese and non 52 quickfirers and a large amount
the periscope and rammed and sank England has heretofore been furnished carefully over the zone of battle with­ to indicate that the army is preparing canned goods, the gift of the people of of munitions of war, including a quan­
the submarine.
in the Baltic.
out finding a bit of wreckage.
for a retreat.
Nova Scotia.
tity ot provisions.”
Govemment’s Elastic Currency-
System a Reality.
American Forces to Leave Mex­
ico November 23rd.