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Mrs. Mary Ellen Rider, wife of G. C
of Annabel Station, on ilie Mt.
Ten Hour Session of Coronofs In­
Hcolt carline, died of appendicitis Thurs­
vestigation Results in Holding
day at Iter home.
Chief Witness for Further Inquiry.
Mr*. Rider was 69 year* old. Hhe
came to Portland from Iowa iu 1862.
Wife Admits Nagging.
With the exception of several years’
Tuesday afternoon was ths moot residence in Forest (¡rove. Mr. and Mrs.
Rider have lived near Portland almost
I ui port* nt ons eo far in the history of (
the case that had lie origin a week ar*
Th* sail feature of the affair was that
Wednesday morning about six o’clock, I while Mrs. Rider's body was vet in the
when George Hewson of 734*, 58rd, | bouse her bushand dieai-poared.
Avenue H. E. expired under cirrum-' search tor him shortly afterward dis­
stance* that at the time appeared to be closed th* fact that he too, had died,
heart failure. During all thio time apparently of grief. The old gentleman
age»la of the District Court have been wa* highly respected and bis sudden
buay learning about the <aae and demise under the condition* wa* the
collecting data that would seem to cans* for serious sympathy. He wa* 82
explain the pecu lar conditions under years of *ge aud for many years bail
which it originated. The first person followed violin making for a living, and
that «seined tn suspect something wrong yet not so much tor that as lor the
was Dr. 8tout of 5609, 72 8t., i. E. who | pleasure be got from his musical pete.
was called by the neighbors to assist , He was a violinist They were buried
during the brief illness of the deceased. at the same funeral. They leave rela­
As soon a* ths doctor realised that death tive* at Milverton. Ore.
had overtaken hie patient he went
home, but hardly having reached there employed mowing lots, aud at the
he decided to return and advise those Houtbern Pacific Yanis in Brooklyn.
person* present to keep the contents of
Frank spent part of his time at the
tbs coffee pots, cups, and other articles
Cascade*, returning the 8 th. of July.
of food.
The l>aw*on» bad been living at 7344, Several quarrel* about Ruth at about
63rd Avenue not over five week*. thia time resulted in very strained
Previous to that they hail lived on relations. On Monday the 7th. Mrs
Bancroft Avenue, South Pnitland since
Dawson had tried to get Roth to go
last Heptember, coming there from
to work. Bh* repeated this Tuesday
Newberg, where they had lived since
the girl refused. Hhe went to ber
their marriage before a justice In .Mc­
Minnville In Hept., 1912 Previous to room and proceeded to pout, and Mrs,
thia Mrs. Dawson had served In the Dawson went to ber and found ber on
Dawson home tor several months as ■ the floor crying. Roth testified in the
housekeeper. Mrs. Dawson bad been . inquest that she wa* saying her prayers
married twice before. At the age of when ber mother interfered end threw
seventeen she had married Thoma* W. ber out. Hbe went to ber sister's on
Robinson, aged sixty, at Vancouver, 72d. Htreet, but finding company there
She lived with him she came to the Dunbar home on
fifteen years, hie deith separating them. Cumming* Htreet, l*nt*. When Mr.
His death was doe to slow paralysis, j Daw*on got home be inquired for her
The-* were five children by this and was told that she bad been sent
away and probably would be found at
Hh* then married Ira Welsh, living her sisters. He went up there about
with him seven months, and she than O:.1O expecting to find her and also to
secured a divorce, based upon his find Frank. But Fraok had gone to
alleged cruelty and profanity, and Lents to visit friends. He returned
neglect. Hhe bad then remained single home and then called up the Dun liar
for eight years. During ber life with home and while talking to Mrs. Dunbar
Welch twin daughters were born, both of about Ruth Mrs. Dawson jerked the
whom are living, Dawson had several phone away from bim aud finished the
children, three of whom enter into this conversation.
case. Mrs. Harry Dim mock of 5319,
This seemed to have been the climax
72d. Htreet 8. E., Frank Dawson, aged of their diseensions. Mrs. Dawson told
probably twenty, and Roth Dawson, him she would leave or he would. Hhe
seventeen. Frank had not been staying proceeded to gather her clothee together
at home much for tbs past two years. and storm around generally. About
He stays at bts sisters when not away nine o’clock Dawson made another trip
at work or otherwise engaged. Ruth to hie daughters on 72d. Htreet to see
has been accustomed to working away If Frank had returned but ctill found
him away. He had not seen Frank for
from boms some but not steadily.
Dawson was of a strongly religious several weeks. He was gone away from
inclination, want to church, attended bis home about a half hour and returned
the various missions end took an active where they reliersed their troubles and
part in that sort of work. After coming finally decided to drop their differences
Io Portland they al) attended the and get along till the first of the month
missions a good deal, but after living when he would get his pay and then
on 63 Avenue, they joined the Friends’ they were going to separate. They
sbnrcb at Lents and, attended there went to bed she on a lounge, he in the
pretty regularly.
Letters written by bed. He proposed to use the lounge,
Dawson to both Frank and Ruth dis­ and they finally agreed to sleep together.
close a fanatical religious trend, at ths They went to sleep in a loving embrace.
The next morning they got np about
same time they show a certain amount
of deception aa to his intentions toward five o’clock, got breakfast and he helped
his wif*. Hs seems to have thought to eet the table. Hhe cooked him three
a great deal of his children, particularly eggs, made some coffee and they bad
the two younger ones as their raising bread and cheese. Hbe did not go to
bail been in hie hands, their mother the table at once, claiming to have a
Dawson poured himself
having died when they were quite head-ache.
yonng. In fact the children were the | some coffee. Hhe probably gave him
source of a lot of contention between the second cup.
They discussed the coffee, which wa*
the man and wife. He did not approve
of her children and refused to have a cheaper grade than they had com­
them around aa they were not religiously monly been using, and which she did
inclined and were often profane, even not like hut which Mr. Dawson declared
at th* table. On the other hand Mrs. was good, Alter drinking a little of it
Dawson resented having hie children she again lay down on the lounge and
around unless she could have her own. he ate heartily. After eating he came
Frank got along with her pretty well to her and again tried to make a final
bnt he was carefull to leave ber alone settlement of their differences, but she
and stay away as much a* poo«ible. put him off. Hhe said her intention
Ruth wanted to stay at home with her was to make him believe that she was
father. Hhe was getting to be a big going to leave him unleas he made Ruth
girl and she was not strongly inclined go to work and "I wanted my husband
to work. Hhe had tried household to make over me a little, which I believe
work without much success, and had is a trick of woman-kind in general. ’
worked at one store for a month. Mrs. Dawson kissed ber several times and
Dawson's twin daughters, younger than made two or three starts, each time
Ruth, did not stay at home and returning to intercede with her. She
naturally she resented having to keep thought he had gone when he returned
Ruth. The family disturbance* wore and said he did not think he would go
very trying. Along in May while Mr. aa be felt bad. "He said the coffee or
Dawson was at Cascade Locks at work, something had made him sick, I told
Mr*. Dawson intercepted a letter from him he would lose his job if he did not
Mr. Dawson to Ruth in which he pro­ go to work. He said it didn't make
poser! a plan for leaving the moUg! much difference anyway if I was going
and going back east. This so incensed to leave him.” Dawson quickly grew
her that she entered suit for divorce. worse. He asked for a doctor, saying
Hhe was working out at the time, and "Get a doctor quick or I’ll die,” but
he came home to find the conditions, she did not know where to find onaand
tried to regain her good will and she he was then in convulsions. Hbe ran
flnaly consented, after about t< n days, to the back poi ch and called for help.
to dismiss the charge and they then Mrs. Gooley on the east and Mrs. Nelson
on the Houth c*me in and the latter
came to live at 63d. Avenue.
From that time on Mr. Dawson was then sent her daughters for Dr. Htout,
With the beginning of another week
a new gents furnishing store will be
opened in tants. At Die same time the
place so long occupied by W. E.
Goggins' Shoe Store will be closed. For
the past three weeks the ston- r<x»m
formerly occupied by Raylurn A Hons
has been umiergoing repairs and com­
plete renovation. A lot of new shelving,
new display windows, and paint lias
I been used in putting it into first clam
shape, preparatory to occupation by
Mr. Goggins. The room will br large
enough for a repair department in the
rear, a large stock of shoes, and of Gents
furnishings, shirts, underwear, stock­
ings, and probably hat* and tie*, will
occupy the front. It will be a decided
advance over anything of its kind ever
seen in Lents.
The work in the new store will be
hsndled by Mr. Goggins as repair man
and Clarence .Jimmy) Baker as sales­
Mr. Goggins will be hi* own
order man and have general super­
vision. He will put in about a >1000
stock of shoes to start with, mostly ot
tlie Kelley A Buckley, union made line.
Hnch a stock ought to do some business,
and it no doubt will prove * big success
from the first.
Exposition Co. H. 8.
Copyright. 1*1*. by Panama-Pac-Ulc
Crocker Co. otBclai
INO CHI CHU. commlaaloMr ef China to th* Panama Pacific
Exposition. ■ ta tea that China'a rep resen ta Uon at the Exposition
will entail an outlay of SHUO.OOQ. of which at leant >300,000 will
be expended on the Chios** pavilion, shown above. Ckn la
a graduate of Harvard. Mrs Chu. aa Nias Plnga Hu. graduated from
Wellesley collée» in
The W. F. M. H. of I be M. E. Church
held their regular monthly meeting at
the home of Mr*. Frank Wallace. In
addition to the regular devotional and
business meeting the following program
was giv-n: Violin and piano duet,
Misses Eugenia Richardson and Lucy
Woodworth; Reading, Mrs. Moore;
Holo, Miss Bandercock, accompanied by
Mra. Daniele; Recitation,
Mrs. Swope then addressed the ladies
on "The Relation of the Temperance
Work to the W. F. M. 8. which was
especially helpful. Refreshment* were
served and a social chat indulged in.
The twenty-five ladies in attendance
seemed unawares that it was one of the
most profitable and pleasant afternoons
of the season.
8outb-eaat Portland is to have a high
school at no remote date.
There has
been tome opposition to such a school
for some time, partly because of the
coet, partly because of its
But it io now agreed that a
school of agricultural science is scarcely
necessary, though a high school in this
section would be very convenient.
property purchased lies east of the Mt.
Scott car line and south of the section
line, *ind includes IS acres.
High School will be located on it.
Dr. Ogsbury Goes to Beach
Dr. Ogsbury will be at the beach for
the next ten days but be will not leave
bis office unattended.
Dr. N. Morrison,
a practising dentist will take care of
those who may need attention and good
servie* is assured.
Operatta For July 29
One of the most beautiful musical
programs ever offered in the state will
be presented at the Grange Hall on the
evening of the 29th. "Goldlocks and
the Three Bears” is the name of the
Operatta which requires about fifty
Several tan to people have
seen this operatta and they say it is
beautiful and eo well carried out.
The town should feel comptimented
to have such a feature offered to it.
Peter Roth of Vancouver made a
business trip to Lente Monday and
while here remembered the Herald
with a renewal. He says dairying is
good in his part of the country.
When preparing material for drawn
work, wash and dry it before attempting
-to pull the threads. The work is much
easier if this is done.
Hon. Frank 8. Regan of Illinois, a
specialist in tax investigations will give
his lecture and chalk talk on the "Fool
Tax Payer" in
the Lente Evangelical
Chugph next Monday evening at 8 p. m.
Mr. Regan has been in the state
nearly a month, speaking one or more
times in all the principal towns from Hea-
side to Eugene and is repeatedly asked
for return dates.
Nearly every one of us think his taxes
art- high. Regan has the remedy and it
is not single tax either. He says there
is one public service coporation in thifl
county which would pay >251083 more
taxes than it now pays if common
if it payed on its property as
the ordinary business man pays on hie.
Five breweries in Portland pays >2400
license but are granted reductions such
that their taxes are reduced >2385 which
makes them pay >15 or >3 each to the
public treasurer. Such revelations have
interested all who have heard Mr.
Regan. If you come you will hear and
see other things that will interest you.
The following unsolicited telegram
speaks for itself and was sent to the
next engagement:
Rainier, Ore., July 13.—W. 8. Hurst,
Hubbard—You will miss the opportunity
of your life if you fail to hear Regan.
He is a thunderbolt of facte and figures;
his appeals to the conscience and reason
of the voters are irresistible.
Regan expose frauds in tax exemptions
and learn why your taxes are so high.
(Signed) J. W. MacCallum, Con­
gregational Pastor.
C. L. Dark. M. E. Pastor.
J. A. 8chunesen, Mer­
The Oregon Civic taague will listen to
Mr. Regan Saturday 12 M. at the Mult­
nomah Hotel.
He comes to Lente under the manage­
ment of the local Oregon Dry committee.
The entertainment is free but formerly
was priced 50 cents and >1.00 admission.
This is by far the greatest attraction
eVer offered to Lente in the way of civic
enlightenment and the committee hope*
our citixens, regardless of party or creed,
will make a special effort to hear this
Meetings in tbe big tent at Myrtle
Park Station will continue nightly, dos­
ing Sunday night, August 2. The in­
terest here has been so good that tbe
stay here has been prolonged a week
beyond tbe original intention.
H. St. John, the evangelist, and a
musician of ability, speaks on subjects
, of present practical need and interest.
| He is an orator of more than ordinary
ability, and a young man ot great en­
thusiasm. It is worth while to bear
him. Sunday morning at 11 o’clock,
July 26, will be especially noteworthy,
for Erank 8. Regan of Rockford, Ill.,
will give in the tent his nationally
famous illustrated lecture, “Tbe Fool
Taxpayer." Mr. Regan has discovered
some sensational facte concerning tax
condition* in Oregon where he has been
investigating for three week*. He is a
cartoonist oj rare ability and will draw
pictures as he talks. It will be worth
>5 to hear him, but will coet nothing.
Tbe public is cordially invited to all
these meeting*.
Within tbe past few days work has
been started on the building for the
new fish cannery and cold storage plant
to be lacated ai Bay City. The building
will be 04 x 98 feet and among other
up-to-date facilities will include an
ice-making plant with a capacity of
ten tons per day. The building will
be used for handling Tillamook Bay
salmon, both freeb and canned, and its
estimated coot will be between >25,000
and >30,000. In addition to the main
building, the company will erect a
dock 32 x 80 feet for tbe accommodation
of the fisherman, and will also build
drying rack* for nets.
Vol. 12.
No. 30
Grand Scenic Advantage LiUie Ap­
preciated by Portland People Tet,
But Destined to Grow in Interest
as Time Gives Acquaintance.
A visit to Mt. Tabor Park on HuniUv
by the Herald reporter wa* tbe occasion
for surprise. This was not tbe first
time be has been to the top of this
historical point, but it was tbe first
time since the city has had possession
of it a* a park. The changes were not
what might bavs been expected in a
public ground like*. Portland should
offer, but considering the newness of
this enterprise it is in a fair state of
From tbe West at least one drive is
in good condition, having been graded
and covered with crushed rock and oil.
It gradually wind* to the top sod there
on a comparatively level tract is one of
tbe finest view spots in tbe entire city.
It has been cleared off and set to grass
and presents a fine lawn, and a very
restful spot. Tbe view is magnificent.
At the very topmost point «lands one
ot Portland’s landmarks, evidently built
many years ago, one ot tbe most
magnificent old family home* in the
entire town. Just what the view would
be from the topmost window would be
bard to imagine, but it must be superb.
On a clear day it is evident that several
mountain peak* are in clear view. The
Columbia Gorge would yawn like a
monstrous dragon.
Tbe entervening
country, dotted with farms and villages
looks not unlike a checkerboard. Just
at your feet, seemingly, on tbe east
lies Montavilla Looking westward we
see East Portland, tbe river, its bridge*
and traffic, and then tbe busy se<-tion
of tbe central city. At another point
the Columbia comes into full vie* . axih
Ro*e City Park and Sandy road in be­
tween. Southward the whole of Mt.
Scott stretches, in full view from Cres­
ton to Lente Junction. Just at tbe foot
of the park on tbe west are the reser­
voirs for tbe entire city water system.
If yon have never been to tbe top of
Mt. Tabor it will pay you. Take your
lunch along and make a day of it. It
is in it* natural beauty today. A few
years hence and artificial "improve­
ments” will spoil much of the interest
that clings to things that exist just a*
God made them.
The classified column is at once tbe
must misunderstood anil moot appreci­
ated part of the paper.
There is no section of tbe paper that
comes home closer to the people, no
matter how much more important the­
oretically the ocher news may be.
Here all the personal, human inter­
est news of the town passes in review.
The fact that some neighbor’s bouee ia
It is announced by Manager A. M. for sale may disclose a story of hardship,
trouble, failure, or. on the other hand,
Plummer, of the Northwest Inter­
it may mean better times, a business
national Livestock Exposition that success or a chance to start anew in
Montana is preparing to send a team some other town.
It is misunderstood by those who see
ot agricultural students to the show, to
be held in Portland December 7-12, only tbe big thing* in life, forgetting
to take part in the stock judging conte st, that there couldn’t be any big things
and it is also expected that state will if there weren't little ones.
Every class reads the classified col­
send a number of carload* of fancy
The housewife is curious to know
livestock to the show.
who is selling a sewing machine or a
stove, working people are on the look­
Tbe young men if tbe Lente Y. P. A.
out for positions and tbe teal estate
will entertain tbe young ladies with an
. owners are anxious to find prospective
auto truck party Friday evening. This
i purchasers.
is the treat of tbe loosing side in the
It is astonishing the number of an­
contest recently held. All young folks
swers received from a simple insertion
interested in tbe Alliance are cordially
in the "To Rent,” "For Sale,” or
invited to be with us at the cbnrch at “Want” columns. Anything on* does
7.-30P. M.
by personal inquiry is multiplied a
' hundredfold by the press.
The watering trough in front of tbe
Home people will put in hours or days
poet office on the Foster Road will he running around and making haphazard
a welcome convenience to the many I queries when they want to rent, sell or
teamsters who drive thirsty horses on bny. Meanwhile a few nickel*(and five
that thoroughfare. The bubbling fount­ minutes’ time would have placed an ad.
ain for human kind will also be in the local paper and would have
frequently used. Every one joins in brought answers from sources that
tbankiDg the Park Department for its might never had occurred to them.
attention to our needs.
This kind of advertising permits the
buyer to get the liest price, because lie
V. L. Irish will begin work on tbe learmtewhether then- is to be any com-
Yott Building at the intersection of ' petition, and it gives the seller the mist
Foster Road and Main Street this advantageous trade, because he finds
morning. This building will be the whether there is really a demand.
Diogenes spent all his life looking for
largest structure yet attempted in this
But Diogenes never
part of the city and will be the last an honest mail.
work in store and office construction . i advertised.—Exc.
Mrs. Lucia F. Additon will speak at
Gilbert Chapel next Sunday at 8 p. m.
on "Libor and its Relation to the Prohi­
bition of the Liquor Traffic.” Mrs. Ad­
diton has given niuch time and thought
to both phases of this subject and her
discussion of it now is very timely. She
Willie had been absent from school
undoubtedly will have a good hearing. and when he returned hie mother sent
the following note: "Dear Teacher:
He got
Miss Gladys Woodworth of 8th., Please excuse Willie’* absence.
Avenue was visiting friends in Kenton, wet in the a . m . and took sick in the
the fore-part of the week.
Wooden button multi* should be boiled
before they are covered if they are to be
used on a tub drees. If this precaution
is not taken they are likely to make an
unsightly stain when the dress ia