Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, July 16, 1914, Image 6

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    "He calls himself that," ws» th» dip­ heavsn and earth to And out who had COURAGE OF A HIGH ORDER
been back of tho abduction, I . t her
lomatic answer.
make her accusations. Ils was out Officers »nd Privet»» of H»gul»r Army
¡With a Little Prepar-tlon They May
Risk Almost Certain Death In
ground again. "Will you describe this of It.
Be Made Choice Morsels Fit for
Search for Comrade.
Monsieur Champeaux to me?" asked
Any Aftarnoon Tea.
, the actress coining Into Ilf».
A »lory of daring fests In mountain
"He Is short, dark, and old. made­ Itceman soberly,
An Ingenious woman who prides her-
cuaatlon to make.
climbing by two officers and two en
»elf on her sandwiches bakes the
"1 make It, nevertheless.'’ replied Hated men of the First and Hncond
"Rather Is he uot tall, blond and
Housewife Who Is Proficient In Their bread tn round tin cans from which
Nora She eat stiffly in her chair, her regiment» of Infantry of th" Hawaiian
youngF* Ironically.
Making Is a Treasure to Her
Th» jailer concealed what annoy­ face colorless, dark circles under her brigade who sought In vain to loam
(ha wants an especially small and
Family—Three Recipe» That
ance he felt. In his way he was just eyea. She never looked toward Court- the fat« of a private who wandered
she use» larga si led
Are Excellent
as capable an actor aa »he was. The laudt.
Into "Hell's Pocket” In the Kuolan
The slicea
’ baking powder cans.
of her description startled
"Hut Monaleur Court land t has of­ mountains, Hawaii, has reached Wash-
' from the round loaves make
him, for the affair had been carried fered an alibi auch aa we cannot Ig­ •Ington In a report of commendation
I sandwiches.
One of our readers delights tn her
out so adroitly that he had been posi­ nore. More than that, hl» Integrity from Ihelr commanding officer. Brig -
To make perfumed butter sand-
•kill in salad-making. She declares she
tive that until her real captor ap Is vouched for by tho gentleman at (Jen. Clarence It Edwards, U. H A.
wfches. both the bread and butter must
peared she would be totally In the hla aide, whom doubtlee» tnadeiuol-
can prepare salads that are her own—
Tho exploits of th« mountain climb
dark regarding his Identity. Aud here »elle recognises ”
and her family's—greatest joy and sat-I be scented. The butter l'ai», wrapped
er» nr» described In tin» officer’s r»’port
she had hit It off In less than a dozen
mfacUon In this life. If not their salva­
Nora eyed the great man doubtfully. «» the most perilous ever recorded
it cotton, are put tn a china bowl
words. Oh, well; It did not matter
"What 1» the gentleman to you?” They surmounted cliffs that are ul-
tion in the next Another reader ex
'lned w Ith blossoms of flowers. More
now. She might try to make It uu- ■ho was Interrogated.
horts us to preach salads to the outer '
moot Inaoceaslblu, dangl'd thousand»
blossoms are then heaped over the
plcasant for hla employer, but he
"Absolutely nothing." contempts* of feet In midair as they war« lowered
barbarian who will not adopt this
butter. Then the cover is put on se­
higher phase of development Virtue :
down Hi" »Ides of precipices and
curely. that It may bo airtight, and the
attempts. However, the matter was at
lizw In the harmonious combination of,
Tho minister Inspected hla rings,
trailed ledge» where » U>l»»lap meant
bowl Is put in a cool place. The loaves
an end as far as he was concerned.
a sahid. the beauty and health-giving ,
"He ba» annoyed me at various
1 af bread are also treated In the same
"Have you thought what this means? time»," continued Nora; "that Is all. Inataut death.
qualities that nature has Imparted to
Tho officers commended ar»» Second
j fashion.
It Is abduction. It 1» a crime you have And Ills actions on Friday night war­
the delicate, tender green vegetables,
Take crisp new potatoes, slice even-
committed, punishable by long Impris­ rant every suspicion I have enter­ Lieutenant Thomas J. Camp, Second
the oil of the olive, and other choice , iy. and spread over them finely minced
Infantry, and Second Lieutenant M. F.
tained ngalnat him.”
Ingredients used
I celery and mayonnaise dressing rise»
"I have been mademoiselle's jailer,
Tho chief of |x>llce turned toward Nichols, <’ A C. Th»» enlisted men
Though salads vary with the season, this mixture between triangles of
not her abductor. And when one la 'he bandaged chauffeur. "You recog­ ar»» Corporal Farmer and I'rlvato Mid­
happily there is uo month in our year
| homemade bread.
kiff of tho Second Infantry.
poor and In need of money I** Hu nise tho gentleman?"
«luring which we may not obtain fresh I Prepare a French dressing and dtp
Tim detachment, with 4,000 foet of
• b rugged.
"No. monsieur, I never saw him be­
materials in greens or vegetables for
into it slices of cucumber peeled, l-ay
"I will give you a thousand francs fore. It wu» an old man who engaged »ninll rope, took six hours of hard
the production of choice salads. The
Eleanors de Toscana wn» »Inglng In
these between slices of thin white Part»,
climbing to reach th« crest of tho
for the name and address of the man mo.
which, verbal»«. accounted for Ed­
American cucumber, hot-house or out
buttered. Prepare these sand- ward Courtlandt’» a|>i><-.irane« there. Mul­ who Instigated this outrage.”
range, whlrh 1» described aa virtually
door grown, should be eaten in all Its
he wandered about where
wiches only a short while before they timillionaire.
Ah. he thought, then she wasn't so
"He said that mademoiselle1» old a knlfo edge with sheer cliffs on either
fancy dictated
He might be In l'nrl» one
pristine freshness, sliced into ice cold
are to be eaten or they will become day and Kamchatka the next. Following sure? "1 told you the uatne. mademoi­ teacher was very 111 and asked for as- side.
waler to make it tender and crisp, but
the opera he goes to a cafe and la ac­
Prlvat« Midkiff, a Kentucky noun-
As for hla address, I dare uot slstance. I left mademoiselle at ths
costed by a pretty young woman.
She selle.
tx> salt added.
A sweet pepper sandwich Is a deli­ gives him the address of Flora I'■ xlmone. give It. not for ten thousand franca. house and drove away, I was hired j talneer, was tho first to volunteer to
Dutch Salad.—The minced fish sal
vocal rival of Toscana, and Flora gives
cate bit to serve for luncheon, and I» him
Besides, 1 have said that there has from tho garage, That Is the truth. go down on tho other eld« of tho preci­
the address of Fleanora. whom he Is
ads originated with the Dutch, who made by spreading between slices of determined
to see.
pice, wher»» the officers believed th"
were famous for compounds of fish. , bread a filling made of peppers and Eleanora*» apartments». She order» him been a mistake.”
"For whom have I been mistaken?”
Nora smiled dlsbellsvlngly. Doubt- trail led (Ion. Edwards In describing
Cheddar cheese, and various roots and I Neuchâtel or cream cheese. Chop out and shoot» at him. The next day
"Who but Monsieur Champeaux'» !■»»■ he bad been paid well for that th« work of the detachment »aid:
Parts Is shocked by th» mysterious dis­
berbs. A herring salad is made w ith |
.he peppers very fine and mix them appearance of the prlma donna Realising wife, mademoiselle, who la not In her 11».
"Private Midkiff was swung over tho
two broiled herring, skin and bones with cheese and a few drops of olive that he may be suspected of the abduc­
of Eleanora Courtlandt arranges for right mind?" with Inimitable suduess.
"And you?" asked the chief of No- cliff by a rope the algo of a middle
removed and meat shredded; put in u I ail or with a little rich sweet cream tion
an alibi.
"Very well," said Nora. "You »ay ra's chauffeur.
i finger, followed by Lieut Camp Later
salad bowl a bleached head of endive; I i Use in the proportion of one-third pep­
that I am free. That 1« all I want,
"Ho is certainly the gentb-man. mon­ | Lieut. Nichols followed, and then Cor-
CHAPTER V—Continued.
add to the fish and two anchovies cut
per to two-thirds cheese.
sieur, who attempted to bribe me"
i poral Farmer. These men for three
Nora, as she stood In the full morn­ freedom.
op a dozen minced capers, two boiled
Vse thin slices of wheat bread, but­
"In twenty minutes the electric tram
"That 1» true,” »aid Courtlandt with I days prosecuted the search In a howl-
and diced potatoes, two boiled and ■ tered. cut in heart shape. Between ing sunlight was like to gladden the leaves for Faris. You will recall,
utmost calmness.
; Ing wind and gale. In driving rain and
pickled beets cut In shreds, and some , ' ach two slices place a layer of Neuf- eyes of all mankind. She was beauti­ mademoiselle," humbly, "that we have
"Mademoiselle, If Monsieur Court- i cnsbroudlng mist», on ledges of rotten
minced herbs. Pour over all a plain chatel cheese mixed to a paste with ful. and all adjectives applicable would taken nothing belonging to you. You
could accuse you of stone and vegetation, endangered by
salad dressing; toss lightly together ; equal quantities of cream and salad but serve to confuse rather than to have your purse and hat and clonk. , landt wished, he
fallen boulder» and rocks A slight
embellish her physical excellence. She The struggle van moat unfortuuntn. ' attempting to shoot him."
and serve.
' Jressing. and cover w ith chopped was as beautiful as a garden rose Is,
"It was an accident. Ills »udden ap­ »lip when not tied with a rope meant
French Salad.—Trim, wash and cut I olives
But, think, mademoiselle, think; we pearance in my apartment frightened ‘ death.
needing no defense, no ramparts of
up a head of endive; drain perfectly
Take the left-over bit of potato salad. cloying phrases, The day of poets Is thought you to be insane!”
me. Besides, I bvlievo a woman who
"They worn swung down to vertical
dry. Kub your salad bowl with a cube
"Permit me to doubt that! And you ( Ilves comparatively alone hue a legal pocket aft»*r pocket averaging about
I idd to it some minced cold boiled
or crust of bread rubbed with garlic , ham and spread it beween slices of gone, otherwise she would have been are not afraid to let me go?"
and moral right to protect berseli fifty feet These men knew that It wa»
sung In cantos, She was tall, shapely,
or onion Put in the endive and cover
"Not In the least, mademoiselle. A - from su- h unwarrantable Intrusions.
; buttered bread.
with a dressing made of olive oil. tar
mixtake has been made, and in telling I wish him no physical Injury, but I Impossible that thn man unaccount»'»!
Lettuce with a layer of horseradish
ragon vinegar, salt, pepper, a little bn either side and placed on well but- In praising her charms, delved Into you to go at once, we do our best to am determined to be annoyed by him j for would be alive, and therefore w«
mythology and folk lore for compari­
j have the fine picture of these young
anchovy paste, pinch of celery salt, and
I tered bread makes an excellent sand- sons, urtil there wasn't a goddess left rectify this mistake. It Is only Ave 1 no longer.”
’ officers putting their lives In Jeopardy
toes lightly together and serve.
Tho minister's eyes sought Court­ M rural times to rescue the body of a
on Olympus or on Northland's Icy
Spanish Salad.—Not to France or
capes; and when three Images became the door. Will mademoiselle be pleased I landt’« face obliquely. Nlrange young I prlvatn, the kind of work that empha­
sunny Italy are our thanks due for the
to remember that we have treated her man, he thought. From the exprès-
sizes th« lnt<-r»*st taken by the officer
glorious tomato salad. By the law of USE FOR FIRELESS COOKER a little Bhop-worn, referred to certain with the utmost courtesy?"
slon of his face he might have been a
eternal fitness it belongs to Spain, that
"I shall remember everything.” spectator rather than the |>erson most : In the soldier.”
Gen. Edwards also gives particular
land of vivid romance. Blend the to­ Breakfast May Be Prepared the Night
vitally concerned In this little scene. | prala»* to the work done by Private
oils. Nora enjoyed it all.
Before and Enjoyed In the
mato with the ripe Spanish olive, a few
“Very good, mademoiselle. You will And what a pair they mad 1
She had not been happy In tho selec­ be In Parts before nine." With this
I Midkiff and Corporal Farmer
waferlike slices of Spanish onion, and
“Monsieur Courtlandt, you will give
of her stage name; but she had
•hreds of green pepper, and cap all .
he bowed and backed out of the room me your word of honor uot to annoy
with a crown of golden mayonnaise.' Nobody appreciates better than the chosen Eleanora da Toscana because ax though Nora had suddenly made a mademoiselle again?”
Flowers snd Politic».
and you'll find joy in the eating man or woman forced by clrcum- she believed there was good luck In distinct ascension In the scale of Ini
Tho election for m»*inbers of the
I promise never to annoy her
stances to make an early start of
, French chamber of deputies Is over
mornings, the convenience and com- of her, she had returned home from
"Wait!” she call -d.
For the briefest mom» tit the blazing I Tim campaign In one district br ’light
fort of a fireless cooker, It Is dis- Nora, from Tuscany!" her delighted
His face appeared tn the doorway blue eyes clashed with the culm brown forward a poetic theme. This was l:i
Meat Pie.
ones. Tin- latter were first to devlnt» 1 the great flower growing district < f
Select a couple of pounds from lotn heartening to most folks to go out in fatheT had cried; who at that time again.
"Do you know who I am?”
from the line. It was not agreeable Cannes-Grass. In th" polemic out-
of pork, and a pound of nicely sea- the morning—say at seven or even at had a nebulous Idea that Tuscany was
"Since this morning, mademoiselle.
to look Into a pair of eyes burning break of the opposing candidates w» r •
sened sausage links; rinse quickly and six—and snatch breakfast en route. somewhere In Inland because It had a
' That Is all."
with the hate of one’s self. Perhaps heard the words "neroli” and "petit-
put to boil gently In sufficient water With the aid of a fireless cooker—a Celtic ring to It. Being filled with love
Her veins tingled with this conflagration was Intensified by grain.” Neroll Is the commercial <!■
to cover it. Th® water should be cold very small one will do—and a perco­ of Italy, its tongue. Its history. Its
to begin with, and salted. Add eight lator, a breakfast may be enjoyed lux physical b-auty, she naively trans­ strange exultation. He had lost his the placidity of his gaze. If only there 1 Igiiation of orange flower. It Is a s» it-
1 courage and had become afraid of the had been some sign of anger, of con­ 1 vcnlr of the Princess Neroll and th«
to ten potatoes which have beetf urlously In one's bathgown.
lated "Nora from Tuscany" Into Ital­
consequences, Free! Monsieur Cham- tempt, anything but this Incredible : name was chosen by tho producers of
peeled and halved. Stew gently until
upon the stage she would be known peaux indeed! Co wardice was a new tranquillity against which she longed ’ tho department of the Maritime Alps,
all Is tender, adding water if neces­
development In his character. He had to cry out! She was too wrathful to
! for to tho princess was credited th»»
sary; rub a little flour, butter and pep­ in the tireless cooker, will emerge In by that name, There had been some
been afraid to come. She drank the notice tho quickening throb of th»
establishing of th»* perfume Industry
per to a paste with a little of the meat the morning steaming and delicious­ smiling over the pseudonym; but
tea, but did not touch the toast or veins on his temples.
broth. Line a pudding or bake dish ly cooked. Coffee and water placed Nora was Irish enough to cling to It.
which hus since had auch a remark-
fruiL There would be time enough
"Mademoiselle, I And no case able development In that region. No­
with a rich crust, turn In the stew In the percolator before retiring need By and by the great music-loving pub-
with the thickening, cover with a but­ I only tbe touch of match to alcohol lie ceased to concern itself about her Paris. Her hands trembled violently against Monsieur Courtlandt, unless roll Is often sophisticated by the addi­
tered crust, leaving a hole in the cen­ wick during the morning process of name; It was her fresh beauty and as she pinned on her hat, and she was you wish to appear ngalnat him for hla tion of other essences. One of thos»»
ter for steam to escape. Bake in a , dressing, to be ready, hot and steam- her wonderful voice they craved to see not greatly concerned as to the angle. forcible entrance to your apartment.” Is called "petit grain,” which Is not
rather quick oven until crust is brown I Ing. when the oatmeal Is placed on and hear. Kings and queens, em She snatched up her purse and cloak, Nora shook her head. The chief of of tho flower, but of the leaf and fruit
| the table. Rolls and a bottle of cream, perors and empresses», princes and
police stroked his mustache to hide of tho orange. This la why the two
.and flaky.
i left by baker and milkman outside the princesses—what Is called royalty and and sped out Into the street. A phae­ tho fleeting smile. A peculiar cnse, candidates shouted tn thn midst of
' door, will complete a breakfast— nobUity in the newspapers freely gave ton awaited her.
the liko of which had never before tho melon thn cries "Neroll!" and
When You Sweep.
"The tram," she said.
cotne under hie scrutiny! "Circum­ “petit-grain!”—Incomprehensible to n
For sweeping a room neatly there with perhaps an orange thrown In— her homage. Quite a rise In the world
"Yew, mademoiselle.**
stantial evidence, we know, points to
' that will sustain the average worker for a little girl who had once lived In
is nothing like newspaper aid. Take
"And go quickly.” Rhe would not him; but we havo also an alibi which stranger -a» were once shouted the
hour a shabby apartment In New York and
batt]»» cries "Montjoy«»!” and "Saint-
a page of newspaper or other paper
is Incontestable. We must look else­
run barefooted on the wet asphalts. feel safe until she was In the tram.
convenient, wet In hot water and - comes around.
A face appeared at one of the win­ where for your abductors. Think; Deni»!"
summer nights!
»squeeze it until it ceases to drip. Tear
But Nora was not recalling the dows. As the vehicle turned the cor­ have you not some enemy? Is there
Linen Closet.
Into pieces the size of one's band,
Famous American Roads.
happy scenes of her childhood; In- ner, the face vanished; and perhaps no one who might wish you worry
cast them all over the carpet, then
Linen stored in a closet warm and
Something over 200 years ago them
deed. no; she was still threatening that particular visage disappeared for­ and Inconvenience? Are your asso
sweep, and most of the dust in the poorly ventilated will become yellow
Paris, Once there, she would not lack ever. A gray wig came off, the little clatcH all loyal to you? 1» there any was built the first groat American
room if you use your broom judi- and will crack earlier than If stored for reprisals.
highway, "tho old York road." be­
To have played on her gray side whiskers, tho bushy gray jealousy?”
ciously, will be gathered lnto the pa- otherwise. The properly constructed
tween New York Hnd Philadelphia.
Pity! To have made a lure of her eyebrows, revealing a clever face, not
per». After a velvet or other heavy linen closet should be In a cool, dry tender concern for the unfortunate! more than thirty, cunning, but humor­
Tho construction of this famous road
pile carpet is thoroughly swept, a place. Each shelf should be covered Never would she forgive such base ously cunning and anything but scoun­ WORTH VISIT TO CALIFORNIA in 1711 was an example that led tho
■ponging with ammonia and water with linen slips fastened up with draw­ ness. And only a little while ago she drelly. The painted scar aslant the
colonists at other points along tbe At­
will preserve its brightness wonder­ ing pins. Have the linen slips broad had been as happy as the nightingale nose was also obliterated.
With Sight of Mount 8hasta, In Its Glory lantic seaboard to make similar roads
enough to fold back and cover the to which they compared her. Never haste the man thrust the evidences of
whero there were no water routes.
and Beauty, Well Repays Tourist
contents of the shelves. Old sheets had she wronged anyone; she had been disguise Into a traveling bag, ran hero
For tho moat part these roads were
for Long Journey.
may be used for this purpose.
New Apple Sauce Pudding.
built by chartered companies, and
kindness and thoughtfulness to all and there through the rooms, all bare
Peel and quarter six apples, Add
The most Impressive mountain In were called turnpikes or toll roads.
with whom she had come In contact. and unfurnished save the one with the
one-half cupful sugar, pinch of salt, one-
But from now on! ... Her fin­ bars and the kitchen, which contained the world Is Rhasta In California. Un­ Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New
Glazed Carrots With Peas.
half teaspoonful cinnamon and cook
Wash and scrape carrots, then cut gers tightened round the bars, She two cots and some cooking utensils. like Pike's Peak and many other of Jersey had many roads of this kind.
till almost done. Place this apple tn strips. There should be four cups. 1 might have posed as Dido when she Nothing of Importance had been loft tho world's great mountains, It Is not
Tho first macadamized road In this
sauce in a buttered pudding dish and Cook In salted boiling water to cover ; learned that the noble Aeneas was behind, He locked tho door and ran surrounded by a number of lesser country was constructed in 1792 be­
pour over the following mixture: One- fifteen minutes; drain and return to J dead. W’r war; woe to the moths who all the way to the Place d'Artnes, one», and Its tremendous height- 14,- tween Philadelphia and Lancaster, in
catching the tram to Paris by a frac 440 feet -Is appreciated by the eye.
half cupful butter, melted, one cup­ the saucepan with one-half cupful but- . fluttered about her head hereafter!
UH1 there were said to bo 4.500 miles
tlon of a minute.
It is sublimely grand, and yet grace­
Ah, but had she been happy? Her
ful of molasses, one-half teaspoonful ter and one-half tablexpoonful sugar. '
All vety well done. She would be fully beautiful. Against the blue of a of chartered turnpikes In Now Eng­
of sugar, one teaspoonful soda, dis­ cover and cook very slowly until ten- , hands slid down the'bars. Her ex­ In Paris before the police
land and New York. During the next
made any
solved In a little boiling water and der. Add one can French peas, drained pression changed. The mouth drooped, deflnite move. The one thing that dis­ California sky It» curved butlines seem 20 years tho government expended
enough to make a thin batter, Bake and cooked In boll!“g water ten min­ the eaglelight In her eyes dimmed. turbed him was tho thought of the to sweep In the perfect segments of a many millions of dollars in construct­
one-half hour in a moderate oven. utes, tbne seasoned with butter, salt From out the bright morning, some­ blockhead of a chauffeur, who had got circle from tho apex of the cone to the ing great highways, but tho panic of
horizon. Far up on Its base tbe dark 1837 and the building of highways
where, had come weariness, and with
Serve with thin pudding sauce, Moat and pepper.
this came weakness, and finally, tears. drunk before bls return from Ver­ green of tho timber line Is met by the and cnnals put an end to that branch
sailles. If he talked; well, he could
She heard the key turn In the lock. say nothing beyond the fact that he virgin whiteness of Shasta's snow, and of the government work.
Separating Honey.
then on, up and up. far past the suffi-
To obtain strained honey by sep-
Eggless Chocolate Cake.
had deposited the singer at the house mer clouds, points the alabaster pyra­
as directed. tie knew positively noth- mid.
Cream one cupful sugar, half cupful aratlng the honey from the wax as
Baby Cut Off 200 Phone*.
butter, one large teaspoonful salt, one It comes in the frame, place the frame jailer did not close the door as usual. Ing.
Rhasta Is an extinct volcano, and has
Tho birth of a baby in tho homo of
The man laughed softly. A thou-
cupful milk or a little more if needed; In a bowl In the oven jigst warm
table. There was tea and toast and sand francs apiece for him and An- two large glaciers. Th» Whitney Matteo Glonotti of Merlonvllle, N. J.,
one and a half cupfuls pastry flour, enough to melt the honey and wax ; fruit.
glacier Is visible from the railroad. It cut off all telephone service In that
toine, and no possible chance of be­ looks like a narrow streak of snow, section for tho greater part of tho
two teaspoonfuls baking powder, three then remove the frame and let the
ing discovered. Let the police And but It Is over a mile In width, and Is day, to tho rago of 200 subscribers.
tablespoonfuls of powdered chocolate honey stand until cold, when the
or cocoa, one teaspoonful vanilla wax may be skimmed off the top rible mistake,” said the man humbly. the house in Versailles; let them seamed with great Assures and crev­
The boy arrived at tho Glonotti
"Ah! Ro you have found that out?” trace whatever paths they found; the asses.
Cream sugar, butter, salt, chocolate without any trouble.
homo shortly after midnight. There
agent would tell them, and honestly,
and a little milk to make It creamy,
At times a natural banner Is un­
"Yes. You are not the person for that an aged man had rented the furled from Shasta's Peak. This Is was nobody around to help Matteo
add flour, baking powder and vanilla.
When Packing Linen.
celebrate, so ho grabbed his shotgun
Butter the pan well and try cake with
When -putting linen articles away whom this room was Intended.” Which house for a month and had paid him called the "snow banner of Rhasta." and proceeded to blow holes in tho
In advance. What more could the It only occurs when the gale attacks
for any length of time, to prevent
them turning yellow, rinse until all paradoxical as It may seem. "Eat your agent say? Only one bit of puzzle­ the summit and blows the snow In
Mr. Newton, tho phone company's
the wire chief, discovered tho lines wero
the starch is removed, then dry and
Bride's Cake.
sky,” as the railroad book baa IL
Sift three-fourths cupful of pow­ fold them away in blue paper. This
useless when he came to work early
"Free? You will not hinder me If I what had been hla game? All this
dered sugar and cream with one-fourth also prevents the linen from cracking walk through that door?”
In tho morning. He searched until
waiting and wondering, snd then a
cupful of butter; sift twice one and
late In the afternoon. Then, opposite
"No, mademoiselle. On the con­ curt telegram of the night before, say­
one-half cupfuls of flour; at the sec­
About Scrubbing Brushes.
trary, I shall be very glad, and so will ing, "Release her." Ro much the bet­ ask you for an Increase of salary; I Glonotti's place, lie found tho broken
ond sifting sift with it one teaspoon­
When finished with your scrubbing my brother, who guards you at night. ter. What his employer's motives were
wires hanging loose from the pole,
ful of baking powder and a pinch of brushes. If they are put to dry with 1 repeat, there has been a frightful mis­ did not Interest him half so much as have got married lately.” Manager a< with about a pound of shot In tho
salt, one half cupful sweet milk, the bristles downward, they will last take. Monsieur Champeaux . , .”
the fact that he had n thousand francs can be of no assistance to you. Th«’ cross-arm. Glonotti told all about it.
whites of two eggs beaten to a foam. twice as long When turned the other
"Monsieur Champeaux?" Nora was In his pocket, and that all element of company is not responsible for any ac Newton started to swenr, changed his
Flavor with lemon. Beat the mixture way, the water soaks Into the wood bewildered. Rhe had never heard till» danger hHd been done away with
cidents that happen to Its employe« mind, grinned, snld "Hope the kid*
from 20 minutes to half an hour.
and rots the bristles.
True, the singer herself would move when off duty *'
name before.
all right," and started repairs.
sandwiches that are fine