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Mediators Depended on by
Huerta to Save Administration
Gardens Inspected, Home Products, Speakers ol tbe Day Secured, Band
Pet Stock, Manual Tramint Ex­
Engaged, Concessions lor Refresh­
hibits, Picnics and Certificates of
ments in View, Seating and
Graduation tbe Order Now Days.
Parade Planned.
As listed some time ago in tbe Herald,
tbe pro,weed district road construction
plsn as it is to be applied along the
Base Line and Section Line roads, will
prove a hardship on the property
owners. Many of the farmers oot that
wav are coming to see it that way now.
They have contributed already to tbe
general road tax, not only for that part
which may be expended along the Base
Line but they have borne their part
also of tbe large sums that are being
expended along tbe Columbia, and
which is not supplemented by a local
district fund. On top of thia it ia
proposed they shall build a large part
of their local road.
Another matter that hurts is that the
road to be constructed will wnen com­
plete. be an extremely bard one for
horse* to travel upon.
It will be ex­
tremely slippery in cool weather, par­
ticularly, and that means at least eight
months in tbe year. It will be so slip­
pery that only by constant care can an
ordinarily shod horse stand np on it.
In warm «nattier wagons and machines
• ill be liable to pick np tbe surface and
leave it full of small bole* which will
grow with use and the road will soon be
ready for repairs. The adoption of this
pavement has caused unfavorable re­
ports over in Washington, near Heattie.
It will do the same here.
will no. give tbe service that a concrete
road will give. And tbe evident favor-
ism of tbe road engineers for tbe
Warrenite form of construction i* cans­
ing a lol of criticism.
They figure that
S8 cents a tunare yard is pretty heavy.
But SH cents is only tbe coni delivered
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in tbe wagon.
The conntv prepares
HE two leading members of President Huerta • delegation to tbs media tbe road bed and hauls tbecouipoaition,
tlou board at Niagara Falls are K. Krnlllo Rabasa and I.ul* Elguero lays it and finishes up. Tbe KS cents is
Itahaaa I* said to have brought President Huerta's resignation to be for the material delivered within three
handed to the board if certain coaceeatona are made to the Mexhaa or four nnlen of where it is to be used.
Halvaaa arid Elguero on their fl,at visit to the Cui ted Mates said
that they marveled at the rapidly mor Ing Alurrlcn people, the tail
tan buildings and tbe great faclllUse for rapid transit. Ha ba so Is st the right
tn the Illustration.
Vera Cruz Waterworks, a £torm
Center; Our Men on Guard .
The morning session was taken up with
the initiation of several candidates for
This i* also the last day of the fonrth degree
After a good dinner
Jone 23 will lie a big day in lenis
school and in connection with this idea and social hour the entertainment
the Pareul-Teacber’* Club decided to features were taken up. A half dozen
have an all day picnic at the park. children from the Hoffman school were
Parents are requested and urg'd to le introduced and they gave a song under
present. Each one is to bring a basket | the direction of their teacher, Miss
ol good things to e«t and go directly to Hart. Dorothy Sniderand Helen Rider
Mrs Geo. Snider
the park. Ths school session lasts as gave recitations.
long as usual on the last day and then was present and gave several of her
the children will join their parcels at excellent readings. Little Mt«- Ethel
the park and eat their lunch out in the Wise sang a little song and gave a
Winnifre«! Smith recited
Ths director, Mi*«*, hi* a selection. Mr. Darnall opened up the
arrange«) a program of games and asked discuss on of the school book question,
Mrs. C. A. Daniela to furnish several 1 and a general discussion ensued
musical numbers for both afternoon balance of opinion was in opposition to
The discussion
and evening.
The musical numbers the free textbooks.
con 1st of four selections by tlie ladle- lasted for an hour.
Olive Ash .and her sister rendered a
quartette, composed
The day was .«ell spent and
Daniels, Sella, Repp, and Sindlwrg. In song.
the evening a male cir rus and choir 'everyone went awav happy
• ill tender several numlwra
All who are inie'e-led in the growth
of the park should make a sp*«-ial effort
to tie there at least some part of the
day. If enough interest is shown in
tlie park this m miner Lents can gain a
This has been one of the busiest
great dea more lor the improvement of
weeks on record for the Kern Park Fire
the park
Ice cream and cake will
Reginning Sunday even­
sold and the proceeds will be used in
ing a one story frame house at 6239,
buying a Victrola for the park.
Seventieth street, recently occupied by
Mrs. Daniel*, but at tlie time unoccu­
pied, wns evidently set on fire. During
tlie coufl igra’ ion a hut water tank ex­
ploded and «hook things up severely,
The house was owned by
Henrv llankln and was entirely des
Mt. Scott Lodge Dirt lias chosen its
On Mondav evening the h-mi« of Jas.
otllcers for the next six months.
In­ Mcllargne at <1111 id Fortieth avenue
stallation will lie held early In July. was burned under very peculiar circum­
stances. The Mcllargue's have lawn
Joe. Hchweitees has been elected N G ,
visiting in British Columbia for a num
W. F. Bush will hold the V. G. chair, Iwr of month* and in the meantime
and Ralph St i x las I wen chosen tlie house was occupied by Mrs. J
MrHargne’a in­
1. D. Filley has resignid Smith and family
tended to return Tuesday.
the office of Financi 1 Femtary and
moved out Monday, except a few
W. J. McNeal has been elected tn fill it. articles.
Monday evening atamt ten
mi . scon
I. o.o. r.
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HE complications «rising from the capture of the waterworks at Vera
t'rux by the American forvea caused the federal troo|is loyal to Preel
dent Huerta to threaten to attack our army The Mexicans detuandetl
control of the waterworks, but General Funston, realising their Itu
IHirtnnce. stated that tinder no consideration would be yield them The lllus
(ration shows the main pumping station at the waterworks and a detachment
of A inerti a n infantrytueii guarding them.
It la stated that tbe Mexicans
trliHl to iHilson the water supply of the American soldiers Figure I shows the
firing Une and tlgure 2 the waterworks
’. I., k
•h* h.-n-e «as discovered to I m * I lower floor and most of the upper.
I' wa« . videnflv set on tir».
Several other places have been burned
ir... > A
as ► «• oHi*td in the iln**t* ■ n tlie vicinity of the Mcllargue home
I er b ••
iii' t.s p'lnbd lo prr nn.ler similar circumstances and it is
oil« I. t shd
* ilo- tire The build ausrwited that a firebug has tieen the
g « «
I >♦ I tf H MOtl «eli all m.e before agent of the losses sustained.
and v»t the Kern Park wood has suffered within the week from
ssved practicilly all the a similar fire.
H e
t h cl
A week from today will aee tbe com­
pletion of the new eiub house of the
Portland Gun Club near Jenn« station
three mile* east of I«nta.
Tbe week
beginning July 13, tbe uorthweet hand­
icap tournament takee place on the
; new club grounds, when it te expected
one hundred and fifty thousand clay
pigeons will be slaughtered.
Tbe club baa secured an ideal spot
for Ito new quarter«, and took possreeion
about a month ago. The conatruetion
of a club boose waaimmediately started
under contractors E. T. Jone* A Com­
pany of Greeoam in preparation of thia
July event. But tbe selection of this
ideal site was not accomplished until
after a long search. The club had op­
tions on half a dozen other places.
tbe same time it was getting ready to
abandon its grounds down at Linton
where a considerable investment bad
been made. To tbe layman it might
seem that any place would be suitable
for shooting clay pigeons.
But the
sportsman ambitious for a record wants
ideal condition*.
Tbe shooting ground* at Jenne are
the level crest of a hill.
In tbe im­
mediate vicinity tbe eye^reete on the
light green oat fields. In tbe distance
is a low even line o’, dark green trees.
This sky line is the important thing aa
tbe hunter’s eye doee not catch the
biro till it rises above the line of vege­
At Jenne the light is said to ie the
beet of any grounds on tbe coaat.
sportsman face« tbe north and tbe sun
ia always at hi* back. That is, tbe siz
trap* are laid out in a near semi-circle,
converging to a poet in the field that
marks tbe common center. Three trap*
are now in daily use and tbe other
three will be in before tbe day of the
To tbe west there is a long wooded
s I odc parallel with tbe trap grounds
| which forms part of the reservation of
twenty acres. It waa only after Preei-
dent Metzger and the other officers of
tbe gun club 1 ad visited all other sitee
The Lents Branch Library received a around Portland within a radios ol fif­
new ¡¿c«'gnment of books last week. teen miles that thsy finally decided oa
the one east of Lents.
Then keeper,
These, with the books already on band,
Ed Matthews, and bis wile, were moved
furnish interesting groups on bungalows up from Linton and homed in a tent
and house-plans, (Hit-door life, mechanics and the work of gettingtbe new groun«le
fancy work, games, travels, bible stories, in order was commenced. One of tbe
first things instal'ed was the water
svstem. The water supply comes from
¡^Vacation temks are now issued lo
a fine large spring at the foot of the hill.
those who wish to spend tlie summer
The water is pumped with an engine in­
elsewhere. Ten books may be drawn,
to a thousand gallon pressure tank.
at vs» time by each person and held
Here the water is stored under pressure
until tlie first of October. Mias Fisher
of compressed air sufficient to raise it to
is again lack at the library after six
the top of tbe hill and through the
months study of tlie Library course at
the Central Library.
The club paid F375 an acre for its
land. The contract price of tbe build­
ing is two thousand dollars.
By tbe
time it is equipped and furnished the
total investment will represent doee to
fifteen thousand dollars.
The club
house is forty v forty, two stories.
The Lents Giants son another game feature is the two large balconies, above
Sunday which was very much one and below, ten feet wide, the full
sided. Webb bad it all his own way all length of the building. Here onlookers
but the first inning when poor support may sit in the shade and watch tbe
let the in have two runs. The score war shooting at the trape oot in front.
10 to 2.
Lartre French windows open out on to
N»r’ Sunday the Giants play the the balconies.
Another home like
Weonas on the Vaughn street grounds fi-atuie is the wide open fire place at
Bill Heales lias as strong a line np a* the rear of the main room.
Thia ie de­
can la- got outside the leagues so a very signed to warm tbe entire house.
B<Pand opening is kft in the center of tbe
last game is sure to he seen.
ami Boland wid tie tlie hatterv for t he upper door, protected by a railing and
Gi *nt', while Hra’ea hasn't b*t out yet around this is an inside balcony. Here
a ho will work for him.
Every l>*nts one n av sit an<t look down on the open
fan ahonld aee thia game. 2 30u’cl<ak, fire place on >he first floor
A stairway
Mri i nle’a Pa*k
■eads up on either side the fireplace
from the main club room to tbe upper
are two lavatories and the
Miss Ida BundyRBonored
of tbe keeper’s family.
MI- b I«ia Bandy was honored by her
There i* also an L, ltt bv 26, at tbe
Grand mother, Mra. I). II. Mi-Kinlrv,
r ar on the ground floor for use of the
Saturday evening. In a reception and
partv to all of the 9th B c I hh - of the
The Portland Gun Club has a mem­
I^nts schools. Over thirty of the cl
bership of 150.
The initiation fee is
were present. Miss I la ia a meiutcr
The club is
of thia class. A very i leaaant time ia
reported. After the nanal Corn alitie«- supported from the small profit it de­
were tl.’ongh all participated in values, rives from the sale of the Blue Rock
pigeon*. *si| from th* sale of shells.
and ice cr»im a»d <*>»lie.
All went
Thus at a cent and a half each tbe 160
away wiahi *r there were more thought­
thousand pigeons at the tournament
ful Grandma* in Lenta
next month should ’ring in a gross
revenue of *2,360.
The new ground* are «bout ten miles
Work la* been commenced in the
pre)>ara’ioii of a 400-acre tract of land from Portland an lie j-iat south of the
one mile from Hermiston for the ptirpow Powell Valley road near tbe crosn road.
of. seeding the entire acreage to allalfo Thev .-»i. I- h >**< '<e I by the Foster
The owner of tlie tract expect.« th” road I'oui l."n s to Jen--« station.
if on- go*« out <>n tl e K iaeada electric
venture to la* immensely succeaefnl, as
line it 1*
s *1 o-t walk from Jenne
he has
en producing alfalfa in that statibn ecroee the bridge to the grounds.
vicinity for a number of years.
Visitor* are always welcome.
The Saturday meeting of Lenta
was up to its usual standard.
City Park.
Nothing But Additional Tax, Des- Acerage Tracts Near Lents Show
cnmination and “Unfair” Roads
Good Returns When Weil Haa-
in View to Resident Taxpayers.
aged. Specializing gets tbe Re:
Remonstrance Coming.
Mt. Hcotl schools are busy with elat­
If present arrangements are carried
ing preparations thi* week. All of them through. Inmts will have one of the
are getting in their last "licks’* in the biggest times any Suburb of Portland
final work ol tha tortns. Hchool gardens «ver had, on the Fourth of July. The
are being put In shape for inspection committee on Programme has been
This Inspection »Mould have been given looking up feature* ami they have de­
yesterday afternoon but the Inspectors cidad on A. W InifTerty aa speaker of
did not gat aroun I. Tha gardens are the day and Mr Mfferty haa agreed
all looking tine. Tha Lente garden is to coma,
small but it 1s right up to standard for
The Mall Carriere' Band has been
quality. Each room is represented and engagod and various musical and enter­
It is doing fine.
Ariel* garden ia ths taining feature« are being planned.
largest in ths city. There la about two A meeting of the various committees
acres in II and about everything that waa held on Monday evening and the
grows in an ordinary garden is living entire work ahead waa gone over and
raised there. Their garden lo in go»sl the work of preparations was pretty
condition and shows an unlimited well placed.
amount ol work uu the part of teachers
If all things go aa anticipated there
and pupils. The Wia«lmere garden is will be one round of fun and joy un­
not so large but it contains twenty-four alloyed all day. The people will begin
lied* and some Hower beds.
it was in to come in about sun up and they will
go«xl shape Wedneeday when the in­ keep coming all day. Along about ten
spectors were around.
oclock there will be some entertainment
lente schools will have their exer­ commence. A good share of the sporta
cise* Friday evening. The daee will of the day will tie called during the
give an entertainuieut and the proceeds forenoon, before the parade. About
will be applied on incidental expeneee. I e|CVen oclock the band will arrive, the
The Parent- reseller club entertaine«! pered,, will form, and march to the
the teachers today at a noonday lunch. I park
Music and speaking will be the ,
On Munday there will lie an exhibit of program, following which the dinner;
home grown garden stuff st the eclioo - hour will ensue.
house. Many ol the pupils will have
Then there will be sports for the j
substantial exhibits ol garden stufl thry children, music, and along about three ;
have producml at home.
About twelve o'clock a ball game will be pulled off
dollars in prise* will be offered tor tbe at the ball park.
Lovers of the
beet «tuff. On Tueeday tbe echool* yiational sport will have a chance to
will have a picnic at tbe playground ventilate
Thoee who
which will be attended by all children I prefer mildcr entertainment will
I re­
and many ol the parent*
The child- m„n at
p(ay ground park.
reu will operate a vegetable market st ftve o^ioeg the nnk <!*„„, fl,K)r will be
school Monday.
[ ready for the ball and all lovers of the
The following list ol pupil* will re- janra w,|| be entertained from that
reive their certificate*
Fern B. Hay*, < Kma tly mxjnight. >>ood music ia
Elmer E. Rice, Albert E. Mason, llssel aaaur,^| an(j several good strong men
M. Eaeon. Emma A. Willbanks, Fran«-«* W1U
o„ hand to.ttend tothe man«ge-
I. Hartwig, Onela R. Munny, Ruby M
3^, of them will train up
Woodworth, Ruth A. Rodgers. Phebe „p^-uHy for thj, occasion and the
Ione Forte, Alice Wood, Alta B. 1-*°- mfR,,, that attempts to start-------
doo. Adelle Roitomley, Id* Bundy, lh|njt wjn grt ?o|twl
hard he wont
Hylvia Hmith, Alfred W. Nyg**r»>. wake up for a month.
Higred F. Richardson, Donald John ' Conferences with the City Com-
McNeil, Mabel M. Hweet, Fay Kline- misaionera yesterday developed the
man, Eugenia E. Ellie, Hasel E Long, attitude of the commissioners to tie
Alice B Smith, Wilson W. Morrill, favorable to giving the people all the
Alice Hmelhursl, Cyril E. Benner, favors they could for the day and no
Floyd D. t-mith, Helen G. Hull, Ruby doubt all will by satisfactory for the
Ellen Keen, Albert Miller, Valma May convenience and pleasure of the people
Hager, Elsie H. Heytlng, Rose Ila*- for the day.
mussen, Merrill H. Eldred, Waller
Thomas, Ralph F. Nichole, Chari«*
(t'onliniMni <>n r*r
Vol. 12. No. 25