Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, March 12, 1914, Image 4

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ut the ttaenetal ooiidltton of
at lent. Ma., Pori Ian«, In th. male el <>v«B<in,
Entered ax Second t'lax» Matter February IP. 1914.
At poatoffioe. Lent». Oregon. Under act of Marcii 3, 1879
Night «i-hool» have now been closed
in all department».
Published Every Thursday at l»nt«, Or»., by th» Mv. S cott Pv«i i«m«« Co.
The aehnol «arden is twins started
thi» week.
H. A. DARN ALL, E dito a and .M anaobb .
Office Phone: Home BrtUl-1111.
Residence Tabor 2*13
I« P. Gatee has move«! into hie new
home in Faxon Park.
Dick Harm« i« building a number of
medium -used cottages for the Moore
Realty Co.
al Itw eh»e of hu.lnvM March 4,141«
, l.oansaiKl <ll*rountx
j Bond, an« Warrant«
JS .’N M
Kurultur.aixl Htlurva
1 Puv frolli avimivinl.
V (»M» A)
reasrv. bank»
: Check* and «-»her ea.h lleni»
('•th on han4
inni. i'AHH
IM <k)
».IH «D
TB» m>
i IXI.uai T4
UR Friend Newton Hedin 'honJe
,or “• ,nU worth •*“1' •*
managed to get in a good “'J"
Capital Meck paM In
1 IA.M (io
itarpliu fund
l.nno 4»
telling speech at the council meet- It ¡, the same way with hospitsl»
t’ndlvltlml pr«*Ata.
ing la8t Friday in the interest of They evade taxation on the »core of ba­
reata 1 ae.lnaa .lepnalta
| U sar M
Individuai depnaita «ubjatil
charitable institutions.
Thev do a
the up-country farmers, And
to vhvek .................... .ar...,. rv.a» o»
, little charity work, the same as the
they appreciated it But we are
Priuand eerlim-a*M
man who run» a har sometimes give» a German Evangelical Reformed Church
I0.WV w
afraid it was all in vain,
tramp a drink, but all who can pay are
S. School 10 A. M. German School Urrtlrtrd check» .................
HM) 0u
day is not far distant when all i charged tothe limit in thoae institution» Saturday 10 A. M. Y. P. S. Wednesday I'aahlar check» ou tala nd Ing MH
I1.W3 io
the animal food coming into I 1 and the truth i« every one is run, not * P. M. Sunday worship II A. M.
total nKf-oerm
T H. Schilaknecht. I*a«tor.ft Ave Iwnts
1 nu tn m
Portland will have to come in as tor charity but for th» money.
Not«» and billa redtaeoantad ...........
» JOri 00
live animals. In that we are be­
....................... *
1 ULlW Ú
except when th» owners of the bank
Lents M. E. Church
hind the times. Selling dressed own likewise realty, then to the -extent
County of Muliiiootah. “
meats to local dealers, and of their realty, the tax on the stock is Preaching li A. M. and reception of 1. H. Boated. Caahler of the at>ovv named
member». Services at Bennett Ch«|«<l bank, do Milemnly ewvar that the above alato
wholesalers is a custom peculiar remitted.
3 P. M Service» in the Evening 7. 4ft. • meni la true lo Ih» bmt of m> khuwikdgr and
H RtHilad. < a»hivr
to Oregon and some parts of A wealthy man builds a 12)0,1100 Everybody go to church.
more in furni­
Washington. It dates back to house ami twits
W Boyd Moose. l*»stor.
c r. Hcndrirkaan
ture within it. He is taxed at what the
the time when the roads wrould bouse and furniture would bring at
Henry liarkaoo
M U Thorsen
not permit of hauling a creditable
But the
m»r man in the
Kern Park Chnstain Church
bei« »re mr thi« *»tb ;
load of live animals to market, bw cabin pay« full tax»» upon it.
«9 s< «nd 4«t Ave. S E
Bible School day ol March. ¡«1«
w I"’ Klineman
Delivering live animals at the A rich man loan« » on 10 a m. Preaching Service 11 a. m. (8KAL)
'««ary rubilo 1
market should be a popular way «*'rtgag»» in an onuide »tate, of mur^ and 7 :3 > p ni. Christain En de« vor
. ,v__ •
the state in which he live« ha» no lien
of disposing of them in the lUK.n th4t> hnt ,he men wbo ,Mrrow ,he 8:30 p tn. Junior C, E. 11 a. m Mid- mate breeders in autumn
Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30
Nortwest It is rare indeed ' money have to pay tne taxes upon it in week
Mill week Bible class Thursday
p. m.
when a farmer runs any risk of the outside state and have to send to #:15 p m.
Many advocate mating the breed-
losing a hoar on the wav to ,h owner of the mortgxga hi« interest,
ing pen in February or early March.
market from heat or crowding.! These are only sample, but they are
One strong point against this prac-
Arieia Baptist Church
sufficient to show that after the years
for heat is never so excessive as o{ tr,al thw ig nfi where in Bn/epot Bible School next Sunday morning at , tice is that the change of location
that. And the roads are as good under oar fiAg anything like fair taxa- 9:45. Preaching at 11 a. m. ami 7:30 often tends to check egg production
here as they are anywhere in the tion.
p. m. B. Y P. U. meeting at 8 15 p. m. for a time
There are very few who
Central States. On an average. Apparently the gemu« ol tnan has Prayer Meeting Thursday evening at »*y anything about the time when
At The Churches
___________________ ' never yet devised a plan through which
:45. Ever
welcome to any ami
such taxes can be levied, and only one all of these services.
ONE OF the ridiculous require- thing i« made dear which i« that the
ments now being made of poor tnan who own a little property al-
Lents'Baptist Church
prospective voters is that they ’»r» w»
“>.n hi. fair ratio of
Lord*« Day service«, March 15. Bible
shall give their ages when regis-
School. 9:45 a. m.
Morning worship,
11 a. m.
Thame: ‘‘Baptist«—What
tering. Why should anyone be
They are, and What They Believe
required to disclose their ages,
Young people*« meeting, ti:30 p. tn.
particularly unmarried spinsters.
Evening worship, 7:30p.tu.
The essential, constitutional re­
"Who are Happy." A cordial welcome
quirement is that they should be In «'«"ng to the answer of Pre«i- to all.
J. M. Nelson, pastor
twenty-one years of age. If we dent Wil*°n 10 the •»«r^.t. who
are required to be twenty-one, "ke'1 h'01 40 take • stand upon the
whose business is it how much
, l,bat h\ w"
which restricted him to
more than that a \oter may be.
only for those things for which
We admit that this squeamish- his party was declared, the Outlook,
ness about telling ages is all non- Lyman Abbott’s magaxine say«: nothing,
sense, but for all that there is no wiU »* s*1Ded br Poli’elr wadin8 ,h*
_ _
suffrage issue whe ever it presents itself,
reason why
a _ person
should . , for - nothing
. , ’
give« surer ground for
be required to disclose a non- irriution. It ig doe to the gnffrBgigtg
essential. It is about time some to meet them frankly and squarely,
of these frills were lopped off the either in approval or disapproval.”
statutes if they are there. If The Outlook point, out that Mr. Wilson
they are not there, then the
recommended a Federal
officials might as well drop them form of hj, p.rty was silent, showing
now as later.
that he doe« as be please« when it
pleases him «o to do-
The editor takes this oppor- The pre», in Cbicogn i. helping the
tumty to make a public acknowl- dBy newg iu,mg of
edgement of the courtesies ex- this belongs to a class of newt more
tended him in the announcements often cut out from publication Always
which have appeared in the th*re have been tragedies that never
_ __ •
have occurred but for booze; but
of the
public . press
, would
,. .
. ,
, .
v that part of the new« ha« been ignored,
of the county relative to hlS now dooble headers are made to point
candidacy* for the nomination for wt the frequency of theM occurrencies.
representative. It is a pleasure No tetter use could be made of the
to acknowledge that the tone of colnmn" of •
w** that 10 troth’
these expressions have all been *",ly t*"’tbe ‘ratb ab™‘ k,lli"’' “n(1
- .
. the suicide l In her address Tuesday
fnendly and gratifying beyond Migg Broafl
the nBraM of gix
He wishes to European Sovereigns who are total
thank all for the favor shown, abitainers. The king of Spain, the Em­
peror ot Germany, the Queen of Holland
and the Kings of Bulgaria and Denmark.
Spring has really opened
[ So far as personal example is concerne>l
It has come with a rush,
_ ® 1 these representative, of royalty declare
exceptionally mild winter has against disease breeding, tippling. May
kept US in anticipation of some- their subject« follow the example of
thing worse ahead for months Jtheir’over'?n8- Mi«« Broad ai«o quoted
but the probability of a severe i thee“'*w “
n .
in the battlee that mar be waged in the
Spell IS now past.
future the successful army will tie the
Lents Evangelical Church
Morning worship 11 A. M. Subject;
"The Hope of the gospel.’’ Evening
worxhtp, 7 30P. M. Subject:Our Wicked
Cities. S. 8. 9.45 A. M. Y. P. A. «30
P. M. "Enter into hie Gates with
Thanksgiving.'* Strangers are cordially
welcomed, j, * _ ~_L ''****?
P CONKLIN. Pastor. 1
St Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul’« Episcopal Church, Wood-
mere Station.
Service« during I^nt
will be ax follow» : Wednesday« at 1:30
the Ladie« Guild will meet in the
At 3 p. m. on Wednesday*
the Litarry followed by a «bort add res*
by Rev. Taylor. Good Friday service«
will be from noon until 3 p. tn. Easter
Sunday, Holy Communion at 10:30
a. m. followed by sermon by Rev. |
Taylor. Ah desiring to enter the con­
firmation class must send their name,
to Mr. Fredric Ge«el) or Rev. Taylor. |
Lents Friend’s Church
Bible Schoo) 9:45 a. m.
11 a. m. Chrixtain Endeavor ♦* :3<»p. m.
Preaching 7 :30 p. m
Sunday will be observed ax "Every
Member Day" Special service and roll
call at 11 a. m.
Revival meeting« will begin Wednes­
day evening, March 18th.
Rev O. B.
Ong. an Evangeli«t of much power and
strong personality, will be in charge.
Everybody invited. John Riley, pastor.
the breeder should start to pick out
! his birds preparatory to mating them
Paid on
The Multnomah State Bank
Lents Sta., Portland, Oregon
Hay, Feed and Grain
Washed Gravel, Sand
Cement, Brick, Lime, Wall and Land Plaster
M c K inley &
This is, perhaps, the moat
important part of all.
A bird which has been sickly dur­
ing a part of the winter, or one
which was slow in maturing or in
Attention is called to our sworn state­
ment of condition published in this paper,
and the substantial increase in our deposits
since our last report, the same having now
reached the $100,000.00 mark Our “Cash
Reserve” is also the largest on record and
far more than required by law.
We wish to thank our friends and pat­
rons who have contributed to our splendid
growth and trust that we may continue to
merit your patronage and support.
H. ROSTAD, Manager.
I Block East <d Main Ht. on Foster Roni
I’hoiM-n Talx>r (W ; Home 31 IS
Wall paper, Seta per roll and up.
some way was not physically sound Caleomine. L vetta, lOfi Main Ht.
while growing, and never reached its
t value« in home furnishing* at
proper condition, may recover by
loweat price»—Kenworthy 4 On., lenta
spring so that it will appear sound
enough to use as a breeder
The re­
sult would be infertile eggs, chicks
dying in the shell or soon after they
are hatched, or becoming sickly or
stunted throughout life.
The breeder who waits until spring
to form his breeding pen will not re­
member those fowls which have been
sickly during the winter, so that he is
very apt to pick out some of the
birds which are not sound
Pick out about twice the number
of birds required for the breeding
pen and place them in a separate coop
and run. If this is done before they
start laying in the fall no evil effects
are likely to result from the change
in location.
Much attention should
be given this flock, and every bird
which shows the slightest defect in
health should immediately be discard­
Several birds are sure to be
thrown out during the winter, •o
there will be only a few over the re­
quired number The breeder will now
be sure that he has sound birds to
pick from
The marked absence of
chicks dying in the shell or soon after
hatching, and the healthy appearance
of the flock, together with the in­
creased rapidity with which the young
stock matures, is sure to make every
one who tries it a strong advocate
of picking out the breeding birds in
the fall—A. E. Vandervort, in Farm
and Home.
are out of the “high-rent dis­
trict”; no “buncomb piano
checks” nor “trading stamp«.”
We positively give you ¡more
value at a less price than is possi­
ble to obtain elsewhere. Send us
Best (Family Laxative
names of three or more
Be«r«re of constipation.
Use Or.
King's New Lil» Pill« ami keep well. friends or neighbors who mitrht
Mr«. Charles E. Smith, of West Frank­ be interested in a piano, player
lin, Me., call« them "Our family laxa­
piano or Victrola, and we will
tive." Nothing better for adults or
Get them
today, 25c.
All send you and them a beautiful
monthly art calendar forj 1914.
Druggist« or by mail.
I. f tackM« A C« SWMtipM st it
A visit will be of mutual advant­
We will be pleased to
Daily Mails
demonstrate the “Christmas
Mail« at the Lent« postoffice arrive player” action, which can be
and depart ax follow« :
easily installed in any piano,fand
8:»> A. M. makesany piano a “playor piano”
6:00 A. M.
a pianist,
12 4AP. M or anybody
12:4OP. M.
3:10 P. M.
5:20 P. M i “auto” is at your service. Open
Soule Bros. Piano
A “Piano” For $10
Company. 388 Morrison street,
Deposit: balance on easy pay­ I near Tenth.- Adv.
Let your “Christmas
present’’ be a permanent one. Stubborn, Annoying Coughs Cured
Let us prove to you a saving of "My husband had a rough for fifteen
$25 to $100 on any piano you wish year« and my «on for eight years. Dr,
to buy. Our system of selling King's New Discovery completely cured
(or which 1 am mint thankful,"
insures satisfaction. Free tuning them,
writex Mr«. David Moor, of Saginaw,
and inspection for one year. We Ala. What Dr. King*« New Discovery
offer you a good piano for $195 did for these men, it will do for you.
(others would charge you $.300). Dr. King'« New Dix-ove-y should lie in
Special offer for this week: First everv home. Stop« hacking cough«, re­
lieve« lx grippe «nd all throat and lung
class player piano for $455 ailment».
Money back if it fail«.
<regular price $600). No sensa­ druggist«, Price SOe. and fl.00.
tional (circus) advertising: we
N. t Bochte« A Cs nsaMpkis w St Itais
Good Plan For Poultry Growers
Thi« ia a |3 contrivance for raising
chicken«. Material, nine boards 8 feet
long and 1 foot wide, 58 square feet of
wire netting. Make a square enclosure
and divide in five apartment«.
one board across one end for a «over for '
neats you have previously made; now
nail on the wire. The meshe« of the
wire should be large to admit the feed.
Separate door« «honld be made for the
neet«, so that each next lie looked after
abstaining army. This great sovereign
is trying to stamp out the disease of in­
Pick up almost any newspaper and i temperance from the German army,
somewhere witbin it will be found an
Miee Lucy Broad, noted missionary,
article on taxation. That question of1 while in Lents was the guest of Mr«.
taxation has been agitating the world Carr.
for Io, these many centuries, but it has
never been settled. We suspect it nev­
Egg Soup le Cheap,
er will be. Ax practiced it is filled with
Egg soup i« most nourishing, • nd
For instance,
a great those who do not core to eat eggs
church or cathedral is built, the congre-. cooked in any of the usual ways may
gation is filled with rivalry in the j benefit by having them in soup: Three
eggs, three pints of stock, one table­
matter of it« adornment.
spoonful of flour. |>epi*er and salt.
One wealthy member supplies the
Mix the flour to a smooth |>e«te. add
organ; another the altar or pulpit; It to the stock, leaving it to boil for
others the stained windows; until when a quarter of an hour. Beat up the egg«
completed the structure represents two and mix them gradually with a little
thousand dollar« expended for pride for stock, then add them to the soup, stir­
every thousand expended for essential«. ring carefully for a few minute«, but without giving the wild hen« a chance
But when it come« to levying taxes, the taking care that the soup does not boil, to fly out.
When the chicken« are hatched each
tax-gatherer ia warned away from the as this would curdle it. Herve with
hen hax her own «belter and mn
structure because it is God’s house. But | little sippets of fried bread.
fighting hen«, no hurrying to «hut up
under its shadow is a little house and ,
How to Dry Clean White Hair.
chicken« when a storm approach««. A
lot. In the house is a tired woman and
My some absorbent cotton over the woman can make one if «he so desire«.
five babies, the husband and father be­
bristles of n wire h»lrlm«h. pushing
ing away earning the money needed to It down until the bristles peni-tnite the
feed and clothe the babies. Which does i cotton «nd it Ile« close to the bark of
How to Make a Pretty Brassiere.
any one think God holds dearest; the the brush. A few stroke« of this over
A pretty braeaiere la made of alter
woman and the five children and the the hnir will show hov. I >rge n quan­ note atrip« of lace and heading through
husband and father away at work, or ' tity of dust can l»e takàn m> by the which wide ribbon la threaded. Ad­
the big church in the shadow of which ! cotton, leaving the hair bright, «oft justable «trap« are need for evening
the little home is situated? Still the •nd dean Do this every night.
Ten Electric Generating Plants
Widely scattered, have been built by
the Portland Railway, Light & Power
Company for the purpose of pro­
Where Located
Portland (2)
Oregon City
Bull Run
to its patrons. Through high tension
transmission lines, each of these gen­
erating plants are inter-communica­
tive, so that the service is insured
against unforeseen interruptions.
St. Johns
Portland Railway Light & Power Company
Broadway and Alder Streets
Marshall 6100;
Home A-6131