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    '“tTÍÍX'S." ... Vast Tract Re-forested;
Hartford. Conn. -William C. Red-
TllJlulB field, secretary of commerce, add res« -
ing the State Business Men s associa­
tion of Connecticut, asked what had
Work Still Goes On
Resume of World's Important
Events Told in Brief.
^ttlXUract*d by the new Ur,ff
"All men are witnesses that the
flooding of our markets with the prod-
Muncie, Ind., has voted "dry” by ucts of the so-called pauper labor of
a majority of 462.____________________ Europe has not occurred,” he said.
Ex-President Taft is to be appoint-
‘m>£rU for
ed a Supreme court justice.
penod since the tariff came into effect
are actually less than they were for a
Senator Fail, of New Mexico, makes nke period a year ago.
What has be
an earnest plea for armed intervention come of the
millions on millions in
in Mexico.
value of goods waiting to be unloaded
Thirty persons were hurt in riots on uP"n “• whereby the power to pur-
the first day of the general workmen's ch«8«
cheaply was to bring dis-
•trike in Rome.
ester and distress upon American in­
Structural ironworkers convicted of
"Instead, as editors and speakers
dynamiting lost their final appeal to
back over the cold, hard facts of
the Supreme court.
our foreign trade their remarks about
Premier Asquith presented his Irish the flooding of our markets must come
Home Rule bill before parliament and to their thought as those things one
received a chillv reception.
would rather not have said.
_ ,
. ,
“Meanwhile the current has run
Senator Tillman s long pending reso- ,tpongly
otber way 4nJ particular-
lution furbidding smoking during »es-
.g ^jg true jn ^e shape of fully
sions was adopted by the senate.
finished materials, our foreign trade
Japan has cut $20,000,000 from her in which continues to grow despite
proposed navy budget, after having the normal fluctuations from month to
made a previous cut of $11,000,000.
month in the total export business.
j j -
.-If there were any who felt the flood-
London pjhce succeeded m arrest'ng j
had rolne when December imports
Mrs. Pankhurst for the sixth time,
,t evef R
after a lively fight wnh suffragettes. )y ,1M>50O.OM. they must have ex-
Eugene—Completion of the five-year
tssk of re-foresting Mount Hebo, in
Tillamook county, and the beginning
of an experiment with the forestation
of the sand dunes about Gardiner, are
announced by H. L. Rankin, super­
visor of the Slualaw national forest.
The Mount Hebo burn, which was
one of the largest tracts of burned-
over land in the West, was caused by
the great fire of 1861, when the In­
dians set fire to the timber of the
Coast and destroyed vast areas. Much
of this was re-forested through nat-
ural agencies, but the tract In Tilla­
mook county was too vast an area for
the wind to carry the tree seeds,
hence the work has had to be under­
taken by man’s hand.
In all 6000
acres will have been re-planted, and
It is estimated that the whole tract
will be bearing saw timber within 40
Another tract of equal size lies in
the northwestern portion of
county, back of Cape Perpetua, and
the re forestation of this tract next
i will be undertaken.
Americans Get Body of
Man Slain by Mexicana
Laredo, Tex.—A party of Ameri­
cans who secretly crossed into Mexico
Sunday night brought to the American
side the mutilated body of Clemente
Vergara, Texas rancher, and estab­
lished the fact of his execution after
he was seised by Mexican federate.
The invaders were not opposed, ac­
complishing their search without the
slightest violence, taking the body
from a grave in Hidalgo cemetery al­
most within sight of the Texas bor­
der. The eel sure was divested of pos­
sibly grave aspects in International
complications by reason of the fact
that the party was virtually making
use of permission granted officially by
Mexican federal authorities several
days ago for the recovery of the body.
This permission had been given to
United Stales Consul Garrett at Nue­
vo Laredo, but he did not get the body
because of what ho reported as dan­
gers attending the search for it in the
immediate vicinity of Hidalgo.
Vergara was shot twice through the
head and once through the neck, his
skull was crushed as by a blow from a
rifle butt and the charred fingers of
the left hand indicated that he had
been tortured before being put to
Identification was made by Vor-
gara'a eon and by numerous friends,
many of whom were In the party of
nine, which made the grim journey to
the Hidalgo cemetery during the early
morning hours.
Pavement Strewn With Bodies
of Dead and Dying.
Every Fireman and Ambulance in
City at Scene- Only 50 Out of
2.35 Are Accounted For.
St. l/ouis—More than 100 persona
are believed to have lost their lives In
a fire that destroyed the Missouri
Athletic club at Fourth and Washing­
ton streets, early Monday morning.
Of 185 members and more than 100
guests registered at the club at the
time the fire was discovered not more
than 50 have been accounted for.
Bodies of seven men, who lost their
lives In jumping from the upper stor­
Salem—The Supreme court, in an that engineers and farm handa at the
ies of the burning building, were pick­
opinion given by Justice Moore, holds State Insane asylum came within the
ed up on the pavement.
that the employes of the state, institu­ purview of the law, the Labor com-
The fire was discovered bursting
tions do not work more than eight miaaioner contended that it applied to
from the windows of the lower four
hours daily and ordered that Governor all employee of the institution». A
i stories. The blase spread rapidly to
| the Boatmen's Bank.
West, State Treasure Kay and Secre­ different view was taken by the State
tary of State Olcott, arrested at the board of control and the Commiaaioner
At 2:30 o’clock every fireman in the
instance of Labor Commiaaioner Hoff was asked to bring legal proceedings
city was on the scene, but the blase
to teat the eight-hour law as it ap­ to teat the law.
spread in all directions and was far
plies to state institutions, be dis­
Just what the decision of the court
beyond the control of the firemen.
charged from custody.
As a result of would have been had it been shown
, The entire block bounded by Fourth
the decision it probably will not be that the employes mentioned in the
street. Broadway, Washington avenue
A military aviator and his passenger perienced a rude shock when the im- necessary to create deficiencies for complaint worked more than eight
and Lucas avenue
to be
were killed at Vienna when their | ports for January fell off over $30,- any of the state institutions. The houra a day is problematical, for that
motor stopped, causing their biplane 000,000, so as even to be less by al­ Supreme court having decided recently point was not passed upon.
At 2:45 a. m. the roof of the mas­
to fall.
most $9,000.000 than the month of
sive structure, covering half a city
Secretary of War Gar,iron takes a January. 1913. It is normal and we
square, caved in, carrying down with
hand in the inquiries into the death of »P* • Krowth,
tho ‘"’P0“’
It several floors, on which It la be­
Clemente Vergara at the hands of manufacture, under the new tanffs, tn
lieved there Were more than 100 sleep-
London Militant suffragettes again era.
Mexican federal..
,tha‘ compel, tvecondit.ons may
Salem—Organisation of the logan­
Summer Lake — One of the largest
exist to the general good. It is equal-
Every available ambulance and po-
engaged in battle with the police Sun-
A 12-inch gun exploded at Sandy |y normal and we expect that as great reclamation projects in Northern Lake berry growers of the state looking to
• day on their favorite field, Trafalgar. | lice patrol wagon in the city was
Hook proving grounds while being or a larger growth will take place in
obtaining adequate markets, will be
called to the scene.
tested with a new powder.
One man the exportation, of manufactures in draining of Summer Lake and utiliz­ made at a meeting of growers in this | Square, and in a pouring rain. The I
A careful census of those who es-
arrest of Sylvia Pankhurat for the . caped from the building was taken by
was slightly injured.
order that business may run more ing the flow of Ana river, which main­
tains the body of water at a general city soon.
The Postoffice department is having steadily in our American shop, and I level by turning the stream flow into
sixth time under the “eat and mouse” j the polieft and an officer of the club
The acreage devoted to this crop
great trouble securing bids for carry-!t!iat the
°* tbe nations may be
I irrigation canals to supply the land having been materially increased this ■ act precipitated the conflict. In addi- ’ and not more than 5<> men were ac­
iug mails on star routes, owing to the brought in increasing quantities into ’ on the east side of the valley.
11ion to Miss Pankhurat seven women counted for.
increased business brought by Parcel tbe Packets of our people.
year, many growers became fearful
The Missouri Athletic club was one
There is an irrigation plant supply­
and three men were arrested.
, of the most exclusive organizations of
Post, and the fact that there is r.o
_ .. .
„. ,
ing water to about 15U0 acres which some time ago that they would suffer
Among those arrested was Miss the city.
equitable method of fixing the com- TOUT rail Hl right Oil
is operated by pumping, the motive for lack of demand. Plans for exploit­
Emerson, of Jackson,
power being supplied from the stream ing the berry and creating new mar­
Miss Emerson has been arrested sev­
General Souders, leader of the Sou-
Welch, W. Va.—R. L. Taylor, a flow, but only a small per cent of the kets have been made.
Professor C. I. Lewis, of the Ore­ eral times for participation in suffra­
ders faction of the famous Souders- deputy sheriff, is [dead; A. D. Beav- water can be used this way, and the
Turner fued, in Kentucky, which was erg_ ex-United States deputy ¡marshal, new company will build a large dam gon Agricultural college, who is aid­ gette demonstrations and recently
supposed to have ended 25 years ago, ¡9 dyjDg> and D. W. Beavers, a deputy and raise the water high enough to ing in the formation of the organisa­ there were rumors that steps were be­
died of pneumonia at his home. He sheriff, and T. E. Hickey, are serious- flow upon the lands above the river, tion, says one of its objects will be to ing taken by the British government
Boston — Resolutions adviaing men
to deport her as an undesirable alion.
was 53 years old and is reported to |y WOunded a. the result of a pistol thus accomplishing a two-fold purpose standardize the fruit.
women who are out of work to
have killed 11 men. He prided^
prided him- battle ««
. Norfolk a
on a
& Western t>i.
self, however, on the fact that for the between Jaeger and Berwind, W. Va. at a smaller coat and furnishing irri­ tablished,” he said, “which will ob­ whether thia report was true, Reg­ steal food and clothing to malnain
gation at a low cost. Some 25,000 or tain all information possible for use in inald McKenna, the homo secretary, themselves were adopted at a mass
last 20 years he had been a law-
It is said that the shooting followed
more acres will come under the new advertising and distributing the ber­ asserted no such steps were being meeting of the unemployed hero.
abiding citizen.
a quarrel between Taylor and ftbe
“Society having failed to give him
ries through mediums already estab­ taken.
i project
President Wilson requests congress Beavers brothers,
work, the man who la unemployed ia
Artesian wells were discovered a lished. Arrangements will be made
to repeal the canal tolls measure, and ^ve times and instantly ...........
killed. A. D.
for shipping the fresh fruit, berry offense, bringing here within the pro­ excluded from bperation of its laws,"
_; .
I'navova waaasvas
si II av sea th
received A * a K
in the abdo­ few years ago in the Summer Lake
the British press expresses great ap- I Beavers
------- .-------------------------
valley and the largest flowing well in juice, canned berries, jams and jel­ visions of the alien act, the question the resolution said, adding that such a
men, his brother was shot'througb the
of applying to the court for a recom­ man "ia henceforth authorised and
leg, and Hickey, who had no part in I Oregon is said to be supplying water
I obliged to preserve life by hla own
mendation for her expulsion w ill
for atock and irrigation.
There are
Slight earthquake shocks were felt the fight, received a thigh wound,
efforts; that he must therefore take
perhaps 15 wells flowing at depths
considered,” he added, however.
in many towns in Tennessee, Georgia,
Bob Evans, one of the combatants,
food, clothing and shelter where he
that range from 90 to 700 feet, the
Alabama and the Carolinas.
« arrested
All those who took part
can, regardless of social edicts against
in the battle are prominent and well
. him doing so.”
through several strong flows at differ­
Senator Jones urges his waterpower known as officials in the coal fields,
Eugene — Seventy farmers, at a I
bill before congress, on the plea that
The car in which the shooting oc-
meeting here, voted to incorporate
it will reduce the high cost of living, curred was crowded with passengers, ■ being in the neighborhood of 200 feet. within a few days the Eugene Farm­
Washington, D. C. — Senator Poin­
j but the duelists shot nearly true to Settlers are pouring into the area and
ers’ Creamery as a co-operative com-' dexter, in an interview, parted com­
The army of unemployed en route their aim and only one non-combatant soon every available acre will be used
pany, with a capital of $6000, the
: for agricultural purposes.
from San Francisco to Washington, was injured.
pany with President Wilson on the
Washington. D. C.—Trans-Atlantic
Until the railroad comes this will greater part of which has been sub­ Panama canal tolls issue. Generally
were driven from Oakland by the po­
aeroplane flights with present-day fly­
| involve growing the crops that can
he has supported the President on ing machines are a possibility of the
walk to the railway, and liveatock, to draft a constitution, and it
major Issues.
He said senators and near future, in the opinion of Dr.
A Baltimore woman is down with
with grain and hay, will be the prin-
tion shortly.
nervous prostration, after having tried
representatives seemed to be “falling Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of
■ cipal products.
Boise, Idaho—The defunct King Hill
the telephone, who spoke here before
Chris Myhre, of Junction City,
40 different cooks in succession within
irrigation project located in Snake i
president of the Oregon-Idaho Butter over themselves" to keep up with the the Federal School Men's clut A A sys­
a year.
School Fund Has Thermometer.
River valley, surrounding the town of
makers, presided and suggested that "acrobatic procession” that is follow- tem of gears for increasing M.c
King Hill, was sold at public auction
Ashland—A colossal thermometer, one of the present creameries in Eu­ - ing the President in this matter, “be- of propellers in the decreased resist«
to the
state of _____
Idaho —
for $30,000.
— The
---- 20 feet high, located on the plaza, in­ gene be purchased in preference to the ing entirely satisfied if they can yield I anee of higher altitudes, he said, prob­
j I U
sale was ordered by the Federal court
Both their own judgment to the wishes of ably would solve the problem. Ma­
dicates by gradients of 10 degrees establishing of a new one.
Wheat—Track prices: Club, 91@ because the King Hill Irrigation*
chines of 50 miles an hour speed under
creameries have set prices, and the the executive.”
each the volume of subscription in be­
Commenting further on this line, he ordinary conditions, he said, at proper
91jc: bluestem, $1(81.01; forty-fold. Power company had not met its finan-
owner of one has offered to remain as
half of the Normal school movement.
“Impartial foreign critics are altitude traveled 100 miles an hour.
91(S92c; red Russian, 91c; valley, i cial obligation.
manager of a co-perative plant, The said:
The scale runB from 10 to 720.
laughing at us and we are making of
91c. ,
The state made the only bid at the
"I think,” he added, “we may safe­
offers are being considered.
was placed in position February 27,
ourselves an international ’boob.’ " ly say that we will see airships cross­
Oats—No. 1 white, milling, $24 ton. sale and the amount offered was the
The farmers interested in the proj-
and the guage is already near the 100
He added: “The canal might have ing the Atlantic at a height of two
Q>rn_Whole, $33.50(834; cracked, minimum price set by the court that
ect own about 600 cowa.
mark, indicating that approximately
been built by the United States 25 miles above the earth, driven by warm
$34.50@35 ton.
could be received.
The project will
$100 has been subscribed toward the
years earlier than it wax but for the and comfortable aeronauts.
Barley—Feed, $22(822.50 ton; brew- be financed by Carey act trust money
general fund for boosting the normal
insidious' opposition of transcontinen-
and later it is hoped that the state
ing. $23(823 50; rolled, $25.
"The question of sufficient oxygen
campaign. The Normal association is
; tai railroads and the same Influences
Hay—No. 1 Eastern Oregon timo- and government can co-operate.
for the driver is solved by the tre­
directing this effort, the members con­
depended on in the same
thy, $17; mixed timothy, $14; alfal­
mendous speed itself,
for the air
sisting of all those who contribute $10.
Portland—Portland’s Rose Festival insidious way to minimize its results striking the face would be condensed.
fa, $14; clover, $9*810; valley, grain
Doctor Victim of “Cure.”
thia year will be of national promi­ in every way possible, now that it is As for the cold at such a height, the
hay. $12*813 50.
New York—While [laboring to dis­
Bids On Road to Be Asked.
nence as the scene of the annual Na­ constructed.”
Millfeed—Bran, $31 ton; shorts,
exhaust of the machine furnishes a
cover a cure for the opium-smoking
Astoria — Major Bowl by, of the tional Balloon meet which is to be
$25; middlings, $31.
source of heat easily applicable to
Broker-Forger Is Killed.
Vegetables — Cauliflower, $2 25 habit, which wealthy’patients had con­ State Highway commission, was here held here under the auspices of the
keep thu aviator properly warm."
crate; eggplant, 25c pound; peppers, tracted, Dr. Herman H. Seidler fell a recently and said the department ex­ < American Aero club, of New York.
Omaha—J. D. Hooper, stock broker,
pects to call for bids about May 1 on
20c; garlic. 15c; sprouts, 10@llc;
26 years old, was killed in resisting
Spain Votes; Lives Ixmt.
Highway balloon pilots, entries to be made from
celery, $4 50 crate; hothouse lettuce, according to his testimony in the grading the
two detectives who were arresting
— Rioting and bloodshed at­
50@75c box; spinach, $1 crate; horse­
him on a charge of uttering false
Salt Lake and other Eastern cities.
tended the balloting in the general
radish, 8@10c, cabbage, 2Jc pound; charged with having manufactured ties.
The balloon race will be a contest of checks. Hooper was wanted in many elections for the chamber of deputies
The plan is to ask bids on the entire
turnips, 75c; carrots, 85c; parsnips, smoking opium without a license.
flight, the gas bag remain­ cities on forgery charges. Detectives Saturday throughout the kingdom.
85c; beets. $1.
in the air winning the Fleming and Murphy declared the
with a view to inducing the large rail­
Green Fruit — Apples, 75c(8$2.25
Four men were killed. At Erge one
man shot himself rather than submit
box; cranberries, $1261,12.50 barrel; the habit .he had experimented with road contracting companies to bid on capital prize. The Festival manage­
man wit killed and ten persons In­
the drug. Many of Dr. Seidler’s pa- the work.
ment has hung up $3000 in prizes
pears, $1(3)1.50.
At Barradeles another man
for this event, which will be managed police of Los Angeles for a forgery
Onions—Old, $3.25*83.50 sack; buy­ tients are said to be prominent.
wax killed and eight men injured. In
Gold Hill Man Has Deer Park.
ing price, $2.75(83 at shipping points.
Chief Sebastian, of that city, Omaha a village near Durango a conservative
Roads See Trouble Ahead.
Potatoes—Oregon, 75*880c hundred;
Ashland—Earl Fisher, of Gold Hill, one of the world’s famous air pilots.
officers received notice that Hooper electoral agent wax killed. At Bilboa
buying price, 50@65c at shipping
in this county, has installed a deer
and Gljou shots were exchanged be­
was in thia city.
the country are face to face with the park on n small scale. A vacant lot
tween republicans and conservative»,
Eggs—Fresh Oregon ranch, 18j@ greatest financial problem in the his­ has been utilized. It has been screened a feature of the great pageant on Fri­
resulting in one man being killed and
Convicts Hear Mrs. Booth.
tory of railroading in the United with wire and converted into a model day, June 12, the closing day of* the
19c dozen.
several persons weing wounded.
Poultry—Hens, 17|@18c; springs,
place for the animals.
Several deer
Booth, the “little mother,” spoke to
17J(818c; broilers, 25c; turkeys, live, the New York legislature by the pres­ are already within the enclosure and
3,500,000 Eggs Coming.
1200 convicts in the open prison yard
Man Starves to Death.
19<8,20c; dressed,
choice, 25(826c; idents of 12 large railroads, asking more will be added as opportunity
B. C.— The'Canadian Pa­
ducks, 14@18c; geese, 10@llc.
offers. Their presence is the center
Salem — Starvation and exhaustion
prisoners gave her close attention. cific’s steamship Empress of Asia ar­
“This law in the past six months of attraction, not only to residents of
Butter—Creamery prints, extra, 27
are given as the cause of the death of Mrs. Booth is the only woman ever rived here with 3,500,000 Chinese eggs
has cost the railroads $600,000,” the the town, but also to strangers pass­
@27Jc pound; cubes, 23*824c.
George Smith, 65 years old, whose accorded the privilege of talking to consigned to points in the United
petition declares, “and no additional ing through that locality.
Pork—Fancy, 10@l0Jc pound.
body was found in a barn at West the convicts and one of the few ever States.
This consignment is from
Bafety has been given the public.”
Veal—Fancy, 13j*814c pound.
Stayton. Smith and a friend, J. Has- permitted within the prison walls.
Northern China, and is said to be In
Hops—1913 crop, prime and choice,
Thirty Civet Cats Trapped.
seman, walked from Mount Ange) to
much better condition than other ship­
Man of KM Saws Wood.
16c@17; 1914 contracts, 13}@14c.
Albany—The skins of 30 civet cats West Stayton, the latter spending the
Explosions Wreck Car.
ments recently brought to San Fran­
Wool — Valley, 16*817c; Eastern
Penn Yan, N. Y.—Samuel Keefer, were brought to this city by C. J. Nel­
night in an old cabin and Smith going
New York—The bursting of a 48- cisco. Consumers of the first ship­
Oregon, 10*815; mohair, 1913 clip, of Torry, celebrated his 104th birth­
son, of Brownsville, who has been
day Wednesday.
He is apparently as trapping in the Cascade mountains. to the barn. Coroner Clough, of Sa­ inch water main and a subsequent ment of Chinese eggs wore not satis­
26*8 27c pound.
lem, was notified and Dr. C. . H. series of explosions of gas mains in fied with the quality of the Oriental
Hides—Salted hides, 12|e pound; vigorous as a man of 70 years and
There is no bounty on these animals
salt kip, 13c; salted calf, 17c; green mentally appears
younger. but the skins are valuable in the fur Brewer made an investigation. 1 Has the heart of the city lifted a trolley product. ;
Bern an said that his friend had com-
car from the tracks, shank the build­
hides, lljc; dry hides, 23c; dry calf, When he was interviewed Mr. Keefer
Mr. Nelson also had the
25c; salted bulls, 8c; green bulls, 7c. was resting on a snow shovel.
He skins of a coyote and six wild cats on plained of being weak for some I time ings and flooded streets and cellars.
Marconi Testing Phone.
and that he had eaten little
Seven persons passengers of the trol­
Cattle—Prime steers, $7.50@7.75; said he expected to saw up quite a
Syracuse, Italy—William Marconi
which he collected bounties.
ley car, were slightly injured.
$7.30@7.50; medium, $7@ bit of wood before the end of his 104th
has arrived here with apparatus for
Pheasanta Are Liberated.
7.25: choice cows, $6.25(87; medium. birthday. He attributes his long life
experiments in radio-telephony.
930-Acre Ranch Is Sold.
$6(86.25; heifers, $6(87.25;
light to hie strict rules of living.
Cigarette Fatal to Twenty-four. was received on hoard the battleship
Tillamook—Deputy Game and Fiah
calves. $8(89; heavy, $6(8.7.50; bulls,
Dufur—James H. Johnson has sold Warden Leach released 24 pairs of
Ekaterinoslav, Russia—Twenty-four Regina Elena by the Duke d’Abruzzi,
Suffrage Bill Advances.
$4*85.60; stags, $6*87.60.
his 930-acre ranch, located near here, Hungarian pheasants east of town, men were killed in an explosion of gas who gave a dinner in honor of the in­
Boston—The proposed amendment to Clifford Chase, formerly of Russell, and he expects to release 25 paira of in a coal mine here.
Hogs—Light, $8@8.65; heavy, $7@
The explosion
Mr. Marconi
expects to
to the constitution, which would give III. This is the largest real estate Reeves pheasants, 25 pairs of China was caused by a miner's opening his ventor.
ten days on the battleship, ex­
Sheep — Wethers,
$5(86; ewer, the right to women to vote, passed the transaction which has been made in pheasants and 25 pairs of Bob White safety lamp in a gas-filled chamber to
changing messages with points on the
state senate Wednesday.
$3.50@5; lambs, $5(8,6.85.
this section for some time.
quail in the near future.
light a cigarette.
Court Rules State
Obeys 8-Hour Law
Suffragettes Use Clubs
Farmers Seek Markets
Drain Summer Lake;
in Battle With Police
for Loganberry Products
Get Much Fine I .and
Crowded Railway Train
Farmers Plan Cannery;
Will Buy or Build
Says United States Is
“International Boob”
Trans-Atlantic Flight
By Aeroplane Predicted
Idaho Buys Up Defunct
Irrigation Project
National Balloon Race at
Portland Rose Festival