Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, February 19, 1914, Image 4

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Entcred »» B*o*ad CI*** Mail Mailer al Lenta, Oregon, Auguri 2S, Itali
l'ubliahnl Every Thiirwlay «t leni*. Ore., by thè Mv. Bcorr l'vatieHiMU Co.
H. A. PARb’AI.L, Eniroa
Office Phone: Home 1111.
M anaom «.
Residence Tabor ZH13
The Helping Hand Class of the M £.
Church gave a Valentine »orlai at the
borneol Mrs. Mary Woodworth on HJtrd
street. A>»>uk fit* iwreoni were pres
ent The program was under the direc­
tion of Mias Aerie llolllngworth and
Mrs E I| Kulan.
L.itth> Mignon Wright wan the rv-
ciepicnt <>( a flu«' little birthday party on
Tn,'»Uy wlternoou, given al "grandma**
W A. Hall e, in honor of her third
birtlnlay. Thoee proront were Dorothy
Grider, Paul Gvialrr, Jas. Bi'aman,
Georgia • Ward, Carrie Bohm, Btalfa
lllakrelie. Gene ami Richard Allen, ■lid
Lora Rayburn,
the sluma <>( a city la to know of what i
th* »lutn* ar* compo**<L
Ever* where j
throughout hl* I hmik , Loniion i«>ltit*,
out like ■ tlaahlight on an elusive, intul |
covered trail, th* "atn'evaibility” <rf
John Barleycorn
Every man who la |
the father ol a *on *hou|<| read the I
IkMik. Every woman who love* littl» |
i children ahould read the book
Not lor
their peraotial edification and intellec­
tual *nl*< taiuin*nt, liui for the sake of
fir*t hand informatinn on a vital *uh-
)*ct which call* for an expreaaion. for
or againat, by every eiliaen
"Il I* the
healthy, normal hova now horn or lieing
born for •houi 1 writ»,** nay* lemdon.
The curvlvor* of the old red war, he
•aya, cry out, "Let there tw no more
war!" And eo Ixtndon crie* out from
hi* exparioMe, "Let there he no more
poiaon-fighting by our yontha!"
Way to (top drinking la to atop it. he
•ay*. and (or thia reason h* rode hi*
bore* down Into th* Valley ol the Moon
in the atate of California and voted
“yea” on th* suffrage amendment. H*
vol*I "yaa" l>ecau*e he believed the
women would put a atop to the "accaaa-
ibility*’ of the accursed »tuff upon
which he first tiecame druuk at ths age
of five years. "John Barlsycorn"is in
the fret* libra»!« at lx>nt», on Main
■tract just south of the Mt. Beoti car
line. Read it. Tldnk about It.
go and register that you may rut your
ballot right
HE HERALD announces a ject fo l>e supported by all thorn*
number of changes thia week. who might be benefltted thereby.
Arrangements have been made Rut not so. There are a goodly
■ Reap • Fsw Sheep
number of people in this state 8beep raising was considered prof-
with the management of the
who have not arrived at a state Hable tinder ordinary ranch condì
Mt. Scott News by which that
on dependency and charity, even tlons »et enti years ago when both wool
publication will be discontinued tho they do not hapix»n to be­ and mutton were chea|>er than they
are now. Why wouldn't It t»e profit
and the subscriptions will lie ta­
long to the exclusive parlor car able to keep a few aheap on a general
ken over by the Herald. In the
class. They are not exactly fanti where there la a good pasture?
words of the publisher of the
proud of their financial status,
“News,” “There is considerable
yet they feel the pulse of citizen­
due us on subscriptions, and. on
ship in their veins, and to de­
the other hand, there are quite a prive them of the privilege of
German Evangelical Reformed Church
number who have paid for some
contributing their proportion to s. School 10 A. M. German School
time in advance. For the bene­
the common welfare would seem Satuniay 10 A. M. Y. I*. S. Wedneaday
P. M. Sunday worehipjl 1 A. M.
fit of the latter we have arran­
to be a blow at their manhood, T. H Schilaknrcht. Pastor. S Are Lenta
ged with the editor of the Bea-
their honor, their sense of duty
uer State Herald of I«ents to sup­
in sharing the burdens which art*
ply them with his paper for essential to the existence of a
Communion aervic* In th* morning. I
the balance of the time due them
A MPUno** For $10
advanced civilization, and a free Bervice* at Hannett Chapel 3 p. m In
and all sums due us on subscrip­
republican government. There the evvuing the pastor will preach on
Deposit: balance on easy pay-
tion will be payable to the Her-
are not a few who are disposed the subjectLaborer* wanted. Work mer.ts.
Let your "Christmas
plenty, and wage* fair.”
Our aecond
to view the proposition as an in­ quarterly conference will be heldRratur- present” be a permanent one.
In taking over this large addi­ sult to their integrity and assert
day evening. February 21. 7:10 p.m, Let us prove to you a saving of
tion to our mail list we wish to that though they may not belong I>r. Janie* Moore will preside. "L*nt*
$25 to $100 on any piano you wish
state that it will be our endeavor to the silk stocking aristocracy, people go to church.*'
to buy. Our system of selling
W, Boyd Moore Pastor.
to furnish news from the whole though they may be accustomed
insures satisfaction. Free tuning
of the MtScott district. The to pay for their physical comforts
and inspection for one year. We
Laurelwood M. E. Church
Herald has never striven to en­ with the sweat of their brows
you a good piano for $195
croach on the field of the“News. and calloused hands, yet they Services for Sunday, February ?2, at (others would charge you $300).
Now that the “News” has drop­ will, so long as they an* able to the laurelwood M. E. Church fi3rd Special offer for this week: First
«tn—l near Fooler road. Sunday school
ped out we feel at liberty to en­ lift an arm. resent any statua- at 9:43 a. m. Preaching »object. "The class player piano for $455
ter its field. It will be impossi­ tory limitations that excludes Heavenly Inheritance,” 11:00 a. nt.
(regular price $000). No sensa­
ble to report all the happenings them from an equal or propor­ Evening service 7 30 p. m. Th* regular tional (circus) advertising; we
but we shall surely do what we tional share in the responsibili­ rnonthy "Sacred Concert” put on the
are out of the “high-rent dis­
can Any news matter sent in ties of the national, state, or Io­ la»t Sunday evening of each month.
no “buncomb piano
The whole evening in music by the trict”;
will be gladly received. We hope »cal government and that to do laurel wood M. E. Choir, under the
checks” nor “trading stamps.”
to give News” readers as much less places them in the class of lemiership of Mine Helene Butilaff. in
We positively give you Jmore
information as they have been dependents and paupers.
rolo*. duets, quartet ts, anthem*, etc.
value at a less price than is possi­
tome.” Rev. V. E. Willing«. Pastor.
accustomed to receive and pos­
Why should the limit of tax­
ble to obtain elsewhere. Send us
sibly more. Our field is larger able property be placed at $1500?
nam«»s of three or more
and we art* better equipped for Why not at $2500, or $5000. or
11 a. ai. preaching. Subject
"laving friends or neighbors who miurht
handling the community. And even more? Evidently the idea tn Christ.” 7:30 p. m. Preaching. be interested in a piano.’player
the "Mt.Scott District” is a com­
seems to be that such a proposi­ Subject: "Our ever Present Lori." piano or Victrola. and we will
munity. It is generally known
Reception of new member* at the do*e
send you and them a beautiful
an«i spoken of as such. Its inter­ tion will appeal to the baser, sel­ of the morning «ervice. 8. B. 9 45 a. m.
monthly art calendar for; 1914.
ests are in common. The main fish instincts of our citizenship, Y. P. A« 6:30 p.m.
revival services closed last Tues­ A visit will be of mutual advant­
thoroughfare of the district is and secure the necessary sup­ day <h>r
Ia»t Sabbath our Sunday age.
We will be pleased to
the Foster Boulevard, along port. We may be in error, but school was turned into an erangvii»tic demonstrate the "Christmas
which it is conceded fifteen we believe there are too many •ervice, and when Rev Strevffeler. enr
player” action, which can be
evangeliat. gave an alter call.
thousand people reside. That
MEN in the state to fall for it. thirty or forty of young people catue easily installed in any piano,rand
body of people may have a vert-
forward and moat of them definitely de- makesany piano a ‘ ‘playor piano’ ’
material influence in shaping
a pianist,
The Sock of layink hens «11! do declared they accepted Chnct aa their or anybody
the civic affairs of the city. If much
Wednesday evening of Ibi» "auto" is at your service,
better this whiter If they ■re xaviour
this district acts as a unit its in­ prodded with a ecratching shed bar week we began our rerial services in
Soule Bros. Piano
fluence will be powerful. The Ing oa* aM* «pen. In whta h th*y ran our Mt Scott society, in Uappy Company. 388 Morrison
Herald hopes to be an element w,,rk *t"ring tb* wanner beur* of tb* Valiev, Rev Streyffeler will »ssist
It will t>e snrprisitig how few until otrer the Sabbath, and Rev. K. D. i near Tenth. —Adv.
in shaping these influences and of the 11 'oldest '* days
1"« h”w t*w
will not And the Horntcboch, paator of oyr fl rat F.ngliah
in securing their effectiveness. hen« In this short hard at work Roth church, will aaai«t next week
Feel Miserable?
The support the people mav give ,h-' ****'•!•• and tb«* fro«h air win ron
P CtiXKI lN. Paator.
Out of aorta. depressed. pain in hack
the Herald will only be a means
7’ hy ‘T“
—Electric Bitter* recew* roar health
to their own improvement. The
Seventh Day Adventist Church
and »trength. A guarantee'! Liver and
‘‘The Traffic in Giris—How to Stop it." Kidney remedy.
Herald will stand for everything
Money back if not
is the «abject nl a lecture to be delivered »at >» tied It complete!* cured Rol«ert
that is good, and nothing that is
the Irrita S. D. A. church, on Mad wen, of W**t Burlington, Iowa, who
bad. if correctly informed. It
Blunter St. Saturday excning. Feb. 21 suffered from virulent liver trouble for
will be independent in politics
7 31 P. M. Mr Earle A. Rowell, presi­ eight month*. After four doctor* gave
and non-aectarian in creed, and
TIC LES dent of the Young Emancipator« of him up, be took Electric Bittera and i*
America will show the connection be­ now a weli man tret a* bottle to-day;
whether you agree with us or
ts .-en the liquor traffic ami the traffic it will <to the name for you
Keep in
not you shall have fair treat­
ILLUSTPA in girts, the terrible aril of boll!, and the h'vuae for all liver and kidney com­
ment, provided you show the
how t<> «top both. Everyone with chil­ plaint*
Perfectly aale and dependable.
same spirit, Wo note that most
dren should be especially interested in It» results will »urpri** row.
Site and
people make mistakes.
this subject
All are urged to come and fl .00
have been acredited with a |few Popular Mechanics bring their friends It is imi«>rtant
4 c*.
that all fnen.i* of m»«1 lass, of clean
shortages ourselves and are in­
lives, of Christianity, of sober manhood
■»»mi » *e rwu cam u « o * w « t » mo rr—
and virtuous woman bond in lent« »fiend
clined to be charitable.
iS«rov «4 d» »Wi
this interesting and instructive i Mrtw
P»»« t » m -h. h rou wux berm -«ro-ng
Along with this enlargement M anv
There will also be «pestai music appro­
urn*, and wtrnh vng bald roar
inrenxt f «««er. You are Ihrtng tn the Mat
priate to the ora-asion
in field we have decided to make year.
<w th* m<w* vrrod»-«nl aer. at what w
great w H world m iSr umveraw.
a change in name. The name douNH-'.vha
A ;»■»*< a t of Mar» woald g ad < pa* —
under which we have been ’is­
C 1 AAA Fn*
VE kit s
suing never was satisfactory. tn Itu» r-.vcwnweja order m Were tn 'armed of
It was always top heavy. - The
On Toesdav, February 24. at two
name over reached its field. Its
o'clock, Mt Scott Vnioa will ‘meat at
egotism was typical of its origin.
the Bapti»« church
A program ha»
We believe the community |will
been prepared «nd refreshments will be
Portland (2)
support something more local in
A generai invitation is ax-
nature, that the population of
Oregon City
The aatbor of that w*»rd book. * The
this section will warrant it. so
Call of lhe»WiM” Jack London, ha»
th«» Mt Scott Herald will super­
«rule« another story of a «rinvìi. mid
sede the Iteaver State Herald,
i, w w
call which ha name* "John Barley­
the Mt Scott News. Mt. Scott
corn.” In thia bonk tha antbrg tall*
Tnbune. an«I a few other less re­
h» «a» life «tory in quaint style from
the far rem he« of hi* memory to the
cent publications.
Bull Run
At The Churches j
Plan—Then Act
Pel on
The Multnomah Slate Bank
Lents Sta., Portland, Oregon
Hay, Feed and Grain
Washed Gravel, Sand
Cement, Brick. Lime, Wall and Land Plaster
IT IS pwnerally understood that
" the next general election in
this stew « ’’•! have a irrist of in­
itiative petitions. Just what is
m the preparation h*.« not been
fully developed, but of one thin?
we nuy be sure. A number of
chantable pratr people, working
on salaries, are prepannff tn re­
lieve about two thirds of the
txvple of the state of all forms
of taxation.
Naturally you
might think this would be a pro-
P atents
A »« a M tmc * «r*4
Si*sru»s r«wT «wwr-twe
mriwafsfW «• fkTYtfcfob *
tKWNtMrWMly CrsnSt-'r- • • HAVBf* r« P»l*gt
far «svarmt
safeMk »kreme*
A t ' iwwr
< Mirra m tW
Sckitifk Hmtrkan.
w * m *4 *
m»us<4em <4
p r —m— r J- mb *— a*.
VW ?'*•* W rirtW. B* AnU M
r _ •
mmco -*—- Hew HG
WwA iWm « r
^8—IMJI - n u.
1 Block East of Main St. on Fostrr Roni
Rhone«* Tabor ttfifi; Home 3112
All kinds of Storage for Household arti­
cles, * Furniture
or other Goods
Rates Reasonable
Office Lents Furniture Company
North Main St., Lents
Home 1111; Tabor 1361
The Herald is only $1.00 the year
Ten Electric Generating Plants
Widely scattered, have been built by
the Portland Railway, Light A- Power
Company for the purpose of pro­
Where Located
prevent time Charle« Vale, tn a re­
view of the hook in th* fornm «aya : j
while yon are reading
coner»oes of the ronUumma'e «iw. pl ici t y
of th* work, of it* utter frank tow*, of
its freedom troni all pettinane and of it*
color and riribtv and eanenee»
Ret he
car ino» a », of the depth* ; eneat b
the 'Orfio "
For tboogh va are
an antohvograpr y of Jack
Ixm-to*,. genaa*. yon are ab«r> -rw-iin<
the biographe of mankind in the mak­
ing and in the n amng "
Rm, e»r*
roane wreran. «hy «bouta! I wade
tbrwngti a «lory of iranken camn«al*
and 4»¡nking Km»? Th» an««nr to
thi» jne*t»oa is the way to vena ap
Many people plan their whole live«
to have a bank account and then leave this
world without so much as a start at one.
Planning is not worth anything un­
less followed by action and good intentions
never land you anywhere.
Make your plans to start an account
with this bank right now and back up your
plans with action and the rest will come
easy. It is a stepping stone to prosperity
and it is up to you, so why not t>egin today.
to its patrons. Through high tension
transmission lines, each of these gen­
erating plants are inter-communica­
tive. so that the sendee is insured
against unforeseen interruptions.
St- Johns
Portland Railway Light & Power Company
Broadway and Alder Streets
Marshall 5100;
Home A-6131