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Items of Local and Personal Interest, Gathered
By I he Enterprise Correspondehts. t
m k
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Morgan and
children left Friday for Eugene to
Bend the holiday's with Mrs. Morgan
parents of that town. '
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Overstreet, C.
M. Beaumont and R. S. Overstreet
went to Vale Wednesday to attend
the hearing before the Court and the
Budget Committee. Mrs. Overstreet
was appointed by the county P.-T. A.
to attend and Mr. Overstreet and Mr.
Beaumont were there in the intersts
of he bureau.
M. L. Parsons and daughter left
in their car Saturday for Portland.
Mrs. Tai-sons left for Roswell where
they will make their future home.
Merritt Creeling is home for the
holidays from the Weiser Institute.
Miss June Page came from Boise
Friday -to spend the holidays with
her father. They were entertained
nt Christmas dinner in the W. L.
Schafer home.
Mr.s Herbert Hickox went to Nam
pa this Friday to visit relatives and
Mr. Hickox motored to Nampa for
Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Johnston were 1
guests for Christmas dinner in the
P. B. Anderson home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Beaumont en
tertained the Martin family for the
Christmas dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schweizer
are in New Plymouth for the present
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Kingman and
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Otis were the
Christmas guests in the C. Peck
home in Big Bend.
Miss Homan left Sunday to spend
the vacation with her parents in
Several Kolony residents enjoyed
the musicale in Owyhee Sunda.
The Zeirlein family is at Fruitland
during the holidays.
The cream truck of the Coopera
tive Creamery in Payette has made
the first of the year two trips a week
he first of the year two trips a week
will be made. Eventually, a route
that will reach Big Bend and Parma
is expeted.
The slides to be used in the "The
Other Wise Man" will be shown at
the next P.-T. A. meeting, Jan. 5
The school children gave a very
pleasing program Saturday evening
Deiore a large house of parents and
friends. A large tree, furnishel by
the Sunday school, a very attract
ive fire place,, candles, small Christ
mas trees and vases of Poinsettas
formed an effective setting for the
Christmas gongs, recitations and a
little play. In addition to the num
bers given by the school children
songs were sung by the Misses Ber
nice Martin and Threlma McCreary
and by Mrs. Ro ,De Witt.
Santa dashed in at the close of the
program and help to distribute the
excellent candy furnished by the Sun
day school classes.
There will be a dance at the Bro
gan community hall Saturday Dec
ember 30,
J. A. Smith and daughter Beulah
and Thelma motored to Ontario this
Mr. Noah was a business visitor
in Ontario Tuesday.
'Miss rnestine Locey was a guest
of Miss Sylvia rubner Monday.
Carroll Locey of Ironside was a
guest of Newt Zailor Monday.
Mrs. Mary Carlisle of Ontario is a
guest of her sister Mrs. Tom Logan.
Glenn and lton Smith made a trip
to Ontario Monday concerning busi
ness matters.
Charies Grabner was a business
visitor in Ontario Tuesday.
Clarence Vandever was in Ontario
Tuesday. ,
J. A. Smith and family were the
dwinner guests cf J. W. Smith and
family for Christmas.
Mrs. Fred Kaphasam was an On
tario Friday.
J. W. Smith made a business trip
to Ontario Tuesday.
Father O'Connor of Ontario held
services at Brogan Monday.
Miss Mell Carter of Ontario was!
a guett of Mrs. J. W. Smith lust'
Mrs. mory Cole has been quite ill
for the past week.
Arden Reed who has been quite
ill is reported to be doing quite
John and Matilda Lewellyn who
are attending high school in Vale
have been home for the holidays.
Mr. Galvin was a dinner guest at
the Ton) Logan home Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bos well were
guests of Mrs. Boswell's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Horn at Jamieson for
Mrs. Francis Kennedy and child
ren and Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Wood
ward were dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Phil Edward at Jamieson for
Ch ristmas.
Water In Troubling Kilroad la V.orrr
Chinook which Imve swept
the Cuo-ad-e for the hint two days,
cmuihi heavy volume of water to
run out of the mountain during the
I a t H h..uiH, with (tie Ir.ult that
S. V. & H. i,i O-V. It. ii N.
lints in thtt Columbia riwt fcurt
r J rlciK lut water troubles bit
raonuay. Between Portland and
Tasco watr was reported on the
North Bank line in several places
this morning but no trouble was an
ticipated, as faintenance crews were
engaged in keeping tunnls and drain
pips open.
Seattle, Transforming a happy
family Christmas party into a sham
los, E. Newrider invaded the home of
his old friend D. C. Engel, here, this
morning and shot three of Engel's
children to death. He then turned
the weapon upon himself and blew
out his brains. The dead are Anna
Engel, 17; Hans Engel, 14, and Lily
Engel, 3. The elder Engel, his wife!
a son and daugther escaped. No
reason was ascribed for the act. The
only explanation was that Newrider
had suddenly lost his mind.
As Newrider entered the house un
announced and started firing, Anna
f-ngel, the 17-year-old daughter,
made a heroic but futile effort to
stuy the madman.
"Drop those guns, I'm not afraid
of you," Bhe told him, throwing her
self between her father and Newrider
Her head and body were literally
riddled with bullets.
The wanton killing was witnessed
by the girl's father and mother, two
brothers and a sister who immediate'
ly broke for cover, it being imposs
ible to do anthing with the maniac.
Newrder pursued them with fiend
ish determination. Beside the Christ
mas tree little 3 year old Lily sat in
a rocking chair cooing over a new
dolly that Santa had brought her and
unaware of the tragedy. Newrider
shot her through the head as she sat
Little Hans was the only other
member left in the house. Terrified
he had crawled under his bed and
was trying to hide when Newrider
found and shot him.
Officers who investigated the trag-
edy found 14 bullet holes in the
house. Newrider had three revolvers
with him.
Four motorcycle patrolmen and
four detectives were rushed to the
scene. Coroner Carson and a deputy
took charge of the four bodies.
Wo wish to express our very hearty
appreciations of the many expres
sions of good will that has been
shown us since coming to Vale, by
the good people of the community,
and especially for the many nice
presents and greetings of good cheer
extended us this Christmas week.
Your many expressions of confidence
and good will have put us under
very great obligations to you which
we can only hope to repay through
grateful service. We are praying
God's richest blessing's upon ou all
and that He will give us strength
and wisdom to be a blessing to you
during the coming days. P'rom the
depths of grateful hearts we thank
Very sincerely,
A. B. Weaver and family.
Enterprise Want-Ads mean mon
ey to you
Malheur County Real Estate Trans
fers Recorded Dec. 16th to
Dec. 23rd. .
Pacific Live Stock Co to Albert
Hucker-Lot 7, Block 6, Harper. 12-12
20. $150.00
U. S. A. to Benjamin H. Plessinger
Lot 7, Sec. 30-21-47. 11-3-22.
Mrs. Orrilla Logan to O. W, Lo-gan-SE',4
Sec. 23; SWSW Sec
24-14-43. 11-22. $1.00
U. S. Land Office to Ralph W.
Faust SE14, ESWtt, SENW
SENW4 Sec. 8; NEUNE'A Sec.
18; NW14NW14 Sec. 17; WSE4
Sec. 20; S'iSW Sec. 21-14-38. 11-20-22.
Final Certificate.
O. W. Logan to Orilla Logan Lot
3 Block 42, Brogan. 11-20-22. $1.00
Sheriff II. Lee Noe to J. S. Mc
Cumsey-Lot 6, Block 20, Outlook. 12-16-22.
I.uella S. Burnett et vir to T. L.
Ragsdale-W, SE4, SttNEVi Sec.
34; SWUSW',4 Sec. 35-26-40; also
Lot 2, Sec. 2-27-40. 12-5-22. $10.00
U. S. A. to Maude Haylett-WV4E4
Sec. 1428-46. 5-26-21.
Sheriff II. Lee Noe to John W.
Russell SW4, SWKNW14, WSE
4. SE14SE14 Sec. 24-16-43. 12-C-22
G. E. Rutherford et al to J. R.
Blackaby, Triistee-EHNEK Sec. 14;
SE4SW14, Sec, 13-14-41. 12 1822.
Isaiah Yant et ux to S. B. Wood
SENEV4 Sec. 30-15-4(5. 12-14-22.
I. C. Deen to Wadn Silver-Lots 8
and 4, and NEViSWVi, and NW'4SE
"4 Sec. 7-13-40. 12-15-22. $10.00.
John BoKWt-H et ux to Robert Ros
well Placer mining claim. 12-20-22.
Anna C. Yoe to R. F. Wolf et al
N'W",SE',SE14 Sec. K 18-47. 12-9-22 ,
Harms C. tt al to E. J.
Hurrough..N,'4NK'4SK,.r.E,j Hoe. 3
llM'i. VI U-ii. $1,0041.00
Aa M. Deny t-t ux to Ralph A.
Ilollc, JttMttivtr-EUK'fcW a4
SE14NEV4 Sec. 23-18-45. 8-10-22. $1.
Sheriff II. Lee Noe t Bank of
Jordan Valley et al Lot 3, Block 8,
1 loneer Add. to Jordan Valley. 12-18
22. $1,000.00. .
U. S. A. to Robert George-SVsNW
'.4, SW Sec. 27; SMiiSVi, N'sSMi,
6ec. 28; SEKNEVi, NEViSEVi Sec.
29-16-40. 2-20-22.
Harry J. Smith et ux to Harley E.
Noah-NE NE 14 , and parts of SE14
NEVi and EttNWWNEtt Sec. 12-21-22.
U. S. A. to Dorris R. Whiltemore
EHSec. 29; Lots, 1, 2, 3, SEViHWVi,
NE14SW Sec. 19-14-38; WttSEVi
Sec. 27-13-38. Ui2722. Final cer
tificate. U. S. A. to Blanche Whittemore
EVi Sec. 29; Lots 1, 2, 3, SE'ANWli
NEttSWVi Sec. 3214-38. 1-10-21.
Dorris R. Whittemore to Blanche
Whittemore-Ett Sec. 29-14-38 12-15-
22. $1.00.
Kay Boyd et al to Sarah E. Fox
SE'mSEVi Sec. 16-0-47. 7-12-22. $1.00
U. S. A. to Ralph R. Yeoman-SW
SW& Sec. 3; SEliSEK Sec. 4; N
EV4 Sec. 9; WftNWtt Sec. 10-14-42
U. S. A. to Ralph R. Yeoman-SW
ViSE, SEViSW'A Sec. 4; Lots 2, 3
4, 6, SWV4NEV1, SENE Sec. 6
14-42. 4-19-22
Arthur W. Glenn et ux to Charles
W. Glenn SSE Sec. 34-18-43. 3-
2-22. $10.00.
Sheriff H. Lee Noe to Wm. Curte
man Lot 5, Block 17, Outlook. 12-23-22.
Marriage Licenses Issued During the
Perry L. Franklin and Lillian V.
Rogers. 12-20-22.
John S. Carr and Margaret Gladys
Bullard. 12-23-22.
Complaints Filed in Circuit Court
Iva Tyler vs. T. H. Moore et al.
12-18-22. Damages. $10,000.00.
Minnie Bowden vs. James Bowden.
12-18-22. Divorce.
William E. Lees vs. Malheur Coun
ty. 12-20-22. Damages. $2,000.00.
W. H. Claggett vs. David H. Bur
rows et ux. 12-2322. Recovery on
notes. $3,510.00.
Petitions Filed in Probate Court
Estate of Mary Emma Burbidge.
Let the others follow. You be the
leader. Link's training will open the
door and point the way. Thousands
have been placed by Link's on the
road to success. Link's training can
be bought for $15 for four weeks.
Come and get the benefit of our ex-
perience and assistance. Full in
formation sent on request. Adv,
Classified Ads
FOR SALE 10 Acres irrigated,
mile of Vale. Will bull euuitv w
land together wuh zoo laying pullets
and team ail for $1000. J. Wneeier,
Box 33.-Vaie, Ore. U0-3tp
FOR SALE 47 Head Poland China
pigs; first-class. Ed Campbell, on
6. Miller ranch. Phone Ontario
exchange 20M2. dec93tp
FOR SALE Mammoth Pekin ducks
for breeding purposes. Price $2.50
each. Purvis 1' arm & ' Dairy Co.,
Vale. dec 15-U'e
ESl'RAYED Three year old Dur
ham heifer, a few white spots, gen
tle. Came to my place Sept. 25,
li22. Branded connected RH on left
hip. Owner can have same by pay
ing for keep and advertisement. I. B.
Quisenberry, Vale. dec9-3t
Highest market prices paid for all
kinds poultry at Chatfield black
smith shop. Commons & Geissler.
Adv-dec. 16-3tp .
j '
FOR SALE Single Comb Rhode
Island Red Cocks. Pure bred, super
ior new strain. Mallett's, Ontario
Phone 20M. dec23-tfc
LOST Between Vale and the Mal
lett ranch, a 32x4 fa cord tire on
rim. r'inder return to Enterprise
and receive reward. dec232tc
FOR SALE Duofold Davenport;
light oak, solid brown leather. Cash
or terms. Mrs. Theodore r order.
FOR SALE at a bargain Girl's
small sized bicycle. Inquire at the
Enterprise. Adv.n25-tf
Before selling your grain or seed,
call or see Andrews Grain Co., Boy
r Building, Ontario, .Oregon.
Madams Anderson and Carlton, On
tario, Oregon-
Buy from Vale merchants and
keep your money at home.
Before selling your grain or seed,;
call or see Andrews Grain Co., Boy
er Building, Ontario, Oregon.
Before selling your grain or seed,
call or see Andrews Grain Co., Buy
er Building, Ontario, Oregon.
' I will, pay cash, market quotation,
for chickens, ducks, geese and tur
keys delivered to my ranch.
tf-ch Vale. Oregon.
Professional Dirtctoiy
. aj
Altorweya anal Cwikr
Al La
Vale. ti.aa
tea. K be fa H.uee See
uAvia aKSTta
Atla mt4 t Mi ...Ium a Lmm
Vei. ifveve
NeiMi tlUla . .- Vale !,.
aiiHssr u. trns
fitmt Nftii'ii H.,e Ifl4g
VeU. O'eeu
Atterney ana UaiwUif at La
l-raeuce la Ml
. t-ourw ftnu o c. 'Lu Otftee
trfV.ieei km.
PH-meu iium j - Vehe, Oreaw-
Juho S. Juhnaon J. ltd win Johneoc
Lirne Kealtr Ltaalcn
i.an4 Leealen lee-aaMp Uiae Prima
Surveying A bnciMtnnf
Heye rtnilditiir Vale. OTegqi.
Vale. Drum
tre-te-4ete HrwUrteklne Partem.
Fin ItM of Undertaking Supplies
AiiU H-ar- Service Phone
Phone your want adds to The En
terprise, and get results.
Enterprise Joi.
printed at the
Miss Molly will fascinate you
when you meet her. Adv.
Elegant line of Christmas cards
at the Enterprise office. Order
yours at once.
Legal Advei tisements
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of an execution in
foreclosure duly issued by the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur,
dated the 22nd day of December,
1922, and directed to me, upon a de
cree and order of sale rendered in
said Court on the 20th day of Decem
ber, 1922, wherein Farmers & Stock
Growers Bank, a cornoration, as plain
tiff, and Bruce Dennis and Florence
J. Dennis, his wife; Joseph H. Mrsh
all and Letitia H. Marshall, his wife;
Howard H. McLay and Denney and
Company, a corporation, as defend
ants, a judgement was rendered in
favor of the above named plaintiff
and against the above named defend
ant Bruce Dennis, for the sum of
Three Thousand Five Hundred Nine-ry-four
& 55-100 Dollars ($3,594.56),
with interest thereon from the 20th
day of December, 1922, at the rate
of eight per cent per annum, and
Three Hundred Fifty & No-100 Dol
lars ($350.00) attorney's fees, and
:he further sum of Fifty-one &
10-100 Dollars ($51.40) costs and
li.sbursements herein, which judg
nent and decree further directed the
ale of the following described real
iroperty situated in Malheur County,
Jregon, to wit:
Lots One (1), Two (2), and Three
3), and the Southwest Quarter of
he Northeast Quarter (SWttNE),
he southeast Quarter of the North
vest Quarter (SENWtt), and the
.ast Half of the Southwest Quarter
,ESWV4). of Section six (6), in
Township Nineteen (19) South,
Kange Forty-five (45) East. W. M
together with all water and water
rights thereunto appertaining.
THEREFORE, I will on Tuesday
the 30th day of January, 1923, at the
nour of eleven oclock in the fore
noon of said day at the north main
entrance door of the County Court
House at Vale, Malheur County, Ore-
on, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, all right,
title and interest which said above
named defendants had on the 19th
day of January, 1921, and now have
in said real property, with the app
urtenances, to satisfy said judgment
and decree in favor of the above
named plaintiff and against said de
fendant Bruce Dennis, together with
said attorney's fees, and interest, and
all costs, and accruing costs upon
said sale.
Dated at Vale, Oregon, this 27th
day of December, 1922.
H. Lee Noe. Sheriff,
By C. W. Glenn, Deputy.
Date of first publication, December
30th, 1922.
Date of last publication January
27th, 1923.
Date of sale, January 30th, 1923,
at 11 A. M.
IN FORECLOSURE, duly issued by
the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, for Malheur County,
dated the 14th day of December 1922
in a certain suit in the said Circuit
Court for said State and County,
wherein S. A. Blauner, as Plaintiff,
recovered judgement against C. E.
DeVol, and Bank of Sherwood, a cor
poration, as Defendants, in tne sum
of $500.00 dollars, with interest
thereon from the 26th day of De
cember 1920. at the rate of 8 per
annum and $50.00 Attorney fees, and
the further sum o $21.75 dollars
cots, which judgement was enrolled
and docketed in the Clerks Office of
said Court in said County on the 14th
day of December 1922.
BY GIVEN; That I will on the 22nd,
day of January 1923, at the hour of
11:00 o'clock in the forenoon of said
day, at the North Main Entrance
Door of the Court House, at Vale,
in said County and State, sell at
Public Auction to the highest bidder
or bidders for cash, the following
described real property to-wit;
The NVaNE'4, The NV4SW ViNEU,
of Section (16), Twp. (16), South,
Range, (44). E.W.M. containing 100
WttNWtt of Section (16), Twp.
(18), South, Range. (43). E.W.M.
containing 80 acres.
The WHNE'4, of Section (30),
Twp. (19), South, Range, (43), E.W.j
Al. containing eu acres. .
The SE'ANWK, of Section (16),
Twp. (15), South, Range (44) E.W.
M. containing 40 acres.
All in Malheur County, Oregon.
The above real property with its
appurtenances, taken and levied upon
as the property of the said Defend
ants, C. E. DeVol and Bank of Sher
wood, a corporation, by virtue of a
Mortgage given thereon by the above
named Defendants, or as much there
of as may be necessary to sutisfy
said Judgment in favor of S. A.
Blauner, together with all costs and
disbursements that have or may ac
crue. Dated at Vale Oregon this 18th,
duy of becemlxr 1922.
II. Lee Noe. Sheriff.
Date of first publication December
23rd. 1922.
Date of last publication January
2'-th. 1923.
Date of Sule January 22nd. 1923.
In the Matter of the F.lst of Es
ther Ronton, Itort-aaed.
Notire la litirby xwen by the un
dtr igiii-'l, Join lion I on. mlitilmi.
tratur of the aetata of Katlmr Hus
ton, din l !, tu lli creditors of,
and all persons having claims
against said ueteased, 10 exuiuii
tntm with the necessary vouchers,
within six months from the date oi
the first publication of this nonce,
to saiu auminitrator, or his attor
ney, R. CJ. Wheeler, at Vale, Mal
heur County, Oregon, the Bams be
ing the place for the transaction of ,
the business of said estate. j
Dated the 11th day of December,
1922. ,
R. G. Wheeler, Attorney for AHmin-
istrator( residing at Vale, Ore.
In the Matter of the Estate of John1
Mielke, Deceused.
V. R Milir.r tin a nHminietrntnr with '
will annexed of the above entitled-.
estate, has wade und filed in iu
?."1C" llie lork the bove en-
titled Court, his third and final ac-
count, report and petition for distri-
uuuiui in nuu ! i u "
has been by. order of said Court set
down for hearing at the Court
room thereof in the County Court
House in the city of Vale, Malheur
County, Oregon, at the hour of 11:30
o'clock in the forenoon on the 3rd
! day of January, 1923.
All persons, if any, having objec
tions thereto, are hereby notified of said defendanti jordan Valley
and required to present same m Farms in custody of the receiver to
writing on or before said day, or gatisfy the Bum of $750.00 for re
said account may be allowed as filed :ceiver.g compensation, and $860.01;
and said estate closed. ; t,.. HUhnr.ompni. cn,l .vn.n.u f
Dated this 27th day of November,
Administrator With Will Annexed
of the Estate of John Mielke. De -
ceased- j will be offered for sale by the reseiv-
NOTICE TO CREDITORS er' are diverse propissory notes se
In the County Court of the Slate of 1 cured, by mortgage upon lands under
Oregon, for Malheur County. ! Jordan Valley Irrigation Pro
In the Matter of the Estate of Wat-!!"- executed by settJers to secure
son D. Fanning, Deceased. ) payment for land and water rights
TUo ,,n,ioritrn0H hnvino hi.n on. a list of which may be had by add-
pointed by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Malheur Coun-'"le uineo amies iiuuumu own
ty. administrator of the estate oflBank Bui'din'?A.rr.tJaJd'r,0re.fron
Watson D. Fanning, deceased, and! J- HUMFELD. Receiver.
having qualified, notice is hereby
given to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against said
deceased, to present them, verified
as required by law, within six
months after the publication of this
notice to said J. B. Jones at his
residence near Brogan, Oregon, or
to Davis & Kester, his attorneys, at
their office in Vale, Oregon.
Administrator of the Estate of Wat
son D. Fanning, Deceased..
Dated November 20, 1922. '
United States of America, District
of Oregon, ss.
In the United States District Court
in and for the said District,
in Bankruptcy.
' In the matter of Harry F. Looney
anl Mona O. Looney, husband and
wife, bankrupts.
To the creditors of Harry F.
Looney and Mona O. Looney, his
wife, of Jordan Valley, in the Coun
ty of Malheur, and district afore
said, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that on
the 28th day of November, A. D.
1922, the said Harry F. Looney and
Mona O. Looney were duly adjudi
cated bankrupt; and that the first
meeting of his creditors will be
held at Vale on the 26th day of
December, A. D. 1922, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, . at which time the
said creditors may attend, prove
their claims, appoint a trustee, ex
amine the bankrupt, and transact
such other business as may properly
come beiore said meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Office: Vale, Oregon.
Dated Vale, Oregon.
Mortgage Company for America,
plaintiff, vs. Jordan Valley Furms
ana joruan vauey Liana ana waier
Company, defendants.
Whereas, by an order duly passed
in the above entitled court and cause
on the 3rd day of November, 1922,
the undersigned as receiver of the
properties of the above named de
fendants and each of theiu, was
ordered to sell at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash, all f
the highest bidder for cash, all cf
defendants above, named, and part
icularly the irrigation system of the
said Jordan Valley Land and Wuter
Company, known as the Jordan
Valley Project, including all res
ervoirs, dams, head gates, canals,
ditches, .flumes, gates, weirs, rights
of way, lands, buildings, and
all other property of every kind and
nature constituting a part of the
said Jordan Valley Irrigation Pro
ject and to be used in connection
NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of
the authority conferred upon him as
receiver of the suid defendant cor
porations and each of them, and pur
suant to the orders of the above
entitled court, the undersigned will,
at 10:00 o'clock A. M. on the 10th
day of January , 1923, at the front
door of the Court House in Vale,
Malheur County, State of Oregon,
offer for sale and proceed to sell at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash in hand, all of the proper
ties above mentioned constituting the
irrigation system known as the Jor-
dan Valley Project; also all of the ; November, 1921, at the rate of
rights of said Jordan Valley Land i Eight per cent (8 per cent) per
61 Water Company in all outstanding nnnum, and Two Hundred Fifty &
contracts between said company and, No-100 Dollars ($250.00) attorney's
the settlers under said Jordan Valley , fees, and the further sura of Eleven
Project for water rights and water I Hundred Nine & 05-100 Dollars
for irrigation and domestic purposes; j ($1,109.96) taxes paid by plaintiff,
also all other property and assets of ; and the further sum of Fifteen and
every kind and nature belonging toi40-100 Dollars ($16.40), costs, which
said Jordan Valley Land and Wuter I judgment and decree further direct
Company, in the custody of he re- td the sale of the following describ
ceiver, including the following de-ied real property, situated in Mal
scribed real property situate in Mal-lheur County. Oreiron. to-wit:
hcur County, State of Oregon, to wit:i
All of Section Thirty-five (35)
containing 640 acres more or
less; Northeast Quarter (NE)
and East one-half (EH) of the
Northwest Quarter (NW'4) of
Section Seven (7) containing 240
acres more or less; Northwest
Quarter (NW'4) and Northwe.t
Quarter (NW4) of the North
east quarter of Section Nine (0)
containing 200 acres more or le"
nil in Township Thirty-one (81)
South of Rurige Forty-three (i'D
F.ut of W. M.
Kouttiweet Quarter (KW'4) a I
North out -half (N'H) of South
mt Quarter (SK'4) and South
wt Quarter (HW) of r!uui!i
t-aat Qnuiter (SK'4) of Kwtion
Nina (9) i-oiitaiiiliiK 20 st-raa
more or leaj all of Waft one
, Unit snd all ut Norllitaet Quart-
er (NEU) and -West one-half of
Southeast Quarter (SEK) of
Section Seventeen (17), contain
ing 5oU acres more or less; the
Northwest Quarter (NWVi) of
Northwest Quarter (NW14) and
East one-half (E1) of the West
Halt (WH) and South one-half
(S) of Northeast Quarter
(NEK) and all Southeast Quart
er (SE14) of Section Nineteen
(19) containing 440 acres more
or less; all in Township Thirty
one (31) South of Range Forty
two (42) East of W. M.
All that portion of Section Thir
tyfive (35) lying south of Jordan
Creek containing 620 acres more
or less; all that portion of Sec
tion Thirty-three (33) lying
south of Jordan Creek contain
ing 110 acres more or less; all in
. Township Thirty (30) South of
Range Forty-two (42) East of
W. M.
Xhe foregoing property and assets
Wlll be 8olJ to Batisfy an aliowance
tsr.nnnn tn h Qio' ,.,-
j penBation, $3233.43 for disbursements
M( expenses of the receifership,
Iind $750.00 attomev's fee. with in-
terest upon said sums from July 14,
1922, at the rate of 6 per cent per
At the same time and place the
receiver will offer for sale and sell
to the highest bidded for cash in
hand, all of the property and assets
the receiver of said Jordan Valley
Farm, with interest from July 14,
1922, at six perpoent per annum.
Ata.n (Un MnnVt:n- w.A n ...
! - .jj ii vn v. ,u;v,
' r08Si'nsr he Receiver at his office in!
Noice is hereby given that under
and by virtue Of an execution in
foreclosure issued by the Clerk of
the Circuit Court of the State oi
Oregon, for the County of Malheur,
dated the 2nd day of December, 1922,
and directed to me, upon decree and
order of sale rendered in the said
Court on the 23rd day of November,
1922, wherein Frank E. Weed, as
plaintiff, and Samuel F. Sutton, and
United States National Bank of Vale,
Oregon, a corporation, as defend
ants, a 'judgment and decree was
rendered in favor of the above
named , plaintiffs and against the
above named defendant Samuel F.
Sutton, for the sum of $4,000.00 with
interest thereon at the rate of eight
per cent per annum from he 28th
day of Jane, 1920, and the further
sum of $500.00 attorney a fees, and
the further following sums: $85.95
paid on said note with interest at I
the rate of eight per cent from Feb-
ruary 9th, 1922, and the further
sum 0 $83.56 paid on same note
with interest at the rate of eight
per cent from March 27th, 1922, and
the further Bum of $34.40 costs and
disbursements, which judgment and
decree further directed the sale of
the following , desecribed real prop
erty, situated in Malheur county. Or
egon, to-wit:
The Sounthwest Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter ( SW i NW M )
and the South Half (SV4) of Sec
tion Twenty-three (23); also the
East Half (E) of Section
Twenty-six (26), all in Town
ship Twenty-seven (27) South,
Range Thirty-eight (38) East,
Millumette Meridian.
I will on Tuesday the 9th day of
January, 1923, at the hour of elepen
(11) o'clock in the forenoon of
said day, at the north main en
trance door of the County Court
House at Vale, Malheur County, Ore
gon, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder or bidders for cash,
all right, title and interest which
said above defendants had on the
28th duy of June, 1919, and now have
in said real property, with the appur
tenances to satisfy said judgment and
decree in favor of said plaintiff and
against said defendant Samuel - F.
Sutton, together with said attorney's
fees, and costs and dispursements,
and interest, and accruing costs upon
said sale.
Dated at Vale Oregon, this 4th
day of December, 1922.
H. LEE NOE. Sheriff
of Malheur County, Oregon
By C. W. Glenn, Deputy
Date of first publication, December
0th. 1922.
Date of last publication, January 6th,
Date' of sale January 9th, 1923 at
11 A. M.
Notice is hereby given that nder
rind by virtue of an execution in
foreclosure duly issued by the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur,
dated the 7th day of December, 1922,
and directed to me, upon a decree
and order of sale rendered in said
Court on the 7th day of December,
1922, wherein Chas. Horn as pluin
tiff recovered judgment and decree
against R. E. Weant and Anna May
Weant as defendants, for the sum
of Two Thousand Five Hundred &
No-100 Dollars ($2,500.00), with in
terest theron from the 15th day of
The Southwest Quarter (SW)
I ,,f Section Twelva Town
ship Nineteen (19) South,
Rang Forty-four (44) E.W.M.
I will on Wednesday, the 10th
day of January, 1923, at the hour of
10: t0 o'clock in the forenoon of said
l:iv. at the north main entrance
l'"r of the County Court House at
V.i'e, Mullieur County, Oregon, sell
it public s net ion to the higheit bid
der fur csiih, all right, title and in
terest which said defendant had on
the IMh day of November, 1020, and
new have in snld real property,
w 'h the anpui teiiaiicea, to satiafy
M d judinntiit and decree in favor
or aiild nlnintiff and airuirikt suld
.ie?i oiUMt, together with said at
to.m y'a fees, Ukk, and Inteieat, Slid
((rilling ronta uiion said salt'.
Outfit at Valu, Or.oll, this Hth
day of petfiiil'er,
H. LEE NOE. Sheriff,
By C. W. Glenn, Deputy.
Date of first publication Decem
ber th, 1922.
Date of last publication January
6th, 1923. ,
Date of Sale January 10th, 1923,
at 10:30 a, m.
Equity No. 2061.
tion, ' -
SON. Defendants.
OF OREGON. You are hereby re
quired to appear and answer the
cross complaint of defendant, Jacob
Huffman, filed against you in the
above entitled suit within six weeks
from the 9th day of December, 1922,
which is the date of the first pub
lication of this summons; and if you
fail so to appear and answer for
want thereof the defendant, Jacob
Huffman, will apply to the Court
for the relief demanded in his saiu
cross-complaint, to-wiU For a de
cree foreclosing that certain mort
gage on Lot 4 and SEtt of SWW
and SWit of SE4 of Section 7,
and Lot 1 and NEVi of NWV o
Section 18, all ' in Township 2
south. Range 46 east, W. ii.
Malheur County, Oregon, wh..
mortgage was given by defendant
Tillman A. Huffman and Elrto ufc
man, to secure payment of a prom
issory note for $7,900 payable to de
fendant, Jacob Huffman, on or be
fore 4 years after the date thereof,
with interest at the rate of 7 per
cent per annum, payable annually;
said note and mortgage bearing date
December 19th, 1918, and all o
which is due by reason of defaul.
for nonpayment of interest; and fo,
the further sum of $750.00 as at
torneys' fees herein, and ' for costs
and disbursements of defendant,
Jacob Huffman, and for an order 01 .
sale of said property for the pay
ment of said sums, and a furthei
decree forever barring and foreclos
ing you of all right, interest am:
estate in said property, except youi
Statutory right to redeem, and for
such other and further relief as may
be equitable.
This summons is psblished in th
Malheur Enterprise, a weekly news
paper published in Vale, Madheu.
County, Oregon, and having a gener
al circulation therein, by virtue o
an order of the above entitled Coun
made and entered on the 7th day o
December, 1922, directing such pub
lication, for a period of six .veek;;
commencing with the issue of said
paper of December 9th, 1922, and
ending with the issue of January
20th, 1923, and ordering a copy of
sucn summons ana 01 , tne cross
. - . . 1 j I, ..1 1 i .
complaint to be forthwith mailed to
you at your place of residence.
Attorneys for Cross
Complainant. Residence and address:
Vale, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that the
County School Superintendent of
Malheur County, Oregon, will hold -the
regular examination of appli
cants for State Certificates at Vale,
Oregon, as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, Decem
ber 20, 1922, at 9:00 o'clock a. m.,
and continue until Saturday, Decem
ber 23. 1922.
Wednewdoy Forenoon.
U. S. History, Writing, Music,
Wednesday Afternoon,
Civil Government, Reading, Com
position, Methods in Reading,
Course of Study for Drawing, Meth
ods in Arithmetic.
Thursday Forenoon.
Arithmetic, History of Education,
Psychology, Methods in Geography,
Mechanical Druwing, Domestic Art,
Course of Study for Domestic Art.
Thursday Afternoon.
Grammar, Geography, Stenog
raphy, American Literulure, Physics,
'I ypewriting, Method in Language,
Thesis for Primary Certificate.
Friday Forenoon
Theory and Practice, Orthography,
Physical Geography, English Litera
ture, Chemistry.
Friday Afternoon.
School Law, Geology, Algebra,
Saturday Forenoon.
Geometry, Botany.
Saturday Afternoon.
General History, Bookkeeping,
E. M. CRA1L,
County School Superintendent.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. 1 ,und Office at Vale, Oregon,
November 14, ll'i'i.
Notice is hereby given that Mar-.
gretha Kime, of Harper, Oregon,
who, on January 6, 1022 made desert
land entry. No. 05761. for SttNEtt,
Section 27. Township 20 South,
Range 41 East, Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention to
muke final Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
Register and Receiver, U. S. Land
Office, at Vale. Oregon, on the 10tb
day of December, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank Kime, Edwin Costo, Pres
ton Farber, all of Harper, Oregon;
Oscar Jacokes, of Ontario, Oregon.
THOS. JONES, Register.
NO. 12262.
fice of Comptroller of the Currency.
Washington, D. C, October 10, 1022.
WHEREAS, by satisfactory evi
dence presented to the undersigned,
it has been made to appear that The
Vule National Bank in the City of
Vale, in the County of Malheur and
State of Oregon, bas complied with
all the provisions of the Statutes
of the United States, required to be
complied with before an association
shall be authorized to commence the
business of Ranking;
Kane, Acting Comptroller oi the
Currency, do hereby certify that The
Vale National Bank in the City of
Vsle, in the County of Malheur and
State of Oregon, Is authorised tti
commence the buitliiess of Banking
as provided in Section Fifty-one hun
dred and sinty-nine of the Revised
statutes of the United States.
naas my hand and Seal of cffit'tf
this elf liUtnth day of ) tol c-r, lui,
(hEAL,) T. V. KANE,
AvtlitaT Comptroller of 0
Curruoi y.