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Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts ot tbe World.
Observations of a Practical Timber
man Clearly Set Forth.
(By J. 8. Young, Inman-Poulsen Log
ging Co., Kelso, Wash.)
The Timberman: As the question of
conserving our present forests and re
foresting our logged off lands ia now ent Expert Investigate Pros
commanding so much attention, a rewi pects In Cooa County.
observations from one who has given
Marsh field That platinum exists in
Outside the State.
the subject considerable, thought n7Cooa count seems to be the opinion
not be out or place. i0f experts and tnat the development
People who are dealing with statistics of tbe mineral is being looked into by
I 1 . - . 11 1, Li T
Less Important but Not Less Inter- and theories tell us that our forests wifl- ;
esting Happenings from Points V""-"""t "v- v - ' era! tlivision of the geological survey
at toe present rai oi cutting; anu in Washington, D. C, has Deen mak
the rate of consumption will nndoubt-1 ing investigations, lie was sent out
edly increase, it would seem that our for tho purpose of investigating the
. m mm m . I I If J flT 1 1)111 I. I I'M 111 II I U L I II U III IIIIII1II1Z HlTl'
ti. n i v. i omy nope ii Buppjy ior mm" 6"c- . .
.m,,.. vnw.a.a is , j ucu, ..- , .;. "mora trees. opmunw aionK u coast. n u quomu
end nis physician says His condition ill , , as saying that he has found some plat
HVu ui. tuiiTO-'-j - r-" inum in the ore examined so far, and
tu v,i t 4V. .. -,,. , vui mrcais and fi"s dbs statea tnat ne win give instruc
is not guilty of tbe charges madelcroP of timber to take the place of the I lions to miners as to bow to save the
figaiUSt iliro. I ni V UUW 1'lll.iiJig uinuuju Mimnuuiii nuim no uuiicrra 19 . luofc
i j 3 j'urciy aa ecuiioiiiiu vi uu. "-iiii jh iuauubii;a m mu jnuccs ui
Suspicion points to 22 government lnr.,.t . op!1,i,,,;. .hpnrics. Hence, we mini no- for trolil. A. T. Maednnnlfl nt
weighers as implicated lu ttio sugar w:it Mnrv, an(i protect our present Schpnectftdv. N. Y.. where mining ma
trust frauds. I forests nlnnt. and raise ft now crop of Ichinorv in m.mnfnrtiireil. in npcnmnanv
Grgo Crocker, son of the pioneer trees on our logged-off lands just as ing Dr. Day. Thpy have gone down the
California miJJionairo, is seriously ill ion as wo uuu p; iu coast, xo mane iunner lnvesugiinons.
in v Vnrir I do so. I The results of the work will be of vast
All vvAVJ'aa , l
. . . , . J tic writer rememDers uoing a Jot or importance to the mining interests or
t . "i' bard worn, m eariy uie, along witn Coos and Currv counties,
mm hanlr a f Nnn Inan f ol atirl aonnvAri I J i r. . . . I
It o i It v i j -I' I many otacrs, aeatroying our iorests mat
im.D iiouCTi tjunij.. jwe ni,ei)t raise grain and garden truck
flenerol Ueven mpntioned n n. I to eat and hay for our stock; and why I
didate for the Mexican presidency, has Because these things to us had a value,
tone to Eurone for a lencrthv tour. and trees had none. We could not eat
" ' I . 1 . nV.,l l .i
, , . . T. , l mum muKk uuuvu; nttuicu i,u uuy iDcm,
Revolutionists in Nicaragua are said ut mark thA oUnM tmUv t,
o have the government army in a badlfl8Ve a value; our lorests are at the
j.ubiuuu aau wiruuten i wiiu auninH-1 present time one of the chief sources of
Charles 3v. Crittenton, founder of Loa8l 8na wbere tbe conditions for re
refuge homes for unfortunate girls, is
dead. He was 76 years old and hsd
established 73 homes.
But one other American mine disas
ter equals the one at Cherry, 111. That
was at Monongah, W. Va., when 869
miners lost their lives.
The leader of the Nicaraguan rebels
flaims to have the president's army
bottled up.
Martial law has bcon proclaimed in
liucnos Ayres following the assassina
tion of ihe mayor.
King Manuel, of Portugal, is visit
ing in Kngland. It is believed ho is
looking for a wife.
Silvcrton, Colo., reports 18 inches of
enow. Kailroad traflic has been inter
fered with somewhat.
The condition of John O. Carlisle,
ex-secretary of the troasury, has as
sumed a serious aspect.
A mergor of the copper companies
of the United States with $1,000,000,000
capital is being organized.
Judge Thomas F. Graham of San
Francisco has boon chosen head of the
Pacific coawt baseball league.
foresting are so favorable, they can be
made a source of wealth for all time to
come. But as approximately only 20
per cent of the standing timber oil the
country is in the hands of the govern
ment and about 80 per cent under pri
vate ownership, the question of refor
estation presents some serious difficul
What is the age of our present for
ests! What are the means to be em-
Cut of Nearly 2,000 Made in Whitman
National Forest
Pendleton As a result of the confer
ence between forest superintendent
Ireland of the hitman reserve and
the advisory board of the wool growers,
nearly 2,000 less sheep will be allowed
on the forest ranges next year than
this. The cut is a graduated one and
does not affect the small sheepman,
but the large owner suffers consider
ably. The cut is as follows:
The man who owns 1,200 or less will
not be subjected to a cut; owners of
between 1,200 and 2,000 will be cut 10
per cent, providing the cut does not
The supreme court has sentenced
Tennesseo sheriff and five others to
jail for failing to porvent a lynching
in jvuo.
The Hawaiian sugar planters report
a very heavy crop. Since Russian and
Filipino labor has been imported there
lias been little trouble on tbe islands
in t ho way of strikes.
Another football player has been
killed and one seriously hurt.
Cattlemen in Wyoming have pleaded
guiuy to awing eneepmea.
A labor convention at Toronto has
gone on record for woman suffrage.
Cairo is quiet outwardly, but troops
re still held there for fear of another
Lyman J. Gage, execretary of the
treasury, ia to marry Airs. Ada Ualiou
or can t rancisco.
A message has been received from
Roosevelt saying no accident whatever
r lias bappened to bis party.
Suffragettes at Bristol, F.ngland. at
tacked a cabinet minister and admin
iatered a whipping with a horsewhip,
The controller of tbe treasury has
aeeiaea mat settlers wbo did actual
work, ov irrigation projects must be
The seal eatcb in Bering sea was
about ouu short this year of the num
ber allowed by law, which is 15,000
The kaiser, to cement friendship
who Austria, violated tradition by
welcoming tbe morgantio wire of an
archduke to the German palace.
Mrs, Roosevelt and family are on tbe
way to New York.
ploved to retornst our Inrnnwl nfT ,,tA1 bring his allotment below 1,200; own
What length of time will it takef What er8 of between 2,000 and 3,000 will be
benefits can bo derived? And then cut 15 T" cent providing it does not
tho great question, Will it payt reduce the number below 2.000, and
To tho first question, I would answer: owners of more than 3.000 will be cut
"From 100 to 4U0 years." Tho na- " Pcr cent providing it does not bring
tional government is at the present time bis number below 3.000. The total
gathering tho data to answer questions I number of sheep allowed on the reserve
iwo ana turce. lis reuucea iroin to juoaiuv.
Jbe writer has made some observa
Fancy Hood Eiver Spitzenbergs Bring
$3.50 Per Box.
Hood River The spplo picking has
come to an end in Hood Kiver vauey
for the year 1909, and several crews
are busy at present pacKing iu uu.v
for market. A number of the larger
growers have concluded their packing
and their fruit has been hauled to the
cold storage plant in the city, await
ing shipment to 'ew York. The union
is sending out several cars each day,
consigned to Steinhardt & Kelly, who
purchased the entire crop of fancy
stock. The fancy Spitzenbergs were
sold to the New York firm for $3.33
per box, and since this deal was made
the Davidson Fruit company of this
citv has paid as high as $3.50 per box
for fancv Spitzenbergs. The fruit m
Hood River valley this season has
been of a higher standard than any
marketed iu previous years. There has
been a noticeable decrease in rust and
other infections that mitigate in pro
ducing a lower grade of apples. Thei
season's profit is very satisfactory, not
withstanding the tact tbat tbe crop
was cut a little short.
Violence Feared at Cherry, 111., When
Dead Are Recovered.
Cherry, 111., Nov. 17. Troops have
been called to prevent any untoward
demonstration at the St. Paul coal mine
when bodies of the 300 men entombed
by Saturday's catastrophe are brought
to the surface. Sheriff Skoglund, ot
Bureau county, with authority from
State's Attorney Eckhart, telegraphed
to Springfield late .yesterday, asking
Governor Deneen to send several com
panies of state militia. So far no vio
lence has been displayed and State's
Attorney Eckhart hopes by the pres
ence of a small guard to prevent any
ill-advised move on the part of tbe
miners, whose feelings have been
wrought up by the loss of their com
When the bodies will be brought to
the surface is doubtful. Xone of the
oflicials believe any of the 300 en
tombed men are alive. I he subter
ranean fires yesterday were more in
tense than when tho men were en
trapped and no efforts could be made
to enter the mine.
Fire Chief lioran, of Chicago, arrived
with a supply of hose and chemical
fire extinguishers. The seal over the
mouth of the shaft was perforated and
it was intended to force water and
chemicals down through pipes. A ther
mometer in the sand on top of the seal
showed a temperature of 110 degrees,
indicating that heat in the interior of
the mine was itense. Chief Horan
shook his head.
"It's no use," he said, "to lift the
lid, as it would mean that the whole
mine would blaze up and there would
no possibility of recovering even
bodies. The coal deposits would
take fire and the timber supports wouid
crumble. Perhaps another shaft will
have to be dug to recover the remains
of the men."
tions regarding tho growth of timber,
which lead him to believe that growing
wmupr win pay. i nave found trees 13j
years old 5:1 inches in diameter on the
stump, that cut over six thousand feet
of merchantable lumber. Tbe annual
growth snowed these trees were 24
inches on tho stump at 40 years and at
hi nine snouiu cut auu reet of lumber.
Will Raise More Sheep.
Baker City R'iker county sheepmen
are pleased with the settlement of the
rango question with the officials of the
reserve, who were here for the meeting
of the sheepmen on November 2. A cut
of SO00 head had been ordered in dis
Experiment Parm for Sherman,
Wasco Realizing that something
must bo done to conserve tbe native
fertility of their soil and knowing that
the continuous cropping to wheat will
eventually rob the soil of the active
principles promotive of vegetable life, I Q
i . , . .... . r ii. . rj i I .
secureu me assistance ui me icuerai
government and of the state expert
ment station in an effort to establish
an experimental farm for Eastern Ore
gon in Sherman county. They have
purchased 240 acres of average land
near Jloro, the county seat, and 11. J,
C. Umberger, an expert in dry farm
l"L'"rJli,h?Ll apPinted t0 British House of Lords Threaten to
Railroad Improves Line. " London, Nov. 1". In the house of
Dee The big steam shovel of the lords today Lord Lansdowne, leader of
Mount Hood railway is digging ballast the opposition, mvp tho nv.
f ,1 j TV I -- ...
inr rue new iracit irom j-ee to i arK
dale, a distance of six miles. When
the work is completed passenger and
oggmg trains can be run. Ihe new
ine extends well ud toward Mcunt
Hawaii Naval Station to Be Greatest
In Pacific' Ocean.
Washington, Nov. 13. The president
has approved the recommendation of
the joint army and navy board for
making Pearl harbor, In the Hawaiian
Islands, the greatest naval station in
the Pacific. In doing this, it was con
sidered that a temporary naval station
only would be constructed at Olongapo,
and that the proposed improvement in
Manila harbor would be abandoned.
This will leave the protection of the
ports to the army.
The determination to minimize the
fortification, in the Philippines and to
make I'eurl harbor a great naval sta
tion was not because of any intention
of withdrawing American control from
the islands. It was purofv strategical,
it was said. For years a fierce contro
versy has been waged as to whether
tho principal fortification in the Phil
ippines should be located at Olongapo
or lavite. lue naval onicers favored
Olongapo and tho army Manila bay.
The big floating dock is now at Olon
gapo, and under tbe present plan win
be retained there.
Hood and through au excellent body
peeted notice of his intention to move
for the rejection of the budget bill
when it comes up next Mondav.
His motion, lie said, would" be ex
pressed thus: "I move that this house
krs on Irrigation Projects to
Be Paid.
Washli ?tnn. Ttfnu 1! o..n.. "
sis el I r r Pow..) as-
rertificntOB unco declared invalid by
tne attorney
cash for mb. services as they ren
dered. Th! , ...
decision of the controller of thn t..
UJ7' w'10 concurs in tho view of the
nttorney genewl that tho Issuance of
certificates wn frw,.i vk, t...
Trier holfln tlifif -nsmitnH i o i
- 1.11)11., if nw us iiLiuitl
work was performed in the iaterest of
the government, it' must be paid for.
lie directs thatl this indebtedness be
discharge,! bv moVey from the rccLim.
ation fund. As tfle controller's dcci8.
kmi is interpreted,'' doei not authorize
the redemption eft outstand
cntos but merely! directs the payment
win settlers yvno periormed con-
""""ibh work. I
1 in effect Ir-ri'
tificates bp, ))N .V
work will bo i.:-..-f.,Jn'"
of fir timber. Tho contract for the I is not justified in irivinsr its consent tn
extension of the telephone line from this bill until it has been submitted to
this point to Parkdale was let to Harry i1"' judgment of the country."
From my observations, extending overltficts No. 1 and 2, which include Baker
several sections of timber, 100 trees 16 county, but at the last meeting the cut
I Aa ex omelal of the sugar trust has
j been indicted for fraud.
Cuba's einckies for the next year
are estimated at almost 130,000.000.
President Zelsya, of Nicaragua,
claims substantial victories, both on
land and Ma.
The Denver A Sio Orande road bas
Increased the pay of all its shop em
ployes 8 etc an hour.
. The eonfo nee on Infant mortality
t New llavwi. Conn., resulted in the
furmlng of society for work.
A man bas b n arrested at Fresno
wub ia wiii-fo ia nearly every
r'iy ivr pacing itai ttecka.
i amy ashing vessels are ashore ad
half dosta miming as the mult of the
norm on ike eoant of New Foundlund.
A vase preanited to Pres lent Tsft
by .Ti4i while he wa it Seattle
lias ien valued at 13.S0 tit the tut
tjtus officials. The donors gnv- ths iu-
j.n-Mioa mi iv was wortn ai,00
The Milwaukee road bas jut orlered
CO lucomotiv to be used on iu Pacific
rum u 00, ,
i ;
3 Adolpk llackmeir. of San Franeiseo,
: bus lxtt appuiatsd census supervisor
Heavy raias lit HayU bars canted
serious damage. The preciuiutioa
saria m, W a Br U M.
I rr men tare ba guilty of
I m wan rr an o VBlua 1 aciBS
near Omaha, Xisv 2.
Ts Haa Franciao CMsms. arw
stfsffd ia a Uug war, bid thtir tlms
fr jo-lice turveillaute to rUi.
to 18 inches in diameter can be grown
on each acre in 40 years and these will
make 30.0UU feet of merchantable lum
ber; these same trees will cut 75,000
fort at the end of 125 vears. The
question is, What will be the value of
this 30,000 feet of timber grown on an
aero in 40 years or the 75,000 feet
grown on an acre in 125 years! I will
hazard a guess that 30.000 feet of
standing timber will be worth $8 per
thousand in 40 vears. and thnt Mn Ar
of land planted - '- will earn $0
per year for t '-. period, not
counting the smi'. -it can he
taken out and n'.A .t. -r -nd. nosts
I do not think .iert. :t -v use to
which we can nut Our .J; ufainmm
rocky, logged off lands tLa Aiil vielJ
as much wealth, though vo indi
vidual 40 years is a loiur t.m. tn wit
for a harvest, btt not loni tit ma iii
or iraiion.
To. my mind, the pha vi the ques
tion thHt presents the mor .erioim I,fli.
cultiia is the problem oi tkaation. I
have no hesitation in Muir that our
1"'; system or tasaticn, ,-articularly
was reduced to 1700 and the growers
may be allowed tln ir usual number
With this change it is probable that a
larger number of sheep will be raised
iu JJaker countv tins vear.
Big Orchard Near Dee.
joc i ortland people are preparing
to plant 500 aires to apples south of
Dee., The building of the Mount Hood
railway from Hood River to Dee and
the establishing of the Oregon Lumber
company s plant here has m three years
settled the valley along Hood river.
-Many tine apple orchards have been set
out. Logged off lands have been clenred
and where three years ago stood the
giant firs now are seen buildings and
Hope for Artesian Water.
Paisley The settlers in Christmas
Lake valley have raised $3,700 with
which to pay expenses of boring for
artesian water. It is the plan to put
down a well 2.000 feet, if Pecessirv
leg.irding growing timoor, is all rrong. Tlie boring plant was received at Bond
I do not propose tu u.seuss the nmttor I last week, and is expected tn nrrlv mi
as to whether the timber interests have 'f8 ground within a day or two. The
mo. too niucn or too little of tbe taxes Ste chosen for the well is near the
in the past or at tbe present time, hut Phelps place, in the west n,l nt ).
myuiem mat aoes not tax the crow no Valley, about 30 mili s n,irtli if I'. ;.!..
....... . .u- .. l '
i-uj- vi iuo larmer, tne gardener, or
iud iruii B-rower. and taxes the irrnw u I T?.nr.i t.. ..
crop of timber nvnr an, I mr ...i .-!.
rate that will confiscate the entire crop J"d ",,0 ?7t v n',c.r8n h,aS
in 30 to 35 veara. wh
40 to 100 vears to ri thi. r ;. ... fT0."1 ,nla Pltteo 27,500. 1. D,
tainly open to valid objection.' As a W l KloIid"' is the
suiiHtnute for our
taxing timber, based
Bailey of Hood River. The Home Tel
ephone company of Hood River is the
owner of the line,
Mt. Hood Line Extended.
Hood Iiiver The track of the Mount
Hood railwav extension from Dee to
Parkdale, six miles, is laid, and sur
facing gangs are at work. A new town,
which has been named Parkdale, is be
ing laid out at the en. I of the road.
Plans have been made for store build
ings, a hotel and application has been I force a dissolution unconstitutional.
The terms of Lord Lansdowne 's mo
tion were communicated to Premier
Asouith and discussefl by the cabinet
council. Unionists anticipate that 300
peers will support Lord Lansdowne,
while supporters of the government in
the house of lords number onlv 40.
On the rejection of the budget it is
expected that the premier will move
in the house of commons a resolution
strongly condemning the peers' action,
affirming the sole right of the com
mons to deal with matters of taxation
and declaring the peers' attempt to
Navy Department Seeking Location for
Station in West.
Washington Nov. 12. The navy de
partment has decided to establish a tor
pedo Station on the Pacific Coast; to
manufacture and repair torpedoes for
use on' the" Pacific Coast , and by the
ships of the Pacific fleets.-
There is but. one torpedo plant in the
Uniteil 'States at present, that at New
port, una it is entirely inadequate, Do
ing able to turn out only 100 torpedoes
year. ., .More than twice that number
are purchased abroad.
The department proposes ultimately
to manufacture all its torpedoes in this
country, and to that end a plant will
be established on the Pacific Coast as
soon as Congress makes the necessary
appropriation. The exact location of
the plant has not yet been determined.
ment as an j,,,, ratV '
made for n postotfice. Hundreds of
acres of fruit land have been bought in
uie n-miiy or me new railroad ter
minus by well to do K'astern peon!
much of which hu
to trees.
I'on cleared and set
Douglas Plans Good Roads.
uiat further course Premier Asnuirh
will take is not known, but it is quite
unlikely that the cabinet will resign,
unless the government is defeated at
the elections.
.f,7n?:"y0aD0Ug?a;T.nty BeU Over Western
(..ui t'vv.vw iu guou roau punning.
That the work is to be continued, onlv
on a larger scale, is proven by the pur
rnases recently made by tl.e county
court. Several weeks ago the court
purchased the rock quarry and bunkers
Western Union Telegraph Company.
Boston. Nov. 17. A long stride
toward the complete control bv one
corporation of all wire communication
in the United States was made todav
in the acquisition by the American
.State's Title Cleared.
Washington. Nov. 17. The title of
the state of Washington to the ground
on which its capitol is located was
cleared today when the supreme court
of the United States decided that tiara
and May E. Sylvester had not a right
ful claim to it. The grounds were do
nated in IcSoo' for capitol purposes bv
Edmund Sylvester, husband and father,
respectively of Clara and May E. Svl-
vester, but his heirs have sought to
cancel the donation on the ground that
it was not legally made.. The state su
preme court held the transaction cor
rect. .
duo each settle
the interior de
certificates held
, iiuuiiuu uu ge. I'CF
There are ab ii
certificates outaUt 'inj
Farm Value 92. ' ' a
Lai Y '
Washington, No
the department ol tj ie
port, issued ".,jrtj ( t;
wheat on November 1 '
Oregon, H9 cents in h
cents in Idaho, ns ajL,-.-.i.
Oregon, H2 in Wn .
Idaho November 1, ;)s
The price bos a nc '
Oregon since October j.
Washington and 8 en, i
gon and Idaho hea' ,,,
and Ja.-T, weighed 00
two pounds above th .d
Washington wheat w i
the average lor that.
that the cer
vho did the
Ihe govern
'ho amount
not justify
in redeeming
"-c.Jators who
worth of
sinst 83 for
"ding to ,
i j. - crop re
'i value ot
; ii ents ii
ot and 8J
; " 'nts in
74 ia
C'-nts in
cents in
io Ore
1 - aon
h- ihel,
I Ver!ge.
to nds,
..i .. ...
auvui-aie cutting tax to be pai
tue timber Is cut: a portion of fM tar
to be set aside to bear the expense of
reforestation by the state; and a por
tion to pay the expense of nrnioMinn
. ". . t i . - .
wu. 1'iHcoi lorcHs irom ure and depre
1 obiection Aa a "iiuv irom r lonua, is the new
present ,tei of .WBfr- Mr' 1, w for"1(rlX "ten-
on value.ri wou?d 'l0'1 in th rowin Pi-
sx to be paid when f' v, V v ,ru't on. ,,1,e west
roast of Florida, but has sold out his
holdings there and will become a fix
ture in Southern Oregon.
Poultry Show for Pendleton.
I Pendlet
I shall not attempt in thin- rtirl Umatilln-Mnrrm. r"m.n
enter into the details of such scheme, ciation, January 23, 20 and 27 w'ere set
I am told on good authority that rais- as the dates "for the big exhibition
ing trees by the state or national gov- of birds. Oreat interest i being man-
ernment pays i in European countries. If ifested, and it is expected that there
i our wrsiern coast, win p m nnest d splay of poultry in
where the eondit nna in .!,.,. i lt.i.l.k. 1.1. . -j .v.. .f juuury in
im-ai I ... noiiri T vl Ua (CCtlOO
llnrludod nt week.)
i Itstrs, 'vuk., diet uaevd plans to l ta
! tK .etvy laf,U grta!lty, '
I A lay Unk t.-bbrr si New Albsv,
a,!l.4 Ik .hiar a4 wuuad
u' l"M' I' fci 4 is k fr a lu(I.
A Wifct.! tula a bura
, i U,ui.ti u as nwit N ,
, )4 t.,t, Ul lei wa
..V. r ,i.Ut st l ii.
U Ua i. ... 4 it.
l i AUI )UI k)Sl SI.4
H-letiie ia obfi-rca at New
Bomb Bails Police Chief.
Buenos Ayres, Nov. !. The chief
of police of this eitv. Henor
ponce Bprrwnry were asaitaai
nsted today when driving in Callao
street, A man. at ill nni.Unf ia.i
Packing Many Prunes.
Salem Six million iKiuuds of prunes
are passing in a steady stream through
thA TilUnn n. ..I,!..- I n-. .
. - - i-iiik iiuusi-. inn pack
ing, facing and shipping will continue
well into tho new vear. Alrea.W a
cars have been ahippe.) out, several of
ated by the Warren Construction Telephone & Telegraph eomnnnv of tl.
lllllliilMV mum t hn i , m ... .
...j ..r v.-.n uniuu ui lueiconrro or tne wostorn i n .in Toi.
. 1 . - , i ' 11 k cuinraci in mis city, graph company
been left l,v h Mmn, " L,. """"n'on .complete,
... r-;v line incorporation ot a new $1,0(10,(100
luJO company is announced. Tt i iil
Asylum Bids Awarded. the new corporation will include thp
Salem The board of trustees of tho $o9l,4,a.400 of bonds and stock of the
wregon tate Insane Asylum has I American iciepnone 4- lelegraph corn
awarded to the Northwest RrM PB.T. known as the Bel company, an.l
works of Portland the general contract the outstanding $ir).-,f)0ii,0no of 'bonds
ior i no new receiving ward building al,u sl0( KS 01 l,le "estern I nion com-
ihe acquisition of the Western Union
stock by the Bell company has been in
progress ror six months, and only
Forest Work Needs $400,000.
Washington. Nov. IS. Four hundred
thousand dollars, in the judgment of
Secretary Wilson of the department of
agriculture, will be necessary to admin
ister properly the 25,000.000 acres of
public lands added to the national for
ests by President Roosevelt during the
last six weeks of his administration.
The bulk of these lands are in Alaska.
The appropriation for the current vear
for the administration of the national
forests is $4,024,000.
.t .
f P'lOOO
d t',,e
!ui it
Typhoon Destroys
Washington, Nov. IP
five character of the
that passed through 1,
Philippines is indicatei
gram received today fro
general of the islands. .
laid waste the populous t. vr
ern l-yte, thence passed
and out over the Chinn a.
post at Dacami was rles ln
siderablo damage was done to n iriy.
in Tacloban. In Capiz the p,', , allal
government buildincr anil i-.iiJ -d
orlice.s and houses built of ligni :m
i iai were,, oiown aown
were damaged.
te- i
Crowin? cro'8 -
at the hospital for the insane.
High Price for Land.
jrving c. J. Fassett has sold his
.luacre ranch west of town to o
sufl.cient amount to insure control, said officer shall be placed
to be 51 per cent, was taken over. .u:Fo- "
Gompers' Petition Denied.
Wa.-hington, Nov. 1. The circuit
fourt of appeals yesterday denied the
petition of Prsident (io'mners Vi,..
I President Mitchell and Secretary Mor
rison of the American Federation of
Labor to stay the issuance of the man
date until July 22. thereliv ax-nn !.
labor leaders more time to perfect their
appeal to the supreme court. Unless the
supreme court intervenes the mandate
Doctor Commands Ship.
Washington, Nov. 13. Secretary
Meyer today settled the controvert f.
I to whether a line officer or medical
in command of
the hospital ship Solace by designating vi jowa. tne price paid be ng Officers of the telenhnna . K c iin uip .oiace oy designating
110 an acre. Mr, Fassett las n,ove3 ,,ev ? that th. LtrrZ; TV7 W?" G' P"kerellof thf aed?
i.uKl-iir, uifviiijf pougnt property and I Bell
win ounu a modern borne.
Portland Markets.
Wheat Bluestem, $1.07; club, OOcj
'd Russian, P4c: Valley. 95ff?06c: Fife
Me; Turkey red, 90c; 40 fold, 9Sc.
Barley Feed, $27.50; brewing. 2$
per ion.
torn Whole, $33; cracked. 34 ner
1 v, 11 .
sjirang from a excluded spot and threw ,,uh h!ve gone to make up Kuropeau
bomb directly under the carriage. "'"P1110"'-
The vehicle was blown to pieces and
Senor Falcon and the secretary were Onions Yield Well,
terribly Injured. They were carried to Freewatar-J. J. William, ha, iu-t
the sidewalk and later to a hospital, finished marketing I.2t3 sacks of onion
tut died soon afterwards. Immediately from thr, acre, of land three
rter throwing the bomb the asaWm miles north of Freewater. The onions
drtw a revolver and aht ti.. w..r. ei ,. . onions
uuv v.,vv.i,u io prove ratal. "go tne in ml
Ask Uncle Sam to Bmlte relays.
Pducflelds, Nieaarua, Nov. 17. A
petition is beiug circulsted bv those iu
sympathy with the revolution agaiust
President Telaya demanding that the
l nltad Htatea lntrfr. . - -i
--- M I.IVf VI
ne revolution, which, tha patition al
"S's, is a result of the misrule of
.e.ay. Uoe paragraph of the potitios
Mwuai, Kij1ht after the election o(
rra:aen iiu, Zelnya'S chief of po-
vwanana orrr.i aa i .... it
. L . . .. " - -
u nmarican I air h t.Vin.. u
the hand Of S UlU Who via a.tlnj
It. and ra.tisg it doa as a miaetable
vi win' the streets."
He Sues Itaaey.
H Frsaciavo, N0,. u..
awnl-y, h( wf Vaii.j ii.ti.,..,.
4tellM, U .as rraata4 Mtara)
fcU.s kg. ea tta. Vf (taaluC
"..m. flim U, ,tUf t I)U,.,(I
iu,i,y IMlva, aal,,,J ......
.et 1U.UI,,. fp.c.kala, Wtll-a
l a4 "J.La It..." it .... , . 1. . .
. v aw'Mj
r- -i na iUi.a e.iba U
4 i(..4
was consul, ,re.l -.,ri i. I..-.
It is now worth SiUni
l - - .
Wallowa Sawmill Ready.
Wallowa The Niblev Mimnaugh
I. II II !),.. .......... I ;(
oaun mm, having a
cecity of 50,(.m) feet ,.er .lav, is com
pleted. This mill. .th nine smaller
iniila, will produce 30,oOO,lh0 feet of
lumbr annually, al) of which will be
Marketed from (hia city.
Top Price for Tana.
Creawell J, W. Stone has aolj to O.
U tluer of South Dakota ......
r hia farm for lo.ixm. Mr. tiUVlr i,M,
fn pact ftl,u,e to bring his family
MI loey Will Uk
toue win move t th
eus ia liwa.ll.
Tiavsler Will Have OubmI
Madfi.,J.', W. loiioiu 1...
?S aei turn AkJro l 4irra Iwi
I'J'M air. (Vill.iiu la a Ir..l
'll attlUti a Ula-e n.L.iJ ua
tka I
H-si4 ftatU Iwl tiav4 ,i.e
lUllaa U I' . i
i Ihana i..,. I... i .. ,
ll ..ia I'ai , . i ki l , y
a..l 1 l. f ... a j.
. --w, rv, avAr a,
Oats No, 1 white, $29 pcr ton.
nay timothy. Wil amette YalW
II l.'lt .. ... n '
nil" ii per ton; eastern Oregon, $lh((t)
20; alfalfa, $15(,n6; clover, $14; cheat',
r..- .. ii.,, Krnin nay, ia.
Butter City creamery
fancy outside creamerv, 32i-.(i36c per
lb.j store, 22.j(u24c. (Butter fat price
average j,0r pound uuder regular
butter prices)1.
Egg Fresh Oregon extras, 42a(P
4.V per dozen; Kustern, 30(lt34e per
Poultry Hens. 13u(rri4vc; springs,
13V 14'vc; roosters, 9'i Mc; ducks,
l.V.i i:i..,c; geese. lOc; turkeys, live,
,lr,'"",J' 20(ii-2c; "squabs,
tl.f'iti, Z ih'i dozen.
For!. Fancy, 9or9ic per pound.
Veal Fxtras. 10(n 10'2c per pound.
Fruit. 1 Apple,. $l(,T3 Ihix; j.eara, $l
(. l.jd; grapes. 4li,V1.50
tn loc per basket; quinces, $1.2.Viil.50
per box; . ranberrics. $0,d y .'.u ,er bar
rel; persimmons, tl.50 Cr box.
Potatoes .Vidi tiOo per sack; sweet
potatoes. l V,i2c per pound.
Vegetables Artichokes, T.V per
doren; Unus. HV p0r pound; cabbage,
i'le; cauliflower, tic(ii $1 .25 per
.l.aatll a..l..a... i .J . 1 .
...... m. ..,, ,i. norseradiah, 9if
10c; peas, lik- per pound; peppers. $1.30
.r w; pumpkins, luH.f; radishes
'c per uoren; a(. routs, So per pound;
squash, l(.n.lO; tomatoes. :z.i
turuips. 7.V,$l ,,,r ,)h. ,...,.
$1 onioi,. $ ;v,, j., yi .r (,f
u , . ,r,,l'' lt"Wr..p, sc.
. , -... i.reoa, lii,i:.le ii.. .
Mohair, I In ice, 2l
latlii-lu-.i airfi,, $:.V.i4 5)' f4 t
10 .....I, $1 O , ; . U1U a,, , '1( i
ns. .IA.1,.1.1 T, ,...t HKDKv $i.V.3j t,.ut ,
I--SH, '.v. -Mj J s .Vl
'. ! f.. i i ,!.. i ..i.i a ri
utilisation of wires both for telegraph
ing anu leiepnoning.
Three Dead. Five Injured.
Pittsburg, Nov. 16. Three unidenti
fied men are dead, five others are seri
ously injured end 12 men and women
are suffering from bruises and shocks,
the result of a fire in a lodging house
on the river front early today. When
the fire broke out 30 persons were
asleep in the building. Firemen
aroused them and carried the women
and children to safety. Bodies of the
merchant sailing mister.
Well Known Writer Dead.
Washington, Nov. lfl. Raymond Al
bert Patterson, a widely known news
paper writer, died here today. He had
been connected with the Chicago Trib
une for 31 years, 15 years as its Wash
ington correspondent. He was a school
mate of President Taft He was 53
years of age at the. time of his death.
Taft Considers Message.
Washington. Nov. 17. P.;j.i
Taft will in a few days consider the
unidentified foreigners were not found j "d i I? PL1"'
uiuu inia aiternoon. when ner.' - . ne win
clearing away the debris found them
uuuer a stairway.
Weeding Out Jap Banks.
San Francisco. Nov. 17. The .Tapa
nese Industrial bank of Fresno is to be
liquidated soon, according to an an
nouncement by State Superintendent
of Banks Alden Anderson, who has just
returned from Fresno, where he made
an investigation into the condition of
ut ':uuon. ine Pank was closed
late in October, when the officials of
i i- piiiik railed to show Anderson that
they had aufficient tangible assets. An
derson's action will reduce the number
of Japanese banks in California ia ac
tive business to two.
I ersons . ommend to ennrrro.a ;n v;. -.
I Ti ... .. l ...
. ...uu, preanK-ni or tne new lork
Central, was among the president's
callers today.
Ballinger to Answer Glayin...
Washington, Nov. 13. Secretary bJ' ..
linger will avail bimselfnf the. first'
n- j. niiu trtsioenv
Taft tho latest publication of th Gltvi
charges affecting the attitude of, the'' -interior
department toward the All ka
coal lands. On the result of the roa- t
sultatioh will depend the next step in
the matter. Secretary Balling? cx
pects to band to President Taft copy
of his first annual report. Intermit at
taches to this document as it will ecu-
tain Mr. Ballinger's views on the pii- ''
eral treatment of public land quer.ioni.'-
Withdraw Oregon Lands. - ..
Washington, Nov. 18. In line i!tk
his policy of waiting for legislatioi af
fecting the disposition of public i-ii
containing power sites and petro
.deposits, Secretary Ballinger todajia- '
nouneed the- withdrawal from s"fc- '
ment of lands in different parts of. '
west. These include 2,082 acres ahg i
the White river, approximately 2isA '
acres along the Crooked river; '
acres along the middle fork of
John Day river; 9,031 acres along V:
north fork of the same river, and 71, '
acres along tbe south fork. All t
withdrawals are in Oregon. '
Gain of Exports Hnge. 1
Washington. Nov. 12. An increasti
more than $21,000,000 in the value
the exports of domestic products fVi
the United States is shown for last
tober, compared with a like period Jut ; -year,
the respective total being $3,- .
643.720, against $101,7S3,04'?. Expirti
pf wheat ileclined from 12.032,146 boih- .'
els for October. 1905, to 8,766.419 bh I
els in October last and the value of I
ports of meat and dairy products fel
from $11,933,312 in October. 1903. t, , -
8.304.840 in Octr,l.i. iaoo 'f
Captaincy for Peary.
Washington, Woy. 17. Oommande!
rtobert E. Peary, civil engineer wh '
holds that title rank by courtesy, wi j,
soon be promoted to a captaincy in tb , I
civil engineers corps by reason of t!
retirement of tie man next abov f
rni v a nut aa captain uiso will ;
by courtesy. .He will get $8,000 a yea i
It is said that he is to apply for r
tirement. In that case he would g
$4,000 a year and be free to do-priva
work, ,
'I- I ! .!,
. K.i j ,, ir i
l a.
li'l t t a ,
i-.l, I.',
' J a
i . I.l f i ;
--. lit U, .aL.
New Map of World.
I-on.lon. Nov. 17.-AB international
conference of topographer met in Lon
don today for t!. purpos of design
ing a world msp intended to be ao-
"!- as or,,,-,,, ,,v ,;, of tUt cnnn
r. .re,euie-i. b confcrcn.
Mia ,i:rr.t outgrowth of the recent ia
urn. i jfr.vrkplural .-..n.,
' ' i aura !te
'lle. at the rotf, ,.., - rn-.. i
K..I.. I ... i i. .ii ... .. ' ' -' J
President Buries Scribe.
Washington. Nov. 17. President
Taft thia afternoon attended the fu
neral of Raymond A. Patterson, late
Correspondent tf ri.: n.
in this city. Mr Pi-u.. .. ou ne j - Bridge Plans Approved.
president Were classmates at Yale and I W ashineton. ov 12. The acti.'
Mr. Taft ao-.ed as an honorary 'pall-; ( 'ore,r.v of war- on rec oinmendation '
tne cniet ot engineers and the judge r
voeate-general of the arm v. r
proved the plans for the new" O. R 4.'.
bridge across the Willamette river
i oniana. Notibcat on of thia a linrnlj
be sent to tha rilr,.,.rl
be a re i
Nagel Orders De Lara Fread.
Washington. Nov. 17. Secretary Na
gel announce,! today that the evidence
against Be Lara, the Mexie. fci.i .
h. I Utr4 rol,J.,,ri;,;,
I' m ,
luiaue Will ruk -rtt,t
: I, ho 17 A i I ..
' f. ... . ,,.,1 '.j
la f i u i .
' ! II. . ,,. .....I'. . a ,
....t. Ik,
" ..!...
I.o Angeles on tbe charga pf beinir an
.".Hum, wf insuificient to hold
an. ne wired to lot Angeles or
dering hi release.
Employers Held to Liaollity.
Wa.hington, Nov, 17. The federal
suprt-iu, court loJar decided that the
enip.oyer.' blity',a, 0f juut jf co.
iiuiioa ia D, territories unj the
, oiumi.ia. it constitution.
'. ib (1, atatt-s not ji. d upi n.
Hsuey Ordered to OreoB.
Waaklngtua, Nov. ...
rtoactiirit mtl .
" .at )...!,.. ,0 u ,f iu i.,,,;,,at
if I ri.ii J. U.ata aa ,.L.ii
' l a 0 Li I I I .
( IM.fcJ, iv,wll.l. Ll 1. . , .
"'t'l'I'Mt ' " 'k'
through Major Kavanaugh at PortlJ
mia leaves the rai rn,l &-;fi,n
strain! in its construction of th. t.rJ
so far a the government is concent
will be issued next Saturday. .
No Sunday Mail for Coos.
Washington Nov. IS.The rail J-'
l-tween Maralitlel.l and Mvrtle 1 Ii
demands $100 for running a i4'
a.-;.. L.' - 1 A ug i-unnavs to carry mail to 1
Bay town that they may have a
ir service, Th poatftice de.rtf
M iuae io inkke a contract vn I
!!, whicb seen, I ( preclude thV
'"iiiv or ii.e turn Hay tuwus gi
ht thry d'.ira, ' j
Dul Aldtui Tiust.
Waehlngtgs, Nuy, H -, tf
ii. al u lUa I'aiui pi,, Ja,l
l-i ).i.l l, luftt.tily a.lai i, '
f (La Ilr,,i.y au . (,,.,U''
o-s i i.i rr u.i i i .. ..... 1 1
U4 I .1.
U f .1 L,M,
I .. 1.4 H i t
!,,( '
l ! H .lif
' O . in., i i. r'
U-s f'