The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 01, 1922, Image 5

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haSA a greater Om&m
TF EVERY resident of Oregon
diverted 50 cents a day of
his or her present normal ex
penditure to the purchase of
. Oregon-made products the im
. mediate result would be:
,35 RJ-'
... -
I fl
2?a from merchants
who display this sign
Merchants who display this sign
rocommend Oregon Quality goods,.
They guarnateo the merchandise
they sell. Thoy are community up
builders. They merit your patronage.
25,000 more people employed
in Oregon industries
$30,000,000 increase in an-
j. K nual payrolls of the state
$120,000,000 increase in
yearly output of Oregon
Insist upon Oregon-made
products.- They successfully
compete with the worlds best.-
Buy Oregon-made goods on
MERIT. Our half dollars will
build a greater Oregon. ,
Send for directory of products
manufactured in Oregon. Refer
to it whenyou make your purchase
Associated Industries of Oregon
702 Oregon Building, Portland,. Oregon
.Effective May 8, 1922, the Excise fax on United States Tires for pas
senger cars, both casings and tubes is absorbed by the makers and is not
added to the selling price.
For Ten Dollars and Ninety
Cents -litis 30x3 Usco
IE 30x3J2 tire situation
today is just this
The man who buys an
USCO at $10.90 is trusti
fied in believing that his monev is
going farther in tire value than it
ever has gone or could go before.
Naturally he appreciates the qual
ity of USCO. That was established
long ago.
It is still fresh in his' mind that
USCO led the national market
into the $10.90 price range.
ifyj fl rtnt r,,T,TMllr
jBHH JiiffiHSmMM
mK&MvmxmjiW wm vraay
Mm jffiBsmmV
wHf JKwK&m9
The makers of U. S. Tires
always intended the 30
3 USCO to be the high
est value in its neld.
At $10.90 it creates
a new classification
of money's worilu
United StstesTlrss
United States Tires
United States Rubber Company,
7X OUm hJ YriM.
RmUff Or$nutn fa lW
j tl
vote can
.U. S. Tires:
HAKVEY & BICKER, Ontario "
V. B. STAPLES, Ford Garage, Ontario
E. J. POWELL, Service Garage, Nyssa
the following claims against Mai
hour county, Oregon, fortho month
of March, 1922, were considered,
ordered paid, continued or disal
lowed as follews:
APRIL 6; 1922
Tholma Brown, salary clerk's steno,
Bessie Poust, salary clerk's steno.,
Catherne Cody, salatry clerk's Bteno,
W, W. Hlnton, salary stock Inspec
tor, $33.33.
Boys' and Girls' Aid Society, appro
priation Indigent $10.00.
Mrs. Leon Izagulrre, appropriation
indigent, $10.00.
Katherlno Gecl, appropriation indi
gent, $25.00.
Mrs. Anna Townseud, appropriation
indigent, $25.00.
Mrs. Claude Hanes,' appropriation
indigent, $26.00.
Mrs. Emma Balrd, appropriation
indigent, $35.00.
Ada V. Newby, appropriation Indi
gent, 525.00.
Mrs. Alice Peterson, appropriation
indigent, S25.00.
C. B. Tapp, salary, Janitor, $100.00.
Mrs. Amanda Rinehart, rent of
warehouse, $25.00.
0. II. Tost, county Judge, expense,
commissioner's fees,
City of Ontario, prisoner's board,
commissioner's fees
Co., supplies
Co,, supplies
Co., supplies
P. M. Vinos,
G. W. Dean,
H. Lee Noe, sheriff, office oxpense,
II. Lee Noe, sheriff, car mileago
H. Lee Noe, sheriff, meals for pris
oners, $114.76.
H. Lee Noe, sheriff, extra help on
taxes, 1133.30.
H. S. Sackett, county clerk, record
ing county deeds, $20.30.
Andrew M. Graham, county assessor
Trans, of Final Certs., $31.00.
M. E. Bain, deputy assessor, $145.
Donald M. Graham, deputy assessor
. $112.50.
Ernost F. DIven, deputy assessor,
E. J. Boggs, deputy assessor, $135.
James Raeburn, deputy assessor
C. C. Mueller Co., treasurer, office
expense, $33.45.
E. M. Crail, school Supt. , supplies,
E. M. Crail, school Supt., office ex
pense, $62.90.
Robt. D. Lytle, Dlst. Atty., office
pense, $150.90.
H. G. Kennard, water master, sal
ary and expense, $210.63..
A. Gramso, fruit Inspector, $90.00.
Ontario Argue, printing, sheriff and
assessor, $15.75.
Ontario Argus, official advertising
county Judge, $403.00.
Gate City Journal, official advertis
ing, county clerk, $23.25.
Jordan Valley Express, official ad
vertising county clerk, $i.50.
Malheur Enterprise, supplies sheriff
Malheur Enterprise, supplies, clerk
Malheur Enterprise, supplies asses
sor, $52.92.
Malheur Enterprise, supplies Co.
school Supt., $3.75.
Malheur Enterplrso, official adver
tising county clerk, $17.65
Bushong & Co., election supplies
Glass & Prudhome Co., supplies Co.
Judge, $11.20.
Glass & Prudhome
1 sheriff, $28.05.
Glass & Prudhome
sheriff, $8.66.
Glass & Prudhome
clerk, $84.27.
Glass & Prudhomo, supplies clerk,
Glass & Prudhome, suppll88clrcult
court, $32.71.
Glass & Prudhomo, Co. supplies cir
cuit court, $41.10.
Glass & Prudhome Co., supplies
- county treasurer, $1.55.
Gloss & Prudhomo, supplies Dist.
Atty., $14.96.
Kouffel & Essor Co., supplies Co.
surveyor, $31.38.
Wm, H. McKay, supplies county as
sessor, $6.00.
Irwin-Hudson Co., supplies school
Supt., $4.00.
Bancroft-Whitney Co., supplies cir
cuit Judge, $3.75?
Loupold Voolpel & co., supplies wa
ter master, $5.11.
Iko Reed, services Malheur county
vs. Joseph, $20,00.
Otis Thayer, expense Malheur coun
ty vs Thayer, $38.40.
Wm. M. Walker, transcrlt Malheur
county vs Thayer, $153.60.
Frank Brown, expenso Indigents and
Jail, $12.00.
Dr. II. O. Payne, core of indigent, $6
Thos. W, Thurston, care of Indigent,
Holy Rosary Hospital, care of Indi
gent, $179.90.
Van Petton Lbr. Co., expense Indi
gent, $10.60.
Juntura Mercantile Co., supplies In
digent, $30.00.
Welser Commissary, supplies indi
gent, $25.00.
E. A. Frnser, supplies Indigent,
Golden Rule Store, supplies Indi
gent, $20.63.
J. C. Penney Co., supplies indigent,
"" $62.44.
A. E. McGllllvray, supplies indigent
G, L. King, caro of indigent, $8.00,
Mrs. G. A. Slayton, care of Indigent,
Hunt & Robertson, expenso Indigent
Malheur Home Tele. Co., phones &
tolls, C. H., $31.00.
Ontario Laundry, laundry, C, H.
City of Vale, water, $9.49.
Blake, McFall Co., supplies C. H.,
Vale Electric Co., lights C. H. $29.74
Standard OICo supplies C. II
Alfred Vogue, freight and drayage,
F. A. Luse, drayage, $1.25.
B. W. Mulkey, refund on taxes,
Drs. W, II. & n. D, Byrd, examin
ation of feeble minded, $10,00.
Catherine Cody, expense, clerk's
steno, $21..94.
F. M. Vines, commissioner services,
Gen. Rd., $36.06.
Wm. Harris, labor. Gen. nil.. n no
Mart McCumber, labor, R. D. No. 16
Gen. Rd., $22.76.
Standard Oil Co. supplies Gen. Rd.,
. .$15.54.
J. A. Newton, labor Gen. Rd., $23.
D. E. Dimock, labor Gen. Rd., $5.00.
Cash Grain Co., supplies Gen. Rd.,
Home Lbr. & Coal Co., suppllos,
Rose Mercantile Co., supplies, Gen.
Rd., $3.50.
Oregon State Highway Com., rent
and repairs. Gen. Rd.. S1724.k.
Ed. Kopp, labor R. D. No. 17, Gen.
Rd., $29.00
O. W. Kaylor, labor R. D. No. 2,
Gen. Rd., $8.07.
Independent Market, rental Gen. Rd.
E. H. Brumbach, freight Gen. Rd.,
V. B. Staples, Ford touring car, Gen.
Rd., $376.60.
V. B. Staples, labor Gen. Rd.. S8.50.
Washington County, Idaho, expense
annuo mvor bridge, $116.34.
II. Tamblyn, county surveyor, labor
and expense, Gen. Rd. $157.23.
Mort Moudy, labor Gen. Rd., $17.50.
Earl Streams, labor Gen. Rd., .$14.
Max Stiles, lobor Gen. Rd., $11.00.
J. S. Atherton, labor Gen. Rd. $11.
Byrd Glenn, labor Gon. Rd., $9.00.
Dillon, labor Gon. Rd., $30.00.
Ed. Gregg, , labor Gen. Rd., $39.00.
C. A. Alexander labor Gen. Rd..
Ernest Gramso, labor, Gon. Rd. $28.
Fred Gamso, labor Gen. Rd. $15.
Door Dearborn, labor Gon. Rd.. $9.
Fred J. Test, labor Gon. Rd., $25.00
H. F. Staples, rental J. V. Market
Road, $3.00.
Savino Andonsguy, labor J. V. Mar
ket Road, $10.00.
Pedro Laguerlta, labor J. V. Mar
ket Road, $10.00.
Fred J. Test, labor J. V. . Market
Road, $90.00.
G. W. Dean, labor, J .V. Market
Road, $31.35.
S. B. Morgan, oxponso J. V. Market
Road, $10.44.
Chas. D. Jones, expense J. V. Mnr-
ket Road, $23.41.
F. W. Burns, expense, J. V. Market
Road, $24.63.
John Yeagor, labor J. V. Market
Road, $33.00.
Taggart Hdw. Co., supplioa J. V.
Market Road, $31.43.
V. B. Staples, labor and suddIIos J.
V. Market Road, $91.91.
Ed. Kopp, labor J. V. Market Road,
Frod J, Test, oxpense J. V. Market
Road, $18.90.
APRIL 10, 1922
Leo Strode, supplies and board,
Charles Camman, expenso $2. IS.
Chas. D. Jones, labor, $39.62.
J. F. Joyce, oxpense, $10.61
J. F. Joyce, engineering, $190.00.
C. D. Jones, labor, $54.84.
Fred J. Test, labor, $19.35.
Fred GramBe, labor, $39.97.
Fred Burns, labor, 38.71.
Wm. Plnnoy, labor, $12.90.
Wm. Blackaby, labor, $12.90.
M. Gramso, labor, $12.90.
E. Grnmso, labor. $41,94.
John Weaver, $25.81.
Silas Morgan, labor, $32.90.
Gilbert Dean, labor, $12.90.
Chas. Cammans, labor $12.90.
Thursday afternoon at tho homo of
Mrs. Walter Davis. Tho following
officers wero elected: President,
Mrs. P. M. Boals; Vlco President,
Mrs. Walter Davis; Secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. Geo. Sullens: and Drosa
correspondent Mrs. Otto Mlllnr.
A. Shay Is spending a few weeks
with friends in Boiso.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCullough of
Cambridge aro spending the week
with Mr. and Mrs. E. Tomlln.
Mrs. P. Monroe Smock of Vashon,
Wash., who is spending a few weeks
with her mother Mrs. Lias, was the
guest of Mrs. R. D. Uneora nt
North Payette several days last
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wilcox entnr-
tatuod a numbor of friouds at cania
Tuesday evenluc of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Atterbury and
sou James, motored to NyBsa Sun
day and spout tho day with Mrs. A.
M. Johustono.
Tho Dead Ox Flat baseball team
dofoated the Washoo nine at Wash
oe Sunday afternoon by a scoro of
16 to 14. Tho boys from tho flat
landed on tho Washoe twlrlor In tho
seventh lunlng, and before tho sldo
was retired accumulated ten scores,
oach man on tho team scoring once
and ono player twice. The hitting of
L. L. Culbortsou and base stealing
of Eugene Shay wore the features
of tho game.
Mlssos Mario and Mildred Frost
entertained a party of young folks
at a picnic dinner Sunday In honor
of MJss Roso West, who Is soon to
loavo for hor home In Portland.
Mrs. Otto Miller and daughters,
Maxlno and Mildred, visited Mrs. A,
P. Scritchflold of Weiser Friday.
Miss Lela Bartsho and Eugene
Shay woro guests of A. C. Miller and
family Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnor Gorton and
daughter, Audrey, spent tho woek
end with Mr. and Mrs. Art Miller.
Fred Lindsay left for his homo In
Illinois -last woek after closing a
successful torm of school at Park.
MIbs Ella Mosso of Ontario, spent
tho week end with Lcoua Ilnuntz.
Pearl Conner Is tho guest of hor
grandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Whlto
of Ontario.
Tho annual election of otflcors of
Park Improvement club was hold
A. R. Albee and faulily wero din
ner guests at tho E. Caldwell horns
Services woro held Sunday at tho
now school houso. Rev. Martin
Miss Dorothy Dean left Sunday
for Baker City, where sho will visit
with Miss Edith Riley.
Tho directors of tho Idaho Pro
ducers Union met at Caldwell Mon
day and Tuesday of this week. G.
W. Dean, director for this Bectlon,
covering Washington, Pnyotto and
Malheur county, togothor with G.
W. Lattig of Oregon SIopo, attended.
Tho outlook for marketing looks
very bright" says Mr. Doau. Plans
will bo mado to ront warehouses,
and whore that cannot bo dono
brands were selected, ono to bo n
picturo of this valloy and called
"Idaho Valley Product", and second
choice to bo "Pheasant Brand."
Each sack to carry a brand. Ar
rangements woro mado for 250,000
Mr. and Mrs. Sleep, who nro con
sidering tho purchase of tho Bar-rows-Ordway
ranch aro registered
at the Mooro hotel this wook.
MIbs Edith Goudwatcr is spend
ing hor vacation wook with her sis
tor, Mrs. Josso Brown.
Miss Margaret Griffin loft Wed
nesday evening for Cheney, Wash,
to Join her slstor, Miss Jesao, who Is
atteudlng Normal school.
Ontario, Oregon, May 29, 1922.
That sealed proposals will bo ro
colvod by tho Southeast Unit Drain
ago District, nt the offico of the
District, Ontnrio, Oregon, unlil 2
p. m. Juno 12, 1922, and thereafter
publicly oiionod, for tho construc
tion of a drainage system according
to tho plan for reclamation hereto
fore adopted by tho District.
Plans and specifications may bo
soon und full information secured
from Ivan E. Oakes, Engineer, at
Ontario, Oregon, or from O. E. Car
man, Socrotary, at Vale, Oregon.
Proposals may bo submitted for
tho ontlro work or for soparato por
tions thoreof.
Each proposal must bo accom
panied by a cortiflcd chock on some
Oregon bank In favor of tho Dls
tho trlct for tho sum of flvo por
cent of the amount of tho bid, to bo
forfeited In caso tho successful bid
dor shall fall to enter Into contract
nnd furnish contract bond for 26
por cent of tho amount of such con
tract within ton days nftor tho con
tract Is awarded to him.
Tho District rcsorvos tho right to
rojoct any or nil blda.
By ordor of tho Board of Super
O. E. CARMAN, Secretary.
First publication Juno 1, 1922.
Last publication Juno 8, 1922.
We have three officers who have lived
in this county for at least FORTY
years. Our other officers have lived
here several years, and we think our
experience can be of value to citizens
of this community. We are to be of
service wherever possible, and will be
glad to talk over any business or any
financial problems with you.
Ontario National Bank m
Oldest Bank in Southeastern Oregon j