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GHp (JDntunn Anjua
County Official I'pcr
An Independent Nowspnpcr
Publlshod Thursdays at Ontario,
Oregon, and ontorod at tho Ontario
post oMlco for dlitrlbutlon as 2nd
class matter.
Q. K. Alkon, Managing Editor
BUB8C11IPTION Ono Year, $2.00
With so many candidates nsplrlng
for tho nominations of both parttos
and tho fact that thoro la, ftp
parontly, but slight lntorost In tho
primary, It Is hard to forecast tho
Judgod by tholr past records thoro
nro only throo formldablo caudldatos
for tho republican selection; Govern
or Olcott, Spoakar Uoan and Sena
tor I'attorson. Tho last two named
llt would nppoar aro tho only ones
who linvo a chanco to dofoat tho
present Incumbent.
Olcott'B dotcat would bo easier It
tho Impression did not provall that
ho will win. Of lato, howovor,
thoro Is an Indication that his friends
aro not so sangulno, and thoro Ib a
growing Impression that ho may bo
dofoatcd. This Is especially trua
whon tho rotors stop to think that
had ho usod tho gubernatorial voto
qowor mora oxtonslroly during tho
Inflation period, taxes would not bo
an high an they aro today.
This Is tho must potent argument
that tho governor's opponontn havo,
and nono of them seem to bo over
looking it. Aside from this thoro
Is not a great doal In tho governor's
record to attack. Ho has beon
particularly fortunato In having had
faw real problems to faco.
So far as knowlodgo of tho
machinery of stato and broadth of
oxporlonca goes, Spcakor Ilenn ap
pears to bo tho bOBt Qualified of tho
candidates, and has In tho past
shown a greater degreo of sympathy
for Kastorn- Oregon than any of
them. On that ground nlono Mr.
Dean Is ontttlod to tho hearty con
sideration of tho Kastorn Oregon
Sonator I'attorson, too, has had
long oxporlonco In tho luglslatlvo
halls, and Is wldoly known. Tho
offlco would bo well cared for by
him. Of coumo with all tho others
ho is plodgod to nn oconomlcal pro
gram, ns Ih Speaker Dean. Hoth
mou nro strong enough so that thoy
would accomplish n great deal In
that respect. So far as Olcott Is
concorned thoro Is nothing In his
rocord to show that ho could ac
complish n great deal In thnt regard.
Tho manner In which ho called tho
spoclat fair session and tho failure
to deliver ono way or nnothor, Is
llkowUo not making much of n lilt
for tho gayornor.
and as ho has becomo a lcador In
tho stato proesv association, so too
wilt ho bocomo a loader In tho legis
lative halls; It ho is olectod and
wo bollovo ho will bo olocted.
A 0II1I 0.'J-' Till OI.I) III.OCK '
Ovor In Lauo county n peculiarly
Interesting situation has nrftion.
Itecontly a numbor of cltlioim ot.tlio
county's metropolis, Eugene, motor
od to Cottago Orovo to urgo Elbort
IK'do, editor of tho Cottago Orovo
Bontluol to run for tho legislature.
Tho rumnrkablu thing nhout this Is
that Eugene Itsolf has moro candl-J
datos than tho district can oloct, and
yot mauy of Eugono'a leading cltl
'cons nro roquentlng tjio odltor of an
outsldo papor to represont thorn In
tho stato lawmaking body.
This unusual situation would not
havo arlsou without a reason, and
that reason Is to bo found in Mr.
Dodo hlmsolt and his constructlvo
rocord as a citizen and a publlshor.
Not only is Mr. Dedo an ablo
nowspapor man, but ho is a con
structive, ouerKOtle, capahlo and
Bticcossful business man, IIo knows
his business from tho typo-stlck to
tho editorial sanctum. Thoro Is no
bettor prlntor lu Oregon than Elbort
Ilodo, and thoro nro fow mou In tho
utnto bettor ncquatntcd with tho
probloms of tho public than Is he.
Having known Mr. Dodo for moro
than 20 years, having worked with
him at tho caso, wo know that tho
pooplo of Lane county will honor
thomaelvos in his oloctlon. Thoro
Is nothing half hoartod In tho way
Dodo dooa things. Ho Is a slncoro,
though Bomotlmoa cnustto critic; but
ho is always constructive In his
orltlclsma, for ho Is a chip off tho
old block.
Llko hla fnthor, tho famous Con
gressman from Minnesota, Dodo has
a keon sonso of humor, Ho has tho
faculty of soelng tho Incongruous,
tho ridiculous, and of prosentlug the
truth In a piquant and Illuminating
Elbort Dedo will novor boro tho
lawmakers with ponderous eloquence
but with pungent paragraphs ho will
toar tho mask of sophistry and
puncturo tho bubblo of ldlo oratory.
Judging by tho manner In wbtch he
has ondoared hlmsolt to tho fellow
mombors of tho profession of this
stato, ho will likewise win abundant
friendship in tho legislative body;
Ask your milk man If ho has had
his cows tcstod to dotormlno whothor
or not thoy nro froo from tuber
culosis? You owo this to your family, to
yoursotf and to tho public gcnornlly
Dy doing this you will Impress upon
your milk man tho tact that tho
pooplo aro allvo to tho nocd for puro
clean milk and that it will pay him
to hoed tho warning.
Dut your action should not ond
thoro. If your milk man says ho
has had his cows tostod, nak him to
show you his certificate of that fact.
Thoro need bo no troublo for him to
carry that certificate with him for n
fow days until alt of his customers
havo soon It. '
Thon contlnuo your campaign. If
ho docs not nnswor "yes," and li not
ready to show his cortlflcato, stop
taking milk from him. That Is tho
only snfa thing to do. A mnu who
cares so llttlo for tho health and
Bafoty ot hlmsolt, his family and his
customers that ho wilt not tako this
nocossary and roasonablo precaution
Is, not worthy of your buslnoss, ho ts
not a aafo man to bo IntriiBtcd with
tho purveying of food.
You do not nood to tako milk thai
comes from n sourco 'which Is not
clean and has not been oxamlncd.
Thoro nro dnlrymon nhout Ontario
whoso hords havo boon Inspected,
and thoy nro entltlod to consideration
and to patronage for they nro doing
that which Is ossontlnt to your wel
fare protecting tho clonullncss ot
tho food you nro tootling yourself and
It would seem that ovory mothor
would ask that question of tho milk
man from whom sho gots milk to
fcod hor chlldron. To toed gonn
Infoctod milk Is but giving slow
poison. No woman with an ounco
of mothor lovo knowingly would
poison hor child, why thon should
sho let tho milk mnn plant In tho
chllifs systom tho gonna of tho
droad dlseaso.
ts the contention of tho vnlloy papers
which onco woro tho'' ardont sup
porters ot tho primary idea,
hah it ui:agiii:i Tim i:.n?
Notablo among tho dovolopmonts
of tho fpaturoloss campaign which
Is now in progress in Orogon Is tho
nttacks bolng mndo upon tho Orogon
Primary system by thoso who woro
Its ardont champions n decado ago;
tho Eugene Ounrd and tho Capitol
Journal of Snlom.
Thoso two publications rightly aro
Inmontllng tho quality offorod tho
pooplo from which to mako a choice
for a numbor ot tho stato offlcos.
Thoro (i no objoctlon bolng mado to
tho quantity ah, no, thoro Is too
much quantity, aud too llttlo
quality, Nor Is that nil tho systom
Is oxtromoly oxponslvo.
Whoro ns years ago thoro was but
ono election, now thoro nro two,
each ot which cost tho pooplo approx
imately $100,000. Tho cost is
not tho big oloinont, Important
though It ho; but tho roaults aro uot
worth It. Orogon is liko tho llttlo
boy of whom Franklin teld: "ho
paid too much for his whlstlo,"
Evory ono knows, who knows any
thing about politics, that half ot
tho men who nro running for office
today would not stand a ghost ot a
show undor a system whoro a dozen
or moro men gathored to consider
thorn for public ofllcoT
Think of tho ludicrous situation
Orogon places mon who coultf rcaly
bo ot service to her In stato affairs?
What man who haB a sonso ot fltnoss
of things wants to nominate him
self for a Job? Nono but tho most
concoltod would try It in a lodgo, or
in a publlo gathoring anywhoro to
thus attempt to put onosolf ovor,
would at onco condomn tho officious
yot this Is what tho Oregon
Bystom makos mandatory. And the
result Is fow mon of real merit
attompt tho Job.
Gradually thoro Is apparently, a
realization in Oregon that tho pri
mary system is not tho panacoa that
Its champions thought it would bo,
and that it is a useless expense to
tho state.
Tho notablo thing about the
change ot Bentlmout Is that it is
coming, not from the pollttcans, but
from many peoplo who havo hitherto
taken but alight lntorost in politics,
but who aro' realizing that the
prosont rlso In the cost ot govern
ment has come largely because ot
tho desire of tho solt-nomlnated-prl-mary-seloctod
officeholder to pander
to ovory lam and clique which
wanted to dtp into tho public
Perhaps it Is right to say that
it is not the fault ot tho primary
idea or baslo princlplo that has
caused tho troublo of which tho
Eugene Guard and tho Salem
Statosinan complain, but tho abuse
ot tho principle as It Is applied In
practice; but this abuso Is so easily
accomplished that it nullftes the
good which the primary was de
signed to obtain. That It appears
Official summary of crop and
weather conditions In Eastorn Oro
gon, covortng tho past flvo months,
wook ondlng April 20, 1D22, from
tho U. S. Weather Station on tho A.
O. Kingman ranch on Snnko river:
Tomporaturo below normal, lmpro
Ing at tho ond ot tho torm. Seed
ing finished and grain gormlnntlng.
Pastures and meadows backward.
Potatoes and gardens In process ot
ptnutlng, and In warmor locations
potatoes up.
A largo dolcgatlon from Kingman
Kolony, pupllB, teachers nnd patents
plan attondanco at tho Flold Meet In
Vnlo, Friday, April 28.
Oscar Shafor was quite badly
brulsod, his kneo being Borlously
spralnod, nnd at first It was thought
hie leg was broken whon n team ho
was driving became unmanngcablo
ono day tho past week.
Mlas Dornlco Martin, Miss Flor
ence Bach, Arcbjo Cantrolt nnd Hay
Elliott nnd E. W. Evorott wore
guests nt n party at tho S.D. Dtgo
low homo on tho Owyhee last Satur
day ovonlng. Tho occasion being
tho joint colobrntlon of tho birthday
annlvorsarlcs ot Miss Jaunlta Ulgo
low and Mrs, Fred Kllngback.
Miss Straub, Stato Tuberculosis
Nurso, will visit tho Kolony this
wook consulting with., tho paronts
and teachers and making examin
ations In tho lntorost of tho health
of tho chlldron ot tho district.
Kolony clubs aro orgnnlzod'or'ln
process of organization for tho
Boason's worfy Tho canning club
with Mrs. Conrad Martin as loador.
Tho Sowing club with Mrs. H. John
ston tender, with throo members,
hopes to ndd to tholr members Uolun
Powell, Violet PJnktton, 1st yenr
sowing, Jcanotto Martin, 2nd year
work. Joanotto Martin recolved 1st
prlzo at tho Orogon Stato Fair last
year on hor first year sowlug.
Tho Pig club was also organized
with Itobt Ovorstrcet as loador.
F. T. Morgan and family, Mr. and
Mrs. It. It. Ovorstrcot, Miss Oladys
Johnson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Maurlco U.
Judd and Itobert Overstreet mado up
a party motoring to Wolsor last
Sunday. Thoy enjoyed tholr lunch
nt tho boautlfut Island park on tho
Bnako river, and visited with 'two
Kolony boys, Everett Hlckox and
Morrltt Oroellng, who nro students
nt tho Welser Institute.
You aro cordially Invited to Hie
P. T. A. regular mooting Saturday
ovjmlng, Muy Otli. Election ot of
ficers will tako place as woll ns re
ports from tho County 1'nront-Te.nch
ors mooting at Nyssa last Saturday,
and nn Interesting musical program.
Dologatos from tho Clrclo attending
tho county mooting at, Nyssa woro
Mrs. F. L. DoDord, Mrs. Waltor
Nichols, Miss GladysJohnson, Mrs.
Conrad Martin, Mrs.'E . Edwards.
Mrs. Dach, Mrs, H. Johnston, Mrs.
M. Qrcollng and Airs. Ovorstrcot
woro alao In nttondnnco,
Community Day, May 31, jjlanncd
by tho P. T, A. school grounds com
mittee nnd tho school board ot di
rectors bids fair to bo a busy day in
Kingman Kolony. A largo number
nro planning to spond tho day at tho
grounds. Wnltor Nichols Is In
chargo of tho lovollng, C. M. Beau
mont tho sotting of trees and shrub
bery, nnd M. Parsons has chargo ot
setting tho fonco. Prof. Evorott
nnd tho pupils aro preparing an np
proprlato program, nnd tho Jndlcs
will provldo their usual good dlnnor,
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. O. Collon motored
to Nnmpa Inst Saturday, whoro thoy
mot Mrs. Colon's daughter, Suslo,
who has boon attending school
thoro, but has been obliged to glvo
up hor studies on account ot cyo
Pupils who wcro neither absent
or tardy during April In Miss Gladys
Johnson's grades nre: Dolbort
Zlerloln, Margaret Morgan, Harold
Elliot, Lloyd McEwen, Helen Powell
Qlonn McGlnnla, Jcanotto Martin,
James McEwen, Cora Elliot.
FOIl ItENT Soctlon of good pasturo
horses $2.00 por month for
Bhort timo. It loft for ontlro season
U.75. Yearlings $1.G0. 3& mllon
straight west of Ontario. No stock
romovod until settled tot. C. W.
Oarrott. tf
WANTED TO DUY a Fprd car In
good condition. Inquire Flsor
liH .
Croam Pio
Here it an economical
dainty that xcill add pleat'
ing variety to your detterlti
1 cup Bugar, lj cups flour, 3
tbsp. Carnation Milk, J cup
butter oraubtUtute, 2 tgg yolks,
3 gg Whites, 0 tbsp. water, 2
tap. baking powder.
Cream the butter, add sugar
gradually, and yolks of eggs
well beaten. Mix nnd sift flour
and buklng powder, add alter
nately with milk to first mix
ture. Add 'veil beaten whites
of cngs, Dake In two layers.
Put cream filling between lay
ers and sprinkle top with pow
dered sugar.
Writ lor baaltUt of
100 Ltttil
Carnation Milk Prod
uct Co, SIO South
Dili St, Uohe, Ua.
Household furniture,
practically .new. Must
sell at once, as am leaving town See
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times 223J.
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cup of water,
cup ot butter,
2V4 cupe paatry
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spoons Calumet
Uaking Powder.
1 tablespoon of
vanilla. Thea
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lax way.
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