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Vnlo to Gunia to Ontario nnd Hunt
ington Will Itnttlo nt Nyssn
Ijocnls Jlnvo Ilml Two 1'rno
llco Sessions Hcgulnr
With tho usual fonturoa or a city
j J official heaving tho first ball nnd a
pnrado nnd all tlint sort of thing tho
EaBtorn Oregon Dig Four baaoball
lcaguo will open Its season on Sun
day. Nyssa and Ontario draw tho open
ing gnmes according to tho schedule
adoptod at a mooting of tho man
agers nnd officers hold at 1'. J. dal
lnghor's offlco Monday ovenlng.
Vno will bo Ontario's opponent and
Huntington will Journoy to Nyssa.
Ontario so tar la tho leant proparod
for tho opening, though Ross Jen
kins has a hunch of tossors out for
sovoral workouts during tho wook.
A hcavor Is tho troublosomo factor.
Ontario nnd Nyssa both nro trying to
land Charllo Nowblll wlib was with
tho locals last year, and who now Is
making .a record for himself at tho
O. A. 0. whoru ono day last week,
pitching for tho freshman ton in ho
shut tho regular vnrslty out with ono
scratch lilt.
Nyssa hns mado moro progress
than nny of tho Malheur county
teams and will start tho season with
nt loast two prncttco games bobjnd
thorn. Vnlo, too, has had ono prac
tlco gamo nnd n vetornn team; whllo
Huntington has Its last year's toam
almost Intact.
'Ontario has but throo of Inst
yonr'o roon, but has a largo number
of now players whoso ability Is un
certain. Tho following Is tho loaguo
schodulo for tho year:
Aprlf 30: Huntington at Nyisa.
Vnlo at Ontario. .
May 7: Nyssa at Vnlo.
Ontario at Huntington. .
May 14: Ontario at Nyssa.
Vale at Huntington.
May 1: Huntington at Ontario.
Vale at Nysaa,
May 28: Nyssa at Ontario.
( Huntington at Vale.
Juno 4: Nyssa at Huntington.
Ontario at Vale.
Juno 11: Vale at Nyssa.
Huntington at Ontario.
Juno 18: Nyssa' at Vale.
Ontario at Huntington.
Tho ninth gamo to bo playod at tho
two towns showing tho boat record
for goto receipts during tho season,
and to bo playod botwoon tho two
hlghost teams and tho two lowest
loams, and It tho managers aro will
Ins, a post season gamo may 1gjo
playod betweon tho two highest
teams, It their standing Is alterod by
tho ninth gamo. Tho ninth gamo
receipts to be dlvldod 60-40, and tho
post season game, If played, tho
Tho 17 year old brother of Harry
lllowland was drowned In tho Owyhee
rlwr, up near the Derrick nnd Lowe
ronch Friday while attempting to
ford to an Island In the rivor. Ho
was riding a horse, but apparently
became frightened attor getting Into
deep water and left his horso. Whllo
swimming to his brother's boat near
by, bo was caught in a whirlpool
and carried out of sight. The young
man eamo hero a tow days ago from
Cambridge for a visit with his
brother who has been trapping at
Mitchell Dutte. After giving up hope
of saving his brother, Mr. Howland
grief stricken, wont overland In a
rr to break tho sad news to their
mother and other member's of thej
family nt Cambridge idauo. ai
present the river Is at the highest
' point of high water for tho season,
and making an attempt to rocover
the body would be very difficult as
well as practically useless.
Miss Emma Johnson who has been
visiting relatives' and friends In On
tario this spring will return to her
homo in Spokane, Friday.
Paul Sellgman Is having the Studio'
remodeled this spring. A new coat
ot paint and a new French window
are among tho Improvements. The
old skylight has been removed and
the addition ot the French window
makes tho studio much moro home
like and modern.
Mr. und Mrs. Glen Mustard re
turned Friday from Portland where
they have been tho past few months.
pave Logan and Mrs. Oladys Pugh
of Brogaa drovo to Ontario Friday
and returned home Saturday,
Miss Marlon Lowo, daugh
tor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Lowo of tho Owyhee country,
wi.t. ono of tho sovon members
of tho grnduntlng class of Whit
mnn collogo at Walla Wnlla,
Washington, to nchlovo n schol
atlo Btandlng during tho pnst
four years which morltcd elec
tion to tho honorary fraternity
of Phi Ilotn Kappa, X. Election
to this frntornlty" which long
hns hold tho flotd as tho coveted
fraternity of studonts In tho lib
eral arts, Is sought by studonts
nil ovor America and member
ship In its ranks Is a mnrk of '
scholnstlo attainment. So fnr
as tffo Argus Is nwaro, Miss
Lowo Is tho first Malheur coun
ty student to securo this honor.
Van Pcttrn I'lfchci Blmt Out Hnll
Hut Errori) and Pauses Glvo
Visitant B Score Whllo
Onlnrlo Garner H
Lnthrop's ball tossors of tho O. II.
S. won their first dlnmond victory
last Friday afternoon in n Ilstloss
gamo with Nyssa on tho homo
grounds. Tho scoro was 8 to C.
Tho visitors howovor did not earn
tbolr runs, for Frank Van Potion
pitching his first High School game,
let them down with ono hit, but er
rors bohlnd him nnd his own goner
oslty with passes pormlttod tho Nys
sa boys to splko tho pan flvo times.
Ontario took tho lead In tho eoc
ond Inning and scored twlco, nftdr
Nyssn had ono across In Its half of
tho Inning. In tho third tho locals
mado tho gamn ouro by'hnmmorlng
lu four runs. Dut this margin was
sadly reduced when Nyssa all but
nvenod tho count In tho fourth by
duplicating tho stunt. It was In
tills session that Van mixed two
passes with two errors by his team
mates. From thon on ho pltchod
shut-out ball, and though Nyssa had
tho bases populated In sovoral ot tho
succeeding stanxim could not dovolop
tlio punch to put them across, whllo
Ontario addod ono In tho fourth and
another in tho sovonth.
Ontario's llno-up was: Van Potton,
pj Llnxy, o; nakor, lb; McCullough.
2b; lilggs, ss; Sanford, 3b; Weaver,
It; Chadwlck, cf and Morton, rf.
Dill Lyolls and Dud Young did tho
Tho Ontario airls Club was on
tortalncd "Tuesday ovonlng at tho
homo of Mrs. W. L. Turner. Two
small Impromptu playlots were pro
sontod nnd sovoral Sconorlos wrltton,
Miss Nellie Morris winning tho prize
for tho most clovorJy wrltton plot.
Miss Mnrjorlo Turner tooK mis
occasslon to announco hor engage
ment and coming marriage to Italph
Rold ot Kelso, Washington. Dainty
rofroshmonta wore servod. Mrs. E.
M. drolg proaontod an Invitation to
tho merabors, inviting thorn to hor
homo noxt Monday, to n May day
Dreakfast. Tho Invitation was ac
cepted. The hlko planned for noxi
Tuesday afternoon bus beon postpon
ed for a week, and the mooting
will bo held at tho McNulty homo.
Tha W. a. T. U. mot at tho homo
of Mrs. C. E. Secoy Tuosdny April
25th with 43 prcsont. At tho closo
of the regular sosslon the following
program was given:
Mrs. L. Delle Lees talked on the
primary election of May 19th. Mrs.
nnnren Howe read a papor on
"Publicity"; Mrs, C. E. Dlnghara
talked of the Importance ot electing
a "Dono Dry" man for the legislature
Miss Myorl Dlngham sang two selec
tions accorapanlod by Mrs. Walter
Oramae on the violin. Lator, re
freshments were served. Mrs. Mal
lott, State President of tho W. 0. T.
U. will be In Ontario on May 2nd
and will glvo a lecturo at the Con
gregational Church In the nftornoon,
to which tho public Is cordially In
vited, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Gregg and
family left Monday evening for
Portland where they will visit for a
few weeks.
Rev. J. D. Glllanders-loaves today
for Lexington, Oregon where ho will
preach Sunday.
In tho absence of Rev. (inlanders
Sunday, Rev. D. p, Reese will occupy
the pulpit both in tho morning and
In tho evening. Services will be
held at the usual hour.
Evelyn Gallagher Tnkes First in
Seventh mid Eighth Grndo Con
lout AVhllo Freddlo Lees
Wins In Sixth Grndo
At tho High School auditorium tho
throo winning essays selected by the
Judges ns tho best In tho two divi
sions of tho W. C. T. U. contents
woro read nnd tho wlunors'nnnounc
ed. In tho sovonth nnd eighth grndo
division, Evolyn Gallaghor was first;
Naomi Clay, s6cond and Eleanor
Wood, third. Their essays woro dn
tho subjoct; "Tho Evils ot tho To
tm ceo Habit.". Tho prizes awardod
woro first $4, second $3 and third
In tho sixth grado division tho
wrltors wroto on tho subject: "Hnbtts
Which Affect tho Health." First
placo was won by Froddlo Loos,
second by Leqnoro Jones, nnd third
by Jntncs Graham. Tholr prizes
being 3, 12 and fl, roipoctfully,
Tho winning papers In each dlsl-
slon will bo ontored In tho stato wldo
contest. Tho Judges wore: Mrs. J.
M. McDonnld, Mrs, L. Hollo Lees and
Gcorgo K Alkon.
Harney L. Hull Die nt California
Soldier Home, Spent Summer
Hero Octo .Gennrvnii
A messngo has boon received by
relatives from Orln Dull announcing
tho tloath ot his brother, Darnoy L.
Hull nt tho Old Soldlors Home at
Saovtetto, California. Mr. Dull left
In rcsponso to n mossago ot his
brother's sorlous lllnoas nnd was
with him when ho pasaod away,
Thursday ovonlng, April 20th.
Darnoy L. Dull was n vetoran of
tho Civil War and was 80 years, 10
months and 10 days old. Slnco tho
death ot hta wlfo four years ago ho
spent tho summers at Ontario to bo
near his brothor, making his homo
with his nloco, Mrs. O. A, Keofo nnd
tho winters In California. Mr.
Orln Dull will accompany tho body
to Yakima, Washington whoro In
terment will bo mado.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. 'Jones wlah
to announco tho marrlago ot tholr
son, Fred to Elizabeth L-. Flossmnnn
ot Portland, Oregon.
Tho ceremony was porformod by
tho Rov. Horbort T. Jonos at (he
futuro rosldonco ot tho brldo and
brldogroom, 327 West Park Stroet,
Portland, Oregon, on April 20 at 10
a. in,.
Luncheon was sorvod at 11 a. m.
attor which tho young couplo left for
their honoymoon trip.
' Marschanolle roses, oxqujaltely ar
ranged woro tho solo docoratlous.
Miss Hazel McCulloch has return
ed to her homo hero after teaching
the Whlto Sottloment school tho
past winter.
In place ot tho regular business
session, tho Royal Nolghbors and
Modern Woodmen will have a social
evening and entertainment noxt
Monday ovenlng May 1st. A short
play will be staged.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan leave
Saturday to attend the Stato Con
yentlonf Knight's of Columbus to
be hold in Portland. Mr. Ryan
will return In n week and Mrs. Ryan
will visit for throo weeks.
Tho Music Club aro preparing to
glvo the Cantata, "Tho Lady of
Chalot" some time during May. The
exact dato will bo announced later.
William Weaver is the name given
to the son born to Mr, and Mrs. W.
W. Howard Wednesday.
Mrs. A. Murphy of Deulah came
to Ontario this week whero she will
visit friend and also be under the
doctor's caro for a time.
Mr, and Mrs. Den Jones of Juntura
drovo to Ontario Friday and aro
Visiting relatives here.
MT-. and Mrs. II. O. Whltworth of
Welser visiting In Ontario Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Carllle
came down from Drogan Friday on
a short business trip.
Miss Mildred Hansen has entered
the Western Union Telegragh offiot
as a student.
l'MncUon to bo Held to Mnrk Com
pletion of Lower Floor of Dullil
lug Ideal PIuco for tlio
Meetings of Clubs To
Do Furnished
Tho necessary funds for tho com
pletion ot tho library basement woro
all secured nnd tho rooms nro now
finished nnd plans aro under way for
an oponlng roccptlon to tho public.
Thn largo room makes an Ideal
auditorium for many purposes, nnd
whou furnished will bo a ploasant
homo for sovoral womon's organiza
tions which havo Interested them
slices In Its completion, notably tho
Wnons' club and tho Girls' club.
Tlio Mu8lo Club will glvo early In
May a concert for tho purposo of
raising monoy to help furnish tho
Tho Library Droad again wish to
publicly express their tJianks to Mr.
J. It. Dlackahly whoso gonorous off or
gnvo thorn tho ompotUB and' embold
ened thorn to begin tho work. Thanks
aro nlso duo tho contractors, Mossors
H. C Secoy, Plant, F. nnd N. Has
smuss'on, who not only Intorostod
thoniBclvcs In doing n flno plcco ot
work, but gave a wbolo days tlmo
froo of chargo as woll as sonm
material, as tholr domatlon to tho
School Children to ho Examined for
Minor Defer In Health Talks to
Do Given in nil Sections
Of County
Miss Donota Stroud, public health
demonstrator working undor tho
direction ot tho Orogon Stato Antl
Tuborculosls socloty arrived In On
tnr;o this wcolc nnd Is now ongngod
In a campaign ot education In tho
schools of tho city.
Miss Stroud Is at prcsont examin
ing tho children of tho schools for
minor physical dofects and deliver
ing tnlks on hyglono and hoalth.
Later aho will visit othor aoctlons of
tho county doing tho saino typo ot
Miss Stroud Is horo bocauso Mal
eour county folks havo year aftor
year bought Christmas sonls, tho
funds from which aro used in such
oducatlonal work. It has boon found
that It minor dofocts aro carod for
tho hoalth ot tho chlldron Is vastly
Eight New. Silver Fox Ooino to Add
Value to IlnniUomo Dund Eucli
Of Young Arrivals Valued
lit From $000 to $000
II. D. Croady and J. K. Hatch,
owbors of tho only fox farm In this
section ot tho country, which farm
Is on tho Mooro ranch Just west ot
the fair grund, aro tho proud pos
sessors ot eight tiny foxos which
woro born In the konnols during tho
past week,
Tho llttlo animals, four In each
litter nro podlgreod representatives
of tholr specie, tho silver fox, tho
raising of which Is becoming n
national Industry. There nro now
270 fox farms In tho United States,
Land sovoral ot theso aro In Orogon.
In all these farms navo iisiou soma
48CS fox.
The parents ot the bandsomo llttlo
animals born hero aro registered
and pedigreed and arp ot tho sixth
generation In capacity. Mr. Cready
who has been engaged in tho fox
businoss now for a year past declares
that the llttlo pups In tho kennel nro
worth from 600 to $900 each, and
they aro doing woll.
Youthful Ontario got excited lat
week when they learned that at Pay
ette there had been Issued a marrlago
llcenso which named as principals,
Jack Peterson and Helen Drecount,
both of Ontario. However, tho wed
ding did not take place for thoy
chaueed tholr minds; then their par
ents learned ot the fact and thor
oughly discussed the matter with
E. W. Dames, who 1ms beon
romatlng tho consolidation ot
tlmbor claims in tho Malheur
forest and tho bill which pro
vides for tho oxchnngo of, lauds
within tho resorvo tor similar
lands outBldo. was lu Ontario
Wodncsdny on his wny back to
Hums, from Washington. Mr.
Dames would not say whom ho
Wns representing In tho big
timber deal, hut declared that
tho appreciation of tho pcoplo
ought to manifest to tho Oregon
delegation, particularity Repre
sentative Slnnott fo rtho pnssago
ot this ball.
"Wo will bo oporatlng In Hor
noy county this year," said Mr.
Dnrnes. "Wo will build n rnll
rond from Crnno to Durns nnd
to tho head of Dear Valley, n
dlBtnnco of 102 miles, nnd
Durns will linvo n pnyroll this
year," ho said.
A. W. Hcmlrlck, Vlco-Fri'sldciit of
California Joint Stock Innl
Dank HlKhly IMensed Willi
Appcnrnnco of This
For tho purposo of vlowlng tho
ranches In this soctlon whoso owners
hnvo applied for loans from tho
California Joint Stock Land Dank,
A. W. Hendrlck, lco prcslcdnt of tho
company nnd his apprMsor, J. E.
Montgomery spont sovoral days last
wook horo.
During tholr stay thoy vlowod
ranchos from tho torrltory oppoalto
Wolaor as far south ns tho Owyhee
country nnd ns far west as Ironaldo.
Soma tlmo ago n numbor ot local
ranchors nppllod for loans and on
tho first roport or tho company's
nppralsors tho loans woro donlod,
but on reconsideration. Mr. Hond
rick nnd Mr. Montgomory en mo to
vlow thoio aamo rnnchos again, and
whllo thoy did not doclnro tho result
of tho socond inspection, tho fact that
a second inspection wnu mado Indi
cated to many tho probability of
favorablo action.
Mr. Hendrlck who yoars ago was
prostdont ot tho Unlvorslty ot
Novnda and onco was n profoasor nt
Whitman collogo, la thoroughly con
vorvant with conditions nil ovor tho
wost. Ho exprossod hlmsolt as high
ly ploasod with conditions horo nnd
prodlcted Improved buslnoas con
ditions this fall.
Tho annual mooting of tho On
tarlo .Women's Club will bo hold nt
2:30 p. m. Thursday May 4th, at tho
Commercial club rooms In tho city
hall. At this mooting officers for
tho now yoar will bo chosen nnd
othor Important bualnkas transacted.
All tnombors nro urged to bo prcsont.
Miss Elslo Poolo nnd Miss Dorco
Dearborn havo roturnod to tholr
homes horo, their school at Arcadia
being ovor.
Tho Congregational Ladlos Aid
will moot noxt Wodncsduy May 3rd
with Mrs. Frank Caslday who Uvea
In Rlvorsldo addition.
Tho Ontario Oddfollowa ontortnlu
od ono hundred visitors at their
mooting hold last Friday ovenlng.
Tho Payette, WoUor nnd Nyssa
lodges woro nil presont. Five candi
dates received tho Inltatory Dogroo,
which Is tho Dogroo of Friendship.
G, W. Haw, Noblo Orand was host
for tho Danquot at tho closo of tho
I. O. Prout who has boon connect
ed with tho Purity Dakory hero for
tho past yoar, loft last week to onter
tho Government Hospital in Dolso.
Ills health has beon bad for somo
tlmo and ho was obliged to glvo up
the baking huslnes for a tlmo, at
least. Mrs, Prout will stay for tho
present with bor parents.
Mrs. Walter Cohlck hns as n guost
this week Mrs. Frod Btploton of
Colfax Washington. On Sunday Mr.
and Mrs. Cohlck nnd Mrs. Stapleton
visited In Welaor, Mrs. Stapleton's
former home.
Mr, and Irs. Oeorgo Gltlnm re
turned from Portland Monday bring
ing with them Miss Mlldrod Ollham
who has been so seriously 111, Mrs.
C. A. Ollham, tho mother nlo ac
companied then homo and will ro
matn until Miss atlham's health is
NO. 21
A. I Doycr tins Invention Which Ik
Application of Magnetic Theory
Trials Mado lu Cullfomln
Mystorles ot tho earth no longor
aro so to A. F. Doyer who after
yoars of work has perfectod n
machlno by which ho can dotermlno
tho prcsonco of oil and othor mlnornl
substances dcop In tho bowols of tho
earth's crust. Tho machlno la so
sltnplo, says Mr. Doyer thnt ho has
not had It pntontod, but Is using It
on a royalty basis.
Tho operation of tho machlno or
Instrument Is based on n now thoory
of cosmic chomlstry which Mr.
Doyor hlmsolt workod out; nnmoly
that whero minerals In largo bodies
nro doposltod ovon nt n distance
under tho surface theso mlnorals
throw off a peculiar magnetism or
radio activity which penatratos al
most to tha surface Dy taking
samples ot soli from sovoral foot
boncath tha Biirfaco nnd placing it
In a rosort for treatmmont undor tho
formula which Mr. Doyor has de
veloped tho prcsonco or nbsonco ot
mineral mnttqr can bo shown.
Mr. Doyor has during tho pnst two
yonrs, whllo a rosldont ot California
tcstod tho machlno In practically
ovory Hold In tho goldon stato with
most romarkahlo results. Ho bo
llovos In It ns doopty ns did thous
ands ot old bollovo In tho roystorlos
of tho dlvlulilg rod for tho locnton
ot water. Ho has usod tho machlno
for tostlnc fields in this soctlon nnd
declares that thoro Is oil nnd gas
horo in quautltos so that ono day
this Hold will bo an acttvo flold.
J, II. Oordon ot this city, formerly
night policeman roturnod from
Snlom this wook whoro ho went to
bo aworn Into tho sorvlco of tho
Public Sorvlco commission as in
spector ot automotive transportation
for tho district of oastorn Orogon.
His torrltory oxteuds from tho Col
umbia rlvor to tho Novadn lino and
from tho Cascades to tho Idaho lino.
Whllo tho Inspectors ot tho publla
sorvlco commission glvo particular
attonton to tho llconslng ot cars
nnd trucks usod commercially thoy
nlso co-opornta with tho authorities
ot tho Socrotary ot Stato'n offlco
whoso duty It is to rogulato spued
and soo thnt tho gonoral car license
laws aro onforcod.
"On this first trip ovor tho torrl
tory a warning is botng given to car
owners who havo boon using tholr
cars for hlro without taking out a
surety bond and filing tholr schodulo
of rates. In overy town vlsltod so
far complaints havo beon rocordod
ot such practices and tho propotrat
ora will bo arrested It thoy contlnuo
tho prnctlco," ho said. Mr. Oordon
Is also checking up on tho wolghts
and car capacity ot bus lines and
soourlng othor data for tho coininls
In bohalf ot tho many who are
sufforlng In tho Near East for want
ot food and clothing tho Nonr East
commltteo sends out tho following
nppoal to tho pcoplo ot Ontario and
Anyono having clothing that can
bo spared such as coats, pants, shirts,
ovoralls, undorwear, dresses etc., In
fact any artlclo thnt might bo ot
sorvlco to somo sufferer In tho Noar
EaBt, ploaao leavo at tho McCrolght
Hardwaro storo. Cash gifts or any
artlclo that can bo converted. Into '
cash will bo welcornod and approclut
ed. Remombor others are sufforlng
for tho things wo havo and aro not
using. Lot us soarch our ward
robos thinking all tho while of
Dr. R. A. Moon, Soc'y.
' Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Chapman have
moved to Ontario from Payette and
aro living temporarily at tho A. L.
McDowell homo. Mr. Chapman has
chargo of the Western Union offlco,
Herbert Lackoy of St. Antony,
Idaho drovo thru to Ontario Satur
day to mako a short visit with his
parents Mr. and Mm. A. M. Lackoy.
Miss Marjorlo Turner has resign
ed her position with tho Malheur
Home Tolophono Co, and Mrs. Jack
Landls has taken ber place.
The M. E. Ladles Aid will hold a
cooked food and apron salo May f 3
at McDowell's Storo.
imWiinmiinMWitWiMCTimwi!Wi "W ' r MdHpsmir
i mi tamnMmm '