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Council I"stmcta Attorney to Tnku
Steps to Compel Ooiniillnnco
Willi Building Permit
Pinna fur Mooro Build
lK Approved
At tlio regular session of tha
Common Council at tbo City Hall
Monday owning liiBtructlona woro
glron to City Attorney P. J, Oal
Ingbor to take tbu uocossary Bteps to
Bocuro tho couipllanco with tlio
ugroomont made with Polo Duford
whon permission was given him to
construct his garago within tho lira
llmlU. .
It Is tha position ot tho council
tbnt tho building was to, bavo boon
hilllt with a stuol and glow (rout,
tba offlcu to bavo a stuol lath -and
plaster wall, whllo in reality It has
a front mora than half wood aud
boavcr hoard for tbo walls of tbo
This matter camo beforo tho
council following tho consideration
of tho plans and specifications sub
mitted by T, II. Mooro for tho build
Ing to bo built on tho Mooro Hotel
cornor. Tho council by resolution
amended tho building requirements
no that horoaftcr a copy ot all build
ing plans within tbo flro limits will
havo to ha filed with tho city re
corder and remain In tbo oltlco.
Tho Mayor reported that through
personal letters and statomonU
notice to dollnquont taxpayers had
boon again sent out and that those
had to a dogroo boon succoBaful.
Thoro Is dollnquont moro than
J6,000 in local Improvement as
sessments which If paid would allow
tho city to go on a caah basis.
Tho council adjourned to moot on
March 20 to act upon tho matter of
improving Oregon street to Join tho
Old Oregon Trail north ot tbo city.
onnooN Bimvicu men now
The first chocks from tho Oregon
bonus fund loft the office ot tho
bonus commission last wook and
soon all tboso who asked tor cash
will bo recoiling their awards. In
Malheur county moat ot tho men
sought loans and H. J, Ward. I. M.
Hopo and 0. It, Kmlson appraisers
for the bonus commission In this
county mot in Ontario yestorday In
connection with this work.
As tho result ot tbo bonus loans, the
officers ot tbo American Legion lforo
officers ot tho Abortcan Legion hero
bellova that a number of the mon
will build homos and othora will
purchaso farms.
i.'im.'vnu rjfii.M.n,' MI IS. II. DOTY
On Saturday afternoon, March 4th
a number ot ladles mot at tho homo
of Mrs, D. Doty to surprlso her on
bor mlntloth birthday. As ooch
guost grootod tho hostoss sho was
gtvon a glfU Tho prosontn woto
many and various.
Aftor a social hour refreshments
woro sorvod. Tbo center ploco was
ninety Individual cakoa with a candle
In each. ' The color scherao was pink
and whlto. Tho ladle departed
wishing Mrs. Doty many moro hap
py birthdays.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Aldrodgo who
returnod recontly from an extended
visit at nremorton, Washington, en
joyed while there a visit to the
battloshlp Oregon which was in dry
dock at tho navy yard being nttod
out for tho service assigned hero In
tho consideration of tho treaties nt
tho recont Washington conferonce.
Although tha soa dog which made
tho trip from tho Pacific to Santiago
In tlmo to got in lino when Covora
. attomptod to run tho blockado fs
now obsoleto in the fighting senso,
'.(,. ia tut tha nride of Oregonlans
who want her assigned to this state
obuifri' muMlTTED GIVES
Press dlspathces from Washing
ton dated Tuesday ot this week con
tain the" account of the favorabe
action ort tha part of the Senate
reclamation committee relative to
the SmJth-McNary reclamation bill.
Slnco this bill contains features
granting ex-service mon special con
cessions which nro most benefilcal.
in -,. omini in many respects
to tha beneflta ot tha bonus legisla
tion, tha Ontario Post of the Amorl
can Legion in conjunction with the
Commercial club plans to call the
attnetlon ot the Western posts of
tho Legion to the bill and urge
them to endorse it.
Mrs. O. K. Carlow ot Taooma
was the guest last week of Mrs. A.
B. Breeount. . , ,
iZL no- a nklev of Bolsa Is
.wtmir Mr. N. O. Bedford this.
week. " '
Tha Morris girls spent Sunday in
Welser visiting their parents.
A. B. Breeount Is In Seattle on a
niw.' nBiniJ of Vale la visit
ing with bla parents In Ontario this
W The Music club will meet Satur
day Marea 11 at the home of Mrs.
Fred J. Clesao.
O. B. Carman was down from
Vale on business Monday.
Dletlct Attorney R. D.,Lytle was
in Ontario Monday enroute home
from Baker where Mrs. Lytle under
went an operation Jast Saturday,
from which sha la reported to be
waking satisfactory recovery.
Ichltnro Ito, a Japanoso
laboror omployod for a tlmo
in thin section broko Into a
boarding car on tho Bldo track
lioro and took a chock book
bolonglng to another Jap and
procoodod to. sign his cuinpnt-
riots namo to chocks of various
bIiub. Ho then went to Wolsor
'and did tho snmo stunt, Whon
ho broko Into tbo car ho also
took a pair ot shoos , and a
wan ant for bis arrest was. so-
cured. V. W. Cbambors act-
Ing marshal wont to Wolsor
and brought him hack to On-
tarlo. Ho was arrnlgnod bo-
foro Judgo C. M, Stearns and 4
hold to tho grand Jury.
MiiiiItm of Club to Sling Mitts nt
liirh Other Next TiWny
Evening WWo Variety of
Talent Offrcd for
It variety Is tho nplco ot llfo
you'll havo to hand tho paprika to
tho Oregon club as tho hotcst or
ganization in tho Bnako river valloy.
After presenting dancing programs
of all kinds, billiard, pool and pin
ochlo tournaments, tho club has now
ontored tho athlottc field and noxt
Tuesday wlllprcsout for club mom
bora only, a boxing program that
will bo i boar.
Tbo club mon havo candidates tor
ovory fistic honor from tho shifty
bantams to tbo pondorous haavlcs.
Mitt nllngora from Johnlo Kllhano
to John Harrison Dompsoy had
bottor koop tholr oyo on tho club
card which includoa tho following
oxponouts of manly ar of punch
exchanging: heavy weights, Clomo
vs. Chambors; light hoavlcs, Fred
Test vs. Tubby Dean; woltorwotghts,
McPhorson vs. Bam Taylor; - light
wolghts; O. Smith vs. Jack Taylor;
Carl Flold vs. Dee Tylor; Hustod vs.
Larry Qramso; bantams, Dob Loos
vs. Doroy. P. J. Gallagher will bo
tho third man. In tho ring. '
Frultlnivl Selects Superintendent of
At a mooting ot tho board ot edu
cation Monday ovonlng, March Oth,
O. C. Wlao. ot Frultland, was eloctod
suorlntondont of schools at
land m n salary of f 2,000. Ho hat
boon principal 5f schools ot Kremm
ling, Colorado, but nt prosont. la liv
ing ono mile north of Frultland.
Two years ago ho taught lif tho
Frultland High school.
Miss Elsie Schmld was In Boise
Saturday nd Sunday,
Mrs. Mary Boor nrrlvod homo
Friday from n wlntor In Boone, Neb.
Frank Eldrldgo rontodtho A. B.
Kldrodgo ranch and moved thoro
last week.
Miss Huby Kauffman,. tcachor of
tbo tblru grado, Is confined to her
homo with Influenza. Mrs. Ooorgo
Todd Is suplyjng In ho place,
Mrs. AnUurs, eighth grado tcachor,
went to Baker for tbo week and and
remained to look after ber husband
who Is 111. MrB. Geo. Todd substi
tuted as toucher for her Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Pnbst, who
have' boon spondlng tho winter In
Detroit, Michigan with tholr son,
Frank, camo to Twin Falls last week
to visit their daughtor, Mrs. Petor
man. Both aro confined to tho bed
with Illness but will return hero to
their home as soon as able. Mrs.
Polloy, a daughtor ot Mr. and Mrs.
Pobst here, has received word that
Mrs. Pobst's father fa very 111 In
Baker. -
Tra Dalzoll And M. 11. Sherman
were In Caldwell Thursday nt tho
i.httncii Growers' meeting. A nieel
tng lfl schedulod for Frultlnnd Fri
day evening,
H. F. Walto, who recently pur
chasedvtho Fruttland Service- Station
with Alvin Hands, has Just purchas
ed an acrd and fourth in the north-
west part of Frultland from F. M.
Qardner. Ha will erect n garage
whero ho will temporarily resiae
until a residence can bo erected
Work on tba remodeling ot tho
M. B. Bungalow to be used as a
parsonage was started Monday
morning, The excavation under tha
building is being made, a room on
the north Is to ne added, petltons
constructed and otherwise Improved
so a to be inhabitable,
Wednesday of this week brick
will be hauled and the erection of
tha now Ford Garage next to the
Frultland Drug store, also the new
post office building will bo started
H. B. Cready who last spring
bought the fifteen bctcs ot Boy
Manor- on Riverside Avenue this
week sold the fifteen acres to W, W,
nudd. Most ot tha tract ts in
"Sho Stoops to Conquer" the
English play put on by tha Junior
English department of tho Frultland
High School was given before a ful
house atvthe auaMtorum Friday
night. It ts said that the play la
ono ot the wost difficult ever staged
by the school here and many de
servo credit for Its splendid
Homey County Cntight In Severe
Htornt Hlockiucn Feel K (Tec's
of Itolntod Winter Storm
Hlngo Passenger Suiter
From Col".
J. A. Lnkucss, manager of tho
Malheur Home Tolophono company
and tho Central Oregon Telephone
company waB a pnssongor on tho
train which nrrlvod from Crane
Tuosday aftornoon. Mr. Laknoss
was a passonger on ono ot tho two
stages 'which loft Burns to catch
Monday's train but wns caught in
tho Btorm nnd did "Hot roach Crane
In tlmo.
So sovoro was tho storm that It
took 24 hqura to mako tho 28 miles
trip. In 18 hours tho car was atdo
to nogotlato but 14 mllos and as
tho tomporaturo droppod to away
bolow zero tho passengers sutforod
ltonsoly from tbo cold.
Prior to tho drop In tomporaturo
n heavy snow fell and tho road was
blocked over tho ontlro rauto.
Although no doflnlto reports havo
boon received It Is bollovod that tho
stockman will sudor as tho result ot
tho bolatod storm. Feed In soma
soctions Is scarco, or ratbor Is hard
to got to tho stock on nccount ot tho
hard crushed snow.
First National Hnnk of Wcier
Wnnta Deed to Umatilla Prop
erty Hot Aside, 1'torsiintlon of
Company Questioned Hen
ntor to Sue Cnnnou
Tho tanglo Into which tho affairs
of tho It. N. SUinflold company and
of Senator 11. N. Stnntlold havo
boon Involvod tncroasod during tha
past wook whon tho First National
Bank at Wolsor fllod a suit In Um
atilla county asking that tho doed
undo by Senator H. N. Stantlold to
tho It. N. Stantlold company bo tot
Tbo complaint nllogos that tho H.
N. Stanfold company wns formed
tho purposo ot delaying und hinder
ing his creditors, Tho complaint al
so says that tho bank holds 176,000
at tho senator's notes for money
loanod in the past two yoars.
Whllo tho sonator Is thus being
suod, ho hlrasolt Is taklng about do
ing somo suing himself. According
to press dispatches from Washington
ho la said to havo ordered his attor
neys to start tlbel actions against
Commissioner Mllos Cannon ot Idaho
for (atomonts published uy tuai oi
frclal. Further press dispatches ro
tate tbo senator Is coming west noxi
wook to lnvostlgato tho possibility
of having tho war flnuuco corpor
ation loan wheat growers 5 por aero
foe seed whoat.
Two of tho laruost parties of tho
sonsou wero thoso given on Monday
and Wednesday evenings of this
week at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs,
B. O. Van Pottcn at which thoy woro
Inlnod with Mr. and Mrs. H .0 Drain
as hosts. At each elevon tables of
Auction was played. On . Monday
nveuine Mrs. David Qraham uddod
to tuo ovoniags ouienumuiuui mm
a serlos ot vocnl selections. Honors
on Mondny ovonlng wore won by
Dr. and Mrs. B. O. Payne, whllo on
Wednesday evening Mrs. u. u.
i.unhra and Qooree K. Aiken re
colved the high ocoros. Tho out ot
town guests wero Mr. and Mrs. Goo.
B, Kellogg ot Payette.
Tho women of the Episcopal Gulr'
spent last Thursday afternoon spw
lng at tho Bed Cross rooms. Noit
Trwsday tho Oulld will moot nt the
homo of Mrs. V. B. Staples.
Sovontyflvo youngsters had n Joy
ous time at tho annual children's
nnriv iHven bv Star Chanter O. B. S.
at tho MaBonlo hall last Saturday
evening. The boya nnd girls, how
ovor wer0 not nlono In tho
, enjoyment ot tho ovonlng for In the
Kamea as well as In the retresnmont
session their fathers nnd momres
played n prominent part. The ear
ly portion of the evening was devotod
to an Interesting program most of
which was glvon by the little guests
thomsolves. , .
Mrs. P. J. Oallagher entertained
tho Monday Bridge club this week.
The Tuesday Bridge club met this
week with Mrs. O. H. Test.
Mr nnd Mm. 'J. M. McDonald will
bo tho hosts for the Imperial club
this evening, y
II. C. Boyer who returned last
week from n business trip to the
coist nnd told on his return how se
vens the flu Is In the coest cities, tak
In as high as 40 per cent oi me em
ployees in many establishments at
one time, is now experiencing Its
ravages himself. To take his word
for It the feeling resulting while the
flu has one la decidedly had.
Judge Daltou B'.ggs spent Wednes
day holding an equity session at tho
City Hall hearing the arguments of
attorneys In the case of Bobrer vs
Bradshaw et al. J. W. McCulloch
ot this city, and James Nichols of
Baker argued the case,
I'xocutlvo Committee Meeting
Htnto ieRlon Held in Portland
Data ot Annual Meeting to
Bo Determined Upon
Portland, Ore., Mar. C A moot
ing ot tho stato oxocuttvo commlttoo
ot tho Amorlcan Loglon will bo hold
In Portland on March 4th. Selection
ot dates for tho 1022 convention at
Tho Dalles; approval of tho Antl
Japanoso BUI drawn up by a spoclal
rvmmlttco of tho legion which will
bj placed upon tho ballot through
jtho tnltlntlvo noxt Novombor; n re
port or mo sinio logisiaiivo cnair
man on commlttoo activities and
many other mnttors ot Importanco
will como botoro tho body. Tho
mooting will call In George A. Codd
ing ot Medford, vlco-chntrman, a
national oxocut,lvo committeeman,
George A. Whlto of Salem; B. F.
Pound, Fred 10. Klddlo ot LaOrnndo,
Ocorgo It. Wilbur ot Hood lltvor,
Oliver B. Huston of Portland, ox
ocutivo commlttoomon and Ilov.
Frank James of Dallas, Chaplain
nnd Prescott W. Cooklngham ot
Portland, Dopartmont Flnanco Of
flcor. CLASS OF '22 SCORES
l'lonnliif; Fnrco Oomcly nnd Cimt's
PreseiKiition Heartily Approve"
By Capacity Audleuco
at Mnjcstlo
Attendants at tho Majestic thontro
liuntod up tho S 11. O. sign and dust-
od It off, figuratively speaking, and
hung It out last Thursday ovonlng,
for thoro wan not a vacant scat In tho
houso. Tho cnuso of tho congestion
was tha prosontatlou ot "Green
Stockings" tha nnnual production ot
tho Senior class ot O. U.S. which
was coachod by Miss Cathorlno Con
way of tho English doartmont.
Tho play, an Kngllsh productun,
whllo offering somo British mannor
slms, a hit forolgn to tho local color
ot tho Wont, as not n weighty vehi
cle nnd tho boys and girls woro
moro than nhlo to ncblovo tlio trans
formation nnd In tholr concoction
ot tho linos and characters gavo n
ploaslng production. Tho ability of
tho cam as demonstrated In tho
amusing situations prosonted by tho
plot, and tba class of '22 moro than
sustalnod tho reputation ostabllshod
by tholr prodecossora In llioir annual
class plays. As a result of tho capa
city crowd u substantial sum was
socurod for tno class treasury.
ItopresonUthcu of W. 8, Shearer's
Company to Hold Meeting At
City Hall Tunlgrt Want
At Leukt 100 Arret
Burton Cbanoy ot Lawlston, Idaho
will address n mooting ot rnnchors
and business mon at tbo City Hall
tonight on tho sdbject ot lottuco
growing nnd tho plans and contract
of tbo Choorylanes Company of
Lowlston which Is tho company
founded by W. S. Shoarer, tho plon
oo r lottuco grower ot Idaho.
W. B. McOoo of Nampa It. F. D.
No. 4, arrived In Ontario yesterday
from Nyssa, whero bo mot tho lottuco
growers ot that section nnd today Is
visiting with mon Inturostod In Iqt
tuco growing.
"Wo oxpect to locato ton paoklng
nlanta In tho Hnako rlvor valley with
acreage adjacent to each of thorn of
at least 100 acros nnd among other
locations linvo selocted Ontario,
Frultland. Nyssa. 'llomeaaie, yam-
well. Namoa nnd other polnta for
thoo Dlants". said Mr. WcGco.
'Mnr contract wo bollevo. la tho
best offered the grower and in view
of tho success the company has
achieved wo bollevo that It morlts
tho Investigation of thoso who pro
pose to plant lettuco, Wo havo tho
verified statements of tho accounts
ot rnnchors for their first year ot
lottuco growing to.provo that suc
cess can be achieved by tho growers
In this soctton undor our plan ot as
sisting the grower from the time the
soil is being prepared until tho crop
Is harvested aid sold."
On Friday ofeulng Mr. Chanoy
will address a mooting at Frultland
whnrn hn will DrOBOnt tho possibili
ties ot lettuco growing to the ranch
ers on tbo boncn.
Tha handsome now "peace dollar"
the coin designed to commemorate
the ending of tho great world war
nnd tho nchteveraents of the Wnsh
lngton conference made Its first np
pearanco in Ontario this week, when
tho First National Bank received two
shipments from SanFranclsco nnd
Portland totaling $700. The new
coin la boautlful In design, one side
bearing tho head of a woman, on
the. other Is nn eagle perched on a
mountain teak carrying in bis talons
nllvo branches signifying peace. The
coins havo been bard to secure, so
great has boon the demand, but they
are now being circulated around
Ontario to limited degree.
With tho arrival ot spring,
tho tlmo hns arrived for n gon
oral clean-up of tho promises
of tho rcsldonts ot tho city, as
woll as tbo alloywayB and
vacnnt property. By tho ordor
of tho Common Council, notlco
Is thoroforo glvon to all prop-
orty ownors to procood to re
movo rofuso ot ovory naturo
from tholr .proporty. Unices
this notlco Is observed tho city
ordinances and stntutos ot tbo
stato of Oregon governing tho
samo will bo enforced.
Mnlheur County Clllzeim Urged to
Attend Sesslo Mondny Ileal
LVnto Nort' Carrying Bur
den of Taxation
Tho tnx Investigation commlttoo,
appolntod by Govornor Olcott In
compliance with nn net ot tho logls
laturo of 1021, will hold public
moottngs at Baker, La Grando,
Pondoton, Tho Dallon and Astoria,
for tho purposo ot obtaining sug
gestions nnd Information which will
aid tbo commlttoo In tho prepara
tion of Its report and recommenda
tions to tho Govornor, to bo tho
noxt loglslatuo for consideration.
It Is tho doslro ot tho commission
that, nt thoso public honrlngs, thoro
bo n full oxprosslon ot ldoas from
local and Individual vlownolnts as to
ways and minus ot llgTitonlng tho
ovor growing load of taxation In tho
stato and Its political subdivisions.
Tho membership ot tho commlttto
Is I. N. Day, chairman; Honry B.
Head, C. A. McKuuna and C. S. Chap
man of Portland; Waltor M, Plarco,
LaOrando; B. H. Smith, Lakavlow,
und Chnrlos A. Brand of llosoburg.
As oxprcssod In tho act ot tho lo
glslnluro tho duty of tho commlttoo
Is "to gathor Information, formulate
rocommondatlons, propnru proposed
loglslatlcn nnd report to tbo govor
nor upou tho quostlon ot whotbor or
not It Is foaslblo to ralso from othor
sources n substantial portion ot tbo
public rovonuo."
In discharging tho duty Imposod
by tho (oglslaturo tho commlttoo has
mado n study of tax economics nnd
lnvostlgatod "tha systems ot othor
statos. It Is now gathering statis
tics on assessment In Orogon nnd
mnklng n critlcnl oxnmlnatlon of
Tho preliminary study of tho com
mission has thus far disclosed that
undor prosont conditions real prop
erty scorns to bo bqarlng tho groator
part ot tbo tax load. Intanglblo
proporty roprosuntod by money,
notes, accounts, bonds nnd sharos of
stock carry but a small por cent.
Tho shifting of tho burdon from tho
porsonul proporty to roal proporty,
aud tho gradual docllno ot Intangl
blo proporty on assossmont rolls ap
pears to bo n progressiva movomont.
It hns nlso occurred to tho commlt
too that thoro Is unduo undervalua
tion In assosument. resulting In In
equality. To roach tho Intanglblo woalth,
which Is now avoiding taxation tbo
commlttoo has under consideration
tho Imposition ot a tnx on porsonnl
Incomes ns a now sourco ot rovonuo
from which to dorlvo a sufficient
sum to carry a portion ot the oxponsa
of stato administration, thereby re
Moving general property of a corrcs
Dondlng nmount.
It Is realized by tho commlttto that
oxoorlonce has shown mat tho ton
doucy following tho Increaso ot ro
vonuo Is towards legislative oxtrava
Banco. To forestall this, It Is sug
gested that thero bo enforced con
Btltutlonal limitations on taxing bo
dies In ordor that tho slack produced
by shitting tho burden from gonorai
proporty to personal incomes ro
mains permanent, and that addition
al sources ot stato. Income lead not
to Increased oxpondlturo.
Othor phases of tho problora Doing
investigated Include tho raising of
the schodules ot specltlo or privilege
taxes, such as foos und licenses, nnd
tho reduction ot tho cost ot stato,
county, city and district administra
tion, The commlttoo has not yet reacbod
any flxod opinions and. Is very do
Blrolta beforo doing so of obtaining,
ns fnr ns posslblo, concreto sugges
tions from taxpayors which will nld
In reaching final decision.
Tho dates on which tbo hearings
will bo are:
Baker March 13 th
LaOrando March 14th
Pendleton March 16th
The Dalles March 16th
Astoria March 18th
As It would be impossible for tho
commltteo to visit nil county seats,
the abovo has been selected m tno
view that tho surrounding commun
ities would have an opportunity to
meet nt n central point with tho com
mltteo. W. II. Mullln.camo down from
Crane to spend the week end with
his family here.
P. J. Gallagher returned Saturday
from Boise whero he attended the
session of tho foderal court appear
ing the First National Bank ot Pay
eteo vs. Judd case.
J. W. McCulloch returned Satur
day from Caldwell where he spent
the week on legal business.
NO. 14
In Ten Vcnrs Mnlheur County' Con
tribution to Cost of Stato Gov
ernment line Increased 1018.0
per cent Snys Commission
Tnxes paid by Malheur county
cltlzons tor tho cobI ot state govern
ment bnvo Increased In tho past ten
years 101 8. D por cont, according to
showings mado at a rocont mooting
of tho commission which Is Investi
gating taxes In this stnto.
In fact this roport shows that
whllo stnto taxes bavo lncroasod C21
por cont, Malheur county's sharo has
lncroasod twlca as much as tho total
lncroaso, Its lncroaso bolug groator
by far than that shown for any othor
Whnt tho cnuso for this apparent
disparity In sproad ot stato taxes Is
none ot tho locnl nuthorltloo is pre
pared to say. It Is posslblo that It
Is In part duo to tho fact that within
this ton year period thoro was nddod
to tho tnxnblo woalth ot tho county,
tho Orogon Bastorn ltnllroad; the
Ontarlo-Nyssa ditch and tbo lnnds
undor It; tho Payotto-Orogon Slope
Irrigation district lauds and tbo
Slldo Irrigation district, and also
tho Warmsprlngs lands.
However, so startling aro the
ravolnttons ot tho commission that
It Is oxpoctod that a delegation ot
Malheur county citizens will go to
Baker noxt Monday to attond tho
mooting ot tbo tax commission which
will ho thoro for a hoarlng.
Education largest Item
Ot tho ontlro sum ralsod for state
purposos which totaled 141,117,307
In 1021: oducatlon raquirou iiu,-
703,477 or 40 por cont; whllo roads,
Including uiarkot roads was socond
with 10,080,200.
As tbo roduit of tho uoanngs
which tho commission ts holding
nnd tho study It hns mado a roport
to tho loglslaturo will bo mod which
may havo an Important bearing on
taxation In Orogon in tbo future,
and slnco Malheur county Is ono o
tho countys which . has a huge de
linquent tax account, tbla is a mat
tor ot supromo importance to thw
Tho Iloyal Neighbors and Modern
Woodmon onjoyod another ot their
good times Monday evening. After
tho Woodmen bad Initiated some
nuw mombors, tbo lloynl Neighbors
guvo tho candidates tho last dogroo,
and also camo to tholr aid with pie
and coffee.
Aftor rofroshmonts, a program ot
comical readings, songs and table
talks tor tho good ot tho ordora was
glvon. At tho noxt mooting which
will bo held March 20, tho Iloyal
Neighbors wll glvo; woll, mombors
it you want to know what they ara
going to do, Just como nnd see, Is
tho mossago ot tho oftlcora,
Two followers of Jim tlio Ponman
workod In Ontario and Payette this
wook. Thoy registered nt tho Moore
as O. C. Howard and C. O. Smith
aud passod two ton dollar checks
drawn on a Caldwell bank. Thoy
also got ono for $3 by at tho Sugar
Bowl. Ovor at Payette they passed
one $10 chock. Whllo they were
horo at tbo Mooro thoy woro told
thnt tho chocks wore no good, but
beforo tbo nfflcors could land them
they mado their get away.
Ono ot tho surest signs ot spring
mado Itself manifest this week when
from various towns camo stories ot
proposed baso ball loaguos. From
Wolser came the suggestion of an
olght team aggregation composod of
Huntington, Welsor, Payette, Ontar
io, Emmett, Parma Caldwell, Nampa
nnd Boise. Tho Wolser folks wnnt
tho leaguo to bo n strictly "home
toam" leaguo with no outsldo play
ors. So far Ontario fans -havo tak
on no stops toward gotting Into the
Sovoral ot tho Nyssa teachers hik
ed to Arcadia and back Saturday.
O. W, Mohr, roprosentlng the
Coast Culvert& Flumo company ar
rived In Ontario Monday to make a
oxtondod stay In this territory.
Nls Patterson ot Welser was In
Ontario calling on tho hardware
trade. Mr. Patteson brought word
that Andrew Hanham, who years
ago used to bo a bakor hero for Jim
Conner, dlod two weeks ago In Port
land of the flu.
John Wood camo down from River
side Monday. He reports that the
snow Is deep in the Interior and that
on Sunday thore was an additional
fall of snow in Harney valley. So
much snow fell that It took a ear
from Burns IB nourr to make the
trip to Crane, whilo two othor cars
which started did not rcb te '1
, '.SAtmn
,. xn't Ji