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lioulfi K, lU'nn Delivers Eloquent
Tribute to Ohnracter of Mnrtynxl
President -Mirny Coino From
Vnlo -Judgo Hlgg
Called On
Honoring tho maraory of Abra
ham Lincoln) a gathering of Mainour
county cltlxonB assembled at tho
Mooro hotel dining room Monday
ovonlng. Louis 3. Bonn, of Eugene,
,$poakor of tho Houso and candldato
for govornor, was tho principal
spcakor and with Frank M. North
rup and Judgo Dalton OlggB, paid an
oloquont trlbuto to tho martyred
In his scholarly addross Mr. Dean
skotchod tho llfo of Lincoln from
his humblo Wthplnco In Kentucky
to his rlso to tho prosldoncy. Ho
ptcturod tho trials of tho prosldoncy
during tho awful carnagn of tho
Civil war. of his Inflnlto patlonco,
his unfailing courago his unmatched
charactor and loadorshlp throughout
tho war and until tho and catno and
poaco was again attalnod.
Iluggod honosty and broad sym
pathy with tho avorago man togeth
er with faith In tho sustaining pow
er of Ood was tho secrot of Lincoln's
powor, said tho spoakor.
Mr. Northrup" too, prosontod a
plcturo of tho antocedonts of Lin
coln and of his strugglo upward In
llfo, declaring his bollot that It was
Lincoln's groat spcoch at tho Coopor
Union In Now York which rosultod In
his nomination to tho prosldoncy.
Llko Mr. Dean, Mr. Northrup called
attention to tho fact that Lincoln
was not an agitator for tho abolition
of slavory, and that It was his pur
poso to savo tho Union first above
nil things.
Ilo OsTeful of your Politic
Mrs. Mabel Judd Kester of VaIo,
who dlscuMiod, "Tho Woman In Pol
itics" warned the mon that tho on
franchlsemnt pt women was nothing,
moro than tho issuanca to tho wtf
mon of tholr chock book to pay thnlr
political bills, "Womou havo always
boon In' politics," sbo doc I a rod, "but
now sho Is In them on, a parity with
mon. Sho doos not Intond to form
now partlos, or do anything rash or
radical, but, womon are discriminat
ing. Thoy do most of the buying
for tho Amorlcan family. Thoy nro
tho shoppers of tho nation, and I ad
vlio you men to bo carotin of tho
kind of politics you try to sell tho
woman In politics."
Armament Conferonco lauded
B. M. Dean of Nyssa, discussing
tho accomplishments of tho prosont
administrations dwolt at longth upon
tho romarkablo attainment of tho
dopartmont of state In securing tho
accossjon of nations of tho far oast to
thu recent treaty returning Shantung
to China, together with tho other
great result, tho limitation of naval
armament, and tho fifteen yoar naval
holiday. This with the adoption of
Iho budget measures of Oenoral
Dawes wore dscrlbod as tho out
standing featuros of thb presont ad
C. P. Trow speaking on the sub
ject, "Tho American Loglon", gave
siQ gathering n brief outline of Its
history and purposos as well as rur
nlshtng o glimpse of Its mothods of
procooduro. Mr. TroW declared that
In tho passage of the Soldiers and
Sailors Educational bill, and tho
Soldier bonus bill that Oregon had
recognized Its duty to " oxservlco
mon, and therein could bo seen
tho reason for apparent lack of In
terest In the national adjusted com
pensation act.
Following tho regular program.
Judgo Daltoa Biggs who was pres
ent -was called upon and responded
with an eloquent tribute to "Lincoln
the Lawyer." As a lawyer Lincoln's
great power camo from his insfght
into human nature, and his graphic
and plcturosque presentation of a
caso to a Jury. Furthermore ho was
alwavs at the service of those -who
could not afford counsel and many of
his greatest trials were those for
which he never received a fee. An
examination of the Illlnlos reports
of Llacolyn's day, the speaker de
clared, will show that ho was prom
inent la the trial of many of the
largest civil as well as criminal
eases of that time.
Net only did the banqueters en
Jey an excellent series of addresses
but many flne musical numbers as
well. J. W. McCulloeh as toast
master Introduced Herschel Browne.
who accompanied by Miss Dolly Rol
lins led a "community sing," ana
gave two vocal soles as well in his
Alt tho roccut reports of analysis
ct samples sont to tho stato bactor
lollglst from Iho city wator systom
havo boon oxcollont. Whllo tho
public haB of lato noted tho prcnonco
of chlorlno tho roportB bIiow that
thoro aro no colon baclll and tho
bacteria count In wol within tbo
safety zono, being practically nil.
Llttlo Tots Picturesquely Itcjircncnt
. .Chitrncfm of Mother Goose,
Allco in Wonderland, mid
nnd Many Other Chil
dren's 1'lnyn
Boforo two audloucoa at tho Ma
jestic Thoatro last Thursday tor tho
bonoflt of tho Library Fund of tho
Woman's club, "A School Boy's
Droam" was prosontod by a largo
number of public school children.
Tho cast Of tho little play was ably
coachod by Miss Adah Loo, whlla
Miss Helen Dunstono sang tho "Moth
or Oooso" songs delightfully.
Tho llttlo play was woll stagod,
plcturosquoly costumed and tho
boys and girls all did tholr parts
woll, so that tho ontortalnmont was
worth whllo. Tho muslo for the
play was prosontod by tho High
school orchestra. Thoso who took
Cnst of Character
Tom, tho school boy ......ltobort Tost
Tom's mother .......... Dorothy Laxson
Fairy Queen .... Gornldlno Henderson
Boy Blua Max Taggart
Brownlo Billy Uuthorford
Old Mother Hubbard ....
... Mada Dearborn
Clndorolln - Mildred Townsond
I'rlnco ...............'..... ltobort Laxson
Two Sisters .................
.......... Loltha'Atllsou, Gladys Haw
Tom, Tom, tho Plpor's Son
Bllllo Emison
Mothor Gooio.. Miss Holon Dunstono
Jack Itolph Walker
Jill ... :. Holun Payne
Jackr"Spratt........Harvoy Uamusaet
ma Wire noun uoso
Llttlo Miss Mutfot Marguorlto Cox
Spider Duvld Powers
Llttlo Bo l'ooj Zena llawllngs
Old King Colo ................ l'aul Biggs
l'ago . Harry Cockrum
Throo Flddlors ...........-........-........
Carlton Howe, Elglo Thompson,
Clydo Huffman.
Mary Contrary Juno Udlck
F lowers
Lena Christiansen, Holen Dlvln,
Moll, XfoP.Mhw Pnrrln LciuIro
Molba McCarthy, Carrlo Louiso
AltAn I
Humpty Dumpty Harvoy Flold
rotor, Potor, Pumpkin Eater
John Oakos
His Wlfo - Helen Flfer
Jack Horner Cloyd.Cockrura
Jack bo Nimble ........ Harold Towns
Tommy Tuckor . ..Calvin McCrolght
Milk Maid ........ Ella Mario Doollttlo
Llttlo Sir Holmes Bhockloy
Allco In Wonderland..Wllma Boswoll
Tho Hattor ............ltobort Bradbury
Llttlo Eva ................ Lorraluo Escuo
Topsy ..... Hazel Johnson
Tom Sawyor -. George Poorman
Tom Sawyer's Aunt .... Lenoro Jones
Hiawatha ....... . .. Joe Staples
Minnehaha ................. - Jean Alkon
Hip Van Winkle......Horbert Luehrs
Kink Arthur John Itoed
Jack Mlnot (Mica Alcott's Jack an d
Jack Mlnot Dan Dlvln
Janoy Poaquo Katherlno Tunny
Btueboard ................. Jack Franklin
Tho King of tho Golden nivor
"...... Froddlo Lees
Gluck Eramett Huffman
Robinson Crusoo ........Donald Wood
Mr, Harry Marsh nnd Mlsa Dora-
tha Llttlo of Boise wero In Ontario
yestorday on tholr way to Vole where
they were united In marriage and re
turned to Ontario on tho afternoon
train. Mr. Marsh Is a distributing
clerk In the Boise postoffice. They
roturnod to their homo In Boise this
Frank Itader was in Boise on
business yesterday.
Mrs. Paul Cayou was visiting in
Boise tho first of tbo week.
Graham delighted the gathering
with two Scotch folk songs, nnd she
also added another by request be
for the program closed. Miss Ethol
Conway presented pleasantly two
piano solos. The program opened
with the adulonco singing America
and closed with the Star Spangled
Banner, for the program throughout
was patriotic first and only Incident
ally political. There were no political
booms sprung, though after the
gathering there was some political
gossip, vague, and indefinite.
Following Judge Biggs eulogy of
Llncolyn In which he expressed his
appreciation of the opportunity of
being present. Judge George W. Mc
Knight of Vale was called upon for
extemporaneous remarks and he re
galed the gathering with. sallies at
tha exeense ttf the vrevlou speaker
Many Mnlhour CoiintyCIUzciM Culled
As Witnesses in Suit For Con
demnation of Land for
Right-of-way for Old
Oregon Trull.
Moro than a scoro of cltlnons loft
Mnlhour county from Sunday to
Monday night to bo prosont this
weok nt tho trial of tho caso of
Mainour County vs. Sadlo Joseph
for the condemnation of land for tho
rlght-of-wny for tho Old Oregon
Trail across tho Joseph ranch on
lowor Dead Ox about 12 mtloa north
of Ontario.
In advanco of tho county's con
tingent lead by County Judgo B. H.
Tost, I. K. Oakcs, E. M. Orolg. P.
M. Boats and others wont It. W.
Swaglor who Is ouo of tho attorneys
for Joseph, whllo on Monday night,
P. J. Gallaghor nnd District Attornoy
ltobort D. Lytto who hnvo tho
County's caso In chnrgo followod.
In all It wan antlclpatod Hint thoro
would bo 2G wltnossos summoned.
According to tho Baker papers throo
womon, tho first cnllod for nctual
duty woro acceptod on tho Jury to
pass upon tho quostlon.
Most DrasUo Measure for Protection
Against Invasion f Orientals
lining Considered by lix-Scr-
vice Men Nft'lonnl taw
Portland, Oro Fob. 14. Thru
tho omploymont of tho Inttlattvu
noxt Novombor, tho Oregon Dopart
merit of tho Amorlcan Loglon will
placo upon tho ballot, tho most
drastic moasuro ovor drawn up to
combat tho Japunoso Evil which
menaces thb Pacific Coast states, ac-
jrordfiig to nnnouncomout from Do
partmont nouuquariors. uuo to wia
fact that Washington and California
havo Jaws which partially handlo
tho situation, tho Influx of tho-Jap-anoso
Is Increasing In Orogon and
oarly action Is nocossary.
Tho Antl-Japanoso bill prosontod
by tho American Loglon during tho
spoclal sosslon of 1020 was dofoatod
through tho efforts of tho Portland
Chamber of Commerco ana otuors.
All WCSlorn Bioios will prcnuiu u
fr(mt m Ma vUa quogtl(m at
. . . j i .s .
tho National Lesion convention to bo
held in Now Orleans noxt October,
and got action of the National Lo
glon organltation, in order to bring
tho Japaneso quostlon through tho
National Loglslatlvo Commlttoo of,
tho Amorlcan Legion to thoso who
sit In Congross.
At tho homo of hla daughter, Mrs.
Nova Caslday of this city, on Feb
ruary 2, Henry 8. Foulk died.
Feneral sevlcos woro hold from tho
Congregational church Friday Feb
ruary 3, nov. D. J. aillanders proach
lng tho sormon, and Interment was
made In tho Ontario cemotry.
Mr. Foulk was 73 yoars, sovon
months and 14 days old when ho died
and ho Is survived by his wlfo, Mrs.
Anna Foulk, his daughter Mrs. Cns
Id'oy and ono son, Chester Foulk of
Portland, nnd sovon grand children
and three groat grand chlldron.
The doceasod was a native of Ohio
having been born in Warren county
June 19, 1848. At flvo years of age
he went with his parents to Iowa
where bo grew, to manhood and
where, when he was 21 ho enlisted
In the U. 8., Army for service In the
Indian wars of that day. no was
wounded In action and following hla
recovery received an honorable dis
charge from tho service On Juno
10th, 1870 ho married Miss Anna
Bumgarner. who with two of the
three children born to this union
survives him. For a numbor of years
the decoasod has made his home
wltl Ws daughter, Mrs. Caalday
here In Ontario.
Ranchers Have You
Land You Don't Want
The Ontario Commercial Club have recently sont tlternturo to
over 3000 dairymen Jn Western Oregon and Western Washington
Up to date 77 replies have been received from men who wish,
to rent land, buy or to trade places In the Willamette Valley for
land here,. All of theso men are experienced dairymen and should
do well In this country. Many of the places they offer aro well 1m-
The Ontario Commercial Club Is anxious to fill this country with
men in tho dairy lines and would like to have anybody who has
good land for rent to list it with W. H. Doollttle, Secretary of the
Club, who will be glad to advise men about IU
Girls' Team to Uphold Afflrnintlto
Hero Tuesday AKnlnst Vale,
Whllo Boys Travel to Nyssn
to Hustnln Negative
of Question.
"Ilosolvod, that tho nations of tho
world should roduco tholr arma
ments to a mlmlmum nocossary for
pollco duty," Is tho question which
two Ontario high school teaniB will
dobato noxt Tuesday ovonlng.
Ono toam, tbo nftlrmatlvo, which
Is composed of Miss Iloba Hood and
MIbs Margarot Blackaby, with Miss
Myrna Socoy as attornato, will moot
tho Vale High School debating team
hero at tho High School auditorium.
Tho Judges for tho dobato hero will
bo Attorneys George Donnort and
J. Galloway of Wolsor and
Suporintondont Tdtllor of tho Fruit
laud schools.
At Nyssn on tho an mo ovonlng tho
nogatlvo toam, Hugh Biggs and
Wondoll Thayor will moot tho Nyssa
toam. As yet, Prof. L. L. Culbort
son, who a coaching tho toams has
not boon ndvlsod who will Judgo tho
Nyssa dobato.
A small admlsalon too will bo
chargod tor tho local dobato to moot
tho oxponse of bringing tho Judges
from a dlstanco to sorvo in that
Publlo Hcrvlco Commission to Con
ttnuo Hearing of Idaho Power
Company's Application for
Filing 1U Inventory for . .
lUto Making
On Tuosdoy FobVuary 28, tho
Public-Service Commission of Qro
gon wilt hold a hoaring horo In On
tario upon tho quostlon of valuation
of tho Idaho Powor company prop
erty schodulo as filed for rato mak
ing purposos.
Just what tho scopo of tho hoaring
will bo Is not Indlcatod In tho notlco
Issuod by Thos. W. Clagott, socrotary I
of tho powor users association, but
tho power usors nro going to mako
an ofTort to havo up-to-dato data to
show tho earnings of ranchers under
pumping plants during the past yoar,
In tholr argumont to sustain tholr
contention that tho farmers cannot
afford to pay tho ton por cont In
crcaao allowod by tho commission
two years ago and continued last
Mr. Clagott has Issuod a call to a
number of farmers to bring accurato
records of tholr oarnlngs or lack of
thorn lor tho past yoar for presenta
tion to the commission. Ho will bo
at tho Farm Buroau offlco In the
city hall on Friday nnd Saturday of
this weok to compllo tho statistics
Marshall H. C. Farmer this wook
rocolvod notlco from Sam A. Kosor,
secretary of state doclarlng that tho
automobllo division has caught up
with tho demand for auto llconsos
and Is Bonding thorn forth on tho
samo day on which tho applications
nm received, unless thero Is some
thing wrong with tho application
The local officers have boon noti
fied to pick up all curs running
without their 1922 license plates,
Tho state officers are expected hero
soon to enforco this statute
Mary Jano was tho name glvon to
the little 'daughter who arrived last
Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Elmo Pearson.
To Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Oordon was
bora last Thursday, a seven pound
Whllo tho library Ib closed on
account of tho smalt pox epidemic
which 1b abating, but which tho
health authorities bollovo still Justl
lfloa caution, no books will bo ro-
colved nt tho public library. Also
no flnos will bo charged for books
ovor duo.
Tlireo Principal Creditors Buy
IntcrntountAlit Telephone Com
pany nnd Organized Cen
tral Oregon Tclcpliono
Tolophono lines nnd Borvlco to tho
Interior of Mnlhour and Hnrnoy
counties, Including tho central sta
tions at Junturn, Crnno and BurnB
will bo Improved, nnd ovory otfort
will bo mndo to bettor tho accommo
dation of patrons, according to a
statomont Issued this wook by J. A.
LaknoBS, gonornl managor of tho now
company, tho Contral Orogon Tolo
phono company which has lakon
ovor tho linos.
0. It. Potorson of Ontario and
Crane Is president of tho now com
pany, for ho with John Jenkins, nnd
P. O. Smltli, bid In tho proporty of
tho old company known ns tho In
tormountaln Tolophono company at
tho rccolvor'e sale, and then pro
ceeded to organlzo the now concern,
Thoy socurod Mr. Laknoss' servlco
as gonornl mnnagor nnd ho Is now In
chnrgo of tho oporatlon of tho linos
and oxchangos. In announcing tho
chango Mr. Laknoss Issuod tho fol
lowing statoment:
"Tho tolophono systoms covorlng
Hnrnoy, parts ot Mnlhour and Grant
counties, formorly known as tho In
tor Mountain Tolophono company has
boon sold at a rocolvor's said. It
Was bid In by tho throo principal
creditors, Charlos It. Potorson, John
Jenkins wd G. ,V,. Smith, all woll
known stockmon of Hnrnoy county.
"Tho eyatom was built sovon or
olght yoars ago by tho pooplo of tho
territory It covors, and Block was
sold, principally on tho Idoa that tho
stockholders could thus socuro sor-
yico t0 tholr BCattorod rauchoB.
thoso familiar with tho territory
know, tho linos travorso tho most
parsoly sottlod region In tho unltou
States. Tho miles ana muos or unos
built nro onttroly out of proportion
to tho numbor of phonos In ubo, and
tho rovonuo avallablo. For those
manltost roasonB tho systom has
mndo no profit, but as a mattor of
fact, haa novor paid operating oxpon
sos. "Tho prosont plan ot oporatlon
was nroposod with tho ond In vlow
of moro economical management nnd
oporatlon by consolidating gonoral
supervision with that of tho Malheur
Home Tolophono company under ono
"In taking ovor tho mnnagoraont
of tho now company I fool that we
can Improve tho servlco, and that
will bo tjio first consideration. Wo
will proceod upon plans to bettor tho
connoctlonB with Interior points to
tho ond that rosults, bonoflclnl both
to them nnd tho business mon of tho
lower valloy wilt rosult. This will bo
dono wo hopo whllo wo aro ablo to
practlco ovory method of economy
of oporatlon. When this Is dono wo
bollovo that tho publlo which uses
the servlco will bo willing to pay
such rates as will pormlt of the Im
provements being maintained."
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Platt of Pnrma
camo to Ontario Tuosday with tholr
vouneest child who undorwont an
emergency operation nt the Holy
Ilosary Hospital, and .1b now report
od to bo making- progress toward re
covery. Dr. W. J. Wooso was callod
to Parma Tuesday aftornoon to vlow
tho llttlo patlont.
Sheriff Loo Noo, asslstod by J. II.
Oordon, took Howard Camp and
othor prUonera sentenced at tho last
terra of court, to Salem.
Miss Agnes Morton nnd her broth
er Fred entortalned a numbor of
tholr young friends at n Valentine
party Tuos'day ovonlng.
Lawrence Stowoll has raxod his
house on his property on tho east
side and will erect a neat bungalow
In place ot it in the spring.
' Fred Tost and Bill Plnney woro
In Boise the first of the wek.
Llttlo Miss Laura Grogg entor
talned her classmates at a Valentine
party Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Annie McEndree was horo
from Weisor visiting with relatives,
and friends the first of the -wook,
Kugeno Man Ilcforo Coming to On
tario for Lincoln Day AddrcsH,
Makes Formal Announce
ment of Candidacy
Onco Lived in East
ern Oregon.
Louis E. Bean, of Eugene, Sponk
or of tho Houso In tho last rogular
and spoclal sessions ot tho logls
laturo, formally announcod his can
didacy for tho republican nomina
tion for governor Just boforo ho loft.
Portland for Ontario Sunday.
Mr. Boan who is n natlvo son ot
Orogon, nnd who has for tho past
14 yoars boon a mombor ot tho logls
laturo told tho audtonco which hoard
htm Monday night that for 7 yoars,
from tho ttmo ho was 17 until ho
wns 24 ho lived In Enntorn Oregon
riding tho rango as a buckaroo,
"Thon I toarned to know that thoro
Is a groat Oregon oast of tho Cas
cades. Thon I loarnod tho language
of Eastorn Oregon, and I hnvo not
forgotton It."
Mr. Bonn dccllnod to submit his
political tuturo to tho dictation of
tho Fodoratod Patriotic SoclotloB ot
Portland, whatovor that organization
Ib which Is notoriously attempting
to docldo for tho people ot Orogon
who shall nnd shall not be can
didates tor offlco and procoedod to
ontor tho raco by Issuing tho follow
ing atatoment:
"If, by tho Boverotgn -will of the
otoctornto I shall bocomo govornor
of Orogon I will no govornor of Ore
gon In fact as woll as In nnmo. I
havo mado no pro-oloctton promlsos
and Intond mnk'fng nono othor than
to tho wholo pooplo. No mnn Ib made
ovor bocauso ho Is mado govornor.
It tho record ot his provlous lite doos
not rovoal his quallMcrittons for of
flco, no promlsos or declarations for
campaign urposos will qualify him.
Itcrortl Is Submitted
"For 14 yoarB I have taken an ac
tivo pn'rt In tfufclv llfo aa n wt'liber
of tho stato legislature. During this
porlod I havo sorvod ns a momber ot
both tho sonato and tho lower house,
and as spoakor ot tho house during
tho two provlous sessions.
"Evory voto that I havo over cast
upon tho thousands ot moasuro that
woro up for consideration by tho leg
islature during that porlod Is In
delibly wrltton Into tho rocords so
that ovory votor who will may road.
My record Is an open book. Thoso
moasuros havo probably Includod al
most ovory phnso of principle and
publlo policy. It is upon this record
that I submit my candidacy.
"If I should bo honored by being
otoctod to tho office ot govornor,
tho' hlghost offlco In tho gift of Its
pooplo, it would bo my slncro am
bition to prove mysolf worthy and to
work uncoaslngly for tho upbuilding
and gonoral wolfaro of tbo stato; for
tho happlnosB and prosperity of its
pooplo and particularly at this tlmo
for tholr early rotoaso from tho
crushing burdons of taxation, largely
brought about by a dollrlum ot pub
llo wasto and extravagance.
Juitlco for All
"Slnco I would ontor office free
from promlso or commitment to spe
cial lnterost, I would bo In posttslon
to glvo ovoryone tho full moasuro ot
Justlco and equality duo to thorn
undOr our American form ot govorn
Cow girls and cow boys In the
most fantastic ot coatumes nover
stagod a moro colorful social ovont In
movloland or In reality, than that
which tho Oregon Club presontod at
Its annual Happy Canyon party Mon
day ovonlng. Owing to many con
flicting events the crowd was not as
large, as usual, but tho stage monoy
and tho old time "bar" played Im
portant roles In tbo merriment.
Whon George Howo wont home
last night tor dinner he received a
real surprise, for Mro. Howe bad
prepared a birthday dinner and In
vited Mr. and Mrs. Itoy Howe and
Paul Howe to Join in celebrating
Mr. Howe'o 68 birthday which was
dono approximately Including a big
birthday cake laden with 68 lighted
. Owing to the fact that there were
too many conflicting eventa during
February and oarly March the annual
ball ot the Ontario Flro Department
has been postponod until March 11.
Inimitable style,
Mrs. DftVid F, and bis party,