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County Official Paper
An Independent Newspaper
Published Thursdays at Ontario,
Oregon, and entered nt tho Ontario
post office for distribution as 2nd
class matter.
0. K. Atkon, Managing Editor
SUBSCRIPTION One Tear, f 2.00
"Taxoa nro prohibltivo." "Wo nro
paying tpo much for oducatlon."
"Proporty cannot aland tho cost of
govornniont." Whonovor two or
throo proporty owners got togothor
it la a sato nssortion that sontlnionts
llko thoao nro hoard.
What do thoao tilings moan? Are
thoy truoT If truo whoro will
proaont conditions load us? Thoso
nro natural questions to follow a con
sldorntlou of statouionts ulado abovo.
It is difficult to answor thoso
quostlons, .for tho concoptlon that
pcoplo ontortnln of tho function of
govornuiout dlffors so vidoly. If
wo wore to return to tho old concop
' tlon of govornmont, which cnlldd for
llttlg moro than tho policing of tho
country and tho financing of tho
loglslatlvo system, then indood nro
thoso right who complain of the
cost. For that sorvlco the proaont
taxoa nro too high.
Rut aro wo not getting moro than
tho moro protection of llfo and
proporty, and tho machinery of le
gislation, togothor with tho odu
catlon ot our boys and girls In tho
tho throo Its? In otboi words, has
not govornmont followod nW tho
physical and social world in tho pro
coss of ovolutlonT ' It cannot bo
donlod that it is so.
f fi No rnattor what thoso who own
proporty may think and may doslro,
it Is certain that tho will not boo
. any matorlal reduction in taxation.
Whllo thoro la undoubtedly a meas
ure of luatflclonoy In public sorvlco,
and ocouomlos are possible In many
sphoros, yot wore thoao nil socurod
. and tho efficiency of govornmont
pltcod on 100 por cent busts, yot
tho total reduction In "-' would'bo
but u small faction; unless 'ho
. functions ot iovoruuiout too aro cur-
tallod am' a roturn made to tho
prima tho regulation for- which
many proporty ownors cravo.
Wo may bo ontlrely wrong in our
boliof, yot wo think that tho pooplo
by vast majorities will doclluo to ro
duco tho social sorvlco thoy rro, and
have boon demanding of tho govorn
mont!, national, stato , county aid
city. Tho thoory that porsonal pro
tection and rights aro superior to
proporty rights has boon gonernlly
accoptod, and on that 'thoory has
been Justified and socurod tho tlc
groo of socialism in which wp aro
now living.
Without calling It so, wo havo
reached a socialized stato. Our
taxos aro going to support not gov
ornmont alone, but oclal wolfaro.
Havo wo not health Inspectors, san-
itary Inspectors, factory inspectors,
widows pensions, workiuons compen
sation, watormastors, mluo Inspect
ors, buoaus ad Infinitum for tho pur
pose of doing things which tho fam
ily, tho employer, tho Individual did
All thoso cost money, and so long
as wo havo thorn wo will havo to
unlto to pay for them. They are
part ot tho inodorn conception ot
society. Thoy aro hero, and
whethor tho proporty owner Ukos
it or not he will bo culled upon to
pay tho bill, until ho and others llko
him havo the power to persuade tho
majority ot the pooplo that this Is
wrong and should bo stopped.
Tako our educational institutiens:
Those ot today aro so far superior
to thoso ot our fathers that there
is right hero in - Ontario a
HlgW School which offers moro
courses, has more equipment and
takes Its pupils farther on the road
1 ot knowlodgo than did any ot the
universities ot the early days in
America. If w.o are to have tor our
v children these advantages, they
must be paid for, and not by tho in
dividual parent alone, for the pco
plo have decreed that the best safe
guard 'ot a republican ( form of gov
ernment is an educated electorate.
If we did not have proper educa
tional institutions the only mannor
In which our children could be edu
cated would be through the agoncy
ot the private school and endowed
college. Anyone -who knows appre
ciates that thus the degree of edu
cation ot the people as a whole
would be greatly lessened. An un
educated people is a dangerous peo
ple in a country such as ours, and
therefore it is not to bo thought of
that our public schools should be
If then relief for- those who are
feeling the burden of taxation la to
be socured and for them It must
be secured, for there is real suffer
ing ad the burden Is unjustly
heavy upon some of our people
other moans of raising tho nocos
sary funds must bo socured. Thoro
must bo a wider spread of tho bur
don. Proporty that Is now escaping
its sharo of tho cost of government
must bo mado to pay.
All this Is amply proven for Oro
gon In tho recont discussion of tho
commltteo jippolntod to Investigate
conditions. It is found that half
tho proporty of tho stato Ib not on
tho tax rolls. That porsounl prop
erty It not paying its sharo has boon
proven. That men with largo In
comes from Intanglblo proporty pny
nothing that notos and other forms
ot ovldonvo ot wontth oscapo en
tirely. Thoroln llos tho way for roform.
And tho stato lncomo tax Is tho
propor monas ot getting at a fair
proportion of tho tax dodgers.
With a stato income tax real ostato
would not bo callod upon to pay
throo-fourtha of Oregon's taxes as
It doos today. .
In tho rocont roport of tho Mai
nour County Library Is to bo found
a healthful optimism concerning
tho futuro of Malheur county.
Tho roport shows that tho uso of
this Institution Is growing by leaps
and bounds; that tho pooplo all
ovor tho county aro availing thorn
solves of tho opportunities of read
ing which tho library affords. Tho
circulation of books has Incrcaaod In
ono yonr 157 por cent; whllo ovon
mora amazing Is tho Increase In tho
numbor ot borrowors through tho
introduction over tho county of tho
now syatom of distribution.
Undor tho now plan whoroby tho
pooplo ot tho outlro county can
socuro books from tho contra! library
and havo illations in their own com
munities, tho numbor ot borrowors
Increased during tho year 1084 or
an Incronso ovor tho number of now
borrowors during 1010 ot 008 par
Pooplo who dovoto tlmo to read
ing nro good cltlzons, generally
spoaklng. Thoy not only gain know
lodgo for tbamsolvos, but bocauso of
tholr rending, many of thorn panod
on to many others, tho Inspiration
thoy rocolvo from tho books thoy
road. Generally spoaklng tho books
road are uplifting and thus tho work
Boos on and on as ono nftor another
roads thorn.
It is Impossible to monsuro tho
g.'od which a book does and It Is
to So rogrottod that our library has
to n.lht tho most sorlous ot handi
caps; a Inck ot books; but ovon so
tho goi d which la balng accomplish
ed mor ts tho enthusiasm and tho
effort wl ich Is put into tho library.
Tho Central Library Is oon dally
oxcopt Friday and Sunday from
2;30 to C;30 and 7:00 to 0:00.
Of spoclal Intorost to plonoors of
Oregon should bo this book by
Allco Tisdalo "Pionoorlng whoro tho
World is Old." Tho author and hor
husband each with tho Inheritance
of a rover'B spirit, wore callod on
business to that part of China that
llos outaldo the Oroat Wall, Mail
cliurla. Hero, in that grqat uusol
tlod and ancient provlnco, traveling
in a twowhoolod bullock cart, thoy
oncountorod all tho porlls ot fron
tier llfo whoro bandits roam at
largo. Tho book Is lllustratod by
photographs takon by Mrs. Tisdalo.
Tho swoet scents, silken veils and
violet eyes ot tho uoautlful women
ot tho Turkish haronis aro mystor
los only vaguely imaglnod by tho
practical woman of tho Western
world. Douiotra Vaka, a young
Qraok, was born a Turkish subjoct,
and lived hor girlhood In Constuutl
uoplo. Hero hor playmates woro
llttlo Turkish girls of tho uppor
class. Upon being sout to Amorlcu
to bo aducatod, sho dlscovorod that
tho Turks woro hold in groat hat
rod by tho Americans and that
tholr womon woro consldorol mis-
ornblo slaves. Aftor six years In
tho West, looming Occidental cus
toms, sho returned for a visit to liar
natlvo laud, determined to find out
whether heboid frlonds woro as the
Amorlcnns said nnd sho had novor
known It. Upon nrrlvlug In Con
stantinople, sho rocolvod tho follow
lug typically Turkish lottor from a
girlhood frleud:
"Beloved Ono, from a far
way country, coine: Do you
romombor your frlonds; or havo
books and knowlodgo within
tbom mado your formerly donr
hoart llko a bookcase? If you
still leva us, como to soo us.
Two loving hoarts, and tho llt
tlo buds that havo sprung from
Tholr buds and tnoir gardonor.
Then follows In tho book "Har
omllk" which sho has written about
tho onsulng visits to old friends llv
tug in Turkish haroms, an account
ot hor visit to Nassarah and Tsa
krau both ot whom havo tho same
husband. Ono aftor tho othor, sho
questions hor old frlonds and many
now ones; tho rosult is a fascinating
tulo ot Turkish harom llfo and a
Turkish explanation ot why that llfo
Meet Friday Klcvdi Pupil
Hnvo Perfect ShIiooI Attend
unco Record
At la it thoro nppoars In Idaho a
Hontlmebt for honost dealing with
tho reclamation sorvlco. A', last
thoro appears mon and publications
with tho coura,; to toll tlj folks of
our neighboring rIri tho truth
concerning tholr nttltudo toward a
service which was doslgned to aid
tho arid land states, and not Idaho
So long as tho pooplo ot Idaho,
and othor states, for Idaho is not
alone In its dorellctlon, sook to
avoid the payment to tho reclama
tion funds tho assessments duo on
tholr systems, so long will, It bo
boforo other states, like Oregon
which havo been denlod tholr sharo
ot tho funds, socuro Justice
Idaho has had from tho fund
soveral times tho amount the stato
has contributed through tho sale of
publlo lands; Oregon has not had
half of what It ban put into reclama
tion funds spont within hor borders
for government reclamation pro
jects. Not satisfied with this dis
parity Idahoans somo of them at
least want to havo a holiday on
tho payment of their assessments,
thus compounding the felony ot In
justice to Oregon.
Fortunately tho Congressmen Ad
dison T. Smith of Idaho and the
Statesman of Dolso havo come for
ward with a frank statement ot tho
facts. It the reclamation lands
which havo been so favorably treated
can not pay their way, then reclama
tion In Idaho lsva failure; the pro
ponents of postponment must admit
that is a logical conclusion to draw
from their own statements. Of
course this is not true. Reclama
tion, has paid in Idaho, and the
reclamatlonlsts in Idaho can pay If
they want to.
iuulUKUWEkS to hold
Mrs. F. T. Morgan ontortnlnod nt
n delightful party Saturdny nftor
noon, colobrntlng tho eighth birth
day of her dnughtor, Mnrgnrot. A
dainty suppor wna sorvod at flvo
A mooting of tho It. T. A. will ho
hold Friday, February 3. nt 2:30.
A short prgrnm In bolng nrounrod.
A numbor of younK noonlo eath-
orod nt tho W. L. Bhaffor homo
last Sunday aflornoon, going to tho
Elliot homo In tho ovonlng, whoro
thoy spent tho tlmo with cames nnd
a Boclal good tlmo.
Conrad Martin shinned In from
Moscow, Idaho, tho past wcok, a
flno Duroc Jorsoy to head his puro
brod hogs.
Messrs. Kldrldgo and Parsons
havo boon on tho sick Ifst tho past
wook, nut nro now improving.
Tho Intcrmountalti Institute at
WoUor closod ' today, a largo num
bor of Btudonts bolng til with n
Blight form of "flu." ,
Qrndo pupils nolthor tardy nor
nbsont during tho month of Jan
uary: Corn lillot , Floyd Eliot,
Harold Eliot, James McEwen, Lloyd
McEwen, Helen Powell, Eddlo Pow
ell, Ella Hood, James Mcdlnnls,
Chester Hood, Isanotto Mnrtln.
New Price Fordson
Ask about our new Price on Ford Cars
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Preaching, 11:00 a. m.
Uor. 0. 1). Ilcoso will preach, Mrs,
Harrison will sing a solo.
Chrlstatn Endonvor, 0:30 p. m.
Pronchlng, 7:30 p. in.
Subject: Moses Cholco.
FOIt.SALE 80 tons liny, will soil
all or small amounts. 1 mllo west ot
town. Ed Long. It
FOR SALE 00 Ilhodo Island rod
pullets, and year old hens, good lay
ing strain. Mrs. Dort Koplln, On
tario It. F. D. 2t
Sovoral head of good dairy cows
nnd holfors can bo booh ono mllo
wost ot hospital on old BoaRlo placo
terms. 7-8 pd
FOIl SALE Flflcon head good
thrifty shoots prlcod right for rash
C. W. Oarrott 3U mllos west On
tario, tf
YS .. ....
It is the policy of our bank always to keep our
service adequate to present day requirements.
Business, Banking Life are different today.
We take personal interest in your business welfare
and guarantee you a banking service here that is up
to the minute in comprehension and handling of your
HowEdYltIjToG?tCloih? Clean HURLEYIBI
JS When You tins HiiriaY .SoP gJ0
When You Upe Hurley
Convention lu Pendleton, Feb-
ruury 10, il, mid Will Din-
Ciu Mirny Problems List
Of Speakers Given
Illblo School, 10;00 a. m.
Morning Worship, 11 a. m.
Rer. J. O. Austin of Portland will
Junior B. T. P. U 6:30 p. m.
Gospel Service, 7.30 p. m.
The Pastor being absent the Gos-
pol Team will have chargo of the
service. ,
Teacher training ciass Monday at
7:30 p. in.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7:30.
FOR SALE Mammouth Whit
Pekln ducks, $3.00 each. Hans Oft.
Ontario R. F. P. It
Tho twenty-third a'nnuul conven
tion ot tho Oregon Woolgrowors will
bo hold In Pendleton, Fob, 10, 11.
A great array ot talout has been
Uuod up for tho session and both
days will bo crowdod full In order
to glvo tho many good speakers a
chance to load lu tho discussions
and for tho reports ot tho commit
tees, and tho business ot tho con
vention. ,
Tho following authorities on tho
problems conuocted with tho Indus
try of sheep raising will bo heard;
F. It. Marshall, Sec. National
Woolgrowers Association,
Dr. 8. W. McClure, Fornior Soc.
National Woolgrowors, Manager ot
tho Cunningham Bhoep Co.
A. J. Kuollln, Manuger Wool
growers, Commission Co.
E, F. Denson, Manager Dept. of
Immigration and Industry, N. P, R.
R., formerly Commissioner of Agri
culture in Stato ot Washington,
R, A. Ward, .Managor Oregon
Cooperative Woolgrowers.
Robert WIthycombo, Supt. East
ern Oregon Experiment Station.
Paul V. Marls, Dlroctor ot Ex
tension O. A. C.
Stanley Jowett, In chargo of Pre
datqry Animal Work, M. 8. Bio
logical Survey,
E. N. Kavanaugh, District Forest
Supervisor, and others.
In order to got down to busjness
early In tho sessien: the committees
will be appointed boforo tho con
vention opens so that they may have
the time to frame good, sound, con
structive recommendations. The
sheepmen aro realizing the neces
sity ot taking organized steps to
protect their business.
A banquet will be held on Friday
night and the Pendleton Commercial
club Is holding a smoker for the
Woolgrowers Saturday night. The
executive commltteo is looking for
ward to the best attended session
ever held.
ht t Vi t"m '"v 7 assisiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSisV JTW ssisisisisisisisisisH
I v V .' -A v ssssssssR2TTv!bbbsssssss1
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t s
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-A... .