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The Argus during the Coming Weeks will Present
a Series of Interesting anu Informative Articles
on Industries Which were prepared as Composi
tion's in the Commercial Department of the Ontar
io High School.
By Francis Hlcdor
For os U aro ono of tho groat aids
ot civilization. Asldo from fur
nishing building materials through
tho ages, tho forosts havo fur
nlshod fuel ami woro tho homo of
most of tho food to ho cooked ovor.
said fuel, namely gnmo animals and
fowls. Doing rosponslblo for tho
rlvors tliuy aro lndlroctly respon
slblo for fresh wator fish.
Tho forosts df today aro tonic to
many a uorvous, woary business
man or woman who can find tlnio
to spend a fow wooks In thorn In tho
Bummer. Something about tho for
osts Booms to nppoal to an inborn
oonso In all persons so that tlmo
spont thoro In soarch of rest is novor
wastod. Forosts aro a valuable as
set to any city, county, stato or
country; not merely for tho timber
thoy contain, but .for tho great
playgrounds thoy afford. Man
whero ho has destroyed tho foroBts,
and tho places aro many, goes Im
mediately to work (as soon as ho
rosLs from his destruction) to crcato
parks or play grounds, and theso
play grounds aro Invariably planted
In' somo troos at tho very outsot.
1'orhapB thoy say shado Is nocossary
or tho spocio of troo Is unlquo In
this vicinity, but back ot it all lies
tho Inhoront lovo ot tho forest.
Forests lnfluonco tho cllmuto of
nny and ovory country. Toos in
any quantity act as hugo condousors
of rain. Thoy rogulato tho tomper
aturo somowhat In Hint ovaporatlon
from tho loaves lowora tho lonipora
turo In summer. In wlntor, acting
as a wind break, thoy tond to ralso
tho tomporaturo, or at loast pro
vont It from bolng lowered, by
nholtorlhg tho country from tho
""Much ot tho land on tho shores
ot tho llaltlo la protoctod In this
manner. A century ago thoy woro
noarly untonablo becauso ot tho
vlolouco of tho wind. Nothing
would grow, tho wlutors woro un
bearably cold, and tho h'ousos woro
built in tho loo of tho hill to koop
tho wind from uprooting thorn.
Firs woro- planted porno eighty
yoara ago, acres and acres; miles
and miles ot them, and wholo sec
tions In tho loo of thorn huvo bo
como good farm lauds. Sands havo
boon chocked In tholr drifting nnd
tho wind, ovou In tho opon stretches
is not so tfovoro bocauso of tho troos.
Tho forosts uro muturod now nnd
Bonio lumbor Is bolng cut.
A vast nmount ot timber Is nocos
sary to tho oxlstonco of rivers of any
size. Without Umber around its
aourco a rlvor Is subject to floods
in tho spring or In rainy soasons,
and In tho summer or dry seusons
It Is very apt to bo nothing but a
dry channel. Floods aro vory ox
pouslvo us they destroy largo
amounts of property and Ufa. A
flood Is always followod by low wa
tor, and low wator Is Just as oxpon
slvo to coramorco nud to ngrlcul
turo in au irrigated couutry, causing
as it does crop failures and famtno.
Deforested lands, unless Immedi
ately farmed aro lost to tho uso ot
man forovor, If tho section Is billy
as In tho Southorn United States, It
is soon stripped ot Its soil and tho
valleys aro flooded with silt and
boulders. If tho deforested lands
aro mora level and there is loss
rainfall all vogotatiou dies from
lack ot molsturo heretofore stored
In tho forosts. Unload lu a very
humid cllmato, vegetation depends
to a groat extent upon tho molsturo
hold ovor from tho wlntor snows;
and nothing can do this as woll as
tho forests. Tho thick mat ot vo
gotatiou ou tho foroat floor, uud
tho thick mat ot roots bolow tho
ground serves as an Immenso
sponge which, protected from tho
heat ot suminor by tho treo tops,
feeds tho springs and rlvors, and In
cidentally tho vegetatlou of tho sur
rounding country.
Deforestation can bo combated
ouly by replanting ot scientific
lumboxlng. Kxpenslvo reservoirs
to consorvo tho wator wasted In tho
spring floods tako tho place of for
osts us far as tho water Is con
cerned, but tho deforested land is
still unproductive. In all coun
tries whoro forests aro absent, vast
sections havo deteriorated into
wasto land with all water running
off in a fow hours or days and car
rying much of tho soil with it,
whilo tho rivers of yesterday form
dry ravines through tho summor
In tho Bouthorn, control nnd
northorn soctlons ot .tho United
States thero aro largo areas out
ovor and bumod. "Where tho land
was hills as in tho South, ratio at-
baro ot soil, bedrock Is laid baro nnd
tho country is .Impassable to roads
and of no oconomlo valuo whatovor.
In tho North and Control sec
tions whoro It is not so hot and not
so hilly and tho forests woro rather
brushy to start with, tho deforested
land has grown up to valuloss
brush and timber with no chanco of
its ovor bolng valuablo as lumbor
bocauso ot tho variotics of tree.
This land, tho not as bad as that In
tho South, wilt bo harder to reclaim
as farm land than tho original for
est would havo boon. JJut this land
Is increasing in fortuity through
tho lnfluonco of scrub forosts.
China has cut most of hor tlmbor
and Is Buffering for it, too. The
floods ot tho llwangho could bo
stoppod by planting forosts around
Its sourco. As It la tho lack of for
osts is robbing tho upland of their
soil nnd wasting it by tho lavlBU
deposits droppod in tho broad val
ley. Whllo thoso valloys aro vory
fortllo, tholr fertility Is never used.
It Is always covored up by frosh do-
posits ot silt.
Orcoco also Is suffering bocauso
Its forests woro not properly cared
for. Tho mountain regions now
baro of timber, afford only a pro
carious living for a fow sheep,
Tho forests, too, aro tho homos
of many troos, tho products ot
which aro ot groat importanco. Tur
pontine tar and rosin, tho so-callod
Naval stores aro tho most Impor
tant by-products In tho United
States. Turpontlno is a product
dorivod from tho sap of tho Southorn
White and othor vnrlotloo of tho
long loafod plno, by distillation.
Tho roslduo is tar and rosin. Tho
troos nra tapped much In tho samo
mnnnor ot maplo troos, nnd in tho
course ot sovoral yoara blood thorn
solves to doath.
Camphor, another Important for
est product was originally producod
In China, but bocauso ot tho dotnand
and tho backwardness ot tho Chin
ese pooplo, largo plantations ot tho
camphor producing troos havo boon
plantod olsowhoro, mainly In Coy
Ion and Florida. Camphor is a
whitish substance with a distinc
tive of tropical couutrlos ,uut Is
widely known uso, Is as moth balls,
llowovor, its moBt Important uao Ib
In tho manufacture ot collulold, and
high oxploslvos. Thoro is also
somo uso for It lu modlclno.
Tho oucalyptus troo embraces
a variety ot so-callod "gums" Dluo
gum, Black gum, oto. It is a na
tivo o tropical countries but Is
grown In California, Florida, and
various malarial states ot tho Mis
slsslpl rlvor valloy, Thoso troos
grow vory rapidly, acquiring a
height ot fifty foot In eight yoars,
and havo a vory stately appearance
Whou mnturo thoy avorago around
two hundrd foot with ono hundred to
ono hundrod fifty foot to tho first
limb. In exceptional cases thoy
havo boon found to moasuro 300.
Thoso troos aro grown for shado
trees and for an oil socurod from
tholr leaves, besides bolng usod for
piling and polos, tolephono, power
linos, etc. Tholr wood is very oily
and durablo. The oil Is ot such a
quality as to make the pilings prac
tlcally Immuno from roarlno bor
ers. In tho South thoy aro plantod
as a romody for malaria, but tho
scientists say Its morlts lay In tho
fact that s0 much water Is evapor
ated from Us loaves that It has a
tondoncy to dry up malarial swamps.
Ilubbor is anothor very Impor
tant product of tropical forests, main
ly from Uracil and Islands of tho
Indian ocean.
In South America (Southern Bra
zil and Argentina) thero grows a
tree (Quebracho) called the uxo
broakor, which contains about 2
tannin. They aro put through a
process which removes the tannin
from tho bark, trunk and limbs.
Largo mills have been erected,
which on account ot rather cheap
labor, do a big business. Tho Que
bracho U of a greator density than
water, so cannot be cut In tho rainy
season whtch Is just the opposlto of
conditions In North America where
all lumbering Is done in wlntor.
Tho tannin produced from this tree
is, howovor, of a very Inferior qual
ity, making a poor grado of leather
unless cdmblued with somo other
tanulng agent.
Tunbark Is usually gotten from
hemlock or oak, hemlock In the
north and oak In the south. Tho
tanning industry Is thus respon
sible tor tho destruction ot a great
amount ot timber. Thousands ot
acres, millions ot board feet ot hem
lock and oak In the United States
THE Ontario Laundry purchased the
Modern Pressary Oct. 15, 1921.
Since that time the cleaning has been sent
out of town, pending the completion of
our new cleaning plant. We "threw in the
switch" January 30th, and the wheels of
new and modern machinery in a new
fire-proof building, started turning.
This is Malheur County's first and only REAL Dry
Cleaning -Plant. With your support and encourage
ment it will, as the Ontario Laundry has done,
keep home money at home and bring . in outside
trade that will mean more local people on our pay
roll. We will feature ODORLESS DRY CLEAN
ING. Try our work smell it Look at the Lin
ings. BOOST!. . ;
IMlliiilllliiliiill BllllHiiiiH
.1...- ii. ..iru jj.x- Ji-a-jt.
strlppod ot tholr bark when tho
wood itself contained a largo per
coat of tanln; but through Ignor
nnco was loft to rot, Docauso of
this thoro aro now fifty species ot
plants gathorod for tholr tannin, al
though oak and homlock still furnish
tho bulk ot tnnbark.
Bamboo is tho most universally
usod of all woods. It Is tho main
stay of tho people of all tropical
countries whoro It abounds. Japan
especially depends on tho bamboo
tor building material. It takes tho
placo that cheap plno lumbor holds
in tho Unltod States, besides being
i usod for a variety of things from a
I wator buckot and storehouse to a
fishing polo. Its loavos aro usod tor
the thatch of houses ot all tropical
countries, and largo trunks aro used
for palisades.
Forosts, then, aro among the
groatost oconomlo assets ot any
country. Preserve the forests I
U-JJi. i 1
tor mUo of laud has been washed alouo have been cut and merely.
Dr. II. E. Oornall of the National
Workers ot the Home Mission will
speak Sunday evonlng at tho Method
ist church.
Rev.' Henry Young of tho Method
ist Church and Rev, E. B. Martin ot
tho Nazarlne Church will chango
pulpits next Sunday morning.
Mrs. Sam Taylor, Jr. spent several
days this weok visiting In Wetsor.
Miss Helen Donstone spent last
weok end In Dolse.
Dr. It, O. Payno and Dck Robin
son are In Vole this week attending
tho Hicks murder trial.
Mrs, J. H. Hawkins ot Welser
visited In Ontario Saturday, the
guest ot tho Misses Elslo and Nellie
John Brutzman left Tuesday for
Lewlston to attend the conference of
the managers ot the chain ot 40 Hub
There will bo a plo. social Satur
day evening In the Oddfellows hall
AU Rebekahs, Oddfellows, relatives
and friends are luvlted.
Rev. Henry Young left Wednesday
for Dolse. to attend the District Con
vention ot Methodist Ministers. .
-In othor words patronize homo industry, and mako your
homo town what it should ho. Sending your money out of town
for products made in your home city will not got you anywhere,
is tho soutimont so insistently taught us by tho Commercial Club
of our city.
If WE trade out of town, and YOU trade out
of town, what ia going to become of OUR
Manufacturing tho products of our soil at homo means that
wo keep tho money at homo, tho producer can sell them at homo,
and spond tho monoy at -homo, thereby increasing tho patronago
of all tho business men at homo.
Everyone you may meet will strongly advocate thoso senti
.ments and wo commend them for it, but in actual practice thoy
do not always carry them out.
Do you uso "-MADE IN ONTARIO" Leador Flour? Nearly
ovoryono in tho city does, if you do not, ask your grocer to sentl
you up a sack and try it. NOTE THE FLOUR. .-,