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prove ruinous it
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Commission Men Would Profit by
Need of Ranchers For Capital
nnil Folt Manifestly Unfair
Contract Upon Them
V. Commission firms nro already In
tho flold attompllng to Bocuro con
trol of tho crop of potatoes (o bo
raised In tills section by ranchers
through tho moans of n crop mort
gage contract; and also by an ultor
nato plan of a partnorBhtp agroomont
both of which aro "rotten to tho
. coro."
" Under olthor of thoso contracts
-tho commission firm Is playing tho
farmer an a "suro thing." It Is a
bunco gamo right nnd In splta of all
tho warnings of recant years. In
splto of past oxporloncos with similar
commission firms' nctMtlw. fcomo
farmers nro "falling for tho commls
. slon men's gamo."
Sovoral of theso contracts havo
fnllon Into tho hands of tho County
Farin Bureau, nnd tho County agont
nnd business men who havo studlod
tho contract uio united In thu opin
ion that It is most ono-Mldod and un
fair. , ,
"It tho fnrmors who aro approached
by any ono of tho sovoral represen
tatives of dlffcront concerns offer
ing tboso contracts will only read
thum, and befora signing thorn got
ndvlco, or oven stop to study thorn,
thoy will novor commit thomslvcs to
such a Uoal. says County Agout
L. n. Drletbaupt:
' "Tho Canyon County Farm Bur
eau koops In closo touch . has bad a
commltteo at work for months on
plans for tho organization of a co
operative marketing association to
handle tho early potatoos, and this
commltteo has spont n largo amount
of ttmo and money investigating
various California organizations as
woll as sales and distributing agon
cJRW" continued Mr. Brloibnc..
"This commlttoo Is now drawing
up sultablo documonts proltmlnury
to undertaking tho organization for
actlvo work. Tho plan contem
plates a largo organization to do
.. busluoss In Bouthorn Idaho and Mai-
hour county. Oregon on a strictly
cooporotlvo basis under tho dlroct
-. managomont of tho growers, somg
what on tho ordor of tho cbr
markotlng association and sood
' markotlng association.
"It Is unfortunate both, for tho
farmora and tho genoral buslnoss in
terests of tho county, that financial
conditions aro such that fnrmors aro
almost compelled to accopt any
'proposition offorod thorn Js ordor to
socuro seed, ovon though by s0 doing
thoy destroy their power to orgunlzo
for ordorly mnrkotliiK of their crop
in a way to bring back tho groatost
roturn to tho grower and help to
establish a fair balanco of trado In
tho county." x
Mrs. Amos Roothlor sold tho Car
tor Hotel this wook to Mrs, S. L.
Loch and hor son, 0. O. nodd from
Thompson Falls. Montana. Mrs.
Loch and Mr. Rodd woro formerly
In tho hotel business. In Colorado.
Mrs. Iloothler will remain 1b Ontar
io until school Is out.
A dollshtful recital was presented
by tho pupils of Miss Luolla Callln,
boforo a largo trowd at tho Masonic
Tomplo last Saturday ovonlng. Tho
BQventepn pupils furnished a progres
sive Btudy In musical development
for thoro woro numbers from the
beginners to tho morq advanced.
Assisting in tho presentation of
tho program were. Mrs. W. H. Harri
son, vocalist; Miss Elinor Itandall.
violinist, and Mlsa Ruth Cabeen,
reader; all of whom dollghted tho
audlenco with their numbers. The
students who took part in the pro
gram were: Ruth Hunter Hardls
n..niiiuii nnhert Laxson. Margar-
niaMrnhv. AIIcq Dorman, Max
Taggart. Ruth Cabeon, Teresa Young
Catherine Powers, florothy Laxson,
Ethel Conway, Margaret Drane.
Ruth Roberts, Crlssle Qraham and
Cecelia ualiagner.
I . '
Harry Kennard came down from
Vale Saturday accompanied by Dr.
C. 0. Durrows. Here they met Dr.
Carl Bartlett ot Baker who por
fdrmod a slight operation upon Mr.
Kennard, from which he Is now con
valeclng. The Monday Rrldgo met this week
with Mrs. J. A. McFall.
Mrs. Ivan Oakes was hostess to
tho Tuesday brtdgo ctub.
The Wednesday Bridge Club met
,im um n. O. Pavue.
m- pnH Mrs. Frank Rader enter
tained the Carnation Club Tu.osdayJ
ovealag. ' ' r ',..' ..,,
Mr. and Mrs. J. " J","
ntrtnin thB IaiDertel Club this
pAn Imb
Robert Oraham the little son of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar uranam, is
with pa.umoula.
'L. ,-lJWr"-'"f
Ontario will havo an Annual Fire
man's Hall, boglnnlng this yenr, ac
cording to tho momburs of tho Flro
Dopartmont, when nt their rogular
mooting Tuosday night thoy voted
to this offect. Tho boys havo had
sovoral requests that thoy glvo a
danco oncli year, and tho first ono of
this sorlos will bo hold nt tho Lo
gton Hall, March 17th, and will be
ono of tho big ovonts of tho season,
nnd thoy want nit Ontario and sur
rounding torrltory to got ready for
a big tlmo. Tho rocolpts will go for
tho purchasing of now cquipmont for
tho dopartmont.
Public Scrvlco OoiiiiiiIanIoh Inform
I. J. Gallagher that Curtail
ment on itrnncli Lines Wilt
Ndt bo Maria Pending In
vestigation II. H. Corey of tho Public Sorvloo
Cornmlsston on Wodncsday wlrod
P. J, Oallaghor that tho Orogon
Short Lino would not mnko tho pro
posed trl-wookly sorvlco on tho
t'rano branch and tho Hrognn and
Ilomcdnlu branches until after an
Investigation was made.
Tho proposed chango has roused
tho pooplo of Darns, Crane,- Vnlo,
Drogan nnd Ontario to action, and
tho city officials and officers of tho
Commercial bodlos havo protested
tho chango ns detrimental to tholr
Undor tho proposed chango It
would cut tho proaont sorvlco in two,
nnd glvo theso brnnchos a train
ovory other day, nnd would bo so ar
ranged that thoro would ( bo ono
train each way to Valrf.
County Commissioner Frank M.
Vinos and District Attornoy Kobt.
D. Lytlo camo down from Vale last
Saturday morning nnd met hero wtyjos(on Transcript WM, Pngo fur
County Judgo E. 11. Tost and Counfy i , t 11iun(lifty amflmiH Prc-
Comralsslonor a. W. Doan tor tho
purposo ot going ovor with Paul
Joseph a proposition to compromise
tho suit ovor tho right-of-way for tho
Old Orogon Trail through tho Jos
oph ranch on tho lowor Doad Ox.
No agrooinont was roachod though
tho contending forcos cnmo'wltliln
500 ot an agreomont, so it is said.
Jonas Drown nnd C. E. Frost of
Orogon Slopo were Ontalo visitors
Mrs. C. A. Karat of Orogon Slopo
spont Monday with Mrs. L. .11. Urlot-'
Randall Sago ot Nyssa was un On
tario visitor on Monday morning.
From Nyssa on Monday camo Pete
Tonson. Mr. Touson Js one of tho
Nyssa ranchors who has rented a
fiortlon ot his land to a Jap garden
or for the (Joining year, but doclares
that ho agroos witn tno Argus mat
tho Introduction of tho Orlontal Into
this soctlon Is not a good thing for
tho country. It Is a case ot neces
sity at this tlmo,- avers Mr. Tonson
H. C. Van Potton was a Uolse
visitor last Saturday.
Mr. Hamstreet ot Drogan was an
Ontario visitor laBt Saturday aftor
noon. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Hnlo who live
southwest ot tho city aro tho proud
parents ot n baby daughter who ar
rlvod at tholr homo on January 23.
A sou arrived at the ranch ot Mr
and Mrs. Calvin Taylor southwest of
tho city Sunday morning.
W. B. Lees returned Monday from
Salt Lake City whore ho wont on
buslnoss and to consult a specialist.
Mr and Mr. E. A. Fruser. Mr. and
Mrs, C. R. Eralson, Mr. and Mrs. L.
Adam, Mrs, Jacob Stroup and Mrs.
fa.. ia KTnnnrthv mtmiilnil the funeral
sorvlces ot Peter Pence ot Payette,
Bunday afternoon. Mr. Pence was
n nlnnnnr nf Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Pearson moved
last week, froa the P. J. Gallagher
house, where they have been living
slnco coming to Ontario, to tho L. L.
Daus residence.
Estls Morton ot Harper spent
Sunday and Monday In Ontario.
Duncan Mcltao or uiversiuo was
business visitor In Ontario on Monday-
. .. .
M, D. Fleming, eye specialist iroiu
Boise, wilt bo at the Moore Hotel on
Friday February 10.
D. M. Taggart was In Boise on
business Tueday.
J.A. Lackness is In Burns on tele
phono business.
T. H. Moore was In Boise on busi
ness the first of tho week.
Carl Morton and wife o( Welser
were visiting relatives In Ontario
this week.
E. H. Darcus was In Boise the first
ot the wek, '
Hugh Allea le oa a business trip
to Barns.?
Mrs. W. L. Wyroan was hostess
for a party stTea la honor of Mrs.
t a i niyno nt th Iackness home
Wednesday whlchwas attended by
a number Of frienas -oi iae
Af'cp Forest Scrwco Has Improve!
Itango Opponent of Change
Heo Effort to Control Stock
HiinIiichh Would bo De
triment to Malheur
Kumora of an effort on tho part
of someano to tako tho administra
tion of tho forest rosorvo rnngo
rights from tho department of agri
culture In which thoy nro now vest
ed and transfer them to tho dopart
mont of tho Interior readied this
section during tho past woek,
Tho possibility nnd tho danger to
tho small stockmen of Mnlhour
county contained In such n chango
Is patent for tho appointees In tho
land offices aro political offlco hold
ers, and not regulated by tho civil
sorvlco as aro won In tho forest sor
vlco. Think what It might mean to tho
stockmen of this county If control
of tho public range nnd rosorvo
rights passed Into tho hands of tho
land offices of Vnlo and Burns after
tho mon who socurcd offlco undor
United States Sonator Btnntlcld nro
In poworT
Of cotirso thoy might bo absolute
ly Impartial, but It would bo hard to
mako tho public bollovo this would
bo truo, and anyway tho danger that
such a chango hns for tho Bmall
stockmon makes It mighty bad busl
noss as woll as politics, It nothing
If this chango Is mado It places in
politically controlled mon tho con
trol of tho cntlro stock business Qf
this section. With tho advent of
tho 040 aero bomostoad act tho froo
rango ot a fow years ngo has disap
peared. Practically tho only opon
rnngo loft Is that within tho j-osorvo,
nnd upon tholr tonuro ot grnzlng
rlghtajho llto ot many small stock
men doponds.
Hoforo tho chnngo proposed can bo
rondo n bill will havo to bo passed In
Congress nnd small stockmon nro
already taking nolo of tho proposed
Innovation and aro to opposo Its
iMHt Thursday
tIoiim Statements Showing
Shortage of Wool Stock
Mainour county wool mon havo
ovory reason to bo Joyful ovor tho
prospects of good prlcos for tholr
1923 wool clip. Harry II. Cockrum
who has boon following tho wool
market carofully for woofcs is vory
optlmlstlo over tho prospocts ot high
prlcos In this soctlon, and doclares
that tho Doston roports contlnuo to
show a docroaso In tho stock of wool
on hand In tho United States and
that thus, statistically wool Is on a
firm basis. Tho only danger soon
now Is that ot too early contracting
on tho part ot growors.
Wbllo no buyors havo appoarod In
this soctlon to buy wool on tho
Bhoep's backs, still with tho buyers
now completing tho purchase ot tho
Nevada and Utah flocks, In nil
probability wool buyors will soon
bo In ovldonco In this territory.
Transcript Statement
Speaking of tho wool situation as
rotlectod In roports to Doston wool
buyers, tho Transcript of January 20
Contracting Indicates Oonfldcnco
That tho wool trado Is far from
down hearted Is shown by a, suddon
expansion ot contracting In tho West
This has developed largely during
tho paBt wook, considerable wool
having beon placod undor contract.
Practically Ml of this wool is in
Utah and Nevada. Beginning, recent
ly, at 19 and 21 cents in Nevada, as
noted a weok ago. the movement
spread rapidly to Utah, whore a big
vnlumo of wool has boen Becurod by
r Eastern dealors, mainly from Bos
ton. Top prices for tne oesi.nno
and fine medium clips hawi been 26
to 27 ceuts, It Is claimed, tho clean
rnst for lota landed la Boston bolng
sestlmated at 90 to 9a cents, uomo
leaders In tho movoraents claim to
have withdrawn after securing a
good bit of wool. They say that tjio
growero havo become excited by the
operations and are advancing prices
faster than buyers care to iouuw.
Thn radical costrast with tho
situation ot las,t year may be gather
ad from a comparison of prices.
When tho Jericho wools wore offer
ed at a seal-bid sale at me enu ui
April, tho beat bid obtained was
16 7-8 cents, Now these or similar
woftla aro being contracted, months
ahead of shearing, at 25 to 27 cents.
This movement makes It plain that
tho wool trade Is in an exceedingly
.sensitive position. In spite of tho
experiences of the past two youm,
the speculative spirit still is strong,
as shown by recent trading between
dealers In this market and emphaslz
n.i v the contracts mentioned above.
Those who have been thinking they
had taken away a good slice ot tho
Boston wool trade, may find that the
fight has. Just bosun.
T. M. Qough. publisher of
parma Review, was a business visit
'tor la Ontario last Monday
.1111 j
Ioiift Pending Dcxputo Which Threat
encri Irrigation Development In
Harney Valley lias Ap
parently Dccn Settled
Tho following statoment of tho
Mnlhour Lake controvorsy fronl tho
Burns Times-Herald will bo ot In
tercet to many Mnlhour county
citizens who havo lands In tho
Harney Valtoy. Concerning tho ad
justment ot tho Malheur controvorsy
tho Tlraos-Herald Bays:
Morrs. Sam Mothorsheadi Judgo
Hughes and A.R. Olson arrived homo
Monday from Portland and Salem,
whoro thoy Joined William Hanloy In
conferring with tho stnto officials
and a reprcsontnttvo of tho uio
loclcal Survey ot tho government In
discussing compromlso plans for tho
HOttloment of n posslblo controvorsy
over conflicting rights connected
with tho storing of tho water f tho
streams flowing Into Malheur lako
and thus Injure tho bird .rosorvo.
Theso mon expressed satisfaction
as n rosult ot tho conforonco nnd
feel confident tho controvorsy will
bo sottlod doflnltoly, thtiB allowing
tho Irrigation projects to procood
without Interference and still p ro
sorvo tho bird rotugo.
This dlfforenco threatened to do-
lay matters In tho dovolopmont ot
this big country and It was confident
ly bollovod that It could bo adjusted
whon tho Importanco of thu projects
was onco understood. Pooplo nnvo
no dcslro to dostroy tho bird refuge;
thoy bollovo In It, but It is also im
porntlvo that this big agricultural
section bo not rotardod bocauso of
It. thoroforo it was duslrod to havo
tho matter adjusted Immediately In
ordor that nothing como up In tho
futuro that would lead to dolay
Klovcn Year-old Skull Spring
School Hoy Evidently Lum
Way and Dies of Exposure
Monday Night HrotlU'r
lAKn.Ua Ills Ilody
Passongors on tho train arriving
today from tho Intorlor brought tho
story ot tbo death ot Qoorgo Ouglo,
11 years old, who was frozon to
doath near tho Skull Springs school
house south of Harper on Cotton
wood Monday night.
Although tho details ot tho story
as It roachod horo woro varlod and
c'ould not bo confirmed accurately,
It nppoars that tho llttlo chap loft
school Monday night boforo tho
teachor with whom ho was staying
at tho Skull Springs ranch. Ho
lost his way, and aftor a two days
search tho body was found by his
brother, who, whon the report that
ho was missing, startod a search.
Whoro tho body was found thoro
was a circlo In tho snow, with a
stick at Its contor showing that tho
llttlo chap had mado a bravo strug
gle to koop .warm until morning.
At Vale Tuesday ovonlng tho
members of the Malheur county
Shrine Club hold a dollghtful gath
ering. It was a bridge party held at
tho Masonic Lodgo rooms which
woro handsomely decoratod. Dur
ing tho ovulng vocal solos woro sung
by Mrs. II. L. Peterson and Mrs. Ed
gar 8. Fortnor of Ontario, and Mrs.
II. E. Young nnd M's. A. W. Reed
of Vale. Honors at brldgo woro
divided between Ontnrlo nnd Vale
with Mrs. W. H. Brooko, and Dr. 0.
C. Burrows returned high point
Two Couples of Nivtly Wt'ri "Proper
ly" Receive! by Friends Fnko
Hold-ups Giro One Couple
Dellghtul Scnre-rOther
Owjliea lv
Mr. and Mrs. Lu DeQoede retumod
Bunday from a two weeks nonejf
moon, spent in uaicor uiiy. iney
were met In Nysna by Oral Hlto. On
their way home they were held up
by a couple of masked men. for a
raomont terror rolgned aupremo,
when a laugh from one of tho bandits
revealed his Identity. Lynn Kyger
and his aeeomDlIco. O. R. Hlto. Mr.
bnd Mrs. DeQoede were hilariously
charlvarlod by the young people or
the community. They will be at
home to their friends o nthe Jack
McConner ranch which they havo
rented In partnership with J. W. and
Lynn Kygor.
Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Schweitzer ar
rived home from Ontario Friday.
Thn young folks of the neighborhood
tondered thorn a charivari on the
night of their return.
Andy Hansen returned home from
Emmett Saturday and loaves Wed
nesday for Yuma, Arizona, whore he
will have charge ot a mlpe.
8, D. Rlgelow and daughter,
Junlta were Ontario visitors Tues
Fifty chlldron from tho Ontario
schools will tako part In a costumo
play, to bo given next Thursday ovo
nlng at tho Majestic Theatre. Tho
Womnn's Club aro the sponsors, nnd
tho rocolptB will bo used for tho Li
brary Bcnotlt fund. Miss Ada Loo
has boon training tho chlldron for
soma tlmo; and much Interest Is bo
Ing takon In tho ovont. Book char
acters and Mothor (looso tnlos so
donr to tho hearts ot tho chlldron,
aro to bo presented. Tho entertain
tnont will begin directly after tho
first sorlal.
Modern Equipment In New RulMlng
at Ontario laundry fllen On
tario InntltuMoti Not Excelled
In West so Far an Detail
is Concerned
Tho first consignment ot flno fa
brics as woll as hoavor wearing hp
parol to bo dry-cleaned at tho now
dry cloanlng plant ot tho Ontario
Pressor which Is now a branch of
tho Ontario Laundry and Dry Clean
ing Works, was finished Monday at
tornoon, and thus nnothcr forward
stop In nn Ontario concorn was ro
cordod. R. W. Jones, who purchased tho
l'rossary and at onco started to
modornlzo tho sorvlco and put It on
a pnr with tho laundry sorvlco which
ho established, now has a plant In
which tho city can tako roal prtdo.
It Is thoroughly oqulppod and locat
ed In a modern flro proof building.
No longor will It bo nocossnry for
any Ontnrlo folk to send out ot town
tor fancy dry cloanlng, for thnt sor
vlco can bo dona as woll at homo.
What a trado at homo campaign
can do for tho milling Industry was
recently demonstrated In tho caso
ot tho Ontario Flour Mill and It can
bo duplicated In tho dry cleaning
flold, and In others too. As the pur
chuso of Ontario flour makes labor
for Ontario pooplo ot tho patronage
of tho Ontnrlo dry cloanlng works
employes Ontnrlo men nnd women,
and at tho dry cloanlng works a
start has boon mado for an Institu
tion which ultimately will employ n
number of pooplo, Incroaso tho pay
roll of tho city and othorwlso holp
In tho buslnoss battle.
Miss Barbara Castloman has beon
III with brochlal pneumonia.
Mr. Leland Ready Is visiting with
hor paronta at Long Boach, Cnl.
John Mothows loft Wodnosday for
Med ford Orogon whore hu expects to
L. D. Fryo and fnmlty ot Emmott
wero wook ond visitors at tho T. B.
Flsor homo.
Mr. and Mrs, E. K. Englo and Mrs.
Beta Athorton visited nt tho Ed
Berry home Friday aftornoon.
Ted Kltisoy and Bort Potorsou
woro Ontario visitors Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pntton and Mrs.
Wnltor Kollor ot Payette visited at
tho Harry Howo homo Wodnosday.
Mrs, J. A. Walters was an On-
torlo visitor Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. W. Doan motorod
to Doad Ox Flat Friday evening to
tho meeting of tho Farm llurouu.
Mrs. Rao Parson nnd chlldron re
turned to hor homo In Mho after a
fow wooks visit with her parents,
Mr and Mrs. John lllauton.
Mrs. T. B. Flser roturnod from
EuBono Monday morning.
Robort Odell and sou John woro
In from tho ranch near Vnlo Thurs
day. Mrs. Ben Roso spent Tuosday In
Ontario as tho guest of Mrs. Altco
Mr- and Mr. E. K. Englo spent
Wednesday with L. M. Capron and
Tbo Ontario Qlrls Club met Tuos
day at tho homo ot Mrs, J. R. Black
aby and woro entertaluod by Miss
Mue Piatt and Mrs. M. D. Thomas.
Cards wore enjoyed nftor which ro
froshments wero served. A very
ploasant evening was spent by about
35 ot the mombors. Tho mooting
noxt Tuesday ovonlng will be hold at
tho homo of Mrs. D. M. Taggart.
R. C. Town who has beon for tho
past two years connected with the
F6rd Oarage hero, resigned his posi
tion and this woek has takon a posi
tion with tho Universal Motor Co. ot
Frultland, which Is a now firm for
tho agency ot Ford Cars, A now
garage Is being orocted In Frultland
for their uso.
John Shamborgor of Washoo visit
ed tho Jacob Stroup homo hero on
Wdnesday. Mr. Shambrger recently
camo to this country from tho oil
fields In Kentucky where he was in
Fred Sheets of Nyssa, was an
Ontario visitor last Wodnesday.
Acel Wltbeck will leave this wook
tor Eugene to look for a location.
M- Spauldlng ot Oregon Slope was
a business visitor In Ontario Wednesday.
Ii iL JJ5"A'iH
HO. 9
. i!L-!UHU LJJ11H1WJ.!
Court Iioom Practically Filled With
Jordan Vnllej' Resident and
Few From Other Sections
Touching Scenes En
acted at Trial
Ono ot tro hardest fought criminal
trials In tho annnls ot Malheur
county Is In progress nt Vale and
probably will not bo complotcd until
Friday or Saturday,- whon tho Jury
will docldo whether or not Arch
Nichols Is guilty ot niunlorlng Bill
Hicks In tho drunken row In n shack
at Jordan Valley Docombor 0.
Assisting District Attornoy Rob
ort D. Lytlo In tho prosecution ot the
case Is Judgo Ooorgo E. Davis of
Vale; whllo J. W. McCulloch ot On
tario and Judgo K. I. Porky ot Bolso
aro dofondlug Nichols.
Tho trial started Mondny aftor
noon, tho Jury being quickly socurod
Tho contest betwoon the nttornoys
startod early ovor tho admission ot
an alleged i Confession socurod by
District AKornoy from Nichols. Tho
dotonso counsol submitted Mr. Lytlo
to a most rigorous cross examination
Aftor an all day battlo, followed by
an ovonlng sosslon Wodnosday,
Judgo Dalton Biggs presiding, ad
mitted tho confession,
Nichols Repudiates ConfeasloB
On tho stand lato today whon the
dofonso started Its caso, Nichols re
pudiated tho confosslon nnd doclar
od It was given undor duress.
TotichliiK Scene Enacted.
Among tho wltnososs ot tho trial
uro four women, two each ot whom
nro rolallvos of tho doad man and
tho accused. At noon today whon
tho court adjourned, Mrs. Jeaato
Hicks Van Plcklln and his sister,
Mrs. Parks, crossed tho court room
whoro thoy greotod tho gray haired
Mrs. Nichols, mothor ot tho accused
and hor daughtor.
Mrs. Van Blcklln embraced Mrs.
Nichols and kissed hor. This proved
too much for tho grlot stricken wo
man. Sho broko down nnd sobbod on
tho shoulder ot the roungor woman,
wnoso uroinor nor son is uccusou ot
Nichols, tho dofondnnt, la plainly
undor groat atross and emotion.
Nervously ho Is watching tho courso
of thu trial upon which his life is
hold In tho balanco.
Expert Undo Vita
Today tho first flroworks came
when tho 8tato Introduced J. C.
Bollors, genoral suporlntondont of the
Rovolaro International Bocrot Sor
vlco, of Pocatello, Idaho, Mr. Boilers
who claims to havo boon connocted
with tho unravelling ot ovldonco
against tho Contralla I. W. W., and
other famous cases, was on tho stand
boforo and aftor dinner tho last
hour bolng grilled by Attorney Mc
Culloch. Mr. Boilers was Introduced
as an oxport ou flro arms and kind
rod matters. .
Tho battlo centerd over the de
claration ot tho witness that tho
bullet allegod -to havo boon found
In tho lining ot tho coat Hicks wore
whon ho was shot bad tho impress
ot tho matorlal ot tho lining of on
Its noso and that It was ot tho oxact
character as tho bullets found In the
chambers of Nichols' gun, and could
not havo boon fired from Hicks' gun.
Ho also tostlflod that thoro was no
powdor marks, nor further testi
mony that tho stato will Introduce
to show that the bullet which klllod
Hicks was flrad at a dlstanco.
Tho theory that tho dotonso In the
oponlng statoment ot Mr. McCulloch,
Indicated It would advanco, is that
Hicks was klllel by a bullot from his
own gun during tho struggle. Tho
stato apparently was advancing a
defence of this lino ot reasoning
through Mr, Sellers, testimony con
cerning tbo absonco ot powder marks
and burn, ns well as tho difference
in tho slzo ot tbo bullets.
Titters Como From Crowd
Many times during tho trial the
sallies of counsol have brought tit
tors from tho crowd In tho court
room and thoso have brought raps
for order from the bailiff.
After learning that tbo stato bad
a firearms export the defense coun
tord and sont for R. E. Herrlck,
prosldont ot tho rlflo association ot
Boise, who will probably follow Mr.
Sellers on tho stand.
Tho Jury
Tho Jury which Is to dotormlne the
caso Is composed of, L. Adam, Ontar
io; Ouy Johnston, Ontario; J. 0.
Vines,' Vale; E. T. Aker. Ontario;
John McConnoll, Nyssa; S. D. Oos-
liert. Nyssa; J. w. westfati vaie;
C. 0. Bradley, Nyssa; x L. Farber,
Harper; Charlos A. Johnson Ontar
io, and E. C. Slzemore, Buelah,
Mrs. E. W. Howard has gone to
Vale to stay at tho Sanitarium tor a
Llttlo Bort Emlson fell during a
game on tho school ground, Wednes
day and broko bis collar bone.
J. . Down and family are moving
to' Wlldor this weok, where Mr.
Brown has secured a ranch for the
noxt year.
a-.. hfrt