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Get it
Our Budget Plan
will help you
COME in I Let us explain how
the Budget Plan goes ahead
(.with that New Edison for Xmns.
It breaks up tho payments,
r scatters them through 1922. fits
thcm to your pocketbook.
Besides, you'ro using an after-(the-war
dollar to buy a before-the-war
value. The New Edison has
gone up in prico less than 15
since 1914. Mr. Edison has kept
prices down by absorbing increased
costs himself. You get the benefit.
Turner Music Store
Ontario, Oregon
a Soul"
. December 18 and 19
The Majestic Theatre
President Sees Danger to Nation in
Condition of American Farmers
No whoro in public llfo Is tho situ
ation of tho Amorlcan (armor raoro
appreciated than In the Whlto Hound
and by no ono of tho loadors In
Amorlcan publlo llfo linn tho situation
In which tho nation finds Itsolf boon
mora cloarly sot forth than In tho
last mossaKO which Prosldont Hard
ing prosontod to Congress whon In
part ho said.
Hltuntlon Hcrlous Ono
"It Is rather shocking to hh told
and to hnvo tho statoment strongly
oupportod, that 0,000,000 bates of
rotton , raised on American planta
tions In a glvon year actually will
ho worth moro to tho producers than
13,000000 balcB would hnvo boon.
Equally shocking Is tho statoment
that 700,000,000 bushols of wheat
ralsod by Amorlcan farmers would
bring them moro money than 1,000,
000,000 bushels. Yet thoso aro not
exaggerated statements. In a world
wlioro thero nro tons of millions who
neod food and clothing, which thoy
cannot get such a condition Is euro
to Indict tho social systom which
makes it possible.
In tho matn tho remedy lies In
distribution and markotlng. Every
propor encouragomont should bo giv
en to cooporatlvo markotlng pro
grammes, TIicbo havo provod very
holptul to tho cooperating commun
ities In Europe. In Itussla tho co
oporatlvo community has bocomo n
recognized bulwark of law and or
der, and saved Individualism from
ongulfmont In social paralysis. Ul
timately thoy wilt bo accrcdltod with
tho salvation of tho Uusslan stato.
Thoro Is tho appoat for this ox
porlment. Why not try It? Nono
challenges tho right of tho farmer
to a lorgor share of tho consum
ers' pay for his product, no ono can
dlsputo that wo cannot llvo without
tho farmer. Ha is justlflod in re
belling ngalnst the transportation
cost. Given a fair roturn tor his la
bor, ho will tiavo toss occasion to ap
poat for financial aid, nnd glvon as
surunca that his labors shall not bo
In vain, wo reassuro alt tho pcopio
of a production sufficient to moet
our national requirements, and,,
guard against dlsasfor.
Drift to Cities Perilous
"Tho baso of tho pyramid of civ
ilization which rests upon tho soil Is
shrinking through tho drift of pop
ulation from fawn to city, For a
generation wo havo been oxprosslng
moro -or loss concorn about thU ton
doncy. Economists havo warned
and statosmon hnvo deplored. Wo
thought for a tlmo that modorn con
veniences and tho moro Intlmnto con
tact would halt tho movement, but
Is has gono steadily on Perhaps on
ly grim nocossltx will correct it, but
wo ought to find n less drastic moas
uro. "Tho existing Bchomo of ndjustlng
frolght rates has boen favoring tho
basing points, until tho industries
aro attracted to somo confers and ro
pollod from others. A groat vol
nmo of uneconomic nnd wastotul
transportation has attendod, and tho
cost increased accordingly. Tho
gfaln-mllling and moat-packlng in
dustries afford amplo Illustration,
and tho attondlng concentration Is
roadlly apparent. Tho menacos In
concentration aro not llmltod to tho
retarding Influences on ngriculturo.
Manifestly tho conditions and torms
of railway transportation ought not
to ho pcrmlttod to Increaso tho un
deslrablo tondoncy.
"Wo havo a just prldo in our
groat cities, 'but wo find a greater
prldo in tho nation which has a
largor distribution of Its population
Into tho country, whera comparative
ly solf-sufflclont smallor commun
ities may blond agricultural and
manufacturing Intorcsts In harmon
ious holpfulnoss nnd enhnnced good
fortune Such a movomont contem
plates no destruction of things
wrought of Investments mndo, or
wealth involved. It only looks to a
gonornl policy of transportation, of
distributed Industry and of highway
construction to oncourngo tho sproad
of our population and rcstoro tho
propor balanco between city and coun
try. Tho problom may well havo
your earnest nttontlon."
Mrs. McCroary was visiting at tho
Dart Nlcklos homo in Kingman Kol
ony Thursday.
Mr. Ncoly of Caldwell, shlppod a
carload of hogs from Adrian Fri
day. Ho bought tho hogs from var
ious farraors.
Mrs. Suslo I'omeroy rccolvcd word
from hor daughtor, Mrs. Cooloy, who
is teaching school near Harper, Oro.,
that sho has boon very 111, but Is now
much bottor.
Qreollng's hnvo decided to llvo a
llttlo higher In lire, having moved
tholr house from uuder tho hill to
tholr land on top of tho hill.
Somo ono Is going to havo groat
Joy. A whole carload of furnlturo
being shipped into tho city Monday.
Mr. Suoll of Vale, passed through
Adrian Monday. Ho was looking
for somo calves which had Btrayed
from a pasturo on tho Owyhco.
FOIl SALE High grado Cudwlg
piano, c. E. Clurc, 718 1st Ave. So.,
Payette, Idaho. 2-3 pd.
Through an oversight adoquato
mention was not mado of tho eritor
talnmont of Tho Ontario Music Club
which was hold at tho S. D. Dortnau
homo last wook.
Tho affair was unlquo in ns much
as It was an old fashioned muslcalo
and costuming party nnd sovorat of
tho costumes worn woro of our groat
uranumotnor'8 nays, ranging from
GO to 100 years In ago that is tho
costumes woro that old .
Thoso taking part In tho muslcnlo
program woro tho Mcsdamos Quasi,
Cox, Potcrson, Van Potton, Qramso,
Clomo, Dorman Harrison, Graham
and Hyan, tho Misses Loo, Ilolllns,
DutiBtono, Hustcd, Cnllln, and Hand
all and tlm Messrs Lathrop, Tumor
and Douchor.
Dainty refreshments woro served
by tho commlttoo after which games
and' dances of olden days woro In
dulged In and much morrlment was
causod by tho acrobatic stunt and its
oncoro by ono of tho mombors.
Tangible Results of Boys' and Girls'
ClubsJDemonstration Work Shown
Ily II. U. WELLMAN Count) Club Lender
Hoys' and Girls' Club work Is no
longor In tho experimental stago.
That Its results aro far reaching and
inporlant is not donled among ed
ucators, business men and farmers
today. Tho boy and girl of today
will bo tho roan and womon of to
morrow and tho training that thoy
rocolvo now will to a largor oxtont
dotormlno tholr usefulness when
thoy take tholr placo in tho world.
From a aolflsh point of vlow Mat
hour County cannot afford to neglect
tho training of tho farm boy and girl
Tho fact that upon tho prosperity of
tho farmers dopeuds tho prosperity
of tho merchants and builnoss tuon
of Ontario, Vale, Nyssa, and tho
smaller towns throughout tho county
can not bo doubtod. Thoro aro no
manufacturing companlos, sawmills
or tho llk,o to furnish labor to a largo
group of employees and a correspond
Ing pay-roll to bo Bpent in the busi
ness houses.
Any offort toward Improvement of
practices must necessarily bo an of
fort toward Improving tho pooplo.
In nit extension work during tho
past year. It has boon recognized
that pormanont progross toward
bottor agrlculturo and homo making
Is dlroctly depondont upon tho kind
and amount of loadorshlp dovolopod
that bettor farming is Important
otily in that It makes possible n
bottor standard of living,
Hoys and girls club work. Is a
slmpio yot ofTlclont system for mold
ing rural young pooplo Into loaders
that wilt take caro of futuro agrl
culturo and homo making. First,
It intorosta tho boys and girls thru
a community program of work. Then
It helps to carry out tho program.
This rosults In tholr serving tho
community. Tho quullty of sorvlco
Is improved by providing special
means of oncouraglng and reward
ing Initiative. Training, Informa
tion and a knowlodgo of sources of
Information nocossary to lead intel
ligently aro roqulslto parts or tho
Following is an uominzou siaio
ment of tho various projocts carrlod
on In the county this yoar.
Potato .........
Garden '. ' I
Pig 8
Calf ,.".
Poultry S
Canning 2
Cooking - 3
Sewing 10
611.09 $1,370.31
26.00 06.00
76,00 1S8.09
841.90 692.97
27.50 7.26
210.22 292.48'
42.21 136.06
110.02 90.88
226.00 166.24
18.00 20,00
33 260 200 4,098,62 2 087.85 2,910.77
Two hundred boys and girls In
various sections of the county havo
availed thorn solvos of the oppor
tunity offered. Their gross returns
wore $4,998.62. The aggregate net
returns after deducting all oxpensos
as cost, rent of land, labor, food, etc.
was $2910.77. The club members
raised 1,426 bushels of corn, 90
bushols or potatoes, $233.99 worth
of vegetables, 01 pigs 18 of which
wore purebreds, 1 calf, 458 puro
breds, 1 calf, 468 purebred chickens
and 24 rabbits, In canning the
girls put in 222 quarts of fruit, 169
quarts of vegetables and made 10
Jars of Jolly. In cooking 415 dishes
wero served to a total of 1758 per
sons. The sowing club girls mado
a total of 276 articles.
At the Paclflo International,
County and State Fairs, the club
members won $700.00 in prizes,
tinn nn of which coca to Day the
expenses of 9 boys and girls to tho
summer school at Corvallls next
During the summer 14 demonstra
tions were put on by club teams with
n tntnl nttandnnca of 940 DSODlO.
There were three sewing demonstra
tions, 3 canning dmonstranons, mree
poultry demonstrations, four stock
Judging demnstratlons and ono de
monstration on storing seed corn.
Between March 8 and November 1,
tho Club Leader organUeo27 clubs,
raade 247 visits to the plats and
homes of club members, attended 96
club meetings, conducted 12 club
tours, talked on club work at 56
meetings with a total attendance of
1243, distributed 76 bullontlns and
AAA Knntni nt 1ii1i lltnrnttlrA. nrn.
pared 141 articles for the local pross
and Farm Bureau Nows, wroto 410
lottors, answered 326 telephones
calls and had 450 calls at tne onice.
The local Lea dor is such an Im
portant factor In the success of club
work that It might bo said that club
work revolves aoouj mo local loauer
um n Antnr Tnn much nralsa can
not ho given these noble mon and
women who are giving valuable tlmo
to tne ooys ana gins oi mu cuumy.
fpi.A AwA..,a Af tlm aIiiI, mAmtinM urn
mu yai cute u. iiw m.w.w.- .....
very much like tho spokes of a
wheel. With every parent a booster,
rnrW in nlil tlm Inonl leader, and
oncourage their children In the work
the club will stay imaci ana uo nne
work. It one spoke In a wheel
gives way tho others are moro apt
to break. If one parent whose boy
or girl is a club member Is Indifferent
or discourages the work the other
parents will gradually begin to feel
the strain and loso their Interost.
According to M O. Seymore, State
nini. T-nnnnr 10.2R2 eluh members
In tho state of Oregon, made a not
profit of $66,000.00 the ontlre ex
penses being $66,000.00 and the
value of things produced $111,000.
This does not Include $19,000,00
won In prizes nor does it touch the
educational value to tho club mem
bers. The overhead cost to the
state was $26,000.00, Thus a profit
to taxpayers of $31,000 was reallzod
from the results of club work among
the boya and girls in this state.
Geo. and Mrs. Susie Pomoroy were
dinner guests at the McCreary home
Adrian waa well represented at
the Kingman Kfrlony school bouse
last Tuesday evening. Slides of
Alaska were shown by use of a ma
gic tasters.
The M. M. Oreellng family and
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hlckox were
dinner guests at the Yates home on
the Orchard tract Sunday.
Mr, Gruver has been taking ad
vantage of thoso beautiful winter
days, as any one may see, by the
large wood pile of sage In his back
Frank Doyle attended the base
ball game .which, waa played between
the school boys and men and boys
from outside,
Say It
Thoro is no bottor way to oxtoiul Christmas
Greetings than with ono of our choice POTTED
PLANTS or bright, clicory OUT FLOWERS.
This week wo nro showing in our down town
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B. & B. Florists
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