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That tho following claims ngalnat
wainour county, orogon, for tlio
month or Sept., woro considered, or-
dorod paid, contlnuod or dlnalluwod
as .follews:
October flth, 1021
Tholmn Drown, Clerk's Stuno. $100.
Doselo Poust, Clerk's Stuno., $90.00
W. W. Hlnton, Stock Inspoctor,
lloys' & airls' Aid Soe Appr. Indl
gent $10.00.
Mrs. L. A. Merrill, Appr. lndlgont,
Mrs. Loon Izagulrro, Appr. lndlgont,
' $26.00.
Knthorlno dccl, Appr. Ipdlgont, $2S.
Mrs. Anna Townscnd, Appr. lndl
gont, $25,00.
Mrs. Claudo llanos, Appr. Indigent,
Mrs. Emma Ualrd, Appr, Indigent,
C. 1). Tapp, Janitor, $100.00.
Mrs. Amanda Hlnohart, Hont of
wnrohouso, $25.00.
Automobiles stored by the month or
for the night
First Door south of Argus Office
Nick Hentz, prop. Ontario, Ore.
I can furnish you with any
amount of Milch Cows at
Phono 99 W, Ontario, Ore.
E. A.
Commissioner's foos,
Commissioner's foes,
F. M. Vinos, Commissioner, Itoad
work, $61,86.
H. B. Backott, Co. Clork, Offlco ox
ponso, $65.34.
E. II. Test, Co. Judgo, Miscellan
eous oxponso, $14,10
II. Loo Noo, Shorlff, Car mlleago,
- $240.80.
II. Loo Noo, Sheriff, Special Doputy
hlro, $74.36. s
II.' Loo Noo, Shorlff, Offlco oxponso,
II. Loo Noo, Shorlff, Prisoners'
moals, $113.26.
II. Leo Noo, Shorlff, Transportation
of prlsonors, $37.82.
II. Loo Noo, Shorlff, Extra help oir
tnxos, $125.00.
Fred J. Tost, Mlscollnnouos oxponso,
Mrs. L. II. Schroador, Stono. County
' Judgo, $10.00.
Efflo M. Crnll, Sell. Supt., Exponso,
0. W. Doan,
F. M. Vinos,
price, cash or
WHEN you have saved
sales slips showing
total purchase of FIVE
packages of Quaker Oats
or Mothers Oats, you are
entitled to a pure alum
inum cooker for
We have a fresh supply on
II. O. lConnard, Wator Master,
W. W. Vancoy, Deputy Wator Mas
tor, $26.31.
W. T. Ellcrtson, Doputy Wator Mas
ter, $17.87.
John Dolan, Doputy Wator Mnstor,
Dud Anderson, Spoctal Doputy Shor
lff, $15.00.
Wm. Thomson, Special Doputy
unerur, iid.oo.
II. Loy, Doputy Assessor, $10.00.
Robt. D. Lytln, Exponso, Dlst. Atty.
A. Qramso, Fruit Inspector, $144.00.
Chas. D. Oral, Soalor of W. & M
II. Tnmblyn, County Survoyor,
Unncroft-Whttnoy Co., Suppllos, Co.
Judgo, $4.26.
Dushong & Compnny, Suppllos, Co.
Clork, $114.56.
Uushong A Company, Suppllos, Co.
Clerk, $4.25.
Class & Prudhommo Co., Supplies,
County Clork, $17.84.
Dr. It. O. Payno, Examination In
Htino, $6.00. ,
Jordan Valloy Express, Official ad
vertising, $7.00,
Malhaur EntorprUo, Official adver
tising, $20.00.
Mnlliour Entorprtso, Official adver
tising A supplies, $31.55.
Malheur Entorprlso, Supplies, Sch.
supt., $25,00.
Data City Journal, Official advertis
ing, $24.00.
Ontario Argus, Official advertising,
Vale Trading Company, Supplies,
A. R McQIUivray, Supplies, Indi
gent, $12.35.
A. E. McOllllvray, Supplies, Sch.
Supt., $4.05.
A. E. McOllllvray, Suppllos, Wator
Mnstor, $2,00.
A. E. McOllllvray, Sorvlcos, criminal
Inv., $2.00.
Frank J. Drown, Exponso, Co. Phy
sician, $10.00.
Mrs. Maud Maltby, Caro of lndlgont,
Juntura Morcantllo Co., Supplies,
Indigent, $30.00.
Mrs. 0. A. Slayton, Caro of Indigent,
Vale Drug Btoro, Suppllos, Indigent,
Ontario Furnlturo Co., Supplies &
burial of Indg., $57.60.
T. T. Nelson, Ilurlal of lndlgont,
Holy Ilosary Hospital, Caro of ln
dlgont, $213.26.
L. C. Wisdom, Caro of lndlgont,
Ooldon Ruin Storo, Supplies, lndl
gont, $100.00.
McDowoll & Co., Inc. Ilurlal of lndl
gont, $8,00.
II. 11. Earp, Caro of lndlgont, $120.
H. I), Earp, Moals for Jurors, $13.
E. A. Frasor, Suppllos, Indigent,
O. O. Luohrs,
II. W. Oould,
Vale Transfor
Suppllos, Indigent,
Caro of lndlgont,
Company, Drayago,
Malheur Home Tolophono
Phonos & tolls. 138. fin.
It. M. Uoach, Drayago, $1.00.
City of Vale, Wator, C. H., $2.15.
Standard Oil Company .Suppllos, C.
II., $0,78.
Ulako-McFall, Company, Suppllos,
C. II.. $11.00.
Nordalo Furnlturo Co,, Suppllos, C.
II., $.40.
Wnrrasprlngs Drygoods Btoro, Sup
plies, C. II., $2.70.,
L. S. liogan, Labor and supplies, C.
11., $240.75.
P. H. Ennts, Auto hlro, Stato High
way, $20.00.
P. II. Entile, Auto hlro, Juvonllo
Court, $13.00.
M. II. Doollttlo, Ilond vlowlng, $20.
F. D. Qlonn, Iload vlowlng & labor,
J. C. Gordon, llotund on taxos $0.26
B. M. Qrolg, Appraising land, $10.
A. M. Johnston, Appraising land,
C. It. Emlson, Apprntslng land, $10.
Drexcl Hotel Co., Meals for Jurors,
V. U. Staples, Dcod, $400.00.
Oregon Agricultural Collogo, Ex
tension work. $2300.00.
Qenoral Iload
Jnmos Molloy, Labor,' $105.00.
Uoraldo Bmtth, Labor, $38,50.
Concrcto Plpo Company, Supplies,
It. D. No. 13 $07.80.
McNulty & Co., Labor. $1.07.
Taggart Hdw. Co., Suppllos, $0.37.
Walter Loonoy, Auto suppllos,
V, D. Staples, Auto ropalrs, $08,41.
J. W. Hank Ins, Labor, II. D. No. 4,
Frank Johns, Labor, It. D. No. 5,
Itusfloll Fleetwood, Labor, It. D. No.
5, $7.00.
Thos. Wolsh, Labor, II. D. No. 5,
Standard Oil Company, Supplies,
J. N. Ilurns, Labor, $20.00.
M. D. Koofo, Labor, $85.00.
Hon Iloso, Labor, $38.00.
Fred J. Tost, Labor, $150.00.
J. W. C. Johnson, Labor. $7.00.
Ed. Washburn, Labor, $70.00.
Ilolso-Payotto Lbr. Co., Supplies,
E. A. Frasor, Suppllos, $30.00
Carter Oarago, Supplies, $127.00.
Home Lbr. & Conl Co., Supplies,
Orogon Stato Highway Coinni., Sup
pllos, $2.10.
Orogon Statn Highway Comtn., Ro
pnlrs, $184.63.
Oregon Stato Highway Comm.,
Charges on truck, $820.30.
Ilrogan Trading Company, Labor
and suppllos. It. D. No. 14. $6.06
Rolso-Pnyotto Lbr. Co., Supplies, II.
D. N. 14, $17.00.
O. W. Doan, Commissioner, Iload
work, J. V. Markat rouM. $44.10.
U. S. Manufacturing Co., Culvert for
J. V. Market Road, $260.10.
M; D. Koofo, Truck Driver & ex
ponso J. V. Markot road, $8.00.
O. W. Lyells, Ulacksmlth, J. V.
Markot Itnad, $30.38.
Van Potton Lbr. Co., Suppllos, Stato
Highway, $320.80.
Onto City Journal, Official advortls.
Ing, $11.34.
()otolHr Slut, mat
E. M. Cratl, Sch. Supt. Exponso,
instttuto. $51,50.
Harold S. Tuttlo, Expunso, Institute
Stolla N. Inglo, Sorvlcca & oxponso,
Institute, $30.54.
Jordan Valloy Market Iload
Jordan Valloy Morcantllo Co., Sup
plies, $424.80.
Jordan Valloy Morcantllo Co., Sup
pllos, $3.60.
II. C. Dunagan, Suppllos, $18.72.
John Ycagor, Hont of equipment
Dank of Jordan Valloy, Suppllos,
Roy Nichols, Freight, $63.77. .
J. V. Auto Co.. Car hire. $108.26.
O. C. Wilson, Suppllos, $379.06.
J. L. Long, niacksmlthlng, $9.00.
Jordan Valloy Moat Markot, Sup
plies, $8.33.
Jordan Valloy Pharmacy, Suppllos,
Helm & Yturrl, Suppllos, $106.76.
H. F. Funk, Labor, $05.00.
E. draniso, Labor, $100.47.
Antonio Marqulnn, Labor, $34,07.
Frank Carr, Labor, 64.76.
R. M. Dinwiddle, Labor, $18.53.
C. W. Montgomery, Labor, $96.42.
Rob Ilurns, Labor, $03.00.
J. Altkins, Labor, $62.67.
Chas. nurdscll, Labor, $66,16.
J. Yoager. Labor. $423.24.
Ora Woods. Labor, $144.14.
Ambrose Elorrlaga, Labor, $03.00.
Harvey Long, Labor, $80.75,
Clyde Stulta, Labor, $75.40.
E. Fen wick, Labor, $19.12.
E, D. Domrolng, Labor. $00.36.
D. D. Joslyn, Labor,, $35.20.
V. E, Prater, Labor, $36.00.
Marie Howey, Labor, $10.00.
Henry Flnke, Labor, $17.92.
Antonio Dermlosolo, Labor, $7.50.
Dank of Jordan Valley, Tlmo chocks,
Caldwell Comm'!. Dank, Time
checks. $65.15.
,Isldor,a Oolgochea, Labor, $5.40.
Sabine Dermiosolo, Labor, $9.09,
J. V. Stage, Supplies, $90.84.
WANTED At onco, man or wo
man to represent us and act as our
agent In this community, good pro
position to right party, must bo able
to give bank reference or put up a
cash bond. Lorlmer's City Dye
Works, Doise, Idaho.
LOST A bay gelding and a black
mare with white face and white
hind foot. Left my place on Mal
heur river near Crystal and Were
last seen headed toward Ontario,
Finder please notify T. P. Dulmor,
Payette R. F. D. No. 8.
FOR RENTy-Two bedrooms to let
in quiet modern home, heat furnish
ed. Mrs, Scholes. 48-49p
private home.
bedrooms In
Vale Electric Company, Lights
Supplies, C. II., $33.36.
Vale Meat Company. Ico, C.
Written arid Edited by the News Writing Class of
The English Department
Wodnosday, Novombor 2, tho
stock Judging team, James Mc
Creight, Guy Socoy and Ilobort
Llnzy loft for Portland to attend
tho International Livestock Show
whoro they comnotod against fifteen
high schools roprosontlng throo
stntos, Oregon, Washington and
Idaho. In tho judging contest tho
toam won third placo and James
McCrotght rocolved tho highest
Bcoro mndo In tho contest, O. II. S.
is Justly proud of tho record mado
by tho team. Jamos McCrotght
mado tho highest scoro at tho Union
Stock Show last Juno, thoroby win
ning a scholarship at O. A. C.
Dr. Van Wators of tho Episcopal
Church gave an Interesting talk to
tho student body, Friday, Novombor
4. Ho spoko of a truo o ducatlon as
tho assimilating of knowledge and
not moroly tho acquisition of a num
ber of facts.
At nssembly Monday, Novombor 7,
liar. John K. Drown, who wns a
missionary in Asia Minor boforo tho
war, gavo a most Intorostliig account
of conditions in that country. Tho
spoakor was Introduced by Rov.
(inlanders of tho Congregational
Tho Junior play, "Lot's All Oct
Mnrrlod," will bo presented at tho
Majostlo Theater, Novombor 25,
Tlckots will bo on snlo at nn early
date. Under tho nblo direction of
Miss Ruth Cnboen, tho cast has
boon working hard for somo tlmo
and this assures tho succoss of tho
An effort Is being mado to got a
football gamo with Kunn, Idaho, for
noxt Saturday. Howovor If all ef
forts fall tho noxt gamo will bo
playod on tho homo field against
Nnmpa, Novombor 18,
Tho total enrollment in tho high
Thoro was an enthusiastic P. T.
A. mooting nt tho Kolony school
houso last Friday afternoon. Hurry
Wollman gavo a short talk on plans
for club work for tho winter. Tho
toachors and parents present gnvo
their full support to tho work. Two
clubs will bo orgaulzod, ono a dairy
club, keeping records and milk
tests, under tho loadarshlp of Prof.
Everett; tho second n homo-making
club, the lino of work to bo decided
and tho luudor chosou lutor. Prof.
Everett gavo a short roport from
tho County P. T. A. mooting at Vale.
Tho Hoa'lth Crusado was undortakon
by tho P. T. A., Mrs. Ueo. Reed to
supervise tho work. Mrs. Reed has
tho health choro rocord cards uud
with tho co-oporutlou of tho parents
wo hopo for u flue showing. Mrs.
Reed also has tho Rod Cross houlth
seals for sale and during tho win
ter wo plan to have tho Rod Cross
nurso in tho community for lectures
and examinations. A groat doal of
lutorest Is showu in tho activo mem
bership drivo undor tho cuptalns,
Mrs. Alvln McOlnnls and Mrs. Wal
ter Nichols. Evory porson In tho
community will bo glvon an oppor
tunity to join in tho evening's outer
talumonl at tho close of tho drive
in March.
Mossra. Frank T. Morgan, A. O.
Kingman, W. I Slmffor, It. It. and
R. S. Overstreet attondod tho Hay
Orowora mooting at Cairo Monday.
Harry Powell and family motored
to Star, Idaho last Sunday. Mr.
Powell will move bis family Into tho
C. M. Dcaunfont houso closo to tho
school houso for tho winter.
Thoro was n largo attondonco at
tho sorvlcos Sunday evoning when
Rov. Shlolds, -who has served this
and adjoining communltlb so faith
fully for over throe years, preached
his farewell sormou. Rev. aud Mrs,
Shlolds have mado a host of frlonds
In tho Kolony and will tako with
thorn to their now charge at Wal
lowa, Oregon tho best wishes of tho
whole community.
Tho young pooplo of tho high
school gave u Halloween party Sat
urday evening, gumes and refresh
ments were enjoyed by about twenty
five young folks. Mrs. W. E, Ed
wards and Mrs, fleo. Reed acted us
Many of the ranchers are putting
In full hours behind tho plows,
turning under alfalfa fields and pro
paring for early planting of g rain.
Allen Oreeno is also putting In full
time keeping tho plows nnd plow
shares In shape for the bent work,
at his Kolony ranch. -
Tho Kolony school houso was fill
ed Monday evoning with both grown
ups and children, out for a frolic.
Tho building was appropriately doc
orated with ghosts, pumpkins and
black cats. The entortalument com
mittee, supervised by Prof. Evorett.
provided a most enjoyable musical
program and later games woro play
ed after which all onjoyod apples
and pumpkin pie. The musical tal
ent was ably assisted by tho Misses
Llela, Eva and Flora Evorett, who
with their school friends, Gladys and
Virgil Roeco camo from Ontario for
the ovonlng.
Mrs. II. R. Otis was the honor
guest at an Informal reception Sat
urday afternoon, when Mrs. F. T.
Morgan and Mrs. R. R. Overstreet
entertained at tho homo of the
former. A delicious lunchoon was
served later in tho afternoon.
Mrs, F. D. Hall of Nyssa and Mrs.
Maurice L. Judd of Parma, wero
the out of Kolony guests.
R. R. Overstreet sold his ranch
on tho Owyhee last week to Jack
Walker of New Plymouth, Idaho.
Mr. Wajkor with his wlfo and young
son moved to their new homo the
last of the week and plans to do
fall plowing.
Mr.'ond Mrs. W. L. Shafer woro
Parma visitors Monday,
school now Is 201, Jack Potorson
and Jack Taylor registered in tho
commercial department this wook.
Dottor American Speech wook In
bolng colobratod in tho Ontario High
School tills wook. Each day a fow
minutes of tho nssomhly has been
glvon over to qomo phnso of tho
movoment. Tuesday Miss Conway
gavo a brief talk about tho history
and nlms of tho bettor spocch move
ment and Hugh Dlggs road n paper
on tho pntrlotto anpoctn of tho
movoment. Wednesday Roba Reed
gavo a short talk about battor
speech and its advantages.
Tuesdny tho Days' Olco Club
sang at nssomhly. Their selections
wore: "Tho Armourer's Bong" and
"Kentucky Dnbo." Tboy responded
to n hearty oncoro with "Tho Quos
About fifty onthunlastlc students
and faculty members mot at tho high
school Tuesday evening, Novombor
8, to form a "Pop Club". Tho pur
poso of tho club Is to back with its
spirit and enthusiasm any undertak
ing In which tho high school Is
ongaged. Tho particular thing
which Is interesting tho club at thn
proBont tlmo Is tho Nnmpa football
game. Tho club feels that tho O.
II. S. football toam can win this
gnmo, If It has tho loyal support of
tho town nnd student body ovory
mlnuto of tho gamo.
Tho Paront Teachers' Association
met In thn high school Monday nf
tornoon, Novombor 7, and olected J.
O. McCrolght prosldont for tho ro
mnlndor of tho yonr. Sovoral com
mlttoos nro now nt work nnd thn
first program mooting will bo held
In tho high school nssomhly room
Frldny evening, Novombor 18, at
7! 30 o'clock.
Mossrs. Losllo nnd Oscar Shafor
havo routed Mrs. Pomoroy'a ranch
nt Adrian for noxt season.
Joss Thompson and family accom
panied by Mrs. Roynolds nnd Mrs.
Eliza Jones of NyBsa woro calling
upon old frlonds In tho Kolony Sun
day. F. Loo Johnson of Parma was a
buslnoss visitor In Kingman Kolony
Tho young pooplo of Roswoll High
School who gavo two successful
ovonlng cntortalnmonta in tho Kol
ony last wlntor, nro to glvo tholr
first program of tho yoar, a mln
strol show, tho ovonlng of Novombor
18 nt 8:16, Parma tlmo.
Mossrs. Ilrocklo and Solomon
havo loasod a garugo near Emmott.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dee Martin ivoro
down from llolio for a visit with
homo folks ovor tho wookond.
Hortlriilturu Ooiiiinlttro and County
Agent ArmngliiK I-Nir Demon-
titrations November
14 to 18
Arrangements havo boon made
with E. L .Long, Extension Special
ist In Horticulture to glvo a series
of pruning schools nnd pruning de
monstration for tho boneflt of thn
orchardlsts In Malheur County on.
Novombor 14 to 18, Tho work will
begin on Monday, at Ontario tho
forenoon bolng ovotod to blackboard
Illustrations and lectures on tho
principles governing tho pruning of
trees to securo maximum fruit pro
duction. In tho aftornoon a prun
ing demonstration will bo staged In
tho T. W. Claggott orchard just
West of Ontario. The following
'day a similar course of instruction
will bo glvon at Nyssa. On Wednes
day Mr. Loug will nsslst tho Orogon
Slopo orchardlsts In tholr pruning
problems and on Thursday ho will
bo at Ilrogan, On Friday, thoro will
bo somo work dono on pruning
prunes at somo ceutral point whoro
all of tho prune growers can attend.
This work is consldored of very
groat importance by tho members of
tho farm bureau horticulture com
mittee and promlnont orchardlsts of
tho various districts. Thoso who
heard Mr. Long locture last winter,
are particularly anxious to get in
touch with him again. Everyono
who attends is expected to bring
pruning tools aud do some actual
pruning under Mr, Long's Instruc
tions, It has been suggestod that
all professional primers should bo
glvon a apodal and insistent invita
tion to attend these mootlugs by all
growers who expect to avail thorn
solves of such sorvlcos.
From Hungary has come a ro
quost to tho collogo for blua prints
of the Oregon Tunnel prurto drlor,
designed by E. H. Wiogand, hortl
culturallst of the horticultural pro
ducts section of tho Orogon experi
ment station. P. Wlntorstoln and
son of Dudopest, Hungary, aro the
men Interested in the now drier,
which la said to possess distinct ad
vantages over the ordinary typos
now in use, Tho blue prints have
boon sont as requested.
This now drlor is attracting at
tention in California as well. Two
of tho largo pruno growers of that
state, Carl K. Schnavol and Ned
Raney of Yubo City, and Live Oaks,
respectively, were in Corvallls this
wook gathering information and
data regarding it with a view to In
stalling similar plants In tholr orchards,