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NO 49
City Order Attorneys To (live
Notice of Hull Union City Tnxos
Aro Pnld Partial Payment
Mny Bo Accepted
. Notice aro bolng sent out thU
week to a numbor ot city taxpayers
who haro not paid tliolr assessments
on local Improvement giving thorn
flvo additional days In which to
m'nko arfangomantB to pay boforo
sults aro started to forcloso upon
tho dollnquonclos.
,Thls action Is tho rosulfof a
motion mndo at tho regular moot
ing ot tho City Council Monday
ovonlng, and Is tho only course
open to tho city government at this
Many o( tho dollnquonts are years
lu ...... H .1 .1H MMnMWnl .....1 lt
in urruarn, unit mo hvuui.ii uhu u.
tho city has boon forced to carry 1
ttiM l.,.tnti In Hm ilntrlmnnt nt Mini
rllv'a prnillt. Althnunh wrltton
notlco has been given many ot tho
largest owners tnoy uavo, so
nltnml Itrnnrml tho roauost for Day
m'ont. Many others, havo paid, nnd
tho statomont ot tho delinquencies
11 now much bettor than It was.
"It Is not tho purposo of tho
city to work a hardship on nnyono,
nnd thoso who can mako partial
paymonts, nnd nrrangomonts to con
tinue payments until tho accounts
aro settled will rocolvo tho consider
ation" of tho city and suits against
them will not bo stnrtod," ald May
or W. II. Dooltttlo, following tho
Council's voto.
Order Sidewalks Constructed
, 'Tho council ordered a sldowalk
built on tho wostsldo or Iltchardson
streot from Nevada to California
avenues, also on tho South side ot
Nobraska avanue from ltlchardson
afreet to Orogon stroot, nnd Inde
finitely postponed tho requost for
a sidewalk on tho castsldo of Mor
fltt street from Washington to Ida
ho avonucs
Turkey Gnme Going
Ilocso Jenkins of tho Dig Four
who was present to ask for somo
sldowalk building told tho council
that "turkey games" woro again
holding sway In the city, and that
slnro he hnd oxporloncod traublo In
trying to follow suit, ho did not
Intend to do so again, yet did not
believe that ho should bo compcllod
to compoto with such violations ot
tho regulations. When nskod whoro
tho games wore being playod htf de
clined to nnswor but told tho coun
cil that It would havo no trouble to
loam moro If the offlcors ondoavor
od to locate thorn.
Marshal Farmer was Instructed
to locate the "turkoy gamo" nnd
put a stop to It. '
City Recorder Btearns called the
attention of tho council that Council
man W. J. Woose had missed throe
roll calls, which under tho charter
permitted tho council to declare his
seat vncant. Tho council moved to
ascertain whether or not tho Doctor
intended to nttend, or whothor 11
was merely on ovorslght, and pro
fessional duties that had mado his
absenco nocossary boforo acting.
Tho council decldod to Investigate
tho possibility of securing appara
tus with which to test the city
water regularly and thus avoid the
delay In sending samples to Portl
land for examination. The water
committee was Instructed to net.
During tho fall and winter the
water Is always and Is now perfect
ly puro, but In tho spring and sum
mer tho tosts have shown tho pres
ence ot colon baclli.
On the recommendation of tno
Library Doard, Ivan E. Oakes was
,.. i M.t tmnrri In DlBCO Of
Dr. H. H. Whitney resigned. The
a .& l aI A ta vtAAlffn AT 1 lAI1
appointment oi tf . w. .......
ZW -nn.A rii- Whllnnv was not
- iiriiiinav wiib iidl
.mado, Mayor Doollttle requesting
time to consult the physlcJanB of
tho city beforo acting.
Muilntl Program and .Danco .Com
bined To Ha Given New Ontario
Orchestra To Furnish the
Armour Lodge ot KI1U of
Pythias Is to sponsor a Charity Doll
to be held at tho legion Hall on
Friday, November 18. This event
will furnish an Introduction for the
new Ontario Orchestra which Byron
Turner has organized and which will
furnish surprises for Ontario folks,
"Beside the orchestra music there
will be a program ot vocal and In
strumental soles.
At the regular meeting of Armour
Lodge Wednesday Bight a musical
program was given, numbers being
furnished by the High School boys
and girls glee clubs also by Mrs. C.
R, Cox. Miss Dollle Rollins, Miss
Itoberts and Byron Turner. Judge
W. W. Wood made a brief address.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wyman spent
several days In Boise this week.
. John Wood left Tuesday evening
for Portland on business.
Mrs. JaB. 0. Smith left Tuesday
for Caldwell to J6ln her husband
who Is employed in a clothing
store the.
CUs, Flock Is erecting a four
room residence on the four lots ho
recently purchased in the t part
ot tows.
When tho County Court ox-
nmtnod the records Inst week
It found' that thero romnlus tin-
paid of tho 1920 taxes, that Is
tho taics paid In 1021. tho
total sum of $300,000. Somo
ot tho Individual taxing ills-
trlcts rocolvcd only 38 par cent
ot their taxes, whllo others
brought tho total avorago up to
nbuut 08 per cent for tho on-
tiro county.
To pay the oaunty's sharu ot
stato taxes $10,000 had to bo
takon from tho county's gon-
oral fund, thus roduclng that
balance. As tho rosult of this
conditio), with ponnltlcs and
Intorost tho county will rocolvo K
whan the taxes aro paid nearly
$50,000 additional funds.
Tho county court nlso found
-...., w.. H.w .-....
that It has cost tho county al
. . . .m .... - .
most 18,000 for coyoto boun
tics. Think ot this Item tax
1 payors, and thon cbnso to won
dor why government Touts.
, ,,. ;
Indoor Shoot Replace Hmiga Work
For Marksmen Score litiiriv
Ins;, and Entry May bo Mmle
In National Mntche
Ontario' rlflo club Is gottlng to
bo tho 'roal Jllng.( Since tho fall
woathor sot In tho' boys havo takou
to cover and aro holding Indoor
moots each Tuosday ovonlng. Threo
such tnoetlngs havo boon held, uud
tho membership of tho organization
Is growing.
Owing to tho fact that only a few
of the boys havo had much exper
lonco in rifle shooting, but all aro
scattor gun artists, tho scores havo
not boon very high, but gradually
they aro Improving, Anothor factor
In tho scores to date is that tho
tiAu. nrn linAtlllf- wit nlpht lltiilnr
oloctrlo lights and tboy have not
bocomo thoroughly accustomed to
this. Tho rango Is located In tho
basement ot the II. It. Udlck Plumb
ing shop which tho boys themselves
havo propared for tho Bcono of their
activities. Tho following aro tho
scoros registered Tuesday evonlng
wnoti tno uoys nna quue n guuer? ui
spectators on hand to watch the
F. Stowoll 78, a oo. P. Ilelhsen 82,
L(Hi Cockrum 64, Geo. Lutes 71,
Jack Dlllard 70. Dick Stover 03,
L. II. Stowell 84, Harry Cockrum 77,
Dr. Tyler 40, Art Cockrum 73, Low
Stowell 69, Paul Van Petten 70, V.
W. ChamberB 47.
Preparatory Hchools of County Well
ft VF -- a fl a A V-. a Ia. .-, ...SI
- jvhuhti omi ihhuuhuiui u
,.-. ..... .. w.nm..
Higher Learning One Profes
sor at U, Kurmery of
University ot Oregon, Eugtne
November (Special) Three high
schools In Malheur county those
at Nyssa, Ontario and Vale have
courses of study ot such high grade
ami taught' with such efficiency that
they are accredited by tho Univer
sity of Oregon. All these schools
are well known here, not only thru
the students bu thru the well-trained
teaching staff. Harl It. Douglas,
formerly superintendent of schools
at Ontario, Is now professor ot edu
cation at the University,
To be admitted to the freshman
class of tho University ot Oregon a
etudont must have completed a four
year high school coure or its equiv
alent, requiring not less than 15
units ot work. The term "unit"
means the equivalent ot five recita
tions per week of not less than 40
minutes each; in one branch of
study, for a school year of not lens
than 36 weeks. Considering these
high requirements It I a distinct
honor for a high school to be on
the Unlvorslty accredited list.
Although there are more than
two hundred high schools In the
state, only 177 are accredited by
the University.
The University of Oregon makes
the following specific requirements;
Three units of English, one unit
each ot algebra, plane geometry,
history and science, two Halts- ot
one foreign language, an additional
unit of any of these and five units
In elected subjects. But It la re
commended that la elcttvM signi
ficant amoant ot e subject be
taken, not Just a llttte of several
subjects, which hi descrlied as but
terlsg your bread tw thla. ' ,
Ainerlrnn Legion Meeting To Ar
rnnge Prugrmii Did Not Deter
inlno on Program
Tomorrow Is Armtstlco day and
business will caaso lu Ontario.
Tlioro will bo no formal eorvtco to
commomorato tho day, nt least no
program 1ms boon announced. Tho
American Legton called n mooting
Tuesday uvenlng to arrongo n pro
gram and had Itidotlnlto plans pro
parody but owning to tho fact that
only a Bin all number attondod noth
ing was dono,
, Ono reason for tho Inaction was
tho kuowlodgo that a largo numbor
ot cltltons will bo lu Ilolso' to soo
tho Cougars and tho Cowboys tan
gle on tho gridiron.
Jntnc McCrclght Wins Plmt Honor
Among High Hchool Jtidger ot
Fifteen Schools Ontario Temu
Third An Aggregation
Ontario High school won slgnnl
honor nt tho Pacltlo International
Stock Show at Portland this wook,
when Jamos McCrolghl ono ot tho
local team won first placo In tho
High School class of stock Judges.
Uosldos this big Individual honor,
with Guy Sccoy and Hobert Llnty
ho mndo up tho Ontario toam whch
was third lu tho toam contost.
Tlioro woro flttoon teams from tho
Smith-Hughes agricultural classes
of Washington, Oregon and Idaho
competing for honors nt the Port
laud show, and slnco Ontario is one
ot tho latest ot tho schools to tako
up this courso tho honor Is all tho
higher. Somo ot tho schools havo
had agricultural classes for several
Last yoar Ontario started its work
and tho first year won tho right to
represent Eastern Oregon at tho
Union stock show, nnd as in
contest at Portland Jamos
Crolght was the winner of
Tho expense of sending Hio team
to Portland was defrayed mostly by
funds socurod by tho Huskln' Uoo,
and a donation from tho Commer
cial club and tho district.
ovi:k huli:i iiv juikii: iuggh
Judgo Dalton Ulggs handod down
a decision Tuesday In tho caso ot
Copelaud vs. Culbortson, ot al, lu
which an effort was mado to sot
aside n lieu filed by tho Vau Pot
ten Lumber Company for supplies
furnished for ranch buildings on
Dead Ox Flat. As tho result ot
the Judgo'a decision the caso goes
forward to trial.
Plan For Making Hook Shelf To He
Oh en To Hoys tx Idke That of
TV"" Hly Aldrleli List
of Ityoks Ti Ho Shown
Next, wook is children's nook
week In the UnltedvStatos, and the
Publto Library Is to mark Its dura
tion by having on display a number
of children's books, nnd also a cat
alog ot good books for children
from which parents desiring to or
dor good books for Christmas gifts
can make their selections nnd or
der them through tho library,
Bealdo this, the library will pre
sent to every boy, or girl for that
matter, who wants one, the plan for
making a book shelf which Thomas
Bailey Aldrlch depicted In his
famous story of "The Bad Boy." a
sample of the book shelf will be on
display at the library and on It will
he the books which the library
recommends for children.
A Ford Sedan, said to be the
property ot John Town of Frultland
and driven by a Frultland High
School girl ran Into the excavation
under tho corner of the Moore
Hotel this afternoon. The car hung
perilously on the brink and the oc
cupants, two girls and boy, Mr.
Town's brother were saved Injury in
a marvelous manner, a brace nder
the car catching on tho edge of the
pavement. The car was badly In
jured. The young women refused
to tell their names. It is said that
the group was "playing hookoy" and
enjoying an outing from the Frult
land High School, The accident
occurred about 8 p. .
Inquisitors Cnllol lly Judge Daltim
lllgg To Meet At Vnlo Today
Tlireo Hepnrnto Mutters Tx
Ho Considered
For tho purposo ot Investigating
throe distinct mnttors a special ses
sion of tho Orand Jury has boon
called for Thursday ot this week.
Whllo announcement has not boon
mado conccnitnc tho purposo for
which tho Inqulstorlal body Is call
ed, yet It Is understood that facts
concerning tho burglnry of tho WIN
sort Bros, storo nt Nyssn Is ono ot
, Tlioro nro also prisoners In tho
County Jail who It Is understood
wpuld ontall n largo exponso on tho
county In delaying their trial nnd
that they are willing to prccod with
plons, so that It watf doutnod advis
able to call tho grand Jury nt this
Garret l Groat of Nssn Taken Hneep
Makes Hoys nnd Girls All
( Kectiro Hlghet
Malhoui1 county won tho sweep
stakes prlto of $G0 for tho second
time at tho socond annual sUtto corn
show, which Is hold this yoar In
connection with tho manufacturers'
and laud products show as a part
of tho Pacific Intoruntton Livestock
oxposltlon, the nward ot prizes nn
nounced yostorday. Mainour coun
ty had 39 entries In tho open classes.
Boys' and girls' corn clubs through
out tho stato aro oxhlbltlng 40 ton
ear displays, says tho Oregonlnn.
Judges ot tho corn show woro
Protestor Qoorgo H. Hyslop, Oregon
Agricultural college, nnd J. E. Lcr-
son, mnuagor Washington
QruWorH' association. Tito
for Eastom Orogon follew:
Class O.
Non-lrrlgatod, Eastern Oregon
Lot 13, 100 oars Yellow Dent:
Third, Loo. Grayboal.
Lot 14, 100 ears Whlto Dent;
First, William Anson, La Grando
Cluk D,
Irrigated, Eastern Oregon Lot
17, 10 ears Yellow Dent: First, Gar
rett Oroat, Nyssa; socond, Barrett,
Malheur county; third, Bert Rob
erts, Malheur county.
Club Members' CJas
Irrigated, Rastern Orogon Lot
29, 10 ears Yellow Dent; First, Dyro
Roberta, Mainour; second, Wealey
Roberts, Malheur; third, Wilbur
Roberts, Malheur.
Lot 30, 10 oars Whlto Dent; First
Edna Wilson, Mainour; socond,
Chester Wilson, Malheur.
C!n I.
Sweepstakes Garrett Groat, Nys
Payette, Nymn nid Ontario Lodges
lUprecnteri At iMut Illte For
Henry Miller Noble Grand
of Iocal Lodge
After an Illness of soveral weoks,
during which ho had apparently
passed the crisis, Henry Miller,
jewlor, suffered n relapse and died
nt his home Saturday ovenlng. Fun
eral services wore hold at the
Methodist church Tuesday afternoon
and was largely aUendod tlioro bo
Ing representatives of tho Odd Fel
low Lodges ot Payette, Nyssa and
Ontario prosent, for Mr, Miller was
Noble Orand of tho Ontario Lodge.
Key Young ot the Mothodlst Church
preachod the sermon while tho lodgo
ritual was usod at the grave. Inter
ment was made at the Ontario ceme
tery. Henry Miller was born .Octobor
24, 1870, nt Peking, Washington
and was married July 14, 1902 to
Nettle Kimble. To thorn nine chil
dren were born, seven of whom are
living; Aisle, Delia, Clarence, lola,
Lester, Goldlo and Buleah. Mr.
Miller was a member of tho Meth
odist church for years and took a
prominent part In Its activities
since ho came to Ontario four years
Whon Clarence Reea started to
drive his car from the curb In front
of Rader's store Tuesday afternoon
he put It ,lnto reverse Instead qf for
ward, Away the car went over the
curb and across the walk, while he
vainly tried to stop It. Somehow ho
got he brako and the accelerator
mixed, apBurently. and the result
was a shattered plate glass window.
Miss Mildred Frost, who recently
underwent an operation for the re
moval ot Her tonsils was able to
return to her home on the Oregon
g)o? Monday.
Propnrntlons hnvo boon com-
plotcd for annual Red Cross
Roll Call. Tho local directors
of tho Red Cross havo nrrnncod
for a Rod Cross Thrift shop
whoro mntorlal of nil kinds
4 will bo renovated so that thoso
who cannot buy now clothing
and supplies may still bo abla
to securo satisfactory eubstl-
tutos at prices within tholr
roach. Such shops In Baker
4 and other cities havo provon
wonderfully effective nnd great
good has thus been nccora-
Committees for tho roll call
will start tholr work on Satur-
dny and tho loynl support of
tho public Is necessary to carry
on tins wondorful work,
Nick Hcntt who for tho past
two years has boon In the nutomo
blln business In Caldwell nrrlvod
this wcok nnd has opened a gonornl
autumobllo shop nnd storago placo
In tho building formerly occupied by
Harvoy & Rlckor. Mr Hontz has
been In tho nutomobllo gamo slnco
1908 nnd cxpoctn to open n bnttory
shop and other linos later. For
tho prosont ho will dovoto his at
tention to tho repairing and storago
end of tho gamo.
Ctnn Gather IVoni Near nnd ViA
Im Grando nnd linker Council
Team Put On Work Allnr
Society Hone Hnniiiet
In Evening
Tho "Casoys" wuro In town Sun
day en niasso. From tho Harney
valloy to tho Wolsor valloy they
camo to attend tho soml-annual In
itiation coromonlnl ot Snnko Rlvor
Chapter, Knights ot Columbus. They
camo too, from La Grnndn and
Ihoy camo from Ilolso, In fact On
tario was tho capital ot "Casoydum"
Thoro wero bo many prosont that
when tho ceremonials wero over and
thoy gatborod at tho City Hall for
tho banquet which was served by
tho ladles of tho Altar Society, not
nil could be cared for at tho first
Tho 23 now Knights who took the
voyngo of dlscovory into knight
hood wore piloted on tholr way by
tho La Qrando and Baker team
headed by Jack Ponrco and A. A.
At tho banquet which followed,
intorsporced with tho speakora in
troduced by II. II. Tunny, tho
toastumstor, wore solos sung by Miss
Cathorlno Conway and James G.
Smith nnd a piano numbor by Mr.
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Party of Eluven Expected Hero Next
Tuesday by A. V. WIIhoii )ther
Wi'l Come Says Heal
Estate Man
A. V. Wilson who enmo hero re
cently from the Wlllametto Valloy
and opened a real estato business
expects a company ot eleven home
beokors next Tuesday all ot whom
are coming from La no county.
"There are many ranchers in tho
Willamette valley who are looking
to this section," says Mr. Wilson,
'and I bellovo that thoro Is an op
portunity of cutting up some of tho
largo holdings In this soctlon and
securing many additional residents."
Among others whom Mr. Wilson
has brought to this section is B. F.
Williamson of Crcswell, Mr WIN
llamson negotiated a tract In this
county but the deal has not boon
closed but will bo In a day or two
Mr. Williamson Is rumlllar with
this section for ho homesteaded at
Riley In Harney county and had
visited In Ontario a number of
Mr. Wilson also sold two farms,
ono on tho Idaho sldo of tho river,
tho Clarence Jones place, which
was bought by Gorge Amlson ot
Eugene aud the Huffman ranch six
miles from Ontario which was
bought by S. Kulnlck also of
Invitations are out for a smoker
to be given by the Knights of Col
umbus on Thursday, November 17-
An Interesting program has been
arranged and a real peppy time la
scheduled for the knights and tholr
gu,ests. Later the Knights plan a
benefit smoker to provide funds for
a Christmas of cheer for those. Vvho
might uitss one otherwise
Rooter for "Pep" Club nnd Hunt
net Men Aj-o Joining Effort
Mado to Unto Store CIoho
During Gamo Nov. 18
Ontario High Football toam has
tho chanca ot its llfo to stago n
demonstration ot fighting spirit on
November 18 when tho boya meet
Nnmpa In tho IobI gamo ot tho
schodulo horo on Novombor 18th.
In splto ot tho rovorso met at
Caldwoll tho' boys aro confldont ot
playing tho Junction city lads oft
tholr fcot aud nro devoting all tholr
ttmo and cnorgy to that ono ond.
Nnmpa will find n rojuvonntod team
to faco whon thoy conio hero.
What Is moro tho boys will havo
th0 backing of n "Pop" gang, or
ganized for tho purposo ot demon
strating tho loyalty ot Ontario to
tho team. Tho club has fltty mem
bers from tho school udroady, bo
sldo a lot ot tho business nnd pro
fessional men have entered Into tho
spirit ot tho gamo nnd nro going to
aid In rallying tho outlro town to
back tho boys In this closing gamo.
Ask HuslncN lloiiso To CIoso
When Bolso plnyod Nampa nt
Nam pa last wook all tho business,
bouses In Nnmpa closod during tho
gamo, and tho backors of tho toam
aro going to sook that samo moasuro'
ot co-oporntlon horo. Slnco thn
gamo Is to bo plnyod on Friday tho
closing ot tho storos from 2:00 to
4:00 will pormlt n lot ot folks who
havo not had an opportunity to sua
tho team In netlon onjoy that tront,
nnd boo n roal football gamo too.
Llttlo cards and stlckom, labelled
"Boat Nampa" nro being propared
and will bo Bcattorod broadcast In
tho poppy campaign to glyo' On
tario tho thrills which conio from
regular collogo oxhlbttlouB ot
At tho Masoula Hall last Thurs
day ovenlng two M. M. dogrocs were
conforod nnd a dlnnor served to
somo fifty or moro mombora o'f tho
ordor who gathorod from tho On
tario Jurisdiction, nnd nlso a num
ber of visitors. Tho Masonic qunr
lotto which has recently boon organ
ized presented the musical program,
Joseph Datm and A. J. Courtney
wero tho' mon who rodo tho lodro
Mrs. Mary V. Welch Who Home
Mendod That, Section of OnUrlo
Now Hlversiilo Addition Paartes
Was Friend of Old Timer
Mrs. Mary Fielding Welch ngod
69 years, resident of Ontario slnco
1881, dlod at her homo hero Satur
day evoulng aftor but a few hours
Illness. A hoart affliction from
which alio sufferod for years was tho
cause ot death. Mrs. Welch was
about Saturday uutll noon tlmd.
Slio took HI during tho afternoon
and died in the evening.
Funeral services wero hold from
tho II. W. Clemont roaldosce Tues
day afternoon and were attended by
a host of frlonds, ploneora trout
many distant points coming to pay
their last tribute to tho frlond of
many years. It Is told of her that
in the ploneor days, wheu Ontario
was but a hamlet, sho mlnlstored to
the nick and gave generously ot her
time tor the needy of the scattored
Mary Fielding was born In
Devonshire, England Juno 2, 1852,
Tho family camo from Englaud to
this couutry In tho year 1804. In
company with other settlor they
crossod the plains to Utah when she
was 12 years pld. Thoro she grew
to womanhood and marrlod Richard
Welch In 1876. Two children were
born to this union, Francis R. Welch
and Mrs. II. W. Clomont ot this city
who survive her. In 1879 tho fam
ily settled In Washoo whoro they
lived for two yoars before crossing
tho river Into Orogon to live on n
homestead which Is now known as
Riverside addition ot Ontario. Her
husband died in 1892. Besldo her
son and daughtor she Is survived by
two grandchildren Rosina aud
Frank Clement, two sisters Mrs,
Emma Livingston of Montecella,
Iowa and Mrs. Ellen Hickman ot
Tooele, Utah and" one brother Will
II. Booth ot Salt Lake City.
At the funeral services Rev. D, J.
(inlanders officiated and the Con-'
grcgatlonal cbolr sang. The pall
bearera woro A. S, King, J. R.
Gregg, A. B. Rutherford, John Bros
nan, Cbas. Carter and Albert Mai
lett, tall friends ot many years,
mama.-iakaj'jrs-jsairsf xswuntm.auaaa'-'xtsrx r-