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NO 39
Morn Car Come From ICnstward To
Ontario Than 1'Voin Wcttt Also
Morn Foreign LIcoiihch Noted
Other Interesting Facts
Tlio Argus thin wook rocolvod
from thu office ot tlio clilof unglneor
ot tlio Oregon Highway Commission
blue prints ot thu summary ot tlio
traffic canstis which was tnkon on
all tlio rouds ot Oregon from 0 a.
in. to l p. in. ou July 1G, 10 and
17. Tho flguroH given are thu aver
ages arrived at from tho count tak
en on thoso tlirco days.
Among other facts It Is rovcalod
that thoro nro moro cars by fur
using tho rond lending Into Ontario
from tho East than those using tho
John Day Highway batwoon Vale
and Cairo and hotweon Cairo and
Nyssn; also that thoro tiro moro
cars of foreign state llconsos on
thu rond betweon Ontario and thu
bridge thun Oregon cars, showing
that Idahoans travel this stretch
mora than Orcgonlnns.
Tho flguros for tho various high
ways nro as follews: Old Oregon
Trail, Ontario to Snako river brldge:
horso drawn 31; motor cyclos 12;
Oregon passougor cars 204, other
ntata passenger cars 304; light duty
trucks 17; trucks l.G tons or over
12; total 000.
John Day Highway, Cairo to Nys
Ha: horso drawn vehicles 0; motor
cycles 1; Oregon passonger cars
'117; othor stntes 84; light trucks
4; trucks 1.0 tons and ovor 4; tot
al 210.
Cairo to Vale: horso drawn 12;
motor cycles 0; Oregon passougor
cars 01, other states 30: light
trucks 2; trucks 1.0 tons and ovor
2; totul 137.
John Day Highway nt Jamloson;
horso drawn 8: motor cycles 1:
Oregon puNsongor cars 40; othor
slates o; light trucks l; trucks 1.0
tons and ovor 0; total 02.
Central Orogou Hlghwny: 1 mile
west ot Vnlu: horso drawn vehlclos
20; motorcycles 0; Oregon passen
ger cars lsa, othor states 17; light
trucks 7; trucks l.S tons or ovor l;
total 180.
Slnco n portion of tho trucks
counted on both tho Calro-Valo sec
tions and tho Calro-Nyssa soctlons
travel Uotwaen Vale and Nyssa. tho
tatol figure ot thoso two cannot bo
railed tho count botwoon Cairo and
Ontario, though It approaches that
figure. Howovor tho flguros glvon
show that tho traftlo botwoon Catro
and Ontario Is twlco that ot any
other road In tho county savo tliut
botwoon Ontario and tho Snnko riv
er brldgo.
Tho summary ot tho figures for
nil tho roads In tho stato present In
torestlng data tho grand totals show
ing tho follewing: horso drawn ve
hicles 1041; motor cyclos 488; Ore
gon passenger cars 20,040, othor
stutos 0,004; light trucks 1,870;
trucks l.S tons and ovor 1,314;
totul 41,120.
Iteducod to por contagos thu fig
ures are: horso drawn vehicles
3.79S-: motor cyclos 1.2; Oregon
passenger cars 72.8; othor states
14.5; light trucks 4.0; heavy
trucks 3.2.
It Is this last unmod por centago,
tho heavy trucks, which it Is do
clarod by tlio road authorities, Is
causing tho breaking down ot tho
hard surface roads, and whoso use
ot tho highways Is bolng challenged.
J. W. McCullocIi Appointed Ily Gov
ernor to Hoard Adniliit"lcrlng
HuniiH J. It. lHckiiby On
A-P-H-E KxpoNltion Hoard
Three Ontario men were named
during tho past week to places on
boards whoso membership will come
from all parts of tho state. Attor
ney J, W. McCulloch was named the
Malheur County representative of
tho Soldier Donus commission and
w)ll pass upon all the applications'
to como before tho board from this
county. Mr. McCulloch has accept
ed tho commission,
J. It. Dlackaby was named by
Governor Olcott to tho state wide
committee which is to bo tailed Into
conference to devlso plans tor car
rying forward tho campaign of
finance for tho Atlantlo Pacific
Highway and Klectrical exposition
which is to bo held in Portland In
1926. Mr. Dlackaby will accept and
will bo present nt tho first confer
ence to be held next Thursday.
George K. Aiken was named by
Prosldent Elbert Dedo of the State
Editorial association to be one of
tho state, press representatives on
this same committee, but will pro
bably be unable to accept the ap
Two spares, ono a now tire, were
taken from the car ot Will Jamlo
son while It stood' on the street the
other night. The tires wero fasten
ed to the rear and were taken off
with difficulty. Mr, Jamleson would
like to meet the person who mad
the plach.
4. 4. 4. 4.
Tho Stato Highway .Com-
mission on Ycdnosday let tho
contrasts for tho construction
of tho Vnlo-Durrollo section of
tho Contra! Oregon Highway
to Morrison & Knudson, for
141,128. Tho namo firm also 4
secured tho contract for tho
0.2 miles of grading, and grnv
4 oiling from Jamloson to 11 ro-
gan on tho John Day Highway.
Tho bid ot tho United States
Brldbo company for tho steel
brldbo on tho Control Oregon
hlghwny nhovo Vale for $13,-
1M7 wob roforrod to Chief En-
glnoor Herbert Nunn for fur-
thor consideration hotweon tho
commission and the county
lag Two True Hills Iteturned;
Two Not Truu Hill Found
With a rocomrnondatlon to tho
County Court that a spcod cop bo
omployod to patrol tho roads ot tho
county, and with two truo and two
not truo bills roportod tho grand
Jury which started its investigations
Monday complotod Its sittings Tuos
Ono of tho Indictments returned
wni that charging Ed Enright with
tho murdor ot John J. Joyco, tho
second was that charging William
Cartor, colored, with a statutory
crlmo. HOsldo theso tho grand
Jury roturnod two not truo hills.
Tho 'grand Jury took notes ot tho
Incroaso in tins violations nt tho
trnfflo laws and suggested as tho
solution tho omploymont ot a traf
fic offlcor to patrol tho highways.
Itcvoko ()K'rntor'N LIcciiko
District Attornoy Ilobt. D. Lytlo,
discussing this phnso ot law viola
tion which i manifestly increasing
said to tho Argus 5 "It appoars that
thu thing which will bo nocossary
to curb somo of tho most preslstent
violators ot tho speed laws, Is to
havo tholr operator's llconso rovok
od. Thoro aro a number ot mou
known to bo habitual violators ot
tho spcod laws and nn offort will bo
mado to secure doflnlto In forma
tion enncorntug tholr infractions,
upon which a caso can bo sustain
od. Perhaps this will provo effec
tive, and will savo tho lives of
thoso who aro now endangorod
ovory tlmo thoy uso tho highways."
For tho fourth tlmo In tho past
thrco yoars tho planking on tho In
torstato bridge across tho Snako riv
er caught flro Inst night about 10:30
and was only extinguished nftor a
hard fight by tho tiro department
which mado 11 quleic run with tho
now apparatus. Tho planking got to
burning underneath and the entire
capacity of tho big chomlcul auxil
iary was exhausted boforo It was ex
tinguished. Had thoro been a bar
roll or two of wator with a bucket
hand on tho brldgo whon tho flro
was first noted It could havo been
extinguished without calling tho de
partment. Tho installation ot pucn
protection is being agltatod today.
September O Bet as Day to Inspect
Demonstration Tract and Hiuie
log Method of Canal Con.
hi ruction Speaker Coming
Tho Farm Bureau Is arranging for
a dralnago day program to be held
on September 9 at Vulo. It Is plan
ned to loavo Vale at 10:30 and go
to the demonstration tract on the
Olenn Durrello farm to inspoct tho
work In progress there and listen
to an explanation ot the objects ot
the work and accomplishments to
date by Mr. Johnson. The machlnos
will then proceed to tho Percy Pur
vlous place where u picnic dinner
will be eaten in tho shade of tho
grovo, each party bringing lunclu
After dinner a short program will
he held with Director Jardlno of tho
Oregon Experiment Station as tho
chief speaker. The program will bo
followed by inspection ot tho drain
ago canal which Mr, Purvlus is con
structing by the sluicing method,
Tho day promises to be both en
joyable and instructive. There aro
many things about dralnago which
should bo better understood and It
is Important that this work be start
ed in a number ot places throughout
the county, Tho committee in
charge wishes to extend an Invita
tion to all cltlzans of tho county, re
gardless of occupation, to attend
this tour and take part In the
activities of the day.
Mies Let a Slsley is spending
vacation in Balsa.
Miss Thelma Daker ot II urns is
here to attend Ontario High School.
She will make her home with Mrs.
64. Wyt,
Colonel Wllllntn llnnlcy Observes
.Working of Credit System
Says They Aro Wearlnjr 'Km
J Uglier in Han Francisco
"Credit Booms to sliudo oft ac
cording to tho dlstauco ono goos
from tho big cltlos," said "Colonel
William Hanloof Hamoy county at
tho Mooro Hotol Tuesday evening,
when ho was exchanging views on
things financial, to frlonds about
tho lobby. Mr. Hnnley has just re
turned from San Francisco and way
points on ono of his periodic Jaunts
to tho outsldo.
"The farthor you go from tho edi
tor of things financially tho less
credit thero scorns to ho. He-discounts
nro nllowod on short torm
papor. Tho merchant and manufac
turer In tho blggor cltlos who can
turn his stock In a comparatively
short tlmo, can got credit; tho mer
chant in tho smaller towns farther
way can't turn his goods, so his re
discount Is proportionately llmltod,
El ?K vs
tumovor In a year, Is out In tho
cold entirely
"This sort of a condition cannot
go on foravor. Thoy cannot bronk
nil tho farmers or tholr will bo
trouble. Talk about tho Non Par
tisan Leaguo and othor forms ot
protecting organizations, tho pcoplo
mny oxpoct anything to happen Is
somo provision Is not mado to give
tho farmor tho kind of credit his
business demands, Just as tho mer
chant and manufacturer got theirs.
"IllEht now tho thing that tho
ranchers and stock men ot this ro-
glon must do Is to got togother to
savo tholr Industry and arrango for
tho foodltig of tho stock, that is loft
Fending contracts should bo cor.sld
orod now and a real offort bo mado
to bring tho stockman and tho hay
man together for tholr mutual ad
vantage. To do this tholr should
bo a co 11 fo run co of tho stockmon,
tho hay mon and tho bankors of
this section."
Ilosldo observing tho trend of fin
nnco Mr. Hanloy did somo slight
obsorvlng of tho stylo oxhlbltlon
evident -In tho California metropolis,
ho says: "Woll thoy nro wearing
'om higher In San Francisco than
thoy aro In Portland. In fact it
would appoar that they havo about
roachod tho limit."
Tcimtlvu Organization Formed With
.Mrs. K. M. Grclg, President, Mm.
C. It. Eiulson, Secretary, l4irgo
Membership To Ho Sought
At tho hospital, Tuesday after
noon, .thu necessary preliminary or
guulzntlon for a hospital associa
tion was formed. Mrs. E, M. Grolg
was olected as tomporary presldont
and Mrs. C It. Eiulson was elected
tomporary socrotary. After a cam
paign for membership among tho
women of tho city tho permanent
organization will bo portocted at a
tea to bo held on tho uftornoon of
Soptomber 30 at tho hospital.
It Is tho purpose ot tho organiza
tion to make It representative of tho
city. All tho womon ot tho city are
Invited to onroll so that all will be
In touch with tho work that is be
ing done at tho Institution.
In opening tho meotlug Tuosday
afternoon tho Mother Suporlor who
recently roturnod from an Eastern
trip explalnod tho work of hospital
organizations which havo como In
to being In many soctlons, under
tho lmnetus ot tho national hosnltal
assdclation which . Is Booking tho
advancement of the work for tho
care of tho sick all over the land.
"Wo want our Institution," she
oxplatned. "to bo as camploto as any
hospltul in Amorica, and in the
number of beds, only, to bo loss
than tho best. This it can be It wo
have the co-operation ot tho people
ot tho community whom wo servo."
it was tnon oxpiainea to tho gath
ering, the progress that has beou
made in the paBt year, ot the im
provements secured, and tho plans
formed for still further betterments
for the care of tho sick. It was al
so explalnod that at all times the
records of tho Institution are open
to mombors of the association so
that they may know at all times
Just bow it stands.
Since Its organization more than
3000 patients have beon carod for
at tho hospital and only slightly
over 300 ot them have been mem
bers ot the Catholic church, itself
ample ovldenco ot the fact that in
service, if is not a denominational
A nominal fee ot oue dollar per
year will bo charged for member
ship in the hospital association and
plans will be made for assisting
the SIstera In cbargo of tho work,
to advance the worK In which the
public- Is vitally interested.
Lloyd Riches, editor ot the Vale
Enterprise, returned Sunday from
SUverton, Oregon where he -welcomed
the arrival ot a son born on
August 25. The young roan offic
ially welshed In at nlno nnd one
fetlt pHata,
Officials of Farm Bureau Distribut
ing Ountrnct Prepared Al O. A. U.
I For Feeding of Stock on
Co-operative Ilasls
In an offort to solvo tho big pro
blem ot tho stockmen nnd tho hay
growers to tho end that tho stock
ot tho country may bo tod and tho
liny crop bo dlsposscd of, and tho
idutually dlsastarous tnovotnont of
shipping foodors to other sections,
tho Farm Jiurcuu Is sending out this
vfok a circular totter to hay grow
ers and stockmon outlining a pro
puuod contract for fcodlug stock on
a co-oporatlvo basis.
Already thoro is a widespread
movoment to bring together tho two
nlomonts. Tho situation la being
fncod by men who rcallzo that many
ot tho stockmon cannot borrow fur
ther funds with which to buy toed,
and thoro Is sufficient bay to toed
nil tho stock in this section, and
tho thliig that Is lacking is a nieaiiB
ot bringing tho two together.
Tho old contracts based on tho
spread In prtco havo been found un
satisfactory, and a now basis, tho
gain in wolght has boon adopted In
tho proposod contract, with tho pur
pose of making It posslblo for tho
good feeder to socuru reward for his
offort. Undor tho old spread In
prlco tho foodor who did not add a
pound ot weight to tho stock still
got hlg money to tho Injury of tho
stockman, while tho foodor who did
add weight got slight bunotlt from
his work. Tho now contract which
la glvon bolow'ls aimed to avoid
thoso difficulties. Tho contract Is
In tho following ferm:
Feeding Agreement Between Cattle
man and Hay Grower
This ngroouiont mado and ontor-
od Into by and botwoon
u cattlo owner horolnaftor called
party ot tho first part, and
ft hay gruwor, hereinafter cullod
party ot tho second part witness
oth Tho party ot tho first part agrees
to dollvor to tho farm ot tho party
ot tho second part cattlo on
or botwoon tho dates of and
Doscrlbod ns follews:
Party ot tho first part furthor
ugrcos to romovo tho abovo doscrlb-
(Coutinuod on Lain Page.
Tvo Day Festivities Planned lir
September :( nnd October 1 011
School Ground Wiicro Products
of Region Kill Ho Shown
At Nyssa Monday night a mooting
was hold for tho purposo of launch
Ing a community fair which is to
take placo tioptembor 30 and Occto
ber 1.
It Is thu purposo of tho Nyssa
folks to assemble tho products ot
tho region from Arcadia to Apple
Valloy 011 tho school grounds and
have a regular community gather-
lug with entortnlnmont and other
featured ,
Socrotary V. V. Hlckox ot the
county fair board attonded tho moot
ing and assured tho Nyssa folks that
thoy would havo the co-operatlou of
tho board and tho pooplo ot the
Cairo region In tholr offort.
E. A. Frasor. E. M. Orelg, E. C,
Va Petten und W. H. Doollttlo drove
to Caldwell Tuosday to attend tho
mooting ot tho Klwamls club where
they presented tho plan ot tho Owy
hoe Devolopmont Leaguo to boost
tho Interosts ot that project. They
wora vory generously rocolvod and
wero given tho assuruueo ot tho
club's support In their efforts. The
Klwamls directors will also urge tho
Caldwell Commercial Club to con
tribute to tho fund being raUod to
finance tho campaign.
Successful Meeting Held nt Caldwell
Whero Endorsement of Coiunier
clnl 1 Iodic aud Farm Bureaux
Is ltecorded
With the selection ot Fred Culrns
of Weiser as temporary president
and J. A. Lakness ot this city as
secretary, the Idaho-Oregon Traffic
bureau was formally launched at
Caldwell last Saturday. Mr. Lak
ness, nnd Mr. Doollttlo represented
Ontario at the meeting.
It was decided to have organiza
tion memberships end Individual
memberships and to make a canvass
ot the territory to securo members
before proceeding further, although
it was Indicated that tho movement
had been endorsed by all the com
mercial bodies and farm bureaus in
the. territory, 4.. 4. 4. 4.
4. 4.
4, 4
Prunes and peaches will soon
bo on tho market from this
section, Sovornl ranchers start-
cd pruno picking this week nnd
then stoppod but expect to got
undor way next wcok. At tho
samo tlmo tho poaches nro rip-
onlng bo that both crops will
bo coming. Shipment ot Uro-
gan ponchos nro oxpectod horo
I noxt wook according to ndvlsos
from that ronton.
Eighteen Horse in Training At
Track Now Twenty or .Moro Ad
ditional Entries Expected
lleforu Week Ends
The lnrgost numbor of running
horses ovor assembled at n trnck In
tho valloy will bo on hand to tnko
part In tho racing program to bo
hold during Fair wook, says James
M. Dlnutou, malinger of tho races.
Alroady thero aro 18 horses on
tho track training for tho moot and
from advlcos rocolvod tho uUuibor
will bo swollcd to ut toast 40 bo
foro tho opening day. In fact thoro
will bo 100 many norscs, it any
thing, and thoro will bo at loast flvo
entries In every race.
Iko Tracoy, thu veteran raco man
ot Welder has boon secured to start
tho ponies during tho moot and of
forts aro bolng inndo to secure throo
oxnarloncod judgos. In saloctlng
tho Judges It Is Mr. Ulanton's pur
pose to got mon who will see to it
that tho drlvors raco tholr horses,
and to run tho program with spood
and dispatch. "Thoro Is going to bo
no stalling, for wo want this moot
to establish tho now systom of hand
ling tho Fair programs and aid In
bringing n crowd iuoxt year, as woll
as ontortalnlug tho crowd this
tlmo," says Mr. Dlanton.
Tho strings ot ponlos working out
now tuclude: Cummins 3; Page nnd
Hamilton of Moddloton 4; llodsul 4;
Dlanton 0: Dort Jonos 1: Hlloy 1.
Horsoa coming, Watson ot Wotsor
4; Campbell ot Wolsor 4; besldo
thoso thoro will bo two additional
strings from tho Dolso valloy which
liavo novor raced horo.
Ilosldo tho four running races ot
every program thoro will bo a
numbor ot saddle horso rncos, mulo
races etc. so that thoro will bo
something doing ovory mlnuto of
tho program.
A echo of days gono by, yoars
ago, whon long distanco uicycio
trips woro not uncommon, -was tho
stunt which Jafnos Monroe, tho 12
yoar old nophow ot Mr. and Mrs. 1J.
V. Howland, porformod on Monday
ot this wook. Tho young chap loft
Bolso on his blko at 8 a. m. and
at 0 p. in. ho was nt tho Howland
homo roady to oat and go to tho
plcturo show afterward. Ho rodo
in all 75 mllos, for ho trlod to go
tho dosort road and found It so
dusty attor a tow miles that ho ro
turnod and enmo via Parma and
Nyssa, Ho will spend tho romalndor
ot tho wook horo boforo returning
to his homo.
Tinted SeiolM Showing Dally Lives
of Inhabitants of Africa's .luiitglo
l'eoplo To Bo Shown At
Majestic Others to Follow
Ono of tho greatest plcturo sorlca
ovor secured for American theatre
goers la that secured aftor years of
work on tho part of tho Interpld
oxplorors in tho Interior ot Africa.
Once each month for tho noxt four
months a sorles of theso will bo
shown at tho Majestlo under tho
new contract which Manager Horh
Paul has secured.
Tho plcturos aro educational In
tho highest sonso. Thoy show not
only tho weft-d customs of tho Kaf
firs, but tho dally life ot tho Jun
glo pooplo, tholr daucos and tholr
religious rites; tho strango custom
of having their teeth chipped and
sharpened to points tp thoy can bet
ter tear to shreds tho raw moat thoy
oat, and many other strango and in
teresting things about them. Tho
dato or tho first showing ot thoso
pictures will bo announced soon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. W. Powers and
family returned today from an ex
tended trip through tho southern
end of Malheur county and Northern
Novada which took thom as far as
Charlie Madden an old tlmo resi
dent of Ontario arrived last night
from Anacordls Washington. Ho
accompanied his brother John mad
den who has been under medical
treatment In Washington, homo.
Tho Misses Ethel and Cora Mc-
Nulty returned last week from their
trip to California, and Ethel has
again resumed ber duties in tho
Idaho Power Co. office.
United Stato Senator It. N. Stnnficld
Sees Brighter Dayg Ahead
Actual Sliortngo In Supply of
Stock In America Now
"Tho situation in gradually im
proving for tho stockman," said
United States Sonator It. N. Stantlold
who was In Ontario Tuosday to
moat tho mon at hlo hoadquartora
"Thoro is still n long way to go
boforo conditions will bo satisfac
tory, but thoy aro gradually improv
ing, nnd thoro Is no doubt but
furthor improvement will bo notod.
"It cannot bo othorwlso In vlow
ot tho actual Bhortago In livestock
In tho nntlou. Thoro is todny less
than hnlf tho shoep thoro woro in
the United States In 1010, and that
111 cans thnt ultimately tho shoop in
dustry will como back strong. Tho
samo Is truo ot tho cattlo business.
"Tho loans ot tho bank pool ot
fifty million Is a stnrtor and with
tho resumption ot tho work ot tho
war finance corporation thoro
should bo a marked Improvement.
Aside from tho upwnrd trend duo
to n decronso In tho stock on hand,
tho shoep and cattlo Industry both
will fool tho atfoct of tho bottormont
of conditions in othor lines of indus
try which is to bo noted in tho east
ern manufacturing contors."
Sonator Stantlold lott for Port
land Wodnosday whero ho will meet
on Friday with Sonator Charles L.
McNary who wilt pass through to
morrow morning on No. 17 onrouto
homo from Washington.
According to tho club mombors
tho plcnlo at Wolsor Park on Tuos
day, August 30, was a decided suc
cess. Tho Illvordato Gnrdon Club
mombors woro tho guosts ot tho Ore
gon Slopo Club Mombors.
A plcnlo dlnnur was sorvod at
noon. Nothing was lacking in tho
way of good things to oat. Attor
thirty minutes at this ontlroly on
Joyablo pastlmo ovon tho boys
agrood that It might bo bottor to
savo tho romnlnlng wntor-molon,
cako nnd Ico cronm for a lunch lat
er In tho attornoon. ,
Tho morry-go-round was by no
moans tho loast uttrnctlvo placo for
a fow hours attor dlnnor. Whon
tho froo ride was announced a fow
of, tho parents nnd local loaders ovon
yloldod to tho luro ot tho music.
Mr. Campbell, managor ot tho
Hot Springs Natatorlum gavo the
boys a special rata for tho attor
noon Tho wator carnival to bo hold
In tho ovonlng could not havo offor
od moro amusomont for tho specta
tors nor moro onjoymont for tho
swlmmors. Evon aftor an hour ot
bolng in tho wator, tho combined
otter of wator-molon and Ico-croam
was hardly enough to lnduco thom
to como out and dross.
MIsb Mario Frost, local leador ot
tho Park Sowing Club was tho
promotor of this picnic, and targoly
rosponslblo for Its succoss. Eight
girls undor her direction havo com
pleted somo mighty flno work. Tho
sowing will bo oxhlbltod at tho Com
munity Fatr on Soptombor 8, and at
tho County Fair on Soptombor 14 to
Arrangement Oomiick'ted for Carnl-
(id Attraction For Fair Week
Hide and Other Features
To Bo Provided
Arrangemouta woro completed to
day for tho nppcaranco horo during
Fair wook ot tho Kolly Comodlaus
and sldo shows, besldo othor Carni
val attractions.
Not only have tho Kollcy's been
securod but a ferrls wheol and mer
ry-go-round and othor stunts ot tht
carnival unually possesses will bu
Johnny-on-tho-spot to amusa visi
tors to tho fatr.
Socrotary V. V. Hlckox has beou
aasurod by Icadora in Nyssa, Vale
and Oregon Slopo that tholr com
munities will each bo out to win
tho community prlzo, whtlo Cairo is
now ongaged In gathorlng tho ma
terial with tho samo end In view,
Oregon Slopo Is to havo Its com
munity fair noxt wook so as to
gather tho material for its' commun
ity effort and a big tlmo is planned,
for that day.
At Nyssa tho Buperlntoarout ot
School asslstod by a numbor ot tho
young men and womon and tho bus
iness mou, too, has undertaken thu
task of gathorlng Nyssa's exhibit.
This year Nyssa bollovcs that It
will bo ablo to repeat last yoar's
success for It has a wonderful fruit
crop and potato crop beside a big
varioty ot grain. Tho community
that surpasses Nyssa will have a Job
on Its bands.
Tho community contost, togethor
with tho Individual farm exhibits
which will bo largor than ever,
Judging by advanco requests for
spaco indlcato tho biggest agricul
tural fair ever bold In this county.