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Hmltli-Uiupqun Testing Association
First In Blnto to Report 100
l'cr Cent In Use
Tho Smlth-Uinpqua Cow Testing
association Is tho first In the state
to report 100 por cent In the uso of
f, registered dairy sires at tho head
of tho hords, Kvory dairyman In
'' the association has a registered Jor-
Boy slro in service Tho association
was organized in 1918 and tho mom-
' hers have mndo continuous progress
in breeding and foodlng tholr liordA
hIiico that tlmo.
Tho nverago prductlon por cow
during Juno was 874 pounds of milk
and 41.35 pounds of buttorfat. Tho
honor cow was "Lady," n grado Jer
sey, owned by Roberts and Sons, of
Hcedsport, which produced 1G0D
pounds of buttorfat. Tho hlghost
averago yield in a herd writ) 1100
pounds of milk and 5G.0G pounds of
buttcrfat, inado by tho 10 Jerseys,
inlso owned by Roberts and Sons.
W. A. Smlloy, of Ada, Is sccrotary
of tho association) and Millie
Adams, testor.
rouiritY tonic
The following Is an extract from
tho Sherman County Furm Duroau
News, but It applies as well Is this
county. Thoso name men or men
with similar schomcB havo been
known to bo In this county about
a year ago, rind thoy will probably
nppoar from tlmo to tlmo. It Is
woll to romombor this article.
"About a year ago n roprcsontn
tlvo of tho State Poultry association
nppoarod In, Sherman county soiling
poultry remedies and offering to
cull tho flocks of tho farmors free
gratis. Ho stated at tho tlmo that
his work was endorsed by tho O. A.
C, .throwing tho fanners oft tholr
guard, and ho Huccoodod In soiling
from $20 to $30 worth of theso
remedies at practically ovory farm
houso ho visited. Ills prosonco was
reported to tho county ngont, and
wo succeeded, In putting an oud to
his thriving buslnoss at onco. The
word just comos from Idaho that n
reprosontntlvo of (ho samo associa
tion Is doing business thoro, and
that samples of poultry romedlos
havo boon nubmlttod to tho stato
chomlst for analysts. This company
was selling n spray supposed to bo
used In uost boxos nnd a chemical
to bo addod to tho drinking water,
which was guaranteed to taka caro
of roup, cnucar sores and In fact
ovorythlng that could all tho fowl.
This dopurtmont found thoso rome
dlos to bo cheap mixtures of com-
I ouAt to Knows
nion antiseptics, and In conclusion
stated that these poopla wore offer
ing two gallons of tho spray, one
gallon of tho chemical,' which was
to bo added to tho brlnklng wnter,
and 10 pounds of tho powdor to bo
placed In nest boxes, all for the
sum of $20.00.
Thoso costs nt tho wholesalo
prices In tho open market are about
as follews:
2 gallotiB No. 1 nt 30c $0.00
I gallon No, 2, estimated....' 1.7S
10 lbs. No. 3 (plaBtor) 11
"Krosco Dip" In No. 3 20
What tho $20 romedlos would bo
worth $2.00
Had tholr work been uninter
rupted horc, no doubt thoy would
havo taken at least $5000 out' of
the county and loft about $400
worth of poultry remedies In return.
Kxporlnient Station Texts Itoaiilt In
Krertlou of Many Hllni In
KiiMi'rn Ort'gon
Uso of sllago far fattening steers
Is gaining favor In Kastern Oregon
as a result of feeding tests nt the
Union branch oxpcrlmont station,
Union county loads tho district with
180 silos built since 1014, while
Wallowa has 70, of which 07 havo
boon constructed since 1017. Lnko
has 0 and Klamath whoro silos woro
a minus quantity In 1010 has 0 also.
Incrcaso Is said to bo largely duo to
tho work of tho collcgo extension
sorvlco through tho county agents.
"fllto owning ntockmon can fat
ton stot'rs nt approximately half
whnt It costs tho stock raiser who
foods only hay," asserted V. L. Hal
lard, assistant county agent leader
In charge of county ngont work In
eastorn Oregon. "With cholco steors
soiling nt $G.flp to $7 on tho Port
land market Introduction of cheapor
boot production methods In oastorn
Oregon Is of fundamental Import
Ontario National Bank
HiUiito Deal Our Motto
IaJJ9 II ifilt Wth? MiVllVlll v
mis. uiv w -tuimi
I tfrow tobacco
You can't beat a Camel, because you can't beat the
tobacco that goes into Camels.
That's why Camels are the choice of men who
know and love fine tobacco. They know what makes
Camels so smooth, so fragrant and mellow-mild.
They'll tell you that the expert Camel blend of
choice Turkish and Domestic tobaccos makes a ciga
rette smoke you can't equalno matter what you pay.
But it doesn't take an expert to tell Camel quality.
You'll spot it the very first puff, Try Camels yourself.
i'Aum mmiCAU tights
Itopresentntlvcs of tho Depart
ment of Transportation of tho Amor
lean Farm Iluroau Federation ap
peared ut the Interstate Commerco
Commission hearing In Denver on
Juno 1 nnd In Chicago on Juno 6 to
present ovldenco showing why rail-
road rates should bo reduced. Tho
hearings Involved the rates on llvo
stock in the Western District. It
was proposed that tho Commission
romove tho 3G per cent goneral ad
vanco established on August 20,
Tho Farm Bureau doclnred that
It can bo shown Hint the avorage
earnings of tho railways in tho
United States aro 100 per cent of
thoso In 1013. Ilcof cattlo prices In
May, 1921, show an index number
of 100; rat cowa nnd heifers, 90;
hogs, 100; sliecp, 120, and lambs
144. Tho prices on tho livo stock
aro tho avorngo prices for May,
1021, while tho railway indox is
for January, 1021, tho latest avail
able Tho contrast Is ovldent.
Tho Department of Transportation
showed that In tho 8 months since
tho Incrcaso In rates, from Sept.,
1020, to April 30, 1921, thoro was
n tremendous falling off In tho re
ceipts of llvo stock nt Chicago In
comparison with tho corresponding
8 months of tho yoar previous. This
docroaso was 270,001 cattlo, 11,220
calves, 1 GO, 841 hogs, 10340G shcop,
and 7,7G2 horses. Similar data for
other stock yards shows a very
genoral decline In tho receipts with
tho oxcoptlon of shcop,
Tho avorngo 'prlco for beef cattlo
at tho Chicago yards during 1013
was $8.2G por cwt. This Is Identi
cally tho samo valuo paid during
May, 1021, whllo April sliowod an
nvorngo prlco ot $8.1G. Tho averago
prlco for nnttvo calves during 191.1
was $10.10 por cwt. During April,
1921, tho averago prlco In Chicago
was $7.4 S and during May $8. Tho
averago prlco of fat cows nnd half
ors In 1913 was $0.10, and during
May, 1921, was $0.OG. Tho avorage
prlco of hogs at Chicago during 1013
was $8.3G por cwt., and during May,
1921, was also $8.36 por cwt. Tho
prlco ot sheep during 1013 avoragod
$5.20; In 1021 averago shcop prices
wcro $4.96 for January, $4.76 for
February, $6,80 for March, $0.46
for April, nnd $0.26 tor Mny. Tho
nvorngo prlco ot lambs at Chicago
during 1913 wns $7.70; durlnfl 1021
tho avorngo prices woro $10.00 for
Janunry, $0.20 for February, $0.06
for March, $9.00 for April and
$11.10 for May.
Tho nvcrage rovonuo rocolvod by
all tho railroads of tho Unllod States
for hauling n ton of fralght ono
mllo during 1913 was 7.10 mills. In
January, 1921, tho average revenue
for hauling a ton ot fralght ono
mllo was 11.02 mlts, an Increase of
00 per cent. Tho carriers aro
thoraforo charging rates two-thirds
higher thnn In 1913, whllo the
prices on all livestock except sheep
dud lambs at at tho 1913 level.
American Farm Uurenu Nows.
E. F. Pratt wns down from Iron
Bide a tow days last week consult
Itiir a physician. Mr. Pratt has beon
suffering from an attack of sciatica
Tho Pratts will bo located at Lan
caster Station, close to Jnmlcson,
this winter, Mrs, E. F. Pratt having
been engaged as teacher ot the
school at that placo.
Mrs. Orlu Wnllaco and young son,
Kenneth, lcavo Monday of this week
for an extended visit In Missouri.
Alvln Shafor and Floyd Andorson
went to tho Mend.lola ranch Monday
for a two weeks run of haying.
Sovornl Colony ranches havo tho
second crop of alfalfa read for stack
ing and report an oxcollcn crop, the
woovlt having dono ho nntlceablo
damngo In this section.
Tho grain binders havo boon busy
In many fields nnd practically all
grain will bo bound this wook.
A number of ranchers nro clan.
nlng to lot part of tholr alfalfa go
to scou.
lluyora of baling hay woro In this
section tho past wook.
Misses Spier and Watson ot Par
ma, Idao,h buyors nnd shippers of
apples, woro visitiug tho orchards In
lllg llond and Kingman Colony last
woek and offering a good prlco for
apples, to bo shipped from Adrian.
Mrs. Maurice 1.. Judd of Parma,
spent soveral days with homo folks
tho past weak.
Mr. Harry Wollman, county club
leador, was n guest In tho Over
street homo Thursday availing.
Prof F. A. Kvorotl of Blstor, Oro-
gon mot with tho school board this
wook and has boon ongaged ns prin
cipal ot mo Kingman colony school
for tho onsulng year.' Prof Kvorott,
with his family, will movo to tho
Colony at an oarly dato.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall of Nyssa,
Oregon wcro dinner guosts In tho
A. O, Kingman homo last Sunday
Mrs. M. M. Maxwell and Miss
Corlnno Maxwoll loft a wcok ago for
an outing. Mrs. Maxwell who has
not boon In good health hopes to
bcnoflt from tho camping and travel
ovorland. In a recent lottor wo
loarnod Hint after u woek in Vale
at tho Hot Springs Sanitarium, thoy
wont to McCall, Idaho, whoro thoy
aro delightfully located, camping by
a lako In tho mountains, Thoy re
port hundreds of tourists In tho
mountains, many Vale and Ontario
peoplo among them. Mrs. Maxwoll
Is greatly benefited by tho restful
llfo and mountain air.
Mr. Wollman was In tho Colony
tho past wotk'lu the Interest or club
work, tho pig dug taking a flold
trip on Thursday and recolvlng In
structions In hog Judging.
A canning Club Is under organiza
tion and several girls expect to take
up tho work.
All clubs ot Owyhee, Wuron, lllg
llond and Kingman Colony hold
tholr annual plcnto ut lllg llond
Park last Friday. Tha clubs and
many oldor pooplo onjoyod the out
ing, Ramos and a ball game, with a
good dinner titling a goodly portion
of tho day. In tho afternoon dem
onstrations by tho Owyhee Poultry
Club, tho lllg Ilend Sowing Club and
others with a talk on club work
by Mr. McCull, former Stato Club
Loader, ot Idaho completed tho
day. of pimi:inu:i
Tho valuo ot purebred llvo stock,
say specialists 'in tho United Stato
Department ot Agriculture, Is most
lotlceablo In those cases In which
tho capublllty of the animals Is
measured most directly. Among
farm animals tho beat Illustration
can be found in dairy cattlo, though
careful yearly testa ot milk and but
terfat production aro relatively
recent affairs. The enormous dif
ferences among dairy cows when
given the same opportunity have
been brought out clearly in a great
numbdr ot cases, aud these differ
ences are strongly Inherited through
.both tho sire and the dam. The
average production for purebreds
aud grades Is much above the aver
age ot all milk cows, which is about
4,000 pounds of milk and 180
pounds of butterfato annually.
Specimens of moro than 30 varie
ties ot wheat are being sent by the
farm crops department to W. O.
Clark, hoad of the department of
coreal Investigation In Washington,
D. C, for standardization in name
and classification. The same varie
ties ot wheat have been grown In
different parts of tho United States
under many dltforent names. Mr.
Clark will endeavor to give a stand
ard name and classification to each
variety. Of the 300 varieties of
wheat to be sent, only 125 are ac
curately named, These are all
grown on the college farm under the
supervision ot the experiment sta
FOR SALE Furniture, Includ
ing New Majestic range Thor wash
er and also one saddle. Telephone
56-M. 32-34 p.
Tho prices of six of tho Important
crops on May 1 of this year woro
bolow tho prewar average prices for
that dato, according to figures col
lected by tho Ilureau ot Crop Esti
mates, United States Department of
Agriculture. Thoso crops aro corn,
oats, barley, flax, potatoes, and cot
ton. Tho report showed that tho
prices of tho three grains wheat,
rye, and buckwheat wero above
tho prowar average prices, During
April tho 'avorage prlco of wheat
declined from $1.60 to $1.23 per
bushel. Tho roport shows that In
gonernl tho Industrial crops, such
an flax, cotton, and broom corn, nro
tho most dopressod In prlco, and that
food crops, such ns wheat, ryo, po
tatoes, and apples, show relatively
less decline.
Tho prices In various parts of
the country vary, with South Dako
ta bolng tho center of tho low-prlco
district, tho Mny 1 roport shows.
Tho avorago prlco ot wheat In that
Stnto was 00 cents per bushel, nnd
In soino countlos it wns -as low as
70 conts. Corn was soiling nt an
nverago prica of .12 cents per bush
el In South Dakota, whllo tho avor
ngo price from tho United States was
nearly 00 cents. Tho prlco ot oats
wan 23 conts por bushel In South
Dakota, the avorago for tho Unllod
States being 30.8 conts. Tho roport
showed n big docllno In tho prlco of
old potatoes, especially In Michigan,
whoro tho nverago was 29 cents a
bushel, which was 20 cents below
tho avorngo for the. United States.
Thiee Hundred
A man paid Three Hundred- and Fifty, Dollars
for a Diamond, It turned out to be a white
saphire. valued at ten dollars,
bought it from Henry Miller, he
have full value for his money.
EXPERT and does not rob anyone,
a trial order.
has overcome tha commomH
causas of tiro trouble
Tires & Tubes
ST ftl
Effective May 9, 1921
Motoristshave been waiting for Tire prices to come down
Here are rock bottom prices on the world's quality tires
Oversize Fabrlo Shaped
Site Cords Casings Tubes
30x3 h fi.RO fio.oo ya.o.1
, 32x3 & 31.0" 30.00 3.20
, ' ' Slxt 38.00 8.00
1 32x4 40.00 27.00 410
82x4 40.00 27.00 4,10
88x4 47.J50 90.30 4.20
34x4 48.AO 20.75 4010
I. 38x4 oa.oo
83x4 U 0.30
' 84x4 H n.40'
'' 3.1x4 H Bfl.OO 0.80
v, 30x4)4 07.00 8.70
388 65.00 O.IO
33x8 08.00 0.50
t 37x8 71.00 0.80
, 3flx8 8.1.00 J 0.45,
, T
You may now secuee MICHLIN Tire and
jubes at the above rock-bottom prices
If your wheels are loose boil them in oil at
O. A. C, Corvnllls, Dcokeoplng
ns an occupation Is rapidly develop
ing In Oregon. Largo commercial
apiaries are Increasing In slzo in
tho Irrigated sections ot oastorn
Oregon, In the flre-wcod sections of
southern, Oregon, and In tho nlslkn
clover soctlon of tha Wlllametta
Many bookeeporg havo Incomes of
from $1600 to $4000 while somo
havo an Incomo from their aplarlas
which Is mora than $10,000. Tho
present production ot honey In Ore
gon Is nearly 1,000,000 pounds. Ilea
pasturo Is bolng constantly Increas
ed, duo to larger areas coining tin
der Irrigation.
Domand for men trained In boo
kooplng is urgont. Tho department
for ontomology of tho Oregon Agri
cultural collcgo has received re
quests from commercial horticultur
ists for man tralnod In horticulture
and beekeeping to take charge of
tholr orchards nnd bees. Largo
commorclal aplarlos aro also look
ing for men experienced In boekcop
Ing to manago their aplarlos.
Houso ants, a serious nuisance In
many homes, may ordinarily be ex
terminated by tho Judicious uso of
tartor emetic, say tho O. A. C.
station entomologists, Havo your
druggist weigh It out In tlireo grain
lots, and mix lot with four table
spoons of syrup or similar sweet
matorlal. Apply on chips or pieces
of crockery placed on shelves or
near runways, so that tho ants may
feed on It.
and Forty Dollars
If he had
would still
He is an
Give him
.i. M
v .
FOn RENT Modern
Phone 59-J,