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Stefansson at Chautauqua
Famous Explorer Comes on Second Night With Hit
Remarkable Story of the Polar Regions
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The cnrdlnnl lecture event of the week for nil Choutnuquans comes on
ho second night when ElllKon-Whlte presents Vllhjalmur Stcfnnsson, tho
famous Arctic explorer antl discoverer of tho "blonde Eskimo," for tho first
tlmu on tho Clmulnuqun plntfornf.
, Rear Admiral R6bert E. Peary, discoverer of tho North Pole, said of
him: "Stcfnnsson hns Inkcn the whlto man's brains Into tho Polar regions,
nnd tins evolved a way to mnko himself absolutely .ilf.sustalnlng. He could
huvo lived In the Arctic fifteen nnd n luilf years, Just as easily as live and a
half years. Uy combining great natural physlcul ability with hard, practical
ronnnon souse, ho has accomplished what Ije has accomplished, nnd made an
absolute record."
Btrfnnsson's lecture has thrilled audiences everywhere. IIo has a re-
mprknbto story to tell nnd manual ability In presenting Its fusclnatlng de
tails graphically.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Itobortn, of Nys
sn, nnd Miss Hunter, ono of tho
Chautauqua Indlos woro visitors at
C. W. Darrott's Sunday evening,
Ira Dnll nnd family ware visiting
at tho Thorn homo Sundny after
noon. Jim Flomlng nnd wjfo wore shop
ping in Ontario Saturday.
Hov. Young hold services at tho
Arcadia school houso Sunday nftor
noon, Tho Minos Mary nnd Lillian Dall,
John Deorliig nnd Hlrnm'Vnn Dyko
woro In Nyssa 8undnr.
Miss Cora Ulraswoll of Los An.
goles Is visiting her nleco Mrs,
Chostor Lackoy. From horaslio will
go to Scattlo for tho summer.
Mrs. Adolphus 1'oynler of Nampu,
Idaho Is visiting nt V. W. Darrott's
homo this wook.
Jim Lackoy Mrs. Jim Smith and
inoth.ln-law woro visiting nt Chos
tor Lackoy's Monday afternoon,
Phillip Ilarrott has been qulto
sick with Tonsllltls thu past week.
A small group of frlonds gather
ed at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Ira Dall Friday ovonlug nnd npont
thu tlmo In singing.
John Vnndorpool nnd small son
Koimoth woro visiting nt Charles
Uullurd's Monday.
Llttto Iluth Edwards has boon
sick the past few days.
A Silver Tea wns hold at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Long
Wednesday evening and n lovely
tlmu was had by nil prosont.
Irene Edwards Is visiting her
mint Mrs. Emmot Stool, of Caldwoll
Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Knowlton of
Soldier Idaho woro tho guests this
wook of tholr daughter, MIhh Wlnnl
frod Knowlton.
William Jonos of Junturn enmo
down this wook to got tho vory
Intnst rnturrin frnni itm llimimnv.
Cnrpontlor camps und bo horo on
Saturday ta glean tho rotuniB from
tho battle iiB thoy come over the
Mrs. Atkins and family of ltuport
Idaho nro horo this wcok tho guests
of Mrs. Atkins aunt, Mrs. William
W. L. Kramer of Harper was ail
Ontario visitor during tho first of
thu week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Thompson of
tho IroiiHldo country woro horo in
Ontario tho first of tho weok
David Graham, agent of tho East
orn Oregon Land company has ront
cu mo unscoii nouso on Novndn
street in Villa Park nnd will bring
his family horo from Junturn soon,
I'. K. Joyco of Junturn wns an
Ontario visitor on Monday.
John C. Oordon tho wall known
Vnlo sheopmnn wns In Ontario on
business Monday.
II. C. Knsthnm of Vnlo pasiod
through Ontario Tuesday onrOhto
for LnQrando whoro ho wont, on la
gal business.
Miss Dorothy Tumor who return
od last weok from O. A. C. has taken
a position in tho Farm Iluronu of
! flea for tho summor while Miss
Luolln.D. Cnllln spends her vacation
In Portland. Miss Cnllln leaves
Monduy for tho R040 City whoro she
will spond tho summor continuing
nor musical studios.
II. C. Doyor returned Saturday
from an oxtondod trip through tho
unions tho best no lias seen In yenrs.
Judgo Dulton Illggs camo down
Monday from his ranch above Vnlo
to hear tluo testimony in tho cjiho
or tno ratoroo in Dankruptcy vs. "A.
Iloblniou who took tho Flfor Cafo
undor tho terms of a tnortgngo.
Mrs. Hugh Alton who wns opor
nted upon at tho hospKul Inst Sat
urday Is roportod to bo mako satis
factory rocovory.
Port EmUou who was operated
upon nt tho hospital two weeks ago
so fnr rocovorod that ho wns taken
to tho Emlson homo on Monday
whoro ho Is slowly convalescing.
Poto Duford ot tho Ontario Auto
Company has boon ill at his homo
for sovornl days this wook.
J. C. Fleming who has operated
a ranch on tho Boulevard at Art
end la for many yoars oxpocts to
teavo soon for Long Peach, Califor
nia whoro ho has purchased pro
perty, Mr. Flaming has not sold
his ranch horo hut lias-rented it.
Puptlst Church and Sunday School
will havo n plcnlo July Fourth at
tho Orovo at Washoe. Moot at tho
church at 10 o'clock. Transporta
tion will bo provided.
Mrs, H. F, Morgan nnd daughter,
Mildred, left for Portland Sunduy.
Baking Powder
Extracts Coffee Hams
Teas Canned Goods Bacon
Preserves Silver Leaf Lard
jjw- 1ST Jill
Arrow Mothers Oats
Sunshine LEE Brooms 75c Kerrs Oats
Purity Best in town Pancake Flour
Clydo (Hod) Rupert, who was
convicted of taking $15,000 In Lib
erty bonds from tho Northwestern
Natlonnl bank of Portland, where ho
was employed as n special pollco
offlcor will comploto his three-year
santonco nt tho stato prison early In
July. A federal officer will at once
take him to McNoll Island to boglu
a five-year term on tho snmo charge
Governor Olcott on Friday an
nounced his appointments for tho
stato board ot aeronautics, croated
by tho legislature ot this year. Tho
appolntcos nre: Archlo F, Roth,
Portland, for flvo-yonr term! Wnltor
E. Loos, La Qrnndo, for four-year
tarm; L. D, Hickman, Portland,
throo-yoar torm; Leo II. DoVnuey,
Iloseburg, two-year tor.m; Floyd
Hnrt, Mcdford, ono-yoar torm.
Two fatal accldonts out of n total
of .140 industrial casualties woro ro
portod to tho stato Industrial acol-
ilntit nnmm tsatnn fnt tltn wiinlr nml.
Ing Juno 10. Tho fatalities woro
Harry E. Eckenstoln, a wnrchouso
man of Medford, and Frank Doorg,
n loggor of Cochran.
A stntomont Issued by Sam 'A.
Kozor, socrotary of stato, shows that
a total ot $010,038. OB has boon paid
out In educational aid to Oregon ox
sorvlco mon undor an act passed by
tho peoplo In 1010. A total of
t545 formor soldiers, sailors or
raarlnos havo' taken ndvantngo ot
tho act.
Tho stato highway commission has
asked tho public sorvlco commission
for a rohenrlng rolntlvo to a doslrod
chnngo of plans for 'tlio $71T,000
ovorhoad cros'sliie on tho Southorn
Pacific botweon Eugene and Spring
flold. A pormancnt oarth fill ap
proach Instead ot a trostlo approach
Is doslrod. Tho rahoarlng has boon
According to announcement by E.
E. Klllott, stato dlroctor ot voca
tional education, , homo making
courses will bo In operation tho com
ing school year in tho schools of
Ashland, Cottago Orovo, Forest
CI rove, Salem nnd Ontario,
O. P. Hoff, stato treasurer, who
as n member ot tho stato board ot
control, will havo something to say
about tho location of tho now train
ing school for boys, wants it placod
at a remoto dlstnnco from tho stato
penitentiary whom no possible In
fluence may reach It from tho Inttor
Institution. Ho would havo tho
school nwuy from Salem If nocossary
to moot that condition.
Tho Association Oil company in
reporting to tho socrotary of stato
shows that it sold In Oregon during
May 733,005 gallons of gasoline nnd
70,208 gallons of distillate.
Thirty-two boys who aro Inmatos
of tho stato training school passed
tho recent eighth grado examinations.
And the 0r(raraMjimraiBiiBTjra,BiiMffircMiBma
smiles with you
' Complete Stock of Heavy and Shelf Hardware
; HARVESTING MACHINERY. Our pi ices are lower.
Give us a chance to prove this.
t an.
i. A. rRASER
We will be closed'UH day July 4th
Tho following decisions havo boon
rendered by stato supromo ceurt:
Hrosnnn vs. IIokks; appeal from
Malheur county; damago suit grow
Iik out of controversy over, wntor
rights. Opinion by Chlof Justice
Ilurnett: Judgo Dultau Ulggs affirm
(Ml. Itohenrlng ordored In Ilottlg vs
Polsky. Potltlou for rohoarlng
deulod In Mcada vs. Churchill. -
Tho Chownucan Land & Cattlo
company has fllod with the stato en
gineer an application for a pormlt
to appropriate wator from i,ong
croek a tributary of Slcan river for
tho irrigation ot COO ncros ot laud
In Lake county. Otlior applications
havo boon fllod as follews:
Tly Waltor A. Woodard of Cottago
Qrovo, covering tho appropriation ot
twenty-one socoud root from Coast
fork ot Willnmetto river for uso In
flumlng lumbor, Tho cost of this
development, locatod in Lane county
Is $30,000.
liy Patrick Rollly of Ashwood.
Or., covering tho appropriation of
two second foot from John Day rlv
or for Irrigation of twenty-eight
ncros In Jefferson county.
Uy John Conley of Myrtld crook,
covering (he construction of thu
Conley rosorvolr for tho storugo of
wator from Frozon crook, for Irri
gation ot a small tract In Douglas
Ily J. F. Houston of Roberts cov
ering the appropriation ot water
from springs to bo stored In Prlngle
Flat reservoir, to bo used for Irri
gating 140 acrog near Roberts In
C'reok county. Tho cost of this
water system is estimated M approx
imately S3E00.
ny O. W. Dent of Plush, cover
ing the appropriation of water from
MacDowoll crook for irrigation of a
ten-acre tract In Lake county.
Ily. J. O. Hunter of Orants Pass,
covorlng tho construction of the
Huutor reservoir for tho storage of
water from Huutor creek,, tributary
of Applegate river, for irrigation of
ton acres In Josephine county.
Ily A. E. Oram of Kerby, cover
ing tho appropriation of water from
Horso slough and Horse spring for
irrigation ot a ouo-acro tract in
Josephine county at a cost ot ap
proximately $500.
ny J. H. Mansfield of Williams,
covorliiK the appropriation of water
from Williams creek for Irrigation
uf a two-acre tract In Josephine
Dy O. D, Ramsdell ot Portlund,
covering the appropriation of water
from an un-uamed spring for domes
tie wuter supply In Multnomah coun
ty. Dy William Head ot Applegate,
covering tho appropriation of water
from Illg Applegate river for Irriga
tion of ten acres In Jackson county.
Ily Florence Hogoboon ot Joseph,
covering tho appropriation of water
from an unnamed spring for irriga
tion of fifteen acres in Wallowa
Hats, Drosses and Suits, Greatly
reduced. Morris Millinery & Novel.
ty Shop. Adv.
TO TRADE 6 Cylinder, 5 pas
sengor car, In good condition, to
trade for milk cows. Phono 13, 30tf
All our waists greatly reduced
Trlday and Saturday. Morris Mil
linery and Noveliy Shop. Adv.
Therefore, try and catch the
Smiles of your family and
friends, with a
ZKCakc an album of all your in
ieiesting snap shols, and it will
give you many hours of pleasure
Let us sioid them, We arc sure
you will be interested
1 Pharmacy
Tho business training of a bank account in '
his own name is (ho most valuable and lasting
education ho will over receive.
Habits of thrift, insight into financial mat
ters, familiarity with tho proper handling of
funds, is as important as any part of our lives.
Start an account for the child, direct his
handling of it. Ho will thank you in after years.
The Victrola
Leads Them All
FICTOR records are made
by the leading artists of
the world, thus giving you
the very best musical enter
tainment that can be derived
from the phonograph world.
The Ontario Pharmacy
Rexall Victor Eastman