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Demi Ox Mat Described Am Illclioat
fkctlou of State Country Around
Ontario mid Vnlo Will Impress
Strangers With Oregon's
NO. 24
V,,Cl,,:'.liXN 8TA0K M'MVKH HACK
J. A. Holiday who for years was
o mnll contract stago drlvor bo
twocn Canyon City nml Hums, Can
yon nntl Monument and over othor
routes In tho Intnrlnr rnnnlrv m-rlv.
od In Ontario thin week for n visit
with old tlmo friends. For tho poBt
four years Mr. Holiday has boon
oporatlng stago routes In tho Wyom
ing country which ho declares lion
been especially prosperous.
Honrtonlng Indeed to tho peoplo
of Malheur county Is tho mossngo
which Highway Commissioner John
II. Yoon gavo tho Portland OrcRMi
Ian of his Impressions Rained while
on nn Inspection of this highways of
this soctlon with his associates last
wook. This 1b tho mossages which
nppoarod in tho Bunday Issuo and
ono for which Kastorn Oregon has
long awalted:
"I corao back moro convinced
than over that tho main trunk roadi
should bo built first," said ho. .
Prior to tho tlmo tho commission
ers mado tho trip W. II. Uarratt
going all tho way" and It. A. llooth
part of tho Journoy thoro was llttlo
enthusiasm among tho officials to
locato and push tho John Day high
way oastward of I'ralrlo City. Tho
Ditto mountains prosant engineering
difficulties and call for costly con
struction. Now, howovor, Mr. Yoon,
doclarod tho John Day highway
must bo built. Ho said that event
ually tho natural road from tho
oastorn odgo of tho stuto to Port
land will bo tho John 1)n' highway.
Highway Thought Important
"This highway," confessed Mr.
Yoon, "Is of groator Importance limn
I had Imagined boforo making tho
trip. Tho sconory Is wondorful, tho
highway opons up an omplro which
now lacks transportation, nml It Is
tho shortest road to tho east. Thoro
Is a lot of flno grading alroady dono
on this highway and a good start
has boon mado. Tho John Day
highway simply will havo to bo
"Then thoro Is the Old Oregon
trail, from Ontario to Pendleton,
whera It connects with tho Columbia
river highway. This Is n great traf
tlo artory. Do you know that ovon
now, In May, thoro havo boon 1C00
peoplo waiting for tho snow to dis
appear from tho gap In tho Dluo
mountains near Cabbago hill, Sj
twoon La Qraudo and Pendleton so
they can got through! All along
tho Old Oregon trail tho highway Is
undor construction or undor con
tract. Portland to Heneflt
"Whon thoso trunk lines aro com
pleted the Old Oregon trail and tho
John Day Highway, with tho Pacific
Highway now opon, and Tho Dalles
California under way, oil loading to
Portland well, say, Portland's fu
ture will bo Immense If taxpayers
would only tako a run around tho
stuto In a machine and sco tho roads
which have beon built and those
under contract, thoy would novor
kick at the money spent on high
ways. "Nothing will Impress strangers
v traveling from the east more than
when they arrive In Orogon and
look at tho country around Ontario
and Vale. It U a rich country,
fertile and green. Irrigate and you
are suro of a crop, as sure as the
clock ticks. There Is no better land
anywhere In the country than Dead
Ox Plat, where the soil Is muny feet
Legions I'IjIok Ko,undrnti Addrciio
.Meeting At City Hull I (omit
legislation Discussed - Com
pensation Claim Adjusted
K1. ICnrljtlit Asinllunt of Junturn
Sheepman To Ho Tried On Mur
der1 Charge Military Funeral
Aeeoided Murdered Mini Hy
Outnilo Post
8undny was n busy day In tho
history of Ontario Post No. 07. Tho
local post that day ontortnlnod tho
four momborn of tho Oregon Legion
Flying Squadron which Is traveling
ovor tho stato on a multltudo of
dutlos In connection with tho organ
ization's activities.
Of particular Importnnco to tho
local men was tho nppoaranco hero
of Copt. Ureen, U. 8. A. who dis
tributed to do mombors of tho post
tho official medal of sorvlco; and
Clifford Wood who took up with n
numbor of tho men tho ro-instnto.
morit of their govornmont Insur
ance potlcloB. Frank Elvers also
took up tho adjustment of numer
ous compensation claims.
Tho principal speaker of tho ovon
Ing wns Edward J. Elvers, stnto ad
jutant of tho American Legion who
nddrcssod tho mooting on tho pro
visions of tho Soldier Donus nml
Loan act which Is on tho ballot for
tho Juno oloctlon.
"Hy tho provisions of tho bill,
with Its options for tho men to
choso from, not flvo per cent will
olect to tako tho cash bonus," ho
said. "In fact tho Loglon men aro
urging their members not to accept
tho cash hut Instead to tako tho loan
"Hy tho operation tho loan tho
inxpnyors will, not uo caned upon
to pny lucent of Increased, taxes,
for tho loans will be1' repaid by
mo mou who tnxo thorn nnd In tho
moan tlmo, slnco most of tho loans
will bo usod to dovolopo unculti
vated land nt prosont tho property
vnluos of tho stnto for taxntlon pur
posos will bo enhnncod hy many
millions of dollars."
Iiorul Men Waiting
Local mombors of tho Icglou to
tho numbor of nt loast 25 havo
signified their doslro to secure loans
undor tho forms of tho act, and In
most Instnncos thoy want to do so
In order that thoy may purchaso
farms nnd dovolopo thorn, say tho
local offlcors of Ontario Post No. 07.
It Is on this basis of sorvlco to tho
men and to tho stato that tho loglon
Is to wago Its campaign for n
favorablo vote upon this bill.
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Mrti. Vlnn Hoswell Notified Hint Tim
Hody of Her Hon Jtobcrt Wlio
Died In 1 Vance Will lUacli
Now York May 21.
Mrs. Vina noswol! rocelvod, word
from tho Army officials that the
body of her son Tlobort J. Iloawoll
would reach Now York on May 21,
It Is oxpectod that tho body will
reach Ontario so that funeral sor-
vlcos will bo held on Sunday 29th
In connecting with tho Momorlal
sorvlcos to bo hold that day.
Tho local Araorlenn Loglon Post
will preparo to accord tho last
rites of a soldier for Young Dos
well, though as yet they havo re
ceived no official notification of tho
service to bo held.
Private Doswell who Itvod In On
tario and In other Mainour County
towns for years entered tho service
soon after war was doclared and
went over seas with ono of the
early expeditionary forces. Ho died
at Toul, Franco after a short III-
John J. Joyco, tho Juntura shoop
mnn who was stabbod In tho nbdo
men, by Ed Enrlght nt Junturn
onrly Inst Tuesday morning dlod nt
tho Holy llosary hospital early Sun
day morning. As tho rosult of
Joyco's death Enrlght, his assailant
who wbb nrrostcd soon nftor tho
crlmo will answer to a chnrgo of
niurdor. Enrlght Is hold at tho
County Jail at Vale.
Joyco, tho murdorod man, wns nc
corded n military funornl by tho
mombors of Ontario Post of tho
American Legion. Sixteen jox-sor-vlco
men formod the escort for tho
body from tho morguo to tho Church
of tho Ulossod Sacrament whoro sor
vlcos woro hold, and then to tho
Catholic Ccmotory on tho hill west
of tho city whoro aftor tho rites of
tho church woro pronounced by Itov.
P. J. Stack, taps was sounded by
Post Ilugter J. II. Oordon nnd
tho firing squad flrod a snlula ovor
tho gruvo of tho dopartod comrado.
Dosldo tho escort of Loglon mon n
largo numbor of friends nnd mom
bors of tho Knights of ColumbUB
of which tho decoasod was n mom
bor woro present nt tho services.
Until last Saturday Joyco was ox
pectod to rocovor. Ho had been nblo
to tako nourlshmont dally and was
In good spirits up to tho Inst. Tho
loss of blood and tho shock of his
wound howovor proved moro than
his strength could bear so that
when tho crisis camo his heart-fall-ed
and ho passed (Away. j
Mr. JoychwAsittflllJjuoNn lnfOn
turlo and (pppuhtr. with all hlsjnc
qunlutnucos. Industrious Jn business
ho wns ono of tho younKOr"monwh'b
returned from tho war nnd entered'
tho shoop business on his own ac
count, woothorlng tho ndvorso conditions.
It Is possible that slnco n special
torm of court la to bo hold In Juno
that Judge Illggs may call n spoclul
grand Jury to Investigate tho caso
nnd that Enrlght cun bo trlod for
his crlmo at an oarly dnto, othor
wlso tho trial will bo delayed un
til Soptombor,
Kmnictt flctN Itotengo On Home
Grounds Uy Defeating CIohio'h
Colts 2 to 0 New hill Twlih
Stellar Hull Also Caldwell
Hero Sunday
Standing of tho Teams
Nampn 2 0 1.000
Ontario 1 1 .000
Emmott 1 1 .000
Caldwell 0 0 .000
Frank Lynch was ln from the
shearing plant near Homedale tho
first of the week.
Neighbors Rent Building so
Chinese Laundry Has to Move
After occupying the wooden shack
on Nevada avenue for more than 18
years, the Chinese laundry was
.compelled to move recently when
neighbors succeeded ln renting the
shack and have since been engaged
In cleaning up the dump.
The condition ln which the place
was found wns a controllng argu
ment against the further Introduo
Hon of the oriental Into the life of
America. It was worse than just
dirty. It -was filthy, according to
American standards, but must havo
met with the approval of the many
John Chinamen who have lived
there and handled American linen
sufficient to penult them to return
to China to epond tho balanco
their lives.
When tho Sake Cafe got tho pro
perty, ln order to rid tho nostrils
of its patrons from the offensive
efluvla that pormeated that soctlon
they did the best piece of "clean
up work" Ontario has experienced In
Its campaign for a cleaner and bet
ter city. It was a bit of education
In filthlnosa to seo .the condition In
which the oriental lived and work
ed. Days were required by men
and teams to haul off the 'dirt but
It Is gone now, and that section of
the city Is clean for the first time
In years.
That Malheur County added n.
real friend In Highway Com-
nilsslonor John 11. Yoon was
ovldont from overy stntoinent
Issued to tho press by him ou
his roturn to Portland, among
othora tho following from tho
Journal was ono of tho most
John II. Yoon, who has re-
turned from a vUlt to Eastorn
Oregon In connection with
stato highway work, Is onthus-
lastlo over Malheur county.
"Wo ought to send our over-
plus of population Into Eastern
Orogon," ho said. "I am as-
tonlshed nt tho opportunities
offored In Malheur county. It
Is n wondorful Irrigated coun-
try. They ralso tho products
ovor thoro, and all Orogon
should know about that section
of tho stato."
Emmott got sweet rovongo for tho
victory whlchtOntarlo won from tho
prune nlckofs. by turning tho tables
nnd wlnnlngtho gamo played at Em
nott last Sunday afternoon by tho
Bcoro 6fjf2 to 0.
It was as good a gamo as " tho
score Indlcatos, doclaro nil tho loyal
Ontario fans who Journoyod ovor to
Emmott to witness tho pastlmtng.
Though Ontario lost thoro was not
ono fan who was not prouder of tho
playing of tho locals than 'thoy
woro nftor tho local victory. Tho
defeat was In no sonso n dlsgrnco
IUwas simply n caso of too much
Ponson In fact was tho cntlro
show ho nnd Nowblll, Ontario's
youthful twlrlor. Thcso youngstors
Just had an Indian sign working on
tho bnttors all nttornoon. Ponson'a
sign was n llttlo bigger nnd moro
baffling, so baffling ln fact that
only ono Ontnrlan connected with
his offorlngs solidly enough to re
gister a snfo hit. This wns secur
ed by Hud Young, Nowhlll's battery
mnto, nnd It did not arrive nt n
tlmo that meant n run.
An Idoa of tho manner In fllngorn
work may bo galnod from tho fact
that Nowblll fanned 10 Emmott
sluggora whllo PoiiBon whiffed 13
of Ontnrlo's. Whllo officially Em
mott wns crodltod with six hits off
Nowblll, two of thoso woro of tho
scratchiest ordor. Emmott had ono
earned run, that socurod In tho
Bovonth whon Ponson scored on Hal
ey's douhlo nftor ho hlmsolf had
socurod a slnglo.
Emmott'ri othor scoro wnn gnrncr-
od In tho sixth when Dorau hit,
Btolo second reached third on n
flolder'u cholco nnd riimu homo on
an Infield out.
That Ponson workod consistently
may bo furthor omphasltod by tho
fact that Ontario had runners on
tho paths In only tho first, fifth,
sixth and eighth Innings; whllo In
nil tho othor stanzas thoy wont out
ono two throe. Emmott, too, had
only a fow, chancoa to scoro but had
tho punch whon tho opportunity
Caldwell Coming Sunday
Tho noxt game will bo played
horo Sunday afternoon whon Mana
ger Clomo sonds hfs loam against
Caldwoll tossera who havo lost
both their games with Nampa by 0
to C scoros, Tho locals bollovo that
In Ponson thoy faced tho hardest
pitcher In tho leaguo and that tho
game with Caldwoll will bo closo.
Arrangements aro being mado for a
Jitney to carry all who havo not
cars to tho ball grounds. Tho car
will loav tho Ontario Pharmacy
overy 10 minutes during tho hour
before tho gamo. Tho battlo starts
at 2:30.
Tho Scoro
Mrs. Julia A. Ullycatt grand chief
of tho Pythian Sisters of tho Grand
Domain of Oregon was tho Ruost of
Mystic Clrclo No. 22 of Ontario last
ovonlng nt which tlmo sho mado nn
official Inspection of tho work of
tho order horo. Following tho ox
amplification of tho dogrco work by
tho local dogroo team, Mrs. Hllyeau
mado a delightful talk on tho work
of tho ordor nftor which n banquet
wns sorvod.
Asldo from tho local mombors of
tho ordor thoro woro n numbor of
visiting Pythian Sisters from Vnlo
presont to enjoy tho festivities.
W. li. Gllxon of Njitxn Appear He.
foro Hecutliei Coiiiinltto of Farm
lliiK'au Heekliiu; Alt Ion Com.
inltteo To IueNtlgat( No
Action Taken
W. L. Gibson of Nyssa occupied
tho attention of tho members of tho
Farm Uuroau oxocutlvo commltteo
for tho major portion of tho com
inltteo mooting horo Inst Saturday
'nflornoon discussing his plan of
usRossIng property In Malheur
county, with him nppoarod David M.
Graham, local ngont of tho Eastorn
Orogon Land Company.
It was tho contention of Mr. Gib
son that nit tho property of tho
county bo nssossod nt fifty per cent
of Its present rate ou tho tux roles.
no urged that tho commltteo sond n
delegation to Vnlo to dumnnd this
basis bo used by tho assessor.
Mr. Graham nrguod that It tho
prosont valuation Is corroct na of
lost year, thou for this yoar tho
fifty per com cut would bo ropru
soutntlvo of tho decreased values
through reduced earnings.
In tho nbHouco of President V. V.
Hlukox, Vlco Prcsldont A. A. Gut
turldgo of tho commltteo told
Messrs. Gibson and Graham that n
commltteo from tho bureau wns
looking Into such matters nnd that
n mooting might bo hold to discuss
It. Othor mombors of tho commit
too doclarod that tho mnttor was out
of thu provlnco of tho Farm Uuroau.
Mr. Gibson urgod that n delega
tion ho at Vale ou Wednesday of
this wook, and doclarod that hu
would gathor n crowd about Nyssa
to bo prosont.
Aftor tho mooting mombara of
tho oxecutlvo commlttoo doclarod
that In their opinion It wns not tho
husiuess of tho Farm Uuroau to lu
torforo will) tho work of tho county
omcinis for an mat tno rarmeru
woro Intorostod lu was In seeing
Hint Justice bo dono to ovoryono,
slnco no mnttor what figure was
plnccd ou tho valuation roles tho
nmount of monoy to bo raised would
bo tho samo, tho levy would of
uocosslty bo raised to secure this
Miss ENIo Poolo Is Valedictorian J
MUs Mabel Madden, Halutntorlnnf
Ncutou Zahler, Misses Mnttlo
Craig nnd Hilda Hrcckon
Sidney Well, who attempted to
pass a number of phony checks In
Ontario Tuesday was arrestod by
Marshal J. II. Gordon at tho re
quest of liolso and Caldwell author.
Itlog and sent to Caldwell whero he
will servo a sentonco for similar activities.
Dr. Shaller Mathews, dean of
Chicago university, will spook bo
fore Farmers week crowds at O. A
C. on Juno 17 and 18. Ho Is a
noted student, traveler, writer, and
lecturer, and will consider church
cooperation as a community factor.
Itov. Luscombo has boon Invited
by tho O. A. It. to preach tho Mem
orial Day Sermon Sunday, morning
May zatn, at li a. in. American
Legion members oud their wives
and Civil war and Spanish war vet
erans and their wives are Invited to
participate In the ceremonies
C. C. Hunt was here
Hustod, 3b
Chapman, 3b
Smith, cf
Darnell, 2b
Lackey, lb
Gramso, If
Long, o
Test, rf
Nowblll, p
Sullivan, rf
Well Known Authority Coming To
Ontuilo mid Cairo Wednesday,
.May 2.1 Is Known Am Oiio of
Norllmett'H Most Interest-
I lift Speakers
With tho grnduntlon last Friday
ovonlng of tho class of 1021 tho
school year ended. Thirty mombors
of tho class rccolvod diplomas at
tho hand of Prosldont W. W. Wood
of tho School board and llstonod to
nn nloquont commencement addross
by Prof. 8. II. Potorson of O. A. C.
Superintendent J. M. McDonald
presented tho class to tho Hoard
and Principal S. M. Ilotichcr an
nouncod tho awards for scholarship
standing ns follows; Miss Elslo
Poolo, valedictorian; Miss Mabel
Madden, snlutntorlan nnd tho fol
lowing rnnklnir mombers: Newton
Zahler, Miss Mattlo Craig. Miss
Hilda Ilrackon. Miss Poolo thus
won tho G0 scholarship offorod by
tho colloRo union of Oregon and
Miss Mnddon won tho Whltmnn Col
lego scholarship of $100, with New
ton Zahlor ns nltomato.
Tho exorcises oponed with tho
Invocation pronounced by Itov. W.
J. Cochran; tho gloo club sang
"Italia" which was followod by
Prof. Potorson's nddross and song
by Miss Huth McCulloch.
Alumni Welcome Class
Following tho oxorclRcn tho nn
mini dlnnor of tho O. II. S. Alumni
association wns' hold nt Flfor'a cafo.
Tho association had for Its guests,
tho mombors of tho faculty, Profes
sor Potorson, nnd E, N. Conklln,
formorly superintendent of Ontario's
schools, as well ns tho class of 1021.
Tho now class was wolcomod In
to tho association by Crull Orcutt
aftor which Earl Illackaby as toast,
mastor callod upon ninny of tho old
mnmbors for romlnlconcos of tho
oarly days of O. II, S. Mr. Conk
lln wns ono of thoso who thus re.
spondod and recalled many Incldonts
now dim mnmorlos with many of
thoso prosont.
Tho rounlon this year was tho
largest ovor hold by tho association.
It wns rovonlod by tho secretary's
roport that with tho addition of tho
class of '21 tho nlumnl rolo has 220
mombors nnd that tho class of '17
still has tho honor of bolng tho
largest ovor graduated from tho
local school, with tho class of '21 in
Bccond place.
Aftor tho banquet tho annual
busluoMs mooting was hold whon
tho following offlcors woro olected:
Ernest Gramso, prosldont; Huth Mc
Culloch, first vlco prosldont; Ralph
Dunbar, socond Vlco prosldent: Irono
Itador, Secretary; Paul Van Potton,
treasurer; advisory board, Joy
Hustod, Mnbol Maddon nnd Earl
Totals 30 0 I 24 8 3
Polly, lb 4 0 0 0 2 0
Huloy, ss 4 0 2 12 1
Lark, 2b 4 0 0 0 2 0
Doran, cf 4 12 10 0
Paris, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Otklns, 3b 4 0 12 10
Hall, It 3 0 0 0 0 0
Ponson, p 3 1112 0
McNutt, c 3 0 0 13 2 1
33 2 0 27 7 3
00000000 0-0
0 0 0 0 0 110 x-2
Earned runs, Emmott
1; Two baso hits Haley, baso on
balls off Nowblll nono, Ponson
none; struck out by Nowblll 10, by
Pensou 13; left on bases Ontario C;
from Nyssa, Emmett7. flL
C. L. (Farmor) Smith, ono of tho
most accompllshod speakers ou agri
cultural probloms lu thu Northwest,
who for yoars has boon employed
wltli tho O. W. It. & N. promoting
Intonslvo agriculture along Its linos
will addross two meetings In Ontar
io noxt Wodnosdny, May 25, and ono
mooting In tho afternoon at Cairo
Grnugo Hall,
In this campaign Farmor Smith
la discussing tho prtfblum of dairy
ing and hog raising in this section,
and slnco thoro Iibh boon gonoral
recognition of tho Importnnco
of theso endeavors tho mossagu ho
will bring Is of ospoclal Intorost at
this tlmo.
Tho first mooting will bo hold lu
tho morning at tho City Hull and
will bo for tho mombors of tho
Hoys' and Girls' clubs of tho coun
ty; tho socond will bo hold at the
Orange hall In tho attornoon for
tho raucbors, and tho third In tho
ovonlng at tho City Hall tor tho
ranchors who could not attond tho
nttornoon mooting nnd tho business
mon of tho county who aro as deep
ly Interested In tho advancomout ot
ngrlculturo, as tho ranchoru thorn
solves. In A filarial Opportunity
Ontario Is fortuuato to bo Includ
ed lu this Itluery of Farmor Smith.
For yoars, all ovor tho Northwest,
ho has addressed audlonces and
drawn crowds to hoar his niossago
for ho Iioh been ono of tho Import
nut factors In advancing tho farm
ing buslnoss to Its presont dovelop
mout In tho Northwest.
Tho County Farm Duroau Is as
sisting tho railroad authorities In
holding tho niootlngs In this county
nnd n gonoral attendance ot ranch
ors and business mon will bo well
ropald for tho hour spent lUtenlng
to Mr. Smith, Geo, J. Mohler, trav
eling suporvlsor ot ngrlculturo ot
tho Union Pacific systom Is In
chargo of tho party which Is com
ing to Ontario noxt weok.
Four Day Race Meet to be Hel'd
Here Next Wednesday to Saturday
Tho first raco moot of tho On.
tnrlo Jockoy Club will ho hold at
tho Fair around Track from
Wednesday to Saturday of noxt
weok, which will bo followod by a
similar moot tho weok following at
Wolsor, for tho folks dovn thoro
aro awakonlug to tho Intorost In thu
sport ot tho bang talis
Secretary Tunny who Is listing
tho entries for tho loal meat rccolv
od work that Howard Dryden of
New Moadows would reach horo Fri
day with his string of four; M.
Amldon of Caldwoll Is bringing his
runner, Tramp, hero for tho moot
and perhaps ono or two othor en
tries; Curamlngs nt Ontario has
thrco candidates for honors, and
Jerry Watson will bo hero Satur
day from Wolsor -with flvo runners.
Ilandull Sago ot Nyssa will havo
two or throo horses ready to faco
tho startor as will tho Dlantou
llrothors of Ontario and sovoral
horses from Vale and tho uppor
country aro axpocted.
Tho moot will start Wednosday
afternoon" at 3 o'clock and will con
tinue) throughout tho week Local
merchants are co-operating with tho
club to promote tho success ot tho
mooting oud It Is hoped to inaka
tho event an annual ono.
AZ . . ISC
i l v L