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I 9
iioval Nuaiinons initiati:
Tho Iloyal Neighbors initiated n
class of nine Monday night. Suppor
was acrvod by tho Modern Wood
tnon, titter which n musical program
was given and Impromptu talks by
illtfcront members. The Modern
Woodmen and Iloyal Neighbors
have changed tho meeting nights
from tho second and fourth Mon
days to tho first and third Mondays
In tho mouth so as not to conflict
with tho meetings of tho American
Legion 1'ost.
Tho Modern Woodmen and Iloyal
Neighbors will have another big
time Monday, March 7th.
Li. J. Klnnoy returned 8unday
from a months visit In Kansns Clty.v
He brought with him a brldo who
was formerly Miss Gladys Sackett
of KnnsnB City. They will resldo
on Mr. Klnneyn ranch about eight
miles west of Ontario.
Iluth U. Clilpninn and Joseph A.
Madden, both of Ontario wcro mar
ried February lCth at Caldwell,
Idaho. Mr. and Mrs. Madden re
turned to Ontario last week and
will make their home here.
Mrs. Ivan Oakcs was hostess
this week to tho Monday Urldgc
Club. !WP
Tho Tucsdoy Ilrldgo Club met
this week at the homo of Mrs. C. II.
Mrs. Earl Mnekaby was hostess
yesterday to tho Wednesday Ilrldgo
Dr. and Mrs, II. O. Payno and
Mrs. W. II, Hrooko entertained tho
Carnation Club Tuesday ovcnlng at
tho homo of tho former.
Mr. and Mrs. I). W. Powers are
cutortalnliiR tho Imperial Club this
Mrs L. Adam ontortalncd very
charmingly last week In honor or
her two daughters, Mrs. Floyd Hag
nr of Cambrldgo, Idaho, and Mrs, II.
E Dills of Portland, Two afternoon
card parties woro onjoyod by a largo
numbor of frlondB, bridge being
played on Friday and flvo hundred
on Saturday.
Tho Girl's Friendly Society mot
Tuesday ovonlng at tho homo of Mrs.
W W. Wood. Tho gins dressed ns
their favorlto actroisos and n good
tlmo was enjoyed.
Tho Fortnightly Club mot Satur
day ovcnlng nt tho homo of I)r and
Mrs. II. II. Whltnoy.
Tho Woman's Club hold n regulnr
meeting this nftornoon nt tho homo
of Mrs. Ernost Locoy.
Tho Catholto Altar Society mot
Friday afternoon nt tho homo of
Mrs, F. J. Clomo.
Master Francis Gallagher enter
tained a numbor of his frlonds Tues
day ovcnlng In honor of his ninth
Tho Junior II. Y. P. IT. of tho
Ilaptlst Church hold a social Friday
evening nt tho church. A largo
crowd was prnsont.
Mrs. J. A. Drnpor entertained tho
Congregntlnnal Ladles Aid Wednes
day afternoon.
A, M. Johnston has been 111 the
post week.
Mrs. Atteborry spoilt several days
tho past week visiting frlonds and
rolatlvcs at Crystal .
Miss Ulancho Culp Is under tho
Doctor's care.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. It. Ilrelthaupt
wero over from Ontario Saturdny
cvonlng to attend the community
gathering nt tho Park school house,
Tho W. L Davis family linil a
siege of tonsllltts In their home.
Llttlo Max Drown has tho measles.
Nettle Dnrtsho has been absent
from school the past week with tho
Mr Sklppen's slsior and her Iiub
band from Ontario, Canada, nro vis
iting In tho Sklppon home.
Mrs. Joo Phillips rrom Now Ply
mouth Is visiting In tho Otto Miller
Messrs. Lnttlg, Simpson nnd lies
lup attended tho Jersey cow snlo at
Ontario Monday nftornoon.
Tho farmers are rtonntlng their
tlmo and nro graveling tho road
from Tomlln's to tho ennnl.
Tho next club meeting will ho nt
tho Wisdom homo with Mrs. Tomlln
nsslstlng, on March 10. Tho Wis
dom family lives In tho home for
merly occupied by tho Angus Mc
Donald family.
Mrs. liow Idyll from Montour Is
visiting In tho Sklppon nome.
Thn Blonokor family Is moving to
near Kmmctt this week.
Tho Club ladles ontortnlncd the
men nnd children of tho community
Saturdny ovcnlng. The Park school
houso was mado beautiful for tho
occasion with bright colored paper
and bnskots of pretty roses. There
woro sovoral good reading nnd mus
ical numhors but tho main fenturo
of cntcrtnlumcnt was the mock wed
ding. This affair represented nn
ovent In Dnrkyland, tho shndy groom
bolng Otto Miller whllo I.loyd Oil
bortson was tho dusky brldo and
elnborntoly costumed for tho occas
ion. Mr Northrop ns "Pason" per
formed tho cormony. Two plrkn
nlnles carried tho brldo's train whllo
tho ovent was enlivened by guitar
and bnnjo music by Messrs. Lindsay
and Mill-roll, two "cullued (Join
mon". Tho brldos enko was n
benuty and lasted as good ns It
Another fenturo of tho entertain
mont wns given by twolvo . little
girls dressod In yollow nnd whlto
who went thru sovoral protty drills
and wound nnd unwound tho May
polo. A dollclous two courso lunch
wns served.
Holghol William S. Hart fans!
This popular Paramount star Is n
crook, soldlor, pollcoinnn nnd ro
spoctod citizen by turns In "Tho
Crndlo of Courngo" his latent Para
mount photoplay which will bo
Hhown nt tho Majostlc thoatro uoxt
Tuosday and Wodnosdny
Mr Hnrt has tho rolo of "Squoro"
Kolloy, a safocrncker of Snn Fran
cisco who la reformed after two
years sorvlco with tho American
troops In "tho crndlo of courage" In
Franco, Ho becomes n pollcoman,
brings his former accomplices In
rrlmo to JUBtlco and wins tho love
of n protty girl. Tho story Is ex
ceedingly dramatic nnd the thonio
nppeniing, so tunt more is not a nun
momont throughout tho dovolop
mont of tho story
(j.Tiu:it foii nic skshiov
Ontario will entertain tonight ICO
members of tho A F and A M
from Pnyotto, Vale, and N)mhh, to
gether with inembors of th local
lodge. The bobsIoii la to begin this
nftornoon, n bnnituot Is to bo served
nt C-30 and tho Initiatory work
coiitluuo during the ovonlng.
l ...
j dreamland
I Sun.&Mon.
I Presents
I Wm. Farnum
I in
I A story of bat
I tie for gold and
I a maid.
Following nro snmo of thoso rog
Isterod at Ontario Hotels tho past
MOOUK Don Prultt. Stnnflold;
Fred Autimus, Vnlo; Howard Mal
lott, E. Hnnford, Dolse: L. II. Chnso
nnd family, Spokane; It. D. Soton,
H. S. Ilcos, Pertlnnd: Jnmes J.
Swain, San Joso. Calif : Ebba Jacob
son, Elslo Walloscn, Vnlo; Mary J
Dnutch, May A. Whcatou, I'nrmn;
Mrs. II. II. Lockot; E. M. Crnll,
Vnlo; 11. D. Maxoy. Dolso; L. P
Campbell, Snlem: Mrs, O. L. Cassl-
dy, Sprlngflold, Mo,;. J. A. Ileod,
Dolso; Frank Knowlos, Senttlo; A
D. Fnlrhavln, Wolsor; Virginia Loo
neynolds, Ilond; Carl Titus, Iluport,
Idaho; Thomas II Hill nnd wlfo,
Nnmpn: Mrs, L, J. Mustard, Vnlo;
0. M McDanlel, Dolso; Wm. Iloarh,
Doulnh; E, E. Wardol, Plero War
dell, Ilnlso; N. E, Morgonson, Unity;
Mr ami Mrs John Norwood, Jnmlo
son; A. Drockmnn, Wolsor; F. S,
Hamilton, Puohlo; Mabel Hnriii,
Columbus, O. ; Goo. Fltzslmmons,
Vnlo; J II Voho and dnughtor,
Dolse; Huntington DnHketball tea in;
A. It. Orouiul, DoIkq; 0. L. Ayors,
Wolsor; Jullon Hurloy, Vale; Annn
W Modlln, Westfall; 0. A Cullnni.
Daker; Mrs. (1, F. Frie-ic, Juntuin;
W II Ahondroth, Parma; Mr. mill
Mrs. H V. Olney, Doisn; C'nrrle
Wnggonor, Pearl Jossup, H. Leo
Noo, Mrs. Klmor MoUImm, Vnlo;
Zolta Folko. Corvallls, II S. Jarvls
Jamloson; Slnnloy 0. Jowott, F M
Dock, Pertland: Wm D.ilrd, C. P
Itngsdnlo, Mrs, II C. niobuo, Daker;
C. A. Durnotto, Spoknno; II. F, llnr
voy, Ironsldo; Vnloda lloso, Vnlo; 0
F, Iledmoii, Dolso; J. S, Atherton
A. L. auorbor, Vnre: D. A. Fnuk
hnusou. Jamloson; Mr. nnd Mrs
Wm. Shlmck, Wolsor; Forost Jonos.
Junturn; W. C Ilonmgunrd, Wolsoi;
C, L, Forbos, La Grniidu; Mr. and
Mrs. Frod Curroy, Junturn; C. D
McCounoll. llurns; T. J. O'Kcofo.
Dolse: 8. M. nurnott. Arlington.
CAItTEIl It J Chndwtck, Notf
Plymouth; O F Horlno and wife,
Emmott; Duck Enos Echo, Or.; A
Lowollon, Donltn; Geo, Doloporto,
Dolso; A. Sinclair. Nysm: W. E
Hart, Owyhee; C E. McWntors,
Frank Plnkhnm, Hnlfwn: I E. Mc
Callum, 8hoshono, J. N. Tumor,
Harper: Amos Iloethlor, Prowhoy;
T. P Orovor, Wolser: J W. Ewlng.
Pavotte: Don Lucas, ltlotb. Ore: F
E. Tulcher, Wm. Lambort, Jordan
Valloy; Elmer L. Snltng, Horaedalo;
A. K. Orlmos, Doulnh; Ulery Suth
erland. Harper: James It. Vnll.
Wolser: J. Modlln, Wm. Dorkley,
Wostfnll; L. D. Tudor, Crane: Tim
Donovan, Durns; D. F. Frnsor. Nys
sa; It. M. Sklfflngton, Chris Sattor,
Drognn; Harry Honan, Caldwell,
An official Army Inspector will
reach Ontario tomorrow for in of
ficial Inspection of the O. II. H. II
O T C which 1ms fur somo tlmo
been undor tho fedoral supervision
Tho cadets have been divided Into
two hattntlons with Major Mltcholl
Mooro In chnrgo of the organization
with Cnptlan James Purcoll ami Cap
tain Hugh Ulggs commanding tho In
dividual units
Tho boys nr now equipped with
regulation Eutleld rifles, and other
regular army supplies of which they
arc very proud.
Our Tricotine Suits Are
Causing A Great Sensation
1MWJ ' ' Jteci fCI Jimm4l if J&Fm.
It seems as though every woman in town has been waiting for
just such an opportunity as thisso eager and enthusiastic were
the many that shopped here yesterday.
And of course the reason is that this is the first
time in several seasons you have had such an
unusual opportunity. A wonderful group of
the season's most popular tricotine suits at one
reasonable and popular price. A price that
only special purchasing has made possible.
There are Models fo Matrons and Misses Too
you know the label guarantees
Yes, women of every type and fig
ure will find one or more of these
tricotine models perfectly suited to
her needs. And the fact that they
are PRINTZESS models makes
them all the more desirable, for
them to be all-wool expertly tail
ored authentically styled and
with linings guaranteed to last for
at least two seasons.
An Early Easter Suggests
Early Buying
The calendar says Easter is but three weeks
away, March 27, and if you wish to be prepared
for that event you must SHOP EARLY.
We carry the largest stock of millinery in this
part of the country and are prepared to take care
of your needs.
Prices range from $3.6. to $18.00 on trimmed
hats and from $1.75 to $15.00 on tailored styles.
One lot of hats attractively priced at $5.00.
Lot of crepe de chine and georgette waists
marked half price.
Ontario, Oregon
FOR SALK Flvo or six liundrod
pounds of good Marcus eod wheat
C E Socoy Phono 1S9-M-3. 13
White Wynndotto eggs for sotting
for salo. J. T, McNulty. 13-14 Ad.
A Great Kviiiigelltt of XiuJonal
IteputAtlon is ltov. I. a. Mm (In.
Hear him ut Niuarcno ChurcJi.
ta-14 Adv.
Waists In all tho new colors and
stylos. Morris Millinery and Novolty
Shop. Adv. 13-H
FOU SALE 60 head Durham
stock cattlo. Phono 16-13 Frultlund
A. II. Itamoy, 13-15,
FOR SALE) Hay. apples and
corn. E. O. Harter, 1 mile south of
Ontario, Phone 20S-J-3. 13-l6p
Seed Barley
Good, plumt., uniform seed
barley for sale at ranch 7
miles west of Ontario, on Vale
S00 bushola Trlbl and 600
bushols common barley.
D. P. Dearborn,
Ontario R. F. D.
New Books Constantly at
Your Command at Almost
No Cost to You
We have solved the reading problem. Under an
arrangement we have made with publishers of
reprints, and copyright editions of the very best
fiction we have been ennbled to inaugurate
Circulating Library
Under this system the purchaser of one of these
books has the privilege of returning it after
reading it and for
20 cents get another book which ordinarily sells
at from $1.50 up
Thus for a -small cost the bestsellers of thedav
are available to you.
The Ontario Pharmacy
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