The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 03, 1921, Image 6

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FEI1. lTOKRIt!!0
Ilnndall Bago ot ux to John Ilros
nan, WSKHSEVi, Boc. 3-8-47.
Fob. IS, 1021. $4,000.00.
David MoKenzle to Krank Spccht,
LotB 4G, 40. 47, 48 nnd 49 In lllk.
4, Torrnco Holghts Add. to Ontario.
Fob. 17, 1921. $600.0t.
Andrew Cunnlngunm to Itoliort
Cunnlnghnm, SWViSWU See. 28;
8E Sec. 29-26-40; NEVJSWH,
8SWU Boc. 28; NWV4 nml NEW
SWU Soc. 33-20-45. Fob. 2, 1911.
Oortrudo Itamsoy ot vlr to Andrew
Cunningham SWUSUU Soc. 29-25
40. Juno 22, 1917. $500.00.
U. 0. A. to Andrew Cunningham,
Sec. 33-20-46. Juno 20, 1020.
Hnttlo Erlckson et vlr to W. P.
Qundorson, Lotn 3, 4, and 5, Uloek
10, lUvoraldo Add. to Ontario. Fob.
7, 1921. $10.00
Ontario Land & Townslto Co. to
Mrs. S. A. Erlckson, Lots 3, 4 Jind 5
lllk. 10, Mvorslde Add. to Ontario.
March 28, 1917. $300.00
U. S. A. to Win. Cnrlcton Philips.
LotB 1 and 2, 8 ft NEW. BKH Sec.
4-16-42. Juno 3, 1020.
Christian Van Holt ot ux to A.
Drown, 52 acres In, SNW Sc.
12-20-40. Jan. 10, 1920. $7,020.00.
George Blonekor o C. tl. Mora
houso, NBViSKW 8ec 10-17-47.
Jan. 21, 1921. $1.00.
lllolinril 11. Hnrl t ux to John
H. Walker, 8ANW4 Soc. 2S: N
27-28-4(h Nov 13. 1920. $1 00 Also
Low Prices
We will add to our list of under
priced articles this week, one of
the best all-leather Riding Boots
on the market full stock, tan
calf, full double sole. Every
inch of them the best leather.
Regular price, $25! 00. We will
sell them, while they last, at
$12.50. All sizes. Come in and
get them while we have your
Working Men's Clothes at the
price you want to pay.
We say we can save you money.
Let us prove it.
We guarantee our values.
'10 steres: where you buy just as good
for less money
BEWSEVt Sec. 10-28-40.
JoromlRh Bhca ot nx to Itlchard
Bcc. 27-28-40. Julio 2, 1917. $300.00
John McOlvom ot ux to Ann T.
McOlvern et nl, Lots 1 & 2, NWW
NWVi Boc. 23; Lots .1 nnd 4, Soc.
22-21-40. Jan. 10. 1021. $1.00.
Clnrcnco E. Miilllnlx to Volina D.
Schnnbol, BWH8WM Soc. 34-25-40.
April 10, 1018. $2,000.00.
Clias. W. Itobergcr to Cnthorlno
Iloborgor, I-otB 3 and 4, Dtk. 8, Nyn
sa. Feb. IS, 1921. $3,00.00
II. E. Siickott to Cnthorlno tto
berger, Lots 3 mid 4, lllk. 8, Nyssa,
Fob. 7, 1921. $1.00
Brsklno Wood ot ux to (5. B. S.
Wood. W Sec. 29-18-47. April
24, 1920. $10.00.
Charlos P. Hnuxor ot ux to Ocorgo
SWVi Soc. 20-18-47. Fob. 21, 1021.
J. 8. Nelson ot ux to J. It. aroon
flold. 8K48W.V Sec. 10-18-43. April
I, 1917. $10.00.
It. J. Stono ot ux to J. D. Mlekto,
Lots 1, 2 and 3, lllk. 12; Lots 10,
17 and 18, lllk. 1S3, Ontario. Aug.
23, 1020. $1.00.
Cynthia Doary Shea to Phillip
IlaslI Deary ot nl Und. 1-3 Int. In
SW4SEW, 84SWU Sec. 20 NWH
NE,i Sop. 29-32-45. Fob. 8, 1921.
Marriage LIcciim'h Issued
llondrlck Mark ana Edith FolRor.
Feb. 21, 1921.
CotiipliiInU Filed In Circuit Court
Pnyotto Natlonnl Dank vs. John
P. 8tark. Fob. 21, 1921. Itocovory
on Note. $251.01
Charlos O. Hogart vb. Christian
Loronsen, Fob. 21, 1921. Injunction.
W E. Loos vs. J, J. Wolr and J.
It. Illacknby Com. Co. Fob. 21, 1021.
Forecloiuro of tnx Lion.
Carl A. Fields va Mrs. 8. A. Mus
grovo ct nl, Fob. 23, 1021. Foreclos
ure of Tax Lion.
A. F. Ialinm vs. Pedro Arrltola,
Dank ot Jordan Valley and J. H.
Dlackaby Com. Co. Fob. 24, 1921.
Foreclosure of Contrnct.
Carrlo E. McCntio vs. Emma O.
Iloblnson. Fob. 20; 1021. Itocovory
on Koto $500.00.
NA.AltKNI' cmmcii
Sunday School, 9:45 A. M.
Preaching. 11 A. M.
Pralso Mooting. 7 P. M.
Proachlnir. 7:30 P. M.
llov. I. (I. Mnrtln. Evnngollst will
preach Ho Is an nblo proachor and
has n National Reputation. You will
I miss it groat spiritual feast If you
I fall to hear him. Ho will preach
nlRhtly at 7:30 nnd on Sunday dur
um tlio month of March.
How Qoo. Ward, Pastor.
nr-rnniinT-irrmrTr i nm-r-r -it - nrr -" " - m
Sunday Sorvlco.i
10 A. M. Sunday School.
11 A. M. ProachlnR,
0:45 P. M. Epworth Loaguo.
7 30 P. M. Oospol Sorvlco. )
Tho District Suporlntondont, Itov.
W. M EwliiR will proacn tor us huu-dav.
A, mooting of tho Quartorly Con-
rorenro win no noia ni iiio ciued ui
tho mornlnR sorvlco.
Earl Illacknby has rory kindly
consentod to bo tho Treasurer ot
our Church Uulldlim Fund.
John Deere Built It
For The Fordson
Wo enn furnish you with
bo plow that Juhn l)ro built
especially for tho Fordson Tractor.
It Is mado of New Process
John Deer itceL
That's why It la extra light
nd strong.
It's the lightest tractor plow
you uvtir iu'.wtc;hs Un ttian tho
veiae hoiwtlrown iHilky,
It Is tremendously strong
beams ru Kiurmiliwd not to band
or lirtaV, !l frame corinwiijns are
liot-rlvetcci no loots Jolnl ivo giva
anywttsrr i.'a th plow you can
tlepnd oa to btapd tho stiain of
cuiuinc Fordson power unJr all
plowlp conditions.
Because of light weight and
dean scouring quulttle, it pulls
extremely light. It's real fuel saver.
See It at work once, and you wilt
appreciate how light It pulls.
Its correct line of draft,
when hitched to the Fordson assures
Ideal penetration.
Its ganulne John Deere
bottoms scour, wear well and make
good kvd beda.
Its quick detachable shares
are stronj; and cUwe fitting. Loosen
ane nut to remove a share; tighten
the same nut and the share Is on tight.
Its simple, strong power lift
wwIm perfectly. Lifting' mechanism
moves only when the plow U beln
ratted or lowawd no useless wear.
If you are planning to ouya
FenUon be sure to see this plow. Ask
us to show you the John Deere No.
40 the plow that tits tlm Fordson.
HAiniST OHUltCll
(H, II. Dlom, Pastor)
niblo School, 10:00 A. M.
Morning Worship, 11:00 A. M.
Itov. J. C. Austin, of Portland will
preach nt tho Sorvlco.
Junior II. Y. P. W., 0:30.
Senior Young Peoplu'8 Survlro,
0 30
Dlblo Study Class, 0:30.
nnsnol Sorvlco. 7:30.
Subject: "8atnn, Ills OrlRln, History
and Doom." .
Prayor Sorvlco, Wodnosday 7:30
Chorus Choir, Tliursday
7 30.
Geo. W. Wayt
Tho llconso churgo for dogs own
ed and kept within tho City of On
tario Is us follews: Mnlo Dogs $3.00.
Feinnlo Dogs $5.00 per annum,
which la now duo and payablo at
the offlco of tho City llocordor.
On all llconsos voluntarily paid by
dog owners boforo April 1st. 1921
the City will pay from lt llconso
tax tho County IIcoiibo as proscrlbod
by law. Aftor April 1st City and
County licenses will bo collected In
full separately by tho County and
City authorities.
This Is an opportunity to socuro
both licenses for the cost of one but
la not good aftor April 1st. 1921
Dated March 1st. 1921.
(SEAL) City ltecorder
2 t.
Corn fodder ellago Is mado on
the samo gonoral principles as sllago
from mixed hays. Tho cut mntor
lals nro given plenty of water and
well tramped to oxolude tho air.
Dairy, O. A. C.
Completion of n new 2000-acro
drainage project in tho lloavor dis
trict, south of Crabtree Lin county.
Is now nasured. Moro than 75 per
cont of tho farmers Interested sign
ed the petition for this project, and
tho secretary of tha stato drainage
association. W. L. Powers of tho col
lego soils department, has been au
thorized to draw tho potttiou for
forming the district. Soils, O. A. C.
A flno Jersey cow that Frank
Bhulcr rccontly purchased from J.
W. Kygnr got tanglod up In a rope,
and was thrown on her back In
which position sho died Inst wook
while Schulers woro gono to Nyssa.
Itadford Slnclnlr, celebrated his
sixth birthday nnnlvorsnry Monday,
Fcbrunry 21, by going to visit tho
Kolony school.
Mr. nud Mrs. Charles Scltwolzor
and daughter Delia spent last week
end In Cnldwoll visiting with Mr.
Schwclxor's rolntlvcs.
Kenneth McDonald was an over
night guost of dcrnld Dollord, Sat
urday of 'last wcok.
Frank Schulor, enmo to tho Do
llord ranch last week whero ho Rot
a coupto ot young horses belonging
to E. F. Pratt to break for tho ubo
of thorn during tho comtng nutnmor.
T. M. Lowo took n calf ho had
Just butchered nnd a lond of pota
toes to Nyssn Saturday of laBt wcok
whero ho disposed of tlicin.
Evolyn Dollord spent Wednesday
night with her friend, Ituby Itcod of
tho Kolony.
Fred KlliiRbnck and T. M. Lowo
nro putting up n fluo fonco between
tholr ranches ns their pips nnd cows
are too neighborly.
deorgo Tteed was In tho Owyhco
Wednesday of last wook looking
for n satisfactory milch cow.
Owing to n scarcity or food nround
Unity Horbort Walters, oldest son
of Hub Wnltcrs brought about 200
bond of stock down from thoro,
which woro tnkon to tho Dollord
ranch to bo fed.
Vernon Mcfllnnls mado a trip to
Parmn last week.
Frod Pillion went to Vnlo on busi
ness Saturday of last wcok attend
ing n bnskot ball game whilo lie
was thoro.
Mlrm Kato Whlppol who has boon
working for Mrs. Charles Schwolzor
spont tho weok-ond t hor homo near
Nyssa last wcok.
J. P. Mcdlnnls roturnod from
Ilolso Saturday of last wook whoro
ho had boon visiting for n fow dnys.
Mrs. A. C. Ilradloy was on tho
sick list Inst wcok.
Mr. and Mrs. Shallow visited at
tho Ilobort Wallace homo tho first of
last wook.
Claudo Smith loft Friday for Port
land with n carload of boot cattle
which ho and his fnthor-ln-lnw, Ir
win Wlsnor, havo tioen feeding this
wlntor. Thoy took n carload to
Portland somo tlmo ngo, obtaining
for them tho samo prlco por pound
that thoy paid for them last fall.
Mrs. D. P. Pillion who has been
sorlously III with La Grippo Is slow
ly rccovoring. Mrs. nigolow hits boon
caring for hor baby, Viola, during
hor Illness.
.William nnd carl Schwolzor visit
ed" with th6lr slstor Mm. J. S. Olas-
cock ono dny last week.
Tho P. T. A. hold n buslnoss moot
ing nt tho school houso Friday after
noon of Inst wook.
' Joo'Mcndlola was n Onto City vis
itor Inst wook.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Mcdlnnls nnd
fnmlly' woro guosts to dlnnor on
Washington's birthday at tho homo
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Alvln Mcdlnnls, tho
occasion bolng Alvln'a birthday as
well ns Washington's.
Tiny Cnntroll, Henry Pngo nnd E.
F. Prntt butchorod a hoof Inst wook
to supply tho Wnltors shoop nnd cnt-
tie camp.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Nowblll of
Ontnrlo were guosts nt tho floo
Qlnscock homo ono dny Inst wcok.
Corner Idaho &. 2nd St. S. W.
JD. J. Olllanders Pastor)
Sundny School, 10:00 A. M.
Preaching, 11:00 A. M., Subject;
"Tho Faultless Christ."
Christian Endeavor, 11:30 P. M.
Preaching, 7:30 P. M. Subject;
"What Makos Great Men" or "Flvo
Dlblo Study, Tuesday, 7:00 P. M.
Special business mooting aftor
morning sorvlco to decide about
building, all Interested bo out.
Those who woro at homo last Sun
day aleoplng tako a walk to church
uext Sunday. It will bo good for
your health.
Whoro will you spond eternity?
You must nnswor. God gavo you tho
powor ot choice. Accept Christ and
bo saved; roject Christ and bo lost;
chooso you this day whom you will
Ownors ot chlckons are hero-
by notified that tho city ordln-
nucos prohibiting chickens from
running at largo will be strict-
ly enforced. No further notlfl-
cation will bo given but on com-
plaint owners of chickens will
be prosecuted for violations ot
the ordinance.
II. a FARMER, Marshal
says (the Good Judge
A man can get a henp moro
satisfaction fromasinall chew
of this class of tobacco, than
ho ever could get from a big
chew of the old kind.
He finds it costs less, too. Tho
good tobacco taste lasts so
much longer he doesn't need
to have n fresh chew nearly
as often.
Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will tell you
Put i:fi in two styles
W-B GUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT GUT is a short-cut tobacco
Savings Club
Back of every branch of our complex and highly
developed American industry stands the Savings
Book. It has been the accumulated saving of mil
lions of our people that has made our great de
velopment possible.
Practically every prominent figure in American
finances and industry states, emphatically, that his
success has been the result of a determination, at
the beginning of his career, to learn to save; and
through that determination was accumulated his
first capital often a small amount.
What effort are you making to help yourself?
Open a Savings Account here today.
Ask for Escue.
Ontario National Bank
Unusual Opportunity
Vacuum Cleaner
Did you ever expect to buy the best electric
vacuum cleaners made for ONE DOLLAR as a
first payment?
That 'is just what you are offered during the
month of March at the Electric Shop.
?5.00 a Month
Come and see them have one sent home for a
few days' trial on your rugs.
Overstocked $15 Reduction
We are overstocked on the Ohio Cleaners, be
cause we received a double shipment by mistake
for 1921 sales. Therefore during March
Ohio Electric $35 Cash .
?41 on Terms of $1 Down and $5 a Month
A real, unmistakable bargain. The regular cash
price of $50 will be in force after March 31.
Act now the saving is worth it!
Electric Shop
Idaho Power Co.