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    nMmamto Wflh
Mr. anil .Mrs. L Ailnm wcro tho
host ami hostcsR for n pretty Vnl
otitlno pnrty tit their homo Inst uon
lng. Four tabloB of Auction wcro
plnyod, and following refreshments
two hours woro dovoted to music
mid dancing.
Mrs. Hcrschol Ilrowno gnvo n
Kensington Wednesday nfternooti In
honor of Mm. 8. W. Koupnl who Ih
visiting hor mother Mm. Paul Cnyou.
Mrs. Koupdl Is stopping In Ontnrlo
enrouto from hor formor home In
Ord, Nobrnska to her new ono nenr
ltonnn, Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cockrtim en
tertnlned tho Onrnntlon Club Tues
day o Piling.
Mrs. It. V. Jones was hostess this
week to tho Monday Hrldgo Club.
Tho Tuesday Hrldgo Club met
this woek.wlth Mrs. J. K. Wood
Mrs. C. It. retursoii was hostess
this wcok to tho Wednesday llrldgn
Tho Oregon Club gnvo n very de
lightful Vnlentlno dance Monday
uvonlng. About fifty couples enjoy
ed the program.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. It. Fortlor nro
entortnlnlng tho Imperial Club this
The Woman's Club met this nlor-
noon at tho home of Mrs. II. O
Drnno. '
Tho "airl's Friendly Society held
n Valontlno I'nrty at tho homo of
Mrs. Ivan Oakos Tuesday evening.
A mock wedding was staged nnd
spent In plnylng games nnd dancing.
Next Tuesday they meet at 7:fl0 at
tho High School.
A Valentino party was given nl
tho Masonic Hall Monday evening
by tho Woodmen and Hoyal Neigh
bors. Tho Utiles of the Altar Society
will meet with Mrs. Fred Clemo,
Friday, February 2G.
Mr. mid Mrs Herbert Paul enter
tnlned at curds Tuesday evening.
Tho out of town guests woro Mr,,
nnd Mrs. Bottlo of Pnyotto nnd Mrs.
Kouped of Ord Nobrnska.
Josophlno Hock,. Infant daughter
of Mrs. Mary Heck, aged ono yoar
and tilnu mouths, died nt Vnto Fri
day of pnoiimouln. Tho remains
woro brought to Ontario Sunday nnd
thu funeral took plnco from tho
Catholic church nt 3:30 Sunday af
ternoon, bolng conducted by llov.
Father O'Connor. Entormont was
In tho Catholic cemetery bosldo tho
grnvo of tho child's father who died
Juno Gilt of Inst year nnd was hur
led hero.
Mrs. J. F. Joyce entertained a
number of lady friends at her homo
on Tuosdny afternoon.
Mrs. Fred W. Cnnflold went to
Viilu today for a short visit with
Hnrmnn Northrup of Dead Ox Flat
wiih an Ontario visitor on Woduos
dny. i
to the women of Ontario and vicinity
Morris Millinery and Novelty Shop
Ontario, Oregon
First Door North of Majestic Theatre
( Continued from pago ono )
Payottoj 3rd, Nelson Noah, Ontario.
Hon 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Parks
Poultry Farm, Ontnrlo.
Pullet 1st nnd 2nd, Parks Poul
try Farm, Ontario; 3rd W. A. Fouls,
Breeding Pen 1st Parks Poultry
Farm, Ontario.
Cockcrol 1st nnd 2nd, C. S. John
son, Ontario.
Ptillot, 2nd and 3rd, L. Heady, On
Cock bird 1st, Archlo M. Larson,
Wolsor, Idaho; 2nd, J. D. Denl,
Fruttland. '
Pullet 1st nnd 2nd, Archlo M.
Larson. Welser: 3rd. A. II. Cnln On
tnrlo. ,
I Old Ilroedlng Pen 1st J. I) Ileal,
I Frultland. .
! Young Hrccdlng Pen 1st, Archlo
M. .Larson, WelRor; 2nd, A. II. Cnln.
I "IlllOWN LE0110HN8
Cock bird 1st, Harvey Ileiin,
Now Plymouth.
I Cockerel 1st, Nelson Noah, On
tnrlo. Hon 1st, 2nd nnd 3rd, Hnrvey
Ilenn, Now Plymouth.
I Pullet, Dark Ilrown 1st, 2nd mid
'3rd, Harvey Ilenn, Now Plymouth.
Pullet Light Ilrown 2nd nnd 3rd.
Nelson Noah, Ontnrlo.
Cockerel, Dark Ilrown 1st Ilnr
voy Ilonn, Now Plymouth.
Ilrcodlng pen 1st, Nelson Noah.
Hon 1st nnd 2nd, Mnrk Chris
tnlnson. Pullets 1st, 2nd nnd 3rd, Mnrk
Christiansen, Ontario,
Cock bird 2nd, Oontry Crowley,
Hon 1st, Oontry Crowley, Ontar
Cockorol 1st, R. P. Smiley, On
tario, Oregon.
Cock Hlrt! 2nd, B. O. Harter, On
Cockerel 1st nnd 2nd, Mrs. D. A.
llurrley. Now Plymouth; 3rd. B. (I.
Hnrtor, Ontario.
Hen 1st, 2nd mid 3rd, Mrs. D
A. llurrley, Now Plymouth.
Pullot 1st. Mrs. D. A. llurrley.
Now Plymouth, Idaho; 2nd and 3rd,
B. 0. Harter, Ontario.
Cockorol 1st, 11. P. Shnwhan,
Dost Dlsplny-.II II. Flock. On
tnrlo, Oregon.
nost Display 0. II. Flock. On
tnrlo; 2nd. Karl ItlchnrdHon, Ontnrlo.
Cockerel- 1st, Mrs. U. A Hurrloy.
Now Plymouth.
Ptillot 1st. 2nd nnd 3rd. Mrs. D
A. llurrley, Now Plymouth.
Hroodlng Pen 1st, Mrs. D. A.
Hurrloy, Now Plymouth.
Cockorol 1st, W. A. Fonts, Pny
otto, Idnho; 2nd, F. A. Ilntcllffe, On
tario. Hon 1st nnd 2nd, Dr. A. 0.
Mooro, Ontnrlo.
Pullot 1st nnd 2nd, II. A. lint
ollffo, Ontnrlo; 3rd, W. A. Fouts,
HreedlUK pon 1st, F. A. Itntcllffo,
Ontnrlo; 3rd. W A. Fouts, Pnyotto
White nnbhlts Host Display nnd
Host Pair, Carl F Johnson, Ontnrlo
Siberian Haft- Host buck, Oco
Wllllnms, Ontnrlo.
Now Zonland Habblts -Best Pair
You are invited to be present
at the opening of the
Majestic Theatre Building,
Monday, February 21.
You will have an opportunity
of viewing the latest in fash
ion's mode from a strictly
new and impressive stock.
Mrs Jennie Mustnril wiib operated
on last week for appendicitis at
oil his slHter Miss Qeorgln Hull out
Holy Hosury Hospital.
Grandma Thoninti Is iiulto 111 at
her homo on tho cast side.
Mrs. Stownrt of Frultlnnd was op
erated on Monday for nppondlcltlB
at her homo In Frultland.
Dr Stcclhnmmcr of Vnlo brought
Mrs. W. J. Hower to Holy Rosary
Hospital Friday whero sho will bo
operated on for appendicitis by On
tario ploslclniiH,
Miss Noln DoArmond was In On
tario Snturday.
Mr. and Mrs C. 0. Plnncy were
In Ilolso Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. Will Anderson roturnod Mon
day from n fow dnys visit with her
mother nt Caldwoll.
Mrs. John Hcrvln spent Friday at
11. I). Jenne Is nttondtng tho Ir
rigation School nt Vnlo this week.
Mrs. C. F. Smith, of Salt Lnko,
who has boon visiting In Ontnrlo for
sonin time left Inst week for homo.
Tho Latter Day .Saints have leased
tho building South or tho City Hall
and nro fitting tho samo up for a
church. This church hns n member
ship of about 100 In Ontario and
II. L. Potorson returned Tuesday
from Council Orove, Kansas where
ho was called by the Illness of his
Tho High School basketball team
Journeyed to Huntington Frldny to
meet tho Huntington High School
team. Aftor a hard fought Imttli
tho Ontario boys succeeded In win
ning by n scoro of 40 to 14.
Huntington accepted tho defeat In
a Bfiortsmnnllkn manner, and roynlty
entertained tho Ontnrlo team by
tnktng them to tho how nftor tho
game nnd then to tho high school
whero games were played nnd n
lunch wns served.
Tho Ontnrlo High school will play
tho Huntington High School team
horo on Frldny Fobrunry 2G.
Tho llnotip nt Huntington was as
M. Mooro, F S
O. Dean, F 14
W. Ualo, C
J. Wcnvor, O 2
J. Sulllvan.Q 14
II. Noeso 2
N. Znhlor
Johnston, F
Hrynnt, F 2
Hlrlow, C 12
Duff a
Holt (1
nnd Nest Dlnplny, J. D. Donl, Fruit
Innd. Hlmnlnynu Itabblt Hest alr and
Host Display, A. II. Hodges, Ontario.
Flemish (limit nom I'nir, u n.
Flock, Ontario, Oregon.
Toiilouso Gecso Dost Pair. 1st
and 2nd. Mrs. I). A. Hurrloy. Now
nronzo Turkoys Host Pair, J. I)
Doal Frultlnnd; Hnst Display, J. D.
Deal: Urgost Hlrd, J. I). Doal.
pecials for One Weak
Saturday 1 9 to Saturday 26
innn - JJ- rn n rim n- n rur r 1 - y
Waists aod Hos5iry Reduced
Just as the season is opening we offer these wonderful
bargains to you
Wanstts' WansitsX Waists'
In the newest spring shades. These taffeta, satin,
crepe dc chine and georgette waists in four lots
$20.C0 waists - - $15.00 $12.00 waists - - $9.75
$16.00 waists - ' - $11.50 Special lot for - - $3.75
Silk Fnber
$3.60 silk hose
$2.50 silk hose
Sec Our New
closing missions of
i-'aiim week populah
(Continued From Page Ono)
tension Specialist In Mnrkotlng gnvo
what ninny dcclnrcd to bo tho best
lecturo of tho entire course Ills
subject wns tho "Underlying Princi
ples of Cooperative Organizations "
Tho whole mntter wns handled In
such n clear nnd positive manner,
well Illustrated by blackboard dia
grams, that no ono could fnll to
grasp tho essentials to tho success
of any attempt nt forming coopcru
llvn marketing organizations and It
Is snfo to say that fow, If any of
his honrers wont nwny without hav
ing acquired n now vlowpolnt In tho
mnttor. Mr. Mohl continued his dis
cussion tn tho afternoon nnd. nftor
rovlowlng tho principles of such
movements, proceeded to nnnlyzo
various cooperative organizations
now doing business In tho State nnd
to explain vnrlous things In connec
tion with thorn. Ono thomo In par
ticular ran nil through his discus
sion that was tho throo ossontlnls
for success. VOLUME of BU8INE88,
closed tho dny with n talk on tho
vnluo of cost of production Hurvoys
In determining tho feasibility of do
voloplug mnrkotlng mnchtnory for
special products.
Tho last day of tho weok wns do
votod to tho subject of poultry. Mr.
Graham Park of Ontnrlo stnrtod tho
program with n vory splondld ac
count of his operations In n smnll
wny with laying bona, Ho found It
so profltnblo ns n sldo lino Hint ho
Intends to mnko this his business
from now on. II. E Cosby, Poultry
specialist from tho O. A. C. gavo n
lecturo on tho Incubation nnd caro
of bnby chlx. nnd Mr. Archlo Lnr
son of Wolsor gnvo n very highly np
proclntod uccount of his oxporlonco
In building up his largo poultry
plant whero ho Is doing groat work
In Improving his strain of chickens
as woll ns conducting n profltnblo
business with laying lions. In tho
nftornoon, Mr Hrowstor. formerly
poultry specialist of tho O, A. C,
guvo.n snort tniK on me pouury
buslness nnd vns followed by U. O,
Upson, manager of tho Pacific Poul
try Producors cooperative mnrkotlng
association, who gnvo his llstoners
n splendid nn'ount of tho experi
ences of .the poultrymon of the Pa
r'flc coast In mnrkotlng tholr pro
ducts nnd the progress nnd success
of tho now mnrkotlng organization.
This organization now hnndles a
vast amount of business nnd has n
lnrge niomborslilp In Orogon nnd
Washington. Many of the poultry
mon of this section expressed n de
sire to Join In when conditions nro
favornblo for extending the organi
zation to this territory, Tho con
cluding lecturo was given by Prof.
Cosby on tho subject of "Care, Feed
ing and Management of Poultry."
Professor Cosby proved hlmsolf a
master of his specialty nnd gavo n
vast amount of useful Information
Tho attendnnco during poultry day
was exceptionally good, tho hall be
ing filled through the day.
In a letter to the Argus this week
Walter M. Olenn, brand Inspector
for tho OrogoTl Cattlo nnd Horse
Raisers association at Seattle says
that Mrs. Olenn and son, Wosley
wlll leavo to visit In Ontario sqon
after school closes In that city, and
he adds that personally ho hopes
to see many Stockmen at Canyon
City May 25 and 26. Mr. Olenn
adds that all of the family are enjoy
ing good health this wiuter.
and Snllk and
$1.75 fiber
$1.00 lisle
Spring Millinery. Our Prices
Georgia Hull
You need not wait longer to buy your
Spring Clothes
We have reduced everything in our store and the
price is as low as it will be in the spring. So if you
Need Work Clothes
why wait? Our business is increasing every day.
It proves that the peoplo arc realizing that we are
Selling For Less
and our goods give satisfaction. Following is a list
of articles we are specializing on this week:
Heavy, full cut work shirts - 75c
Men's heavy weight overalls - $1.25
Boys' heavy weight overalls - 75c, 85c
Ladies' house dresses - - $1.95
Ladies' flannelette gowns - $1.95
Men's work pants - - - $2.45
Heavy corduroys ... $4.50
Work gloves - - 50c and up
Men's and boys' suits greatly reduced
40 Stores
Wo have had loft on our bands
stored In public wareltouso In Pny
otto, a strictly high grado piano. For
quick snlo to responslblo party big
discount will bo given. Easy torms.
Wrlto nt onco for particulars to Tho
Denver Muslo Company, Denvor, Col
orado. 11-12-13.
FOIt SALE Oood seed barloy
cheap; hay first cutting 8 a ton,
second cutting 7 a ton. Two
miles straight west of town. John
Molonaar. 11-14 P.
FOUND Pair of gold rimmed
spectacles. Finder may havo same
by calling at tho Argus and paying
for this ad, it.
WHITE LEOIlftRN baby chicks
20 per huridred. Hatching eggs
$2.00 per setting, 110.00 por hun
dred. Phone 206-W A. D. Cain.
Two cars of baled hay that must
bo turnod soon. Will trade for cat
tlo, horses, sheep or Ford. Address
D. O. nuby, Caldwell, Idaho. 10-12
Watch for particulars of
Dairy Cow Sale
The cows are here
S. P. Graham
LnsHe Hosiery
and silk hose - $1.15
hose - - 50c
Will Please You
Where you save money
To tho Editor of tho Argus:
Tho Short Courso School conduct
ed by the Farm Duroau Inst wooU
was tho best attonded of any ever
hold In tho county and mnny tlraol
subjocts were dlscussod. Dut we b
Ilovo one Important ono was over
looked. The pruno growors of tho Wlllaut
etto valley aro loaded with prunes
without a profitable" market, Just as
the hay growers of this county aro
Httuated with their hay. Dy refer
ence to tho market quotations we
find prunes retailing In Portland at
ten cents a pound, while tmvnrlce
domanded in tho Ontario stores Is
twonty-flvo cent a pound. On thn
other"hand we find the quotation on
alfalfa In Portland, wholesale, Is
nlnetoon dollars, while abound On
tarlo It Is much loss
Is this n case of mtsdlrocted of
fortT Why does not the Willamette
valley farmer raiso alfalfa and the
Malheur county man devoto his at
tention to the prunes? Surely there
s some profit in .raising prunes,
when the selling price Is twenty-five
cents a pound under present condi
tions. a sunscniBEit.
FOR SALE Electric motor and
pump for residence water system.
Bargain. Call J. w. McCulloch,
Phone 32 or Residence 125-W.