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pi "trpt'"i'yBWf pMwwwj
Mrs. II. A. Clinpmnti Is visiting re
latives and frlonds tn Dolso.
Tho third and fourth grndcB of
tlio cast sldo Bchool, MIhs lleryl
Stlth's room, gavo a unluuo pro
gram Friday aftornoou comblnliiB
Lincoln birthday axcrclscs with an
Arnhlan program In connection with
tliolr study of Arabia. Tim child
ron woro dressed In Arabian con
tinues and wcro seated on the floor.
Thoy had iih tliolr guests tliolr par
ontH. ltofrcshmcutB woro served In
Arabian stylo.
Judgo Dnlton Ulgga wont to linker
Monday where bo will hold court for
Judgo Audorson who Is presiding tn
Malheur rlvor water cases at Vala,
Trod Itlco, who hns boon at Wal
lowa tho past month was visiting
with his family In Ontario tho first
of tho wcolt. Mr. HIco roturnod to
Eutorprlso Tuesday whore ho has
purchased a barber shop and taken
charge of tho Ranio.
"Aunt Hetty" (loodman who Is
83 years old, was sorlously Injured
by a fall Sunday and lit confined to
hor bod.
Glen Oliver htiB been appointed
postmaster at Alderson, Oregon.
Mrs. W. W. Lotson returned Sun
day from San Francisco and othor
const cities whoro sho has spent tho
past month.
Mrs. S, II. Stacoy who has been
visiting her son and datightor Mr
nnd Mrs. J. It. llnsmttnscn loft today
for her home In Montpollcr.
Mrs. II. T. Smith of Pnyetto visit
ed Mrs. Kitty Walker tho first of
tho wook.
Mrs. J. II. Hasmusson roturnod
Tuesday from a short trip to I'oca-
totlo mid Montpollor.
Mr. and Mrs. Itomor. Sottlo of
Payette spent last weok end with
Mr. and Mrs. Horbort Paul.
Willis Walker and Itlchard Stork
ton of Now Plymouth vlsltod this
weok with Mrs. Kitty Walker.
Davo Logan Is down from Hrognn.
Hakor Hall has Just roturnod from
a trip to Dakcr.
Misses Nclllo and Mary Morris who
havo bcon with Mrs. Hawkins' Mil
linery of Wolsor, aro In Ontario
making preparations to opon a mil
llnory storo In tho building formerly
occupied by tho Paloco of Sweets.
Big Dance
International Sextette
Mr. Chauncey Locke
Baritone Soloist
Tho students of tho Department
of Vocational Agrlculturo attended
tho locturcs of tho Farmers' week.
On Frldny of laRt weok thu Voca
tional Agrlculturo studonts nttoiided
tho Poultry show. Ilrcod character
istics wero studied and the reasons
for placing woro determined. Thoro
aro thrco students In tho Department
conducting poultry projects,
Dr. A. Q. Mooro gavo u vory in
Btructlvo talk to tho cIubb on "Com
mon Dlseaso of Livestock." From
tlmo to tlmo tho students hear talks
slsts of a full library of reference
books, current Farm piipors, a com
Ploto fllo of bulletins. Illustrntho
material, samples of food tuffs, for-tllls-ers,
common stock pntoiu rem
edies, milk testing outfit. Ilvostoch
Instrument enso nnd u uumbnr of
other mntcrlal. Tho Laboratory Is
comploto for n closo study of Agrl
culturo. The regular manual-training
shop Is used for shop work.
Tho IllghSchool band Is practic
ing regularly and soon will bnvo n
now program rendy for prosontntlon.
It Is tho deslro of tho bnnd to hold
by mon who nro spcclallstH In tholr several outdoor concorts this spr'ng
Oper.a House
Tuesday, February 22
IM't'lOU M 'M' 'i ' " " "'
Our Music is Different
Syncopated Fox Trots and
Dreamy Waltzes
i .3hyw-f4itvt?tt-$-'iM
Hem Your Own
Table-Cloths' and Sheets
Perhnps you've sent that sort of work out
because it was so long and tiresome by tho old
treadle machine method.
Quickly Performed with Ease
The Western Electric Portable Sewing Ma
chine will turn out the long jobs quickly, and
at small expense. They're light you can carry
them wherever you want to sew. They start
and stop at a touch go fast.or slow according
to your slightest desire.
field thereby gaining bo mo facts
not brought out In general discus
slons. '
Tho shop work for this week In
tho Department of Vocational Agri
culture was tho building of a mod
ern homo poultry yard for Supt. J.
M. McDonald. Tho open front col
ony houso, trap nests, scratching
pen and run worn constructed. Tho
cIobs also advised Mr. McDonold con
corning tho brood of chickens to
purchnso and will also udvlso him
about tho feeding.
Ityo Project Htnrtccl
Ilusscl Doors, n studont In the
Department of Vocational Agricul
ture Is conducting for a project 5
ncros of rye. Seed solectlon, seod
trcattnont, preparation of seed bed,
planting, Irrigating, and harventlng
nro points of vnluo which ho Is con
sidering Desldoa tho actual pro
duction of tho crop ho ts keeping nc
curato records of all thn work and
othor expense bo Is out In tho pro
Joct. Ho allows himself 25 cents
nn hour for his work and pays other
help according to tho nvorngo field
prlooB, Home labor and machine
labor nro also ovnluatod. After al
lowing lutorcst on Investment and
other exponsos ns nbovo mentioned,
tngethor with tho cost of tho soed
nnd tho solution for treatment, ho
will subtract that from tho tolnl In
coino nnd dotormlno tho profit or
loss por aero. With careful roadlug
of curront Farm papers nnd bulletins
nnd an application of thoso princi
ples thoro should ho no loss column.
This Is only a typical project ns
conducted by tho various students of
tho Department of Smlth-IIughc-H
Agrlculturo, Tho studonts nro nl
lowod to tako any typo of projoct
bo long ns It In of mntorlal vnluo,
this to bo dotormlnod by tlio, Direc
tor of tho Dopartmout. That allows
thorn to tako up work In which
thoy nro Interested. A groat amount
of Interest Is being shown by tho
students In tholr project work.
Tho last ordor of Appnrntus for
tho Vocational Agricultural Dopart
mout Is horo. Tho equipment cod
as soon ns tho drill grounds dry
up tho It. O. T. C. together with
the bnnd will give somo drew par
ades, guarjl mounts nnd othor for
ninl ceremonies.
Tho High School orchestra will
furnish sovorol numbers on tho pro
gram of tho Lltornry Club this weok.
Tho orchestra now Is working on
tho music for thoenlor play which
Is to bo hold Homotlmo early In
Winded- Club
A Wireless I'lub litis ben formed
In tho high school nnd thorn are
quite n number of Btudoiits Interest
ed. At presout they nro construct
ing sending nnd receiving sets of
their own which completed will bo
usod to soud message to each other
Tho sots aro all of tho short wnvo
A detailed study of tho prlnolplos
of electricity Is tho program of
tho physics course for tho next two
months. Field trips to Btudy tho
vnrtous practical iiboh will bo made.
Tho work will Includo n study of
radio oloclrlclty. Tho work will be
iiuulo us practical as possible. The
study of hent has Just been finished
nnd nftor tho study of oloclrlclty.
light and sound will bo taken up In
tho ordor montloned. Lawn and
getiornl phenomena aro proven by
laboratory oxporiments performo I
by tho students thomsolvos.
Debate Plnliunl
A club lins boon formed by the
BtudentM of tho Jonornl Sclonco
Clnss. Knch Friday morning do
bntos nnd nrtlclos nro presented by
tho dlfforont members of tho club
Lnst Frldny tho clnss dobntcd on tho
offocts of tho uso of coffoo. Tho
sldo upholding tho hnrmful offocts
won. Itoha Hood Is President, Karl
Scow, vlco-pros., nnd John Tnttorson
Socrotnry trensuror.
Tho seniors nro busily ongnged In
tholr annual play practice. Miss
Conway Is tho coach. Jamos Pur
cell Is buslnosB mnnngor. Tho piny
will bo held nt tho Majestic nt n date
not yot set.
Mrs. Martha llrodcrlck and Mrs.
Oscar Jacokes woro Payette visitors
Mr. nnd Mra. L. L. Cnpron loft
Monday for tholr homo at (lloscow,
Mm. Steolo loft Moudny for hor
homo nt Kminott. Bho has boon
v'sltlng with her husband nt tho
Mooro Hotel for n few dns.
Mrs. C. nation of North Powder,
Oregon was a lsltor .it tho Jacob
Stroup homo th's weok
Mr. nnd Mrs Kd Deny oniortnln
ed at dinner Sunday, Mr and Mrs
Cnpron nnd C. U. Stover and family
Arthur McCnrty wns up from Ns
sn on business Monday. '
Mrs. Jessie McCarthy of Willow
Creek, Idaho Bpont tho week end
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs
Jacob Stroup.
Mrs. ltox Mnrquls of Vale spent
thn past week with her parents Mr
nnd Mrs. Chns. Dullard.
Lumblng season is bore, nnd In
rplto or the dnmp cloudy wtmth
n Inrgo per cent Is being snved for
(ho sheep men.
Miss Mnry Koolnger Is tho new
trlmmor nt Oslmrti millinery.
Karl Hull bus resigned hs posi
tion at Under Urns, store nnd has nc-
Do you know
you can roll
cigarettes for
lOcts from
one bag of
W. L. Hover spent Saturday In
Mrs. Dnvo Mnglll of Vnlo vicinity
and Mrs. Hor Smith woro shopping
n Ontario Saturday
Mrs. Jnck Dunphy of Nntnpa vlilt
Mrs. Helen Strothors who hns bcon
In Dolso caring for hor mother who
has boon qulto III, was In Ontario
leptod a position with tho Concrete Sunday and Monday.
Plpo Company ns book-keeper, tak-1 Mrs. Leo Flsor of Nntnpn nnd Mr.
Iiib tlio plnco of II. I). Jenne who will nnd Mrs. L. II. Fry and Children of
go to Caldwell as mnnngor of tho Nyssn woro weok end visitors at
Company's plant thoro. . tho T. H. Flsor homo.
Mrs. W. W. Lotson teturned Sat-' Mr. and Mrs. Cholsey Iloyor nnd
urdny from California. Mr. nnd Mrs. Will FlBor of Crnno
Jus. McCrolght nnd Win. Lew re- vl,c'l ' week with Mr. nnd Mrs.
turnod Inst week from La Orande cl,nl Trow nt l,, Dunlmr rnnch.
whoro thoy attended tho State Chris- Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Calkins ipont
tin i Endeavor convention.. tho weok end with the C. II. Ding-
Mrs. Joo Staples was called to hnm family.
Caldwell last weok by tho Illness of Ed nerry who has bsn quit ill
her father. U better.
February Terms Your Opportunity
No. 1 machine, $12 down and 6 a month
No. 2 machine, ?16 down and $8 a month
10 diicouU for cosh purchase
Take one home for a few days' trial no
A Motor to Run the Old Machine
Put a "Sew E-Z" Motor on your old machine
and run it by electricity at a great saving of
energy and nerve force.
Come in and see them operating at the
Electric Shop
Idaho Power Co.
run. n ix) run. ia
Jones Land & Llvo Stock Co. to
Den Jones, 1,075,00 acres In Town
ships 21 and 22, Ilnnges 38 and .14.
Dec. 31, 1020, $21,538. 44.
Jones Laud & Llvo Stock Co. to
Forrest Jones, 240.35 acres In Town
ships 20 and 21, Ilnnges 37 and 38;
nisi 377.76 acres In Harney County.
Dec. 31, 1920. $21,538.44.
Jo n os Land & Lle Stock Co. to
James Jones, 2113 acres in Town
ships 20 and 21, Ranges 30 and 40,
Dec. 31, 1020. 121,538.44.
Sheriff II. Leo Noo to Nichols
Krlcs, Lot 10, Dlock IS, Ontario.
Jnn. 2G, 1021, $3,574.95.
E. A. Folght ot ux to Paul II.
Wright, NW SI3 Sec. 20-1C43.
Jnn. 12, 1921. $3(500.00.
Andrew M. Lackoy ot ux to Carrie
II. Ver. I.os II, 12, 13 nnd 14 lilk
230. Ontnrlo. Fo. 7. 1021. $800.00.
John Mogus et ux to Amos C.
Prosser. Lot 1, nnd N Lot 4, Soo.
19-21-47. Fob. 8, 1921. $1.00.
U. S. A. to Wm. M. Gregory, SH
SBU Sec. 13; NHNEU Sec. 24-10-
38. Nov. 16, 1920.
Adolph Qrnmso et.ux to Alexander
Dickson, Lots 40, 41, 42, 44, and
4B, Illock 3, Torraco Hgts. Add. to
Ontario. Fob. B, 1921. $300.00.
U. S. A. to Wallace M. Derrick.
WNE, NBViNWU Sec. 31; SE
HSW'4 Sec. 30-13-40, July 8, 1920.
U. 8, A. to Delbcrt S. Dorrlck,
LotB 3 and 4, SE,,8WU. NWUSE
tf Sec 31-13-40. July 8, 1020.
U. S. A. to Wm Hart, EV4NWtf
Sec. 23-14-38. Juno 20, 1020.
Sheriff H. Leo Noe to Wayne Hyde
Lots 4 5 and 6, Illk. 8, Maddens
Add. to Westfall. Jan. 3, 1021. $15.
U. 8. A. to Wm. C, Curteman. W
VSSEU Sec. 10; WVfcNEtf, NWV4
15-27-40. Nov. 11, 1920.
Margaret Darclay to M. E. Church,
Harper, Lot 6, Dlk. 4, Harper, April
22, 1920. $900.00.
NE. E. Leigh ot ux to Milton
Leigh, Lot 10, less 2 ft. 8 in. off E.
side; and East 1-3 of Lot 11, Dlk
8, Nyssa, Jan, 15, 1021. $1.00.
U. 8. A. to Mnrthn M. Hunks, 8 4
Sec. 1-28-38. April 20, 1018
E. E. Archord to Stephen A.
Hawks, Lot 5, Dlk. 2, Itlvorsldo.
Jan. 8, 1021. $1,000.00
Marriage License IkmiiiI
Fordlunnd n. DUtol nnd Thelmn
Savoy, Fob. 12, 1021.
ComplnlntN Filed In ("limit ('unit
Payette National Hank vs J M.
Johnson ot nl, Fob. 10, 1021 Fore
closure of Mtg. $9,900 00
Oortrudo E. Duncan vs. Wm. F.
Duncan, Fob 12, 1921. Divorce and
Paul II. Ilalrd vs. Jacob Xeeterkob
ot al. Fob. 12. 1921. ForeclOBiiro of
Mechanic Lien.
Has n fascinating' display of
tlint have been designed for inimedint
and Inter went, Tliey comblno u variety
of pleasing cil'ects in nil new material.
QOME are all straw, in semi-tailored ef-
fecta; some Flowers and Silk combin
ations and others in Cellophane and Satin
models; in turban nnd "oiV-the-fnce styles,
that arc youthful and pleasing.
FOlt SALE Nino room
Phono 31-M for Information.
11 tf.
FOIl SALE 75 Shnres Owyhee
Ditch Stock. Enough to wutor 16C
acros, Soil all or any part Easy
toniiB. Vrlto for particulars. J 8
Flschor, 201 Sonna Dldg., UoUe.
FOn SALE Tout houso lCxlC.
Linoleum covered floor, fitted with
screens and awnings on four Hides
Lined nnd stained. Ideal summer
houso. Prlco $160. Also bungalow
houso 12x14, $85.00. Phono 205-W-3
11-12 p
WANTED Second hand Ford
car. See Wayt, tho Farm Imploment
man. tf
10:00, A. M. Dlblo School.
11:00 A. M., Worship.
Sermon subject: "Lovoat Thou Me"
Tho saorament of tho Lord's Sup
per will bo observed
6:45 P, M., Young People's Society
7:30 Preaching: "Tho only lteu
son Why Pooplo aro not Saved "
Mr. Dunn will preach
On Wednesday evening Feb. 23,
Rov. II. Q. McGill of Heltopolls
Egypt will lecture on mission work
in Egypt. Tho United Presbyterian
Church Is tho only denomination
having ostabltshed missions in that
A 11 are becomintr, yet marked nt such
- reasonable prices that one cannot
help but select from this collection.
Osborn Millinery
We Are Always Prepared
to care for-the proper
needs of our customers
First: National Bank
Ontario, Oregon
"A Good Bank in a Good Country"
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