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NO. 10
jit wws
Daliy Oignnljitlon mid Poultry Days
I0H'(lnl to Draw Lnrgvst At
tilt'iiilmicu of UVk on Friday
and Katmda) Programs
0 Aro Vailed.
Kvldontly thoro nro many Malhuur
County rnnchorB who hellovo in the
old ndago "Knowledge Is Power"
At any rnto tho first days of tin
Hliort Courses now In projiruwi untie,
(ho niisplcon of the Farm Ilurcnu In
tho City Hall at Ontario, have at
tracted attendance, considering the
frightful condition of tho roads, that
Is highly satisfactory. Kach day
thoro havo been from 40 to GO men
in nttondnnco and It Is wife to say
that thoro wouldon't bo representa
tives alt tho way from Adrian to
Ooad Ox Flat mid from Frultlaud to
Hnnltn, on hand If thoro wasn't some
thing to ho gained for thixio who nro
after tho latest Information on farm
ing. Tho first dny of tin program was
rffvotod to Horticulture and was pre
sided over by A. A. Hood of Ilrogau,
Chairman of tho horticultural com
mittee. Professor I.onploy of tho
University of Idaho discussed "Dor
mant Sprays" n tho opening gun.
Mr. I-ongloy Inld einphXsIs on thu Im
portance of Intelligent work In tho
unu of those sprays In controlling
senlo rind other slmllnr posts. Follow
ing Mr. Lougloy, A A. Heed present
ed n paper .on the "Problems of tho
Malheur County Orchardlst" In
which ho gnvo n very clear outllno of
tho troubles which besot tho fruit
grower from tho time ho Is locating
n good slto for tho orchard until ho
guts his returns on tho fruit.
1,ii OUi-H Good lhii
Mr. Long, Hortocultur,il Bpoclallst
for Oregon, combined his lecture on
"Orchard Mnnngomont" and "Prun
ing" and hold his nudlenco for two
hours In tho afternoon In ono of tho
best rocolvcd tortures given to dnto
Ills discussion of tho principles of
pruning and blackboard Illustrations
also brouiilits out a flood of ques
tions. ProfoMor I.ongloy who had chargo
of Investigational work In dntlug tho
summer sprays for control of coddU
lug moth and similar Insect pests,
gnvo a vory Interesting talk on lliu
rtMUlts of his work In Payette County
Inst summer. Mr. I.ongloy advovn
ml that each nrchnrdlst should inako
n study of tho habits of tho coddling
moth In order to properly time his
spraying. Following Mr. I.ongloy,
tho commltteo on horticulture gnvo
a report on tho work along market
ing linos to dnto and tnoro was n gen
oral discussion of tho subject of co
' oporntlvo mnrkotlng of fruit.
I'nrm Crop Dlsriikscil
Tho second day of tho program
was dovotod lo discussion of farm
rrgps. diversified farming and crop
rulnttons. Mr Cnrpontor, Crop
Specialist at O. A. C. d'scunsod th
rrops host sti'tod to Malheur County
villi particular reference to produc
tion methods. This was followed
by a very ublo prosontntlon of thn
subject, "Practical Crop notation" b)
f Imlrmsn rry or tno crop improve
mont Commltteo..
Mr. Fry mlvornted a threo-yenr
rotation of clovor'corn-whoat as the
most deslrnblo rotntlon from nil
standpoints for tho averngo farm
Clover Seed Discussed
A". H. Ahlson, Kxtouslon Arono
nL,. for Idaho gave an Intorsstlnp
dlBcusalon on tho production of clov
er seod. Ho cited figures to show
that tho crop was nn exceptionally
profltablo ono and reliable whan
properly grown. Ho advocated tho
ordinary rod clovur In proforonco to
any dttior. .... ., ,
Mr. Carpontor closed tho day's
program with a clear presentation of
tho vnluo of certified seeds In In
creasing yields and resultant profits
both bocausd of tho larger quantity
of produce, and tho higher market
value of tho product because of tho
IJvOstock Program Splendid
Opening the program, Mr. lllngron
Livestock fipeclnllst at O. A. C. om
phaslzed tho need for Intensifying In
this Industry by uso of better breed
ing stock, but particularly thru less
oxponslvo but more Intelligent wtntpr
foodlng and otherwise Increasing tho
calf crop. t
Mr. Allen, Livestock Club Special
ist gavo a very Interesting lnk on
how livestock clubs aro formed and
conducted and pointed out the
economic Importance of the work In
Improving livestock In the commun
ity. Tho greatest appeal to his listen
ers came, however, from his discus
sion of tho training In Industry nnd
citizenship for the boys and girls
who enroll In tho club work and
follow out the plan' for each par
ticular line of club work.
I. N. Qabrlelson of tho U. S.
Biological Survey discussed the sub
ject of " Systematic Pest Control" In
a way that brought home to his
Hs'eners the Importance of concerted
action against the common enemy,
whether it be ground squirrels,
pocket gophers or jack rabbits. Many
C. V. Co. ilu3s not l)ulolir to
tho union, noltlior do tlio 3G
lions In hfiH ho comfortably
housed on htB property on Sixth
Avonitf H. W. Until last woel:
thoso biililluH produced 9 or 10
eggs per tiny, now thoy nro
producing from lit to 21 eggs
dally. Thoro la it reason for -J-
this wonderful Improvement. 4
'h Thoso chtckonii no longer work
: only uniiy knurs, ror tno roop
Ik oqulppod with electric HghlH
which nro turned on nt A. M.
Hhcrlff Iami Nh I'ft Iisl Night Fiir
long llenrh To Wring llnrk
I'Hirmer llolscPnjelte Agent
Wnnted Hei-o
Al Chnnco was nrrssteil nt Long
Deiich, California, Tuosda; by thu
Chlof of Pollcu of that city accord
lug to n wlro received by Shorlff Noo yesterday morning. Tho
Shorlff loft on No. S3 for tho Calif
ornia resort city snd will stop at
Salem to socura n requisition from
Oovornor Olcott on Governor Steph
ens of California for tho delivery of
tho fugitive.
According to reports received hero
Chance wus recognized on tho streets
of Iong Ilmich by nn Ontario citi
zen, of whom thoro nro several
spondlng the winter there. The Ou
tnrlon Informed thu ch'et of. thu
Long Ilcnch pollco forco of thu prcs
onco of Chnnco, that official took
him Into custody and Informed Shor
Iff Noo of his capturo.
Chnnco left Ontnrlo Docornhnr .11
nnd Immodlntoly lliornftor auditors
of tho Uolso-Payotto company found
that his accounts Nvoro short Bovoral
thousand dollars, tho oxact amount
has uovor boon announced, neslde
this shnrtngo Chnnco fleeced ut least
two local pooplo out of liberty bonds
valued nt nearly $1000.
At n spoctal session of tho Circuit
Court on Monday Judge Dnlton
Dlggs announced that ho hnd askod
Judgo Andorson of tho linker d's
trlct to pass upon tho findings of
tho Water Hoard In thn Adjudica
tion of rights In thu Mnlhour ll'v..
enso. This decision was duo, sn'd
Judgo Olggs, to tho fact that as one
of tlio land owners Interested In thu
adjudication he hnd no Jurlsdlct on
Mr. und Mrs. Dan GalUgh r of
Juntura were Ontario visitors over
tho week end. Mr. Gallagher etu.
down to see tho CnsoyVgoat In op
eration on candidate Incldonlnll
Mr. Gallugber avers that Juntura Is
enjoying a fine winter.
questions woro Risked nbout tho con
trol of various posts and thoro wis
a genoral Bentlmout In favor of nct
Ivo work ngnlnst tho most destruc
tive pests, particularly tho pocket
Hob Vltli)Com!o Wins
Tho gonial superintendent of th
Union Kxporlmont Station, Holiert
Wlthycombo took tho floor first
thing .iftor noon and gavo n lscture
on feeding beot steors and lambs
which completely won his audience
His lecture wus basod on actual re
sults obtained from feeding oxporl-
monts conducted on a commercial
scale at tho Kxporlmont Station
during the past five or six yoars. In
feeding steors, Mr Wlthycombo Ihih
EH.r:; "v . i
.. .1 tknt wa Inlit nlf a1 fo liau I II
r nun wmi mis cany sinri moy nut tea lioadod by Jako Ilussol , tho Hon Tho show Vinonnd iii! im.rM. T . " nvornoio commc-ili.
got going early. Mr. Cox Is Chairman of tho Farm Iluroau com- , "nmi M?ll conU nuo d ir inr Z .!,0d. '", "' M,!0H trmn "''
firmly of tho opinion that thn 'nUtoo nn Irrigation , Soil In.- "s"t ' film" veok" ' "U UMr,nB lf S "oriumo 'T uilrs't01!"0?, lh
light hill will bo more than LTons"'!, '"threonine rdn0,dciul , hllo tho number of birds on d,s- mTVIZuT'jIi
pa... by tho .ncreascd produc SSS . '" t" imanm1 U"1 V -tax. f- I; o I qullo as g rent briefly thanked nn7 $X
m m i (jn(M...s ... i - ...- "" via .( iu uiuiiii'ii iiiii viiniiir iiuriniti ri.o ai... M
of fnt por day and that It requires a j torms of contracts aro dictated up
spread of tlirro cents por pound on on thu basis of cost plus, Including
a 120 day feeding period to pay ex-lIottng ot contracts, rentals of oqulp-
KB'tt"wit;ht&" ,rau,on of Mox,can ,abor
was ablo to get twice as much gain ' other details,
per day and to cut tho total expense This, tt la claimed, has caused tho
of feeding about ono third. Ho ad-. cost of transportation to bo about
vocated buying only good beef type doubled, and that only a small
steers ot such size as could Lo put on I , f , . .,,,, , ,, ...
the market at about 1800 pounds P8" of hona mono-' rol'ia'1 R08 '"'
wolght nnd preferably good uniform .
In roeard to tho feeding ot lambs,
which Industry Mr. Wlthycombo con-
aiders a littlo moro destrablo for tho
beginner In the feeding gnme, ho
found that a ration of alfalfa hay, en
silage and grain gavo beit results.
Tlireo .Moro l)n)s
On Thuisday the program will be
devoted to dairying. On Friday, tho
organization of marketing associa
tions will bo discussed with regard
to the principles which determl'm
ui.fnDU nf. fnllurn In allot, nffnpla Cn
Saturday, there will be nn excellent '
program on Poultry with an especial- "' "" ".'' " purum
ly good list of topics, ) ere of Irrigation bonds.
Mommy, Tuesday and Wednesday ut
Vale Prof. W. L. INrncid In
Charge (luol Program.
On February 14, 15 and 10 an Ir
rigation and dralnngo school will he
put on nt Vale nndor tho auspices oi
tho Farm Ilurcnu. Professor Pow
ers, Chlof of tho Department of SoIIk
ai ino Agricultural College- will ho In
chargo of tho tochnlcnl ItiBtructloi,
iiiruout tno tnrco days. Tho Com
! Sovornl local sneakers bnvi lnm
j, , onrollod on special topics. Tho pro-
pnun is as (Oiiowfl,
Monday, Fob. 14. Opening ad
dross, "Tho Need of Moro Light on
Irrigation nnd Drainage". Hon
Goo. K. Davis, Pros. Commercial Club
"Whon and why Soil neods Draln
ngo," Prof. W. L. Powers, O. A. C.
"Legal aspects of Dralnngo Dis
trict Organization," Hon, Dalton
Ulggs, Ontnrlo.
"Prollmlnnry Soil Invostlgatlonn
and Survoys for Dralnngo Projects,"
1 W. h. Powers.
TuoBdny, Fob. 1C. "Practical
p au)uriu local nuraKcrs nnvi neni
i;ni,i,T7 .'"r"7"" In nil of -thoso b
I 111, nV,)rnI""K0innny rin ponn to
ralnago Kncl Itlos luL,,,,-?,,!.- 1...11. n.
, rroiicms in Organizing
Districts". Percy
I ."Installing Drhlnnc
Itolntlon to Soil nnd Othor Phynlcnl
I Considerations for Kfflclont Drain
'ngo." W. L. Powers,
"Tlio Practical Iloneflls From
Dralnngo." C. W. Mnllott, Ontario.
"Tho Irrigation, Chopping and
Gonornl Treatment of Drained Lnnd"
Prof. W. Ii. Powers, O. A. C. x
Wodnosdny, Fob. 1C. "Common
Irrigation Prnctlco," Jako Ilussell,
"Mothods of Applying Irrlgntton
Wntors and tho Preparation of Laud
to Faclllato Handling Wntor." Prof
W. L. Powers.
"Tho Wntor IloqulromentB of Al
falfa, Corn, Wheat, Potatoes and
othor Standard Crtfps and Approved
Mothods In tho Irrigation of Thorn,"
W. I.. Powers.
ui:phi:hi:nt.tivi: p. j. galiv
Allivfniloii .Is ..Made .That . Iloud
Huum'h anil (iiitinitoi- Hnvn
Iteon In Cidliiklou Other
. iA'clhlntlro Nuns
(J. T. Iloumlsh, Special Cor.)
Snmon, Oregon, Fobruary 7,
What promises t0 bo ono of tho
big fights of thu se-slon muy davol
op from tho' Introduction of tho
anllnghor rosolutlou, calling for an
Investigation of lirgutlon district
contracts und the v ato , engliieor's
office, coupled with house bills 178
and 180, by tho commltteo on Irri
gation. Tho Idea lb to olimlnnto tho
stato engineer as secretary of thu
stato lund board and concentrates
tho responsibility e: tho office upon
tho governor and it.Uo laud Tjourd
and provides for thn appointment of
a technically qualified hrdraullc en
glnor It ociiia to bo tho aim of the Ir
rigation district representatives to
otfoot a reform in irrigation matters,
but not to Intorforo with tho present
Irrigation und drnluago law of tho
Tho claim iu sot up that ono Cal
ifornia bank has a monopoly of tho
-. urod below par and that
ine commltteo has arranged to
glvo tho mattor a lnar'ns on Tues
day evening.
ft Is claimed that at the present
time the office of the statu engineer
Is overloaded to such an extent, with
various details that it Is unable to
perform its duties properly. The
claim is made that the engineer
should bo relieved of so many of tho
details so that more attention may,
,,e .B.,von t0. ,h,e neea f,u,e farmers
....... '.
of IMilliltR Not
Thought Nuuibci
Qllllo Kqual To Last Yimi-'m
HIiow, guallty Dcrlarcd rlu
' perlor Uy .Midge Wherry
Proclaiming tliolr prcsonco
clarion calls and continuous cackles
niuiu muii iuu luuiwureu unsiocraiB
aro on display nt thu lloyer build
lug on Oregon Btrcet for the annual
!!"" ,8 "?l 1h. b.V..te "!
....,.., ...v.u ... iiut ."."i.iuiiiu vu-
tries expected today nnd Friday
morning, exh bllors having tolophon-1
od In that they weru delayed on
nccount of road conditions. ,
Tho variety and class of chickens,
tiltftttf nt lliu Ahtniiln tljinUt... .. . .
Bhown bettor than nnyod for planning bucIi nn onjurmii .
show yet held hero doclnrca C. U.
'''viL !hS :!'0Wa!!i:!r'L!!f tl10 "-. . nnS
v.u .... .(.(V... ,rH.u ...u ,,.....
Ill number tho two most popular
chickens of this section nru Rhode .
Ifllnnd Iteds nnd Ilnrred Plymouth '
rocks, with Leghorns clone Leliliid.
In nil of those broods thoro nro
ho seen.
ero at the nbnw
constantly both this morning mid
this afternoon. Man visitors aro
stopping to view tho pbn of China
phcasniils exhibited by Louis K row
sin nnd taken all round thoro Is be
ing manlfe.itcd great Interest In the
oxhlbltlon, mailing tt an unqualified
Sunday morning gur.sts In thu
Mooro Hotel wero nwnkened by the
uolso rosultlng from tho crashing
of tho roof over tho corner store
room of tho building. Tho caving
of dirt on tho north side of tho ex
cavation that wan being madu was
tho cause of tho crash.
Saturday, Fobruary S, will long bo
romombored a a rod letter day for
tho patrons of tho Farmers' Co-Op-orattvo
Croamory Company and their
friends whon ovor COO fnrmers and
tholr fnmlllos came through almost
tmpassablo roads to nttond tho nn
nual mooting and to listen 16 most
romnrkablo addresses on Dairy Pro
ducts and Organization of Dairymen
No such crowd was expected since t
ino weainor was not nuogoiuor mo
host und tho roads around Frultlnnd
havo novor boen worse
At ton o'clock tho mooting wa,i
rallbd to ordor by J. It. Drown, mali
nger, nnd nftor tho opening remarks
tho annual financial toport was
given by Nod McOuo, of tho Van
Douson Ilnokkcoptng Syndicate, one
of tho auditor's for tho Company
Tho not profits for tho yonr 1020
ttons lui'o been bad and nbnormnl.
At tho clos of this nrtlclo s given
In dotnll some of thu moro impor
tant receipts and nvpondltures which
might bo of Interest to the public. I
Following tho report of Mr Me
r,.n M- llrnn Intrn.lnrn.l Mr MlrV. '
n ... n..-.i.i V.i. ..V.
I of tho Oregon nnlrymon'H Lenguo,
IU Ul 1 UIUIIIIU ODniOtlllH 141(ttlUhl
who gnvo a most Interesting nilurosi
to tho farmors, dwelling particular
ly upon organization ot tho dairy
men After n very Interesting and
witty recitation for tho boys ho pro
ceeded to toll us how tho Oregon
dairymen nro organizing their i
leagues whoreby thoy guln moro pro
tection nnd bocnuiio ot these organ
izations, pattorned after tho Kuy
kendall plan of tho ni-Products As
sociations as organlzod in tno ltntsin
Districts of Fresno, of tho Citrus
and Orange Districts In southern
California which havo proved of
valuo. I
Aftor tho address of Mr, Mlcklo
Miss Heed with flvo young women,
Misses Tina Hill, Fern Wllfong,
Lnura Hazoltlno, Mnrjorle Coon
nnd Ollvo Sargont; four young mon.
Messrs. Dnkor, Paul Gardner, Virgil
Spatnhowor, and Itobort Kutch gave
soma very pleasing 'musical numbers
and appropriate for a dairymen's
convention. They woro nccoinpanled
by Miss Iteod. Then camo tho freo
lunch and It wns somo Job to servo
to tho multitude sandwiches, pick
les, doughnuts, cake, coffee and Ito
Aftor the noon hour Mr Drown
Introduced Mr. McDermott, Presi
dent of tho nolso Dairy Council,
who gavo a short address.
Following Mr McDormott, Mr
Drown Introduced F. W Merrill, of
Portland of the Pacific Dairymen's
League who gave one ot tho host
educational and instructive ad
dresses ovor heard In Frultlnnd. He
Is a romnrkablo speaker with a flue
personality and what is bottor had I
most wonderful mossago not onlv ,
to tho stockhoidors and patrons or KoiitlmGnt fouiul uinnrBnt mT
tho Croamory woro 110,798.21. not ""11 "',""' J.?? ,,a "r",rent f,"
U wBMO$"000 .onmrS rood T" "l' '"' " '
VlhfwriASZ ""'??! "' meeting 8unJn f-
or interest to aoiryiuun vu m uu urogou i.ana i ompany. Mr. Grahnm
who listened. He told us that noth- has not brought his family to Oil
ing else could bo substituted for tarlo but oxpects to do so when tho
(vonunuea on uasi ragej
higma timi.s plkahi:
Thursday uvoiilni- nt tim ttii.
School, tho Slgmn I luh guvo a very
protty nnd BiiccftHHful Ultlo piny by
John Kendrlnk Uniits called "Tim
j Worstod Man citilv girls handled
,AiiP.1rl.',!Ul". M'w -l! ' ' "! Mlns
'Abbott helped In , t - on ii,0
,A. lll? 1I!"1U lln'e.'t II o request
of tho P. T. A. II... II B ni.i..,-'
and Hand gau u cotuait which
, proved to ho nn unsually fine lio t
hv for,nl'PrcHont. This musical or-
' ho proud of and tho crowd pr Jen
" muir appreciation.
T,' orchestra rondorfd sovoral
,ni!!,n?n0, .f.?ro "f ,,,lny Btar.lwl nml
- ruiii4 KaiKiii niuiu ill iiuirii nut id
"-- - - - vi jj nvu
iuu iwo nciB.
Eei,0' ?.wn.5 nmuo ni,l tho tench"
urn lor 1110 oriorts tney must hnvn
madu to mnko slich n gowl showing
Uoforo they wont homo thu boys
woro given u feed by tho pronts and
rdomlH which thoy Boomed to enjoy.
Tho i t a i. in i. n. ....:..
ment irottlni- i r.i....n..
K. Of C.
iHonty Notices Added to KnlgbU
llutiquct I'VUuwn At City Halt
Pn.Jirt Of llulldliiK lor
IXKlge Home lltoavlit'il
More than 100 Knights and tliolr
guests Silt down t. a Imnnunl urn.
pared and survvil by thu women of
thu Altar Society of thu Church of
thu Llleaued Sacrament at tho City
Hull Sunday evening, which was thu
closing event of u busy dny for thu
mombors of Suako Hlvor Council of
(he Knights of Columbus.
Assisted by LnUrundu and 'Port
laud Knights, a class of twenty can
didates woro Inltlntod Into tho ordor
For this coroiiioulnl members came
from as far west as Hums and Jun
tura und from all of the Iduho
towns near by as well as from Ln
Ortiudo, llakor and Portland. It
was declared unu of thu most suc
cessful Initiations held by thu ordor
In yours.
II. II. Tunny was thu toastmaster
at tho banquet nnd Introduced thu
following spoakors lluv. Fr. O'Call-
nhau of Wuibor, J. It. Murphy of
Portland, F. P. Ilymi. Itov. Fr P.
J. Stuck, Mayor W. II. Doollttlu and
Gcorgo K. Aiken. Ontarie: William
Dolauoy, Payette und Wllllnm Kuelo
or Alitany.
Vocal solos woro sung by Mrs. F
P. llynu, Miss Cathorluo Conway,
Mrs. Cody Duller, Jns. G. Smith of
Ontario, piano duet by Mrs. F. J.
Clomo nnd Mrs. Jns. G. Smith nnd
a solo by Leo Conlln of linker. Alt
of tho musical numbors were very
much unjnysd
Several of the -pe Vris dedal od
thnt tho tlmo must soon I o coming
whon tho growth of IVh order in
Ontario will noccHHltatn thn con-
A. Dean. G 0 Loan. A J. Kngst-
rhlvolos, M I lahorty. P M. Oriel, J
F. Ilnuulflu, P Kentiu. P. 1 Moiaii.
Itov. Itoderlik D, 0'i'nllnhan. lie.
John A O'Connor, 8 Servatlus. Jr..
t nmi .....nnn i ii, ui....t .a
" V """'""'Ml, tt OllUfl, J I
iWholon and Jou Mosseo
Other rliicnkiTM To Do Hi-unl On
.Modern Df foils Along Co.
Opcnitho .Murkt'tiug
Thu lecturers in attendance at the
Farmer's Short Course week, and
the ranchors who aro In attondanco
will bo tho guests of tho Commercial
Club at a Smokor to bo glvon In tho
club rooms tomorrow ovonlng.
At tho meeting of tho club direc
tors last night this mid many other
subjects wero discussed It was de
termined to keep (ho expenses of thu
club us low as possible so that sub
scriptions to various activities would
not bo necessary.
Tho location of an auto park, tho
socurlng of a rest room and club
roums, and other matters of Interest
woro discussed at length .and tho
suggestions of President it. W
Jones and J A Lakness will be In
vestigated. I). K. GHAHA.M OF JUNTUHA
Davit! P flrnhnm fni vnnr. i,iali.
lor of the Hank of Junturn. u nnw
local agont here for the Kastern
iscbool term ends.
Mfrnrllnn nr n Inriw.. linitt.i niwl Mil..
ItUltlUUtl. .l. ilVIUIl, W. U. I lfil.
Council Ponders on Financial Pi-ob.
li'in Following Deport of City
TifiumriT WatT Itatts To ll
Itcndjustcd l.or Irrigation
Thnt It Is linpcratlvo som action
ho tnkon by tho city to Improve the
dralnngo system within tho city 11m ?
its, and also to provont Irrigation
companies nbout tho city from wast
more wntor than tho.r wast.
ditches will carry, was tho meisag
which II. C. Iloyor, J, it. Ulackaby.
V. II. Staples, T. II. Mooro and other
citizens presontcd to tho City Coun
cil at Its regular monthly mooting at
tho council chambers Monduy uvsu
Mr Iloyor, spokesman for thu pro
perty owners, told tho council that
not since tho first main sower was
constructed, until this past summer
havo thu basements In the business
districts been tloodod. Ho attributed
ino trouble to tho condition ot the
old Irrigation ditch which runs up
tlio nlley Knsl of Oregon stroot, and
thu fact that too much waste- water
I permitted In tho watts ditch south
of the city, ,
J. It. Dlackaby and othors attri
buted the trouble to the condition ot
tho Novndn wastowny and the drain
ago under tho paving at tho foot or
tho htll on Third Avenuo S. W. Mr.
Staples and Mr. Moore told of their
experience and urgod action look
tug toward a solution.
Want Hevlscd Licoiur..
City Hucordor C. M. Stcurns culUd
attention to tho fact that thn pres
ent llconso ordinance Is nnttqunted
nnd unsultod t.o modern conditions.
Ho ndvlscd u complete rovlslon and
was Instructed to bring In such an
ordlnnnco at tho adjourned mietlnc
called for next Tuesday evening.
Thn now ordlnnnco will show sot
oral Increases ovor tho preiont city
City Troosurer C. 1. Plotl pres
eutcd n statomont or tho city's fin
ancial condition showing thnt a war
rant ludohtodnos of I3C.000 Is ex
isting nnd that somothlng must be
dono to enro for these warrants.
This mattor was loft ovor for furth
er consideration at the adjourned
It wns pointed out that the Nev ,
adn waste way which parnllols thn
hill west of town was Inadequate
to carry off tho water silled In It
from tho Inlgated section west of
tlio city and that by overflowing the
tint tloodod tho ontlro area. In
part this was allogod to bo due to
the capacity of the pipes under the
pnvomont nnd tho condition of the
ditch Itself. Aftor a gonornl discus
sion of probable causes tho mutter
was rororred to a commtttoo consist
Hit of Councllmon R. M Orolg, Ivan
IC. Oakos and H. II. Udlck for Invss.
Thu condition of the city water
systom's ftnnncss was discussed and
Itorordor Stearns reported that with
Water Superintendent V W. Cham
bers hw had made u comparison of
receipts for tlu various seasons of
tho your. Hu urged that thu Irriga
tion rates bu readjusted und propos
ed a schedule. No definite action
wns taken.
a. n. i man co.mi iikiik
Dr William Hale, a brother-in-law
ot Dr. II. A. Moon arrlvod Is
Ontario this week and has become
associated with Dr. Moon In his
chiropractic practice here. The doc
tors aro adding many now electrical
appliances so that tho scope of their
work will bo greatly enlarged
Dr. Halo Is an ex-sorylcu man ot
the 146th Machine' gun battalion or
41st Division. Ho went across in
1917 arid alter being disabled Iu
action was attached to the staff of
the Stars and Stripes, the official
organ ot the A, K. l
L. L. Capron and wife of aiascon,
Kansas who have been visiting a
number of coust cities, stopped In
Ontario for a visit with his brother
L, M. Capron and family.