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NO. 40.
." !.' I' 1 l-I !1
The Dalle ami ntr Only Other
CIIIoh In KnMrin Oregon Plnord on
Program by Htnto Ommiltteo
Nnmpn nnil IWiNu To llr-nr
Jamon M. Cox, govornor of Ohio,
nml ilomocrntlo cnnillilalo for tlio
presidency of tlio Unltcil States will
riililrcHM tlio citizens of Mnlhour coun
ty horo noxt Tuesduy morning, no
ronlltiK to ndvlecs received toilny
by County Chnlrmnn J. H. Illflcknby.
Tlio brlof wires recolvcil by Mr.
Illncknby linllcnteil Hint Governor
Cox's trnln will run ns tho second
section of No 4 which Ih duo horu In
Ontario at 0:33, ho that tho address
wMI b ilellvorod approximately at
'ontarlo l ono of but tbrco cities
In Knstorn Oror.on to bo plncojl on
tho program of speeches to ho dollv
orod by tho democratic nomlnco, Tho
Hallos and Hakor bolim tlio other two.
Prom hero tho noxt Mop will ho at
Nnnipn which will ho followed by nit
evening nddross nt Ilolso.
Not until thU wook wim It known
Hint thero wns n possibility of having
Ontnrlo placed on tho Hat of stops In
this stnte. curly roportM hud It Hint
Tho DnlleH and Huntington would
bo tho only stops In i:antorn Ore
con, but Mr, Illncknby nnil othor de
mocrats got busy and arranged with
tho Htnlo cnmmlttco to mnko Ontario
ono of tho stops.
That It will ho a Mb dav for tho
democrats of Mulhour county goon
without saying rnd since It opons tlio
campaign In thin section thoy will
mnko tho most of It. nnil for mllos
nrouml thouHotulH will cuthor to honr
tho party nomlnco, assuring O'ltarto
ono of tho larRosl crowd In IU hls
torv. Not iilnco Prosldont lloosovolt
npoko In Ontnrlo. following lit trip
round tho world him tho city hoard
ono of tho notlon'H IcmlorB, and not
Hlnro William Jennings. Hrynn npoko
horo lms It hoard a nomlnco.
Offlri'iN iif Northwest Hcnlty Aocln.
,tlnn To Attdrevt Authoring
Handier nml limine
Mn IiiiIUmI
On Tuesday ovonlnR Septombor
lath, nt tho City Hall, tho ronl os
tnto mon of tho Countv will hnvo nn
Intoreiitlng and profltablo mooting.
To this mootliiR nil buslnoss man of
tlio city and tho farmers of tho coun
try nro Invited. Questions of Intor
cst to nil will bo discussed In bucIi
a way as will benefit all present
Tho mooting will IiorIu with n ban
quot nt Plfor's Cnfo nt 6:00 I'. M.,
nftor which tho banquotora will go
to tlio Commercial Club Hooms for
tho speaking program, to which all
aro Invited. Sevoral of tho officers
of tho Intor-Stoto nonlty Associa
tion of tho Northwest, and some of
will bo present to tako part In tlio
meeting and In tlio discussions of
tho questions. It Is hoped that many
of tho buslnoss mon nnd termors will
bo present ut tlio meeting, and it is
expectod that all of tho rent estate
men of tho county will ho present.
Formation of Tax Payers League
Urged to Combat Fieak Bill
Following the address of Paul D. ganlratlon got behind the bill and
Murnby editor of the Tax Liberator, furnlshod a fund of at least 115,000
f Portland it was tho unanimous to put the till over and circularize
dnrlalon of 'a meeting held nt the evory rotor In the state. It Is the
city hall last Monday evening that. belief that the Non Partisan League
emy legltlmato means should be;!s the organization furnishing tho
iisnii to combat tho proposed meas- fund.
ure limiting Interest rates in Ore- Mr. Murphy also told of the of
rron to five per cent. forts that are being made to organ-
Tho passage of this measuro, It.tze the Non Partisan Leaguo In this
was determined would work an un- state. Already fifteen counties havo
told hardship, not on the financial In- been worked by the league organlz
torests of the state, but upon the 'on and others are coming this full.
..,M dnovmnn. laborers and The leaguo plans on spending $200.-
amall business men who are compell-,000
. ! L .. ..i.i ...i.ionM in
Gil lO ueu iiiuiiuw ..
nnrrv nil tllfilr bUfllllCSS.
w- f..n1iv In Ilia nrlllrASS OUtlln
.i' i.t,, i ti.n mpnmiro abow-
ine that It was the result of a do-
lllh .. . .... ..., ,
t!.nwho mlcht be Interested In se -
curing Its defeat, and that there-
rtSttS problems
oKoeoole of Oregon!'
tr MnrnllV alSO UeClBreU IIIUV
' - , . ., ., .
after once abandoning the' of fort to
put the bill ob the oauoi some or -
L. C. Mcnrs who linn been mnnn
gor of tho Majestic Thcatro Blnco It
oponod horo this sumtnor resigned
bin position this wcok and will Icava
Sunday for I'ortlnnd whoro ho lino
accepted tho position of manager of
tho 1'coplos thcatro.
On tho resignation of Mr. Mcnrs
tho Majestic company's Interests
horo passed to tho mnnagomont of
Hnymond Cort, who Is nsslstunt man
ager of tho Majestic BtrlnR of thco
tros with hcadquartora In Namprt.
until n now mnnnger Is 'found for
tho locnl Institution.
Over Thiro Hundred Persons Join
In VIkII To Herd And
Tho livestock Improvomonl tour
conducted by tho farm bureau on
Soptombor 2 wns attendod by moro
than throo hundrod people who visit
ed tho various herds of cattlo and
flocks of ilicop to bo seen on tho
route mid listened to n good pro
gram In tho pavilion at tho Oregon
Troll Park near Wolsor, nftor onjoy
Ins a picnic lunch In tho simile of
tho trcos.
Tho routo choson took tho train
of machines from Prultlnnd north to
Wolsor, thon to tho Intormountoln
Instltuto from which point thogV)iior
al direction was south across Dead
Ox Plat to Payette and Ontario. Tho
first livestock Inspected was on tho
Snrgont & Kldrldgo dairy farm whoro
a flno lioril of roglstorod Jorsoys woro
on oxhtblt. Mr, Uargtnt, who Is
prosldont of tho Idaho Association,
Kvo a vory good talk on Jorsoys and
Tho socond stcn was mrido at tho
ueo. vengor farm whoro
a hord of
roglstorod Shorthorn boof cattlo woro
scon nnd a discussion of this kind
of farm livestock was given by Mr.
vengor. Thon ono or tho Jorsny
bulls In ono block of tho Payette
county bull association rocoivod at
tention. This bull Is ono of four
which woro Importod about a year
ago from tho Dixon hord of Wlllnm
otto Vnlloy to Improvo tho dairy
stock of Payette county through tho
agtscy of bull associations.
Arriving at tho Orogon Trail Park,
rapid preparations wero mado for
lunch. Several long tables had boon
put In placo by tho managor of tho
park, all of which wero soon loaded
from end to ond with good things
to oat. If thoro woro any too mod
est to tako part in this portion of
tho program their prosenco was not
detected. Howover, thoro soemod to
bo no lack of thoso who had fore
sight enough to roiarvo space frr
the ico cream which "Dunny" Drown
had arranged at convenient places
throughout tho park.
.Most of the spouklug took placo lin
modlatoly nftor tho Ico cream. Tho
party gathered In tho pavilion at tho
park and Itstenod to a Bhort but ex
ceptionally good program on live
stock Improvement. A. A. Qutter
rklgo of Oregon Slopo spoko briefly
on the benefits to bo dorived from
farm bureau tours where a subject
of vital Intorest to tho community Is
studied. S, P. Grahnm and Ouy Oal
loway, livestock improvement com
mitteemen for Malheur and Wash
ington counties, respectively, outlin
ed tho need for moro livestock on
the hay farms of this section and less
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In Oregon in the hope that thru .Be
the collection of S18 per member lnlNn
" - - .- : ,.,- , ",. -..- L "
lllia Diaiu a iui,o iuiiu mil ira iciuilt -
od to the leaguo treasury
It was decided at the meeting to
It was decided at the meeting to
ask the Commercial club of Ontario
tr nnnnlnt n pnmmltlM tn nn n
'masa meeting of ranchers and busl -
ness men of the county together for
L wllose business t will be' to
study the various measures on the
L.IIaI m. i, . 1. n n.,A
UOIIUV au uomiuiuo iuo u.uuu.
course to take concerning them
jims cuumy,
Clinugo in Onto of Anniint Sleeting
of Organization Proponed .Send"'
DelcjtHten To Irrigation
hold their regular weekly mooting on
Tuesday at noon nt vlilch tlmo n
numbor of mnttors of Intorest wora
dlscusnod. Tho club wont on record
as being opposod to tho passago of
tho Initiated bill on tlio Novcmbor
ballot, popularly known as "Tho flva
pur cent Interest ruto bill." A com
mltteo consisting of I). M. Tnggart,
J. It. Illncknby and II. I). Cockrum
was appointed for tho purposo of
making arrangements for tho hold
ing of a general muss mooting of
voters In tho county to Inform them
of somo of tho effects of this law
should It bo passod.
Secretary Clay mado tlio following
roport to tho hoard;
Upon last Prlday wo had n In e cl
ing of tho coinmlttoo In charge of
tho financial canvas with the result
that committees nro nppolntod mid
nro nt work securing ronownls for
tho year of contractu calling for fin
ancial support of tho club. Tho town
was districted nnd eight cummiitcos
named to handle tho work in their
resnoctlvo districts. Ono district
cnmmlttco has entirely complotod tho
work allotted to It while another
coinmlttoo bus finished about ono
half of Its work. Kvory effort will
ho mado to havo all of tho coin ni It-
toes finish their work boforo tho
closo of tho prosont wook.
As soon as this Is dono It Is do-
sired to at onco havo theso in cm bora
ilftnlfr what department of club
work thoy doslro to work In and then
oncli dopartmont will bo cnllod to-
gothor in n meeting anil wm no as
sisted In organizing nnd tho begin
ning of actual work will bo begun,
I have boon Informed Hint tno
county toachors will hold on Instl
tuto horo this wook nnd It lias hf-jj
BURROstcd that an effort bo mado to
socuro sufficient automobiles to tako
tho teachers out ono aftornoon for
a trip In our surrounding country
T WOUj 8uggost that tho Hoard glvo
consideration to this matter at onco,
Ah soon as tho departmental Bys
torn of club work 1b put Into offoct
I do not bol ovo It will bo necessary
for your Hoard to b" called together
as often as under tho prosont systom
and thoroforo I would suggest that
you hold your mootlngs onco In each
calendar month and oftonor whon
necessary upon tho call of tho pres
ident, I wish to Inform you of tho ef
forts that have boon mado to assist
tho farmers in tho marketing of tholr
hay crop through tho medium of lo
cating meal mills. Mr. Qoorgo Hoss
lias purchases a mill or unriy ions
dally capacity and that will soon bo
installed upon his mrm nauiuwusi
of town. A numbor of mootlngs hnvo
been hold with tho farmers In the
Cairo noctton with tho vlow of secur-
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High School Will Hno More Than
JOO Pupil ThU Year Incivaso
In Urmlo Hihoolu Not Vet Slurk-
cd Slnny lYom Without
Ontario's publio schools opened
Monday with a record breaking at
tendance. Moro pupils will be In tho
schools this year than over beforo,
and tho the School board prepared
for an Increaso tho capacity of the
buildings will bo taxed to care for
the children In the various classes,
Tho most marked Increase Is that
shown by tho High School. On the
opening day thoro wero 1C2 pupils
registered, or 32 moro than on tho
opening day last year. 8lnco school
opened two weeks earlier this year
than last, Superintendent J, M. Mc
Donald expects the High School en
rollment to pass the 200 mark before
the end of the first month.
Many of tho pupils of the High
School come from without district
8, and a number of additional
IT-Tln.' ." .!. J. o. o,..-
ipupild liuiu mu uuidimv bio vyw.-
ed before and after the Pair
To care for tho increased
I To care for tho increased ntten
dance, and the special demand for
'"nmninrMnl pniirftpfl tho board had to
(purchase three now typewriters, and
provide additions desks for short-
K added in thrhysicT, training
department so that Miss .Ruth Bus-
n . ,1 A ln.1, l.m, 1,1 1 1 1 tl I Hiinri.
uia.l w luDimni,, ... ...... .r-. .
ment will be able to give elementary
... ..
physical examinations,
liiiiNoinrtit Pontine AxMircd I 'or
Night l'orforiiiMiicci Amei Irnii
lesion To Ambit Willi Athletic
ContcntH Dunce (Iiiloiv
Ono of tho moU Intorontlng fen
turos, nnd ono Hint few peoplo In tho
Northwest havo over soon and novor
shown In this pnrt of tho county, will
bo tho tripto drop from tho balloon,
to bo performed dally nt tho Malheur
County Pnlr, Sept. 2f to 24, hero In
Thin moans that tho balloon must
bo toast 1G00 foot In height beforo
tho drop Is Htnrted ns tho performer
makes throo distinct drops before
reaching tho ground, lining throo
parachuttos boforo landing. This
font In particularly dangerous and
causes much Intorest and excitement
among tho spectators, ns thoro Is nl
ways tho clinnro that tho pwrnchuto
may not open soon enough, especially
whero it must bo dono thrcu times
A three passenger itlrplnno will
bo used In giving dully nxllilbltlons
of stunt flying nnd two passengers
will bo carried by ilia nvlntnr on
thoso exhibitions, which will lost
about 30 mlutiton each day. During
tho bnlanco of tho tlmo tho aviator,
Mr. Pullor of Oakland Cal will carry
up paHsongors for lilro. Mr. Pullor
sorvod ns on Instructor In Tonxes
during most of tho war and recently
carried tho Governor of Novndn from
Itono to I-nko Tnhoo ovor tho Hlrra
Nevada Mountains nnd Is rntod ns
ono of tho boat flying men In tho
Thoro will bo n, carnival at night
down town with many riding devices,
high diving, slack wlro performances.
strcot dancing, slide for life and
many othor nnvoltlos evory ovonlng.
Athletic Context HcIumIuIimI
Tho Amorlcaii Legion expect to
stngo somo good boxing mid wrestl
ing matchos during tho Pair and to
look after bo mo of tho down town
amusomonis, ami evory ono can iook
forward to tho presono rnir being tho
lill-irnat nnil tinat nvnr linlil Ik Vnl.
hour County.
Tlio Fair will bo n bigger and bet
tor fair this year thnn aver boforo.
especially is this truo with regard
to the agricultural, horticultural and
stock displays, Tho premiums of-
rorod by tho fair board nro throo
tlmos thoso given heretofore nnd
should bring out Hie best display of
products of tho soil and live stock
that has ovor boon shown ot tho fair,
Tho prizes offorod for tho host
community exhibit aro Just flvo times
what woro oirorod last yonr and al
ready six dlfforont communities hnvo
asked for space. This is the great
est numbor of ontries that havo ever
been mado and Indicates a great In
terest In this contot.
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Wentfall I)lks Httigo .Cvlcbrnllon
Ami hold SleetliiK PrgluK Ptr-
mutton To District Por Inlga-
tln Purposes
Sunday was a big day In Wostfull.
For miles around the settlors gather
ed to attend a big picnic and barbe
cue at which a rare program of fron
tier sporta was staged
Hut the good time Wan only an in
cident of tho mooting according to
James Orahatn, tho Westfall bee man
who was in Ontario yesterday on-
oute to Caldwell,
"The nrlnclnnl business of the
gathering was to discuss tho possl-
Lllltv of form ng an irr gallon dis
trict to Impound tho wators of tho
Cottonwood for reclaiming some
6000 acres In that section. Jack 1- air
man of Harper and West fall wua tho
principal speaker, and hU views wero
unanimously approved by tho set
tlers." said Mr, a rah a in.
"This district was once survejod
for a Corey act project by Engineer
Ivan B. Oakes now ot Ontario, and
tho men of that region are to seok
further Information from Mr Oakes
to detormlno tho feasibility
or mo
project. So far as tho settlors uro
concernea iney nro retniy w jiuwoi
with the projoct if tho engineers do
clare It practical,
"Aside from the addrosscs tho
crowd enjoyed a hilarious entertain
ment including all kinds of buckaroo
sports. In the bucking contest W I-
sondTTnd' Ja" CurHs third
Sharkey Lee furnished a .pec U .eu lr
crowd said was never excelled any-
RTnininiiM 11. uur U.L. llUlllf. Illl ...
....-.. .,..
A. 11. Chapman of Salem, Orogon
thin week heenmo tho nwnor of tho
Purity Hokcry. ho havlnc nurchns-
cd tho Institution from K. II. Allen
nnd A, L. Ilanoy who hnvo operated
It for tho past year.
Mr. Chapman Is tho only surviv
ing member of n family of flvo boys,
four of whom woro killed In notion
In tho world wnr nn monthem of tho
Canadian nrmy. Tho Mr. Chnpmnn
comes horo from Salem ho U not n
HtrmiRor to this country, for tho
Chapman family lived for years In
llolse, prior to their going to Salem
eight year ago.
Tho snlo of tho bakery at thin
tlmo Is tho rostilt of tho opportunity
coming to Mr. Allen to tako n voca
tional training rourao at Dlnwoodlo
Instltuto nt Minneapolis whero ho
will study technical linking, (lour
milling and flour chemistry. Mr.
Hauey'ri plans nro iinccrtnln hut ho
oxpoctn to movo to tho const,
Oitlnit to llii I'm I tluil Hiindx hail
Not been Hold Contractor Do-
ellui'l to Hid on Work
Hniiil leiai Intent to
HI nit nt Oiuv
Owing to tho fact Hint tho only
rash nvnllnblo for uho on the Jordan
Vnlloy to Nyssa market road was
Hint secured from tho state mid
county market road funds, tho con
tractors who figured on ostimatori
for tho unctions ndvortlsed to ho lot
Inst Saturday declined to submit
figures. However tho county court
after rovlowlng tho situation derided
to proceed with tho work thru Its
own rood building dopartmont.
T. T. Kohout, Prod Palmer nnd
Dr. Jones of Jordan Vnlloy woro
prosont ut tho mooting accompanied
by u committco from unturio con
,.... of . ... Iloy0, .. i muru.
..., .:.,. i .n ir ail,,., .i ,,yi,,.i
""' ... ... .....v,.., ...... "
the court to proceed In somo manner
so that tho county would not loso
tho funds sot nsldo from the stato
market road fund. This tho court
had planned to do, and discussed
various menus of carrying tho work
It was determined that what ever
work is dono bo on tho linos approv
ed by tho htnto highway engineers
so Hint tho nil tho work can not bo
fltilshod that which Is constructed
will bo part of a pormnnout Improve'
ment. In tho menu timo tho Court
has advertised moro of tho county
rood bonds for suln mid It thoso nro
sold additional work will bo under
tnkon. It la tho purposo of tho court as
oxprossod by Judge Test to glvo Iho
peoplo of Jordan Valley somo Im
mediate relief, mid to go ns far as
possible townrd solving their dif
ficult tltiiatlon
Owing to tho fact that a majority
of tho mombora of tho city council
woro out of town Tuesday ovonlng,
the rogulnr meeting which had been
sot for that evening wuh postponed
mtii tliU fTlnirmluv) ovenlne. Do-
sldo Mayor Jones tho only mom Iters
.V "KllnSlSin WBl lli
and Hugh Allen. Councllmen II II.
Cockrum, A. L Aicuowoii, irwiu mo largest delegation ovor sent to tho
Troxoll nnd A O, Mooro wero ah- county soal to attend a publio fucn
sont. Hon.
Malheur Alfalfa Products Company
Formed to Build Alfalfa Meal Mill
WHh tho practical completion of
subsorliitlon to stock In a company
formed for the purpose of erecting
un alfalfa meal mill to ho locutod
on tho Seymour ltosa runoh three
mllos, southwest of Ontario, on tho
trucks of tho Oregon Kastorn, a mile
oast of Cairo, the beginning of such
an Institution Is assured
Tho success of tho project rosult
cd from tho work of n sommlttoo
consisting of Hans Oft, 0 W. Deun,
Seymour Hoss, rancherM of that sec
tion assisted by 8 II. Clay, secretary
of tho Commercial club.
This cotnmlttpo roportod to a meot
Ing hold in tho Council Chamber of
tho City Hall Tuesday evening, nt
which tlmo tho subscription list was
oponed. Of tho 21 mon present at
that meeting 20 signed for stock and
n nf 18.700 was then subscrib
ed Of this amount $4000 was tuk-
e by Handa.l Sago whose ,,,.. the
, company to buy nn 1 move to the
A packer will bo pur-
chased at once and tho hulldlng
l tiiniifll ar flint ihn mill pnn lin lii on
muvvavi. m..w
".". 1 .
started so that the mill can bo in op-
Army Cnptiiln nml Sergrnut Hill Ho
Henl To Onlmlo To Train Hojh
(Io eminent will Puinlili Pill-
f oi ins nnil Pay Cost of .Month's
Vacation At Cniiip
Ontario High School may bo donlg
intcd nn a Junior Offlccrn Trnlnlng
Camp, If loo young mon, ovor 14
yenrn of ago aro enrolled In tho High
School cadot company.
If this In dono a regular army Cap
tain and Scrgoant will bo sont horo to
nuporvlso tho work nnd rIvo Instruc
tion In tho vnrious subjects connected
with tho course, supplementing tho
regular work In tho school, and bo
avnllablb for athletic training for the
young men.
Not only will theso advantages bo
given Ontario boys hut thoy will havo
tholr uniforms furnlshod freo by the
United StatOH government, tholr rif
les and ammunition wilt bo furnlshod
for gnllory nnd fluid tnrgot practice.
innd tho Iiovh will bo tnkon to Ilolsn
for training during tho wook ends,
and will be paid for attendance at
nrmy camp for ono month during
tho summer vacations.
All this Information wns given
Superintendent, or Schools J. M, Mc
Donald by Cuptnln Wall or tho regu
lar nrmy who enmo to Ontnrlo to
day to Inspect tho schools nnd learn
what bad been dono horo In tho way
ot military training In the past.
Capt, Wall was favorably Impress
ed with tho work so far accomplish
ed nnd said ho would bo back horu
on Octohor 1C to Inspect tho com
pany nl Hint tlmo. Prom hero ho
wont to Cnldwnll mid Nnmpn In In
spect tholr faclllttos, nnd Inter will
visit Payette, and Wolsor.
That Ontario will hnvo little dif
ficulty In complying with tho re
quirements for tho formation ot tho
trnlnlng rourso is Indicated by tho
fact Hint thero aro alrendv 8r men
registered In tho High School nnd
several moro nro expected nftor the
buying Is over so that loo men for
tho compnny In practically assurod.
Vnht Pliiiinliii; Hlg Piogrmu l-Nr
Pioneer Dn) Kepleinber 17
Iirge Delegation Colnx
I'ioiii Ontailu.
Pioneer Hoy will bo celebrated Prl
day, Septombor 17th, nt Vnlo, as It
Iioh novor been colohrnted boforo.
Invitations to tho celebration of
tho Mnlhour County Pioneers associa
tion woro rocoivod this vscok by tho
"old tlmors" of this section und they
nro arranging to ho prosont In n body
at the gathering.
Tho Vulo folks ns usual will fur
nish tho dinner and a big program
has boon arranged for including the
annual camp flru and dance in the
A numbor ot parties of
, - - Wta "e being arranged for
" -'y win unuouuiouiy nuvo
,orntlon within 30 days, If tho packers
arrive.- u
On Wednesday and Thursdnv h
coinmlttoo consisting of Mr, Oft, Sey
mour jioss unu h, ii. I'iny continued
tho canvasH mid secured $2400 addi
tional subscriptions loavlng a bal-
anco of but $1000 to complete tho
ontlro capital of tho company. Tho
corporation paporH havo been propnr
od and work will proceed under the
corporato name which Is Mulheur
County Alfnlfu Products company.
Tho following aro tho subscribers
to the company's steck:
Hatidall Sago, 8. H. Host). Hans
Oft, J, J. Koogan, Mrs. Martha
Hortholdt. Hurrows & Son, C K,
Amldon, Kdward Dupro, K C Ingra
ham, O. L. dray, 8. II. Clay, P. J
Gallagher, (loo. K. Alkon, Pete
Countrymen, Nelson Noah. C K Oli
ver. H. B. Noah, A. II. Cain, O. W
Dean, Mrs . Vona Doswell, V, V.
Hlckox, Charles 8. Leavltt, Thomas
Kanady, D. T. Downs, W. J. Shaffer,
J. P. Weaver. O. II. King, Oarrett
Sralt, P. K. Nowblll, II. 8. Shafer.
.!.--"" ".
t4utfigf .. .-vt,iufflbB&:-