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oiti1 u.u i..i i!iiiiiiimj.ii'i;.ii i imjjii.i:;
lltW Uffintt FKOJtU
Neighbors To Houlb OcttJng Husy In
Hopo of lUivlvIng Interest lu
Hrlirrao if lleclaliulafi Itlrli
Arr, Invito O.nratlou
fionator Pharlea A. McNarr. lunlnr
United Rlato Senator from Oregon
may visit this aectlon In a short time
to view the Owyhee Project. An
Invitation to him baa hern extended
by tho Nyssa Commercial club, and
the Iloard of Director of the Owyhee
project, which It I bsllevod he will
llecently, while a pasfttuer on N"o.
19 going Into Portland Hev. Shields!
of Nyssa happened to meet the Seu-.n,.
alor In the Pulluiau and lu a con
versation with him learned that he
was Interested In the project. In fact
be declared that he wanted to view
the project, believing that Irrigation
and reclamation would be much to
the front In the next session of Con
gross He wvnt one step further, be
said that he would come to Malheur
county to vlow the project.
When this Information was convey
ed to the men of Nyssa the fonimer
rlal Club, at a meeting held last
Friday night extended the Invitation,
and asked the Owyhee Hoard of Dir
ectors ,to join with them
K. M, Dean, president of the Nyr
sh club was In Ontario itaturdav to
attend a meeting of the Fair Hoard
and In speaking of the prospect of a
Visit from Senator McNary said:
"We .have Invited him to be our
guest and to view the project, and
when we bear from him, If the replr
Is favorable, aa we trust It will be.
we plan on Inviting the Commercial
rlub of Ontario and the Chamber
r......- ir.,. . ,,.. ,... ...
... iuuim.ig "''"'" ,u JU, .""" r"
..,'"".'?" EJKr. .1 .i""?..1.."
matter mote forcibly to the atten
"t7,. imnL,Vn;: nf .m. -Mii t 'of Ontario's banking fraternity. J.
uiKhXlu?tftm?'.?tat' Accompanied by their wives they
id rn 1 &. nu.'ti.. r na8 Be trip South of Ontario and
M.n.4?. n...S nS .inn- nS ?. Nyssa and on to noswell. Parma,
blem under present conditions, or at M'lh. ... p..i.ii n,i Mr,inira
least get it In such shape that ltaiM.Lb! f. f?""?" !?i,?.T?fy"ri.!
rwnWVneb?.md7oUrde,f,nr.,.PraciHo,n ionrth..ucS.r.'nTbu..a.,lc oTeV
Mm"" lhe ,,me for def,nUe c"OD1prospecta for heavy yields lu crops
Harry Klme started Ills crew at
work this week remodeling the H oy
er building which was damaged by
fire on July 20. The bulldlug will
be arranged to house the Uoyer Dros,
wholesale, and retell establishment
and included In the Improvement to
be made will be a basement under
t the rear of the entire structure.
EOxSO feet. A heating plant and other
improvements will be added, so that
more than double the floor space of
the Institution across the street will
be available for the firm in Its new
" ' '
. .
uaurnrr uriujf iwum or ubiiu-mi jw.
poit wiiiKitiug or uinu wy aiea
Who Wlien CluMtU Hed
Vur City
Ontario must plead guilty
mor sporfs.
lvr ."'.
1-een guilty,
rh;rre of housing emr.e
These Indlvldusis have
nu'uir ma pssi n ui kuuuiius
phennsn(8 oil nf nenwn. Of tr-
ravinr on me isnns or raacnera anu
iiiierwine aiapiating uiair iypa ut
F'nthwest of the city wax appraised
"" .".-. - hw-. ,n... . ..
(-'' nreynnfo of these Individuals
Saturday night when a fuBsllade of
rhnla disturbed the peace of that re-'-i
He Immediately gave cbaie
In the men who Jumped Into their
car and headed for Ontario. Mr.
lloss was gaining tinon them when '
the carburetor of hla car blocked
nnd Via i it at atsht nf tfriaim almnir
and he lost sight of them almost
within the city limits. The car had
an Oregon license, and a pretty good
Idea of the identity of the men la
entertained by aeveral of the ranchers.
Steps bare been taken by a flueo
ber of men to put a stop ta the
practice of the poor aporta who vio
late the law this year. Last year
the practice waa quite general and
the ranchers who fed the. birds last
winter, while the poor sports did
nothing", rather reseat the display of
the beg aaade by the taw who can
not take their chance with the law
abiding hunter to get a bag during
the open m9q,
wwwiwwwwwi i in i tmmi4nmrwmm wn pi mi hiiii n
JmM Kutollaa "Princely the
theatrical attraction that Iiai been
to aunear lu tut cllr (or
!"? "y1" -1" .?nB?ii. if 5 mS?'
tagenient of the Dreamland an the
engagement (or next Wednesday eVen-
lUg, AUKUBl 10, .
The Company U HaflI by Lucy
Taka, Hawaiian vocalist and dancer
(ormerlr featured In vaudeville,
whoie (Irtt appearance 1 Nbw York
la aald to hare started (hi "Hawaiian
Craxe" which remained ill vogue (or
several aeaaona In the metropolis
lu connection with the aiage per
formance, the famous Hawalln (eat
ure picture. "Tho Idol Dancer," it
wonderful screen production, la
ihown, accompanied with Incidental
music played by a aextetto of native
Hawaiian musicians.
Other novel featuret of the enter
talument luclude a harmony trio of
male volcoe, a troupe of real Kanaka
lncera, and the. Interpretative nutu
bera of Miss l'aka. In addition to
her artlitlc dancing the little lady
also possesses a remarkably sweet
slugtng voice mat adda mucn to ner -" iu nurses cniorou so lar oi uoo. t. Aiaen, wno could not
charm and U excellent proo( of her'81 Dr. McKay. Hobble Minor. Noro mako the trip In time to roach Port
versatility. .Minor, Ada McKJay. anil Apponee, land by Tuesday, as one of tho Com-
The screen story of the Idol Dancer Pco" '1 M. J., Marvey H., and mltteo from this place to appear be
in connection with the fantasia,,"" tharlle, trotters. fore the rommlsslon nn thnt day.
"Princess of the Paradise," being I 1;or ponies thoro will ho snv- A telogrkm received from P. J. Onl
produced together and announced as rl atrlngs ready to face tho slnrl- lagher yesterday reads as follews:
a big double bill, Wednesday night.
at the Dreamland Theatre. Is under
bronai diractluu of Mr. J. T.
f)inj....t it.. iHikn. ..hi.miLM.mi
. .nuv"i.i uu u...u. IVU..I.....U. y, .
h, ii "linh." Thaw. whn. witii I
dainty Elsie Evraoude, lyric soprano,
now a musical comedy star, Included
Ontario In a tour of the uorlhwest
......i ....nn. ..
several lesions ago.
vi.. vi.i.1. ,.f u'hi ud iuri-v'8'ramons following nor training t
Notrd Ou Trip Thru Rrgluu Houth
-- w. ----- -.-. -.--.. - "al
Of Ontario ad NysAa -VVIifst
at Uushela Per Arm
Aji -i, , . .. .
To find wheat being Harvested
which taresntd out'69 bushels per
.... -...a t...i- k. mm an i...aK.iM
.iro. uu tu.t i.u w uu...i.
to the atre, furnished evidence of,'"-" " "'" inturesiing exporioncojtho new owners on October 1. Mr,
the prosperity of the Dig Bend couu-.
ufficient to satisfy two memnera
For example in that William Hos
will secure 10 bushels of barley per
acre and Arthur Hadley bushels
of th; same material. T Muntte
werff reported 6$ bushels of wheat
made by K. H. Drumback who
threshed their crops.
Hrhool DlMrlds No, 8, 27, RS, and
Hit Cult To Olve CMIdifn Of
Valley AiWaulatfrs of lllglirr
i, ,v.. I., .. .,ir- f ih. Pn.mi.
Court the vole upon the question of
,..,.? :
i jorasn alley count iy w
cauvaased, and fouud to be favorable
"ur mboui lutnrta untteo to mane
the ronroll.Ntwl dHrlrt aa follOHs
n; . ., , . , .,
..""" oul ou" "' ll" ""
37. the vote wss unanimous, and oui '
txadvers vote. wre casi In that
Til, : ,"V ;,'".t, rourl ('rnfr'1
" i iuiuio'I
" Jrdn "r will sl-ai MjIUou
ouul i.i r lly School It n
naku possible the eiucat on of pup-
m B , ,iin .i.i.i .. ,i..
i. '....I. "It iv.'J'ohi-'
3 aH &
danUd the advantagea of the add;-
tioaal nstru
nii, f, on
wlMo-do ran afford to go out of lb
T.iiaj saru cjr iu .vniiui.
prsfttsltn.l Mn Hslp In Hrvst
Bikitafck. N D. A twilight army
of laker. Uwyers, doct:;s and mer
eha deff4 white col'ars and atep-
p4 out Into tae barveat fUWi b an
tttai to reklevs what threatens t be
a serious farm labor shortage.
,51 fret Ksar. C.nvktad.
Wafctaitoa-A tela! of 161 eonvic-
wauiwsioa. """4W,W
tlosa have been obUlaed la fee ca.
alga of the deB-itsMol et Justice
s-sJsst araJUserifio.
, . . . . - i. .
tjtaanw LmM w Pnane, England
PMaac, Kaglasd. Arckbls&op
Mib-Ii was lanaad acre froaa a de-l
. was i w. iru-.
Mrayer. Tfc rcWMaP aeciinea w
gne 6ih a tmuaiiNH.
Flf rurrm and Tlirrc Trtittrr Al
ready Knlciril .ir INiur Iay
, Mallnpra Other' Kx
IntIimI ldtrr
Interest In tho racltiR program lo
a, - - i"i....
given during the Fair, September
Jl, IJ, 23, and 24th is already maul-
f'i... i.v ,,.' hi" '-- -7 ..!-.
anu entered (or hlmseK and other
I'ayetto men eight fast harness
horaca. Of these flvo aro single-
(ootera and three troiier. A.i.ininn.
.1 entries .re expected every day, so
that be(ore the rare program atarth
the list Of liamoss events Will he (Ml-
! out.
er ommunlcatlons received from
i lth runners show that the lov
era of tho sprinters will havo action
.durlne the week. '
,- ".": ..... ..
The management' Ih Is vosr ulans
extensive Improvements on the track
M 't It will bo faster than usual,
nl thus a good card furnished frit
.races. v
ftiiiKitiA ti:a(ihn) iikhk
Miss F.tliel P. Rtmmnns Vim suo-l
.ccvJod Hiu Cresau In charae of tho
tOni4rlo ClisDlor u ono of tni hurrer
of the North Wostein Dlvloloa who
mw scrrlw r.urlns the wnr Mlmt
the City und County hospital In H.
i nul, Mliiu, en( to Hoattlo and frdrp
tiier) voluntetrnd for war work. 8ho
weK sent tc lo Plilll'nlnec and then
- . .. a ...!... i.
lt I'lberU, being attached to the Hod
(Toss uo-puai at vaiadtvistou during
" war. nn witnessed me ugr.iiiig
!' during the revolution stugrd by
ItliA Itusilsn armv unit liml .
--. "---: . - ""i. " V "
'urlng her lotelgn servlco.
Two iTttatrly Owutxt MHIt Til llr
KrclfV Oo-oprrntlvt' Kffrtrt A I..
Continue to Ailvorute
larger Mills
That there will be a number of al-
fiilfu inMBl mill. In th. M.IIia.i wul.
ley la an assured fact. Thestt mills
will be ready for grinding the 1920.
The latest addition to the list of
mills will be that constructed
Oeorge ltoss on hla ranch on the
Iloulevard, formerly owned by Dupre
urotners. Air uoas nas ordered a au
ton mill and will havo It In operation
In time for the fall run. He will
operate It not for his own crop ulone
but for those of his neighbors who
desire to grind their ulfalfa for ship-
i Deride Ihrse there Is the mill er
erled by Itsndall Sage ou his ranch
on th r0'' " ,,,e tI1ko Just east
Bn(1 Mr' rBlhy t NrMa hBYe ,,, ,
Ileside thene there Is being con-
.i..,.,i . .,,, , u ,. ...m .
fc(B(i .. ra(ro 0 a arK. 8(.nie to
rart for , a rrn of ,R ,
that region. The ranchers there i
are considering this matter sorlous
y tho no definite ocllon has
.rh . ., B
Ingmadeof the fesslblllty of the por- tii III na n ar.lnlnn nf Ih. urn
uVen towar,, ,ne ,rodntlon of
.,,,. nt thai tvnn I
mMU .f "'" lype' '
.., ... ........ . , ,,. (p lrn, K,wav pt ,))ll( pcrrv ti .iii-iikos vouiu no .roriMieii in qrgnn-
X . J 'illarher..and .ayor II V JoneHl',"., ,,,r0 K"'iP' Hit Hcnhr I.I fa
Jalohson, the well known I'aycttc '"' Ontnt;, Prnulr Narthruii of liond ?,,,n,J t'nrP' compced o( men ilgl-
driver w.. I Ontario lost Saturday " ? .?. U'"'""' "".' I Z ff.'.l:"" 'h-!jVT
,i lluvrre NV.t IVIII.m Pilccs At Which
wttiftti pioneer mmrr wj w
Julius Caraar pauMln Dies At H"-
pilal Wua Well KaiiMli lu lu.
ie,l..r Aw Haiirlui' aud
IhIIiih f'i..-"ar Soiildlut of W
(A" '"ei al "lu hospital Sundav
riiavliis' an nnavaHnn fni DnnAriiHl
lowlug an operation for appendlcftlH.
Mr. Spauldlng took III at bis home.
for medical attention:' The .tart had
unfortunately been too long delayed
,Bd peritonitis had aet In before the
0peraon t00 pjaCe.
Funeral services were Held Moo-
daf ' Westfall and Interment was
made In the Westfall cemetary.
Mr. Spauldlng waa one of the beat
1BOWIl meB 0( tne upper country bav-
lag lived in Westfall for eight yeara.
During this time he waa proiam-
a-'eni BB a .tocwa,,, aB(1 TBDrlier He
,8 Burvrej Dy one son, Jack Spauld-
iBg of westfall.
TtlWWWHTf I'' Ml 11 'B si an !
Ontatld. SjHHa ami Dim, I 0 .'at fn.
In- Ti Pirarnt CMlnii nf County
To Completion nf Old Orcuou
Trull 'lu HlAU)
Tn tjrrcnt the wi of thli Hcilun
l.K-Ml m airj III IIIM H(Ulin
o' '' 'talc conceml-i.t tie nlan l"c-
r"1"1 b ''ftho lo tlu Orogoti lllh-
ny l-.immU.lon, to end the Old Ore
Al a ,nMttnK i,el(L ut thu City Hall "J'111 ,lt,en eT '' 'cr; un.t tli.j
last I'l'ty -vcntu attended bv del- Iu,J,or ' ,fo Bavii,, Crw compofo.l
'gallons tiom nnd Doad Or ?f ,,0'" !rom twnlv to fiftoen. The
rlnt h?o cominiinlllin derided lo.J,?,".b.0oen.. ',"MI 0, ol",'1'on
I IIIDIIU 1 I n V1S ..-.- r -.pair XIII II ' iiiiiumuu Ul till-
.ftS , cSmUl".'.1:
the peoplo of (Ills section viewed the
nrooosnl and Mnvnr Jnni wrf num.
II..II. ..... -.!.. I.. l. . .ii . .
ed by President Van lolton In plaro
"Commission adopted resolution
deslgnang Ontario east terminus Old
Oregon Trail. Ontario rumors false
From thU um urn lnni IiaIIav.
.. ... ; : - ..
that tho rumors of the uast few iinv
wore without much foundation, and
that Ontario, will, nfter all, ho tbn
terminus nf the Oregon Trail, as
first Intended.
I Further particulars will bo given
.in our next Issue.
and Mrs. J. A Ilartlott of
y. where thny havo oporatcd u
or many years and havo !jo -
hotel for
a know,, to avervonn who imvnu
thru, or has liven tn thn Inierior.i1
nro In Ontario this wonk vtsltlim
thotr daughter, Mrs, Thomas Arnold
Whlto horn they purchased the rest-
deuce of C. F. Coron the
- . . . . ....
and will come here to make their
homo. Under the terms of tho sale
possession or me nome will be given
the new owners on Ovlobor 1, Mr.
nml Xtr. fn .,., , l...w. n..,nM.
-"" ""' - --l"'- "' wini-
visit In Iowa.
Pavrtte. Friiltlaml ami Ontario Hm.
Y" litnnls From Haitkeyr Hlalti Tii
I'Mrgalher ami 1VII Of Oirn
CnMi Ktr.
Old residents of Iowa are strong
tnr rHlinlmia. TfiArn ! liuriltv n illn.
trlct In the west where reunions of
former rosjdeut of the Hawkoye
state do not get together lo renew
acquaintances and toll about the big
corn crops of Itiolr old homo Btute
Tho lowana of tho Snake river val
loy are going lo establish this custom
on a larger scale than usual fur this
section this year, Over on thu Idu
'ho side there have been Catherines In
the past. This your the old time
llawkoyea from Ontario and vlclnlt.
and there ure hosts of them, have
ibeen invited to Jo'n In the reunion
which will be held at Washpa nn Fr-
I day, August 20. Notice to this ef-
feot was received by the Argus from
TUe plcnlo ground selecled Is onb
one mile soutn or I'ayeue ana mere
win i,. ni.niv ni nuim in, ,, uimn.
,nnre f 8,R1B Bnrt a g00d time Is
BhMired for all.
::mm mm for
' por unni nitAiitiiiM on ro
A t-l'Rht tlemuml for wool hus hee
noted In tht past wek or teu days
thu the prices paid luv? Ieu (n
from aatUfuctory they art b'Hir
thun prevailed some time since. A
number of aalos hato been nporteil
but the seller ure not giving out
for publication he prices received
' The only other feature of the wonk
In the atocK gamo la the movement
of lutnbs to market There have heeu
(tnany sblpmeiita In the face of the
fuct that the prices have been stead-
lly falling, Among the shippers from
this section Lester 8a well loaded alx
ahlpped eight and Jim Cllntou, ten
carloads from Ivkoport John Hum
shipped ten cars from Bvergreau
There ban also beon a movement
of lambs from the Crune branch and
a general movement of lambB to raar-
Xei is on rigni now
("""sassssau'MFAi miiis mm
Dr. W. J. Wonse. r'hnlrmnn nf Mm
local chapter o( the Atnorlcun Hod
Cross, thin wook rocnlvoil Ihn fnl.
lowing communlcotlnn from Hod i
Croso hcadqunrtcrs at Bontln, Wnsh.
"Mr. Joseph C. Hedges, nn expert'
ir water nrsi am, wno lias recently
Jotned our Division ivAff, will be in
Ontario August. 20th. Tho purpose
of iMr Hedges' visit w'll ho tr- put
en n wutcr nld ilcmotislrntlon nnd
li organize tho f.lmmrrit o( your
ic?",niun,l'r ,n, ' ,lfu vng corps
T, , - nutf,, .ijjn
,, corp8 t0 "c ftl,ncl"'l to your
fj Jinplor nf tho IU1 C'ui Volunttvtr
'" :'" .C?r'.' . PqaalbM Mi.
leconm in auxlllsn to the Kmiip
I.lfo Suvlnp Cor.M.
Further partleulun- will Im wveu
hcxt vouk.
...fe . ..,. ... .... ..
i,ri, ji, rmniT, i-iuiirrr m in" in
koturi nn I .Muitlntin, Noiv N
lurk Aiiiine' Visit mc He
Ai'e Here
(loo. M. I' unov nf Now York ClivL.. .. .... .... ........
: in nm.r... il.l. u..,L ii... ...... ..""" Bl Ulnr Phb on mo 1-ucniB
hie i.ster Mrs. W. J. P' t icy. vn Joying
ina cuimps i nm livmt in i county
nun nas s.ggu peoplo per saunro
mllo, toSisltlnit in one thnt has ono
Pr"ii 'or each 040 acros.
I Wlt" w J- I'lnney lie went to tho
lclrc, ,ar ranch last Friday for a
af.hnist llt atlllt lilat uah ltntnnt..A
hort visit with his son Humphrey
'"" .wll P0" b0? rrildent of
imibi uMnllnH alnAA Sli iinlHw TI..
this aoctlon since oarly snrinir. The
tlrlvo from Ontario to Crane and ro -
ttun was an cnJoyaVe oxperleiK'
but lint n novel on,i 'or the New
Tho ii tesldont of N'n.v York since
litFS, iiid ono of its loading rorpora -
Hon attorneys, Mr. P.nney ia u re a
plounor nf tho West. Ho llvnd In
i-nrtli Dakota In 188,', when n.) In-
l.'nn upr'ilng w:is not m uuusuai px-
pVrlcnrt. letter his (v r.'ly mlgrntod
to when that (treat
wan still a territory. Hla fathor who
had boon appointed United Htates
Marshal for tho Dakotas, there wasl "Meetings nro being hold In sever
no North and South Dakota thon, til different sections of thn countv
was transferred to Montana In a Him- thla week lo brlnK dlroctly lo the
Par rapacity. lattontlon of tho fnrmors the posulbll-
IMr Plnnoy has driven by teum Itloa of marketing their hay by way
across Iowa, tho Dakotas and Mori- of tho meal route. It Is altogether
trna, before tho aay of tho re'i probablo that suvoral moro mills will
road, so tho lrlp by ntto from On- ho ostabllshod as a, rosult of those
.tano to Crane and roturn wau only
a pioasure Jaunt compared with h.i
e .perirnco or ti.o early day.
liQI iNr I A III fllil
Washington. An lnterchtne of
vlewa Is In progress between the Unit-
l Statea and Kreurh nml Ilrltlsh gov-
... -n.UK.,ln ,. ..!.. .4. nf III. I
riiiucuis rvs.iuiiip. w nim
lulled States toward the bolshevik
invasion of Poland.
With the threatened political and
economic collapse of Poland and re
actions of similar gravity uutlclpated
In statea adjacent to the new republic,
fflclala described the situation as
tpproacklng a point where self-Inter-est
would prompt the United States
to act.
Included among steps tho United
Slates might find Itself compelled to
take, olflclala auggested, Mere exten-
slon of credits to permit purchase by
,.,,, . .,1. .., nn.iriuL
Poland of surplus war materials, a
uecmration or murai support mr ro- Wilson, County Club leader,
laud and a warning to the so let gov- I "A survey of 1000 homes In tVe
erumrnt not to trespass boyond Its 33 Northern and Western Statea In
. ,. . . dlcatea that "no occupation waa
bouudailes. srarcoly a fitting classification for
Military aid, It was addej, could be tne farm WOman
considered only If all else failed; Statlstlca compiled from question-
Military authorltlea suggested that lrrea distributed hv Rllsa Florenrt
u . . a a .j ,. unai ...,i K. Word, In charge of Uxtenslou Work
the brigade destined or Slloala and ror Womon thru ttl0 Mome nemon-
letalned In Qcrmauy, If sent to SI r.tratlon Agonta In thoao Stutes, ahow
lesla might steady Poland, Ctecbo
Slovakia and dermal. Completx
itrangulatlon of Poland by the cutting
of the Danslg corridor by the b'.lshe
vlkl, they said, was a grave event ral
Ity which the presence of American
troops might ponslbly avert.
foch 8scs Chance For Poles,
London. Poland Is still far from
biing beaten, In iho opinion of Mar
shal Koch, as expressedj In an Inter
view with the Exchange Telegraph
company's correspendent at llythe
Providing Poland's forvea and her
military material Are quickly organ
Med, the marshal is quoted aa saying,
she may yet be able successfully to
defend ber fioutlvrt.
'III J HUIll ll"P'IH IllgJ mi i i if-. j
NO. 36.
iiuriB. i'iillu UIIULI
Hludy Will II? Mmlc of I'M-lRlit ItaltH
nnd Other CoiiIIiikchcIo To lie
Mot In Kffoit To Itcncli Outside
Mm kits Mills On Wny
"Thn work which the County Farm
llurenu Is doing at tho present time
in the effort to assist tho farmo.'s
of Malheur Count) to market this
'atir'h liny crop bids fair to produra
hoimc vary tangible results, "Is the
tnniiuor In which Roorutnry H. II. Cluy
of Ihi Ontnrlo Commercial Club e
prossed himself this i'ok. Conllnu.
lug hu mild: "Committees among the
'farmers have boon Investigating the
insHlhlllthN of marketing tho huy
rrop ns alfalfa in on I. This lnotl
Kullon shows thnt seomlngly rolluble
markets for thin product nro to he
found In 8outbenstorn Toxn, thru-
.Hit Ihn BlttlAM nf llin tmlitHli. vmt
ront' O"1 ,ow ,,fty" inco tlrm
in .i nearuy town was asxcu to quoto
luces on ld.uoo tons or nirairn me.ti
dcllvorod In San Francisco,
"Tho best advices show tlu
present mnrkot prlco for thli
duct In San Francisco Is 111
ItiH tulillA nnnl rtiiiatn rtln
tlut the
2 per
ton whtlo present mnrkot prtiM for
maa In Knusas City la about 131
per ton.
, "Whllo tho Initial Investment for
machinery nnd equlpmont to mnkv
the nfval roaches n comparatlvoly
,hjgh figure thoro Is a considerable
number of farmers who bollave that
thls Is tho host solution of tin; hay
1 "There aro several mills which will
bo built lu this vicinity this fall. Ono
milt of thirty tons dully capacity la
already on tho roml from the factory
and two othoni of sixty tons capacity
aro to bo ordered In thu Immediate
"It la ostlmated there
"It la ost mated there aro omu
S0.000 tons of alfalfa )n this county
this year which can reasonably he
classed as surplus stock. j
"The Ontario Commercial Club la
actively co-operating with the farm-
;er, said Mr. Clay. "In aoctirlng
rrcigiu rates tor mis community ami
othor necessary Information wi
ti (onnorH In completing
Investigation. On tho fact of pr
data, ll would appear that tho turn-
lug of the surplus atock of hay oft
In tho form of moal preaenla the
nt loulcal aolutlo of tho problem.
Hui'VPy of 1000 llnmrsj nhnwa Wast-
KO of Wnmnn Power Mure
OlrUtlian lto)s Ijitlni Ilurttl
DUtrlctn for Cities
Wai tho census taker right when
b wro'e " no occupation" after the
name of the woman who told him she
wfl . ,l0mPmvrT nWH M,,s Ma,t
that thu furm woman wnrka 13.12
hours lu summer with 1 64 hours
leisure und 10. SG hours lu winter
with 2.42 hours rest (wonder ho
munv women use these rest periods
for tho family mending?)
"During tho working day which
begins for about C09', of the women
at 5 o'clock, 01 muHt carrv water
for all household ubo an average dla
tanco of 39.37 feet; 92'r do all or
part of tho family sowing; 06, do
washing while only 26 have gaa
or electric irona with which to ac
complish thla task and Ironing.
"Tho womon reported on tho labor
aavlng devices in tho homea; t6
have' acroeued doors and windows,
32 running water In tho house, 20
havo hath tubs; 60 have sinks with
drain; 64 havo linoleum ou the
floor; 69 havo kitchen cablnou;
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