The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 05, 1920, Image 5

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! ' lino of 3)tt Ave ii V
Iiurtll Illin nf tlMi Ann M w
I 3rd Stroot N. W. from tlin nnrtli
M. It. ll.KMINO
()iloiM(aM, of itolsp, iiinlio
will lin.nt tlin Mnnrn llnlnl M,...,1..
AuRiist 9th. Optometry means Kyo mtb. Ul ot nrA Avo. N. V. to tho
Service. .north lino of Oth Ave N. W.
Wo fit BhihBOH mid do It rlcht. ev 1 V". slrcet N w- from t,u' ""rtli
nctly rlRht. . curl lino of 3rd Ave. N. W. to tho
00 pur cent of hpftdiichoB nro mils- ""C!1' I1"0 f "'"' Avo- N
od hy some chnrnctor of HYlj'.. Sil' 'j "rd Av. N W fi in
STIIAIN. Uio wo-l Hit- of Mnlii 8t to tin) weit
Ono pair of ovch In fill you will ,lni' ,of r,tl1 st N- W.
evor havo, HE FA I II WITH THHM. I ""' srcJl N. W. from tho north
'i-1. iino or iru avp n. ,. tin
not th linn "'Ii Avo N. W
L 4th Avo N. W. froth ll.o .eitt Hi
or 'vny lino vi tio O. S ". t ! t:
.1 A... . lir . .. ... I . . ... . . I
Wrt final ir nviiKia. . .... .
flon o .In . ,:.",', ?,.'"'. ""'I ,T": line of Gil, St. N. W.
ub by friends mul nntiM.i,,,... I.. !. .r,,h V." V frmi tin woit 111
hour Of our snrrnu, ..,.! I.J ... .r wn I"10 " Vn O. 3. L. lly. to
doatli of our beloved, husband and
iij inn ii,., nnt,i ii,.n nf r.iti ni m w
Mrfl. fJordn Olson.
Mr. nnil'Mrn. Wonloy Snyitor,
AitHtln Olson.
Cth Ave. N. W. from tho wohI ih.
of wny lino of tho O. 8. U. Jty. to the
onHt lino of 3rd St. N. W.
7 th Avo. N. W. from tho west lit.
of wny lino of tho O. 8. U. Hy. to
tho oaBt lino of Int. St. N. W.
Oth Avo N. W. from tho cnat lino
of bloclm fi nnd 7 Itlvoraldo Addition
to tho cast lino of 2nd St. N. W.
hy urndltiK tho nnld HtrcotH to tho
established Rrndu, constructing con
crcto Bldownlkn nnd curbs with
Principal Evonts of tho Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Roaders.
tfrJ4H$M MKt4yjKHH4
r .r-n
and Gentlemen!
Tin: common cocsvn, of tin;
Notice Ih horohy Kvon that tho '!rosw'". RravolltiB sand holes, arid
0:iiluon Council or tho City of 0n.,coMHlructliiB proper drnlnnRO struc-
Unto. Qrogon, did, at It rosulur m i- J"--,V'C ' ml J00" ,lcrol)' rc(lulr?
Con held on AuruhI -M A I) I0J0. Jfr0I,L lho. Vlly. l:nHinocr plaiiH and
ud.iiit lho following rentlutlon. iipeclflcntloiiti for nn npproprlnto lin-
t,,',u i!-pi,-i- provoment of mild RtrcotB nnd cntlm-
, iiwuuiiiuN nt0fl of l)l0 work nl(, (0 ,)roml)0
itiiuii'iin, iiurnc iiucu'ii nun pin)- total cost tlieroof, all to no fllod In
' " vi rrquira; in.ii cnrt.nn tho offlco of tho City Herordor.
niiuuin hi iiiu ..iiy oi uninrio, wrO'
Bon, ho Improved :nnd
MliuruitH, tliv Htetl)T to Im linp.-nv-
I I'tii' llttlo If any concroin nlilo
wnllii and tho fow wxnl Hlilivvellik
am In had coiiilltlen: and
VhircaHj lho rnnilwi) nro pmnlv
tluiined, nnd liecomo 'willy nil tip
mid nearly ImpaMinhle .it ttnn duo
ti (mine Bund, etc.; and
Wlinrcnti, It Ih vory to
have frcij. niitll dollvt nnryire In
Oulurin nnd lioforn th Oovprnmout
vjll. OfltahlfBh Korvlrn i,f Unit
And nf cunning tho cost nnd ox
Poiibo of hucIi ImprofriucntH to he
nBaoBBod iiRfiliiKt tho prnporty heno.
fltvd thorohy and llnhlo therefor, and
deHlKnntlng Monday the ICth day of
AiiBUKt, A. I)., 1020, ut tho hour of
8 o'clock P. M. to ho tho appointed
day and hour, nnd tho City Mall In
Mild City of Ontario ho tho placo for
tho ImarltiR of nlilcctlotm mid rcmon-
tancc8, If any there ho, aRalnst nucli
Improvement! ami nnBominicntH.
Tho City Hocordor In hereby direct
will, mttrililfiili unrvlna ,.r Ihul l:hnl
..nil nltlnwnlka mwl pm.iiILi nil. Oil (0 KlVO HOtlCO of till) ItltOntlon Of
I.11WJD ho coiiHtructel the hu'lt Uio Common Council, nH horohy cx
tip rrrldonco illntrlctB, and prowiod, hy ponllnB iiotlccn thereof
Whorenn, innny proi'rt ownnm In fnr tho porlod required hy Inw In nt
ll. district ilotlrn to plant ikhm noil leant throe public and consplctioun
lnm In the pnrklnu Hud ulierwlMi places within tho corporate limit of
l.cnutlfy tho lown; now .therefore bo tho mild City of Ontario, prior to
It - '3J tho dato net for fcnld henrlnn, nnd
'ltiolvC(l;Miy tln,ComHN-,ofMii'lo publltrti thin notlco in tho Ontario
. City of Ontario. Orecon, that tho fol- Ari-UM, u nowpnpor of Bonernl clr
hwli'iu named itroetti hi Improved nn oulntlon, within tho City of Ontario,
u lllbtrlct Improvomtjiii for at loaat two publlcntloiiH theroof
Main Street from th tmrtli'ltii prior to snld dnto ict ifor-.nald henr
of 8ul Avo. N. W in tin north lino Int. '
nf MeckM 4 ai. f. Ulv.iiil'lt At'lltlon I)ino nt tho City Ilnll In the. City
Ift Street N W. frnr.. thx uoHli of Ontario, OrcKon. thin 4th day of
emb llnu of 3rl Ave N W tu ll.t AUBUBt, A. I).. 1020.
ii" h lino ot '!h Avi N W .1 CLAY M 3TKAHN8,
L'nJ Strcot N W Him1 Hie north (SEAL) city uocoruer
f M&kjjflH5Ky!& . Ltr TL 4 l
Xj r4S-M rft.iBiiiF 'M k 4 wJ: . j.
m m HVkliBaHBr !m t "mB..
. ?j . "' '-wJil Wjfk 'i- , . r
TlirethliiK of the 1920 uralu crop ol
Mini county lias H'Riiii.
Mrs. Minnie Cecil Anderson was
drowned In the Columbia river nt An
Jackson county cattle men urn plan
iiIiib to mnrliot their cattle tliruimli
auction Bales.
Tho Qrnulte road oxtendliiK from
Granite to the linker county linn lull
been completed.
The maimfactiiro of tllo will be n
now Iniliiktry In Albany to ho otab
llelied by tho Albany Ilrlck & Tile
Innu county hits n population of 33,
100 In 1920, a compared with 11 popu
latlon of 33,783 In 1910, according to
a report Ismiml by tho ccnsini bureau.
Sovonty-ono ncrcB of land lying niljn
cent to the city of Coqulllo wa Bold
by Hb owner, .Mr. KUtncr, to K.
Smith, for n consideration of $35,0J9
With a per cnplta wealth of $S22.G
Albany Is Kettlnic forth the claim that
fow elllcB In tho country can oitial
the nlzu of Its hank dcpoBltB pro lutn
(q population.
Tho Klamath County WoulBrowerv
aiBOclntlon has dacldpd to levy a lux
of 2 cent n head on all tdieop owned
by member to protldo a fund for cur
rant uxponacB. -
The WimliliinliMi e County Aut- iiij
the anHoclatloii whk orKimlxiU at a
inuetliiK In lllllnboro Monduy night,
ntlvndcd by 28 diMlrr from all paw
of tho cotiniy.
tho outlro plant of the Alco Woud
I'roducta company nt Albany vwm do
troyrd by flro, caiiulni; a Iihih of be
tween 455,000 and 00,000. Thu In
lurunco wn (25,000.
UcorKO Carllld was fined $100 nnd
cost In juatlvu court at CoIUko Drove
lieu ha pluadod guilty to a chumo of
dynumliliiK trout In tho Count Fork
river on tho morulnif of Juno ti,
Victor IJcniircBanl, owner of a ranch
canned time hy the Colum
inn rir iiigliHn, .l .,; :ioo,l lllvcr,
will remove tho pigpens width liuvc
caused complaint from tnurUu.
William C. Cunnlnghnm, a private
In 1st company, coast artillery eorpi.
stationed nt Fori Stovon, wns found
(fend ut tho post and thu mllltnr) an
thorltlos bellovo ho committed suicide
Holies of early days In I.nno county
and Orofion will bo a fcuturo or tho
exhibits ut tho county fair at Kuaunn
I In Ktptcmber. according to announce
ment of W. (!. Vran, secretary of tho
fair association.
The Kursiio city council has decided
to K ahud with the purchase of u
munlelpul aviation fluid, iiotwlthstuiid
liiK thu fact that there nre no bidders
for tho dlf.OUO bonds rsoontly oted
f.r that purpose.
Mho county court of Jucksou county,
In loujunetlon nlth the statu hU-.tiwny
comm.sslon, Is Jilunnlnij to put 1X3.000
wo th of eravol on tho Uniuimprlui;
mountain road, t;tadln of w,ch Is
now well umlur way.
A. V Walker of Oakland, CM , was
killed In tin automobllo accident 11 oar
Wilbur, when nn automobllo occupied
bv O II. Johnson and his wife and
1 Mr Walker left tho road nnd plunged
over tho bunk 76 foct.
, In order to fluunce tho purchaso cf
tho site for the proposed navul bum
hlto ut Astoria to Im presented, to th
government, the Clatsop county nuvul
baso company, with n capital stock of
$100,000, has boon organized.
At least S00 tons of evergreen Muck
berries will be liandled ut the Alba.ny
cannery this season. Tho taunory will
begin on the evergreens as soon as
the loganberry crop, with which It Is
now crowded, Is out of the way.
Mrs. J. 0. Uoiinls, aged about 45,
wife of u merchant at Crawfordsvlllu,
lost her life in a fire which destroyed
her home In thqt(tuwu. Tho flro alio
burned the building In which the
Crawfordsvllle postoffice was situated.
John I). McGtlvary, a granite expert
or San Francisco, was In Ashland ro
ceutly and mado un Inspection of the
g'nnite quarries or this region He
hecamo so much Interested that he
will return and make a more extended
Ileprc8entatlvcs of the Rogue Hlver
Valley Fish and Game association will
start for the mouth or the Hoguo river
August 5 to make n thorough Investi
gation ot all matters growing out ot
the Rogue river fish controversy of
that locality.
There wore four fatalities In Ore
son due to Industrial accidents during
the week ending Jjy 29, according to
a report prepared by tla Industrial
accident commission. The victims
wore Ole Uragsvold, sweeper, Hend.
William Oreashudber, laborer. Oregon
'!ty; Newton. W. Lewij, laborer, Sa
tern, and A. C. Duncan, logger, I'ow
ere A total of 4G9 accidents weru r
ported. '
U It's .irlnt'JngT We can do It.
lev An
A t 10
! They're Here! f
sl Arrived
-"- - " rr-"Tfl"Wi ii iTi jsrn-iaj V X
K if
s j
1 1
They are going to do il! They're gonna do it!
They will prove it to you in double time.
That the New Fail lino of
is Ihe finest and most complete of any showing
this season, and thoy are here now
for your inspection. Don't delay.
Suil Lengths Eitpeciallu for Lmlivs' Tailoring
ooeris rressary j
M44t444-l4-M-K-t4-tH44-t'H44-H4t4444i4-) -M-W-t-W4-M-J
MOUFIt TAIU-S I ldi:it TIF , Ihh right hand, just behind tho first samo gamo nnd his slstor was tho
rinylng "threnhlnB miuhlnt" with J0'"1- T''0 I''0 c"l wnH rushed to victim. 8ho too lost tho point of u
lawn mower proved to bo reat " '' w"ro surglcol nld was ho- finger,
sprt Utt Ttiurailay for Homer mid ourod. Tho Injured member Is ro-
Hcuart on. son of Mr. and Mr, covering but tho nitnio of llirwhlnK M'ss Iloslim Clomont, nccompanlod
Hun Oft who live MMithwtwt of On- maehliiB Is taboo at ne Ofl homo by hor mother, Mrs. II. W. Clomont,
lulls, until ISRort Hl0 w "fl- now will loavo this ovonlng ror Seaside.,
tug the nmcliln. ' let hi Imntl get I A similar aecldnnl ix-ouruil In the 0" u '0'on '"I1-
In too rr and the whlrlinir hlmlM Oft home yeur ago, when Mr. ort j
cut off the tip of tlin Index flnnr nf whs small boy he vaH playing tho Rubscrlbo lor tho Argus
re7?iyr?re?.T?ft i
August 7lh and Monday, August 9Lh
Fancy High Patent Flour,
every sack guaranteed,
while our present stock
1 ists, per sack ....
Pearl While Soap, per bar ncv
(5 bars to a customer) liL
Sea foam Washing Powder yc
35c size &
Sea foam Washing Powder
15c size
Bulk Macaroni per pound, f)C
Tomatoes, large . size can, I jC
Oranges, per dozen, JUC
Fancy Large Sunhist Lemons iCp
npr ilfwn J JL
per dozen
Steel Cut Oatmeal, 10 lbs.
Shoulder Steak, per pound 20c
Hamburger " 20c
Beef Roast " " 20c
I'ot Koast Beef 15c to 18c
Veal Pot Roast, per lb. 22c to 25c
Veal Stew, " 15c to 18c
Lamb Stew, " 12ic to 15c
Picnic I lame, " 2Gc
Independent Market
Phone 6
r f .. A .
I-A i.J.'AAK