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NO. 4
rnnn Iltircim Members Ponder on
Problem of Disposing of This
Year's Crops, mid Method
of Fighting Weevil
Coimiilttco Appointed to Finn Com
inunlty Fair For Week Frccrod-
lug County Inhibition Plc-
nlc Dinner to bo Feature
How to solve tlio problem of mar
keting the big crop ot nlfalfn that in
raised within a fow tnllos or Cairo,
nnd how to (Iclit the ulfalfii wcovll,
theso woro tho principal mutters dls
eusscd nt tho most roprosontatlvo
mcollDR yot hold by tho Cairo farm
bureau at tho Grungo Hall last Frl
day ovenlng.
That tho ranchers ronllzo they
oro (aelng n chango In uinrkotliiB
conditions and aro prepared to tac
klo tho problom o( solving tholr dif
ficulties In ovldont,
Tho first solution proposed was
that of erecting an alfalfa mill at
Cairo (or tho uso ot ranchers with
in n lour mllo radius. To flnauclns
of this project, It was suggested, bo
arranged on u tonnngo or ncrcagb
basis und thus tho project bo owned
A uumbor of tho men present do
ctored that In tholr opinion this
could bo dono successfully and
would nssuro tho marketlug ot tln
present crop.
C. T. Lnckoy, V. V. Hlcko, liana
Oft, W. J. Plnnoy, B. II. Conklln, Q.
W. Dean and others, presontod vnrl.
ous phasos of tho murkotlng prob
lom and tho consonius of opinion
was that tho project could best be
worked out that way. Further work
is botug dono this wuok on tho or
ganization of such un association,
l'lun riuht on Wcell.
L. It. Ilrlothuupt, County Agont,
gavo n talk on tho alfalfa woovll, ox
plained Its llfo history and tho moth
ods by which It oporatos. Ho also
outlined tho experiments that had
boon in ml o to erudlcato tho post In
various states. Tho mombora prosent
urgod that tho county farm bureau
procood to socuro all tho informa
tion uvallablo rogardlug machines
with which to spray tho alfalfa, if
that Is tho method ot bo adoptod, so
that tho outlro community will bo or
gaulzod nnd ready for a systematic
Mr. Urlothnupt urgod that a hay
growers association uttor tho plan
of tho fruit growers association,
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Hundred of Itimchers Flan to Lay-off
Work nnd View Results of Di
versified Farming In Njstm,
Rig ltund mid Wilder
Tho first annual excursion ot the
Malheur County Farm nureau will
bo held tomorrow, starting from
Cairo at 9:30, and ending at On
tario lata in tho ovenlng. In a trip
that will tako tho ranchers over tho
Houlovard. Nyssa, nig nond, Wilder
and Frultlaud bench country tho
nutos will travol nearly 100 miles.
At noon tho party will stop at tho
grovo In Dig nond for a picnic lunch
and a short program of talks by
various members.
Not only are tho ranchers urged
to attend but a general invitation haa
been extended to tho business men
of tho various communities to be
present to seo what their rancher
customers are doing to Increase the
prosperity of this region.
Engineer Cready of the Ontarlo
Craue run is laying off this week on
Joying a vacation. Mr. Croady recent
ly sold the Ipaco he purchased In
Riverside, to Durbank Clay who loqk
ed over California and decided that
the Snake Rivor Valley looked good
to him. Mr. Cready is now looking
for another place to call homo.
Tho homo nursing classes being
conducted under tho uusplcos ot thu
local Hod Cross Chaptor, by Miss
Ada Cruusup aro creating grout in
terest nmoug tho members, Any wo
rn nn or girl wishing to lake tho
course may become n mvmbor ut
any time. Throo Iosbous aro glfou a
wook on Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, On each of theso days tho
samo lesson Is given twlco from 3
to 4 in tho ufternoou nnd from 7:30
to 8:30 in tho ovenlng. As tho Iob
sous aro in tho nuturo of loctures
thoy will bo ot Interest oven though
you havo not uttonded all of thorn.
TIiIh course of training Is froo to alt
women and girls.
Now Hilling C'nitNC Abandonment of
Nenlco llctwccn Ontario mid
Crime Cities on Itouto
Protect (let Might
On .Monday of this wook tho trulut
leaving Ontario for Cruuo, thu torml
nus to thu Orugou-Eastoni, had no
mall car attached. This Is tho result
or an order taking off clerks on
trains on lines which huva less tlinu
five post offices,
Ontario, Vulu, Crane, Hums and
other towns Immediately upon learn
ing of tho order entorcd tholr pro
tests. J. It. Ulackaby ot Ontario was
In Portland and took tho matter up
with Senator Ucorgo 12. Chumuorlnln,
tho Commercial Club wired Senator
Charlos A. McNary, mid Vulva Cham
bur of Commorco did tho same.
As 'yet no hopo has neon hold out
that tho order cun bo changed. Tho
one method ot proccduro scoiiib to
bo tho securing ot additional post
offices on tho lino, Kfforts to thai
end havo boon started.
Tho ahandoumont of this sorvlce
takes throo families from Ontario,
ull of whom huvo tholr owu homos
hero and huvo oxprossed thomsolvos
as loath to loavo tho community. It
also sadly impairs the sorvlce to tho
Interior and adds additional work
to tho already over worked force In
tho Ontario post office,
Railroad Officers and Union Labor
Lesdvs to Testify.
Chicago Sixty-four railroad officers
and union loaders were subpensed to
appear before tho federal grand Jury
In connection with a probe of the un
authorized walkout of railroad workers
here In April.
Among those for whom subpenss
were Issued wero John Qrunau, presi
dent of tho Chicago Yardmen's asso
ciation, und II. E. Haddlng, head of
the United Knglnemon's association,
These two organizations wore formed
at tea tlmo ot the April walkouts.
Others Included were It. J, D rooks,
Portland, Or.i Ira E. Thomas, Salt
take City, and 0. 8. Christopher, su
perintendent of terminals of the Chi
rasn. Milwaukee & St Paul road.
western States Lead In Depositors.
Washington. Threo western states,
Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, led all
others ou May 4 In the number of bank
depositors, per 1000 population, ac
cording to figures complied by the
controller ot the currency,
Medford Has Fire Loss.
Medford, Or.- The most destructive
flro In M cxl ford's history occured early
Monday morning when Pads brothers'
warehouse, In tho. heart of the city,
burned at a loss of 1100,000.
Secretary Roosevelt Resigns.
Washington. -Franklin D. Uoosovolt,
Democratic vice-presidential candldato,
submitted to President Wilson his res
ignation us assistant secretary ot the
navy, effective August 6.
Two Dead In Canadian Cyclone.
Regina, Bask. Two persons were
killed, a score Injured and property
damaged to the extent ot $200,000 In
a cyclone which swept the southern
part of Saskatchewan.
Articles Doing Prepared For Organi
zation to Consider Steps look
ing Toward Solution of
Power Problem-!
Tho Idaho Powor Company's ap
plication for a rehearing on tho ques.
Won ot powor ratos for this section
has rosultcd In agitation for tho
formation ot it mutual corporation
to handlo nil such mattors in tho
lutorosts of tho powor users,
A commlttco has boon at work
for somo tlmo drawing tho noccssary
articles of Incorporation for tho
proposed body and will roport nt a
mooting to bo held In tho near fu
ture It Is proposed that not only tho
Irrigation power users but tho miiiilcl
palltlcs who havo direct Intercut In
tho succoss of tho ranching opera
tions ot tholr neighbors bo pormlttcd
to Join. Membership will bo based
upon horso power used and a wide
ly distributed board of directors will
bo chosen so that all districts and
all tho various companies will have
mombors on tho governing board.
In their petition for n rehearing
of tho power rate caso the officials
of tho Idaho Powor Company ask
that tho rates for Irrigation power
bo doubled. Thoy were grnnwsU a
ton per cont Increase Just 55ow
months ago.
It Is thu position of tho ranchers
that If tho roquost ot the company Is
grantod that tho business of farming
undor pumping plants will nn long
er bo posslblo, ns cost data collected
already by tho committees of thn
farm bureau vlll n-
Chicago. Appointment of commit
tees to devise plAns for the co-opern-tlvo
marketing of grain nnd livestock
was determined upon nt the final ses
sion of tho American farm bureau fed
eration. The livestock proposal was
unanimously approved whon the asso
ciation's committee on that Industry
recommended It. This action came n
fow hours nfler (ho plan of the grain
committee had been received favor
ably by a majority nf the convention.
The grain committee, which will bu
appointed soon by J. It. Howard, presi
dent of the. federation, will be a per
manent body with headquarters In
Chicago. It will Investigate existing
plans of co-operatlvo markotlug as well
as suggest new plum, Members of
the committee will comprise leading
grain producers, grain elevator men
and others,
A resolution was adopted directing
that efforts be made by the farm bu
reau to obtain cars' to move crops. It
also was recommended that freight
probloms be referred to the federation
to obtain uniform freight rates and
equal facilities for all farmers.
Heavy property d&mago was caused
by the cyolone which hit North Da
kota in the vicinity of Mlnot.
Following the discovery of a HO.OOQ
shortage in his accounts while city
auditor, Mayor H. A. Bock, of Salt
Lake City, resigned.
Tho formal notification of Governor
James M. Cox will be held August 7,
at Dayton, Ohio, and that of Franklin
D. Roosevelt August P, at Hr4e Park,
New York.
A total of 1,340,000 seedlings, prin
cipally Douglas fir, were planted ou
the forests of Oregon and Washington
in the fiscal year ending June 30, ac
cording to a report by tho United
States forest service.
Ohio got its third presidential candi
date for the 1920 campaign when the
prohibition national convention nomi
nated Aaron S. Watklns of German
town, O., after learning from W. J.
Bryan that he would not accept the
Skipper Sued By Washington Cadets.
Seattle, Wash. Klght merchant ma
rine cadets from Washington, stranded
at Htlo, Hawaiian islands, have
brought suit for $25,000 damages
against Captain I'. F. Kckhardt, mas
ter ot the training ship Vlcksburg.
Officers From Oregon, Washington
mid Iilnhii Direct Pomios Seek
ing Men Who Murdered
Sheriff Til Xiijlor or
Sheriff Leo Noo loft Monday night
to Join with tho sheriffs ot Oregon,
Washington und Idaho who with po
llco officials of Portland, railroad spo
clnlfcngents nnd hundreds of men
from Pendleton mid Umatilla county
who aro seeking tho murderers of
Shpritf T. D. (Til) Taylor of I'mn
tllln bunty.
Sheriff Tnylor was murdered In
his nfflco Sunday afternoon by a
halt brood Indian named Hurt, who
with his pn'f Owen, also a half brood,
and thrcn others csenped from tho
Umatilla county Jail by over powor
ing Doputy Sheriff Mnrtln when ho
brought thorn their noon dny monl
Sheriff Tuylar with a frlond ontor
cd his office and found tho mon
(hero nnd Immediately was attacked,
ijalt had secured n gun In tho offlco
hMd with this ho killed tho popular
Thn whole stato wns roused by tho
crlnio and one ot tho greatest rnnn
hunts In tho history of the West Is
taking placo In tho mountains oast
of Pendleton. It Is gonnrnlly believed
that tho guilty mon wilt never bo
taken nllvo.
Hhnrlff Tnylor was ono of tho host
known mon In Oregon, and many
citizens of Malheur county woro
proud to claim his friendship and nc
tiiinlntnuco. ROBBERS HOLDS UP
Fresno, Cal, Four automobile
stages en route to thn Vosemlto valley
filled with passengers were held up
and the passengers in two of them
woro robbed of money by a lqno out
law at a point on tho mountain high
way about a mil" and a half from
Miami lodge In Mariposa county. As
near as could be estimated, tho robber
obtained aboout (SCO. The robber es
caped in tho brush and a posse under
Sheriff Al Turner of Mariposa county
was searching the mountain country.
The robber had thrown a log across
the road and when the first stngo
reached it he suddenly appeared from
the underbrush on the mountain side
above the rosd and commanded tho
passengers to remain In their seats.
Ho was armed with a rlflo and hud a
flour sack over his head.
Move to Bring Montana Crop to the
Pacific Coast Started,
OlympU Wash. Itecommendutlon
has been made to tho Interstate com
oierce commission by O. O. Culdorlioud.
rate expert of the Washington public
service commission, for establishment
of an export rate for shipment of the
Montuna wheat crop to Pacific coast
ports, it became known hero.
Establishment of an export rate
proportionate to the rata to the At
lantlc coast would tend td divert cars
to the west and assist In relieving the
present car shortage, it was said.
Ole Hanson In Court Clash.
Chicago, The taking of testimony
In the trial of .20 nuintiern of tho com
munist party ended In flares ot feeling
from attorneys and witnesses, At ono
point OIo Hanson, ex-mayor of Seattle,
Wash., was led from the courtroom to
end a controversy between him and
Clarence Darrow, of counsel for the
Prohibition Cuts 8an Francisco Arrests
San Francisco. Arrests In San
Francisco have been cut nearly In two
during the first year of prohibition.
Ilwsco Plant Is Burned,
Astoria, Or. Tho town of Ilwuco,
Wash., faces the necessity of being
without light, power or water for un
Indefinite period as tho result of a fire
that destroyed tho plant of the North
Shore Light & Power company.
Mrs. Walter Gramso is roported as
bolng quite ill tills week.
J. A. Dnipoi' loft Ontario with a
new oi iiitm ou Tuesday to start
work on tiii) construction of u bank
building ut Harper. Thu banking In
stitution which Jnck Fulrmnu, tho
welkiiowu Intorlor business man do
voloped ut Wcstfalt will bo moved to
linipor ou tho completion ot tho
Mr. Falrmau wont to Harper from
Wosttatl some Unto ago and has do
voloped a growing bustnoss thoro.
Among othor nctlvltlos tho Harper
man worked on a road to tho South
which rosultod In a Irage part ot tho
wool clip of tho wosturu ond of tho
county being shipped from Uiat
Dead Ox Flat llmiclicr llcucn Need
For Hotter Marketing Condi-
Hon Special Product
Mint Find Purchasers.
"I nolo your expressed bollof that
Ontario desires to aid la tho up
building of its tributary country.
Tills can bust bo dono by establishing
a stablo I'inirkot for npoclal products
grown by tlitf ranchers, protecting
thorn from tho oporatlons ot commis
sion mon whoso sorvlcos In tho past
havo boon unsatisfactory.
"Morn particularly wo noed co
operation In ,tho shipment of onions,
spuds, pop corn and othor products
that can bo raised in this section.
"Tho mombors ot tho Farm llu
roau doslro co-oporntlon and bollovo
In reciprocity.
A. A, Quthorrldgo.
Rationing of Gasoline Considered,
Washington. A gasoline rationing
system to he applied throughout the
entire United States Is being consid
ered by big refiners, Tho rationing
system Is deslgnod by tho refiners us a
lust resort to curtail consumption ami
keep tho price from bolng forced to
more than 40 cents a gallon, govern
mout officials horo have been Inform
ed by tho roprosontutlves ot the re
I.os AngelcH. A sharp earthquake
shock woke I, oh Angelos at 4:12 Mon
day morning. Reports to tho telephone
and telegraph companies and to fire
and pollco departments Indicated It ap
parently was felt chiefly ut Los
Angeles and In a lenaor degree at Ingle
wood and Redondo hcich, the former
about twenty-two miles distant, both In
n southwesterly direction.
A second and much lighter stock
was folt In Los Angelos at 8:59 a. in.
Immediately following tho first
shock thoro was a wild exodus from
hotols and dwelling?.
Half clad people rushed from thu
buildings, seeking refugo In parks and
open spaeos, nnd fearing to roturn to
the buildings for tholr clothes,
The second sheck, coming when
many people weru at lust sitting down
to breakfast, cuused another rush for
the streets.
It Is reported that the Los Angeles
county court houso Is so damaged from
shocks since July 1C, culminating with
Monduy morning's temblor, that it will
bo torn down.
T, O. Shankland ot Portland and
A. J. Hall ot Ilolso, IiiBuranco Ad
justers, arrived in Ontario Monday
ovenlng to adjust tho losses suffered
by Iloyer Profilers and The Argus
In the fire which damaged tholr prop
erties on July 20. Tho Insurance
representatives arrived at the
amount of tho losses and fixed the
claims accordingly In a very fair man
A burning box cur loaded with
lumber furnished Rome excitement
for Ontario this (Thursday) eve
ning. Tho fire department put the
blazo out In short order.
Dliector In Charge of Amusement
Features At Work Now Getting
Program In Shape. For
Uiickaroos From Interior nnd From
Idaho Coming in Full Force
HiisIiichm Mon Named To
Work With Full- Honrd
V. T. Horrott of Vulo, tho director
uf tho Fair to whom wns dulegatcu
tho task of arranging fur tho uxhl
jiiiuu bofoto tho grandstand und
vniiur umusutuuiit leutuies is ou thu
lob nnd has nircuuy started to niiu
'up tho attractions,
Mr. Horrott bus been In Ontario
sovornl times during thu past wuok
ior consultation witn W. ii. Dee
iitilo, sccruiury ot tuo lair ami with
members ot tno business iuuuh cum-
inittoo wnicu tno luir uomu nuuiuu
nuuor tho now uriungciuoiit ot uuuu
nug tho annual oxmuiliuii. Tuo mon
wno woro named to assist In this
work are: 11. L. Peterson, W. 11.
liaison, S. M. Uoucher.
Mr. Horrott and Mr. Doollttlo visit
od Poyolto on Tuesday and wuro as
sured ot tho co-oporatton of tuo nur
nous horsemen ot tuut community,
ihuso men havo already buuu woik
ing out tholr horses mid u number
ut fust miles havo ulroady boou nego
tiated. Sovorul now nurses mo being
dovoiupod tttoro uud ussuruueo is giv
en that tho plogrum of races will bo
tns boil in a. uumu-r m yours.
Word tins boou scut to uugor, uud
to ilolso turf toiiowurs uud U is ex
pected that they will piosuuc tholr
horses to tho starator in tho tuir
"Wo aro going to havo somo real
wild west stuff," oays Mr, Horrott.
"I um'goltlug Into conuuunlcutiou
with tho host ropers and outlaw rid
ers of tho interior ami they cun put
on a good show. This will truly bo n
Malheur County Fair, for tho wo iiro
ussured of riders from ovor tho
river, thoy uro our neighbors uud wo
count them us greatly Interested as
tho thoy lived horo ou this sldo.
"Wo do not need to import tulout
to prosent u show that wo will bo
pround of und wllf onturtuln thu
crowds who will personally know
tho boys entering tho competitions.
'Wo wnnt to make Fair Wook a
homo coming wook, u getting to
gether ot tho men and women ot
this section who uro lntorested in
Its development. Wo huvo roul talent
In tho riding gnmo right horo; men
who aro In tho saddle ovary day of
tho year and huvo tho uorvo and ubll
ity to go thru a wook ot stronuous
events. So fur as thn directors can
go, mid we huvo tho co-oporntlon of
tho people glvon us, ovorythlng will
bo done to muko this year's fair tho
marking of u now epoch in Malheur
County Fulrs.'J
Smilvo HUer Council Knight of
ColumbiiH, Their Families nnd
Friends to Hold Annual
Festivities on Holiday
The annual picnic ot tho Snake
Rlvor Council of tho Knights of Co
lumbus will bo held nt Ilonglor's
grovo ovor on tho Frultlaud Rench,
According to tho advanco notices
It Is going to be u big duy for tho
Casuvs. Tho program commlttco has
arranged u medley of sports that will
call for tho uthlotlc ability of old
and young, slim and fat, middle
weights, blonds and bruniiettcs ot
both sex.
Then thoro are going to bo cats
for evoryone and n great big tlmo
all around.
Mr. and Mrs. Darnoy Hull nro
the proud parents of a baby boy born
Sunday, July 2B. Mrs. Hull will bo
romombercd ns Mtsa Lucilo Worth.
.,-Eiw.. ,"fmjjLaJKi