The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 22, 1920, Image 1

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NO. 33
MU.III.l K ol vn SOW ,MH l0''
M t im inasi: in-' u.ino
ONI-" Tlllltll
onurln hut a cipulatloii of itU'l!)
jcwtiling (' tln olflolnl niinoutico-
afdt (nun Washington miiilo public
July 17 i nguro ih air lower
ttan inoi'i f Hit' business man ox
pMtod f"1' i' " "t tiMiinl iiiuIIkkU
o miiiuuni; population uio ouy
ii belief '' lU'iimr to 3,l)0il
ilwn tn 2."
llallicnr ioimiu n population In
mr li,, '.to oi' mi Increase of "JIGo
in the i'hkI i a yours. Of huh in
m OnlHriu rurnlshed morn limn
i thlnl
Or' Urn (iiwmh in Uih county Unit
it inMiiponUt'il, Vlo Im Uiu ottl)
Mthnl snowed h (liicriwiiH) hIiioh Uio
i -m i 'ii'" Ih tluu to Uiu fuul
ftst (it'll llll II'IU CHIIHIIS wuh title
IN In 1 1 mini .oust! notion to lim
its and tliu dit.elopmunt In tliu Brn
u tslley wii hi It h"l-lit, mo Hint
bo ibe (Ikiui'h ulion- a decrease
k' iH'iiii.iiiiiii population Iiuh tin-
1MMm1i III! IllllnOll
S'fMM HKOldillg tO tllU published
uimiitit n5w linn 6li;i puoplu or
: mare limn hi 1U00. Jordan Vnl
jr In a coiu.iunlty of 325, Juntura
I I!J .ii,. I Woslfull 2. Thoso nro
U Ihe I'.- irporated tnwiiH In (Im
wiily together they luivu n to
il population of 4111, whllu tlio
aril population Ih 0.8GD.
Figure nro SurprlN'M '
Thai Ontario wiih dlstippolutud In
K flxurot Ii not to bo denied. Judg-
ibycljoul census, by thur number
i wtr connections, ami uio doc
ile morn, In fact !y n rathor com
l(l reiikin takan of Its patrons by
' Malm l'owor Company, Ontario
ir between 2.000 ami 2.0&0,
In -lew of tint fact Unit tlio con
m wis taken during tliu flu opl
!ailc IliU spring, nml that tho
i"Hjielor. Mrs Maxon took III ro
ilflnr UiIn work to lio finished by
o fUUnlN it In ballovod conoral
' tnt mHiiy pooplo woro mlMioil .
Jnit wlmt offortH can bo inado to
TMllwia Uio matlor to aocuro a
iek (if Him county baa not boon do
rmlncl llm tlio Hnbect ban beau
iiwiw-il by (i uiimbar of oltlzena.
Oim of llm inoNt aiirrtiiriilnr pIl-cor
of ntKn pyi-olpchnlmnvor nuon In
Onlnrlo wd that shown In the clon-
Iiik ct of -a rlnlit In Honolulu," VirtlliK Mnn-hnr-- nf Tim PrM .
at llrramlMul lanl Monday ovonlnB. Cl'"1S W0" er, f GU" Rr0VV TorrllcrV 30 Miles
wiun ii roallntlc riipllnn of u volcano
wan shown. Wlillo tliln wan tlio
orownhiK Dtuiil of (ho proiluctlon tlio'
ihIiiki' hoIUiik tliruout wim unusually j
irn-xl. Mimlr danr nc ami mIhitIiii
Traininfj at Tcrgot
Rcporlod Shaken by
Four Shocks.
Tncinm. IllKhl Imiulry
Into, tha
nuipMi rompiHie tlia hmi. Hnwnllmi " tf tlio xi1onlon of n alx-lnch
piiMluellon fun hnro In many a ilny.'flald kuii nt tin; Cnni
'Will H(Minl) Shtim Willi l'oltH
Worth l.'oriumi Kmy rickliiK
I'or lliintoi-h Counly 1ujh
Huro Sum to lliuitoiH
Malheur t'ounty la futtlni; tlrod of
Tine uut oiio olKbth of nil of Us
"ity Ux fmuls for bountlos on coy
ie. Word to this effect reached the
of tho United fetuto Uloloclcnl
ney vkhoae biulnoaa It la to com-
i tliaso H)g. b tho roHiilt threo of
-e officials visited Ontario last
tunlay win, v. u, Uallard, County
ent leudor for Kastorn Oregon,
These men huld n conforenco with
my Judgo r. h, Tost, County
H l It Iirlothaupt, Itoprosonta
e ' J. OulhiRlier. and with tho
mbers of the Knrm-nuroau whoro
rou pliasas of tho problem woro
ussd, una piung consldored for
nedyliiK the 7-':uTii. including
alls of n proposed henngo In tlio
'it bounty laws.
"6 iiiemhers of tho parfr woro
h- riper. IlloloBlet In charge of
N'orilm estem StnteHj Stanley
vet'. niedatory animal Inspector
Oregon and WoHhliiKton, A. K.
ltnsli&iii. a govornmont trapper
0 "as bean employed y tho do
ln,ent In tho Southorn end of tho
Nwt the county la paylnB out 8.-
Per year for those bounties, was
IM o tho attontlon of the Farm
' some tlmo ago by County
go Tet who has been watching
"wladlliiK of tho county's funds.
19 "i-iii n tJl0 belIef that nnny
no Pelts woro from animals killed
uano and Nevada and
11V Altdl.'S
This weak Th- Arnua was
printed lii the office of Urn I'ny-
nlto KnKTiirlao, whoso Kdllor
Will Walla- cmiiio lo Ontario
early Wednesday nioriiliiR lo
profer Ills aid. nml tho nso of
The Kntarprlatj plant wlillo tljo
Arjyia h out of commission.
Similar offers waro rornlvrd
from the Welanr Amerlwin, Pay-
ol Ik lnilihdcnt and from the
Vale Kntrprls. Wo ask tho
Indiiliwncc of our rtmdora dur-
Iiik tha noxt few weeka until we
can get the plant Into condition
for oiHtrnllona. In tho mean
time words can not oxproaa our
appreciation for the kindly of
fara of our conteinpornrloa and
friends lo aaalst ua In ovory wny
Wo' iiro Krateful. too, lo tho
mon of tho Onlnrlo I'lro Dopurt
mont whoso uood work wo ap
preciate mora thnu ever, and
fur tho neighborly spirit of tho
1'nyelta men, words full lo ox
proaa our fMlnn ndrnuntely. In
thn na aofferetl thoro has this
much been RiihiM In tho kunwl
rdce of the klndnoaa and" con-alde-nii)ii
of frlomls and neighbors.
nip t.cwls artillery
j rniiKi'. which Idllfil three men r.nd
J puliifiilly wniitiilud five other momb'Ts
of the Oreson coast artillery, national
Kiuird, will be inuilc. Tho Invcitlgu.
Hon thus far sh.iws Unit only 'a, poor
(use. ii.Mal.n fh,w In the Kun-iisclf. lhnll 30 mrH nw
I.os AtiRelos. Four severe earth
quakes hero threw the city and Its sub
urbs Into excitement, caused a num
ber of Injuries to men, women mid'
children, damaged soverul buildings,
and broke a wotcr main.
While the shnckH seemed to center
In Los Angeles, some wero felt moro
have '
ItKTOt'lt WM.Ii llli I'ltOVlDIII) ,
I'. it. il.ililtMli, ilhNlmi lilglivwiy
eiftinc-r actomnauled j Assistant
C'vk Highway Hnglneer Kelly
I'll h'd Ontario this mornlin- in
view ioad work In this section. Af-
I" ni Inspection of tho paving to
the bridge Mr. Kellcy determined l)nUk U,"'k "' OM""1" ,Iu 'l'"--
that the -oud must be closed for nt ""'"
leust no dnya. In order that traffic! iil
can be bundled ho auggoatcil that n '
light tort of i-ruvcl oo placed on the1
innil to tho power plant and a
temporary road bo laid to connect The Argus printing plant and tliu
with It nt the bridge. J stock of Iloyer Uros. In tliu ware-
At a conforenco with County, house Just South of thu Argim and
Judgo 15. II. Test. Mayor It. W.,thu root of the entlru building on
Jones. Coiiiifllnien McDowell, I.nx-,'lho east sldu of Oregon street wuru
WIiomo Alciiibeis Hail Stint
To Drill All That Knvi'd
lloi'f lllock
or if fiii In tho Hindi could
rwntmul lli.. t.t l., I .l.l t
vr,....T,, uir UU..I ill'GIIU-lll. -.1 f-H-..l ,... ,,., ...., , ...... II.... W Ml , '.... """" ""- '"" . '' UH"
..,.... i i i .,,..? ,mrdl' '"!rn n'il wlien at 1:27 In
. narrowly missed be ng injured Intlie lho nMerno,n cnmo ,,, iCCOml folow.
. tragedy. Acco.npnnlc.I by Mm. Cdcolt d two , ,,,. h (hfe ,!lnI T
Hiul several Camp Lewis officers, the f,,lrtll wnB , .,., ,, M
! aovcruor nun ieu mo gun out it few
minutes before the explosion.
jagltiulon if the citizens heotim ."pro
j longed. Iluslness was Interrupted.
Courts mil other public phcoi wcro
scenes of neir panic, tome people run.
uln; for tilt o;utn nlr, some fainting,
aome stoiplii5 U pray. Many path
I The dead war:1:
! Corporal Kdwarl H. Scott, 2d com
1 1 imny. Oregon era ? nrilllory, March.
t field. Or.; Corporal Civile It. I)um!lii
tfnr. 2d cempany. Ore; u coast .UrUI-
uiry. .Mitrsnrioiii. or.: Private Ralph
son. Moore nml Allen, and members 'badly dnmiiKcd In u flru that started
Kxeltemenl, In many cases hysterl- ' tho Commercial Club good rondajlu the rear of tho Argus plant about
coinmiitoe. tirrangouientH for this, 7: IS Tuesday ovenhig.
work was romnlatcd. N. Krels who' Duo to tho fact that thu membeni
owns the laml uep-( tho bridge grant of tliu flro department woru nt tho
ed tho rliht of wny needed ami j City Hall piupiirlng for u regular
work stn-ted this afternoon to gelidilll, ho building was saved and thu
lho ni'id In shape. 'flro coiiflniled piitrtlcally lo thu Ar
giis'iuid to tlio timbering which aus-
The Hfeond nml third were sharper
.thnu Unit if the mnuilng, Tlieu tho
THIIKK SI UN TO Itlll'ltlCSIINTi talus tho roof.
Ontario I'ost No. 157 will have three
delegates nt tho state convention of.
. D ......,. v.... u
I tho American Legion nt Astoria noxt Hoyer property,
The damage to the Argus plant Ih
estimated at between $3,G0U and
I , r. 0 0 mid Is partially coveVd by
Insurance. Thu samu Is true of thu
rt ' .nni; Oil,, fill ij )fr.lj. .tiling f;uill I w,.v-.. ,vn.uii v nniuui. IIUAI.
I raley. lt company. Oregon coasTnr-1 rf(, t F rMt ,.ior,0trHH( wuUIiib ' woo,t' ' O'Koofo. O. II. Parsons
ttllnrv. Aalilnml. fir Ur -II nml UVilxv ' . . . ... .. l...i m-i 1.1...1..., ...
.,..,. mm..., wr. oi-uiirm rraicy.t, w, wj.;,t v OMltl happoil. Otliers
were I llled Instantly. lundln3or llve.1 j .,,, fi ,.fy . ,,e ., ,0 ,V)I(
,,n ,,,yl" ' ' "'!- I d m 1 Cm mddle of the streets
Ilia Itijwd were: u.(., ,vj,. ,,fu) cos ,,., ;3 JUj)(unr.
Prlvat.. (first rh.s) Herbert H. Pe-I )lrliy , VoT,hm ,, , ,
tera-n. Id crmprn. (J c.-ton coual ar- -.,., of tho'ilownt-vn dlaUlrt. as n
till-... t l.t..i.i m- t a. .
....rr,. ur.. mi 0:1 ne.ui i RaMtu ry. and remand for I101-.1.
Imi.l faro by strcl fro munis; Private! i..-,.. ?i w-. .,,., ,.,,. Il00k.
WHI'aii J.'. 2 1 icmpany, OreRon
coait ortlll'r;-. Marshfirld, Or., cut
mortar Jarred fi-in brick walls and
phiVrr f-rm efflllngs. eriicks appeared
on arm and sheulder: Mechanic IV ler ' ., ,,Xj ff ti,3 0ijB
Marr.-ucitl. 2d rpuii'anv. Oreeon I
't'lioniiis Hopklus, Dihi'i' of (Irael
Tcjini Daiigerouhly I11J11111I
When Horso Hesenls Wow
I'iimii llnrijel Hta
l.lfo Iviiilangeird
'vlinlows lr sime nf tho down town do.
partition More wtre broken.
rt'iieturos; n
,l!ltn ,.,,.1.1 ti'nn I ,. I,.n. n tfn... Mm.l.inM
...... . ... ...... . . hv... ,, ,.-,, t,u,iiihn
ariiuory. .Marsniiem, nr nniiiy siuii. nil imry fr. part ef an ombaiik
tied by concussion; Private I onr1irJi:i-mflnl fohirsd, throwing dirt and
hart, 1st company. Orrgon coast nrtll. f ;,rck Into the a'reot. and plate glass
ler), AHiiian.i, u., sr.cmucr uroKeu;
Wag: tier I'rml Scoll, KStli comjifiiy,
coast tirtlllery cons. United- Hliife
army, foot badly torn; Corporal liny
Cnmplgelto, CStb company, coast ap
tlllery corps, United Htatos array; st nu
lled. The ride was of the lCSmllllmetor
long range field type used by the
Prench, but was manufactured In the
United States. It had been fired only
H times. Thirteen shots were fired
hist week In trjlnu It out. The 14th
shot was fired Immvdlutely before the
tragedy In Ihe presence of the gover
nor, adjutant general and party,
nun nun iimcKiiny woro tliu taen
aalocted. Tlio local post secures threo
roprosontatlvos heriiuso It has now
101 members, tho onota of dologatca
being two for the first hundred mom
bom and tho additional ono, for tho
ono inombar moro than tho contury.
Tho Loglon boys at tho election
Just how tho flro nturted la not
known. No ono wna In thn build
ing nt tho time. Losn than mi hour
before II was dlscovorrd Night Mar
shall and Mrs, J. II. Gordon woro In
Tho Argus office mid wcro near the
placu where thu flames woro first
seen. Whothcr it was defective wir
ing or tlio spark from a pipe or clg-
for Post Commander to'aucccod K-arotlo which found lodging In pnpor
mer Leavltt selected Earl HInckaby, U1"! smouldered, nro tho only thoo
mid named Horschel Drowno as nilju'r," ndvnncod. Ihid It boon olthor
Hint to succeed the now rnmmnnilnr nf tho Inttor Mr. nml Mra. Uorilon
who has been adjutant since
pnat nrgnnlccd.
C'lly To '
IN (Jhllhli fttumi
Thomas Hopkins, aged 18, wus
Idancoroiisly Injurod last Friday
morning when ho wna kicked on tho
forohend by ono of tho horses ho was
driving for J. J. Doty, tho gravol con
Tho tod of tho horse's shoe struck j noimced that If elected president ho
tho young man abovo tho bridge of j "would endeavor with nil my strength
his noso, tho roar calks of tho shoo .to Kiva what President Wilson pronv
I Washington. James M. Cox an-
striking him nbovo his oyoa. So great
was tho force of tlio blow that ono
oyo ball burst and tho other wna
blood clotted so badly that fears nro
antortnlned for tlio loss of both of
thorn. Tho bursting of the ono eyo
ball cmisfed tho porninnont loss of
sight in that inembor.
Immediately nftor tho accident till)
young man was rusnoci to tno nuspi.
tal for medical attention. For n tlmo
It was feared that ho would not ro-covor.-Howovor.lnto
In tho afternoon
ho rognluod consciousness and It Is
now belloved ho will live.
According to accounts of tho acci
dent tho young man had whipped tho
horso when lha team could not movo
tho load behind thorn. Ilostlck, sup
erintendent of tlio Warren Construe-
tin.. Mmnnnnv. for wlinm tlio gravm
...... ww. ... . "-"
was being hauled, told tho boy
Ised to thoso who sacrificed In tha
great war." His statement followed
an hrur's conforenco with the presi
dent ut the Whllo House nt which
Franklin D, lloosovelt, the democratic
vlie presidential nominee, was present.
lho president In n formal statement,
after tho conference, declared that ho
and the governor "were absolutely at
one with regard to the great Issue of
tfcvioHgue of nations" and that the
governor was ready to be the "chain-plon-ln
every respect of tho honor of
the nation and tho secure peace of Ijie
.Asked as to the president's health,
Governor Cox replied; "In splendid
condition; In most agreeable shape."
8pa. The conference hero between
the allied chiefs nml the representa
tives of Cernuny Is the beginning of
big things. Premier Lloyd George of
Great Ilrltttln declared, In summing
up the result of thu last fortnight's
! sharp fencing with the Germans.
"We will do our tost to enrry out
the ugreemente entered Into here," Dr.
Walter R'mnns, tho German foreign
minister, raid.
Premier Lloyd George Indicated that
he had n high opinion of both Konstan
tln Fehrenbach, German counselor, uml
Dr. Simons.
Mr. Lloyd George said It would have
bean an Immense advantage If Ameri
cans had participated In the confer
ence, bocause, 'lie added, thoy woulJ
have brought tn It n viewpoint fre
from Kuropean rivalries.
The official decision of tho ulllcd
fuko Step to Itemed)' Ua
FliiiuircH mid To Provide Funds
Fop l'lro Department Ktiulp.
On August 4 thn pooplo of Ontario
will voto on tho question of funding
tho purchase of the flro truck, nndi
tho warrnnts that It will bo nocos
sary to Issue to complete tho atroat
Improvement's that have been made
this year.
For (he atreot Improvomonla lho
call for tho olentlon specifics $2r,00n
or na much thereof ns will bo nocoa
sary whllo for tho flro equipment $r,
000 Is tho amount of bonds named.
This Is tho minimum amount that
-ould be nf any tiso lo the flro de
partment for n truck Is an absolute
norossltr, nud lis need has been
recognise""! for moro (ban n yoar.
Ro far tlio offeet on taxes la con
''ned tlio bond method will furnish
wnv of keepliiK taxes down for thn
next few yenrs to a slight degree, for
reparations commission was mado pub ,,n,p',,, ,h0 nom,B nrp ,mu""'1 clty
lie. It provided that tho money r.
celved from Germany shall be divide 1
on Ihe following basis: Franco, C2 per
cent; England, 22 par cent; Italy, V
per cent; Flolglum, 8 per cent; Porn;
gal,' .075 per cent; Japan, .076 per
cent. This makes a total of 03Vc P'
cent. The rraalulng 6H Por cent fs to'
be divided among tho small nations,
Council will hnvn lo nt tho election
this full ask authority to levy n spe
cial Inx lo lake up tho warrmita that
will bo Issued If thn bonds nro not
Hv the l"'e lbs bunds will bn due
nd onvsh'a it Is certain that tho
"resent nronerty holders will snvo
j'-ono" hv niinrovlnv f Ihe Issue.
Thai In tho argument of these wboi
fitvnr I'.e laanaiien of tho bonds now I
would have smelted (ho snjoke, It
la believed.
K. A. Frusor passing In an auto
wna the first to sco tho flru and with
liny Iloyer turnod In thn alarm. Mr.
Kroner also soiit tho call to Paynttpo
for tho quantity of smoko pouring
from thn building Indicated that u
stubborn fight would havo to bo
made to savo the block.
Tho Ontario dopartmont was on
tho scano In but n few moments af
ter tho call and tho Pnyotto mon
reached bore with tholr truck about
20 mtmitoa nftor tho first alarm was
sounded. Together tho two depart
ments soon bad thn hhuo located and
under control for lines of hoso worn
workod from tho front, rear and top
of tho building.
Whllo the flro wna still raging In
tho Argus Office voluntaorH with
trucks took tho stock from tho Iloy
er wnrohouso mid londeil It on In
trucks, yet In spile of this u largo
quantity of tho goods storod thoro
woro damaged by water.
Water and firo both did tlio dam
ago to Tho Argus, whoso plant Is
still In such n moss (bat It Is Im
possible to declare how grout thn
dmnnge Is.
After tho flro wnH ouco out and
only Chief Krnssln with four of his
men were on gunrd wutclilng, tho
embers startod a second blnxu, which
was soon squolched.
Iloyer Drothora loss wus not con
fined to tho fire nlono for on Wed
nesday night during tho high wind
ono of the two pinto glass windows
loft In tho property on tho corner
rourth Division Goes to Camp Lewis.
Washlncton. Tho war department
to has Issued Instructions for tho fourth
Woman and Seven Children Burn to
Death In Home.
Honners Ferry, Idaho. John lloesih.
whose wife Hnd seven children were
burned to death In their home at Copt-1 ,omo on rfti, Avenue S
PPVI.WiS I'lllW lM!l.MH"ttKVT
Volumes ot smoko but no blaze,
pouring from tlio roof, tho doors mid
I wmuiiwn ui uiu uuu, .ii. uiuiiiuii
W. last
"" uu"h .""'.::. i,'... ..i m ,,. from Ciimn Dodge, ournea to u
"L""' ..T " , ,,r ,, load.! lowo. to Camp Lewis. Wash. Mnd. near this city, was taken Jnto ,,.,,. ..,.,, gIlV0 culof Kroos-
secuim.,,1.1 ..-.. .. ,-""., t, , . custody by
llut tlio boy did not wait. Ho struck
the horso another blow with tho bar
rel stuvo ond It kicked him.
Tho young man is n nephew "of
Mr. Doty's and has worked on tlio
Job for sonio tlmo.
and suis. m:xo wwe
Ti.n Knworth League gavo'a very
delightful reception Tuesday evening
on tho lawn of tho Methodist church
to Mr. and Mra. Reno Lowa In honor
of tholr rocent marriage. Refresh
ments woro served, toasts spoken
and Wynno Lusconibo In behalf of
tho Epworth League proseiueu -"
i .orio,i pnunlo a silver sugar
br0US,,t spoon and a set of silver Common-
Continued on Utit Pogo) Uy 8poonB
Girl Drowns AHei" Saving Friend.
Salem. Ore. After she had rescued
Wlnnlfred Hlnehart from pe'rlshlng In
Mill Creek here. Miss Lois Neptuno.
15 stepped Into a deep hole lit tlu
stream and was drowned. Tho body
wus leccvered n minutes lalor.
Sheriff Dunning of Iloun- Ln nIi itf fro fightors u hot after
dary county. inoor.'n work. The onll was turned ini
iioescji mm mo niiu.iu i.u mi. Hum nuont o'elocls mid tho mou woro
Republican Nominee Asks Opponent to
Declare Foreign Policy.
Slnrlou, O. A bill of partloulura de
tailing tho foreign policy now propos
ed by toe democratic parly Was called
Tor by Warren 0. Harding, republican
nominee for presldont.
In a brradslde of pointed Interrog
atories, tho Candidate challenged his
democratic opponent, Governor Cox,
i to say categorically where ho stood on
Ihe house to get water wiien no saw thsro until after flvo. In all that
the flames, but that when ho returned time, tho tho smoko continued to
the fire was burning so fiercely ho . rSe no f lames woro soon.
was unable to reenter. ! Tho firemen ripped shingles oft i of nnlltins,
The children ranged. In agea from 1 ! tho roof In various nlucos and turnod i Benntor
- " -1
Artlclo 10, the Armenian matulnto and
the other problems wrapped up in
American participation In the league
Harding's statement was
On Tuesday evening Miss Uoulah
Lackey entertained n udmber of her
school friends at a farewell party for
Misses Phyllis. Alice una ;mirBrv.,
Watson who are leaving soon for
their now home at Salt Lake City.!
The ovenlng was spent In playing
games after which refreshments were
served. Those present were; MUsea
Phyllis. Alice and Margaret Watson,
Anna Messeo, Dorothy Edwards,
Edith Hall. Ethel Conway, Myma Se
coy, Ella Messeo, Evadluo Cochran
Buolah Lackoy.
to 14 years. Their charred bodies and
that of their mother were recovered
from the ruins. Iloesch was unablo to
give any cause for tlje flro.
in n little water, but not much, and written wlillo tlio wnsiiingtou comer
used bund chemical tanks to squelch j ovca between President Wilson and
tho hidden blazo. Tlio damage dono'Qov. Cox was In progress.
to tho building wan slight and none,
Oppcses Compulsory Retirement.
Washington. President Wilson la
strongly opposed to the retirement un
der tbe civil service retirement law
of civil service employes who havo
reached theretlrement age of 65 years
but who are in good physical condi
tion and desjna to continue ut work.
. .
of the contents, savo clothes In
bed room, woro Injured.
ono NonParttsm orcsnuer ueniea unarge
; Walla Walla, Wiub. K. It. Ormsbec,'
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Mrs. h. A. Madden left Monday' doparture from Wiillu Wulla wa$ "sug-
evening for un oxtonded trip to tho gested" by n delegation of ox service
coast. She will visit hor daughters at
Everett, and ut Mt. Vernon, Wash.
nnd her son a tAnacordes, Wash,
Sho expocts also to accompany herj tho I
duughtor on u motor trip to Coqulllej ,,,
Oregon, before returning, !
men, In a ttttor written on idiitlonory
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