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HA i.i:
In tlio mnttor ot tlio estate of Ernest
A. Atwood, Deceased.
Unilor authority grnntod by tlio
Will In tint within mentioned Entitle,
and tlio Order of tlio Judgo of tlio
Fiild County Court, I, tlio undersign
ed uxccutor, wilt noil at privnte snlu,
tlio following described rent oHtntc
situate In tlio COUNTY OF MAL
"Tlio South Unit (SW) of tlio
NorthcnBt (tinrtcr ( N 10 Vi ) of
Section Six (0) tu TnwiiHhlp Six
teen (1C) South of Hnngo Forty
hovoii (47) Enst of tlio Wlllnin
otto Morldlnii," nud
"An undivided ono-linlf ( V& ) In
tercut In nnd to thootiouthwest
quarter of tlio Northwest qunr
tor (SWVi NWU) nnd lot
Thrco (.1) of Soctlon Four (4)
In Township Slxtcon (10) South
of Hnngo Forty-Rovon (47) East
of tho Wlllnmotto Morldnn, con
taining nhout seventy-eight (78)
ncroH," nnd
"A pnrt of LotB Thrco nnd Four
(.1, 4) In Section Thlrty-throa
(33) described lis followH, lo
wlt: beginning nt tlio comer
common to sections thirty-two
(32), thlrty-thrco (33) thirty
four (34) nnd tlilrty-llvo (35)
In TowiiHhlp Fifteen (15) South
of Hnngo Forty-seven (47) Enst
of tho Wlllnmotto Morldnn,
thoiico North 1310 feet on tho
miction lino to tho place of be
ginning, thonrn North 20C8 feet
thonco South 30 dogrees 50 mlii
utcH Enst 18r,.n foot, thonco
South 34 degrees 3! minutes
Fast (108.7 foot, thonco South
20 degrees 10 minutes Enst
010.0 foot, thuncu South 22 do
green 3 minute Kant 802.2 foot,
thonco Went 1102.0 feet, to tho
placa of beginning, containing
20.8 ncreH, mora or loss," nil In
Mainour County, Oregon.
Tho mi hi salo will ho mndo on and
nftor tho second (2d) dny of July,
1020, and bids will ho received at
tho ofrrrico of tho County Judgo nt
Vale, Oregon, and nt tho offlco of
"Lloyd nnd Son" In tho city of Wols
er, WnMhliigton County, Stnto of
Tho said property will ho sold sub
Joct to all taxes or nssossmonts levied
or nHBOHKod by tho "Snnko ltlvor
District Improvement company," or
by Malheur County, or any llody Cor
porate authorized to levy taxoH or to
mnko UHHOHHinontH undor tho lawn of
tlin Rtntn nf OrOKOli: a I bo Bllbject to
nil dollmiiiont tuxes that muy now bo
unpaid which woro lovlod or nssess
cd against suid properly.
Tho mild property will ho Hold to
tho hlghoHt blddor upon tlio follow
ing torniH, to-wlt: Cash In lawful
monoy ot tho United Stntox, ten por
cont (10) of tho purchnso price to
bo paid at tho tlmo of sale, unci tho
romulndor on tho confirmation of
nolo by nnld County Court.
Dated this 27th day of May, 1020.
Exocutor of thu Estate of
Ernest A.' Atwood. docoaHod.
First publication Juno 3, 1020.
UhI publication July 1, 1020.
INSIST on an abstract of title when
jrou purchase or loud money on renl
AI1STHACT CO., Vale Oregon
Patronize the Merchants who Advertise in The Argus.
(lly . It. Ilrcltlmupl)
Tho Ilonltn Farm Ilureau hold n
mooting on Juno 0 In tho grovo on
tho I'helan placo. It whh Inrgoly at
tended and sovorul new members tak
en In. Among tho visiting mombers
woro Mr and Mrs. Ilcem nnd daugh
ters of Ironside, V. V. lllckox. Presi
dent of tho County Iluronu and Coun
i "
New Accounts
We welcome NEW accounts we want
them. This means YOURS.
Tell YOUR banking problems to the
Ontario National.
Ontario National Bank
In tho Mnttor of tho Estate of MAN
UEL YHAOUKN, Deceased.
Thnt Junta Yrngucn, admlRtratrlx
of tho Estato Ot Manuel Yrngucn,
deceased, linn rendered nnd filed with
tho Court aforesaid, for Bcttleniont,
her Final Account of her adtiilnlstru
tlou of xald Estate;
Thnt TuoBdny, tho Cth dny of July,
A. I). 1020, nt ono o'clock 1. M., or
ns hooii thoronftor nn can ha hciird,
nud tho Court Itoom of nnld Court
In Vale, Mnlhour County, Oregon,
hnvo boon nppotntcd an tho tlmo and
plnco for tho Rottlamcnt of Bald nc
count, nt which tlmo nnd plnco nnd
porRonn Interested In said Kr.tuto
mny appear and fllo objections to
tho Bnld account, nnd context tho
Abova iinmed AdmlulHtrntrlx.
Int. pub.C-3 nnd InRt pub 7-1-1020
Tho County Court of the 8tato of
Oregon, for Mnlhour County, hnv -
south of tho NV corner of tho BW'4
NBVi 8CC. 10; thence cobI 40 rodH.
thonco south 28 rods; 'nonce corI 40
rods', thence south 48 rods to SW
corner of SEW NEW Sec. 10; thoncn
enst to SB corner of WV4 HBVi NEU
Sco. 10; thenco north to tho NB cor
ner of tho WHBBU NEW flee. 10;
thonco wost to tho 8W comor of NE
UNBU Soc, 10; thence, north to tho
NW comor of the NEW NEU Sec.
10; thonco east to tho'NB comor of
tho NEW NEW Soc. 10; thenco south
to tho 8B comor of tho NEW NEW
Sec. 10; thonco cast to tho SB comor
of tho NWW NWW Bcc. 11; thonce
north to tho SB comor of tho 8WW
8WW Bee. 2; thonco west 20 rods;
thonco north 40 rods; thenco oast 20
rods; thonco north to tho NE comer
of tho 8WW 8WW Sec. 2; thenco
west 100 rods; thonco north tn tho
south boundary ot tho SEW NEW
Soc.3; thenco west to tho NW comor
of tho SEW Sec 2; theucc south t
tho plnco of beginning.
nud directing that an oloctton bo
hold for tho adoption or rojoctlon of
snld district. NOTICE IS HEHEIIY
OIVEN, thnt on tho 28th day of Juno
1020, at J. II. Sonwcard's ranch
In snld district, an oloctlon will bo
hold lo dotormlnowhothor or not
said district shall ho organized and
the land ownors within said district,
at snld oloctlon will enst tholr ImllntH
for "Irrigation District. Yes." or "Ir
rigation District. No," and tlio polls
for snld oloctlon will opon nt V.00
I. M. nnd closo nt 5:00 I'. M.
A. M. Moody,
County Clerk
First publication, Mny 27. 1020.
Last publication, Juno 24, 1020.
ty Agent Hrolthnupt After dispos
ing of tho flnn picnic dinner, n IiuhI
iiohs mooting was called and several
mutters of considerable Importnnco
to the community were considered
and acted upon, Tlio Ilonltn people
nro taking up tho Farm Ilureau In it
serious way and accomplishing a
grout donl through their organization.
...D ......... - r ' . . nA . l . n.....iHjili. nrninmrn muni, nu iiiii.u ill.
tborlzlnc thn crganlzutlon of tho av.zv, ai ana , "'""" ' I That on tho
i,itttMmit. ftnitfi Tinv him. nna ,,'R0 monco wosi nioiiK mu , 10,0 ft
"FAIHMOllh IHHIUAlIUiS DIB- v? . i. n.. anniir. II anlil Tnwti. '""'"" "
THICT," In Bnld county nnd Rtnto, B)l,p nn, IlnK0 lo tho NB corner ' Ij,.'- o'tnto 11?
with boundaries m follows, to wit: tho NWW of tho NW of snld Soc- !,,,;.'(,,,,,
rniiimnnelnK nt u nolnt 12 rods ton 81. Bin lOWURinp nmi .,. .. .1 n .,r tho
" " ill. ... . MnitiK jii vmiri nmiifr run imhi
Notlco la horsby given by the un-
. 7 . m . ., r, ........ Af..t
a"BJBna.?0',k ni 'L'. " r.,1?" '
an order of tho County Court of Bald
i.uu., ui. ". ui(wi k"'"." :.
County nnd State mndo nnd ontorcu
on tho 24th day of Mny, 1020 and n
furthor order ot snld Court mndo
nnd entered on tho 8th day of June,
1020, that nu election la called nnd
will bo hold within tho torrltory here
inafter described between tho hour
of 8 o'clock In tho forenoon nnd 8
o'clock In tho ovonlng of July 0th,
1020 nt which election Bhnll ha huu
mlttod to tho qualified olcctorH with
in said torrltory tho question of
whothor or not said territory Bhnll
bo crontod and organized Into nn Ir
rigation district puraunnt to tho laws
of tho Btato of Oregon, to bo called
tho Slide Irrigation District, and at
which election tho (nullified doctors
shall bo required to cust ballots con
taining tho words "Irrigation Dis
trict Yob" nnd Irrigation District
No" or words oqulvnlout thereto.
That tho boundaries of Bnld pro
posed Irrigation district ob fixed by
nnlil orders nro as follews:
rviiuinnnrlni? nt thn NB corner, of I
BEU, of thoNEU, of Soctlon 32,
Township 1G South, Hnngo 47 E. W.
M.J thonco West nlong tho Enst and
West centor lino of tho NV4 of Hald
Rivttnn 32 tn tho West Una of said
gocton. thonco North 80 rods, to tho
. SUULlUll UU1 IUI ..U.II.l.Vfl. .,-. .......
lino of tho SWW of tho BW'i ot
Section 30, iuiii '"' v "","
Hnngo; thonco west to a pont 40 rods.
Hnngo; ttniW " " ','"
north of tho NE comor of tho NW W .
ot the NEW of Soctlon 30, Town
thonco South 40 rods to tho snld NE
comor of tho NWW. of tho NEW of
snld Section 30. snld last namod
TownBlilp nnd Hnngo; thonco west to
tho NW comor ot me ink, y mo
wwu nr Hnrtlnn .10. snld last named
Township nnd Hango; thonco South
to tho SW comor or sniu nnv . ' "'
NWW of said Soctlon 30, said lost
namod Township nnd Hnngo; thonco
I'lfiit in tlio BE corner ot the NEW.
of tho NWW of said Section 30. snld
last nnmod Township nnu iinugo;
thonco South to tho center of snld
8octlen 30, said Inst named Town
ship and Hnngo; thonco East to tho
NW cornor of tho NEW. of the ShW
nt .niii Rnrtimi 30. snld last named
Township and Hnngo; thonco South
to tho SW cornor of tno nkh, 01 mo
SEW snld Soctlon 30, snld last nam
od Township nnd Hnngo; thonco Imst
to tho East lino of snld Soctlon 30;
thonco South nlong snld Enst lino to
the 8E miiiimi or i.ald Section 20 :
thonco Enst 8.28 chains to tho NW
cornor of Section 0. Township to
South, Hango 47 rc. w. m : inonco
South to tho 8W corner of Lot 4 of
Bald Soctlon 0, said last namod Town
ship and nango; thonco Bust to tho
SB cornor of said Lot 4 said Section
n. until Inst named rowusuiii nnu
Hnngo thonco North to tho NE cor
go tiipnco forii. ';.' "'1
L"i,;t 12' S.'iJrVhonM
mill Townshltt nnd Hnngo; tnonco
Wnat tn ilm HI- comer of tho SWW
of tho SWW. Section 31, Township
15 South, Hnngo 47 rc. w. w.; u
North to tho NB cornor of tho 8WW
of tho SWW of Section 31, snld Inst
namod Township and Hango; thonco
East nlong tho Bast nnd West centor
lino ot tho 8 of said Soctlon 31,
said lost named Township and Hnngo
to tho Enst linn of snld Soctlon 31.
thonco 8outh nlong tho Enst line of
snld Section 31. said Inst immod
Township nnd. Hnngo to tho SB ror
nor thoroof; thonco Enst along tho
South lino of Section 32. snld Inst
nnmod Township nnd Hnngo, to tho
NW cornor of Soctlon 4, Township 10
South, Range 47 B, W. M : thence
South to tho 8W cornor of I.ot 2 of
said Section 4 said last named Town
ship and nnngo; thonco East to the
Snnko nivor nt tho SB comor ot Lot
1 of said Soctlon 4, said last nnmod
Township nnd Hnngo; thonco North
up and nlong tho bonk or Snnko ltlv
or to the BE cornor of !.ot 3. Sec
tion 33. Township 15 South. Hnngo
47 E. W M-; thenco West nlong tho
Bouth lino of snld Lot 3 approxlmnto
ly D00 foot, moroor less, to tho West
side of tho right of wny of tho Mal
heur District Improvement Company
Ditch; thonco in n Northwesterly dir
ection nlong sold WeRt Bide of the
right or wny Ditch to tho Point
whore snld West side of said right
or wny Intersects with tho West lino
or said Lot 3; thonco North on tho
West lino of said Lot 3 to the place
of IJeglnnlng. . ,. .
That tho wholo of said territory Is
created by said orders Into ono vot
ing precinct nnd that the polling
place therefor Is flxod nt Lincoln
School Houbo. School District No 20
and by snld ordor W D. Patch and
W E, Perry aro nnmod ns Judges or
election, and I. Yant as clork.
At such olectlon tho qualified doc
tors of said torrltory ore directed by
said orders to elect three qualified
persons ns a noard of Directors for
said Irrigation Dlstlrct. the selections
of such directors to ho from the dis
trict at large. ...
Such election shall bo conducted
as near as practlcablo In accordance
with the goneral election laws of the
Stato of Oregon.
Dated at Vale, Oregon this 8th
day of Juno. 1020.
A. M. MOODY, County Clerk.
(SEAL) hy II. 8. Sackott.
T?ir. nuhllcatlon. June 10. 1020.
LaBt publication, July 8, 1020.
Not Ira of hearing or final account ot
Notice Is hereby given to whom It
may concern, that the undersigned
tho duly appointed, acting and qual
iried executor or the Last Will and
Testament ot C B. Fryo deceased,
has riled in the County Court of the
Btato of Oregon, for Malheur County,
his final account of Ills administra
I LI1U1IUU .lUllll iv luun t'irt --. -.
tion of the estate of said deceased.
That Monday, the 12th day of July,
1920 at 1 o'clock P. M. in the County
Court Room, In the County Court
House, at Vale, Malheur Co. Oregon,
has been fixed as tho time and place
for hearing any objections to such
final account it any there bo.
TMs Vot're Is published tor ror
gUB, under nnd by virtue or nu or
der mndo in tho nbovo ciuiro by
,t n tt ft...... fl t. ..!.. ..
IIU11 I. II. IUHI. V. Ulllliy JI1IIKU Ul
! Mnlhcur County. Oregondated Juno
-it i. in2n
Executor of tho I.nst Will nnd
Testament of C. E. Fryo, decoasod.
Date of First publication. Juno 10th.
Data nt Inst publication, July 8th.
In Tho Circuit Court of tho State of
Ort'Kun, Kor Mnlhour County.
In tho Mnttor of tho Application of
To register tho tltlo ot Lots 11. 12,
13, & 14, In Ulock 230; I-ots 1G,
17, 18, 10 & 20, In lllock 100; I.utH
11 12, 13, 14, nud 15 In lllock 32;
LotB 1 nnd 2, lllock 42; nil In tho
City of Ontnrlo. Mnlhour County,
Stnto of Orogon; ngnlust Ilonjnmlu
W. Oppenhelm nud Mnry locey.
Trustees; FlrBt Church ot Christ,
Scientist, of Ontnrlo. Oregon; Mar
io Chapmnu; Mnry I.ocoy; nnd tho
unknown creditors nnd holrs ot tho
Franklin II, Lnckoy Estnto; nnd
tho unknown creditors nud holrs of
tho Amos A. Lnckoy Estate; and
All To Whom It Mny Cencern:
0th day of Juno. A 1),
ppllcntlon wns tiled by said
in tlio circuit court or
Orogon, for Mnlheur
ltlal registration ot tho
Innd nbovo-doscrlbod.
Now. "unless you nppenr on or ho-
fora tho 12th day ot July, A. D. 1020,
nnd show cnuBo why such application
... . crt0(i tho snmo will
' shall not !
, tnl.nn
oh confessed, nnd n decree
torod according to tho pray-
ppllcntlon, and you will he
forovor hnrrcd front disputing the
horounto sot my hnnd nnd affixed the
soul of tho Circuit Court of tho Stnte
of Oregon, for Mnlheur County, this
Oth day of Juno, A. I). 1020.
A. M. MOODY, Clork of tho Circuit
Court of tho Stnto of Oregon, for
Mnlhour County.
h. J. AKEH. Attorney for Appli
cant, Ontnrlo, Orogon,
Data of First Publication, Juno 10.
Onto ot Inst publication, July 8,
In tin County Court of the Klutc or
(li (Won, For the County
or Malheur
In tho mnttor or tho Estute or
V. J. MINIC. Docoazcd.
To Mabel O. Madden, C. W. Muddeu,
her husband, Tholuin E. Mink, Phil
Mink, Mink, his wlfo, Win. It
Mink. Ira Mink, Mink, his
wlfo, nud E. E. Mink
In Hie Niiiue or the Stale or Oregon,
You nro horoby cltod nnd required
t nppenr In the County Court or tho
'Stnte or Oregon, for the County or
Mnlheur. nt tho Court room there
of, nt Vnlo In tho County ot Mnlhour
on Monday tho 20thvduy or July 1020,
nt 1 o'clock, In the afternoon of the
dny. then ami thoro to show cause
It any thoro ho why nu ordor or Ll
conso should not bo grnnted nud Is
sued by this Court to D. I). Porcoll,
to sou so mucu or mo rniiowiug u
orlbod ronl property ns mny be nec
essary to pay off tho expense of Ad
ministration, of tho estate or said
docensod togother with the Infinite
duo to the creditors or the e-stnto or
snld docoasod, to wit: Fractional
8EW or NEW, (or Lot 5) Bee. 3 Twp.
18 8. It. 47, E, W. M. Lota Numbered,
10 and 17 In lllock No. 200 In tho
City or Ontnrlo. Orogon, Lota Num
borod, 14 nud 15 in lllock No. 236
In tho City or Ontnrlo, Orogon.
This Citation, Is served upou, Ma
bel O. Madden, C. W. Madden, her
husband Tholma E. Mink, Phil Mink,
Mink, his wire. Win. H.
Mink nnd E. E. Mink or the nbovo
named holrs nt Inw to tho estnto or
W. J. Mink deconsed by publication
thereot. ror rour consooutlvo weeks
In tho Ontario Argus, u weekly news
paper, published in, nnd or gonerul
Circulation In Mnlhour County, Ore
gon, undor uml by virtue or nn or
dor or Hon. B. II. Test, County Judgo
or Malheur County, Oregon, dated,
Juno 14th, 1020
Date or first publication, Juno, 17th,
1020., dnto or Last Publication, July
15th, 1020.
Judgo or tho County Court ot the
Stuto or Orogon for tho County of
Mnlheur with tho seal or said Court
affixed this 14th day or Juno A. D.
AttOHt: A. M. Moody, Clork.
lly II. S. Backet, Deputy Clork
ASe M-J e..t always takj
Instantly rwllevr Heartburn, bloat
cdGuiy Failing. . Hops food sourinc,, a-. 1 1 stomach miseries.
AuU dJ-Tdiu n.t o.'cmr. Ketp. -.turn..!.
bM..Mf.i, I. r j--.ViuJityaoimi'
EATONICIi tin U' r nnJy. Tene, if tb
tirAt windertullv !"l' ! OnlyruUao:. .
erlwou ! v (.' I' iillyurnt 1
topkuorwo-ili mfuLiJ fooney, (,tac!tf
boxu4ij. Yen will we.
Ontario Pharmacy
Now open tor business
Open 0:30 a. m. to 12 p. in
Ontario, Oregon
. ., -. P, r . -. 1.
In tho Circuit Com I or (lie Stnto of
Oregon, Kor tho County of
MnlluMir, ms,
Tho Ontario Nntionul Hunk
a corporation,
Kmma Johnson nnd John A. Johnson,
To Kiiimn Johnson of tho nbovo mim
ed Dafondnnts.
OF OHEOON: You aro horoby roqulr
od to npponr nnd answer tlio com
plaint filod ngnlnst you in tho nbovo
entitled Suit within six weeks fiom
the date ot tho first publlrntlon of
this Summons, or for wnnt thereof,
plaintiff will apply to the Court for
tho roller demanded In tho Com
plaint, to wit:: for n decrco forever
baring nil right in, claim to or upon
tho following described promises to
Exchange Your
Liberty Bonds
The government has informed us that it will
ooninionue exchanging permanent Liberty Loan
Bonds Tor the Temporary Liberty Loan Bonds on
May 1st. Wo will exchange all bonds for which wo
havo issued our safe-keeping receipts but those
bonds which are in private safety deposit boxes
should be turned over to us for exchange. All Sec
ond Liberty Loan Bonds should bo turned over to us
not later than May 10th. The permanent Liberty
Loan Bonds will have all interest coupons attached
to tho date of the maturity of tho bond.
Wo will make no charge for this service.
Ready in An Emergency
When illness comes it is hotter to bo prepared.
'There is no need for -'borrowing" from a neigh
bor if you havo a hot water bag or other rubber
accessories that arc so often needed in times of
Lot us show you tho fine line of pure
Para litubbor Goods that we carry
thoro aro none bettor that aro made.
0. GAMS' Drugstore
Prescription Specialists
Handlers, Slotkmi'ii, Trappers:
It you have rny hides, rurs orpolts sond them to us, We pay tho
hlghost market prlcos Wo pay cash
HODOEItS Ji COMPANY Ontario Oregon
Telephone IMi.YV
McDowell Undertaking Parlors
A. L. McDowell, Prop.
J. O. IMiillnbaum, Licensed Embalmer
and Funeral Director
Funerals directed from tho parlor-chapel, tho
homo, or from the church of your choice.
Parlors situated in a quiet district
First-class services rendered to all
Experienced Lady Assistant
Day Phone 10GW Night Phono 89M
Wit! Tho NWW of SEW 8. 20 Twp.
18 S. H. 47 E. W. M. nnd N& of
SEW of SEW Sec. 20 Twp 18 S. H.
47 B. W. M. nnd to each and every
part thereof which you may have or
claim to havo, olthor at law or In
Tho Summons, is served upon you
by publication thereof In tho Ontnrlo
Argus, n wcokly uowspnpor, publish-
od In nnd ot gonornt circulation In
Mnlhour County, Oregon, for six con
socutlvo weeks, undor nnd by virtue
of nn order ot tho Hon. Dalton Ulggs,
Circuit Judgo, mndo, Juno 17th, 1020.
Dnto of first publication, Juno, 24th,
1020, dnto of last publication, August
Gth, 1020.
Attornoy for Plaintiff.
resldonco, Ontnrlo, Oregon.
Wnnt to know who your friends
nro 7 Just lot tt become known thnt
you hnvo a llttlo Bomothlng hldilnu
away nud you will soon learn.
?" ""
A - A
yi'f v,'J'
,: v "i t '