The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 24, 1920, Image 4

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ays the Good Judge
(3M I
That you got full satis
faction from a little of
the Real Tobacco
The rich taste of
this class of tobacco
makes it last longer
and cost less than the
old kind.
Any man who uses the
Real Tobacco Chew will
tell you that.
Put up in two styles
RIGHT CUT Is a short-cut tobacco
W-1J CUT is a long fine-cut tobuc
3 1
You'll Find There's Luc in
the Right Fishing'
AE have given a grout deal or attention
" to selecting the kind of tackle that
brings hniiio lln Iwli,
Here are-the most successful Lures
strongoHt, best wearing and least conspicu
ous Lines mmooIIi ninning Keels for hard
werviee -Rods that properly combine elas
ticity and power -banding Nets, etc.
Lei iiu lit you out for good luck.
the JVMCffiSTM store
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C rossSdKSSs
fti . ti-at utiiaur-- VF.
vs r h lip li MP CiH3
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You; Siome
, TKTEVER lias there been a better reason for
' I S preserving your property than at tho present
X time.
High costs of construction havo greatly increased
tho value of homes and buildings, no matter how
old they might be.
Paint GOOD Paint, will do more to preserve and
increase the value of your property than anything
else you can possibly invest in. It is tho greatest
safeguard against the ravagos of time and weather.
It is tho best kind of insurance.
Guard your homo and buildings with
and other products, buck of them aro 71 years of
paint-making experience. Thousands of property
owners have used these products for years.
Look Up a I'ULLKlt Dealer
in Your Town
W. P. Fuller & Co.
Northwest Urcwches at 9
'Portland, Seattle, Tacomn, Spokane, Hoise
Mrs. C, U. Stovor and son loft Bun
tiny for Willow Crook, Idaho, to visit
Mr. Stover's Bister Mrs. I'ntton. Sho
will Inter Join Mr. Stovor In Port
Inntl whero they will mnko tliolr fut
ure homo.
KOH BALE Two flno lots 111 Itlv-1 Tho Lilly Washing Tnblots uro tho
orsldo, Addition to Ontario. All clcuv, . Ladles frlond on wash day. Cuts
wash day In linir nnu Haves unit or
tho Bonp bill. Can ho used for many
different purpoReg that othorn cun
not. On Halo at tho Cash Grocery.
wilt hcH for $110, each. 1 paid much
noro for theso Iota hut want to Roll.
Address 1. O., Hox G72, Ontario, Oro-Kon.
Mrs. J. P. Joyce Is qulto 111 with
tho innnRols.
O. P. Necco was In Ilolso nn busi
ness Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Andoborg spent
Hiintlny In Wolser.
K. M. (Irclg was In Nywa on husl
netts Monday.
O. II. Oruham wnH it business vis
itor In Ilolso Monday.
Clarence V. Crothors spent Sunday
with frlonds In Ilolso.
Little Prank Mcsseu Is iitlo slrl:
with pnoumonla this week.
Miss C-cogln Hull went to Ilolso on
buslnos tho first of tho week.
Mrs. Dorothy Hull niul Mrs. V. I'.
MoKoniitt spent Tuesday In Vnlo.
Mrs. A. L. Cockrum entertained
tho Monday llrldgo Club this week.
Clint r-lnnoy roturned Sunday
ovonlng from a trip to Donvor, Colo.
Mrs. Aden L. Hydo spent tho weok-
oud visiting nt tho James Lackey
Charlolto Clagett went to Vnlo this
morning to attend tho Chaittnuiiim
(lllhort Dunn enmu down from .tun
turn whero ho linn lioon working.
Miss Alva Arnold who has been
visiting In Ilakor returned homo Sat
urday ovoiilug,
K. M. Urolg, E. W Ilowlniid, niul
II. II. Cookrum spunt Sunday nt I In II
oy, Idaho
J. K. Shroyor of Ilolso was a husl
noun visitor In Ontario tho Inst of
tho week.
Mrs. It. K. Whoolns of I'oontullti Is
visiting with her sister, Mr. J. It.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. 8. Drown loft
Thursday to nttond tho IIoho Festlvitl
at Portland.
Tho (llrl's Sewing Club will meet
lrldny ufturiiooii nt 12 o'clock tit tho
High School
Mr, mid Mrs. Henry Itittt tiro tho
proud pnrontH of twin girls, born
Suturdny, Juno 10.
Harry 1). Clomont loft Sundny
ovonlng for l'ortlnud to attend tho
Hlirluors convention.
John Ilervlu who U working tit
Ilremorlon, WaBhliigtou Is homo for
it two wcuks visit with hl family.
MIsh Alice Pox, agent for tho Com-
innrolal Creamery Company made n
trip to l,u (Iraiulo Prlduy Morning.
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. (Inlhigher loft
Saturday evening for l'ortlnud for n
few day visit during tho Itose Io
tlvnl. J. W. Sprlngor wont Wcdnosiluy to
tho IilggH ranch near Vnlo to set up
koiiio muohliiory for tho Troxell Im
plemoiit Coiupuiiy.
MImm Dorothy Dlukursou came
down from WeUer this moruliig fur
it short visit with hor friend MIm
Kvolyn Chance,
Miss Dottlo Crummott, formerly of
tho Enterprise stuff at Vnlo was In
town Wodnosdny, Miss Crummott
has uccoptcd a posltlou with tho link
er llornld, which wuh recontly pur
elmsed by Ueorgo Huntington Curroy,
H. C. nnd C. P. Secov roturned
Tuesday front Central City, Nebraska
So Human
it amazed all Ontario
OOME of your friends must have been in the huge audience
which heard Marie Morrisey in her Tone-Test recital at
Dreamland Theatre, Friday, May 14th. Ask these people
about it. This is the astonishing discovery they made:
The keenest musical car can not distinguish any
difference between the voice of the living artist
and the RE-CREATION of that voice by the New
And does it not amaze you, too, that Mr. Edison has suceed"
ed in producing an instrument that captures every subtle
sweetness of the human voice -that gives you all the ear can
give you of tho art of the world's great artists. No other
phonograph dares to make this direct comparison.
"The Phonograph With A Soul"
The New Edison alone can RE-CREATE music for you.
Come in and hear it for yourself. Make the great discovery
for yourself.
The Instrument used lit Prlduy May Pourtoonth's Tone-Test Is tho reg
lar model which soils for 29C (lit Canada, 1431), It Is an oxnet tlupll
uuto of tho Laboratory Model which Mr ICdlson porfocted after spending
Throo Million Dollars In experiments,
hgicaBwsBgsara j mwnnnii i . mil m, 1 11.11111111111 isi
whoro they wore called by tho III-
iioss of their mother.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. K. Howard nnd
small sou loft tho first of tho week
for Twin Pulls, Idaho, whoro they
will spend tho week visiting with
Miss Holen Muoller camo down
from Vale Prlduy lo spond tho week- I
end visiting with MIm Clinrlotto Clag
Thu, Cnthollo LadliM Aid Society
will hold tholr monthly cooked food
wtlo 011 Saturday, Juno SC, at Itnder's
Mhw fllndys Hmlson arrived homo
Sunday morning from Kiigouo where
sho has been attending tho Univer
sity tho pnst year.
Marquis I'lnnoy and Ilormtrd Had-
er, students from th Cnlvorslty of
Washington, uro honid for their sum
mar vacations.
K. A. nrown nnd son I). II. Drown
1 ware hero Sunduy from Itarrou vnl
loy ou tholr wny to rortlnnd to nt
jtund tho Shriuors' coucluvo.
Mr. and Mrs. J. U. O'Keofo are
rejoicing over tho arrival of n 7H
pound girl at tholr homo 011 Satur
day, Juno 10.
Mrs, I,. Adam vlsltod at St. An
thony with Mr. and Mrs P S. Adam
and tholr twin daughtoi'8. the lact
of the week
Mrs. C. II. Trousdale- left Monday
for Hot Lake, Oregon, for it three
tubnths stay to receive treatment for
an iujured kneo.
Mrs. II. W. Clement was hoitess to
tho Tuesday Drldgo Club this week.
Mrs. II. II Whitney won the prlzo,
the silver spoon
Hay Wilson and wifo of Pnrmu
wore In Ontario Sunday nnd loft In
the ovonlng for l'ortlnud to nttiput
tho Shrluers mooting and Hoso festival.
Mlw Huth Xnsh. the advance agent I
for tho KllUou-Whlto Chautauqua at f
Prultlund visited Friday with two of
her sisters lit the Delta Gamma Suor
Uy, Miss Ilona Adam and Miss Irene
White Shoes For The 4th
This Is a White Season. Cool Oxfords,
and Pumps For These Hot Days
We're today telling you about a rare
combination of comfort and economy in foot
wear for women new and seasonable
white cloth boots, pumps and oxfords fresh
and tempting from the big sanitary factory
of Utz & Dunn, Rochester. If you've worn
white cloth shoes you know the coc1 com
fort they possess, you know how easily
they're kept clean and tidy, if you've not
worn them you have a rare treat coming.
White shoes are more popular than ever
before and we anticipate the greatest white
season in the history of this store. Make
your selection while stocks are intact.
Have your shoes readyj avoid the swelter
ing crowds that always invade the store
the first hot days. . '
All sizes 2 1-2 to 8 Widths AAA to EE
tv ?'P"
A !