The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 03, 1920, Image 8

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county jujhji: and cocht
(Contlnuod From I'ngo 1)
hand writing, n copy o( onfd ortlor
being ns follews:
May Clh, 1919.
County Clork,
Mulliour County, Oro.
l'loaso dollvor to J. II. Tost warrant
Issued In my namo (or rolmto on It) 17
taxos, in case Bald warrant Is Is
miod by tlio County Court.
Wo find that tlio County Court
nnd County Commissioners had
ktiowlcdgo nt tlio time that tliesa
various claluia wore paid; that .1. II.
Tost was collecting nana
Wo fall to find that L 11. Test ro
colvud any of tlio monoy that was
collcctod by J. II. Tost, nnd wo fall
to find that E. II. Test was guilty of
any crirno.
Wo flud that no complaint of tlio
G0 contingent foo chargud wau
in ti do by any of tlio witnesses who
appoarod boforo us, and that tlio
Information rolatlvo to robutes be
ing duo cortnln parties was n part
of tlio public records, and could havo
boon socurod by anyone.
Wo find 22 othor claims, other
than tlioso bundled by J. II. Test,
allowod by tlio County Court, and
thoro aro approximately 200 rohatos
duo othor tax payors for which no
claims havo boon filed. Wo do not
find that Mnlhur Ceouuty was wrong
ed or dofruudod na a County by vlr
tuo of tlio roturn of these rebates,
nnd on the contrary K. II, Test In
troduced evidence to tlio effect that
by carefully auditing bills tlio County
Court has saved tlio County many
dollars. Wo hellovo from tlio ovid
on co of K. II. Tost apparently tlio
County Judge's office has been con
ducted In an efficient manner, und
cortnln of tho uttucks that have been
in a do upon tho County Judge appear
unjustified from tho evidence sub
mitted to us.
Itospectftilly submitted,
T. J. BilOSN'AN, Foreman
A. (1IIAM813
maliiixh i:Mi:iti'itiHi: is
ucroitTKi) sold this i;i;k
According to a report received In
Onturio this weok Ceo. 11. Cunoy
who has published the Malheur liu
terprlso for tho past three years fol
lowing Its purchuse from John Itlgby
and tho Huberts ostute, has sold his
Interest In tho publication.
It Is understood that Mr. Currey
has purchased the Uakor llurold
from liruco Dennis und will soon
take charge ot thut pioporty.
Andrew ltobluson of the Independ
ent Market was culled to l.os An
geles lust Meek by 'the very serious
Illness of his sister.
10 It HKNT u sleeping room, with
home privileges, on Kust side, liiiiilro
at Argus 37-J-U-27.
WANTED to leaso a five room
house for yeur or more, perfectly
modem, Apply at Argus Office.
(Contlnuod from I'age 1)
swat that went to tho raco truck on
tho South oust turn, and Wyuian's
wolghty wallop that registered him
at third. Then Clcoru or Ontario did
Ills host to win tlio monoy for tho
locals with four separate singles, half
of tho total Ontario garnered dur
ing tho uttoruoon.
Tho defeat uecordlug to scoring
rules Is tabbed ugulnut ICelley fur
when ho took up tho burden or heav
ing whero Malloy left off tho score
was Ontario fi, llolso A. Itlffol who
fucud Kolloy first looked his offer
ings ovor nnd picked one which ho
tlckotod for two cushions an error
by Halnbrldgo and Willlums single
tied scorn. In tho seventh HoIsh put
tho gamo Into tho cooler with u quar
tette of runs socurod by three hits,
ouo a doublo and ouu error.
Ontario made u grand rally In tho
8th frumo two errors, it himu on halls
and u lilt garnered three runs und
put thorn within two of ticlug for
Bharmnii hud lutorsperred his homo
run in llolso's half.
Tho Ontario lost the Monday gamo
It won two precoodlug it. Lust Tliuis
day Kumpa was deelslvoly defeated
hero mid on Sunday tlio hoys Journey
od to Council where thoy took a one
sided guuio from the l'iurod players,
scoro shows for Monday's game
Ontario AH It II I'O A R
Clcorn, ct 4 2 1 0 1
Chapman, II. 2.. 4 1 I 2 4 3
Ilalubridgo 3 ..4 1 1 0 2 2
Chupmau M ss 4 0 1 13 0
Luckoy 1 4 1 0 14 2 2
Korwln rf if ..4 1 0 1 1 01
Mdy, o 3 0 0 I! 0 0
Malloy p If 4 I'O 0 4 0
Wolla rf 2 1 1 2 1 0
Kolloy p If ....3 0 0 0 10
30 8 8 27 IS S
llolso ,.AIl U 11 10 K K
Masou It G 0 1 2 0 0
(Irobo 3 G 0 0 1 2 3
Hhormau o . , . . G 1 1 8 1 0
lllffol 6 1 1 2 2 1
Cobleyx cf ...,G 1 2 0 0 1
(llooson 1 ....4 2 0 12 0 0
Williams rf 4 12 0 0 1
Hohler 2 G 3 3x 2 4 2
Wyman p G 1 X 0 8 0
Wolls 0 0 0 0 0 0
W1IEUEA8, on tho 2 n t ti da) or
May, 1920, u special election was
hold In tho City ot Ontario, Mulliour
County, Oregon, submitting to the
legal voters ot said city (or their
udoptlou or rejection an amendment
to Section 11 J of tho City Charter of
said city; und
WI1EKEA8, upon tho canvass of
tho vote cast at said election by the
Common Council of said city u total
of 27G votes wero cast' upon tho
(lilosllon submitted, as follows. 201
ballots wore east In favor of said
umeudmeut and 74 liullols wore cast
agulnst said ameiidiueiit; und
WilEUKAS, It thus appears that
said umeudmeut lias received an af
firmative majority ot all the legal
votes cast at said election on said
Jones, Muyor ot tho City ot Ontario,
Mulliour County, Oregon, do hereby
doclaro and proclaim that Houllon
113 of tho City Charter of said City
of Ontario bus been amended to read
us follows;
"tioctlou 113. l'owor und uuthorlty
Is hereby given to the council and
tho said council Is bcroby authorised
to borrow money on tho fitlth of tho
city, to loan tho credit thereof, or
both, and to thut end provide for tho
Issuance or bonds and warrants for
any purpose which In tho Judgment
qf tho council Is beneficial to the
Interosta of said city, and to design
ate tlio manner und time foi tho pig
ment tlioroof und tho Interest thoro
on ; provided, however, thut the City
or Onturio shall not havo power to
issue its bonds for uuy purpose or to
Incur any Indebtedness (except bonds
Issued for public Improvements whore
tho cost thereof Is ussossed to tho
property specially bouo(ltod) In ox-
cess of (40) Forty per cent of tho
taxable property within the city, tho
amount tlioroof to be ascertained
from tho lust preceding assessment
iiiiulo for county und statu purposes,
and no bonds whatever (except bonds
Issuod tor public Improvements
whero tho cost tlioroof Is ussosxed to
tho properly specially benefit d)
shall bo issued for the said city, un
til tho voters ot said city, at a spoc
lul election for that purpose, by u
majority vote, shall declare u favor
of tlio same; provided thut Interest
on said bonds shall not exceed six
por cent per milium." And thut said
Section 113 us amended by the legal
voters ot tho City of Ontario at suld
special city election Is now In full
forco, effect and virtue.
hereunto set my hand and canned
this proclamation to ho nttosted b
the City Itocnrder and tho soul of tin
City of Ontario to be affixed this
29th day of May, 1920.
It. W. JONKS, Mayor
Cla M. 8toarns. City Hecorder
A W. Conovor of Mountain Home
Is an Ontario visitor this week.
10. 11. Couklln drove to I. a Grande
Monday to attend tho Union county
stock show.
Mrs E. II. Conkllu ot Cairo Is on
tortolnltiK hor mother who arrived
hero lust Saturday evonlng.
Mrs. Kmlly Hall who delayed her
doparturo for tho Hot Iiko Sanitar
ium left Sunday ovonlng for I."
Mrs. F. J. Clotno returned cster
duy from n visit ut tho home of her
slstor, Mrs. Claypool 17 mllo above
Mrs. Florence Johnson and daugh
ter Marjorlo left Monday morning for
Columbus, Ohio for an extended visit
with friends.
Mr. and Mrs, Elmo l'cnrson of
Wclser worn week-end guests of Mrs
Pearson's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Under.
Mrs. Sanders who has been the
guest nf her father and mother, Mr
nnd Mrs. C. It. Segulno loft Monday
morning for her homo In New Jersey
ltov. nnd Mrs. Chnrlos Illoom wen
pnssongers on Monday morning's No
18 for Chicago, St. Louis and other
onstom points for a month's vaca
tion. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ivan K. Onkos will
ontcrtnln tlio Fortnightly Club of On
tario and tho Vulo llrhlgo Club at
their homo on First avsnuo 8 W
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Geo. K. Aiken und daughters,
Jean and Carrie Loulso left Monday
morning lor St. I'uul, Minn. Chicago
and Ludlngton, Michigan whero the)
will visit relatives this summer
Mr. and Mrs, A. L. MeAfoo have
had work started on a modern bung
alow" which they aro to build on
First street 8. W. on tho property ad-
Joining tho Charles Atherlou home.
1', J. (Inllughor loft Saturday
morning for Hums and I.akevlew
Aftor concluding a case In the Uike
County district court ho will go lo
l'ortland on business before return
ing to Ontario.
Mrs. John II. Gordon formerly of
tho Entornrlso staff ot Vale has Join
ed tho Argus stuff this wnik. Mr
and Mrs. Gordon aro living In the
residence thoy purchased from Mrs
A. L. Bproul on First street 8.
I). W. Powers anil K. W I lowland
of tho Commercial Club's good road
committee urn taking advantage of
business trips to log tho roads be
tween Ontario and Huntington, On
tario and Holse ami to tho wextwurd
for tho Blgns which tho club will put
up sumo tlmo this summer.
Treasurer lir I. W. M. I'niiil
Subscriptions to tho Inter Church
World Movement may bo paid ut tho
Ontario National llank to W. F. Ho
nian who has been appointed treas
urer by tho stato offlco at Portland.
Mrs. M. L. Waring of Eugene, who Eugene hns proven wonderful for
formerly was Miss Alpha Orcutt of , her. With her sister Mrs. Luehrs,
this city has been very much enJo-Mrs. Waring goes Hits week to
ing a visit hero with hor sister, Mrs. ' Halley, Idaho for a visit with hor
O. G. Luohrs und her brother ('mil i brother Elmer Orcutt, boforo return
Orcutt, Ono of the sources of en- ing to her loganberry ranch Jn the
Joymcnt comes from tho fact that university city,
so many ot hor old friends hardly ' The Nows whllo It Is Nuws Itead
know hor now for tho cllmnta nt xhe Ontario Argus,
Notlco Is hereby given that tin
annual dog tux Imposed upon am
dog of any ago In Ontario. Oregon, I
uow duo nud payable, at the City lie
corder's offlco In tho City Hall of
snld City, Any person falling to
socuro a llconso for their dog on or be
foro tho 20th day pf Juno 1920 will be
subject to arrest and flno In nccord
nnco with tho provisions of tho Ordln
mice licensing dogs.
The llcenso for mnlo dogs Is Three
Dollurs and for foninlos, Five Hid
Inrs per year.
Dated this 6th day ot June, 1920
J. 3-10 City Recorder
A free labor bureau will be main
43 10 11 27 17 S tallied by tho Farm Hureuu A uiiin
Summary: Credit defeut to Kolloy, hor of men havo applied for woik
Uetory te.Wymnu: base on balls off nnd some of thorn are now on the
Kolloy 1, Wyman 3, Wells 2, struck list. Farmers can help solve their
out by Malloy 3, Wyman G, Kolloy 1; labor problem by notifying tho Conn
double plays, Wyman to Hohler to ty Agent by mnll, telephone, or in
Hlffot to Gloason; twd base hits Hit- person, of their needs In the way of
fol nnd Williams; threo base hit Wy- j help. If you need help get your
man; homo run Sherman; wild pltah name In. und than ho goad enough to
Wyman; Umplro Carls Wolls; tlmo take It off tho list whoti ou are
2;45, 'through needing help.
liiue II .V Till
".John I'ettlnialh"
.Mr. Shine) Dievv (Nnued)
.Moil. At Tiir., .lime 7 .V Mill
"Tho (iiirnge"
TiicmIii), .lime Kill
Don't forget Fntt) is lo.
tin) alo.
Wed. .V- TliuK, .lime 11 III
"The Wiilk-OfN"
I'allio N'oavn .V: Hiixtlc Homeo
IMday, .luiio 1 1th
"The InMb1e lloml"
Saturday, June 1'Jtli
"Crocked S(ialKiu"
Hall Itooni It.ns Ciimm(v
started the ball rolling about a month
ago, cutting and slashing prices in every
Already Our Special Sale has saved
hundreds of dollars to our customers,
each day adding something new to these
attractive events.
All Dress Shirts 20 per cent off
All Astor Hats 20 per cent off
All Shoes at 20 per cent off
All Straw Hats 20 per cent off
The month of May has been like a 1
wninwma to us and we never have
caught up with our work.
Spring Clothing
In mens and young mens being sacrificed
at from 20 to 30 reductions.
$26.45 for
$29.65 for
$33.50 for
$36,45 for
$35.00 suits
$37.50 suits
$40.00 suits
$45.00 suits
We're Going Right Ahead
With The Fight
$ .75 necl"vear all go at $ gQ
1.00 necwear aM ff at $0
l.OU neckwear all go at 1.210
Our entire Boys' Department is at
the mercy of a 20 percent reduction.
One Price Clothier,
Ontario, Oregon
. J