The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 27, 1920, Image 3

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Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Tin: iujxall HTeui:
I'llONK NO. i!
Nyai Remedies
Tlio HorvIccH wore well attended
last Sunday.
S ii inlay School noxt Sunday tit 10
n. m.
Preaching Ho. m.
Topic, "Tlio Monl Church."
Song Rcrvlcu 7:30 p. m.
Preaching nt 8:00 p. m. Topic,
"Mosos .
All cordially Invited to worship
with us.
L. J, Qrantham, Supply.
'examinations Hhould bo reported to
tlio County School Superintendent
uul later thr.n Jur.o 1, 1220.
County School Superlntondom.
Tlio Juno eighth gruilu oxamlnu
tlotiH will ho held Juno 10 and 11,
1D20, I'upllH wishing to enter those
Siiudny Service?
n. in. Sunday School.
11 u. in. Memorial Dny Servlcn.
Old Soldiers and their rrlcnriH cordial
ly invited.
7:15 p. in. Epworlh t.cnguc.
i 8 p" m. Patriotic Servlco. lleiiutl
.'iil PlrturoB, "America tho llcautl
f il."
Uiiiirlierx, Stockmen, Trappi-i:
If you have r.ny hides, fum orpoltB Rend them to us. Wo pay the
highest market pricori. Wo pay caRh.
HOlKlKltH A COMPANY Ontario Oregon
'ivicplioiio ih:i.Y
and neither could you
have told the difference!
r, -y
Mm lo MoitI .)
final photograph
Lnmii fniin
Why Friday's audience at The Dreamland
was so completely mystified. Marie Mor-
risey was inside the phonograph in
all excepting physical presence
After first reading, the story of the Now Edison's performance,
Friday evening May 14th at Dreamland Theatre seems fraught
witli mystery.
But tlio explanation is simple onough .
First, got the picture of what happened. Miss Morrisey sang
"Dost Thou Know That Sweet Land,." She stopped after the
first few lines, but her voice flowed on without a break. No one
even noticed she had stopped until some eyes, keener than the
rest, saw her lips were still. "It was only then that realization
dawned. The audience found it had been listening to the New
To every ear, tho two voices, living and "RE-CREATED, had
been without a shado of difference.
That was what so mystified the audience. Thev Imd ".pect
ed the RE-CREATED art to betray its phonographic origin. It
was a step too advanced for their comprehension that this instru
ment should be all that Miss Morrisey is, excepting her physical
"The Phonograph With A Soul"
This exraordlnary proof Is the only
means through which people learn
to appreciate the truo powers of tho
New Edison. If you ure Interested
In music, It la Indeed unfortunate
that you were not present.
Yet yau know thin Ib a text whlah
no other phonograph (tares to at
tempt. It Is proof that no one can
evade or deny. Tho New Edlxou U
the on)y phonogruph whlah RK
CHEATS music and the soul of music
Come and hear it for jourself.
Tlio Instrument used In Prlday'B Tono-Test Ib tlioregulnr model which
hells. for $295 (In Caunila $431). It Is an exact duplicate of the Labora
tory model which Mr. Edison perfected after spending Three Million Dol
lars In experiments .
WORK AT niiiiiiiifiii iiiCii
(irniluiitoN line lluy Wi'ek I'r'Vcil-
lug CIiim of School O. S. ti.
S1iiiIi.ii II. lined To (iroimil
Suiiil.iv I'.vraliig I'iit'lc
Inil Hi iim Suel.
rrullhnd, Muy 21. Tho Fruit
land High Kchcol Comnionci'iuont
oxorelso were hold In ilia High
School Assembly room Tliurtiiny eve
ning, tho 20th, nnri flfloati more grnd
nates wora added to tho High School
Alumni roll. M p Clara Sllkott guvi
tho Balutatory address ' nnd Mis
Dolly Drown wob valcdlclorlnn. Mlsi
Katharlno Mnilsi.ii Hang n nolo Tho
Commencement address unit nhlv uiv
on by Dr. IJoono, President of tut
tollogo nf I.IiiImi Tho AMomlily room
wob flllod for tlio occasion, irnnv out
of tow.t people were then for tlio
occasion, l-ndiiy uvonln,, n rocp-
non was given for tho mouther of
thu Alumni Aiwoclntlou. Slnco 1115,
whon tlin flvt Commoncoinuiit oxer
oIsoh woio held for thu rmltlaml
nolioo'.s, whon Ih'iro was quo kmiIii
ato, Mr. Paul I'rhlor of Toledo, Ohio
who wn proMi'i at tho Aluinul ro
coptlon, tluru have liemi HI gradu
ates of the rniltlnnd llu.-'i School
Tho O 8. I.. Depot nt Frultlnnd
hiirnod to the -i, round Sunda) ova
nlng nn.l rn.y with heml.' rfiiti
wero tho pickuu house nnd other
hiiMliiftM pInouH aved rrom destruc
tion, llu ulariii of flrn was given
n bo lit olitln-tlilrty and Hi)
wore dlHinlht.o.1 uid hiiudnU of poo
pin Kilt lie re. I aid by mud. work buc
ket hrlgiitlo wore formed Crrm the
I'liriiiur unci .Ni bio dltcho and ww
tor poured on the Association build
li'K wliloh cntitjhl fire evorul times
only to ho put out. Tho station cjuld
not ho I'd oil. Ila-ruls of oil mil gasu
lino exploded on tho platform. Vor
llttlo of tho contents Inside worn
saved. It Is not known how tho flro
Rtnrtod. It was fnrtunnto for 1'rult
Inud that tlioro was no wind, that
tho dltchos full of wator wore near
by and that It was Sunday evening
whon so tunny wero on hand to glvo
Mr. and. Mrs. Arthur Cnlwoll and
two sons of Ilolso, ramo down Tues
day to attend tho oxorclses coin
moncomout wook and to witness tho
graduation of Mr. Colwoll's sister,
Ilothol, nnd nt Mrs. Colwoll's broth-
or, Frank Klnnlson. Thoy roturneil
Saturday morning, Mr. Cnlwoll ac
companying u loud of goods with
Mr. Pucliort and Mrs, Colwoll und
children returning by train. Mr. and
Mrs, Colwell havo purchased lots
and aro building a modern bungalow
at Franklin a suburb nf Ilolso, where
Mr. Colwell Is survoylng tho I'rnnklln
M. Pucliort, Frank Thompson, Ii.
II, and Frank Hlcli wont to I.ako
Lowell Sundny on a fishing excur
Mrs, Ouy Thompson arrived Mon
day morning from Los Angeles, call
od hero by the death of Forrest Wll-
fong. Mrs. Thompson Is tho only
slstor of Mr. Wllfong.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wllfong and
son came down from 'ininott Fri
day, called by the death of Forrest
Wllfong. They returnod to their
home Sunday and camo down Mon
day for tho funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Colwell on
tertalned Friday avenlng In honor
of their daughter, Mrs. O. C. Stout
of Seattle and Mr. Arthur Colwell
and family of Ilolso. The guests wero
Mr. and Mrs. II. Ii. Klnnlson und
family, Mr and Mrs. M Pucliort nnd
daughter, Mrs. Ilondrlx, Mr. and
Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Col
well and sous, Mrs. Stout, Mr. Frank
Klnnlson, Mr. and Mrs. A. II Mc
Connell und daughter Nellie
Wodnosday evening of this week
about thirty of the neighbors and
friends gave a surprise for Mr
llowurd Manser at the homo of Mr.
nd Mrs. William Huert. A splendid
time was bad,
J. V. Tackett Is driving a new
Columbia Six. Mrs. Mary nurnett
has a new Oakland Six. Mr. .II. K.
Wllfong has a new Oldsmobile truck.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McOeu have
gone to Nebraska and other eastern
cities for an extended visit
Word has boen received from
Mrs Louise Ward who was operated
upon in Mayo Brothers Hospital that
sho is recovering rapidly, Is out of
tho hospital and hofora many days
will bo started for homo.
Tho Fords aro ahead of tho Whcol
barrowB In tho C. E. Contest.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hollonhock
nnd Hobort and Mrs. Uona woro
dlnnor gucBts nt tho M. Pucliort
homo Sunday.
M. Jolly Ib recovering rapidly from
his serious Illness of last wcok. Ills
son, Harry, and wife nrrlvod from
Tronton, Missouri. Mr. Harry Jolly
will remain for tho summer and
Mrs, Jolly returnod to be with hor
mother who Is sorloualy ill In Miss
ouri, it
Qoorgo Chllds has moved his rotl
donco north of its former location
and Ib adding porchos and rooms
to it and when finished will have n
nlco modorn residence.
C. C. Sllkott has his house up on
tho place recently purchased from
Oeorgo Cllolm and when finished will
bo a noat nnd modorn home.
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