The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 27, 1920, Image 2

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(Hlj? GDutunu Argun
PubllshoU Thursday at Outurlo,
Oregon, and ontorod at thu Onturlo
post offlco for dlstrlbutlbn as 2nd
class matter.
O. K. AIKKN, Managing Editor
T. Mcl'AHLIN aoUOH, Sup't.
8UDSC11IPTIO.N. Ouo Year, $2.00
Uurtity the war a man who did nut
do his duty was call ml a slacker; why
should nut u similar term be applied
to tlioan who rofusu in tlmw of peace
to porfurm ttiolr ituiy its uiiUuun?
Wo havo tho lluuest fiytrteui of
eovurumont under the sun. The
power Is In the hands of tho people.
They by their votes can determine
tho questions of policy, they inline
tho ofllclulH to carry tho policies out;
with thu lultlutlvo and roferndum
they actually write the laws of the
laud. What more could even the
most pronounced socialUt wnnl?
And yot, with all these privilege,
privilege for which hundreds of
thousands of men In thu ago past
huvo died to utnln; only u fraction
of tho pcoplo tnko sufficient Interost
to go to tho polls to oxerclxoti tin
priceless privilege of suffrage
It tho pooplo think so llttlo of this
prlvllcgo why not roduco tho cost of
an oloctlon by nuloinnlloally cnncol
llng tholr right to voto for fay ten
yours, after two repeatod failures to
Also If tho pooplo uro to voto dl
roct on so many measures why not
roqulro them to tako an oath that
they havo nctunlly road In toto all
tho measures on which they nro to
cast n volo and understand the pur
port of thu measuresY
Anyone who champions tho direct
ballot certainly will admit that this
la not an unreasonable) requirement
Thu lutellgonre of thu American vot
ers Justlflos tho Imposition of suuli
restrictions and In Justlco to tho
system of direct voting no one daru
plead that it Involves too imiolt work.
To mako that plea would hu oqulv
nlent to admitting that thu volo by
which tho measures adopted by tho
pooplo In tho past was not nn Intel
ligent voto.
should bo arrested too for endan
gering tho lives of his follow citizens
and ho should bo punished for both
thoso crimes.
It Is tho fine gri.ol and dut fiat
ftinilshos the blndur tint holds the
ooarso gravel of tho ordinary mud tc
go' und furnlslion an adequate
dtlvlng suri'uco, especially In section
such as this.
To get that gravol and binder to
gether on proper grmlH the state
and comity- have spent thousands of
dollars for every mile of rosd; and
this Is Ilia money tlmt the speeder
squander when, b going at nueli a
(err'fir sieed he throws this dust and
line gravel into tho barrow pit and
over Into the fields.
It Is a positive shame to see the
manner In which tho road between
Cairo and Nyssu Is being used by a
few dellrous drivers whose time Is
not worth much to themselves or to
anyone else. They drive like mad
men In their efforts to annihilate
space, going over the highway at
from 10 to SO miles par hour. It Is
a fact tlmt the men whose time Is
uied to accomplish things do nut
havo to drlvo at such speed.
Tho Cnlro-Nyawi load Is o"o of th
host gravel ronds In all Oregon. It
Is not a wide road, hut It Is welt
drained and had
cuiKi- 01 the spoungy condition of conservation would protect tho nat-
tha soil duo to Irrigation; that very
fact adds to tho danger of excessive
speed In driving over It. Tho pre
diction Is made by many that this
summer will sco many accidents on
that stretch of road unless the
speeding Is stopped.
It the autolsts will not stop this
practlco tliciiuchos tho timo Is sure
to romo when thoy wilt And laws
passed placing governors on all cars
whloh will prevent speeding; or laws
prohibiting thn mntiiifnctitre of oars
geared to do moro than tho legal
speed. Until some such laws aro
passed, llowovcr, the county or stale
should secure a bunch of traffic cops
ami put them to work The Judges
before whom tho olTenders are tried
should sentunco the unending cur as
well as tho driver and that might ser
ve to keep a few of the speed mer
chants off tho rond for a time mid
touch them a lesson. At least It
would do tho roads no harm.
There aro two kinds of conserva
tion. One. tho brand put forth by
tho Ourlled-Pluchot regimo of la
mouted fame, would padlock the nat
ural resources of tho West for future
generations, regardless of the suit-
to l made so bo- forlngs of this. Tho othor lypo of
The man who drivos over public
highway, uspuvlaaly In n dry region,
at n rnto of spoed greater than .10
mlloj nn hour ought to be urrustod
for Biuaudorlm; public funds. Ho
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urn I roflourcos by regulation in uso
so that development and not waste
would hu tho result. That Is tho
kind of conservation that should ho
applied to tho public rango.
It Is high tlmo that some common
sonse regulations be applied to tho
use of tho range, and that Us man
goment bo entrusted to men who nro
convorsntit with conditions In tho
West, Interested In Its development
and as noxious to prevent Its exploit
ation as nny of tho padlock-consorvn-tloulst
who over nssnyed from tholr
eastern, homos to piesrrlbo for tho
hampering of tho West.
To do this it would appear that
tho logical thing for tho public Inuil
states to do would bo to get together
and unlto tholr efforts to get tho gov
ernment to loosen Its hold on tho
vast areas now in its possession, and
turn thoso lands over to tho several
stales for administration under u
uniform systom that would moot tho
requirements of the government anil
'ho stntos.
Proper, roasoimblo restrict! o ns
should bo placed on tho uso of the
rango. And such supervision should
bo glvou tho cnttlo and sheep men
that tho grass would not bo eaten
off, or the time will romo when the
Kast will wondor why tho West no
longer produces meat for It to cat.
When tho public range Is all gono
nnd tho price of meat sonrs, then the
real lonsorvntlnnlHts, thoso who sock
to protect, but not lock up tho re
source of tho West; who would uso
but not nbtiKo tho rango may bo list
ened to. In thu meantime tho In
terests of tho stockmen who nro per
manently In thu biisluoM, would In
dicate that thoy thomsolvos guard
tho rango as host thoy can from Its
WtIM WE.! IliUl
oSS-ia! M
Is "Cheap " Twine Cheap?
A FARMER bought 6 bales
chenn twine- 268 lbs., net.
checked short nn nvernge of 30 feet
to the lb. 8,610 feet in 6 bales, or
the equivalent of 17tf lbs. of 500-ft.
standard twine.
He harvested his wheat crop using
this twine. There were 135,360 feet
of twine (deducting shortage) in the
6 bides enough to tie67,680bundles
of gmin (nllowing 2 feet of twine for
n bundle). But 8 of the bundles
(5,414) were broken due to twine
being wenk nnd uneven.
The hired harvest hands lost nn
nvernge of one minute's time tying
each broken bundle by hand
5,414 minutes, or n total of over 90
In nddition, 2 of the broken
bundles (108), representing approx
imately 5 bushels of wheat, were
lost because the loose grain was not
picked up cleanly by the hired har
vest hands.
NOW let us see how his loss-and-gain
account figures out on this
twine investment:
He saved Ij4 cents n pound on
the original cost of the twine by buy
ing nn inferhr.grnde instead of guar
anteed International Harvester twine
a saving of $4.50 on 6 bales. This
represents his total gain.
In saving $4.50 to start with, he
lost in the end:
8,640 ft. shortage, or the equiva
lent of 17tf lbs. of guaranteed
nvernge 500-ft. twine. '
90 hours' time of harvest hands at
" the prevailing high wage scale.
5yi bushels of wheat at $2.25 n
bushel or $12.37.
Figure out for yourself the total
losses the money squandered by
this farmer to save $4.50 an in
significant cent-and-a-half n pound
on the original cost.
America Is fast becoming an un
balanced nation. The number of
mon on the farms of ttio country Is
docrouslng out of nil proportion to
tho l.iurenso In tho oltloe. That Is
(ortnlu to spelt dlsustor to Amorlcnns
It the ratio continues during tho next
Ion, as It has In tho past ten years.
The pooplo may yull ull thoy want
about tho high cost of living but It
will rontluuo so long as there aro two
mon In town bidding for tho surplus
product ofono In tho country And
that Is what Is bound to happen It
tho ooiitlnuod Increase In tho niimbor
of men omplovod In noiMtwniillnl
Industrie of tho cltlos Is maintained
much longer.
The cousus llgurcs nro dry tables
to The ordinary porsou but whou thoy
show that tho men employed In tho
unto Industry, In tho mnnufacturo of
silks and othor toys of extravagance
Is growing ovory year, whllo tho fnr
mors of tho West and Mlddlo West
must lot tholr lnnds tin Idlo for tho
lack of men to aid In cultivating
thorn these statistics becomo Interost
lug indeed. And that is whnt tho
1020 cousus shows.
Whllo this spells trouble for the
country as n whole and should cause
tho urban dweller to pondor on his
situation, tt Is also something ot n
blessing to the rancher who can pro
duce n crop without smoking tho aid
of labor outstdo ot his family. Ho
will bo tho man to envy In tho future
for ho will havo the markot for Ids
crop nnd tho goods for his table at
nil times. lie will prosper whllo tho
top wages ot tho city man will bo
noodod moro than they nro now.
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Don't you think it would have
been much more economical for this
farmer to have paid n littlu more for
his twine to begin with and bought
cood twine twine of International
I Iiirvaster manufacture that nvor
nges full 500-ft. to the pound nnd
hus hut n wry low percontnt;c of
breakage 7
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to cany 06 i r-tt lao blr r twutocaulhanUpoaiibl with
tho ma'tr I bao lake bi iwo-fifttia lra hauling auJ atoiago
apacu lh-a Urk balo, 48 Iba, oi lwio,i.t. la both lil.l.
tiii: Mi?.fium:s cvimv
Wlmt over may lio tho toolings of
tho mmllilatoa tills wuok it la certain
that Orogon did Itself proud In tlio
iiuiniior In which It wont to the polls
and voted for progress, for good
sohools and for good roads.
With the ntmurnnco of double the
Incomo of tho past, tho sohools of
higher education In this state should
bo nblo to nohlove oven a higher
standard than they had up to two
years nun. They should bo nblo to
bring back to tho utato somo of the
men who have gono from It. and to
draw others too, ot oven hlghor
The stato too should bo congratu
lated on the voto for the road bond
amendment which moans that the
Highway Commission can proceed to
complete now tho state systom and
thus place Orogon In tho forefront
ot progressive states with a systom
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