The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 01, 1920, Image 6

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Test of Sanity.
In flu- ciin' nf ii very lirntnl munttr.
miner nt the deed will Kometlmu cinisN
n Jurj to re.lut the clearem pildeiico
tliut the ierictriitr wim limine. The
Inti' I.nrd Klii."hiirj!li, Ik tier kuouu hh
Kir J. II. A. Miirdniiiild (formerl) Imil
justice i-li-rk of .Sccilliiiul), uIiiinc
ileuth win iiniintiiired ii xliurt time utro,
could plvp ii lrlklug exumple. I once
defended ii HH.C," In- wrote In Ills "I.lfe
Jutting," " ml ii innjorlty of the Jury
not only nilivlrted, tint milled it rider
iifllriiilng t tint the prisoner wiih xmie.
The limn uiik hopeleMvly mud. The due
tor vent to see hltn were NiitMlt'd nf
Hint, unit the sentence whs nut riii-ilul
out. A crilclnl test npiilled whs tlint .
while one nf them put Id tinker light
ly on the pulfc, the other tmddenly
Mild: 'Ily the by, Miller, when I It
you lire tn he hanged)' There was not
ii tremor or u oliiuiKe nf counteminee
or ucceterutlon of the tmlse, mid, look
lug tii. he hiiIiI, (tille !liiiily, 'I think
It' Tueoiluy week. If I'm nut inlslnk
rti.' "
Siilsfillie for tli
Under New Management
Largest variety of Garden and Flower Seeds in
Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.
Poultry Supplies and Electric Brooders
The Whole Secret of
A Better Tire
Simply a Matter of the Maker's Policies
This you will realize once you
try a Brunswick that a super-tire
is possible only whoa the name
certifies that the maker is follow
ing the highest standards.
For tire making is chiefly a mat
ter of standards and policies coat
plus care. Any maker can build a
good lire if he cares to pay per
fection's price.
All men know Brunswick stand
ards, for Brunswick products) have
been famuuj for 74 years.
Formulas, fabrics and standards
vary vastly in cost. Rcintorcc
ments, plies and thickness arc a
matter of expense. And these vari
ations affect endurance. It rests
with the maker how far he wishes
to go how much he can afford
to give.
For there arc no yccrets nor pat
cuts to Dolu one back.
l'orllnml Hctulqunrters: 46-48 Fifth Street
. Sold On An Unlimited Mileage
' Guarantee Basis
Cord Tires with "Driving" and "Swastika" Skid-Not Tread
Fabric Tires in "Pinto," "Ribbed" und "BBC" Skid-Not Tread
M MIHH i MMs 1
Ontario Auto Company
Mostly Girls.
Artttt' and keep
To acccrtain what each maker
offers one must analyze and test
some 200 tiresas our laboratories
have done.
Then it is a matter of combining
the best features and building ac
cording to the highest standards.
' Once you try a Brunswick you
will understand how we have built
model tires, regardless o factory
Yet Brunswick Tires cost you the
same as other like-type tires. 'Our
saving is on selling cost, through
our nation-wide organization.
We realize that you expect more
from Brunswicks, and we assure
you that you get it. ONE Bruns
wick will tell you the story.
And then you'll want ALL
Brunswicks. No other tire, you'll
rtgrce, gives so much for your
Illinois Executive Carries Project
to Success After Others
Improvtment of Vast Importance to
Mltiliilppl Valley und Northweet
All Bars to Actual Con.
rtructlon Removed.
One of tli outstanding achievements
of Gov. l-'nink O. Lowden's admlnls
Irutloii In Illinois was the puttlug
through uf tlie Illinois waterwajs proj
ect wlilcli will cost J20,IKW,WI0 uml
provide wiitcr connection between tlit
(Iri'at Luke mid tin' Mississippi river.
The project Iiiin Ixeu under discus
shin for mure tluin l!0 years, and
several Mule iid'iilulstratloiis have
struggled In vnln with thli Important
problem. It remained fur Governor
Louden to curry the great Improve
tueitl Ihiough to success.
The lust bur to the project was re
moved January It) with the Issuance
j "f u permit by the secretary of war
I uutiinrmug tho xtiite to proceed nt
unce with the Improvement. The be
ginning of actual construction work
U now hut a mutter of n short time,
and timiplctlon of the water link nt
last tiecouira u vltllile goal, Trelur-i.
dim benefits will he rcnllxed by nil
classes of business Interfile In the
Mississippi vulley n the result of
(he opening of the water route,
"The waterway will be uf Immense
value to farmers of the great produc
ing region of the entire Mississippi
valley and the Northwest," Governor
Lowden MHld, "The Illinois project
Hill be In accord with tho Improve
ment of the Mississippi, Ohio and Mis
souri river by the federal govern'
went for tinvlgutloii, Locks will bo 000
feet long, 110 feet wide, accomuio&it
Ing Heels of barges carrying 0,000 to
4,000 tuns of freight, tho equivalent
of six to eight average train loads.
"Ilefore the war and the Increase
of rull freight rates u ton of freight
was carried n thousand miles by wa
ter ns cheaply as fifty' miles by rail,
'this I it fair Indlratloti of the benellt
to ho afforded the public by the work
when It Is completed. Its value Is
How enhanced by the government re
quirement of Interchange of freight by
rullroitd nt suitable water terminal
points throughout the country."
The waterway will follow the ,
driilnngrt canal from Chicago to Lock-
port from which the connection will
be made with the Illinois river at
Utlcu by a barge canal eight feet deep,
which limy later be deepened to H
feet, us conditions require, lit uddl
lion to the great udVHiitages to com
merce, wuter power valued at approxi
mately St.000,000 n year will be devel
oped which will effect n saving of ap
proximately ftOO.OOO tons of coal n-
The survey and engineering work
for the Improvement have been under
Ihe direction of M, Q, Harm's who,
during the Kooaevelt administration,
dcxlgned for the government the strut--tun-
of the I'ltnuina canal, Construc
tion work will be supervised by Frank
I. Dennett, director of the depart
ment of public works and buildings,
and William I Huckett. superintend
ent of the division of waterways.
These ortlcer state tlint much of the
preliminary work has already been ac
complished. Funds for carrying on
the construction were provided
hrough the action of the last legisla
ture authorizing the Issuance of ILHV
000.0(10 bonds which have been af
firmed by a vote of tho people !
(lor, Frank 0, I.owdeu of Illinois
has one hobby In tho administration
of public affairs. That Is strict econ
omy In the expenditure of the people's
money. He has given Illinois a busi
ness man's administration.
Ily efficient management he was able
to reduce the tax rate In Illinois a.1
per cent In two years, thus saving
14,000,000 annually to the tax pay
ers. Illinois waa the only state In
the Union to reduce It tax rate dur
ing the war. In many stutea taxes
were Increased.
While most public executives were
'nlUIng ftliout It, Governor I.owdea
ftuully planned and put Into effect a
cmpreheiulve reconstruction program
'or Illinois a ytar before the nrmls-Met-
was signed. Governor Lowden
'las demonstrated In Illinois that-good
overnment Is a profitable Investment
for the people. In discussing govern
ueut (lie governor said:
")ur public business I the most lm
oortanl of all our business. We too
)ften suy that our private affair will
tot permit us to Interest ourselves In
public Mffalra, We seem to forget that
If government were suspended for a
single day our private affairs wocld
Oe of no moment that ruin would
rule ll about us But government
Is not automatic. Perpetual motion
an Idle djeuia In government a In
'ilur Mies
This bank is an ally of tho farmer, stock
grower and merchant, bound together by
an unwritten law for the advancement
of private interests and the develop
ment of Ontario and vicinity. You can
join this league by becoming a- depositor
of this Bank.
Ontario National Bank
Oldest Bank in Grunt, Harney and
Malheur Counties
help them to grow into big, strong, healthy bird.
j A cltsn, vrholstome, natural food no du.t no !.
Kesps tho chicks htshhy and makes them glow fast.
hfiLat r suf Nam tnJ Ttiit Mttk n Eitiy Oilflrnl Pm0
Of "Diamond Quality" Poultry Supplies, Jistirjg
everything neceiury (or the profitable production of poultry
mailed frea on requeet. Ak for Catalog No. JO
--"--""-"-rggU-pBdasjsakagBgguLgpjBjajpj '
"BUCKEYE" Incubators and COLONY Brooder$tov8
The Merchants who advertise in tnis
paper are reliable.-Patronize them!
... ... Ut on a new mcottn A
V SBMI BBSM Team "1 "iBc SL X
Electric Automatic Wa$her1
Now Selling on a Special
Easy Payment Plan
A small payment down during April will put an
Electric Automatic Washer in your home and
do your day's washing in an hour for less than
two cents. Think of itl Think of the saving
in labor expense. Think of the saving in your
time, for the Electric Automatic Washer will do'
an average large family washing in an hour.
Home' a different place on weshday when the Klectrlc Auto
matic Washer la on the job. The merry hum of Its motor la
pleasant to your ears, Mrs. House wife. It takes the place of
tho old fashioned washboard's washday bluea. And you can
have your kitchen ft spick und span on washday as you do
at any other time. No messy floor-no wet feet, the Electric
Automatic Woalier Is a clean t-ervant and works quickly and
You ciui tlie,ie Klectrlc Automatic Withers at any Malm
rower Klectrlc Hliop. I)rocl M our More anil nMc a- tfalwufan
to aliow )ou how It is operated. He'll tell jou ubout our spe
rial April sale prlren too. i
Idaho Power Co.