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tatari ft-tttiift
NO. 18.
izkhh" comi; aufms with
at hiohtoxkh phiciw,
i)i-:riaiti county
.uikxt. '
i'lofrtmir Copxnn nf O. A. C. Hefulo
QiioMlniiiihli' HtiitciiicntH MihIc hy
Agent Woiklng in Sliitc I i hii I
IIiiiicIici-h Advised.
Following tlio visit of n hunch of
iigontn who Hold chlckim treatments
tit fancy prleon, mill handed out pun
nci'HH fur nil the nlliuontH of tlio
feathered trllio, tlio ranchers of Mill
Imur county lire being cnlk'il upon b
imotliiT hi nod of postn who nro noli
I m: culturu to rnnchcrn.
County Agent I.. It. llrllhuupt. to
WllOSO llttCllttOII tllO IICtlvltlOH Of tlll'SO
men hnvn boon railed lioil tlic follow
liiK to hu' concerning them:
"Tim use of IIiIh culturu Ik not
llkoly to provo of any valiio on nuy
or tlm hoIIm In tlio county. It Ih
posslhlu Unit Inoculation might bo of
vuluo on now land of an alkali or
puddled unturc, liut If ho, It could
ho ilouo far cheaper liy tliu noil
method, or If puru culturu Ih wanted
II may ho secured for n Hinnll frac
tion of what those poddlerH unit.
"Tlio following lottor from Prof
tensor Uopnon of Oregon AKrlculturul
College, dealing with this matter
given tlio reasons why runchorn
Hhould not purchase mill Inoculations
without exact knowledKe:
"Tim following clrculur lottnr Ih
sent lo you In order Unit you may
give the farmers tlio facts on tlio
iioMtlon of nrtlflclul Innoculatlon of
loKiiniOH, nnil lo rofuto tlio question
n lil (i mnl fitlso ntulomoutn iniiilo by
ni;enlH selling commercial cullureH,
"(I). Tlio 'pro culture' motlioil
Ih porlmpH thd host wny, all tiling
considered, to got tlio Hpeclitl kind of
lmclorlii Into your noil. U you nl
roudy luivo n cortalu legumo growing
In u field on your farm, you can
nuiiv iiinrnnclili' liinoculato another
fluid with Home of thin Bell. TIiIhI
Ih tlm surest inothod known nnd hun
no disadvantages when you know
Ihnro nro no wneil pests to ho carried
nloiiK with tlm hoII,
"(2). The puro culturoR propar-
(Coiitliuied on Last Toko)
Miiihlml II. C. I'lirmcr Hetiirim Willi
.Mini Ai'i'iiM'il of HiivIiik Ohlnln.
i .Muney Under l'iK liv
(,.,M.s Hull rurliMicd.
"I Leslor I. Iloyinan, nllaa U. Illwoh,
who wa urrt'Hled ut NluRuni FuIIh,
Now York, charRod with securing
fiindH from tho First National hank
undor fuUo pretenwH, roaolied the
city Wodnesduy morning acconipan
ltd hy Mamlial 11. C. Furmor, who
made tho trip east for him.
Iloyinan wub nrralened hoforo Juh
tlco of tho I'eaco (. I.. King, Wednes
day uftornoon, nnd thru his attor
noyH, I. J. Qallaghor ami W. E. I.eos
of this city and Livingstone Osborne
of Chicago, wulved the roadlng of tho
clmrgo, u copy huvlng been furnished
them, ami wan held for u temporary
hearing tomorrow (Friday morning).
Ponding tho hearing a cash hall of
$1500 wua furnldied hy his attor
neys. OO'FKH
Tlio Farm Uureau campaign
agalust tho poiUot gopher Is getting
undor wny. Thru the pest nud dlb
ease coiumltteo tho compulsory law
'huu been brought to bear so that tho
menace of untreated land adjoining
land which is consistently treated can
bu eliminated. Everyone must have
made an attempt to rid tholr preml
ses'of this pest by April 15 or bo
liable, tq having the work done by
men appointed by tho county Court
and -tho costs assessed In tuxox
against the land.
iivihion iixoinkkh haldock
It, II. Iliildock, division ougliicm
tor tlm Oregon Btntn Highway com
mission, with Hnglneur Dilukhnll.
who Ih locating the rouln for the Old
Oregon Trail from Huntington to On
tario, accompli ii led hy County Judge
13. II, Tt'Ht nnd moinbom of tlm Com-
menial club's rood committee, Hpcnt
Inst Frldny afternoon looking ovo.
thu two proposed ronton to hrliiR tlril
highway Into Ontario,
In the morning tlio commlUce
vlowod tlio enlrunre to Urn city ln
lllvemldo, which would Rive to On
tnrlo ono of tlm iiiohI scenic nnd lie
llRlitful lilghwnyH In thin section In
tho afternoon tlio part drove o or
tlm routo nil the wny urriMit Dead I
Flut, viewed tli Iuiui!.jii of tho Mill
hour rlvor crowing mid wnlked over
tlm lino from thorn to Iho power
plant milt, on Dead Ox I'lat.
Mr, Drlnkhnll will run the Hiioh
for tho two routes to determine tho
illfforonco nnd prepare tho oilier diilu
Decennary before n choice In innilo.
Ito-roo Holding Son or C, I!. Holding
Formerly of Outiirlo Victim of
Sleeping HIcklii'MN in Hun
Itnxcoo llehlltiK, Hon of ( IC. Hold
Ing, formerly of thin city, died hint
Friday In Han FrnnclHco of hIohpIiik
HlcknesH according to u loloRram ro
colved Monday hy J. It. Illacluihy of
tli Ih city, n friend of tho family.
Kohcoo Holding wnH :12 joiiih old
at tho tlino of IiIh death nnd Ir Hiir
vlved hy n wlfo and ono child. Ho
Horved with tho miirlncH ilurlni; tlm
war and had been out of thu xcrvlco
for roiuo time when tho malady
which canned IiIh denth lunnlfeHtoil
Tlio young mini 'lived In Ontario
until tlm faintly moved In Culver,
Oregon ten yearn ago. Tho young
man wnH rained In Ontario mid wan
u graduate of tlm Ontario High
School with tho cIqhh of 1010, mid
Ih ntlll wall remembered hy many
of IiIh boyhood chimin horo
Ionian Valley Orgaiilnen and Iiiim
Hipilirel Cmupiilgii (ioliiK Slloni;
With (iooil ItesiillH.
An ornest bunch of farmoru of thu
Jordan Valley section, that rich Utile
vulloy far to tho south In Malheur
county, guthored In tlm parlor of tho
Jordan Valley hotel on Iho evening
of March 25 to hear of the work of
the Farm Uureau and lake up Iho
organization of a locul Uureau.
After listening to u report of tlm
Farm Hurciui movement from IIh In
ception in the Stuto of Now York
8omo years ago, down thru Its spread
to Oregon and to Malheur County
and the progrosn mailo thus fur by
the Agricultural Agent, a motion wan
passed by acclamation that u local
Uureau bo formed forthwith.
A general discussion of projects
and committeemen followed In which
most of those present participated.
The projects and committeemen elect
ed were:
Chairman, James W. Parkes; Sec
retary and Crop records, D. I).
Joslyn; Soil Improvement and Ir
rigation, It, G. Qulgley; Livestock
Improvement, A. H. Azzcuonaga;
Crop Improvement, W. 8. Skinner;
Post and Disease Control, deo. S.
This community has already put
out 'about 800 pounds of squirrel
poison. Another shipment of 1000
pounds was sent to them on the 27
of March. The squirrels are a eer
lous pest In that section but tho poi
son is getting the best of them. At
the Farm Bureau meeting tho mem
bers went ot record Instructing their
pest and dlseaso committeemen to
work to bring tho compulsory rodent
control law Into action against this
pest in qjloMypnto Hie pocket gopher.
(Contluuod on Last Page. )
IN OHKOOX TO in: iikld
Action of Oreton Itoily Follow i lull
liiiitlnii 'Hint Idaho C.hiiiiiIm-iIo.i
Will Miike Ti'ilipoiiiiy Unto lot
ii.J.i I'eiiiiiiiiclil .Cute .to .He
Xiiiucil Later.
Following advice from tlm Itlnho
UlllltloH coiiiihIbhIoii thnt II would
make a temporary Irrlgntlou jiownr
rnto to rover tho 11120 manon. and
mnko n permanent rat" following the
Inlroiliictlou of final data concerning
tlm value of tho Idaho Power Com
patiy'H plant, etc., tho Oregon Public
Scrvlco commlHKlnu Iuih given notice
Hint It will hold a hearing on tho
cninpmiy'H application for Inrreancd
rat oh In Oregon ut tlm City Hall In
Ontario at 1:.10 p. in., April 8.
Notice of thin hearing wiih given to
tlm reproHcntntlvoH of irrlgiitlnn coin
pan Ion In Oregon who iiko pumping
plnntH and Uioho mnn In turn hnvo
notified all of tho laud owncrn Inter
CHted Unit they will bo ready with
data to Dhow tho commlHHlon the
exact Htatim of ranching roudltlntiH
under pumping HyntoniH.
According to tho teriim of tlm Who
nHked hy tlio Idaho Power Company
Urn rnto for Irrigating plnntH would
rlnn In Home canes as high as RO per
cont. On tho Ontnrlo-N'ymw HjHtom.
for oxnmplo, tho rlne would ho ap
proximately (It por rent, or from
HAi per ncro to 8.00 por nrrt).
It Ih tho contention of tho com
pany Hint tho proHcnt Irrigation rnto
wan n "development rnto," mid that
It Iuih not returned any dlvldendH to
tho company, nnr even paid for Iho
cost of producing tho powor. main
tenance, etc, Tho rotes nHked lire
oHtlmnted to permit n return of 12
per cont on tho company' Invent
mont, no tho powor usern declare
mid they will endeavor to show that
tho power usern nro not making that
return on tholr Investment and labor.
County Wide OrgnuUiilliiii to lie
I'oiiiiimI In Ouliiilo on Saturday
Afternoon Meeting Cnllcil
ul Three O'clock.
Mm. Ilruco Heater, chuirmnn of
tho Pnrent-Touolmm association of
Oregon for Malheur county, has call-
ed a mooting of reprwoii
the various Puront-Tuiiclmr
illative of
teacher circles of
tho county lo bo held In Ontario on
Tho meeting will bo held In tho
Commercial club rooms ut tho City
Hall nnd will bo convened al it
o'clock. The purposo of the gather
ing Ih tp form a county organization
whereby there cuu bo secured more
united effort for tho upbuilding of
the educational system of the
It is expected that thoro will be
representatives present from all the
Pnront-Teacher circles of which
there uro a number In the county
and thut deflnlto plans can bo made
for Immediate activities.
Miss Margaret Humphries of Vale
was declared by the Judgen to bo tho
winner of the annual declamatory
contest of the county schools. The
contest was held laut Saturday even
ing at the auditorium of tho High
School. The other contestants were
Miss Fay Foster of Nyssa and Miss
Myrna Secoy of Ontario. The con
test was close, and the crowd v, ns ex
pectant until the decision of tho
Judges was announced. Superinten
dent Hammett of Vale presided ut
the contest and Miss Catherine Con
way of Ontario, Mrs. W. 8. ("lore of
Nyssa and Miss Heed of New Ply
mouth wero the Judges. Most of the
nudleuco came from Vale and Nyaua
to hear the upeakorn.
ii. i.. pirruitKox xami:i ukmch-
If I'Iiiuh .M.illltf C.'lehiiitliPii Will
MmU Coiiipti'i.i.n of Pnvlug Pro
(iiiiin Al.(i Hope to Turn on
CIlMcr l.luhlo nl Haiiie Time.
Deflnlto Pimm wero mado Ttten
day hy tho Hoard of Directors of tho
Coiuuicrclnt club for tho Fourth of
July (olohrntlnu launched nt tlm hint
meeting of the club.
For Urn purposo of getting tlm
program under way, to nrrango for
dofralug Urn expenses of the cele
bration, got the sports progrum out
lined, nnd attending to tho thousand
nud ono details which nuch n celebra
tion entails tho following general
coiumltteo wnn appeinted: II. L.
I'oten(oii, chairman; Al Chance, I).
M. Pnworn, It. II. Tunny, and A.
These men nro named chairmen of
tho following Hiib'couimlttcen: Fi
nance, 11. L. Peterson, whoso asso
ciates are all mombers of Iho gen
oral coiumltteo; sports, II. II. Tunny;
program, Al Clmnco; parade, I), M.
Pnworn; decorations, A, Christian
nen. Turn On the LlgtitN
Ono of tho ambitious plans of tlm
celebration committee Is Unit It will
bo able to mark tho event with tho
turning on of tho cluster light fy-
torn which in proposed for tho city,
mid of course It In planned to have u
big danco on Ontario's now pave
ments by that day.
Tho committee haw not been able
to tako up tho progrum in detail hut
In mulling over ninny lilonn which il
hopes to develop so that the biggest
civic celebration ever staged In the
vnllcy will bo hold In Ontario this
Fourth of July,
Arthur poMcr of Cljile, .Nouli Da-
l.iiln, Hun liilcit'Mliiu hlory ol
Um king of Nun I'mtlxiin
League) Hpcuk tit (, inline
Hull April h.
.National publloulluiiM llLo too
"L'Ulllltry UtilllluilltUI, LllUt-ai;
Digest, ' etc., Iiutu riipnuliMii Uiu
tho romance of the .Nuii-t'uiiisun
Luuguu of .North Uakutu. tiui tliu
Hist tlmu that ureguu loUb tutu m.u
an uppuituuit) of uuuring luo tu,;
llrsi uuiiit wua wliu.i Attuur 1'osiur
related It ut it recent luucuuoii or tho
Purlluud Pi oss Club.
.Mr. j'ustur Ih u .North Daxotn
fuiiuer, luiiipuirfilly living m Oivtsun.
lie unit u trlend wuiu iltu omy u.o
(una ei h living lit Ins uuilro towusn.p
who refused to Join thu League, tie
tells ul tliu munner In tvhicu ui'iiiw
fell for me arguments and pioinlaoj
of solicitors, how thu League cuptur
ed the Itepubllcuu party and elected
stuto oftlceis, u legisluturo, and eveu
u Supreme Court, pledged to do tho
bidding of Its leuuers, He tells ot
the millions which went Into u chain
or tunnels" stoies and of the ustuo
lUhuienl of country uud clt news
papers controlled by the League -ut
Hie secret caucus which controlled
tlio legislature uud of thu legislation
that It pussed. Flnully he tells of the
state-owned utilities which were
louiidud uud the resulting iucreuse
01 taxation which wus the undoing of
the Socialistic plans of this farmers
Mr. Foster will speak ut Orange
Hall oil Thursday, April 8th, uud will
repeat the startling account of thu
Noii-Partlsau Leuguu which he told
to members of the Portluud Press
Club ut their recent meeting.
Horn, to Mr. und Mrs. E. L. Sud
doth, iit tho Holy Itosary hospital, on
Murch HO; a son. . ' '
nit. w. a. iiewi: hi:i.i.s his
Dr. W. O. Howe, who for more
than eight yearn linn practiced den
tistry In Ontario nud built up it large
prnctlco thin wcok Bold bin practice
mid n Inrgo portion of IiIh equipment
to Dr. C, M. Tyler, formorly of North
Powdor, hut for tho past threo weeks
at NysRn.
Dr. nnd Mm. Howo expect to leave
Ontario In a few days for Portlnnd
nnd Willamette Valley points, mid
Inter may visit CnllfMrnla. Tho
change Dr. Howo In making In dun to
n dcidro to nook a lower altitude for
tho benefit of Mrr.. Howe's health,
and In made with regret, ho said.
Dr. Tylor, who comes to Ontario,
via Nyssa, Just ns Dr. Howo did
eight years ago, In u graduate of the
North Pacific Dental college of Port-
hind In (ho clans of 1D1S. Ho prac
ticed his profession at North Powder
for two years and went to Nyssa
three weoks ugo, Dr. and Mm.
Tler nro hero In Ontnrlo now look
ing for a residence In which to mnko
their home.
Pnjeiio nnil Ontnrlo lo I'lghi for
Opening Houom Oiegon Tmwm
Win Tt) for 0H'tilug (luine
Council ProlcMn 1eiiguc
Munagor E. C. Prnpnt of tho On
tnrlo baseball team won tho toss with
Payette's mnnuger anil tho opening
game of Urn Idaho-Oregon league
will ho played In Ontario on April
18. At tho smuo meeting tho Vale
nud Huntington teams won their loss
with the Parma mid Welsnr teams
respectively , so tho opening games
wilt bo played In Oregon.
At Iho meeting Inst Sunday In Pay
otto thu mnniigern hud u stormy son
hIoii, duo to tho offortn of Council
nnd Cambridge to break Into the
league, Nyssa, loo, linked for u plum
hut when tho situation was explained
to them they withdraw their applica
tion. Council, represented hy a man
named Morrison, furnished most nt
Iho excitement for ha Ih kuld lo
have become abusive, to tho direct
ors, when they told him Urn basis
upon which tho decision was reuched
lo limit tho league to nix teams uud
to koep the towns listed u close to
gether us possible to reduce travel
ing expenses, Later tho Cambridge
roproHontntlvfl appeared and linked
for a place and wus told of the dlrec'
ors' policy, but the request wus en
tertained, and coupled with. that of
Council, put to it motion mid rejected
by u fiyo lo one vote. Welser wui
Iho only team voting for an eight
team leuguo.
Ontario 'IViim Forming
Manager Propst in busily engaged
lining up playern for IiIh team. He
has partially completed his Infield
with the exception of pitcher, mid
ban plenty of talent to chase files Ir.
the gurdens. Ah outlined nt present
Iho locals will hnvo Mace and Chap
man hohlnd Hie hat, IChle at firs',
Harry Chapman at second, Jae'.t
Hammond at short, Vlckery ut third
Eastley, Tout. Drlscoll nnd Husted In
tho field. This Is of course it tonlu
tlvo lino up and may change In muiiv
respects hofuro the opening pauio
which will ho played st the Fair
Huliaiicti Onlueil Thru Window In
Hear Men's Appaiel nnil Hull
Cases lo Value of -1"l
Tnkeii by ThlewN.
Some time Sunday night thieves
secured entrance to the (loldeu llule
store mid quietly helped llieuiselvt
to approximately S00 worth of
men's wearing oppurol, suit cases,
watches mid other valuables.
The men were not discriminating
for the In taking shoes they gathered
lit odd numbers, while In taking
'pi (phi i mrmmj i1 . -,
(Continued on paga iwelvo.)
Work Hlnrteil In OU.r Hortloim of
Omul)' AlrriuljVnlc n Tmo
HeulliK C,M i;(rr Wlyj 0ntnHl,
Slow In (JuiNp Po-lbllllle.
To promote tho cmnpalgn for com
bined educntlonnl work and thrift
tho results which follow Iho Intro.
tlucllon of Hoys' and OlrU' rh.i,
work, Mlsn Mnxlo Wilson, cnnniv
club lender, In holding meetings thin
weok In Nynsn. Oregon-Slopo ami
other districts of tho county.
At n meeting hold Monday night
at Urn Clly Hall Mlsn Wilson propon
ed tlm formal Ion of a girls' sowing
club and it girls' canning club for
Ontario; also for tho formation of a
calf and corn club for boys.
Only it fow of Uioho usked lo at
lond tho mooting hero woro prenent.
but tho subject will not bo dropped
and Ontario will bo entorod on tho
lint of communities Interested In pro
moting thu welfare of tlm children
and advancing tho thrift movement.
11. II. Cockrum of tho Flrnt Na
tional bank who wan present nt tho
mooting nsiured Mlis Wilson that
tho bank would co-opernlo lo pro
mote tho calf nnd corn club, and
assist the buys enrolled In financing
tho purchnso ot pure bred stock nnd
lo secure pure seed for rorn.
What Onturlo needs to get lln
work under way In tlm Interest of
some of the parents who will advise
with tlm hoys mid girls during thu
summer and keep thu Interest nfoun
cd. Mlsn Wilson will be In Ontario
again Friday of this weok at tho Clly
Hall to discuss thin matter with any
who nro Interested In getting this
work under way.
Vale Ho)n mnl filrls Huy
Two sowing clubs ut Vuln have
been organized und have begun their
work. Mrs. L. P. Lumpen Is loader
for the Eighth (lrado Sewing Club
girls who will romplelo Divisions 1
and 2 of the Sowing Course thlt
year. Miss Jean Conklln, leader ot
tho Seventh Orudo Sewing Club, re-
(Cnullniiod on Last Pugu.)
Complexion of UtlhliiCkN DIM i let In
t'uileigii Decided Climige Dm lug
Nnxl Two Weeks HI ore
KnniiiM Filling Up.
May 1 may ha officially recognized
oh "Moving Day" In most places, but
the month of April will nee u general
transfer of locution on the part of u
number of Onturlo business firms.
Tho lultlul move In tho progrum
wan that made thin wook by W, L.
Turner, who transferred his music
store ami Insurance office from the
Mnoro building where it bus been
located for tho past two years, lo mi-
other of Mr. Moore's buildings, that
which was occupied by the Indepen
dent markot until two months ugo,
Thin building has been entirely reno
vated uud Mr. Turner in getting bel
lied In his new location already.
Following this conies thu Onturlo
Modern Pressury which Ih to leuve
lln present locution und seek IIh new
homo In the building formerly occu
pied by Iho Allen Shoe company.
With the removal of the Pressary
room will bo mado for the location
of the Wayt Implement company,
which ban already occupied (he back
end of (ho building which was orig
inally constructed for a garage.
The Wilson buildings on Oregon
street between Second und Third
avenues uro being mado ready for
tho occupancy of tho McDowell store
which takCH three of them.