The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 11, 1920, SPECIAL EDITION COMMUNITY BUILDERS' SERIES NO. 4, Image 1

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NO. 1").
nnnur nroTl,,XN(,:,; Mf m(,,l Hmom,
rliUiL Dl ol ' ,,:A('l,i:it '" lx '
Hiiccthh or Men Here AHiihIn Ho-
latins Past Week FiiriiMioi
IMilonoo of DrnuliiK Power
of Hlirressriil-UiiiHhei'.
Tlmt tho best advertising that any
country cnn Imvo Is mittHJloil rtincliorn
In proven every tiny In till unction
when roIutlveB nnd frlemlH of mon
already lioro nro coming to muko
their homo In thin Miction Tho
best pnrt of tills story Ih tlio fact that
Ilia mon coming Imvo been successful
In their former HltuntluiiH yet nro at
tracted hero, hy tho success achieved
hy their relatives unit frlcniU.
Not all of rna reported herowlth
Imvo muilo tliolr donln thin week, hut
many of thorn Imvo como thin week
mid uro nt' work on tliolr plncon,
howovor thoy provo thu truth of thn
opening declaratien:
George Iloss Iiixh purchnsod tho A.
H. Ilrown sixty, snuthwost of the
elty for 120,000, to that ho hi n
nulRliliur of his hrothor, Seymour
Hohh who live a mile or so Miuth of
Frunk J. McCarthy, recently arriv
ed froii Nobrnnku nnd Iioh started
work on tho 8. I). Dormnn ranch
which ho purchased h tho result of
Hiiccom whleh IiIm hrothor Harry Mc
Carthy attained In that sumo neigh
borhood. Another of tho McCarthy
hrotherH U oxpectod hero noon to op
ratn a forty ucro ploco of land pur
idmsod recently In Hint samo region.
Aboriletni J'ollrn Force lli'io .
Then wo Imvo tho pronounced In
Htnnco of tho drawing powor of sat
Ufled rnncliorii In tho migration of
tho Ahordeon Washington police
forco to .Mainour county, duo to tho
Influouco'ot (lllbort W. Dean.
Mr. Dean's hrothor George Dean,
chlo'f of tho Aberdeen pollco enmo to
Ontario last Hununor nftor lonrnlng
from IiIh hrothor Just how much sup
erior thin Hectlou In to (IruyH Ilnrhor.
Ilo enmo, ho saw, and ho determined
to locate. Ho Ih horo now and n
part owner of 0G ncros southeast or
town whleh ho and his brother ox
poet to develop at onco, Chief of
Police Dean's enthusiasm wiih com
inunlcntod to I h. Qrout, n membor
of his Aberdeen hluo coats, and Mrs,
Orout Ih hero with him Interested In
that.Hnmo 3C acres. Mr. (Jrout coiild
not Imvo his futility scattered so ho
brought his son-in-law, B. U. Siuldoth
along with hlrlt, and thoy nro all
horo. Thus a. W. Dean cnn b
credited with adding threo families
to Malheur county' population.
HmiH Oft who Hvoh lu tho Valley
Vlow district has ono to his credit
nnd oxpects to add two moro. A
frlonds of his from Omaha, Harry
Carman hns purchased tho Arthur
much south of Nyssa; ond according
to roctnt advises, Mr. Oft's slstor-ln-law,
Mrs, Chris Feddo. of South nftor Hpondlne winter
month horo ran Into a blizzard last
week on hor way home nnd Is de
termined to sell out her nuich thero
nnd como to Malheur county. His
fatlier-ln-law, Samuel Feo who woh
horo at tho same tlmo Is of a llko
There may be other ranchers of
whom tho Argus has not hoard who
Imvo brot rolntlvos to this sectlo'n, If
no tell us about them.
Heeding tho constant requests of
tho people of tho Interior for Ini
.provomonts In tho train service on
tho brunch a request that went
heedless while tho ronds wore In gov
ernmental control the Crane lino
trains will wait In Ontario until the
arrival of No. 4 when that train Is
on tlmo. This Improvement was an
nounced this week by It. It. Illcbard
son, pussenger ngent.
Itov. George n. Van Waters,
Episcopal missionary for this, dis
trict? will hold services qt tho
Masonic hall Sunday evening at 7:30,
to which tho public Is Invited.
In n brief message from fhn army
offlclnlH nt Fort Still, Oklnhonw.
MIhh HorhIo Turner, a memhei' of the
local high Hchool fncully, wiih noil
Moil of tho death of Limit. Fred II.
Utley, to whom hIio wiih rnxnsod In
ho marrlod thin Hiitnmor, following
tho close of Hchnot horn.
No detnllH have been received of
the accident by which tho youiur
avlnlor mot IiIh da-lb. Tho message
merely slated tlmt ho wiih liiHtnntly
killed and thoroforo It Ih helloved
tlmt ho wiih tho victim of nil nlrplnun
MNn Mimlo WIImiii of Will lit Wnlln,
Washington, Itocomiiicmlod by
II. (.'. Kt' iiiimii. Stall ('lull
lender, Keloetoil.
outlining tho plans for the yenr her
work will consist of co-oporntlon
with tho Iluronu, Hiipplomoiitlug Itit
work, orgnnlxlng tho boy and girl
proJectH, assisting tho women of tho
county In canning campaigns or
other linos of work Hint mny bo
Tho board determined that Its of
ficers bo known an Farm Iluronu of
flcors; that tho county a'gent nccuro
all tho lllornturo nvallubln on tho
different projects adopted by tho
Iluronu. A motion prevailed to ask
tho Ditch cninpvilQii.oLilui-roiiut In
offer n bounty of 2li renlH per
gophor. '
MIhh Mnzlo Wilson, of Wnlln
Walla, Wash., wiih elected to the
position of club londor for the
Junlon Farm lluVeau nt a mooting of
tho executive commltteo of tho
County Farm Iluronu bold hero
Wednesday nfternoon.
MIsh WIIhoii wiih recommonded to
tho board by 11. C. Seymour. Stnto
Lfilub loader, who attended tho con-
feronro. MIsh Wilson Ih n gradimto
of a Mlddlo Wotitern rnllogo mid Iiiih
had tbroo yoiirn' oxperlenco lu this
work. Sho will arrive here on March
22, prepared to begin tho work nt
MIhh Wilson Is to work In connec
tion with tho County Superintendent
of hcIiooIh nnd tho Farm Iluronu. j
Under a memorandum of agreement
Tweuty-flvo ..Members on .Cliaiter
Hull Mrs. Ida lliiinlilon or
. I'liiiltinil Institute .
Uxlgo Tonight.
.With a charter roll of 2k members
a lodge of Itoynl Neighbors will bo
Instituted In Ontario tonight. Tho
ceromouloH of litltlntlon of tho now
members will bo directed by Stato
Superintendent of the order. Mrs.
Ida Hamblen of Portland, aMilsteil
by Mrs. Plioebo Williams of Daker,
district superintendent.
Tho local lodgo, which Is tho wo
men's nuxllllary of tho Modorn
Woodmen, has sovoral members who
bolongcd prior to coming to Ontario
and around this nucloup tho now or
ganization has been built. '
Following the Initiatory cere
monies tho lodgo members and tho
Woodmen or tho city will enjoy a
banquet and discuss the merits or
their woodcratt fellowship.
Tomorrow moro than 20 Ontarlans
will bo In Nampa to attend tho ses
sions at the United Presbyterian
presbytery which will be lu session
for the week en.i5.Tho Ontario church
expects to have a delegation equal
to that or any of the churches In this
Mr. nnd Mrs, -13. A. Fraser motor
ed to Dolse last Friday rpturnlng on
Hi'. All XnilersiMi to Take Depart
ment or Internal Medicine ami
V-ltny In Firm or Veei
Fnilnui' .V Andi-ison.
Dr. Allen Anderson, formerly n
membor or the Muff of surgeons nt
Fort Itlloy, Kiiiihiih, and St. Kllzn
lioth'M nt Washington, I), C, Iiiih bo
coiiiii ussoclntcd an a member of tho
medical firm of Woom Former &
Amlomon. Ill thin orgnulzntlon ho
will speclnllzo In Internal modlclno,
nnd X-ray, for which work ho Iiiih
hIiico IiIh itlschnrgn from the service,
taken ponI graduato Mtuily at llnr
vnril UnlvorHlty.
Dr. AndoiMon Ih not it stranger to
tli lu region, for ho Ih a hoii of Mr.
and Mr. John AndorHon of Fruit
land. Dr. Antiunion graduated from
tho Payette Illicit School In tho claw
of 1011, thou iittonded tho University
of Idaho for two yours, taking tho
pro-modlc course. Following thin he
wont to tho University of Minnesota
Medical sclinnl for four yonrs, grnd
tiutlng lu tho clnsH of 1917. From
thrfto ho wont to Duluth, Minn., for
n yenr of hospltnl Internship, after
which ho located at Darmum, Minn.,
whom ho practiced medicine until he
entered tho army service.
Iao McCoy nnd (. ('. I)c I 'him to l
tor lliikluexx 'rogollior In WII
liimetto Valley Clt Will
Handle Ileal ISlnlo.
C. C. Derreos who ror years has
been mi uwlittniit ooHhler nt tho On
lurid National bunk has resigned IiIh
portion nnd will leave Ontario noon
for Illllsboro, Oregon whore ho will
bo aiwoclulod with l.oo McCoy of this
city In ti real ostuto mid liiHitrnuce
II rm.
Mr. DcfrooH ban sold his homo on
tho Fnstsldn mid Ih winding up his
affairs horo preparatory for leaving
for his new homo.
Mr. Delrcos will bo miccoeded In
the bunk by W. F. Kscue, who ror
somo tlmo past hns boon a tologrnph
or nt tho local stntlon, mid ror n
tlmo wns ticket clerk nn well.
Continuing ItH sciod against tho County Court, and Iho County
Judgo, Tho Vnlo Rnlorprlso liiHt woek entirely evaded thn direct
clmllenpo of tho ArgUB to produco evidence to Hubstantlnto lt charg
es that funds of ostutftH aro belir held up. Tho rounon for thin
that thero Is no pvldnnco to produco, nnd tho Vnlo sheet know It.
It produced no evidence to substantiate Its chargoH that tli fiimlH
or sohool dlstrlctH nro with held by tho Court. Why thin silence
alter so grave a charge? Why hocnuho the chargo wuh Tulso.
Itut tho Vulo sheet did have flinch to relate about routluo methodH
omployeil In county affairs, nil by Innuendo to bolster up tho wenk-
noss of Its previous stntoment, thru confualng tho minds ot Its
reader. It asked why no statement had been made to It concern
ing Judgo Test's demand ror a Grand Jury as If It, and not tho
Grand Jury wero tho placo where statements. should bo inailo.
Tho Kntorprlso, caught In Its attempt to deprive Dead Ox Flat and
Jordan Valloy or the roads they wunted attempted to confimo Its
roaders by declaring that tho Head Districts woro SKCIIKTIY com-
blnod. What does the Vale paper moan by socretly combined?
Was not this OI'K.N'M' recommended to tho Court by tho Mulhour
Development Leaguo? Tho Hntoiprlso knows It wus.
Or course the County Court might Imvo railed in thn Kntorprlso
man and asked his permission to
mont League recommended then
tho Enterprise knows more about running tho county than such mero
men as those who romposo tho County Court and the MemberH of
tho Malheur Development League
Uut In Its sad strait or trying to And something to bolster up its
puerile attompt to dumago tho County Court that would not glvu It
all the printing and bow to Its superior wisdom, tho Knterprlso tie-
scends to twaddle about the roiul district!). It Is rooting no one, en-
peclally those who havo been following developments In the road
program, which to the mind of the Enterprise It; "fought for single-
banded for two years!" how tho Kntorprlso does hate Itseir.
Clint'iiN l.lllh or Hums to Context
llepiilillomi N'omliiiitlnti for Sou-
titor With .luil'ii tlm ley (hil-
IiikIh'i' Wii Ih Itc'i-lctiliiii.
Tho only contest for n unmlnullou
nt the coming prlmnrlcH lu Mny so
far developed Ih that for tho State
ScnntorHhlp for this dlHtrlct, com
prising Mnlheur, Harney and Ornnt
Attomoy ChurlcH KJIU of IluriiH
tins entered .tho race nguliiHt Senator
Julleii A. Hurley mid promises to
mako that fight n momornhto one
Mr. FIIIh Ih well known In tho In
terior nnd his frlenilH nro counting
upon him to mnko tho raco Interest
ing. Onlliigber I'llng lint
I. J. anllngher, author or the
Htato guarantee or Irrigation bonds
luturcst, has flung Ills hat Into tho
ring lu IiIh decision to seok ro-clec-tlon
to tho IIoiiko. So far ho has no
Hurry Sacked of Vnlo Is tho only
cmidldato out for thn offlco of coun
ty clerk, whllu Noo Is tho only
eamlldato talked of for sheriff. No
ono Iiiih iih yet mnulfoMod u doHlro to
bo county superintendent of scIiooIh,
nt lonst no ono Iiiih filed, and novonil
of the other offlccn, apparently, nro
going to go begging.
W. .Mt'Mnueiunii Como From Iji
Toiiolio, Alaska, to llandli llul-
Hess or lllg IjiiiiI Oimioim
lu County.
W. McManoman of l.nTouclio.
AlnHka, nrrlved In Ontario on Mon
dny to ncccpt tho position of local
agent for tho Kastoru Orogon Laud
coiipnuy with heudqiiartors lu On
tario. Mr. MoMunomnn takes tho
position from which Ivan K. Oaken
resigned to go to the Owyhco Ditch
company In January.
Under tho now organization, Mr
MoMuuoman will Imvo chnrgo of
both tho Ontario and Nyssa agencies,
while II. J. I.oroiitzon will continue
to Imvo general charge of the com
pauy'H business ns field superlnteu
dent, In chnrgo of till properties from
Thn Dnlley to Nyssa.
do what the Malheur Duvolop-
It would have been alright for
TO hold .mi:i:tin(.smoi.ti,
At tho regular meeting or the
lloulovnrd Orange held Inst Friday
evening It wns determined Hint on
tho third Frldny of orfcli mouth the
Ornngo meeting will ho open to nil
so that tho membcrfl ot tho Fnrm
Iluronu who nro not arnngorH mny
meet with tho grntigo nnd Hint gen
eral topics of IntoroHt to nil fnrmorH
may bo discussed. At theso meet
ings It Is plnnned to Imvo tho County
Farm Agent and tho County club
leader In charge ol tho Jnlor Farm
Iluronu present to present vlows on
timely loplcs of general Interest.
I'lnli' Treasurer Aciued by Portland
Telegram of Pnjlut; llonil Mini
Hilt Pi ho lor Kcoiu(lle
Probe to Ho Mmlo.
Ontario linn been tho recipient of
n quantity of free publlilty dm to
tho charge that tho Portland Tele
gram ban made nguliiHt Strci TniiH
uror lloff, tlmt ho Ih giving MorrU
h Company, Portland bond bniikoiH,
undiio preferences nnd fnncy prices
for Investment senurltloH to l,u used
lis trust funds for tho stnlo accident
According to tho Portland paper
thn Stnto Treasurer bought tho local
bonds at n nice premium which net
ted tho bond bunkers excessive
profits, mid Impliedly miggosts tlmt
If thn stnto official Ih In search of
HorurltleH of this kind ho should bo
nu orlglnnl bidder nt tho huIoh or
hiicIi bomlH and not wait to buy from
n middle ninn.
Ah tho result of tho Telegram's
charges, Treasurer lloff hns request
ed Governor Olrntt to IntoMlgnto the
charges and tho Governor Iiiih dune
so. Therefore Ontario Ih duo lo moro
froo advertising, and It Ih shown that
tho hpndH of this city are of such n
churactor ns to ho most doslrnhlo for
trust funds. It Is apparent, how
ovor, that had tho State Tronsurer
been represented nt tho city's bond
snlo n better price for the securltlon
would havo boon secured.
I'ort nor Herd Kohl nt Prices ltnn;:liig
From .l Down, Total nt lor-
soy Hold Soil rm- IjtJI.IlOO Hoi-
stelus Hell For I7H!..1.
With prices ranging from JliOO to
IKTi, tho registered Jerseys or Hie
herd belonging to Dr. It. S. Portlier
sold rapidly at tho snlo held 'Mon
day. The total for tho hard wus
13900, and many of thn cows com
manded prices of $200 unit over. Tho
few grade cows offered did not se
cure prlcott npprouohlng that of the
registered stock nnd munlfiHitiid Iho
determination of the buyers to havo
none but tho host.
Tho sulo which was tho largest of
forlng of reglstqred animals of the
dairy type evnr offered here by ono
owner, was declared most successful.
Dr. Fortnor declared that whllu ho
was loath to part with the herd tho
fact that men to handle suoh stock
could not bo found hero, howovor,
ho wus gratified tlmr- tho stock wns
piirohuscd hy local men who urn In
terested lu Improving tho dairy
herds of this section.
Tho Holsteln stock offered by F.
A. Hadcllff nt tho same sale brought
un iiveragu of ?X2.fi0 for tho 21
Uov. F. W. Cochrane, and Itov. W.
J. I.iiKcoinlio who nttuudod the In-
torchurch World Movement confer
ence at Portland last woek returned
Sut unlay evening In time for their
Sunday service
Mr. and Mrs. Dau Murphy of
Ileulah wero Ontario vltdtom tills
Itltorloi'H nt Monthly Moot Inn I'liioe
Miiliiloiiiinoo Chni'Ki for Veiir nt
SJ2.HH Will AIo Itolho
Home Debt.
Tho wntor rnto for ranchers under
tho Owyhco Ditch for tho 1020 son
sou will ho $2.80, or n reduction of
70 emits compnreil with Hint or 1011)
when $3. GO wns paid.
This Hum wiih fixed nt tho roguhir
meeting or tho hoard or director
Inst Saturday, held In tho office of
the company here, and Ih In Itself u
direct niiswer to tho minora tlmt
havo floated about, especially mining
tho land owners on tho upper end of
tho ditch. Theso rumors deoliirod
Hint the rtiHt this yenr would bo $G,0tl
Instond of $
Thn board determined on tho re
duction following n Htntumont made
to It by T. W. Ctagott, n land ow'nor,
who snld Hint nftor iIIscumIiik thn
mntlor with n number of tho stock
holders, It wiih his opinion that thoy
would rather retlro Iohh doht nnd re
duce tho pnymont this yenr to the
uncortnlntlon ot gcuornl huslnosH con
President C. It. Hudson nnd direct
ors J. F. Weaver, A. Gramsu, W. S,
Itees, John liny nnd Dick Tenseu,
voiced similar vlows and when Judgo
G 1. King, secrotnry of Iho board
presented n statement that $2.80
cents would not only meet nil tix
ponscH hut would retlro approximate
ly $7, ti00 of the company's delitH Hint
flgtiro wns n greed upon.
Tho directors debated for somii
time on tho plan of the Ontario
N'vswi Irrigation company for u divi
sion between tho two compmiliM of
Iho coMt of help mid supervision nt
their respective pumping plants,
which nro located by tho wimn forco,
but no (Infinite ngrooment wim reuuh
ed. A tentative proposal was made
by Director Tenson that tho nfim
nmoiint of water puiupod by both
companies be determined mid Iho
cost divided piopoitlonalnly mi thu
voliimo used. This wiih referred to
tho Ontarlii-N)HA company illrftetcni
ror their couslderatlou.
General manager. I. K. Oaliiw of
the company reported the work In
piogrosH for a wastnway on tho upper
ond of thn canal nonr Mitchell butto
mid told of tho work being doiio to
get the (nunlH nnd laterals Into con
dition for the Irrigating season.
.1. W. Klklus I 'alls lulu .Vol Spioml
l l'. K. .Murshnl Miit-slml II,
('. I'niini'i' MnkoH Aiii'st
Mini TnUeu to Poitlnuil,
J, W. HlkliiH of HoiuostiHiil, down
on tho rive below Huntington uturl
ed for Portland last Friday ovouIuh
uccompmihid hy Deputy United Ktuttw
Mnrslml F. II. Tlcheiior, who enmo to
Onturlo ror the purpose or accomp
anying Klklus to tlm metropolis
where ho Is wanted to answer lo u
charge of operating u big distilling
plant, contrary to the provisions of
tho 18th umendmout mid the Vol
stead law.
Klklns wan capturod In the Moore
Hotel by Marshall II. C Farmer, who
had been notlflod by the United
StatoH Marshall's office to watnh for
him, after It was learned that Hlkln'a
wife wiih ut work lu one of the la
taurants hero.
Klklns la said to have operated one
or the largest stills located by tho of
ficials since tho now law went Into ef
fect. When it was raided Home
tlmo ago by Ilukor county offlulals
n(nd U. S. Itovenuo men, Klklns made
IiIh escape and had eluded purgult
until he eiimu to pay his wlfo a visit.
J. G. Singles Is very 111 at tho home
of JiIh son, V. II. Staples. During
tho past .ffifi days hn Iiiih bijen lm
Orogon. i .