The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 19, 1920, Page 4, Image 4

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i n iinmi
I'ltUlTJ.ANI), Idaho, Koli, 18.
Jomq Davis Inst woo): sold to Wlll
Ihiii Fletcher of Payette his forty
tttiron lit Frultlann, adjoining the.
towiislto, for $10,000. Mr. Davis lins
lioiiKlit tlio rosldonco jiroporty of I.
US. Johnson, paying for minio 2i!00.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoiiirii hnd
as Kuosts Sunday Allen SIckhII hik!
futnlly, MIm Maudo Stogall and tlio
Mlmm Until and Ilttby Stuve, ult of
Now Plymouth.
Tlio Christian Hndoavor. Hooloty of
tlio M. K. Cliurah will hold n Inisl
ntm iiunitliii; and snolal at tlio It. O,
Wilson home In Payette on Saturday
voiiIiik of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Davis nrn tho
pn roii Is of a little daiiKhter, horn
Sunday mornliiK, Kohruary tilth.
WnlKht nine and a half pounds.
Mr. anil Mrs (leorxe I looker li-axe
mxl Tuc-Hilay for PuhkImhi. 'allf ,
where thoy oxpect to muko tholr
homo, koIur from horo via Portland
and San FrnnclHco.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar McWllllams
and family, who have been llvlnt;
hero, will loavo Monday for WcIbt,
where they oxpoct to rosldo.
('. K, Door and sou, Ralph, are
down from Ironsides visiting rola
tlves. Thoy bruuKht sovoral hood of
muhis to nail.
(. M, l.ackoy has roturnod from
his trip. oust. While away ho was III
most of tho time.
H. I). Surnunt has roturnod home
from n trip oast with apples. Wlillo
away ho was 111 In a Dos Mohan hos
pital. Mrs. fllrnm Wriwit, who formerly
llvod In this vicinity, passed awnv at
hor homo botwoon Payolto and Wei
sor on Monday of this wook.
Ilev. Mct'oiird will conduct snrv us usual lu tho M. K. uhurch.
Miss Irene Thode loft Sunday
morning for ('hliao whore she ex-
i poets to attond Hchool and visit an
Mrs. W. A. Colwoll loft Sunday f,or
Seattlo to visit with hor daughter,
Mrs. O. W. Stout.
MrB. Keo Finer of N'ampa was tho
guost of Mrs. Tom Drown last wook.
Mrs. K. A. Llnck nnd Miss Flor
onco Andorson wore visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Kingsbury In Wolsor on Tuos
day. , .
Mrs. Lou Ethcrton and children
luivo goho to Illinois whore tho
Kthortons will inuko tholr home.
Mr. and Mrs. John I.echty have
moved to LaUrando, to make their
futuro homo.
Mr. and Mrs. I!d N'oal wore In Wol
sor Sunday.
Miss Avis Thobo wont to Uolno
Saturday to rare for hor sister's fam
ily, who are III.
Mrs. I' r I Hobbs, noo Miss Kdim
Harris, Is 111 with Influenza at her
homo In Cornelian, Oregon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Dachtlor are
oMpoeU'd this week from N'orth Da
kota to make tholr bourn lu Fruit
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Uarnnrd wore
In Now Plymouth last week.
LIttIo Juanlta Drlnor. whose !if
was despaired of, Is lmwrol'ii
Daniel Orlnor arrived Thurul.r
from Danvlllo, Illinois, called '
by the death of hjs son, C'lntviic
Itov. Ilurgman of Payette preach
od Sunday morning at tho M V.
church In tho absence of ltov Mi
Tho ohurchos have resumed r,r
Icos and the Frultland schools open
od Monday after closing for tuo
weeks because of Influenza.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hollenhivl.
and son. Chnrlos Hobort. and MIsh
Ilernlce Mctloo wore entortniiied
Sunday at tho Charles Rich homo.
M,r. and Mrs. II. It. Iloomor and
daughters and Miss Martha WINou
wore guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. O.
eardncr Sunday.
7HMaOll-IJg:a!Mga waM '
Something Special Every Satur
day at Our Store
For Saturday, February 21
Grocery Department
Sugar, 8 pounds ($1.00 to each customer)
High Patent Flour per sack - - -
High Patent Flour per bbl. (four sacks) - -2
cans Corn - - - - '- ..
2 cans solid pack Tomatoes - - -:
Red Mexican Beans per pound - ;. - f -Good
Bulk Coffee per pound ' -Oranges
per dozen -----
Meat Specials
- 40c
Shoulder Steak per pound
Pot Roast per pound
Beef Boil per pound -Veal
Pot Roast
Veal Stew - - .
Hamburger Steak
Pork Sausage
Pork Steak
Minced Ham
18c to 20c
121c to 15c
20c to 22c
121c to 15c
' 20c
Free Delivery Open Evenings until 6 p. m.
Open Saturdays until 9 p. m.
Some Specials worth while every Saturday at our store
Independent Market
Phone 6 Ontario, Oregon
Opportunity, prosperity, was never more rampant
in this country, than it is today.
Unless you are producing 'n'ftiu'
ihead" to a greater decree than ever be
fore you are I'nlliinr behind t lit trend of the
If the services and assistance of a willing'
and accommodating Hank will help oii at
this time we are at votir command.
jtlffil&SSGffS Why
Mm AiioiudMui? 4
u TYi sTTTnuTtrr sm -mw rir
-t nya ?r.MJnm sAmw &?r
n'.L SHf'
Guarantee &'
Stop Loss of Irrigation Water
Use American Quality Wood Pipe
If Irrigation water Ih wanted, l.urned-up rom will ronult when the
hot, dr weather urn In. Much of the minimi wattle of water Is
due to evaporation ami seepage from open illtclicm ami fluincw.
When wood plpo Ik mod. watu U redueod to the inluliuum hoouuao
the fuow of wator .through the plpu prevontu ovnporatlon and
Heepiice U almoin Impowlhto. Plpo ilotw not taho up an much apace
ns illtchoH and flume and mora Uud en ho devoted to cultivation.
Wood pipe Ik lew expensive nnd more dumlilo than Iron pipe. It
does not runt, the Interior urfHOo will not huoomu ruiiKli with uuo
nnd It offerM lew rmlKtauoe to the flow of water.
Our American Quality wood pipe Ik Idewl for IrrlKntloti purposi's.
It la made of hot israde Waahliyjlon yellow fir. Iiiik IiIkIi tonllo
KtreiiKth and houauno tho wood It hard It prevent comproHHlou or
the Kteel IiiiiiiIh Into the KtAve.
Ask the mnnuKer of any UoUe Payette yard ahout Amorlcnn iiimllty
wood pipe llo wUI ho uliul to kIvo you full Information uud will
nuire you prompt norvlco.
AL CHANCE. Mnnagor. Ontario Yard
Bo!se-Payette Lumber Go.
HTypw 'UlMyUmi
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jfrom, 5bu Investments
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The Idaho Power Co.
.'. m