The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 19, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
.t ..,:
Nyal Remedies
m n
IVoni $1 to !jWt Added (o Production
Kxpenie f Kvory IO( Pounds
by Parasites.
Oregon Agricultural Collogo, Cor-
vnlllH, Feb. 18. The cost of reading
llco on pigs runs from $1 to $2.94
ror every 100 pounds or pork pro
duced maybo more.
Not Hint anybody wnnts to rood
llco. Ob, no. I)ut hIiico llco often go
In company or uh company wltb bogs
tboy bavo to bo fed unless gat lid of.
i Tbo llco feed costs on a lot or
IlcrksblroB rod by Urn O. A. C mil
mal busbandry department wero a
dollar ror oncli 100 poundB or pork
produced.' On cross-bred nulmnls or
turgor typo tbo added llco cost was
J1.G0. On n mixed lot or Durocs.
Poland Cblnas and Hampsblres It
was $2.84. And tbeso bogs In all tbo
tests aro said to bavo inado a botter
Hbowlng than tbey would bavo under
average rami conditions.
Tbo lousy pigs wero unonsy and
restless and spent most or tbolr time
when not eating In scratching tbolr
backs and running around. Tim llco
freo animals wero contented and
Moro protein wnR required by tbo
lottso InfOHted nnlmnls, and tills Is n
very oxponslvo rood. Its Incronsod
use Is said to bavo Indicated Hint tbo
llco sucked blood to tbo extent (lint I
tbo plgH craved additional protein to'
mnko good tbo loss.
Llco control would bavo been
hi:i:i cou.v okk.minatio.v
Tests Indicate Short Stands anil l.nv
, Yield Unless Stock Is Cnio
fully Tested.
Oregon Agricultural Collogo. Cor
vnllls, Fob. 18. aormlnatlou or a
small lot or seed corn was out down
one-bnir by tbo lato cold snnp, as
shown by accurate- tests by tbo O. A.
C. rami crops department. This lot
wns selected by studontu, and nrtor
banging In tbo open a short time
gavo a germination test or 85 per
cent. Artor tbo sovoro cold spoil tbo
samn cor ntested but 3G por cout,
with much or that weak and unfit for
"It Is clearly shown that corn not
tboroly drlod out Is killed by frooz
ing, nnd ovory rarmor will rind It
proMtnhlo to mnko germination tests
of bis seed corn boforo planting this
spring," said John It. Novlus, In
structor In rami crops.
Tho "rag doll" tester Is recom
monded ns tho most satlsractory ror
farm practice. It Is mado as follews:
Tako n strip or canton riannol 10
Inchon wide nnd throo to rour reot
long. Draw heavy poncll marks
ucross rieccy sldo threo Inches apart,
tbo rirst rour Inchos from ono ond.
Draw another lino along the contor
lengthwise Number tho spacoB, tho
first two being 1 and 2.
Number tho ears to bo tested with
tho samo numbors tbo spacos have.
Tako C to 10 kernels rrom each ear
and placo In spaces or samo number
nB ear.
Uogla at shorter end and roll cloth
r i.. HWWB55SiW4vaBnir'' fcdlnnnniBLakinUni. ?
RL&KBanHnV' nt Sri nVIH Hfl M jE5$3f "Mel bIAmbmbb J v 'BBaJ w flfl K BnE2Bnn
nnnnnnnaHHBnsfifllffiirTHBH Hnl HnjnviV ! MnvtfBsnntT V.eHflififeVWIielw.wAiaiBienHittvr
annnnHnaban SlfHH BJnMaaiSilBS,LLA. HMniH ' mT vwrjxfinHijjjjjje
around a small stick, securing In
center wltb string or rubber band.
Soak ror 5 to 10 minutes In luke
warm water and put in living room
temperature. Examine in six days
and discard all ears showing low
Kvperlcneo of l Spiaguc Ailimi at
II fvt St. Anthony Institution Itc- .
counted by Holxo Paper N
Making Hood In KnM
ern Idaho
That Spraguo Adam, son or Mr.
and Mrs. L. Adam or this oity, who
Is manager or tho Tromont Auto
company or St. Anthony, Is Intro
ducing novel methods In the nutn
and tractor gamo Is Indicated In thn
following story that appeared In the
Sunday auto soctlon or the Knlse
Capital Nows, or which A. F. Kiddle.
formerly or Ontario, Is the auto
editor. The Capital Nowsiseys:
"F. S. Adam, mnnngor or tho Fre
mont Auto company or St. Anthony,
was In Ilolso tho rirst or the week,
Mr. Adam has u splondld big stouni-
hoHtod plant and kept It busy all
winter In splto or a spell or woollier
whor tho morcury wont down to 84
degress bolow zero and stayed at 28
bolow for over two woolen. It whs his
rirst winter In tho eastern part or the
state and ho hud planned to rediiee
tho force to ono man In tho repair
shop and hlmsoir, nut business wu
ho brisk that It kept four mechanic
nnd tho bookkeeper hustling six
mcchnnloH pitrt or the time.
Tho Fromont eompnnv Is distrib
utor ror Ford ears and Fordson
tractors. Mr. Adam says the Tanners
In his torrltory are displaying a far
sightedness rognrdlng power ftmn
Ing that will result In the moving or
n great ninny tractors md power Im
plements In tho noxt row year nnd
cnusoiiuently In a grat agricultural
dovolopmont. Since tho country has
been wlntor-lockod ho has placed
eight Fordsons anil ho oxpocted do
llvory or 10 moro this wook.
This activity In tho trnotor lino on
abled Mr. Adam to bo or no llttlo
sorvlco to tho city nnd county gov
ernment, too. Just for the run or It
bo hooked a tractor to a rosd grudrr
nnd cleared a row inllo or streou
nun CllUlllr Willi. Ill) nun ill ni"
tank corps during tho war and pined
ror soiuo kind or action similar to
bucking mud and tronchos. Ah an
outcome or tho run tho deulor
drlvor round hlflisoir obliged to de
liver throo tractors to the county Tor
road work.
"Salo oT gnrdon loft-overs this
spring cabbngo, knlo nnd mustard
greens, turnips, pnrsnlps, etc. msv
orton quickly bo mado by n little
want nd' In tbo Argus." say tbo O:
A. C Prosfl Bulletins. "This wnould
glvo your neighbor soniethlnn
mighty good ror hint, cut nt tho high
coBt or living, nnd supply tbo kiddle
with n protty penny."
S. C. WHITR LEQHOKN brooding
eockorels ror snjo, $5.00 onch
A n. Cain, 2 mlloa wont or Ontario.
New Yolk Papers Hall (Join? Tnnney
iim Second .luck Hemp-ey Young
ster Fought Willi A. i:. I'., Tho
Oono Tunnoy, formerly of the A.
E. F.. :i young Cnniidlnn scrapper, Is
touted ns tho coming Jack Dompsoy.
Young Mr. Tunnoy of pugilistic
famo Is a cousin or II. II. Tunnoy or
Ontario, who was himself no nmnteiir
as a mltt-sllnger In his yjiungor dnys
Sunday pnpors or Fobrunry 14,
under a New York date lino, had the
following to say or done Tunney:
Is (lone Tunnoy destined to nil
Jack empsoy's Hhoos7 At the New
nrk Sportsman's club recently he
performed In brilliant fashion in
knocking nut Al Koberts, the husky
fireman, or course Koberts Is any
thing but n rirst-clnss fighter, but,
nevertheless, ho Is game, has a hard
punch and has wonderful capacity
for taking It.
The man who tucks him nwny lia
to do some hard and henvy hitting.
All Hint Tunnoy did nnd bo boxed
with mors tlisn usual common sense
In polishing off Koberts be started
like n whirlwind, punched Koberts
down nnd iIIkrv and then, when Mo
realized that ho was burning up too
much onergy ho fell back to root
work, rotating and other means of
conserving his strength, for bis re
markable finish In the seventh and
eighth rounds.
If over n man 'timed himself to n
nicety Tunnoy did In this fight and
bocnuso of bis youth and Inexepri
onco It stamped him ns a henvy
weight of uuiisuhI ability.
Tunnoy will bo well schooled. With
Hilly Koche and Jack Donning back
or him, Imd matchmaking will be n
thing unknown to Tunnev. A Hue
loklng chap with plenty or weight
ror tho prosont, lie should be a rent
kingpin. Right now (hero Isn't a
liowcomer on tho horizon who stands
iinywhoro near him. And, best or
all, Tunnoy Is n product or army (Mix
NOTICE U heie!, Ivon or the In
tention or thn ('mi 'on Council or
tho City or Ontario, Malheur County,
Progon. to Improve nil Hint portion
or what wns horotoforo known ns
'Virtue Street, uid what is now
known an Second St reot. In the ( Ity
of Outnrlo, Malheur County, Oregon,
beginning nt tbo north Hue of what
wns horotoforo known an Mlchlcan
Avenue, nnd whnt la known now as
Ninth Avenue. Southw.t; the ice
nortbwnrd on said Virtue or See ml
Street to Its InterweHon wL'.i v'rnt
Avenue, now known . Third Av
enue. Southwest, In the city or On
tario. Oregon, by xroillir;, the Mid
strit v-tth a proper sub trade;
(2) Hy paving the immo with
suitable hard surfaeo pav mnnt ror n
wld.u l,: twent; reet;
(3) Ity constructing and erecting
oonoroto curbs and gutters wliorevnr
(4) And by providing drainage
fncllltlos according to the plans and
speciricntlous which may be now, or
hereafter, adopted by the said Coun
cil. Said Improvement will be nssessed
to tho property adjacent to, and
was formerly known ns California
abutting upon said Virtue or Second
Street, and notice is boreby further
given to all tho property owners uf
rocted by the Improvement or snld
street, Hint the said Common Council
Lwlll be In session In tho Council
Koom nt tho City Hall on Tuesday,
tho 24lh day or February, A. 1).
1020, at the hour or seven-thirty
o'clock, P. M. Tor tbo purposo or con
sidering objections to nnd protests
against the Improvement or said
street, and the assessment or the
property on said street, to pay the
cost thereof, and nil proporty owners
as are adjacent to snld street, and
will bo benefited or nffected by tho
Improvement thoreof, aro hereby
called upon to nppcnr before said
Council nt snld time nnd place, and
show cause, IT any, why snld proporty
should not bo nssosscd ror the Im
provement or snld street.
WITNESS my band, and the seal
or the City or Ontario, Malheur
County, Oregon, this lid day or Feb
ruary, A. I). 1020.
(SEAL) City Keconler.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
sunnco of an order of salo, duly
made and uuterod by tho County
Court of the State of Oregon ror the
County or Malheur, on the 27th day
or January, 1920, in the matter of
tho estnto of Florence 0 Krnus, de
ceased, tho undersigned adminis
trator with the will annexed or said
ostuto will, on and after the 20lh
day of March, 1020, at bis office in
Ontario. Oregon, offer for sale nnd.
Mill at prlvnto sale, or cash in blind,
biiliject to confirmation by sold
court, tho following described run I
obtuto owuod by the said ostate
Lots uumborod 111, 14, 15, ID, 17,
18, 10. 20, 21, :io, :m, :i2, 33, 34. :i5.
30, 37 nnd 38, of Illoek 2, Terrace
Heights Addition to the City or On
tario In Mnlhour County, Oregon.
Tho first publication of this nolle
Is on Fob. 10, 1920, and tho last pub
lication Is on March IS, 1920.
Administrator, with the
will annexed or the estate
of Florouco O. Krnus,
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Kmlialuier'a License Kmbalmor'H License
No. 300. No. 233.
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