The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 12, 1920, SPECIAL EDITION COMMUNITY BUILDERS' SERIES NO. 2, Image 2

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.-- i
The Ontariu A rgus
0. K. AIKEN. Editor and Publisher
l'ulillslicd Thursdays lit Ontario,
Oregon, and ontorcd at tlio Ontario
post offlco for distribution iih 2nd
class mnttor.
SUnSCIUPTIONH, .... Ono Your $1 Mi
Wlillo wo art1 cIiiiiikIhk tlio iiuiiioh
of Ontario's hIioiiIh, why not ko nil
tlio way and rrchrlHton tlio city from
lop to bottom?
Tlioro Ik hoiiipHiIiik In tlir ronton
tlon that naiuoH of pliice. nioiin
talns and Hlroanm mIioiiIiI liavo koiiui
IokIciiI connection with llto rur. 01..11I
Iiich; Hhould ho IihIIkoiioiih of tlio
wintry In which thoy tiro locatod.
HpoakliiK about iiiuiiom, thoroforo,
Ontario Ih out of placo In tlio H unite
Itlvor valloy for It Ih 11 Canadian
iiamo and Uh only connection In thr
I'nttod HtatoH Ih In connoctlon with
tlio cooIokIc iIIvInIoii of Hiluroaii
trata found In tlio Ohio Itlvor btmln,
or still moro oxantly locatrd In
lower Cnnada, In the Province of
Ontario, from which tlio neoloclc
otritctiiro tiiUitH Its iiamo.
Thoroforo It appoarn that tin) uaiuo
Ontario Ih outlroly Inopt for Km con
notion with doad foHnllH of tlio palo
insole or othor prehistoric tlmo In the
world'H hlNtory Ih not doMcrlptlvo of
tlio active life of the people of the
city today.
Moreover, tlioro are other Ontario,
not only do wo have our mall uiln
mint to Ontario, California; hut even
In Oregon If one wore to wiy that ho
"lives In Ontario," the ehancoH are
that the pomou Mpokou to would
think ho meant the Province of On
tario, Canada.
Of, coiii-ho, wo may live down
that Implloatlon, and hy dint of hard
work i;et OroKonlaiiH at hmMt Into the
notion that Ontario Ih within Hie'
houiidarloM of their Htato; hut Mtlll vi
have not 11 dlMtliicllvo pame for the
Htartlm; with the name of the
county, there Ih 110 lack of tlUllnetlvo
nainoH In tills miction that iiiIkIiI lie
adopted, hut then perhapH, nlnce
there U naucht In 11 name the pres
ent ono will do, and after we et
'used to our new street names wo 11 11
lake up the name of the oily for fur
Iher cliaiiKo mid betterment. If thai
ho poHHlhlo.
Two political iiiiuouiicomoiitH up
peered In the dally papers Moudm
Ii ono (he public wtut Informed Ihi'i
(he American federation of babul
I koIiik to islvo nil pundldalori for of
fee 1111 official vine, and If not up I'
laiidard of partiality ieiiilred hy the
I ihor committee, proceed lo d-feal
t 1111 If II oaii.
".be other statement wiih thus
Dane hy llerheit Hoover thai he. at
1 he present Hint, at IimnI. Ih net 11
1 indldate for the presidency, mid
will not wiy for which part he
would Mite, until he U luformel el
the principle for which that part)
lauds Ho nays In part that he will
led vote for any psriy that I ( 01
trolled hy a elliUo which seeks to
.nivalin- Its self lateretit. and al Hie
,ime Miu. ho will have uaiiKht to do
with 11 imrty Hint advances mh'I.iI
1 Mc ir oinmunlHt b Idmis for Mie
lilt Ion of Hie iirowut etouon 11
UH And uKulu Mr. Hoover w.uil
iiMMi'i? to do with Hie ludepeodi ul
party ldm, for ho bollovtw In paito
:r the proper uisthod of Hchievnu'
pel It leu I nrtlon In this country
In bis statement Mr. Hoover points
to the daiiHHr of liidopaiidHiit parti
mi dbldliiK the repretwulwtlveH that
wo will Iihvh Kosernnieut lv hiuuII
Certainly, tboroforo. labor chii not
uppcrt (he party Hist uoiuliiHles Mr
Hoover, for Iih tlotM not hellee In
luo of (ho fiuiiUmHiitHlN of Uie Coin
perS doi'trlllH, HptMlltl fllltlMMMloilN to
peclut luturuMts Hilt! (MCl.lliHtlC
p tnuceos; therefore the varty tlmt
w, tuts (lompers import will have to
abaiulou I loo vor ne u iwmlliUtc
'I bat will aid lit solving the pellti at
piotdem which lias ruiltl shue t'.ie
Nw York World uomliiuted Mr
limner for olthr of the bin imrtl--
Ih a prowtM of hIiiiIuhIIou we ouuht
t he able in the oounw of time.
lufere the coineutlon ihmimiu. to luo
.111 ariurutw Haw u which of the
pollilcHl parties uiiir ntwiiy suits
Mr HiMivwr
Hut this condition could not longer
ho endured and in 1918 tlio people
look tlio mutter Into their own
hands, voted to extend tlio credit of
tho nit)'' to n point that would permit
of tho construction of a now ami
modern Hystom adeiiinto for the
need of (ho city. Tho prosont bvh-
tein Ik 11 Monument to tlio foreslght
oducMH o:' tho citizens and their pro
KtoflHlvj Idon of what a city
Hhould he.
It Ih to tho" credit of tho present
municipal Hystom that there lias been
no recurrence of typhoid slnco It wiih
put Into use 'I'lio repeated IohIh
that have been made of the purity of
tho water hy tho Htuto officials show
that the water Ih now absolutely
pure It could not ho otherwise for
prior to enterlni: the mains It passes
thru two bli: filters, Is washed with
an nlitin preparation and with i-lilor-luo
which kills nil organic matter.
Thus It is that ono of Ontario's
greatest assets Ih an abundant supply
of pure Hofl water.
Ill (he effort lo build the olty of On
tarlo. the founders hhiI thwlr follow
trs fought niHiiy oImIhi-Iim. ono of the
licatetit of which was tl atotuico of
a pure supply of wntr easily c
resslblo tit 11 low cost
For yourn tlio olty suffered thru
the Intuloijuuoy of tho supply furnUb
od by prlvuto ooncorns uud from tho
effects of a ouutamlnultMl supply
ulilch nnnunlly wus tli souroo of
discomfort to tho poopla.
that tho tcachurs tiro entitled to
higher salaries.
Tho startling statement Is made
by tho United States Commissioner
of Education, P. P. Claxton, that half
of tho teachers In tho schools of
Amorlca today arc imdor pur. That
means then that Iialf of tho pupils of
Amorlca aro receiving less than an
avcrngo standnrd of Instruction.
Cortnlnly that Is a galling admis
sion to mako for tho American peo
ple whoso vory government Ih found
ed on tho education derived in the
common schools.
What Is truo of tho country iih n
whole will undoubtedly be true of
Oregon, In tho near future, uiiIohh
measures aro taken to recognize tho
pica mndo for better remuneration
for tho teachers. Oregon Ih not a
buckwootlH state, It Ih 11 progressive
commonwealth, and as such It cer
tainly will not bo deaf to the com
mon hoiiro plea for holier treatment
for Uh loncherH.
thi: .Mibi.KAui: tax.
In May tho voters of Orogon will
determine whether or not the Insti
tutions of higher learning in the
state aro to maintain their prosont
standards, or aro to deteriorate to
schools of tho second class. That in
substance Is tho question which will
bo solved hy tho vote on tho mlltoago
It Ih tp tho Hliaino and discredit of
tho public that it permitted Its teach
ors to continue in their present econ
omic condition. Itlght now the
touchers of tho schools and universi
ties tiro paid loss than unskilled
labor receives for Uh contribution to
society. There need ho 110 IiinIiIIouh
comparisons made iih to the potential
worth of the work that ouch does,
and Mtlll the argument Ih wtdl taken
gram of sprays required for tho con
trol of different orchard pests and
dlsonsefl troublesome In tho state.
Many growers will tako up system
atic spraying this year who liavo paid
little intention to this in the past
Thoy rcnllzo that bucccss In commer
cial fruit growing roqulress the com
bating of many orchard enemies,
and oxper'lcnco has shown that suc
cessful prevention or control ruqulroH
a knowledge of tlio right tlmo to
spray. Spray put on at any old time
when tho grower gets rondy Is usual
ly almost a comploto waste of time,
tfforts and money, while wisely di
rected spray programs result in ti
truly remarkable percentage of per
fect fruit which .can top tho market
In prlco. Send to O. A. C. Exchange,
Corvallis, for a freo copy of Exten
sion bulletin 24, Orchard Spray Program.
IroctloiiH for the homo preparation
of the common sprays used for the
control of fungous diseases of fruit
treoH have been Issuad by tho sta
tion plant pathologist and may be
secured without cost hy writing to
tho College Exchange, O. A. C, Cor
vallis. Standard commercial prepar
ntloiiH of llme-sulphiir nro usually
hotter In strength thnii tho grower
can mako, although not differing es
sentially In quality. No commercial
preparation of bordeaux known i's
superior to tho home-made product,
and 110110 cheaper. Correct prepara
tion Is simple and easy.
A. b. bovett, entomologist, and It.
P. Hiii-mm. plant pathologist, of the
Orogon Agricultural college, have
cooperated In the preparation of a
brief bulletin describing tho pro-
nt prices (ha( bring down the eoM of
living! .Heady Mlvetl Paint S't gal.,
Pure l,lncoil Oil ."jS'-MII, plug- Hlar,
Hoi'M'shoe of thick Cllniav tleiheied
Jji.'.IO, 21 ciiiih Slag or Ciilon bender
delivered $i!.l!(. Write Co-op Store,
Caldwell, for 11 price IM.
salo. Slro enn bo scon nt Poultry
Show. 210 8 tf
II. b. Propst loft for n week's visit
to Portland and Spokane.
YOUNG MAN wishes board with
private family. Phono 150.
LOST On Wed.. .Tanuary 21, some,
whore between tho narrows or
chard and E. b. Sargent's ranch In
Idaho, the top clamp to 1111 electric
automatic wringer. Flndor ploase
notify owner and receive reward
Phono !l-2:i, Krultltuid, Idaho.
IN 5 K
dl Coach of Beauty
dldorns This Silent Chalmers
THE fine craftsmanship of coach building turned itself loose
in this new appearing Chalmers. You observe a high
front line and a low rear line, which a well known artist
has said is the way a car should look.
You find nothing severe, however, about this Chalmers. It
has a new elegance, a new grace; and yet a quiet reserve distill'
guishes the oar from others.
Particularly .' . this appeal to you after you've been seated
and touch youru-ot to the accelerator.
The silent How of power, the notable harmony, the case of
the engine engage you. '
And again you pay a compliment to Hot Spot and Ram's
horn, which tackle the low grade gas of the day and make it
Thus the beauty which the eye sees is enhanced by the
beauty of action of its master engine; and you, too, say with so
many others that Chalmers surely is one of the few great cars
of the world.
Malheur Motor Sales Co.
Ontario, Oregon
S m -r- r.-- ,
R8 W HH ' ,PTlJ1,yMu
t f m8h xmmmmmmmBmm (&;&,& ,1;;
VW ymir
W .''' . Vi II..' '" .. " '''IV''' 1 ill"7 HT&w'ili i,
-1 ik!1JVtun'
iHinn oi imnrniw
IP I i
Jjj N 1
w Hi
QtmdlftVlt BilH S
vso A Bis? S
iiiitnii iiu, i!ucv '""pkX- . tit 8 8
illllil!l,VlSi, W-T 16!
?KrvJ itn'r i'jT IIH E S'
lv4yPlr!, m, B m E!
iviJJ"'yi&Su"iUl Hi.. Ulil Si
te l liI VJlUiii'VH ff IIH r3 S
WiMimilMii M II ra s
IflPllllllllT'l!!1! IIHIX-L14.8BU B r S
I It I llliillll i
l'&n.A nnvch Jm
Nfc f.M T
Our special Savings-Investment
Plan makes it possible
for you to earn 6 per cent
on your savings while you
are paying for Idaho Power
7 per cent Cumulative Pre
ferred stock.
After you have completed your
payments, your investment earns
7 per cent per annum, payable
quarterly by mail, February 1,
May 1, August 1 and November 1.
Ask about our Savings-Investment pjan at any
Idaho Power office.
The Idaho Power Co.
i in iiiww awflu
WEi"!? c
YOUR car drives up hill easier coasti
farther rides more smoothly ahayt
on Portage Cord Tires.
Portage Daisy Tread Cords on the rear
wheels and Portage Ribbed Cords forward
make a combination for endurance and
speed you will appreciate. And they will
materially reduce your gasoline consump.
tion all of which means more value lor
your money,
Ask us. '
Pnrsohs & llutlcdgc
Ontario, Oregon
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When you take a little
chew of this real quality
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' i