The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 05, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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Rex all Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Nyal Rented Mb
The Winners of Awards at
the Ontario Poultry Show
Tho following Is tlio complcto lint
of winners nnmcil by Judge 0. t'.
Wherry nt the Ontario Pbullry Show,
which proved to ho tho Inrgest oxhl
liltlon of I In kind over staged In
Eastern Oregon or Western Ittnlui.
Many of tho WlnncrH were tdnho
birds, but Ontnrlo chicken fnnclerM
mid utlior Mnlhour county chicken
miser took tholr shnru of the hon
ors. Tho Winner
(.'. L llliurin InIiiimI Itcil
ook Plrst. Dr. K. H. Fortnor;
2nd, (lrnhnm Park.
Cockorol First, W. A. Fonts;
Slid. U. (I. Chnpmun; :ird, N. H. Felt
house. lien First, (Irnlinm I'nrk; 2nd,
W. A. Fonts; nrd, I)r. Fortnor.
. pullet Finn, N. H. Felthoimoj
2nd, W. A. Fouls; 3rd, N. 8. Felt-housn.
Old Pen First, llrnhnm I'nrk.
Young Pen First, W. A. Fouls;
2nd, N. H, Fclthousc.
II. C. Ilhiulo Miiml llrri
(Joek First, 0. H. Johnson.
Cockerel First, ('. F. Lovolnnd;
2nd, (lrnhnm I'nrk; nrd, ('. H. John
eon, lien Hocoml C. 8. Johnson.
Pullet First, 0. 8. Johnson;
2nd, C. F. I.nvelnml: 3rd, C. F.
Feu First, 0. 8. Johnson.
Ilnrrril l'l)inoutli Itixkx
(Jock First, C. K. Dllihlo; 2nd,
Wllhor Clayton; 3rd, Mrs. J. Major.
Cockerel First, ('. K. Dllihlo;
2nd, Wither Clayton; 3rd, Wllhor
Chi) ton.
t Men First, Wllhor Clayton; 2nd,
Wllhor Clayton; 3rd, Wllhor Clayton.
I'uiict I'irsr, wiwor uiuyiun; i
2ml, Wllhor Clayton; 3rd, Wllhor
Fen First, Wllhor Clayton.
Muff Wjnndottcw
Cock First, Ira It. Aldrloh.
Cookorol First, W. J. I.uscombo.
lien First, Ira II. Aldrlch; 2nd,
Ira It. Aldrlch; 3rd, Ira It. Aldrlch.
Pullet First, W. J. I.uscombti;
2nd, Ira I.. Aldrlch; 3rd, W. J.
Whit 8 Wjnndotte
Cook First, Wood Thompson.
Coakorcl First, E. I.. Hays; 2nd,
Wood Thompson; 3rd, Wood Th6mp
son, Codkorol First, K. 1.. I lavs; 2nd.
Wood Thompson; 3rd, Wood Thomp
son. Hon First, Wood Thompson;
2nd, Wood Thompson; 3rd. Wood
Fullot First Wood Thompson;
2nd. K, U. Huys; 3rd, Wood Thomp
son. Old Pon First, Wood Thompson.
Young Pon First, Wood Thomp
son, Hllter WyumlottcH
Cock First, Oco. Fonnor
Cockerel First, It, I). Thornton;
2nd, aeo. Fonnor; 3rd, A. E. Flock
Hon First, Qeo, Fonner; 2nd,
A. Foul; 2nd
F. I.ovoland.
Fonner; 2nd.
(loo. Fonnor.'
Pullet First, (leo. Fonner; 2nd,
Ceo. Fonner: 3rd. II. II. Thornton.
jon First, Oco. Fonner.
White Plymouth Unci
Old Pen First, lly. I.nwlif.
Yoang Pen First lly. Lewis.
Cockerel First, lly. Lewis.
Pullet First, lly. Lewis.
Willie LenhnriiN
I'ocy First, A. II. Cnln; 2nd,
Wllhor Clayton; 3rd, Wllhor Clay
ton. Cockorol First, Wllhor Clayton;
2nd, 0. 13. Dllihlo; 3rd, A. II. Cnln.
lion First, A. II. Cnln; 2nd, u. IJ.
Dlhhlo; 3rd, C 12. Dllihlo.
PuilPt First, Wllhor Clayton;
2ld, Wllhor Clavton; 3rd, Wllhor
Old Pen First, A. II. Cnln; 2nd,
C. E. Dlhhlo.
Young Peu First, Wllhor Clny
ton; 2nd, A. II. Cutu ,
Cnlilrit ("iimplue"
Cookorol First, (leo. Fonner;
2nd, C. F. Lovelnnd; Srd, W. A.
Pullet First, W.
(leo. Fonnor; 3rd, C
Pon First, (leo.
W. A. FouU.
Huff OiiltiKlnn
Cook First, llniiR Oft.
Cockorol First, linns Oft: 2nd.
llaiiH Oft: 3rd, Mrs. J. Mnjnr.
lion First. Mrs. I). A. Ilurrlo;
2nd, llniiH Oft; 3rd, Mrs. Ilurrlo.
Pullet Firm, M. D. A. Ilurrlo;
2ml. linns Oft: 3rd. Mrs. Ilurrlo.
I'ullot First. Ilium Oft:
llnim Oft; 3rd, MrH. J. Major.
Old Pen First, llniiH Oft.
Young Pen -First, llcim Oft;
Mrs. I). A. Ilurrlo.
SlUer Hiniisleil lliinihuipt
Pullet First, ariihain Park.
Hitlnioii I'mVnille
lieu First, M. Chrlstlnnson;
2nd, M. Christiansen.
Cockerel First. M. Chriminnson;
nil, Mrs. A. '.Inuuormnu.
Pullet First, M. Christiansen;
2nd. M. I'hrUtfcirtn: 3rd. il. rn :-
Pon First, M. ChrhtlaiMian.
Ilnmri Leuliiirn
Cjicko-ol First, HnrvH r.ein;
nd, Harvoy Iloan; 3rd, llsrvoy
Hen Harvoy Hoan.
Pullet First, Harvey llean; 2nd,
Mrs. C. W. Lndd; 3rd, Mrs, C. W.
Itlmk LeKhoriifc
Hen First, M. Christiansen.
Pullot First, M. Chrlstlnnson;
2nd, M. Chrlstlnnson.
Huff leghorns
Codk Second, A. N. Illukey.
lion First, A. N. Hlckey; 2nd.
A. N. Illckoy. .
Hrnvm U'ghornn
Cockorol First, (lentry Crowle-
Pullet First, Contry Crowley;
2nd, aontry Crowley.
Illiick Mliioini
Cockerol First, Wllhor Clayton.
Pullet First, Wllhor Cluyton
Hen First, Wllhor Clayten: 2nd,
Wllhor Clavton; 3rd, Wllhor Clayton
llluc ,iiihiluiliiiiH
Cock First, Mike Pfolffor.
Hon First, Mlko Pfolffor.
Cockorol First, (leo. Fonner.
Pullet First, (loo. Fonnor; 2nd,
Oco. Fonner; 3rd, doo. Fonnor.
Hon First, (leo. Fonnor.
Ciirnlsli I ml lit it (Jainc
Cock First, Mlko Pfolffor.
Hen First, Mlko Pfolffor.
First, II. Ponrman; 2nd, II. Poor
in nn.
IIiiiiio Turkey
Host Pair First, Mrs. J. Major;
2nd, C. 8. Johnson.
Dost Display First, Mrs. J. Tay
Largest Illrd First, Mrs. 'J. Ma
jor. Ci cm TimliniM1
Host Pair First, (Irnhom Park;
2nd, Wood Thompson.
Wild (.Vi-ho
Firm, A. N. Illokoy.
Pekln Durk
Host Old Pair First, linns Oft.
Host Young Pair First (Iruhtim
Flomlsh (limits, Henlor Duck
First, Mrs. It. W. Ilnrhor; 2nd, J. 8.
Flomlsh (lltmtii.Konlnr Dee First.
Mr. 11. W. Ilnrhor.
(Hunt. Junior lluolt
II. W. Ilnrhor.
(limits, Junior Dee
It. W. Ilnrhor.
lluok First, Mrs. It.
EARN $33095 IN '19
PimltictM Valued nt S(l(l,OI),1
Proilmcil Miilhciii' Omul)
HiiIcn licit Coin,
It. W.
First, Mrs.
First, Mrs.
W. Ilnrhor.
Checkered Dee First, Mrs,
Stool Hluo Junior Illicit First,
Mrs. It. W. Ilnrhor.
Btool Hluo Junior Dee First,
Mrs. II. W. Ilnrhor.
Now Zealand Senior lluck Firm,
Mrs. '.. James; 2nd, Vnd Wilson.
Now Zoalnnd Bonlor Dee First.
Mnrgarot I.nild; 2nd, Vnd Wilson.
Now Zealand Junior Durk First,
Mrs. 55. JnmoH.
Two-Threo Months Junior Huck
First, Mrs. '.. James; 2nd. Mrs 7..
Twn-Thie Merjtlii Tm'or Dee
V- a. Mrs 7. Jnmos; 2i I Mrs. 7.
James; 3rd, Mnrgnrot taild
A Kioat funturo of tho show was
t number of hlrds that changed
hands. Hundreds of dollars worth of
hlnW M-ni-e o!d, and II wnn clalmoil
by nil Unit It was thomost successful
poultry show over hold In Ontnrlo,
I'Qtii ufljre-tnrdi numhor of entries
and' quality of hlrds
nt price (hut In lug down I'.e niM of
Ihlngl .Itemly Mlvel Pnlnt $:l gal.,
Pine l.liUeM Oil ttl.lO, (I plugs Htnr,
l(iiivlmn or till k Cllinux ilollu'ied
1,in, SI inns Htnjt or Union Lender
,i!i'll(irc(l S2i). V.'rlto C'n.on Htoie,
I Caldwell, for it prlrr list. ,
wiuvn cm uu male pups for
nolo. Slro en n ho scon nt Poultry
Show. 210 8 tf
If. L. Propst loft for n weok'a visit
to Portlnnd nnd Bpokono
Oregon chili hoys nnd girls 25U3
of thorn produced during liilli
lUostnek, com, potntoo, garden
truck, entitled goods, nnd other pro
ducts valued at $00,011:1.02,' accord
ing to tho niinunl report ot II. C
Seymour, state lender of hoys' and
girls' cluliH. Net earnings of i:t:i,-
095.40 nro shown after deducting
for Inhor, rout, purclinm of nulmnlH
nnd nil other materials.
TIioho figures nro hnscd on reports
of tho cluh hoys nnd girls who
actually completed their work out of
tho 13,000 enrolled nt tho beginning
of the onr. Every county In the
Mnto was represented with Multno
mah, Clnnkamns, Coos, Douglas anil
Mnrlon In tho load.
Tho pork production projects
show tho greatest profit with
10,0215, 7fi clonrod from 447 mnrkot
hogs and S2 brood sows. A large
numhor of theso nro puro hrods nn
SO mumliors report having purchased
registered hugs which will ho usod
next yoar In raising inoro puro hrcd
slock Tho vegotnhlo gardening
project rankod second In vnluo, 470
members showing n profit of
$0,207.10. Tho 2U3 poultry cluh
members rnlsnd 4702 chlckons, 40
turkeys nnd 1C0 ducks, nnd sold
2348 dozon eggs, tiuiklng n totnl
profit of 14430.81.
('mining cluh girls canned 0470
quarts of fruit, 3401 quarta of vege
tables, nnd COB quarts of meat nnd
flrsh besides drying 434 pounds of
fru(t nnd vcgotnhlcs with n not earn
ing of $3,701.24. Portland Imvs
nnd girls enrolled In tho milk gnat
project report rnrlng for 04 gnnts
vnluod at $2, SOS. 25, nnd making air
earning of $2, 053. SO. ItnbblU num
bering 3416 nnd valued nt $S,122 !i0
woro raised liy'ralihlt cluh momhorr
Although Oregon IV not ronslderod
u corn growing state, corn cluh
boys cleared $1,320.10 from their
plots. Tho hsst com In tho stnto wnn
ralsod by Avorot Hlckox of Malheur
Sheep and wool ralsod by cluh
hoys and girls valued nt $1,467 21,
cost thorn $750.98, making n profit
ot $700.25. Calf cluh momhors who
cleared $1,427.50, own calve worth
$4,477.60, nlthough this Is tho first
year for that work In this slate
(llrls In tho sowing clubs made 4344
different articles at n profit of
$1168.10. Cooking cluh members,
boys as well ih girls, loomed to pro
paro and sorvo meals and Imko
broad as good- as mother miikos
Tholr profit was $1200.07.
r sw'-w
" . . A . -.
O1010A.D.8..Inc '-T-wtoOCrWcw
if he's extra large, heavy furred, cased
"Shubert" Wants Oregon Furs
Anil Will Pay Tlicsc Extremely Hlfiu Prlcea
I,,.. , i, ..,.,.! f,,..,g. ..ftf ,,.. ,Q..l..n, t.. ,0..,.,
N 2
til.liM Mt,
ii.r r.n.J. CmJ 1 30.00 la 25.00 1 2?.0O 13 18 CO 1 15.00 to 12i0 1 10.00 la 8i0 110.00 to 5.00
0mrlltJloi 22.C0tal8.00lC.C0lallCll2-001ol0.00l 8.001a 6.00 8.03 to 400
Winl.r I 6.001a 5.001 4.75(0 3.751 3.50 10 2.75 1 2i0ta 1.75 1 2i0l0 liO
Fall I 4i0ta 3.751 3i0la 2.75 1 2i01o 2.00 1 1.751a liO 1.751a 125
iiTt4 to stni mti tr itiiioi ittt la i" him MMUl tt t tt twttm
Black 15.00 to 12.00 1 11.00 to 9.00 1 80 to 8.00 I 7.5010 7.001 7.001a 3i0
Short 10.00 to 9.00 8.50(0 750 725(0 6.75 6101a 5i0 COO to 3.00
Narrow 75010 6.50 625 lo 525 5.00(0 4.50 4.00 to 3i0 35010 150
Broad I 5.00 (0 4.00 1 35010 3.00 1 2.75(0 225 I 2.00 (a 150 1 1501a .75
W'ANTBD Ono dozen lions
77. Miss I.avlno Smith.
200 8tf
POIt BALK Two Inrgo chulrfl nnd
library tahlo, almost now; cheap
Phono C9-M 213 8 tf
These extremely prices are based on the well-known "SIIUDnRT"
liberal cradlnff and nre ouofci' for immediate shipment. No. 3, No. 4,
and otherwise inferior skins at highest market value. For quotations on
other Oregon Furs, writo for'ttlie liuhrt Xjlrr,' the only reliable
nnd accurate market report nnd price list of its kind published.
It's FREE-Wrlte for U.
A shipment to "SHUDERT" will
result In "more money" "quicker."
BWBjWHMhjilMrfM f rfrjsmT-r-t i r ''i'HsWslWHsl
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